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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. i'm leo hirsbrunner. scattered snow showers across the area today. highs top out in the mid 30s.
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burn at the dan river mills plant in brookneal. the fire started yesterday around 3:30 and the smoke could be seen for miles. the plant has been closed for a few years, but crews had been working to recycle some of the material from the building. we still do not know what started the fire. but crews say there are a lot of debris piles from demolition that will take a while to burn out. a person had to go the hospital after being hit by a vehicle in roanoke. according to the roanoke police department facebook page, that person was hit around 8:15 last night while walking along the 500 block of orange avenue. police say the driver stopped. stay with wdbj7 for more details virginia state police says it's following a new lead in the search for the 15- year-old who wrecked a car in roanoke county after a police chase wednesday night. four passengers were taken to the
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that lead was discovered after investigators again searched for the teen near the roanoke- franklin county line yesterday. the pursit reached speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. a state trooper originally tried to pull him over for speeding through boones mill. the teen is believed to be a runaway and armed, but not conisdered a threat to the public. we're learning new details in the death of noah thomas. the trial for his mother, ashley white, continues this morning. she's accused of child abuse and neglect and admits she left noah and his infant sister home alone when he disappeared in march. he was later found dead in a septic tank. wdbj7's justin ward reports something not made public before: that white saw the five- year-old previously stand on that tank. in an interview with investigator billy ritter from the pulaski county sheriff's office ashley white said it should have been bolted, saying "looking back on all the things i should have done, but didn't." ritter said in court thursday he
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boyfriend paul thomas twice after noah was found dead. he was one of 12 witnesses giving the judge a more detailed account of what happened the day noah was first reported missing on march 22nd. when investigators arrived, an f-b-i agent said cigarette smoke poured out of the home - some investigators had to wear masks because of the smell. a picture of a closet inside the home showed what another law enforcement witness said was consistant with an indoor marijuana grow operation. white gave investigators a false account of what happened the morning noah went missing - first telling them noah and his infant sister joined white taking thomas to work. she later said they left the kids at home. her lawyer, kelsey bulger, questioned her landlord on a septic tank job he did the year before. gary meadows says another tank was damaged and rerouted to the tank behind white's home. he never had an inspector from the department of health check his work which is required by state law.
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say there was only one screw on the lid when they first looked in the tank - using medal detectors to look for more screws but finding none. a deputy says the lid was easy to move when they first started the search for noah. but it was several days later when he was discovered inside. an assistant medical examiner says he drowned after getting hypothermia. in pulaski, justin ward, wdbj7 it's anouther day of bitterly cold weather, and it will continue over the weekend. plus there's more snow on the way next week! here's leo hirsbrunner with all
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mountains and toward southwestern virginia so don't be surprised by that forecast today low to mid thirties for the roanoke valley isolated snow shower over toward lynchburg center virginia maybe a flurry mid thirties southern virginia couple snow showers low to mid 30s through the newer valley southwest your the better chance seeing some of those snow showers, temperatures in the 20s low to mid 30s and up toward the highlands greenbrier valley a west virginia twenties low thirties with the best chance of seeing those snow showers on and off today seven day planner were talking weather impact days saturday and sunday because the bitterly cold, temperatures temperatures in the low to mid twenties saturday mid to upper twenties sunday boat the wind feeling colder than that an and monday and tuesday weather impact days because that next winter storm heading in our direction and this system actually has turned a little bit slower than a little bit warmer meaning less snow more sleet and maybe even some plain old rain mix new this morning: police are investigating a shooting in danville. it happened just after 2 this morning in the 100 block of
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two people were shot in their arms, while driving through the intersection of first street and abbott street. both were taken to the hospital. call police if you have any information. one person is out of their home after a fire in roanoke county. several fire stations responded and had to truck in water to put the fire out on green hill drive yesterday afternoon. at first, crews thought someone was inside the house but it was empty. firefighters worked inside to fight the flames, and one of them had a scare. brian clingenpeel/roanoke county fire spokesman):"we did have one firefighter who fell through two floors he was on the second floor and he fell into the basement but he was able to self-extricate himself to get back outside and he is ok he has been checked out by ems and he's already returned back to work." the fire department says its crews train for that type of situation frequently. the fire caused 120-thousand dollars in damage. an apartment fire in lexintgon has several washington and lee students out of a home. noah duncan says he was asleep wednesday morning
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went off. investigators say the fire was likely caused by improperly discarded smoking materials. duncan says he and his roommates nearly lost everything. noah duncan student "all of my clothes, books and school supplies. i was able to maybe rescue my laptop, phone, wallet and passport. that's about it" the students are currently staying with friends. firefighters in one part of bedford county are talking about hydrants, following a problem that happened over the weekend. crews had trouble battling a fire on declaration terrace in forest sunday, because the nearest hydrant wouldn't open. around 900 hydrants are spread around the forest area and, until now, they haven't undergone any regular maintenance. this week the bedford regional water authority started talks with the forest volunteer fire department about a maintenance program. megan aubrey/water authority communications coordinator: "it would be a joint effort and collaboration between the forest fire department and the brwa, to make sure hydrants are in good working order and able to be opened easily."
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already exist in the town of bedford and stewartsville. maintenance in those areas is handled by volunteer firefighters, according to the water authority. the danville fire department has 90 carbon monoxide detectors ready to give out for free. they were bought with a grant donation from walmart. the detectors will be handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who qualify. single-family homes occupied by senior citizens and children take first priority. to request one, call the danville fire department, or stop by the station's headquarters on lynn street during normal business hours. bundle up as you head outside to start your car this morning. your first i- hometown traffic report is coming up after the break. a new bill just passed by the state senate could change reckless driving laws in virginia. and lynchburg mayor mike gillette believes it's time for a change. why he says he's not running for re- election to city council. with valentine's day just around the corner we're talking pizza, wine, and chocolate
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wdbj7 mornin' 35. bridge work could slow you down on i- 81 in wythe county. the southbound right lane is blocked now near the i-77 interchange. it should re-open at noon. the sandy river road construction in henry county is expected to come to an end soon. in the meantime, that road is closed in both directions from philpott highway to cozy lane. this project was originally supposed to finish last month but crews got behind. it's now scheduled to finish next friday. the city of danville is pre-treating roads today to prepare for monday and tuesday's winter storm potential. crews are doing this so early because
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lower. the state senate has passed a bill that would keep some drivers from being charged with reckless driving. the measure passed with support from both parties. under the current law, those going 20 miles over the speed limit or 80 miles an hour can be charged. in 20-10 the state raised the speed limit for some highways to 70 miles an hour. supporters of this new bill say drivers going 81 in those cases shouldn't face such a harsh punishment. the former treasurer for the disabled american veterans chapter in salem is guilty of embezzlement. jim clem pleaded no contest yersterday afternoon to taking thousands of dollars from the charity. wdbj7 broke the story over the summer when clem was indicted. he admits he stole 21 thousand dollars in all. state police puts the total amount closer to 30 thousand. records given to wdbj7 show clem used a d-a-v credit card for personal expenses like clothes, gas, food and trips.
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prison and will be sentenced in april. botetourt county is ready to move two slave houses to their new location. one of the houses is already on a flat-bed truck. the re-location has caused controversy with people who live in the county and preservationists, who claim the county is disturbing history and not recognizing the possible grave sites on the land. last week, the "county hired" team of archaelogists studied the land and said no graves were found. the houses could be moved as early as next week. lynchburg's mayor is imposing a term limit on himself. mike gillette has decided not to run for re-election to city council. he says turnover is good in elected office and he thinks it's time for fresh leadership in the city. gillette points to the new heritage high school, currently under construction, as one of his greatest accomplishments. he says leaving council will give him more time to focus on his family and his consulting business. mayor mike gillette/(i) lynchburg: "who knows what the future might bring. i hope there are ways i can continue to contribute to the community. i'm sure there will be something out there that takes my attention and energy,
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finding out what that is, but i have no specific plans at this point." gillette has served on lynchburg city council since 2004. he succeeded joan foster as mayor in 2012. some changes are coming to the grandin theater in roanoke. we'll tell you what they are, coming up after the break. and, why not get an associates degree along with your high school diploma? what one school system is doing to
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teamwill looking out live through our mill mountain camera were finding relatively quiet conditions across the roanoke valley chilly twenty one degrees twenty lynchburg twenty sixteen danville blacksburg coming in at nineteen a little wider picture twenty seven bristol eighteen charlottesville in fifteen is you had out toward washington dc finding couple snow showers across the border counties would north carolina a bigger massive snow showers beginning to enter kentucky now swing through our area later this morning into the
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see a snow shower today my get a quick burst lowers visibilitymaybe a quick coding or so back toward the mountains a west virginia far southwest virginia might see a quick coating to inch or two before it's all said and done. overall though mostly cloudy with those snow showers. highs in the mid 30s. here you go for monday scenario number one storm system a little farther inland and it's a little slower in arrival time meaning the snow won't last that long snow transition over to sleet freezing rain and maybe even some plain old rain before comes to an and may switch back to a little snow as it exits the region scenario number two a storm system a little farther to the south and east meaning a little more cold air locked in place. they'll give us a little longer snow for that transition to a looks like any case will be mixing with sleet freezing rain and some plain old rain maybe a couple of inches before that switchover. nothing like storm we had in january today mostly cloudy snow showers temperatures in the low to mid thirties head out tonight it's can a be snow showers through the evening then decreasing clouds
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teens will do it seven day planner dangerously cold saturday and sunday twenties for highs single digits globes and then that wintry weather mass heads our way, monday into tuesday before really start warming up as we head toward wednesday and roanoke's grandin theatre is getting a fresh look, with improvements to the facade and front entrance. the project includes new doors, a new box office, new marble footers out front and new windows above the entrance. but the design is inspired by the original facade in 1932. ian fortier/grandin theatre foundation executive director: we started looking at some old pictures when we decided we were going to move foreward with this project, and even though this box office is a little bigger than the original one in 1932 moving it back to the center of the facade puts it back in line with what it's original look was like and we had a very strong interest in doing that. ian fortier says the main goal of the renovation is to make it easer to get in and out of the
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will confirm for the community that the grandin theatre is moving in the right direction. the theater has stayed open during the renovations. and the work should be completed by the end of the month. a new program in alleghany county will let high school students graduate with both a diploma and an associates degree. the early high school college program starts this fall, thanks to a partnership between the county school system and dabney s. lancaster community college. the accelerated curriculum is like the area's governor's school except instead of stem classes, qualified students are taking college-level general studies courses. gene kotulka/alleghany schools superintendent "our students at alleghany high school are able to enroll in this program where in may they would graduate, the seniors would graduate, with their high school diploma and their associates degree." school leaders say that with room and board, the program offers a savings of over 40-thousand dollars. in sports, an nba player takes some time away from the game to come back
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a special honor. area today. highs top out in the mid 30s. troy daniels takes a break from his nba schedule to come back to roanoke for his jersey retirement at william fleming high school. plus radford's men's basketball team picks-up a huge road win over the top big south team in the conference. here's karen loftus with more. good morning everyone, i'm karen loftus with your look at sports. it was a special night thursday at william
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troy daniels' jersey. daniels, who is now a guard for the charlotte hornets, graduated from fleming in 2009, then went-on to star at vcu under shaka smart. he's in his 3rd season in the nba, and made it back to his hometown for the ceremony, during halftime of the colonels' basketball game. troy daniels, charlotte hornets guard, "it's an honor. just to get my jersey retired here, it means a lot. it feels like yesterday i was at the park dreaming about this moment. and now it's finally happened. i have my family here, my friends, so it's a great feeling. i was just a young kid. a young kid with a lot of dreams. my dreams happened to come true just because i believed. when i talk to kids from this area, i tell them, just keep dreaming. you want to be the president of the united states or the author of a book, just keep dreaming and it could come true." onto action from that game. fleming hosting northside. the colonels taking the early lead in this one, as devin wilson gets the kick-out and drains the 3. but coming-back the other way, the vikings respond with a 3 of their own. nick price to george bright from beyond
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goes-on an 11-oh run to surge ahead. price capping that off with another 3-ball. the vikings up by 8 early. in the second, fleming breaking the press. james hagins throws it down, and gets the foul. the colonels trail by 7 at the break and can't overcome the deficit. northside wins it 81 to 63. over at hidden valley, the titans football team was honored with the civitan sportsmanship award by the western virginia officials association for the fall season. as for the hoops team, they were working hard against cave spring. the knights get the ball to brody hicks, and he scores the hard earned bucket, giving cave the 9- point lead. then just a few minutes later, brad kinder nails the three pointer to extend the lead. hidden valley hung in though. just before the half, jonah fitzgerald on the nice drive and the finish. cave spring though, wins it 62 to 50. onto some college hoops, where radford hit the road to take-on unc asheville. the highlanders at 6 and 6 in the big south, against the bulldogs, who are sitting atop the conference at 10 and 3 in the big south. first half action,
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knocks-down the 3 to give the highlanders the lead. he finished with 16. then patrick henry product, cam jones takes over. in transition, davis lobs it up and jones throws it down, but radford trails by 4 at the half. ahead to the second, more from jones, who led the way with 21 points. another dunk from him and that one ties the game at 34. fast forward to under 20 second to play, the highlanders down one. davis, to the hoop. gets the shot to go.and that is your game winner. radford over unc asheville 60 to 59. and in women's college basketball, virginia tech and uva both lose thursday night. that's your friday morning look at sports. looking ahead to warmer weather- the world's largest and fastest aluminum yacht could be yours - if you're willing to pay for it. the silver fast super yacht made her u.s. debut yesterday at a florida boat show. it's 252-feet long with a top speed of 27 knots and range of 45-hundred
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90-million,156- thousand dollars. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are turning their attention back to nevada and south carolina, a day after their sixth democratic debate. what the pair sparred over last night, and how they're courting minority voters. bitter cold weather means you need to prepare. what a local plumber told wdbj7 about the best ways to prevent your pipes from freezing. plus, the "happy birthday" tune is now public domain. how long it took to settle the class action lawsuit over
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legendary song. garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom.
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hampshire primary, hillary clinton is hoping to get her campaign back on track later this month in nevada and south carolina. last night, clinton and bernie sanders sparred over foreign policy and race relations. marlie hall has the latest from milwaukee, wisconsin. hillary clinton sought to regain momentum in milwaukee last night...calling the vermont senator out on his so-called unrealistic plans for the country: (sot clinton) i am conscious of the fact that we have to also be very clear especially with young people about what kind of government is going to do what for them and what it will cost. (sot sanders) secretary clinton - you're not in the white house yet and let me be clear that every proposal that i have introduced has been paid for. both candidates then turned their attention to immigration and criminal justice reform: (sot sanders) i believe we will all agree that we are sick of seeing videos of people shot by police officers. (sot clinton) when we talk about criminal justice reform and ending the era of mass incarceration, we also have to talk
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housing and other ways of helping communities do better. with the candidates neck and neck in the polls -- minority groups are expected to play a key role in the next nominating contests: (sot marc morial/ national urban league, president) there is no doubt that secretary clinton starts with a longstanding record and an advantage; (standup: marlie hall cbs news milwaukee, wisconsin) one of the more heated exchanges came when clinton challenged sanders for being overly critical of president obama: (sot clinton) the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. (sot sanders) madam secretary, that is a low blow. (sot lynda tran/cbs news political contributor) she made use of the opportunity that bernie sanders offered her today by criticizing what he called this gap in leadership from the president as it pertains to congress. the former secretary of state has worked to set herself up as the candidate who will continue president obama's legacy... something pundits say appeals to the democratic base in nevada and south carolina. marlie hall cbs
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wisconsin. after months of speculation, former democratic presidential candidate jim webb announced that he won't jump back into the race as an independent. webb made that announcement yesterday in dallas. he dropped out of the democratic primary in october. the former virginia senator says he spent three months trying contemplating his decision. webb also says both the democrat and republican parties are in a state of crisis, and that more than 40- percent of americans don't identify with either one of them. with the dangerously cold weather coming this weekend, preparations are key. these cold spells could mean trouble for homeowners especially those with foundations that are above ground. local plumbers say they see a lot of business after times like these due to frozen pipes. the main problem isn't the cold temperatures, it's a wind draft that hits directly on the pipe. there's a couple of things you can do. first make sure your vents are well insulated or blocked so wind cannot get through. secondly you can use simple electrical tape to wrap around your pipes or the
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put it around your pipe and then wrap electrical tape around it. a lot of people on crawl spaces. when you have a house that's raised and there's an air space underneath it and you get a nice draft and the pipe's not insulated that's the main culprit insulation and foam can be found at any home improvement store. it should be noted, the worst thing you can do is put a space heater under your foundation to heat your pipes. this is extremely dangerous and can start a house fire. ((cold toss w/stinger)) hadgood morning kimberly another thing you can do if you are prone to frozen pipes just have that faucet drip just a little bit that keeps the water moving twenty one in 21 roanoke 19 chicago 60 new york city down toward
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forty one taz well middle school reporting a current temperature fifteen degrees and east southeast when very light three to four miles prone the peek wind us only around nine miles an hour couple snow showers arty moving through the area would've another mass that will drive through later this morning into the afternoon so don't be surprised we get the snow showers will mean by snow showers it's that quick burst the snow lowers visibility looks i causing juergen be in a close in you get a be in blizzard then it moves on could drop a quick coding here and there might see even a inch or two up in the mountains a west virginia and far southwest virginia as well taz will smith and gracing county have winter weather visors in effect hour by hour mostly cloudy today temperature starting off in the teens and twenties warming up into the mid thirties as we head through the afternoon every now again a snow shower will be drifting through the area especially back in the mountains and then on monday clipper system late sunday could bring a couple snow showers but then we have the main system that's been out of the south been a be heading up toward the north and east but even though it's been be so cold this weekend this low
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can a start off the snow an and transition to sleet reason rain and maybe even some plain old rain holding down the snowfall accumulations you forecast for the roanoke valley would talking mid thirties with isolated snow shower tube head over toward lynchburg loving stint appomattox mid 30s down toward southern virginia and isolated snow shower low to mid thirties better chance seeing some snow showers through the new river valley southwest low to mid thirties highlands greenbrier valley west virginia u2 will see some snow showers from time to time twenties and low thirties maybe a quick coating to inch 30s. maybe a quick coating to inch or two over weekend dangerously cold, temperatures saturday and sunday monday and tuesday that winter weather event moves through maybe a couple of inches of snow before transitions over to sleet freezing rain and rain an and wednesday and thursday. we begin to warm back up into the 40s i will or is are you writing even worse than longer charging the family of tamir rice for use of an back in november,
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killed the 12-year-old as he played with a toy pellet gun in a park. recently, the city sent rice's mother a 500-dollar bill for the ambulance used to take the boy to the hospital. her attorney says the bill amounted to harassment. an official apologized to the rice family and said they are withdrawing that claim. in december a grand jury decided not to indict the two responding officers in the case. investigators are looking into why a 68-year-old gunman shot and killed two sheriff's deputies in a town near baltimore. authorities say david evans shot deputy patrick dailey in the head after dailey sat at a table and asked how he was doing. deputy mark logsdon was shot as he approached the suspect's car after the first attack. other deputies opened fire on evans and killed him. he already had warrants out for his arrest. the sheriff says he doesn't think evans was targeting law enforcement officers, but the he didn't want to face arrest. a federal grand jury is hearing evidence in the death of eric garner.
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city police officer daniel pantaleo put him in a chokehold. his death triggered national demonstrations with protesters chanting "i can't breathe". federal prosecutors began presenting evidence on wednesday to a a grand jury in brooklyn. the federal inquiry began after a staten island grand jury declined to indict officer pantaleo. the state department may release some of hillary clinton's emails this weekend. officials offered to release them after a federal judge criticized them tuesday for delaying the release. the state department was supposed to release all of the emails last month, but it asked for an extension. under the new plan, it would release 550 emails on saturday out of the nearly 37- hundred that remain. we're keeping an eye on road conditions around the area. your i-hometown traffic report is coming up next. if you're still looking for something to for valentine's day, we've got wine, chocolate, and food. we'll tell you where to go coming up after the break on wdbj7
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35. the city of danville is gearing up for the winter storm potential leo's been telling you about. crews are pre- treating roads today since it will get too cold to do that later this weekend. bridge work could slow you down until may in campbell county. lambs church road is blocked in both directions from gladys road to marysville road. you'll have to use the posted detour while that's going on. there's also a bridge project on i-81 in wythe county. the southbound
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now near the i-77 interchange. it should re-open at noon. we're taking a live look at i-64 in covington from a virginia department of transportation camera. we're not seeing any major issues on the highways so far this morning. you can never be too cheesy on valentine's day. especially when it comes to pizza. wdbj7's amanda kenney found an interesting dinner options for valentine's day this weekend. you can show how big your heart is with a big slice of pizza this sunday. we went to benny marconi's in roanoke to check our their annually- made heart shaped pizzas. amanda: they say the way to a man's heart is through food so why not give them a heart shaped pizz for valentine's day. we're with chase young from benny's in downtown roanoke and he's going to show us one of the things that they're doing for valentine's day which is making a heart shaped pizza. he's turning their infamous 28 inch pizza intoda a heart.
5:42 am
guys been doing this on valentine's day? chase: since our inception so about almost four years now. amanda: is it pretty popular? chase: it has been, absolutely. amanda: tell us what you're doing with the dough right now. chase: i'm forming it into a general shape of a heart. our is usually the size of the screen so the blanks spots are what i'm trying to manipulate a little bit to make it more into the idea of what we're going for. amanda: how do you get one of these heart shaped pizzas? chase: call in, let us know that's what your looking for for valentine's day and then give us about 20-30 minutes and we'll have one ready for you. amanda: so now you cut it into the heart? chase: yes, it's sort of the general idea. what we're doing here is we're taking off the edges, forming it a little bit more. these will become the breadsticks that goes across the center so cupids arrow, if you will. you can see it's starting to become a little bit more of a heart. amanda: can you send a message with
5:43 am
messages we can. you have to give us a little bit of leeway because they might not come out exactly perfect but we will try. simple messages like i heart you and so forth we can spell out in pepperoni. amanda: alright and there you have it, that's the final product. so chase, how much does this cost? chase: for just cheese it's $28. if you get half cheese half topping it's $32 and topping on the whole pie is $35. amanda: thank you so much chase. there you have it, you can feed your sweetie this valentine's day and coming up a little bit later in the show we'll show you some chocolate. so we got some pizza for the men and and chocolate for the women, coming up.
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students at washington and lee university will make make their predictions on the republican presidential nomination during the school's mock convention. and the position of roanoke city mayor will be up for grabs in the next election. what the candidates
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night's forum. 20will looking outline from lane stadium across the virginia tech campus this morning in blacksburg montgomery county relatively quiet conditions watch out for few snow showers today current temperature coming in at twenty degrees winds are calm that's good news right now so whatsoever but that will change as we head through the
5:47 am
to our i as we head toward tomorrow so get ready for that know visibility issues whatsoever finding couple snow showers southwest virginia writenow more activity toward northwest that will be swinging through during the day so don't be surprised be get these bursts of snow where visibility comes down mining get a quick coding here and there a little bit more maybe a coating to inch or two far southwest virginia in the mountains a west virginia with highs in the low to mid thirties there the snow showers coming through coastal storm keeps all that heavy precipitation well outside of our region by tonight snow showers begin to dwindle saturday sunday looking pretty nice an and is you had toward monday and tuesday that next winter weather event heads our way but today. how much snow we talking about again maybe a coding here and there most of the tingling snow highest elevations over in the mountains a west virginia and toward taz will smith and gracing county but even there a coating to inch or two at best and that's why there's winter weather visors up in location you forecast across the area would talk about
5:48 am
twenties low to mid thirties would scattered snow showers here and there head out tonight snow showers decreasing clouds overnight single digits and teens seven day planner blustery and cold this weekend dangerously cold saturday and sunday monday and tuesday that winter weather event maybe some snow accumulating some light snow accumulation for transitions over to sleet freezing rain and plain old rain and that will back into the 40s wednesday and thursday yeah or is are that's great weather bring some fresh powder to the mountains. weekend snow report segment. leo's here to break it down for we start with wintergreen resort there's been quite a cold stretch up at wintergreen. on monday and tuesday inches of fresh powder. the resort says it's been able to some man made snow. the slopes are prime for skiing, snowboarding and tubing. next up is snowshoe resort recieved 5 inches in the last 24 hours, 11
5:49 am
and a whopping 15 inches since monday this weekend you can expect pristine powder/packed powder conditions but there will be some very frigid temperatures and wind chills to deal with then we have massanutten fresh powder early in the week. the resorts been adding snow of their own to the pack. you may get lucky and get a blue bird day this weekend. and finally homestead the resort says they will be expecting a very busy weekend. cold temperatures and new snow have made the resort one of the places to go this weekend. they're enjoying a nice 48 inch groomed snow base and they're expecting to add on to that. we want you to send us pictures of your skiing trip! this morning we're featuring chuck and jeannie wilde from botetourt. they are ski instructors at winterplace ski resort. send your pictures to photo at wdbj7- dot-com. student at washington and lee university are about to hold a mock convention ahead of this year's
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stewart tells us how the convention works and why they're doing it. students will fill the warner center this weekend for washington and lee's mock convention. 19:11:16 - 19:11:25 "basically, we're trying to simulate the real republican national convention as close as we can and my job is to get the prediction right." joe kimbell is a national political analyst for mock con. he says 95 percent of students will participate in the project. 19:12:30 - 19:12:46 "every state will be called by the speaker of the convention and he'll say okay north carolina, how do you allocate your delegates. they'll stand up ad say, we allocate number to this candidate and x number to this candidate." it's considered one of the most accurate mock conventions for predicting who a presidential nominee. since 1948, their prediction was only wrong twice. 19:20:30 - 19:20:41 "we're focusing on the states, how they're going to vote, the politicians that are running for the candidacy, what their positions are and how that fits into the national political landscape." dick cheney and newt gingrich will also attend this year's convention.
5:51 am
"in the midst of it all, it's exiting and it's fun and i think it really engenders a political activism in the community." in lexington, khiree stewart,wdbj7. for the first time in more than a decade, there is no incumbent running for mayor in roanoke. last night, people were able to hear from both candidates about issues facing the city. this was part of the roanoke regional chamber's candidates forum. both candidates stressed the importance of working as a region to help attract businesses while explaining why they're the best person for the job. david trinkle is the current vice mayor for the city. sherman lea is a city councilman. david trinkle/roanoke mayoral candidate: "i will dedicate myself, my enthusiasm, my energy, to this city and i will be a great advocate for our city which i think i've shown and demonstrated." sherman lea/mayoral candidate: "i will commit to you that you will have a great neighborhood, a place to go. we'll have a strong educational system,
5:52 am
your homes." nine city council members also discussed issues earlier. the democratic primary is this saturday from noon until 7 at the berglund center. researchers at virginia tech are focusing their attention on the zika virus. what they're studying to learn more about the virus' recent spread. and after a great turn-out for last week's walk to create a crime-free community, leaders
5:53 am
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one. history. congress enacts first fugitive slave law in 17-93. in 18-09, abraham lincoln is born. rhapsody in blue, is performed for the first time by george gershwin, in 19-23. president bill clinton is acquitted in impeachment trial in 19-99. and on this day in 2008, general motors reports record losses, and offers buyouts to 74- thousand workers. scattered snow
5:55 am
today. highs top out in the mid 30s. researchers at virginia tech are turning their attention to the zika virus in light of its recent outbreak. professors, graduate, and undergraduate students are working with mosquitos to determine why the virus is spreading and evolving as quickly as it is. they say they've been studying similar viruses, and hope to use their experience to answer these important questions. (kevin myles, associate professor of entomology) what we're doing now is rapidly transition the work that we have been doing, that we have a large body of knowledge on, over to zika virus. (heather lafrance, senior microbiology student) it's a good reminder that the work that i do here even as an undergraduate is really important and it does impact a lot of people, especially when viruses like myles says the research may never be complete, but he hopes to find a vaccination for humans and to stop the spread of the virus through
5:56 am
danville leaders say they are not backing down in their fight against crime. . last friday's walk to create a crime free community had such a great turn out, the boys and girls club is hosting another one. the director says she wants people to see different aspects of the area, just like the kids that come to the boys and girls club. faith stamps, executive director danville boys and girls club: "the kids that we serve everyday are our next leaders in this community and we need to support these kids now and a lot these kids see these kinds of things unfortuntely happen in the neighborhoods that they live in." everyone is asked to meet outside on the lawn there for a gathering before the walk tonight at 6. now it's time to take a look at what's trending on facebook. mrs. doubtfire is trending. that's a blast from the past but apparently video has surfaced of scenes that were cut from the original movie in 1993. -------- ted cruz is trending after he took down a campaign ad with an actress, who was formerly a porn star. and mario kart is trending. you've got to see this video of a group riding through a mall dressed up as the
5:57 am
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put out the flames at the old dan river mills plant in brookneal. why it's still burning a day after it started. the ashley white trial continues today. what white is just now revealing about noah thomas and the septic tank searchers found his body inside. and, firefighters say there's a problem with hydrants in the forest section of bedford county. how that made putting out a fire there last weekend a bigger challenge.
6:00 am
just after 5 o'clock on friday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. i'm leo hirsbrunner. scattered snow showers across the area today. highs top out in the mid 30s. 12 hours after it


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