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tv   Mornin  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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just after 5 o'clock on friday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. i'm leo hirsbrunner. scattered snow showers across the area today. highs top out in the mid 30s. 12 hours after it
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river mills plant in brookneal. the fire started yesterday around 3:30 and the smoke could be seen for miles. the plant has been closed for a few years, but crews had been working to recycle some of the material from the building. we still do not know what started the fire. but crews say there are a lot of debris piles from demolition that will take a while to burn out. virginia state police says it's following a new lead in the search for the 15- year-old who wrecked a car in roanoke county after a police chase wednesday night. four passengers were taken to the hospital. that lead was discovered after investigators again searched for the teen near the roanoke- franklin county line yesterday. the pursit reached speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. a state trooper originally tried to pull him over for speeding through boones mill. the teen is believed to be a runaway and armed, but not conisdered a threat to the public.
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kimberly good morning everyone winter weather advisories are up for taz well smith in gracing county until seven a.m. tomorrow morning we could see a coating to inch or two of snow we all could see a coating from time to we get these bursts of snow today not everyone will see them they'll pop up here and there but don't be surprised one roll to your hometown temperatures this morning teens and twenties good news is were not really finding windy conditions this morning that will change once again as we head through the we can already finding some snow showers southwest virginia another batch will drive through as we had later this morning into the afternoon since it's been so cold might find some slick spots out on the roadways of one of those burst come through your hometown overall mostly cloudytoday scattered snow
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out pretty much in the mid 30s plus and minus depending on your location cold this week and then the attention goes to monday into tuesday we of two trending forecast models, kino coming in one brings the storm a little farther inland slows it down meeting we will have as much cold air in place more warm air will be building in so you start see snow quickly changing over to sleet freezing rain and maybe even some plain old rain scenario number two takes us a little farther to the east now as it comes through we will see that quick transition but would say scenario number two cold air will stick around a little bit longer meaning will have a little longer of snow before transitions over to sleet freezing rain and maybe some plain old rain but just a little while go looking good all the computer models upper air data looks i all this is starting to trend slower slow or and warmer meeting last snow more sleet freezing rain and plain old rain maybe a couple of inches of snow before we see that transition over today though just scattered snow showers. ronald smith mountlake lexington over toward lynchburg center virginia partly sunny for the time but more clouds rolling later on friday as he head down toward south side would talking mainly cloudy couple snow showers low to mid 30s newer valley southwest better
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twenties low to mid thirties highlands greenbrier valley a west virginia scattered snow showers 20s low 30s will do it seven day planner dangerously cold saturday and sunday monday into tuesday that winter weather event an and wednesday and thursday. we begin to warm back it happened just after 2 a.m. this morning in the 100 block of stonewall court. two people were shot in their arms while driving through the intersection of first street and abbott street. both were taken to the hospital. call police if you have any information. we're learning new details in the death of noah thomas. the trial for his mother, ashley white, continues this morning. she's accused of child abuse and neglect and admits she left noah and his infant sister home alone when he disappeared in march. he was later found dead in a septic tank. here's wdbj7's justin ward with something not made public before:
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ritter from the pulaski county sheriff's office ashley white said it should have been bolted, saying "looking back on all the things i should have done, but didn't." ritter said in court thursday he interviewed white and her boyfriend paul thomas twice after noah was found dead. he was one of 12 witnesses giving the judge a more detailed account of what happened the day noah was first reported missing on march 22nd. when investigators arrived, an f-b-i agent said cigarette smoke poured out of the home - some investigators had to wear masks because of the smell. a picture of a closet inside the home showed what another law enforcement witness said was consistant with an indoor marijuana grow operation. white gave investigators a false account of what happened the morning noah went missing - first telling them noah and his infant sister joined white taking thomas to work. she later said they left the kids at home. her lawyer, kelsey bulger, questioned her landlord on a septic tank job he did the year before. gary meadows says another tank was damaged
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home. he never had an inspector from the department of health check his work which is required by state law. f-b-i investigators say there was only one screw on the lid when they first looked in the tank - using medal detectors to look for more screws but finding none. a deputy says the lid was easy to move when they first started the search for noah. days later when he was discovered inside. an assistant medical examiner says he drowned after getting hypothermia. in pulaski, justin ward, wdbj7 firefighters in one part of bedford county are talking about hydrants, following a problem that happened over the weekend. crews had trouble battling a fire on declaration terrace in forest sunday, because the nearest hydrant wouldn't open. around 900 hydrants are spread around the forest area and, until now, they haven't undergone any regular maintenance. this week the bedford regional water authority
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forest volunteer fire department about a maintenance program. megan aubrey/water authority communications coordinator: "it would be a joint effort and collaboration between the forest fire department and the brwa, to make sure hydrants are in good working order and able to be opened easily." similar programs already exist in the town of bedford and stewartsville. maintenance in those areas is handled by volunteer firefighters, according to the water authority. there may be some icy patches on the roads this morning as you head to work. where that's happening, along with some construction the latest i- hometown traffic report. valentine's day is literally days away, why not give your sweet quite possibly some of the best chocolate in the country. we'll tell you where you can get it coming up after the break on wdbj7
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35. there's a bridge project on i-81 in wythe county. the southbound right lane is blocked now near the i-77 interchange. it should re-open at noon. the sandy river road construction in henry county is expected to come to an end soon. in the meantime, that road is closed in both directions from philpott highway to cozy lane. this project was originally supposed to finish last month but crews got behind. it's now scheduled to finish next friday. this is a live look at i-581 in roanoke from wdbj7's hotel traffic camera. so far there haven't been any major issues on the highways. if you see an accident or run into slowdowns, please
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to do so. years ago the washington post did a blind chocolate tasting and a chocolate shop in one of our hometowns won. wdbj7's amanda kenney got to test it out for herself. that's right. and they're definitely busy for valentine's day. the cocoa mill in lexington may be on the best places to some sweets for your sweetheart. forget about the diamonds, i'm going to to want chocolate for valentine's day and i bet you a bunch of women out there are going to want some chocolates too. i'm with laura de maria at the cocoa mill. we're in lexingotn and i can't even tell you how amazing these chocolates taste. what are you guys doing this year for valentine's day? laura: one of the things we do, a tradition for us we do hearts that are filled with our truffles and the actual heart, the tray that comes
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chocolate as well so not only do you get the truffle, you get extra chocolate in the box. amanda: what can you tell me that's different about your chococlate that other people might not be able to find? laura: we make chocolate the old european way. everything we make is from scratch in our kitchen, and it is preservative and additive free. everything is made in small batches, we absolutely skimp on nothing to make our truffles what they are all, all of our chocoaltes what they are. amanda: i know you guys are busy, because i tried getting in the kitchen downstairs, and you just couldn't let us down there, you guys
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do have something that i wanted to show that's pretty neat. tell me about this heart. laura. it's sort of funny. we do this kind of heat for valentine's and then we do an anatomically correct heart. how that began, is there was a hospital in pittsburgh, pennsylvania that was having a fundraiser for ther cardiac unit and they wanted a chocolatier who would make an anatomically correct hearts so we made hundreds of them to go at every place setting and we got call after that event of people wanting us to make kidney's and so we have lots of body parts so that's a fun thing and a lot of people like that for understand that, but they do. . amanda: hey, whatever makes you happy. and it's chocolate. so you can't go wrong. we'll put a link to your website on our website, and coming up, the best thing to go with some chocolate is some wine. we'll tell you about that in the
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and coming up after the break, if you're still looking for something to do this valentine's weekend, we have some ideas
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planner! weekendfinding relatively quiet conditions across the roanoke valley looking out live through our mill mountain camera
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eighteen lynchburg twenty five danville down in blacksburg coming in at twenty degrees a little bigger picture bristol 27 charlottesville 19 washington dc fifty richmond also coming in at nineteen finding a few snow showers along interstate eighty i seventy seven eighty one interchange there maybe a couple flurries same story toward far southwest virginia will see more snow showers today scattered snow showers in the high temperatures getting back up into the mid thirties as we head through the afternoon here's the forecast model drives those snow showers through this morning into the afternoon coastal storm develops but far enough to our east that would have to worry about that is that moves up toward the north and east northeast later tonight all the snow showers pretty much a come to an and with the exception of pocahontas county and then as we head toward sunday starts off mostly sunny but clouds thicken up later in the day how much snow we talking about not much a coding here and there he get one of those quick burst of snow maybe a coating to inch or two back toward the mountains a west virginia far southwest
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well smith and gracing county a winter weather visors until seven a.m. tomorrow these aviaries that could see couple of inches of accumulating snow before it's all said and done you forecast mostly cloudy would scattered snow showers today low to mid thirties pretty much does it across the area decreasing clouds tonight single digits and teens but the winds pick up don't forget late tonight windchill advisories going to affect through early sunday morning dangerously cold this weekend with highs in the twenties feeling more like the single digits and teens monday and tuesday the next winter weather event drives in will start off would snow and a looks i that will start to transition to sleet freezing rain and maybe even some plain old rain before start warming back up later next week also stuff going are a lot of events you can go to. here's this morning's weekend planner. on sunday, there will be a chocolate and wine pairing event at beliveau estate winery in blacksburg. tastings are at 1, 2:30 and 4 p.m. tickets are 20 dollars, and each lady that comes gets a rose. --------
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hillbilly hide-a-way in walnut grove, north carolina on saturday. tickets are 69 dollars each, and include roundtrip transportation, a visit to madison mercantile, an all you can eat meal, and a three-hour music show. more information about departure times and locations is on our website. -------- you can also enjoy a valentine's lunch at michie tavern in charlottesville on sunday. tickets are 79 dollars a person and include roundtrip transportation, a buffet lunch, and a sightseeing tour of charlottesville. departure times and locations are on our website. the star city roller girls open their season tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the berglund center. tickets are 11 dollars, kids 12 and under are free. they will take on the greenbrier roller vixens from lewisburg, west virginia. -------- and, tomorrow texas tavern is celebrating its 86th anniversary in downtown roanoke. 86 cent hotdogs, hamburgers, and bowls of chili will be available from 10 to 5. coming up after the break... we're following up with a group of cadets who are getting ready to graduate from a
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cadets from the roanoke city police department's "growth through opportunity" program are getting ready to graduate. wdbj7's amanda kenney introduced you to them back in november. now she's checking in on them to see how far they have come in four months. these cadets have come a long way in four months. when alex, ben, kathryn, kayla, mikael, ricky, and brian started the gto program in november they were shy, didn't have much confidence, and they had no idea what the future would hold. each of them have a disability. while that hasn't changed, officer travis akins says their attitudes have. travis akins: they come in the door
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be a part of this program, their confidence is totally enhanced now, they look you right in the eye when they speak to you. the come in the morning, they shake your hand just like everyone else. these cadets have been working hard, alongside job coaches, like roanoke city firefighter jon metro who has fallen in love with the program. i'm already signed up for the next one. and the one after that . metro has been their cheerleader every step of the way john metro: their confidence, their agility, their endurance, their strength, their attitudes, just everything has improved, everything has improved. the program takes the cadets to different environments to give them different skills. the fire department teaches them life
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theyr'e cleaning grocery shopping. putting together a grocery list making meals and cleaning up after themselves. the sheriff's department keeps them organized, filing paperwork. and the police department keeps them fit whether they know it or not, it is all designed building much needed confidence. and working with other first responders is part of the program's dual purpose. to enhance disability awareness training for all of our first responders right here in roanoke as well as to enhance the quality of life and employability for those with varying special needs these cadets can't wait to get to work. kayla: i'm ready, i have enough experience. mikael is already training for his new job at kroger. mikael: i'm excited, it's like a new experience just like learn what it is to work sheri harten: working with the gto program really helps us to fulfill that commitment that we have to be the company that has values and inclusion with graduation just a week away, the other cadets are close to getting jobs too. kathryn: it feels awesome. it feels pretty awesome. doesn't it, ben? (laughter)
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us. to have a purpose in life, to have a job, to have a task and it's been akin's job to give them that purpose. travis: it's wonderful. i can't even put it into words. to be able to impact another human being's life like that, tha'ts huge, that's huge. just look at their smiles... their laughter and confidence. their lives have cetainly changed, and will never be the same, again. in roanoke, amanda kenney, wdbj7. this is the program's second class, they graduate on febuary 19th. 100% of the program's first class are employed. the gto program is always looking for businesses to work with to help find cadets jobs when they graduate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are back on the campaign trail, after last night's democratic debate. how the pair
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over foreign policy and race relations. get ready for a really cold weekend. part of that preparation is looking after your pipes to make sure they don't freeze. the advice we got from a plumber in our area. plus, cleveland's no longer charging tamir rice's family for the use of an ambulance, after an officer shot and killed the 12 year old. how much the
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going to have to pay. garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. after a resounding defeat in the new hampshire primary, hillary clinton is hoping to get her campaign back on track later this month in nevada and south carolina. last night, clinton and bernie sanders sparred over foreign policy and race relations. marlie hall has the latest from milwaukee, wisconsin. hillary clinton sought to regain momentum in milwaukee last night...calling the vermont senator out
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unrealistic plans for the country: (sot clinton) i am conscious of the fact that we have to also be very clear especially with young people about what kind of government is going to do what for them and what it will cost. (sot sanders) secretary clinton - you're not in the white house yet and let me be clear that every proposal that i have introduced has been paid for. both candidates then turned their attention to immigration and criminal justice reform: (sot sanders) i believe we will all agree that we are sick of seeing videos of people shot by police officers. (sot clinton) when we talk about criminal justice reform and ending the era of mass incarceration, we also have to talk about jobs education housing and other ways of helping communities do better. with the candidates neck and neck in the polls -- minority groups are expected to play a key role in the next nominating contests: (sot marc morial/ national urban league, president) there is no doubt that secretary clinton starts with a longstanding record and an advantage;
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milwaukee, wisconsin) one of the more heated exchanges came when clinton challenged sanders for being overly critical of president obama: (sot clinton) the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. (sot sanders) madam secretary, that is a low blow. (sot lynda tran/cbs news political contributor) she made use of the opportunity that bernie sanders offered her today by criticizing what he called this gap in leadership from the president as it pertains to congress. the former secretary of state has worked to set herself up as the candidate who will continue president obama's legacy... something pundits say appeals to the democratic base in nevada and south carolina. marlie hall cbs news milwaukee, wisconsin. after months of speculation, former democratic presidential candidate jim webb announced that he won't jump back into the race as an independent. webb made that announcement yesterday in dallas. he dropped out of the democratic primary in october. the former virginia senator says he spent three months trying contemplating his decision. webb also says
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and republican parties are in a state of crisis, and that more than 40- percent of americans don't identify with either one of them. it's a foregone conclusion that this weekend will see single digit temps with the wind chill in some areas being below zero. this could mean serious problems when it comes to your water pipes. the local plumbers we talked to say it's not even the cold temperatures that's a problem, it's the wind or draft that may get under your house and directly impact a pipe. for any of you with an air space under your house, experts say to make sure the foundation is solid. check around your vents for any potential air spaces. if you find any holes, you can use foam to plug it up. insulating is the best thing. if you have any open areas in your basement or you know there's a drafty spot you want to seal that up with some expansion foam or pipe insulation. remember that at no circumstance should you put a space heater or heat
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house to keep your pipes from freezing. there's a lot of flammable material under your house that can catch fire anytime. and leo, the cold weather is just the first thing we have to be worried about. there's also some snow on the way right? chances snow today just the snow showers maybe a bigger event on monday the main thing this weekend though will be the cold because that national weather service has already issued windchill advisories for good portion of our viewing area from late tonight sunday morning i continues right through the entire weekend windchill values in the negative single digits even negative teens not out of the question so keep that in mind current temperatures actual temperatures teens and twenties today this is cold this morning but this can be the warmest would seem quite some time for overnight lows were finding a few snow showers streaming through the area again we've all been talking about the potential on monday but don't overlook the snow showers today if you get one of those burst the snow visibility comes down you looking out you when you like
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something cycle last long but it could lower visibility and dump a quick coating area so watch out for that watch upper slick road conditions in spots up you do see a snow shower main accumulation be in the mountains and far southwest virginia where winter weather visors are up right now friday bike this morning early afternoon bundle up temperatures in the 20s and 30s and later today you deftly can have to watch upper those snow showers as he had out about that we can put our attention to monday we about upper level system that's can a swing through it will be cold enough or just plain old snow for that to start early monday morning but then the main feature actually begins later monday into tuesday that will also bring some snow but it's can a bring in a warmer weather. so that's now will transition over to a wintry mass of sleet freezing rain and even some plain old rain and that will hold down snowfall accumulations but several inches of snow not out of the question for that changeover today mid thirties for the roanoke valley lynchburg. watch upper stray snow shower southern virginia u2 could see astray snow
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through the newer valley southwest better chances snow showers low to mid thirties as well over toward smith gracing county don't but, get winter weather visors in affect highlands greenbrier valley west virginia twenties and low thirties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner bitter cold this weekend saturday and sunday that's why we have impact days highlighted there an and impact days monday and tuesday for that system. that's can a bring snow, sleet freezing rain and even some plain old rain to the area to mixeland, ohio is no longer charging the family of tamir rice for use of an ambulance. back in november, an officer shot and killed the 12-year-old as he played with a toy pellet gun in a park. recently, the city sent rice's mother a 500-dollar bill for the ambulance used to take the boy to the hospital. her attorney says the bill amounted to harassment. an official apologized to the rice family and said they are withdrawing that claim. in december a grand jury decided not to indict the two responding officers in the case. investigators are looking into why a
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sheriff's deputies in a town near baltimore. authorities say david evans shot deputy patrick dailey in the head after dailey sat at a table and asked how he was doing. deputy mark logsdon was shot as he approached the suspect's car after the first attack. other deputies starting shooting at evans, and killed him. he already had warrants out for his arrest. the sheriff says he doesn't think evans was targeting police officers, but that he didn't want to get arrested. a federal grand jury is hearing evidence in the death of eric garner. garner was killed in 20-14 after new york city police officer daniel pantaleo put him in a chokehold. his death sparked national demonstrations with protesters chanting "i can't breathe". federal prosecutors began presenting evidence on wednesday to a a grand jury in brooklyn. the federal inquiry began after a staten island grand jury declined to indict officer pantaleo. the state department may release some of hillary clinton's emails this weekend. officials offered to release them after a federal judge criticized them
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the release. the state department was supposed to release all of the emails last month, but it asked for an extension. under the new plan, it would release 550 emails on saturday out of the approximately 37- hundred that remain. the music publisher that claimed to hold the rights to the happy birthday song has settled the class action lawsuit against them after 2 years in court. a company making a documentary about the song first filed the lawsuit against warner-chappell music in 20-13, saying it should be free to use in television and film. the popular tune is now free for use in the public domain. the song was written back in 18-93 by mildred and patty hill, but the judge ruled that there's actually no evidence that the sisters wrote the lyrics. students at washington and lee university will begin their mock convention this weekend. it's considered one of the most accurate mock coventions, because their predictions were only wrong twice since 1948. big names like dick cheney, newt gingrich, and ann coulter will be at this
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percent of students will take part in the project. students spent a lot of time researching how the states vote in order to make their prediction. joe kimbell: "every state will be called by the speaker of the convention and he'll say okay north carolina, how do you allocate your delegates. they'll stand up ad say, we allocate number to this candidate and x number to this candidate." mock con will run through saturday. that's when they'll announce their prediction for the republican presidential nomination researchers at virginia tech are turning their attention to the zika virus in light of its recent outbreak. professors, graduate, and undergraduate students are working with mosquitos to determine why the virus is spreading and evolving as it is. they say they've been studying similar viruses, and hope to use their experience to answer these important questions. (kevin myles, associate professor of entomology) what we're doing now is rapidly transition the work that we have been doing, that we have a large body of knowledge on, over to zika virus. (heather lafrance,
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student) it's a good reminder that the work that i do here even as an undergraduate is really important and it does impact a lot of people, especially when viruses like these come up. myles says the research may never be complete, but he hopes to find a vaccination for humans and to stop the spread of the virus through mosquitos. make sure you start your car early this morning and bundle up before you head outside. we also have your latest i-hometown traffic report, coming up next. we're got you covered for valentine's day. coming up after the break we'll tell you about a great deal at a
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and win winner this morning is dolly white from roanoke you have won a pair of tickets to grandin theatre and a 5 dollar concession stand gift card. scattered snow showers across the area
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in the mid 30s. the city of danville is gearing up for the winter storm potential leo's been telling you about. crews are pre- treating roads today since it will get too cold to do that later this weekend. bridge work could slow you down until may in campbell county. lambs church road is blocked in both directions from gladys road to marysville road. you'll have to use the posted detour while that's going on. bridge work could slow you down this morning on i-81 in wythe county. the southbound right lane is blocked near the i-77 interchange until noon. we're looking live at i-81 in christiansburg from a virginia department of transportation camera. traffic is moving right along so far this morning. if you're going to wine and dine your valentine, you can check out one of the area's many vineyards wdbj7's amanda kenney found one
6:42 am
for valentne's day weekend. if i can't get diamonds for valentine's day, i certainly wouldn't mind some wine. a hickory hill vineyard, you can get a wine tasting and help celebrate smith mountain lake's 50th anniversary. amanda: it's definitely not valentine's day without wine so i think we got the right place. we're at hickory hill vineyeards in moneta today. this is wendy furrow- scott, thanks so much for joining us. and you guys have a really nice special for valentine's day. can you tell me about it? wendy: we're doing special wine tastings with a mini pairing plate to go with the wine. fresh baguettes with a couple cheeses and a couple wonderful chocolates from stacey's sweet spot. amanda: everything a girl loves. chocolate, wine, and cheese. and then you gotta have the bread too. tell more about this special, how much exactly? wendy: it is $15 per person or $25 per
6:43 am
and you get to take a souvenir glass home. amanda: and you have it on saturday and sunday? wendy: satruday and sunday, 12 to 5pm. amanda: and there's also something really special because this is the 50th anniversary of smith mountain lake so tell me what you guys are doing. wendy: we have made two commemorative wines for this special. we've got a white we're calling full pond of course we reached full pond in 1966 we have the 66 is the red. we've been planning these for quite some time. amanda: and you've got the commemorative glasses too. wendy: we do. amanda: thank you so much. it sounds like it's going to be a wonderful wonderful valentine's day weekend. we've got your covered with some food, the pizza, we showed you chocloate, and then you've got the winem it's going to be a complete valentine's day weekend. let's take a look at what the twittersphere is
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#demdebate is trending. people are chiming in their own thoughts about last night's democratic debate in wisconsin. -------- #kevinrandleman is trending. the former ufc champion dies at 44. -------- now this is a funny one #singlelifein3words is trending. . so you've got three words to describe single life. one of my favorites is dessert- for-one birthdays for 2/12/16 (friday) emily, adam & samantha lane - 17 cheyanne graham - blacksburg - 25 vergie a. penn - 58 sharon hinkle pooley - buena vista - 43 conner davis stinnett - 18 samer chehade - roanoke - 17 makayla hubbard - snow creek - 16 chip tarbutton - fincastle - 50 drake houston lewis - 20 gary brown - collinsville - 59 jamey dicks - rocky mount - 18 james dicks - rocky mount - 18 noah reynolds - glasgow - 6
6:45 am
roanoke - 12 kortnie bernard - rocky mount - 16 tre noel - roanoke - 22 debra slater - galax - 60 gracie smith - radford - 6 jase graves - fairfield - 2 renva wilson - roanoke - 90 scott williams - buena vista - 21 cynthia robertson - rocky mount - 39 jacob burleson - christiansburg - 8 gregory aldean penn - 54 lacy simpson, jr. - gretna - 60 sean lucas duncan - indian valley - 9 ahmad bullard - roanoke dwight hanshew - hot springs - 72 jasmine & chris cunningham - 5th
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this is a live look at an industrial fire in hillsborough, new jersey. the fire started yesterday around 3 p.m., but is listed as under control. firefighters are working to keep it contained. a fire continues to burn at the dan river mills plant in
6:47 am
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the fi youtemperature starting off on the cold side will get a getting much colder than this as we head into the weekend twenty one roanoke sixty new york city down toward alanna nice toasty forty one degrees will be warming up a little bit today we have to watch out for
6:49 am
virginia highlands southwest ronald valley newer valley points south and east don't be surprised a quick burst the snow where visibility it's not down get a quick coating watch upper some slick spots not huge storm mind you but still don't be surprised of some of those burst come through your hometown main accumulating mountains a west virginia and far southwest virginia but even there coating to inch or two at best highs today low to mid thirties across the region and then on monday we have one storm system case one storm a little bit closer to us a little farther inland could bring in slightly warmer air little bit faster meeting not as matt much snow across the area will have snow quickly transitioning to a wintry mix scenario number two a little farther to the south and east keeps the cold air locked in place a little bit longer meaning a little more snow and then that transition. but both scenarios look like will have a wintry mix to do with as well right now all the computer models are broke qaeda training a little farther toward the west and a little slower and the timing meaning a more wintry mix
6:50 am
keep close eye on today out tonight mostly cloudy snow showers. highs in the low to mid 30s tonight snow showers decreasing clouds overnight single digits and teens windchill advisory tomorrow morning right through sunday morning actually highs only in the 20s monday and tuesday the timeframe for that winter weather event an and wednesday and thursday. we begin to warm an industrial fire in hillsborough, new jersey. the fire started yesterday around 3 p.m., but is listed as under control. firefighters are working to keep it contained. cbs this morning will have more details on this story, ahead at 7. a fire continues to burn at the dan river mills plant in brookneal. the fire started yesterday around 3:30 and the smoke could be seen for miles. the plant has been closed for a few years, but crews had been working to recycle some of the material from the building. we still do not know what started the fire. but crews say there are a lot of debris piles from demolition that will take a while to burn out. virginia state police are still looking for a 15-year-old boy who wrecked a car in roanoke county after a police chase wednesday night.
6:51 am
were taken to the hospital. a new lead was discovered after investigators searched for the teen near the roanoke- franklin county line yesterday. the pursit reached speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. the teen is believed to be a runaway and armed, but not conisdered a threat to the public. we're learning new details in the death of noah thomas. his mother, ashley white is on trial for abuse and child neglect in pulaski. she has admitted that she left noah and his sister home alone when he disapeared in march. and she testified that shat she had seen noah stand on the same septic tank he was found dead in. 12 witnesses came forward in the case yesterday. the trial is expected to continue later this morning. last night was the final debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders before voters head to the polls later this month in nevada and south carolina. clinton was looking to regain momentum after a big defeat in new hampshire. with the candidates neck and neck in the polls, minority groups are expected to play a key role in the next
6:52 am
republican presidential candidates will face off in their next debate on saturday night in south carolina. you can watch that debate right here on wdbj7. we'll have one last
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6:54 am
after the break. the cold weather will bring some fresh powder to the mountains. we've got your weekend snow report in our freeride friday segment. leo's here to break it down for us. we start with wintergreen resort there's been quite a cold stretch up at wintergreen. on monday and tuesday they got a couple of inches of fresh powder. the resort says it's been able to add on to that with some man made snow. the slope is prime for skiing, snowboarding and tubing. next up is snowshoe resort the resort has recieved 5 inches in the last 24 hours, 11 in the past two days and a whopping 15 inches since monday this weekend you can expect pristine powder/packed powder conditions but there will be some very frigid temperatures and wind chills to deal with
6:55 am
massanutten fresh powder early in the week. the resorts been adding snow of their own to the pack. you may get lucky and get a blue bird day this weekend. and finally homestead the resort says they will be expecting a very busy weekend. cold temperatures and new snow have made the resort one of the places to go this weekend. they're enjoying a nice 48 inch groomed snow base and they're expecting to add on to that. we want you to send us pictures of your skiing trip! this morning we're featuring chuck and jeannie wilde from botetourt. they are ski instructors at winterplace ski resort. send your pictures to photo at wdbj7- dot-com. passing snow
6:56 am
high around 35. kim:
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the minority vote in a heat debate.
6:59 am
attacks before tomorrow's face-off. >> donald trump says the pope does not understand america's immigration issue. we are in mexico ahead of the pontiff's visit. and controversy crashes a massive surf competition. why no women are paddling into these waves. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the kind of criticism that we have heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans. >> that is a low blow. democrats square off over president obama. >> have you ever disagreed with a president? i suspect you may have. >> senator! >> don't listen to donald trump. really. >> negotiating a deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. >> we have a front-runner candidate that disparaging women and hispanics. >> pushes i do not believe he is a true conservative. these people are stupid! >> the united states, russia and other world powers have reached


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