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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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me.... they are bringing in relief crews for those that were working earlier this evening to try and keep these firefighters safe and as warm as possible. in the daylight, the smoke could be seen for miles. i spoke with one man that worked at the mill for 34 years. he says operations at this plant shut down to only a skeleton crew in 2006, closing completely a few years after that. recently, crews had started working to recycle some of the material from the building. when he heard about the fire, the former mill worker lives in town and had to come see it for himself jimmy connelly/worker: "it meant everything to me, when i went to work there i was just a kid. and when i left there, i was practiclly an old man. vo starts it's sad, it was sad when i lost my job and it's sad that it's burning up"" we still do not know what started the fire. crews from brookneal, south boston, halifax, lynchburg, alta vista and campbell
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scene. important to remember most of these are volunteer firefighters out here tonight. and they will be working through the night. crews say there are a lot of debris piles from demolition that will take a while to burn out. a big concern here is the tempertures and making sure the water lines are not freezing. stay with us on wdbj7 mornin' and wdbj7 dot com for the latest. live in brookneal, danielle staub wdbj7 a pedestrian was taken to the hospital tonight after being hit by a vehicle in roanoke. according to the roanoke police department facebook page, the person was hit around 8:15 p.m. in the 500 block of orange avenue. a westbound lane of orange avenue is closed between williamson road and plantation road. police say the driver stopped. an investigation is underway. upas chris mentioned it is a
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out there bro he'll write it about twenty degrees right now temperatures are falling fast skies are clear the winds of calm down a little bit and that just lets any continuing years just moved out into space nine in hot springs opening those fifteen of bloomfield nineteen and with the checker was about network occultist i can find his wintergreen mountain no surprise down to the single digits in fact about six degrees what was the price is at the winds were still going to guess of forty three miles an hour during the course of the day-to-day satellite radar shows us her next clipper there it is coming out of the upper midwest nodes doesn't have it from the snow with that this is a little moisture starved system so when it hits us tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening yes there will be some snow in the mountains a lot of folks and i can get anything at all out of the six that the cold air that's behind it and the winds associated with it here's the hour by hour for your friday more clouds and sun for much of the day almost no warmth at says it's following a new credible lead in the search for the 15-year-old who
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roanoke county after a police chase last night. were taken to the hospital. that lead was investigators again near the roanoke- franklin county line the pursit reached speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. a state trooper originally tried to pull him over for speeding through boones mill. the teen is believed to be a runaway and armed, but not conisdered a threat to the public. the city of cleveland, ohio is no longer charging the family of tamir rice for use of an ambulance. back in november, an officer shot and killed the 12-year-old as he played with a toy pellet gun in a park. recently, the city sent rice's mother a 500-dollar bill for the ambulance used to take the boy to the hospital. her attorney says the bill amounted to harassment. an official apologized to the rice family and said they are withdrawing that claim. in december a grand jury decided not to indict the two responding officers in the case. we're learning new
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noah thomas. the trial for his mother, ashley white, continues tomorrow morning. she's charged with three counts of child abuse and neglect after she told investigators she left noah and his infant sister home alone. wdbj7's justin ward was in the courtroom all day and has new information about noah we just found out today. in an interview with investigator billy ritter from the pulaski county sheriff's office ashley white said it should have been bolted, saying "looking back on all the things i should have done, but ritter said in court interviewed white and her thomas twice after dead. he was one of 12 judge a more detailed happened the day noah was first reported missing on march 22nd. arrived, an f-b-i agent said cigarette smoke poured out of the home - some investigators had to wear masks because of the smell. a picture of a closet inside the home showed what
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enforcement witness said was consistant with an indoor marijuana grow operation. white gave investigators a false account of what happened the morning noah went missing - first telling them noah and his infant sister joined white taking thomas to work. she later said they left the kids at home. her lawyer, kelsey bulger, questioned her landlord on a septic tank job he did the year before. gary meadows says another tank was damaged and rerouted to the tank behind white's home. he never had an inspector from the department of health check his work which is required by state law. f-b-i investigators say there was only one screw on the lid when they first looked in the tank - using medal detectors to look for more screws but finding none. a deputy says the lid was easy to move when they first started the search for noah. but it was several days later when he was discovered inside. an assistant medical examiner says he drowned after getting hypothermia.
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ward, wdbj7 democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton squared off tonight in yet another debate in wisconsin it's the first since sanders' overwhelming victory in new hampshire. both demanded reforms in the criminal justice system and vowed to allieviate the plight of african-american communities. they're tangling over healthcare though. sanders says he wants to create a single-payer system that clinton says would destroy president obama's health care law and risk coverage for millions. new tonight - 2016 presidential hopes for former virginia governor jim webb are offically over. his spokesman says he has decided against a third-party run as an independent. webb briefly ran for president as a democrat last year, before dropping out in october. he said last year he would consider a third-party run if he could get on enough ballots as an independent to win the presidency. a more than 100- year-old political tradition is about to take place at washington and lee university.
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convention ahead of this year's w-d-b-j-7's khiree the convention works and why they're doing it. w and l students participating in the convention since 1908. if they're as accurate as they have been in the past, they could predict the next republican presidential nominee. today, students mock con at the warner center. it's considered one of the most accurate mock coventions because their predictions were only wrong twice since 1948. big names like dick cheney, newt gingrich, and ann coulter will be at this year's convention. more than 95 percent of students will take part in the project. students spent a lot of time researching how the states vote in order to make their prediction. jake barr: "we're focusing on the states, how they're going to vote, the politicans that are running for the candidacy, what their positions are and how that fits into the national political landscape." mock con will run through saturday. that's when they'll announce their prediction for the
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nomination. khiree stewart, w- d-b-j-7. for the first time in there is no incumbent running roanoke. tonight, people were able to hear from both candidates hoping to take over. wdbj7's christian heilman was there as the two democrats talked the discussion few similar themes -- education, job working together as a region. it was part of a larger candidates forum hosted by the chamber. david trinkle is the for the city. sherman lea is a both are running for mayor. trinkle suggested offering the same usually reserved for smaller, existing ones. lea proposed town hall meetings in neighborhoods each quarter. brought up their largest concerns that they would tackle as mayor. david trinkle, roanoke mayoral considered a desert for mental health care, primary care and substance abuse care and for food -- sherman lea, mayoral candidate "i think that's
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because people need to have hope. people need to have shelter. people need to have a job." nine city council members also discussed issues earlier in the evening. we have more on that on the democratic primary is this saturday from noon until 7 at the berglund center. christian heilman, wdbj7. researchers at virginia tech are turning their attention to the zika virus in light of it's recent outbreak. professors, graduate, and undergraduate students are working with mosquitos to determine why the virus is spreading and evolving. they say they've been studying similar viruses, and hope to use their experience to answer these important questions. the hope is to find a vaccination for humans and to stop the spread of the virus through mosquitos. as the number of worldwide cases get higher, congress held a hearing on capitol hill today to review president obama's request for additional funding of
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zika virus. the heads of the cdc and the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases testified. they say they're most concerned with folks living in more tropical parts of the u-s, like puerto rico and the virgin islands - and reiterated the warnings for pregnant women. one person is out of their home after a roanoke county fire this afternoon. several fire stations responded and had to truck in water to put the fire out on green hill drive. at first, crews thought someone was inside the house but it was empty. firefighters worked inside to fight the flames and one of them had a scare. brian clingenpeel/roanoke county fire spokesman):"we did have one firefighter who fell through two floors he was on the second floor and he fell into the basement but he was able to self-extricate himself to get back outside and he is ok he has been checked out by ems and he's already returned back to work." the fire department says its crews train for that type of situation frequently.
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120-thousand dollars in damage. an apartment fire in lexintgon has several washington and lee students out of a home. noah duncan says he was asleep yesterday morning when the fire alarm went off. investigators say the fire was likely caused by improperly discarded smoking materials. duncan says he and his roommates nearly lost everything. noah duncan student "all of my clothes, books and school supplies. i was able to maybe rescue my laptop, phone, wallet and passport. that's about it" the students are currently staying with friends. firefighters in one part of bedford county are talking about hydrants, following a problem that happened over the weekend. crews had trouble battling a fire on declaration terrace in forest sunday, because the nearest hydrant wouldn't open. around 900 hydrants are spread around the forest area and, until now, they haven't undergone any regular maintenance. this week the bedford regional water authority started talks with the forest volunteer fire department about a maintenance
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similar programs already exist in the town of bedford and stewartsville. maintenance in those areas is handled by volunteer firefighters, according to the water authority. danville leaders say they are not backing down in their fight against crime. . last friday's walk to create a crime free community had such a great turn out, the boys and girls club is hosting another one. the director says she wants people to see different aspects of the area, just like the kids that come to the boys and girls club. faith stamps, executive director danville boys and girls club "the kids that we serve everyday are our next leaders in this community and we need to support these kids now and a lot these kids see these kinds of things unfortuntely happen in the neighborhoods that they live in." everyone is asked to meet outside on the lawn there for a gathering before the walk tomorrow night at 6. one hometown in southside has a fresh supply of a life-saving device, and they're giving them away for free. changes could be coming to reckless driving laws in virginia.
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for students in alleghany county to
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hope is growing for peace in war-torn new tonight, secretary of state john kerry says major world powers have agreed to a ceasefire - and to provide immediate aid to the country. kerry told reporters in germany that diplomats hope the ceasefire can be fully implemented in just one week. the country has been embroiled in a five-year civil war. the armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon ended today with the four remaining occupiers peacefully surrendering to authorities. the holdouts were the last of an anti- government group who took over the wildlife refuge headquarters nearly six-weeks ago. the group had been demonstrating against the sentencing of two ranchers who were convicted of arson on federal lands in oregon. federal investigators spent today inspecting the damage done to a royal caribbean cruise ship that sailed smack-dab
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dangerous storm this past weekend. it sails out on its next voyage this weekend. the anthem of the seas returned to its home port in new jersey last night following the nightmare trip. it was battered by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds. passengers spent hours in their rooms, on lockdown, while the captain navigated out of the storm. they are getting a full refund and a 50- percent off coupon for a future cruise. subaru is recalling more than 82- thousand tribeca suvs after reports the hood can fly open while driving. the recall involves 2006 to 2014 models. no injuries have been reported. the state senate has passed a bill that would keep some drivers from being charged with reckless driving. the measure passed with support from both parties. under the current law, those going 20 miles over the speed limit or 80 miles an hour can be charged. in 20-10 the state raised the speed limit for some highways to 70 miles an hour. supporters of this new bill say drivers going 81 in those
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such a harsh punishment. crews in california say they have stopped the leak from a ruptured well that gushed massive amounts of natural gas near los angeles since october. the leak drove thousands of people from their homes in porter ranch and has been blamed for several symptoms including headaches and nausea. southern california gas is now trying to install a cement seal. the danville fire department has 90 carbon monoxide detectors ready to give out for free. they were bought with a grant donation from walmart. the detectors will be handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who qualify. single-family homes occupied by senior citizens and children take first priority. to request one, call the danville fire department, or stop by the station's headquarters on lynn street during normal business hours. it's a program that's allowing high school students in alleghany county to graduate with both a diploma and an associates degree. the early high school college program starts this fall, thanks to a
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the county school system and dabney s. lancaster community college. the accelerated curriculum is like the area's governor's school except instead of stem classes, qualified students are taking college-level general studies courses. gene kotulka/alleghany schools superintendent "our students at alleghany high school are able to enroll in this program where in may they would graduate, the seniors would graduate, with their high school diploma and their associates degree." school leaders say that with room and board, the program offers a savings of over 40-thousand dollars. valentine's day is coming sooner than expected for some this year because of the way the calendar falls. george's florist in roanoke says since it falls on sunday, everyone wants flowers delivered tomorrow while the person you are sending them to is at work. extra employees are working non-stop and george's expects to be busier these next tulips and smaller arrangements are
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wayit is a little up there if it is there were just upset about an way you bald knob in the virginia tech classes put together a new solar weather station in fact they hope to install maybe as much as of five more to continue to the weather readings a higher elevations and it has been cold there and there, testing analysis arctic air makes its push into the region it's following a clipper that moves through tomorrow when it's dying look what happens to the high temperatures on saturday and sunday in single digits overnight the big story it won't be until wednesday and thursday of next week that we break out of this and the beautiful campus of washington and lee in lexington we find at 17 right now peak winds of approach the thirty mile an hour mark but now they're kallman that's actually helping to make things colder because before the clouds
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skies and later wins whatever little warmth we have is just radiating back out into space and leaving us with temperatures like fifteen in lynchburg seventeen in danville eleven in 11 blacksburg and 8 in lewisburg so with that cold start and then some increasing clouds by six o'clock tomorrow morning, here comes the clipper you watch closely to see an area of low pressure. just miss us oh and bedded a little closer. we've been in bigger snowfall total but as it turns out real estate in the flow with the clipper which is moisture starved it will still put accumulating snow in southwest virginia and perhaps sollecito heightens as well to be sure the greenbrier valley and also be sure snowshoe begetting plenty of natural snow along with some wind* friday temperatures are in the thirties you won't see that again for couple of days because behind this clipper's daytime highs are only can it
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were cold and then monday we start to watch another search of cold air moving it and then by the afternoon here comes a strong low-pressure area this is were all the moisture is so in the end organ and that was snow and then changing over the suite so mccain leading snow is likely from this particular event maybe an inch or two were looking at maybe one or two inches in some areas for monday by the evening it changes over to sleep in that icy conditions are possible and that on tuesday were thinking the mountain snow could continue everyone else can change over terrain and will be done after that suckers and seven at letter for you would get the mountain snow for friday the impact days for saturday and sunday primarily because of that seven degree overnight low sundays you're out and about attending services i'm enjoying some valentine's day festivities us know how brutally cold it's good to be also prepare for some accumulating snow perhaps up to shuffle some of this on monday night and tuesday rain on the way and perhaps some sleepy behind the
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charges over an accident in 2014 that left harrison ford with a broken leg. the break happened when a hydraulic door hit him on the millennium falcon set in england. it was so bad, ford had to have surgery, but he joked about the accident while doing press for the movie. who isn't laughing though, is britain's health and safety executive who is prosecuting foodles production limited over what it calls four breaches of health and safety law. roanoke's grandin theatre is getting a fresh look, with improvements to the facade and the front entrance. the project includes new doors, a new box office, new marble footers out front and new windows above the entrance. the design is inspired by the original facade in 1932. the new box office is now back between the front doors, as it was when the building first opened. "just short of a miracle." that is how a colorado woman describes what she saw after a fire at her church. she took this picture of this portrait that
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the church was damaged in an electrical fire earlier this week. at the very top, you see a black smug of ash on top of the portrait. she says the pattern resembles a crown and believes it was a sign to show that the church was under protection. a california man is paying tribute to his father by covering his childhood home in family photos. it's on display until the house is torn down next month to make room for a condo complex. the homeowner says his dad loved photography, and he couldn't think of a better way to honor him. gary sweeney, owner)" they just loved manhattan beach, and all the way up until the day he died, he was involved in something in the community." people are traveling hours to catch a glimpse of the family's memories. coming-up in sports, we've got a couple high school hoops
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of them, troy daniels gets his jersey retired at his alma mater. we'll hear from the roanoke native now
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up after the break. good evening everyone, i'm karen loftus with your look at sports. it was a special night at william fleming high school, where they retired troy daniels' number-30 jersey. daniels, who is now a guard for the charlotte hornets, graduated from fleming in 2009, then went-on to star at vcu under shaka smart. he's in his 3rd season in the nba, and made it back to his hometown for the ceremony, during halftime of the colols' boys' basketball game. troy daniels, charlotte hornets guard, "it's an honor. just to get my jersey retired here, it means a lot. it feels like yesterday i was at the park dreaming about this moment. and now it's finally happened. i have my family here, my
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feeling. i was just a young kid. a young kid with a lot of dreams. my dreams happened to come true just because i believed. when i talk to kids from this area, i tell them, just keep dreaming. you want to be the president of the united states or the author of a book, just keep dreaming and it could come true." onto action from that game. fleming hosting northside. the colonels taking the early lead in this one, as devin wilson gets the kick-out and drains the 3. but coming-back the other way, the vikings respond with a 3 of their own. nick price to george bright from beyond the arc. northside goes-on an 11-oh run to surge ahead. price capping that off with another 3-ball. the vikings up by 8 early. in the second, fleming breaking the press. james hagins using that 6'-6" frame to throw it down, and get the foul. the colonels trail by 7 at the break and can't overcome the deficit. northside wins it 81 to 63. over at hidden valley, the titans football team was honored with the civitan sportsmanship award by the
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for the fall season. as for the hoops team, they were working hard against cave spring. the knights get the ball to brody hicks, and he scores the hard earned bucket, giving cave the 9- point lead. then just a few minutes later, brad kinder nails the three pointer to extend the lead. hidden valley hung in though. just before the half, jonah fitzgerald on the nice drive through the defense and the finish. but it wasn't enough as cave spring wins it 62 to 50. onto some college hoops, where radford hit the road to take-on unc asheville. the highlanders at 6 and 6 in the big south, against the bulldogs, who are sitting atop the conference at 10 and 3 in the big south. first half action, rashun davis knocks-down the 3 to give the highlanders the lead. he finished with 16. then patrick henry product, cam jones takes over. in transition, davis lobs it up and jones throws it down, but radford trails by 4 at the half. ahead to the second, more from jones, who led the way with 21 points. another dunk from him and that one ties the game at 34. fast forward to under 20 second to play,
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down one. davis, to the hoop. gets the shot to go.and that is your game winner. radford over unc asheville 60 to 59. the university of virginia ladies at home thursday night hosting syracuse. the cavs trying to avoid their first 6- game lose-streak in a decade. the orange though, out a huge lead early. brianna butler with 3 of her game- high 23 points. cuse up 21-9. on the other end, off the miss, the ball's tipped to lauren moses. she goes back up with it, and the hoos are within 8. more from butler in the second quarter. all 23 of her points came in the first half as she went 6 of 6 from beyond the arc. mikayla venson led uva with 16, but it wasn't enough. syracuse tops virginia 91-57. the virginia tech women also in action tonight. they lose a close one on the road to north
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