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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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said this was a disaster waiting to happen. he said the combination of having, what he called, a filthy home in deplorable condition, and leaving a sick baby at home while she took her boyfriend to work wasn't evidence in her favor. white's lack of urgency on march 22nd before she reported noah missing was concerning to the judge. he said white tried to feed her baby and changed her diaper before she left to go search for noah. finch said she was aware of the problems with the septic tank behind her home. she took the stand earlier today and in her defense said she never went around the tank - explaining she had a skin condition, so she normally watched noah from the door or windows. she told the court it was a dumb move to leave her children alone but she said she didn't want to wake her sick baby. white said she was told by law enforcement someone poisoned her son and put his body in the septic tank. she said it was five
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from other causes. you've told us white has been extremely emotional during this trial. what was her reaction to this ruling? she showed no emotion while the judge was reading his ruling. she sat with a blank face until the deputies walked her out of the courtroom. her sentencing is scheduled for may 16th. jean... snowand our just and is located it's all part of a changing weather patterns two phases over the next three days that you'll be talking about in the first one that we're seeing right now is some light snow that's invading the region and the key thing here is it's fairly light but she extends pretty far back in
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another twenty four hours will seek a recent opportunity the mounts for some light snow showers the thing you're talking about is with this invasion of cold air this reemergence ofthis arctic air into our area oh that feels like temperatures are really getting a dangerous especially tomorrow night at the moment it's pretty cold out there feels like it's anywhere from around 12 to 20 in non-western mountable but more along the south side is recheck in a woodlawn would get a good idea twin county airport to the winds are up thirty one mile an hour peak gust currently out of the west at 20 miles an hour so that makes it thirty one degree temperature feel a whole lot colder than that so wind chill advisories rep when these wind chill advisories are getting ready to be dropped you can start to see winter storm watches go up that'll likely be followed by winter storm warnings going up on monday as we expect significant snow to move into the region is a setup for your saturday a lot of sun a lot of winds and a whole lot teenager who police say crashed his car after a high speed chase. the pursuit went through boones mill
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220 in roanoke county wednesday night. state police say the 15-year old ran away from the crash that injured four other teens. yesterday police searched the woods near the crash site and developed a new credible lead. police say the teenager is a run- away with ties to this area, but he's not from here. they also say he has a hand-gun but is not a threat to the public. new details tonight about a new york woman who vanished more than two decades ago. renee lamanna was 35 years old when she went missing after ending a ten year relationship with her boyfriend in queens. a countrywide search for lamanna lead different people to believe they had possibly seen her. her sister margaret has confirmed to wdbj7 that a dna test was done and the mysterious woman seen on the posters in our area is not her sister. all of the flyers of the woman have been taken down. the family says its back to square one in the search for lamanna. smoke will likely fill the air in brookneal all weekend as a fire
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burn itself out. firefighters have contained the flames to large piles of debris on the property. the building caught fire yesterday afternoon around 3:30. at one point a thick cloud of black smoke could be seen at least 9 miles away. people who worked at the plant, which closed 10 years ago, have been stopping by to survey the damage. pat moorefield/former plant employee: "closing was bad enough, but then to see it burn was just so sad. i think even though it had shut down, we always lived with the hope that maybe something else will come in there and it will be a booming town again." investigators are still trying to pinpoint an exact cause of the fire. they believe it may have been started by a demolition crew that was trying to salvage recyclable materials from the building. politicians including former vice cheney and congressman bob goodlatte will be speaking at washington and lee 26th mock convention this weekend. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart who tells us
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jean, i'm at the warner center on campus. this is where mock convention is taking place. it's a mock presidential nomination process that's held every four years. as you can see, students are setting up for their next session. there are four sessions in all. the first one was afternoon and the next one begins in less than an hour. there will be two that's when they'll announce their prediction on who the nominee will be. just a research project, but it has results. students have been correct 19 out of 25 times. dick cheney and ann coulter will be speaking tonight. tonight on wdbj-7 update on their messages to these students before they prediction. live in lexington, khiree stewart, w- d-b-j-7. the inaugural season of roanoke's downtown outdoor ice skating rink is coming to a close this weekend. r-o-a's elmwood
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private partnership. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live at the rink tonight. shayne how did the rink do this year? jean downtown roanoke inc and the city are calling the first year of this program a success. there are some people out here right now braving this cold. the rink more than broke even and it always seemed like it was packed. which is so satisfying to the people who made this happen. where you could ice skate outside in downtown roanoke was still just a dream. but by thanksgiving it was reality, and by how many people came out a lot of you must have been dreaming. "we did pretty good for the first time and not really knowing what to expect." r-o-a's elmwood on ice needed more than just ice to be
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"we knew if we could get around 10,000 people or so over the 12 weeks we would be doing pretty well so that was kind of our goal going in." more than 13- thousand people braved our hot and cold wacky winter to lace up the skates. "hitting over 13 thousand we're super, super pleased." "the intent was to use the ice rink as an opportunity to bring more people downtown at times of the year when there weren't a lot of people visiting downtown." just a few steps away walkabout outfitters gave away coupons at the rink to try to cash in on the crowds. "i wouldn't neccesarily say that having that there caused tons of extra people to come in here but every little bit counts." only about 15 of those coupons made their way back for free handwarmers. and most of the other shops on the market didn't see any noticable impact either, but there's another chance to change that. "next year we'll work maybe more closely with our retailers to see how do we develop that partnership even a little bit more to get people to, to encourage people to kind of fan out, even
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next season the rink will probably be in the same spot, and around the same size. "if it's not broken, don't fix it." which means the countdown to next year's ice is on. nearly 20 private groups rented out the ice which dri and the city say made an impact. three more chances to skate on this rink, tonight, tomororw and sunday. then they'll take this ice apart and put it into storage until next season. live in downtown roanoke, shayne dwyer wdbj-7. expensive upgrades to dams across our state may not be needed thanks to new regulations that take effect next month. wdbj7's tim saunders is live in our lynchburg bedford newsroom. tim, what's changing and what impact will that have on lakes in our area? jean, the state agency that governs dams is reclassifying certain lakes in our region. the change comes after a push from lynchburg lawmakers and
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which owns one of the affected lakes. water levels at ivy lake in forest have been low for more than two years, because state regulators have been concerned about the lake's dam. the structure is one of hundreds across the state that were deemed inadequate to handle a catastrophic rain event. lee beaumont/senior vice president for auxiliary services: "the old values were very unrealistic." says lee beaumont, a construction manager at liberty university, which owns ivy lake. the state was estimating that a maximum rainfall of 35 inches could fall during one storm at ivy lake and it was forcing l-u to make around 2-million dollars worth of changes to the lake's dam. charles spence/senior vice president for construction planning: "we looked throughout the whole state and the whole country. we couldn't find where they were getting the 35 inches." l-u leaders worked with state lawmakers like kathy byron and tom garrett to change the way state regulators view dams and their potential to fail. the result is a policy change that will impact lakes across the state. david dowling/deputy director: "from a scientific perspective it's monumentally better."
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the department of conservation and recreation, which oversees virginia's dams. starting march 23rd, the d-c-r will be using new data collected to judge the maximum amount of rain that might fall around a lake and whether it might cause a dam to fail. the change means some dam owners, who were previously required to make changes, might not have to make any upgrades. dowling: "we're hoping it will be very beneficial to many of them along the way." for liberty the change has lowered the cost of upgrading the dam by as much as 40 percent. beaumont: "when we saw the new values that came out and the implications for not only ivy lake but all dam owners across the state, we were very pleased." the changes will impact about 95 percent of all dams in virginia. the d-c-r estimates dam owners will save around $72 million on the cost of upgrades. live in the lynchburg bedford newsroom, tim
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new at six ---- "when it's this cold outside those at the roanoke rescue mission are working overtime to make sure more people have a warm place to stay. i'll explain coming up." plus we're hearing from the wood brothers for the first time since the team found out it will not receive a nascar
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when the weather gets cold we rush to get inside. but what about those who don't have a place to call home? wdbj7 anchor nadia singh tells us what the roanoke rescue mission is doing to help those looking for a warm place to call home for the night.
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rescue mission " well obviously, safety is the first and foremost on everyone's minds when the temperatures drop as low as their dropping this week and through the weekend." the roanoke rescue mission is a beacon of hope for those looking for a warm refuge. tracy altizer/roanoke rescue mission "we are open, they can come in, even if they've lost services with us. they are still welcome to come in because it's just too cold." and that's why it's making exceptions to let people stay inside during the day. tracy altizer/roanoke rescue mission " when it's this cold outside we let people stay in the day normally, again safety is the primary concern." those here at the mission says it's the generosity of the community making winter a little warmer during this frigid time. tracy altizer/roanoke rescue mission "we give a free coat to anyone that comes in and needs one. our happy coatsgiving drive that went on through the winter fortunately provided lots of coats." the mission will also provide other winter necessities including hot meals. and when bad weather is expected, this is what the mission needs most, hardworking
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"often times we need more volunteers to come in because often times it can get difficult sometimes for regular volunteers who might come on a weekly basis if they don't have 4-wheel drive or cant get here safely." but what's most important to the rescue mission staff is making sure people know they have a place to go. when the temperatures are dropping as drastically as they're forecast to drop the only safe thing is to be indoors." in roanoke, nadia singh, wdbj7. from wind chill advisories to shoveling snow. the first alert weather team and our kidcaster zach have a lot to tell you. here is a look at the highs, lows and precipitation at the regional airports. we are back with the complete first alert forecast after this
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racing season is forecasteubanks is accurate or not that's the way to stay warm put on your best move and stay out of these winds which are ranging anywhere from twenty nine mile an hour gus and galax to thirty one bluefield 25 up in hot springs is given via windy night it is good to be a cold night temperatures would be dropping off quickly appomattox is arty down twenty six degrees two points are low and so that temperature can
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problem this evening especially as the air gets a little bit dryer and then up through the overnights from most locations will be dealing with this evening flurries. the decreasing clouds single digits for bluefield the lewisburg up to hot springs midteens from lexington to lynchburg 19 toronto 12 in blacksburg twenty one in martinsville and twenty in danville so that's the cold start then we get into saturday and were just watching the lingering snow showers and snow flurries as is northwesterly flow continues to blow but you'll notice that from much of saturday it looks like it's actually can be fairly sunny just remember temperatures are only in the twenties and the wind is blowing 20s and the wind is blowing city have outdoor activities plan view layer up and wear gloves and hats you should be in great shape not a problem so saturday's temperatures over the easter remarkably colder compared to the rest of the country you go out last its eighty eight for tomorrow night in phoenix la at seventy
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country in half with the jetstream buckling right about here and that's why were in the cold stop and will stay that way for a few more days but we'll take a look at saturday's forecast across the region and wow this is just not warm at all worker to call it mostly sunny the blustery and cold twenty two in roanoke about twenty four and lynchburg and twenty nine in martinsville this is our winter weather timeline from bloodstream cold 22 in roanoke about 24 and lynchburg and 29 in martinsville. this is our winter weather timeline from monday monday it's going to snow predawn maybe three to six inches of accumulation in many locations except the south side is or maybe more ice involved in their forecast that's a concern for monday night ended tuesday morning rain and maybe freezing rain all part of the equation as well seven days on the board here bitter cold and more bitter cold saturday sunday that's why the boat impact days monday is impacted because of the snow and wintry mix as we get up to about thirty two degrees after that we have to look at tuesday for any lingering icing problems wednesday thursday and friday
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as warm as they are in0 now just days away. speed weeks officially got underway today down in daytona, and sports director, travis wells joins us live from the track, catching us up with the wood brothers, as nascar gets
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season. welcome to the
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speedway where the 2016 season is just about to get underway. before we get to the cars on the track, we heard today from the wood brothers for the first time since tuesday when we found out that they weren't one of 36 teams to receive a nascar charter. while disappointing for the sport's longest tenured team, len and eddie wood are maintaining a positive outlook. len wood/wood brothers racing co-owner: eddie wood/wood brothers racing co-owner: the woods number 21 ford will hit the track tomorrow to begin daytona 500 preparations. already today, those drivers in tomorrow night's sprint unlimited have mashed the gas, including brian vickers who has been named the interim driver for the injured tony stewart here during speedweeks. they'll have one practice tonight between 630 and 730. welcome to the speedway where the 2016 season is just
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we get to the cars on the track, we heard today from the wood time since tuesday that they weren't one of 36 teams to receive a nascar charter. while disappointing for the sport's longest tenured team, len and eddie wood are maintaining a positive outlook. len wood/wood brothers racing co-owner: eddie wood/wood brothers racing co-owner: the woods number 21 ford will hit the track tomorrow to begin daytona 500 preparations.
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drivers in tomorrow night's sprint unlimited have mashed the gas, including brian vickers who has been named the interim driver for the injured tony stewart here during speedweeks. they'll have one more hour long practice tonight between 630 and 730. unlimited have mashed the gas, including brian vickers who has been named the interim driver for the injured tony stewart here during speedweeks. they'll have one more hour long practice tonight between 630 and
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the market finishes the week with some triple digit gains. the dow rose 314 points. nasdaq climbed 71.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7. >> pelley: republicans fight for the christian right and prepare for our cbs debate. tempers flare between the democrats. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> pelley: also tonight, a low blow of cold in much of america. the pope's pilgrimage to mexico. greyhound racing may be neither the end of its run.
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>> i built it for other people to see, but it's for me, too. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: now, there are six. the winnowing of republican candidates continued today when dark horse jim gilmore headed for the barn. so a great deal is riding on tomorrow's debate. can anyone catch trump? can an establishment republican break out? the stage is set for the contest hosted by cbs news in greenville, south carolina. today, the candidates put their faith in christian conservatives eight days before the primary in south carolina. and here's julianna goldman. >> i think that life is dwienl inspired. >> reporter: in a state where faith is central to many voters, republican presidential candidates have proclaimed their beliefs on the stump-- >> i'm a christian and i converted to catholicism.


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