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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm EST

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millions drawing. we are wdbj7. good evening, i'm melissa gaona. first at eleven - a deadly crash in vinton involving two cars. let's get right to wdbj7's christian heilman, who's live at the scene, which is near the church of jesus christ of latter day saints on hardy road. christian, what have you learned so far? two vehicle crash along 2200 block of hardy road near the intersection of temple drive.
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westbound crossed center line and struck vehicle head on traveling eastbound two drivers were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. we've just learned in the last 5 minutes that one of the drivers, 19 year old kayla simmons of roanoke county, has died. neither car had any passengers. investigators say drugs and alcohol possibly may have been a factor. people can bypass on temple drive. we'll bring you more information on this crash as we get it. live in vinton, christian heilman wdbj7 a reminder now of how cold it will be tomorrow. startedwatching sunday morning if we get down
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the record right now are projecting somewhere between seven and nine degrees and the wind is also an issue windchill advisory is up through a sunday morning because the winds kick him in this cold air gets involved. it really is very uncomfortable with the windchill right now around the region you can see that it is quite cold in the mountains they were from zero to six most of the eye eighty one quarters running in the teens to around twenty that's how it feels with the wind blowing out there now we doubt that wdbj seven four winds currently at about thirteen miles an hour making the air temperature of thirty feel like it's twenty with py custody at thirty fourth also notice an increase in the snow shower activity that's picked up just little bit it is primarily strongest in the new river valley but also extends
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around trout the safest place to be is indoors. and the roanoke rescue mission is opening their doors homeless men and women in the area. the organization is making exceptions to their policy and letting folks stay there during the day. the rescue mission meals and other winter necessities. henry county authorities are looking for your help to find this 16 year old runaway. jeffrey pruitt was reported missing on february 1st. since running away, he was last seen near his home, which is in the winnie lane area of the county. guilty of all charges. late this afternoon a pulaski county judge ruled ashley white abused and neglected her children. wdbj7's justin ward tells us what white said happened the day her son
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ago. ashley white's lawyers had nothing to say friday afternoon - just moments after judge bradley finch ruled white is guilty of three counts of child abuse and neglect. finch said this was a disaster waiting to happen. white admitted leaving her five year old noah thomas and her infant alone for up to 50 minutes while she took her boyfriend to work - proving negligence, finch said. testimony revealed an abundance of smoke was present in the home too the day noah went missing. some investigators had to wear masks when they searched the home. investigators also found weed inside the home and a closet in her infant's room where white said weed was grown two years before the baby was born. finch said pictures submitted as evidence showed a filthy home in a deplorable condition. white said on the stand she first lied that morning she reported noah missing wanting the focus to be on finding noah and not on her. she told investigators she left to take her boyfriend,
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22nd with noah and her baby inside the car. she said "i was lying the whole time." on the stand white said her baby was asleep and sick on that day and she didn't want to wake her up. she said she left noah in charge who shut and locked the doors behind her. when white returned, noah let her back in the house. she went to her bedroom to watch tv and he followed but later decided he wanted to watch cartoons instead. she fell asleep and woke up to her baby crying - noticed the door was open and noah no where in the home. white testified she changed the baby's diaper and fed her before starting her own search for noah. noah was later found inside the septic tank. no one testified as to how he ended up there. ashley white will be sentenced may 16th. in pulaski, justin ward, wdbj7 in the last 90- minutes, we've learned a rocky mount pharmacy suspect is in custody. police say joshua cundiff turned himself in tonight.
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armed robbery at family pharmacy tuesday night. no one is hurt after a fire at salem frame company tonight. crews responded to the scene on industrial drive just after 7:30. firefighters put the flames out quickly, but say it took hours to remove smoke from the building. investigators say the building was damaged by smoke. the deaths of two glendale arizona teens is being called a murder-suicide. the two girls were found at a high school earlier today. police say a suicide note was found at the scene. authorities say both victims were shot once and a gun was found near the bodies. it's unclear what relationship the two had. witness: "a man he came in and started beating up on another man i thought it was a personal thing he just started down the row hitting everybody, people were bleeding." a man was shot and killed by police after attacking restaraunt
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last night. four people were hurt, with one critically injured. the restaurant's owner says he feels his establishment was targeted because he is israeli. the fbi is investigating and says it's still too early to jump to any conclusions a fire at the old dan river plant is still burning itself out tonight, and smoke could fill the air in brookneal through the weekend. after the building caught fire yesterday afternoon, black smoke could be seen at least 9- miles away at times. the investigation continues, but authorities say a demolition crew trying to salvage recyclable materials from the building might have started the fire. new at eleven, the fight to save catawba hospital appears to be gaining ground in the general assembly. local lawmakers say it now appears that both the house and senate money committees favor keeping the mental health facility open. tonight senator john edwards told wdbj7 he doesn't
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assembly has any intention of establishing a plan to close catawba at the present time. delegate joseph yost agreed, saying the news is "a great success" for consumers, their families, hospital staff and the community as a whole. the campaign trail to the white house continues for presidential hopefuls. five g-o-p hopefuls are trying to steal some of the spotlight away from front- runner donald trump, as they gear up for tomorrow night's cbs news republican debate. trump skipped campaigning in south carolina while his opponents are working to woo evangelical voters at a faith forum. on the democratic side, hillary clinton continued the attack she started against bernie sanders during last night's debate. she says sanders made false claims about president obama's legacy. this evening, former virginia governor jim gilmore ended his republican presidential camapaign. he said today he will endorse whoever the
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much traction during his campaign, failing to qualify for many republican debates. he was set to be the only remaining g- o-p candidate left out of tomorrow night's debate. donald trump isn't letting up on his biggest g-o-p rival in the presidential race. today he took to twitter, threatening to sue ted cruz for not being a natural born citizen. trump say democrats will argue that cruz isn't eligible for the presidency if he wins the nomination because he was born in canada. cruz says he is eligible since his mother was a u-s citizen when he was born. students at washington and lee university are halfway through their mock convention. we told you about it last night at eleven - it's a long-running tradition where students predict one of the presidential nominees. as w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart found out, it was an exciting night full of big speakers and politicians. "the second session fo the mock
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at the sound of the gavel, the second session of mock con began at the warner center. representative bob goodlatte was the first to take the stage, followed by conservative political commentator ann coulter and dick cheney. they spoke about a wide range of topics. "i talk principally about national security. that is in my opinion the number one concern of most americans today." "immigration decides everything because it's who's voting in this country and as i describe in the speak, it's responsible for wave after wave of republican law. so, if you care about the two party system, then americans have got to stop being outvoted by foreigners." 95 percent of students are taking part in the project. matthew kaiser is one of them. "it's a topic that affects the entire country which makes it that much better as an event." kaiser says it takes a lot of planning to get to this stage of the event. "candidates think about the issues our
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facing. what different delegates in the past have done. what the districts look like in terms of their political leanings." he says it shows how much college students care about the real world. "we want to participate and have our voice heard, we have priorities, we want our country to go the way we want it to as well, it's definitely a way for us to show that we have a voice and we want it to be heard." students will hold their third and fourth session tomorrow. that's when they'll make their prediction for this year's presidential nominee. live in lexington, khiree stewart, w- d-b-j-7. new at eleven, dominion resources incorporated has chosen a new, alternate route for the atlantic coast pipeline. it's a response to concerns from federal officials over its initial path through sensitive areas of the george washington national forests in virginia, and a national forest in west virginia. dominion says this
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the natural gas pipeline's path through them by one-third. but, it will add 30- miles to the project and impact 249 new landowners- some of whom live in highland, bath, and augusta counties. the virginia national guard says financial issues is behind the closing of its readiness center in chatham. authorities made the announcement today. the unit, along with more than three dozen soldiers stationed there will relocate to danville's readiness center next month. a state lawmaker is criticizing democratic leadership for the treatment of black legislators. senator louise lucas says african american lawmakers are treated differently from their peers. much of that criticism was directed at senate minority leader dick saslaw. lucas says he has failed to resolve the issues that have been brought up to him. saslaw defended himself but did acknowledge that he could communicate better when issues come up.
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approved a constitutional amendment that could encourage the creation of more charter schools in virginia. the vote was close. 52 to 47. the amendment would give the state board of education the authority to establish charter schools, even if local school boards disagree. delegate rob bell/(r) 58th district albemarle: this is one that will have impacts long after we're gone. you have kids who are in failing school districts. you have kids who are in great school districts. charters can help them all. delegate alfonso lopez/(d) 49th district arlington: the general assembly should be focusing our efforts on giving local school boards the tools, resources and flexibility they need to find creative solutions to help ensure student success. this proposal is the wrong choice for virginia. if the senate approves the constitutional amendment, it will go to the voters in a referendum later this year. lawmakers are proposing a change to protocol that would be the first in the country - and would make things easier for you if you find yourself in a crash. and how some virginia students accomplished
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has ever done. says nearly 422- thousand virginians have enrolled for health coverage through the healthcare dot-gov marketplace. the figure reflects the latest open enrollment period that ended january 31st. mcauliffe says the total this year exceeded expectations. local governments in the roanoke valley are partnering on a new regional center that will change the way minor accidents are reported. police officers will still respond to wrecks that involve injuries, traffic violations or other unusual circumstances. but with minor accidents, that involve only property damage, the new regional collision reporting center will take care of the paperwork. modeled after a successful program in canada, the roanoke valley center will be the first of its kind in the country. howard hall/roanoke county police chief: what we anticipate this to do is free up officer time that would normally be taken with completing those reports and
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for higher priorities. elected leaders in roanoke, roanoke county and salem still have to vote on the proposal. and it could be several months before the new center is up and running in the roanoke valley. it's almost time to call it a wrap at the popular elmwood on ice in downtown roanoke. the pop-up ice rink went up back in the fall thanks to a partnership with downtown roanoke incorporated and the city. early numbers show more than 13- thousand people skated this season. the last chances to skate are tomorrow and sunday. then crews will melt the ice and put the equipment in storage until next season. downtown roanoke landmark texas tavern is celebrating its birthday tomorrow. the beloved neighborhood stand-by has been serving up cheesy westerns, burgers, dogs and chili since 1930. tomorrow is the restaurant's 86- birthday and it's celebrating in a big way. matt bullington/owner: "it's a real special thing that's why every year on the anniversary we do 86-cents


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