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tv   News 7 at 5  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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breaking news tonight at five: a fire has closed down part of route 501 in brookneal. this is a picture we received from a viewer, samantha white. right now the road is closed near earl street and route 1109. the northbound and southbound lanes are closed. we'll bring you more information about the fire as we get it during the newscast and on today we're learning new details about the morning her son, noah thomas, was reported missing and what law enforcement discovered inside the family home. wdbj7's justin ward just stepped out of the courtroom. what new information do you have? investigators from the pulaski county sheriff's office and the f-b-i said in court there were many cigarettes and smoke when they responded to the home for the report of a missing child on march 22nd. one f-b-i investigator said cigarette smoke poured out of the home when they opened the doors. they had to wear masks when they
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the home. a forsenic toxicologist says the impact nicotene could have on a child could be extremely harmful. we also heard from the man who pumped the septic tank where noah was found. he said officers were standing nearby when his body was discovered. he also said there was a pair of rubber boots floating around inside also. about 11 witnesses have testified so far about what they heard and saw inside the home during the investigation including an undercover investigator from the claytor lake drug task force. he never went inside the home. when the commonweath presented him a picture of a closet of white's house he said it was consistant with an inside marijuana growing operation. another investigator said she found a small wooden box in a cabinet with a pipe and a leafy green substance inside. ashley white told investigators she took her boyfried to work with her kids in the car the morning noah went missing then she retracted that story. how did
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the truth? she confessed they left the kids at home alone while the two went to her boyfriend's work. his supervisors said he clocked in just before seven a-m and a few hours later got a call that noah was missing. at six you'll hear about a fix the landlord made to the septic tank the year before and why that may have significance to this case. live in pulaski, justin ward, wdbj7 police are again searching near the roanoke county - franklin county line this afternoon for the driver who crashed his car after a police pursuit and then ran away. virginia state police says the car was clocked going 67 miles per hour last night in a 45 zone in boones mill. according to investigators, the driver is a 15-year- old with ties to the area. four other teenagers from this area were hurt. coming up at six wdbj-7's shayne dwyer will tell us why state police say the teen they're looking for is wanted for
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crashing his car. forecastwill go the single digits is morning windchill values a below zero in our wind us still been quite gusty today were thinking another cold night ahead with those overnight lows living once again down into the teens and single digits tonight know when i can have the winds of the win16 the low envelopes seventy danville get down to eight and hot springs around eleven and blacksburg in with increasing cloudiness and that cold conditions with you wake up early tomorrow now that arctic air will stay in place all the way through the weekend tomorrowwind to the 70 danville get now that's a in hot springs around 11 and blacksburg in with increasing with you wake up early
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through the weekend tomorrow. some snow showers possible talk about that the second but saturday and sunday are coldest days of the week. i saturday barely getting up to 22 even just a little been the winds can a make a feel even colder than our potential for some snow and sleet and of government land in oregon is over. the last four members of the armed group turned themselves in this morning. they'll be arraigned tomorrow. cliven bundy, father of group leader ammon bundy, was also arrested last night. he appeared in court today. the f-b-i says no shots were fired and no one was hurt. the nearly six-week occupation began as a protest of federal land ownership. botetourt county is ready to move two slave houses to their new location. one of the houses is already on a flat-bed truck. the re-location has sparked controversy with residents and claim the county is disturbing history and not recognizing the possible grave sites last week, the of archaelogists studied the land and said no graves were found. be moved as early as next week. today tried to figure apartment fire, as the
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there tried to figure out what to do next. wdbj7's noell saunders spoke with one of the washington and lee university students today. noah duncan was asleep wednesday morning when the fire alarm went off. "we were just lucky that one of our roomates was awake to see it because it spread fast" firefighters from lexington and other departments got there around 2 am. they put out the fire at the three story house on north randolph street but not before it did a lot of damage. duncan says he and his roommates nearly lost everything but thankfully no one lost their life. "all of my clothes and books and school supplies. i was able to maybe rescue my laptop, phone, wallet and passport and that's about it" all ten of them attend waxshington and lee university. "everyone has been very supportive so it's been a lot better than i think it could be" investigators say the fire started on an
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wooden staircase and was likely caused by improperly discarded smoking materials. the house's owner russ orrison says he's just glad everyone made it out. "just first class young adults, all them. they've handle this the same way we've known them to be. they're just great kids" duncan and his roomates are staying with friends. they're getting help and taking donations from their school and the community. noell saunders wdbj7. if you would like to donate to the students that information can be found on our website the democratic presidential candidates will square off in another debate tonight. also today, the republican candidates are battling for votes in south carolina. senator marco rubio held a rally there this morning he's trying to rebound from his disappointing 5th place finish in new hampshire as be the alternative to donald trump. polls show trump with a commanding lead in south carolina. on the democrat side there are
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senator bernie sanders will do among minority voters in the south. but sanders says he's confident. bernie sanders: change always takes place when millions of people stand up and fight back. sanders' democratic opponent, hillary clinton, received a boost this morning with an endorsement from the black congressional caucus. tonight's debate airs at 9 on pbs. there is virtually no chance medicaid expansion will pass the general assembly, but a new poll suggests a strong majority of virginians support the idea. the survey was conducted by the wason center at christopher newport university. 61 percent of those who took part said they favor medicaid expansion, while 34 percent were opposed. and a majority said they like the proposal of virginia hospitals to pay the state's share of the expansion. jim webb says he won't run as an independent candidate for presdient. the former u-s senator from virginia sought the democratic presidential nomination but dropped out in october after failing to gain much traction. during a speech in dallas today, he said
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enough money to be able to compete with hillary clinton and lynchburg's mayor is imposing a term limit on himself. mike gillette has re-election to city he says turnover is good in elected office and he thinks it's time for fresh leadership in the city. gillette points to the new heritage high school, currently under construction, greatest accomplishments. he says leaving council will give him more time to focus on his family and his consulting business. mayor mike lynchburg: "who knows what the future might bring. i hope there are ways i can continue to contribute to the community. i'm sure there will be something out there that takes my attention and energy, and i look forward to finding out what that is, but i have no specific plans at this point." gillette has served on lynchburg city council since 2004. he succeeded joan foster as mayor in 2012. roanoke's grandin theater is getting a fresh look, with improvements to the facade and front entrance now under construction. today, we checked
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explains, what's old is new again. jean, the project includes new doors, a new box office, new marble footers out front and new windows above the entrance. but the design is inspired by the original facade in 1932. when the theater opened, the box office was in the center of the front entrance. it was moved to the side during renovations. but with the latest construction it's back between the two sets of doors. ian fortier/grandin theatre foundation executive director: we started looking at some old pictures when we decided we were going to move foreward with this project, and even though this box office is a little bigger than the original one in 1932 moving it back to the center of the facade puts it back in line with what it's original look was like and we had a very strong interest in doing that. ian fortier says the main goal of the renovation is to make it easer to get in and out of the building. but he also hopes it will confirm for the community that the grandin is moving in the right direction. the theatre has remained open during the
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work should be completed by the end of the month. joe dashiell wdbj7 you're watching your hometown news leader, wdbj7. as more and more people are wondering about the zika virus, find out what researchers at virginia tech are doing to try and answer some of those questions. and why a growing trend among pet owners is bringing
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floor. we're learning more about a deadly prison riot in mexico. more than 50 inmates died in the riot and fire at the prison in the northern part of the country. mexico's governor says it started after a brutal fight between rival drug cartel members in the prison. it's mexico's deadliest prison riot in many years. no escapes were
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this comes six days before pope francis is scheduled to visit another mexican prison. in tonight's hometown health, with the recent outbreak of the zika virus and its threat to people living in america, researchers at virginia tech are turning their attention to how it can be stopped. wdbj7's eamon o'meara has details on how the team is studying the potentially deadly virus. professors at virginia tech say the zika virus has been around for years, but it was never a top priority to scientists studying similar (kevin myles, prior to the outbreak in brazil it had only been associated with relatively mild symptoms. but with new issues like microcephaly in barr syndrome, and the possibility of myles and his team of other professors and graduate and undergraduate students are seeing if they can help. (kevin myles, associate professor of entomology) what we're doing now is rapidly transition the work that we have been doing, that we have a large body of knowledge on, over to zika virus. (heather lafrance, senior microbiology
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it's a good reminder that the work that i do here even as an undergraduate is it does impact a lot of people, especially when viruses like these come up. so now researchers will use misquitos like these to try to answer two important questions about the zika virus. (kevin myles, associate professor of entomology) we're looking at how the mosquitos immune response fights an infection with these viruses. also how does that virus then overcome that immune response to be transmitted to a human host. the other facet of the what kind of immune response does a human host mount when they're infected with zika virus? professor myles says research may never be complete on this, but he has high hopes of what they can accomplish. (kevin myles, associate professor of entomology) we're trying to come up with novel control strategies where we can, basically, prevent the transmission of the virus to new human hosts. the other aspect of it is you're hoping to come up with maybe a vaccine strategy. in blacksburg, eamon o'meara wdbj7. it turns out dogs can make great dance partners! at a dance class in maryland they're
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their best paw forward. it's called "canine freestyle." some of the veteran dogs are known to put dozens of tricks in their routines. and if their owners don't fall into step, the dogs are sure to let them know. darlene chroniger/canine freestyle instructor: "if you make a mistake they will sometimes really let you know about that. ma: they let you know you've made a mistake? dc: they might bark or they might look at you and say that's not the way we do this it's very interesting." on top of exercise, the dogs can also get ribbons and titles for their routines. the canine training association even hosts a world canine freestyle organization during the summer. several chances of snow in the 7 day forecast. complete details of your first alert forecast justknow team one of those coming up tomorrow just a few snow showers of some on monday we will put the little ice icon
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complex pattern setting up her next week urologist lindsay anderson which let (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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progressesin a while would've that if the mice little stress through this picture out towards her resume there in salem we see the fountain spraying that water and its freezing right on contact some icicles on the fence cold this morning no doubt about it very windy do so quite gusty in the mountains will ot some twenty plus mile per our winds galax and the rail starting to calm down little bit as i get that most of the night before you go, this is what it feels like outside still feels like one below in hot springs twenty one roanoke in lexington thirty two in danville so show you these is what we really need will or is the feels like temperatures the thermometer tonight is can a go back down into the teens and even some single digits with those clear skies sixteen in the low roanoke seventy danville eight and hot springs of increasing clouds tonight so that's what
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morning at the busstop and then only warming up into the thirties in the afternoon skies shall in the off pretty much sum the lighter snow showers to the great lakes watching this system right here this is the one that's can a swing through here tomorrow craps bring us a few light snow showers that is about it forecast model shows those clouds increasing tonight and there's the snow by about midday impact in the mountains some of that kind a spilling over into the new river valley ronald valley preps even to lynchburg danville little to no accumulation expected with the exception the mountains that's were most of that will occur is and that's can a move off the coast that pattern because is another one is coming up on monday would talk about that in the second your highs for tomorrow right around thirty six degrees would've mostly cloudy skies again some snow showers off and on not expecting anything major out of that maybe a couple inches in the ski country west virginia hot springs at twenty 27 tomorrow 32 galax and 36 and danville doesn't look of the seven-day forecast on the planet couple things got really cold air those are
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sunday just because is been a be so cold lows in seven early sunday morning with partly sunny skies and then there's tomorrow's snow showers but it's what comes up on monday and tuesday that will really get have to keep a close eye on the side of the meteorologist lindsay anderson is ago close look at that thinking frank y uncertainty
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potential ofwintry potential of the 19 teens and all of the low-pressure center and a low-pressure center in galax atlanta mainly along the appalachian get right to the north and the when will see anything out transition to some wintry woe quicker than when it collided loud the warm air wrapping around, precious the snow will transition to a wintry mix a lot quicker when it comes accumulation means what now and potentially a little more. i making the roads and flickr valley back, hat and a low-pressure center at further off. actually develop across the eighth-inning hundred east coast you occur we will see a lot a moisture from the fifth on the it brings in the moisture from the atlantic and gulf eight means we will see a little more snow will or i that means the transition will take a while longer to change over to a wintry night you will i that could happen front analyzed concerns that we could put it on ninety and tuesday but we are tracking will continue to the latest on it i soon as confidence grows larger will keep you updated on the black facebook and twitter as well and i can get an and .com brent the new laguna with the winds of you at impact a upper monday for snow likely ended again a transition to me and late in the dates a little more some ice that's were the concerns were getting keep that in place of the first part of tuesday and then after that begins to warm back up into the 40s even fifties of a lot going on would a be in the weekend will psych valentine's day is okay but just keep your eyes very closely watching
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spring season, but not if they have indoor space to get their workouts in. we'll tell you more about radford's new indoor practice
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next in sports. good evening everyone, i'm karen loftus with your look at sports. while we got our first look at the radford baseball team wednesday, we also got our first look at their brand new indoor practice facility. the project has been in the works for a few years, and was finally finished this offseason, with players able to start using it at the end of january. the indoor facility is 82- thousand square feet, and will be for both the softball and baseball teams to use. in addition to the practice space, there are also 4 offices for each program and a coaches' locker room. for the players and coaches, it's a welcomed addition to
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they're really loving-- especially when it's this cold outside. daniel bridgeman, radford senior pitcher, "it's awesome being able to come and workout in here. right now it's 25 with a 15 mile an hour wind blowing. you can't stand out there much less practice. this would be a day that we didn't get work in. and now, as you can see, we're in here throwing bullpen, working on our defensive drills, stuff like that. it's a game changer for us honestly." chris coia, radford senior infielder, "we've had some rough weather this winter but that hasn't stopped us. it has in the past but not this year, which is huge. we're able to get our bullpens in, get our swings in, base everything that we we're able to do in here. this year being able to come in here whenever we want, the coaches to get in extra work. that advantage." radford head baseball coach, "to get our work in, to have space, to be able to not feel rushed. guys can come in here and work on their own player development. we have our offices right here so we can just come out and and not have to drive there. we'll make the most out of it. sometimes taking a bunch of reps inside is better than going
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fewer reps." wall street ends the day in the red. the dow fell 255 points. nasdaq lost 17.
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a recap now of the breaking news we told you about at the top of the newscast. a fire has closed down part of route 501 in brookneal. we've now confirmd from the town manager's officer that the fire is at the the old dan river plant. right now the road is closed near earl street and route 1109. the northbound and southbound lanes are closed. we'll bring you the latest about about
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for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more can see we do gain the heating or is right is that severe weather that's were we do have some snow showers a come through as qaeda blowing through no big deal now and monday and tuesday this is been all over the place the past couple days now looks like starting his snow transitioning to more of ice and then some freezing rain a lot to go over without will go


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