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tv   News 7 Sunday Morning  CBS  February 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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we now know who will be the democratic candidate for roanoke's next mayor. last night, sherman lea came out on top in the mayoral primary over fellow longtime councilman david trinkle. he won by a little more than a hundred votes. thousands voted at roanoke's berglund center for the nominees that will be may. currently, three city council seats are up for grabs as is the the large crowd was unexpected which caused several problems. happy about waiting others were glad to see a good turnout. those in charge say the process was challenging and could've went stephen niamke democratic chairman:"we could of changed the poll book so that we had more of them and divided them differently instead of just dividing them by letter we could have divided them by number. there were forty nine thousand people registered. we could divided that a little bit differently" freeda cathcart, anita price and trish white boyd will be the democrats on the city council ballot.
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more information on an accident in campbell county. it happened late last night on waterlick road between leesville road and timberlake road. one car was involved and ended up in a ditch. a deputy on the scene says children were in the car at the time of the crash. we will continue to keep you updated. police are continuing their investigation into a train accident in gretna that killed a pedestrian. authorities say it happened just after 9 a-m. walter davis was walking on northside drive when he crossed onto the tracks. he was hit by a norfolk southern train going south and died at the scene. supreme court justice antonin scalia was a titan on our nation's highest bench. for more than a generation, he passionately ruled on some of our most important legal questions. after it was confirmed he died at age 79, the rembrances poured in, as well as questions about the balance of power for the court. omar villafranca has the latest. supreme court justice antonin scalia made his mark during his three decades on the supreme
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he asked more questions and made more comments than any other justice - and was known for his outsize personality and brilliant legal mind. according to the us marshall service, he was found dead at a resort in west texas. ronald reagan chose scalia for the high court in 1986, and he was its longest serving member of the current court (sot-president obama) "we honor his extraordinary service to our nation, and remember him as one of the towering legal figures of our time." he was born to italian immigrants in trenton, new jersey. his family later moved to queens. him to georgetown harvard law one of the conservative members of the court he was a strong advocate for gun rights, privacy and he voted to let abortion. in 2012 he talked about one of the famous decisions - that president george w bush taking the white of al gore. (sot-possible sound from scalia) (charlie) "in the national interest we have to get this
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to a case is always subject to the court's discretion and always depends on the realities on the ground." (gfx) chief justice john roberts called scalia, "an extraordinary individual and jurist, admired and treasured by his colleagues." (sot- jan crawford/cbs news chief legal correspondent) "his absence on this court cannot be overstated because it will change the balance on the court, it is right now 5-4. five conservatives, four liberals." his death enables president obama to nominate a third justice to the high court, but he may not be able to get past the republican congress before the next presidential election. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas. a terrorist group is claiming responsibility for last week's bombing of a somali plane. al shabaab released a statement online yesterday. it says the operation targeted western intelligence officials and turkish nato forces that were on the plane at the time. surveillance video shows a laptop bomb got through airport security. the alleged bomber was the only one
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explosion. let's get back now to lindsey anderson because this winter storm is on it's way and we want to know more about the timing and possible
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what delicious and sweet superfoods diabetics can eat. coming up after the break in your hometown health. and local heart disease survivors were honored in roanoke this weekend during the
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andhigh clout or interesting through the area across a number of her valley but check out the temperature walks per nine degrees be sure you dress very warmly as you were heading out cover all of your exposed skin overall those two points are really low which allow boosted pictures to fall overnight and then we're week sinkhole through the afternoon with daytime highs holding in in this morning's hometown health: if you can't eat certain foods diabetes, that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy others. holly firfer has a list
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superfoods that are both healthy and delicious. in the fruit category.... the superfoods are berries.. blueberries, strawberries, blackberries.. they are all deliciously sweet and good for you. loaded with anti- oxidants, fiber and vitamins. and the villains? they include melons and pineapple - they have a high glycemic index.. skip the regular potato.. and go for the sweet potato.. like a little cinnamon on your sweet potato? some studies have shown that cinnamon can also reduce your glycemic index.. so sprinkle away. dark leafy greens are superfoods: spinach, kale, brussel sprouts all contain a micronutrient that can help reduce inflammation and strengthen nerves damaged by diabetic neuropathy. even though tomatoes are a fruit, they are rich in vitamins c and e and iron. .. and they can help reduce the risk of heart disease - a common and serious problem for people with diabetes. rounding out the superfood buffet table.... fish rich in omega - 3 fatty acids.. like salmon and tuna can reduce inflammation
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of heart attack or stroke. whole grains like oatmeal and barley can help your body use glucose and secrete insulin properly. beans are good too.. they are high in fiber and a good source of magnesium and potassium. just be sure if they are canned- to drain and rinse them to get rid of the excess sodium. holly firfer reporting. more than 5- hundred community and business leaders honored local heart disease survivors at this year's "heart ball." the hotel roanoke hosted the 20-16 roanoke heart ball's "a night at the oscars." the event celebrates survivors and raises money for research and prevention education. organizers say attendees are taking a stand against heart disease and stroke in our community. elizabeth vail/senior development director:"it's an opportunity for people to to make a donation to the american heart association through their gift through the live auction, the silent auction, as corporate sponsors as tickets, and it's just a great opportunity to see folks and to help fight the nations number 1 killer heart disease and the number 5 killer, stroke." the event included food and wine packages, a gourmet dinner, and a live band. we're looking to
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you this morning on weekend diner. when we return, lindsey's in the kitchen showing us some easy desserts that you can make at home. and later on in sports, we have
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down in daytona. heart shaped brownies with ice cream and raspberry sauce brownies: make any brownies recipe you like or get a store brand and make them, baked them as directed and cool. ice cream- vanilla or chocolate work best with the raspberry sauce. raspberry sauce: ingredients: 1 pound of raspberries- fresh or frozen cup of sugar cup of water cup of corn starch directions for the raspberry sauce: put raspberries and sugar into a sauce pan and heat over medium-high
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then turn down to low and simmer for about 10 minutes- the dissolve all the sugar and break down the berries. then take a pour the berries into juice into a bowl, push down with a juice out and leaving the seeds behind then pour the juice back into your pan. mix together the corn starch and water and stir until the corn starch is dissolved. bring the simmer and add the slurry and continue to simmer for about thicken. then remove from heat to cool. you can put this sauce into a the refrigerator for up to assemble brownies, if you have cookie cutter, then cut out heart shaped brownies, or use a knife to cut them out. drizzle the plate with some raspberry sauce, make any designs you like,
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of ice cream on top and place a brownies or two next to your ice cream, garnish with fresh raspberries if you like and then you can also drizzle some more sauce on top!!! a simple, delicious, and easy dessert for valentine's day! chocolate ganache recipe: ingredients: 1 cup of heavy whipping cream 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips directions: in a heavy sauce pan, heat up the cream to a boil, remove from the heat and add the stir until completely creamy. this will keep for up to a week in the refrigerator can also reheat in the microwave about 15 seconds at a time, stirring in-between each 15 seconds untl melted and hot. can dip fresh strawberries into this while it is hot! another great dessert for valentine's day! heart shaped
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cream and raspberry sauce brownies: make any brownies recipe you like or get a store brand and make them, baked them as directed and cool. ice cream- vanilla or chocolate work best with the raspberry sauce. raspberry sauce: ingredients:
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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arriveor watching her next system soon we again crossed the tennessee river valley will bring some snow to our area later tonight effect ramp up our chance for some precipitation later on right right around nine to ten p.m. and will continue through the overnight hours but overall today for valentine's day cloudy skies be in place and temperatures will hold in the
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at 6 am lewis a lot of the snow falling across area that will be the case back to see the steady snow showers continue from about mid afternoon and then the sleet and ice will fall late in the day in continue into monday early evening and slowly moved to the north is the warmer air aloft arise and then the freezing rain and rain is nba star troy daniels spent saturday morning talking to students at his former high school, william fleming. daniels spoke about his journey of making it to the charlotte hornets and how his love for basketball took him to places he used to dream about. he signed autographs on shoes, basketballs and took photos with aspiring athletes. just two days ago, daniel's old number 30 jersey was retired in a halftime ceremony at the william fleming gym. daniels says he wants students to know they can be successful with hard work. "that's what i build my career on. that's what i build my life on is hard work. i just want them to know that you can't get anywhere if you don't put in the work and i just wanted to
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guys." daniels goes back to charlotte tomorrow. there was plenty of nascar action yesterday in daytona. here's karen loftus with more. good morning everyone, i'm karen loftus with your look at sports. it was a very busy day at daytona international speedway saturday, with the arca race and then the sprint unlimited. here's travis wells with more. christiansburg's derrick lancaster climbed in and rolled off 8th in the lucas oil 200, making his second start in the event. he narrowly avoided this multi car melee at lap number two, as the cars stacked up behind him spinning through the tri-oval and bringing out the caution. but he wasn't quite as fortunate ten laps later, getting caught up in someone else's mess on the backstretch, leaving his #83 machine beaten and battered, ending his day. derrick lancaster/ finished 31st in lucas oil 200: it's early in the race. i was trying to be patient. i hate those other guys' cars got tore up in the first wreck. but hey, it's racing. you never know. stuff is gonna happen. i try to tell everybody that. my guys are upset. they think it was intentional but
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charlotte, north carolina teenager william byron fared much better. driving his liberty university sponsored toyota, byron started 2nd and ran most of the day in the top five, before posting a second place finish. it was a much needed shot of confidence for the eighteen year old who will drive the full truck series schedule for kyle busch motorsports. william byron/finished 2nd in lucas oil 200: you don't really know what to expect until you are out there on the racetrack. you watch so many races at daytona and it seems intense but really it's only half as intense as it really is in person so just kind of taking it all in and learning as i did throughout the race was really cool and i just have to thank liberty university. this is their third year full time in the truck series this year so i that. the cup stars came the sprint unlimited under the bright lights and plenty of three wide racing was the norm. it cost brian vickers early as well as
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the 75 lap dash. jj got squeezed in the superstretch and retired to the garage failing to finish the sprint unlimited for the 5th straight year. the cars of penske racing and joe gibbs racing were strong all night but with just three to go, brad keselowski tangled with carl edwards while both tried to chase down the leader denny hamlin. that forced overtime and extra laps. hamlin then took the checkered flag under caution for his third sprint unlimited win. denny hamlin/third sprint unlimited win: it's always aggressive. anytime you tell us the cars are disposable and it's a winner take all, we're always a little more aggressive than what we would've been. this is a great momentum booster for our race team with a new crew chief. so obviously we've got a fun week ahead of celebrating and getting focused for the 500. i haven't been in a racecar since homestead. anytime you can get a win early, it's gratifying. we just need that points victory now in the 500. that'll really count. thank you travis. we'll hit the
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some college hoops including a down-to- the-wire game between uva and duke. martese johnson, the uva student agents, could face issues in his lawsuit. attorneys say it should be changed. republican debate brought up several it was also full of fighting. but students from washington and lee say they already know who will be the next republican
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cam freezingtemperatures and you
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is in petition for a rotational lots of different types precipitation that's key it's going to be a mess come monday afternoon as we are going to cease sleet snow and freezing rain from time to time so lots of track within assist him but you are waking up to numbers right now in the single digits has fully erect with this. this summit but you are waking up to numbers right now in the single digits has fully to degrees blacksburg eight and lexington had to agree that does set the stage up for some snow arriving later tonight where the system is now just moving across st. louis and will slowly interview ohio river valley later on this afternoon with the snow will arrive in our area come six to ten p.m. it will slowly move to the east overnight will fall steady at times by the time you would come monday morning all of us will see snow falling then by eleven a.m. to three p.m. on monday that some will begin to see attorneys for virginia alcholic beverage control agents involved in a lawsuit say the u-v-a student suing them has changed his lawsuit too many times. earlier this year martese johnson was allowed to make some amendments in his case before a
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to throw the case out. defense attorneys argue that those changes go beyond what johnson was legally allowed to do. johnson is suing for three million dollars after his bloody arrest by agents last march. the judge overseeing the case has yet to make a ruling on the matter. the state senate has passed a bill they say would protect businesses and people who oppose same-sex marriage because of religious beliefs. it was approved after a heated debate on friday. governor mcauliffe has already committed to veto the bill. republicans say the government from denying grants and contracts to those against gay marriage. a group of women lawsuit against the university of six former and current students say officials there knew about several campus rapes but did nothing about the women say they were sexually discriminated against after reporting a rape by a student athlete between 20-13 and 20-15. they say the university created a "culture of indifference" on
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phil holloway/ cnn legal analyst: "...that that creates this environment on campus that is hostile towards women and therefore treats women who are victims of sexual assault differently than it treats everybody else." two of the athletes named in the lawsuit are already awaiting criminal trials. the victims are seeking damages for emotional suffering, tuition reimbursement and other expenses. things got heated at the cbs news republican debate in south carolina. donald trump has a strong lead in the polls but he got into several spirited exchanges with his fellow candidates for president. craig boswell was there. the ninth republican debate started with questions surrouding the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama says he will nominate a replacement for the conservative justice. but several candidates agreed the next president should make that choice. (sot-gov. kasich/(r-oh) presidential canddiate) "i would like the president for once to put the country
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the debate then quickly turned into a series of fights mostly involving front runner donald trump. (22:26:45 sot- trump) "he's a nasty guy." the billionaire called ted cruz a liar. (sot ) (cruz) "right now as a candidate he supports funding for planned parenthood" (trump) "you know you are the single biggest liar up here worse than jeb bush." he then went after jeb bush's brother - george w. bush - in a state where the former president is popular. ( sot-donald candidate) "obviously the war in mistake." (white flash) (sot-jeb bush/(r) presidential candidate) "while donald trump was building a reality show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe." senators marco rubio and ted cruz clashed on the subject of immigration. (sot-sen. ted cruz/(r-tx) presidential candidate) "marco rubio consistently supported amnesty." (flash) ( sot-sen. marco rubio/(r-fl) presidential candidate) "for a number of weeks now ted cruz has just been telling lies, he lied about ben carson in iowa, he lied about planned parenthood." after the debate doctor ben carson spoke out about the infighting. (sot-dr. ben carson/(r) presidential candidate) "all we're doing when we do that is making it easier
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election for the other side to win." the republican primary in south carolina takes place on february 20th. craig boswell, cbs news, greenville, south carolina. washington and lee university's "mock convention" has wrapped up, and students predict donald trump will be the projected republican nominee. they spent the last few days weighing research conducted statewide and nationally. they found that trump is doing a better job connecting with a wide spectrum of conservative voters. mock con is a school tradition that goes back more than 100 years. its predictions have only been wrong twice since 19-48. more than a thousand new pages of hillary clinton's emails have been released. the state department says 81 of those messages are classified, but not top secret. the department has released nearly 50- thousand pages of emails so far. last month 22 were withheld because they contained top secret material. officials say they'll finish releasing clinton's emails at the end of the month, just a day before the super tuesday
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interstate 78 in pennsylvania killed three people and sent dozens more to the hospital. state police there say at least 50 vehicles were involved. weather moving in, dozens were also shelters. the crash happened just before ten yesterday morning. the interstate reopened some time around midnight. police say passing snow squalls played a role in the pileup. it'll be tricky on the snow and some ice on the way. meterologist lindsey anderson has an important first alert forecast for you matureand let's avoid any issues like that what happened in pennsylvania for us because you have that first alert reader telling you to snow covered roads are likely by the time you wake up tomorrow morning and will be the case monday way to evening down the system right now sprinkling across missouri and illinois the system traveling to the east along her upper level winds ensuring our area and
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just noticed a few high clouds overhead. the live picture from the mountain temperatures are very cold rent thirteen degrees in rocky mount we are attended with bill twelve degrees in marion a lebanon elk creek and seven degrees and high value very cold day in use today actually this afternoon with doctor daytime highs will slowly rise and the middle upper twenties by noon twenty five degrees is your temperature 20 6:04 pm skies expected daytime highs topping out in the lower twenties from blacksburg to marry and opportunities for southside will hold a twenty four and lexington twenty two degrees louisburg and twenty three degrees in bloomfield overnight tonight temperatures will drop to the teens and twenties was snow lightly falling steadily especially by the time you wake up tomorrow morning's lifetime without free one more time at the snow began to move them around nine ten p.m. especially across our mountain communities from the hindlimbs back to the mountain
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spreads the eastas it does so. 20. enter dryer air so my take a little while before the snow falls to the surface but by 7 am most of us in the steady snow pants and then some warmer air aloft moves then changing the snow over to sleet and ice, causing more problems with icy icy services go by eleven a.m. even to three p.m. most of us to see the sleet and freezing rain late monday night into tuesday and its legal rain will end the events come tuesday earning so your main impacts for this to some people snow-covered roads as the steady snow will write later on tonight continue through monday afternoon and then he'll be very icy as you'll see select surfaces from the freezing rain and sleet doublefaults and with any slight wind there could be a chance for some sporadic power outages there's also a moderate risk for some heavy heavy rain at the end here was my sleep flooding with that snow-covered ice cover the rent of a hard time knowing which direction to go to so we
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system holes through the area secure your snow and ice and mouthing you can expect a rover valley were valid for 7 inches unthinkable with attempts to a quarter of an inch of ice expected that war ice possible for southside in social virginia less snow here because the transition to snow and support to sleet and ice be a lot quicker more snow for the highlands greenbrier because that is where the cold air why must i stay or because the change will be a lot slower across our higher elevations so over the next three days we have an impact it highlighted for you but then we clear outcome wednesday for friday and we warm up very quickly above above normal friday evening to next weekend to twenty four thirty six hours before westart to sea an amputee is becoming an inspiration to others. how his determination to succeed led him to own a crossfit gym.
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county mother wants to share a message of love in her new what she wants families to know
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child. shaking up the way people can track earthquakes. it's called "my shake" and it was developed by the university of deutsche telekom. the app uses sensors from inside your cellphone to happening near you. it runs silently in the background. researchers say the create a worldwide network and use the data to reduce the effects of earthquakes. the free app is available for android phones. pope francis will celebrate another mass today during his historic visit to mexico. yesterday, thousands attended mass at one of the holiest sites in latin america. adriana diaz has more from mexico city. before celebrating mass, pope francis blessed the entrance of the basilica of our lady of guadalupe. (nats of singing) 5-thousand people attended the service...thousands more watched
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young boy. he ran up to the pope and received a kiss. (nats of pope) the holy father's homily touched on themes of his visit: poverty, drugs and immigration. afterwards he spent nearly 20 minutes alone to pray before mexico's patron saint representing the virgin mary. (stand-up bridge adriana diaz/mexico city) pope francis said he and was coming to mexico as both a missionary and a pilgrim as his visit to the basilica displayed (bishop oscar cantu/new mexico) (fed wed feb 9 at 23:08:05) ad: what does that show to mexicans? that he is with them (nats of band) the pope's day began with an official welcome ceremony at the national palace where he delivered a tough love message to mexican politicians. he urged them to resist privilege and serve those in need. (nats cheers from crowd) catch a glimpse of his popemobile. (sot lila aldana, guatemala resident) it was very exciting experience here with my mother. it was a blessing. later today pope francis will celebrate mass outside mexico city at a field that holds nearly half a million
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news, mexico city. a texas man is effort anything is possible. leg deformity and amputated at just two years old. now he owns a crossfit gym. more than 400 pounds, and even wheelchair strapped he's using his story to motivate others, and those he trains are getting the message. mohshai carter, adaptive athlete: "if i say oh man my legs are hurting, my ankle's hurting, my foot hurts. he's like i wish i had a leg to hurt. wouldn't that make you stop complaining?" he offers free training for anyone with a disability. a group in kentucky is helping veterans overcome everything from ptsd to cancer through dance lessons. the dancing well series aims to help with recovery one step at a time. veterans and their families come to the their battles and tune into the beat. organizers say the class helps to improve soldiers' memory, lessen
8:44 am
the service is free for veterans and their families. a mother in pittsylvania county is sharing a postive message about adoption in her new children's book, "a seed of love" stephanie giorgianni says family is about love and not whether you're blood related. her husband and she adopted their daughter from taiwan about three years ago and now they can't imagine life without her giorgianni says while researching she found that some children's books focus on tragedy or heartache and she wants to highlight the joy. stephanie g , author: "when i wrote this book i just had such a heart for my daughter to understand and other kids to understand, that they are important, and not just adopted kids but kids in general. no matter what their family situations are, no matter what race they are, that they are special they are important that they are loved. " giorgianni says this story of a lady bug seeing parents and their daughter that "looks" different helps kids understand that being different isn't a bad thing. she started her own publishing company and plans write more
8:45 am
her daughter's story. cold, you can still have fun outside. lindsey anderson joins us outside on the wdbj7 weather deck. you were dressed very warmly have long since some wool socks on i thought bubbles here when you blow sometimes well if you can catch it you can actually see it for reeves on the outer layer of bubbles love it is one of the blow bubbles today let's be honest i was a right out and the teens and single digits across area be sure you stay warm as you are heading out to about this morning i'm also tracking reactions reduction for winter weather
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forecast coming upand be gone outside yet try the bubbles will you show it to be warm file there now we are looking at the blue skies overhead her mill mount cam ranh temperatures are extremely cold was well twelve degrees rainout roto thirteen in lynchburg eighteen danville inc. 12 railroad of 13 in lynchburg 18 danville inc. and degrees in blacksburg your valentine's day afternoon highs will reach twenty seven degrees mostly cloudy skies as you wait or next winter storm so far we can see us snowfall totals between four to six inches and wrote lynchburg lesser snow there is possible up to order of an inch of ice the possible cross southside and social virginia left cavaliers came up just short in a close game yesterday against duke. here's karen loftus. let's get to some college basketball now, where 7th-ranked virginia was on the road at duke saturday. the cavaliers trying to snap a 21-year lose-streak at cameron indoor. uva riding a 7-game win-streak coming into their game against the unranked blue devils. let's get it
8:49 am
gill, always putting- on a show. he throws it down between the defenders. then mike tobey coming- up big in the first half. he had 8 first half points-- both of these buckets part of 15-2 run, giving the cavs a 25-14 lead. going outside now, it's malcolm brogdon for three, helping keep the blue devils at an arms length. but duke's brandon ingram would pour in a game-high 25. the dunk helping duke cut the lead to three the second half, matt jones capping-off a 10-oh blue devil run with a big three. duke now in front, up 51-44. uva battles back though, down just one with 14 seconds to go. hard to see, but it's brogdon with the tough lay-in to give the hoos the 62-61 lead. duke with one last chance. grayson allen on the drive, puts it up at the buzzer, and it goes. virginia falls 63-62. here's zac glover with more from durham. zac glover: "sixteen straight times, the cavaliers have come into this building since 1995, and lost. that streak was unfortunately pushed
8:50 am
grayson allen got it to go at the buzzer, as cameron indor remains the only acc venue that the cavaliers have yet to win in, in the tony bennett era. tony bennett, virginia head coach: "you know, that stings, but i give thanks, because i told our guys, 'you battled, you showed some medal in obviously a super- charged environment.' i kind of joked with coach k after. i said, 'i think he traveled.' and coach said, 'well, i think he got fouled.' so that was what we said as we embraced each other." mike krzyzewski, duke head coach: "look, they're a really good team. it's one play. they could've won. we did. and i think both teams were deserving of winning." anthony gill, 12 points, 4 rebounds in loss: "it was a tough shot, and there's nothing you can do about it. marial played great defense, but you know, it just sucks the energy out of you." zac glover: "so even with the heart- breaking loss, the cavaliers will get their chance to bounce back in a hurry, as they'll host nc state back in charlottesville on monday night. in durham, north carolina, zac glover, wdbj7." in the big south, radford coming-off a big win on thursday over unc asheville. hosting
8:51 am
afternoon. in the first half, the highlanders anderson who pulls-up for 3 of his 15 points. radford up 38-31. then as they continue to push the pace, rashun davis takes the ball up-court and takes it straight to the basket. he gets the shot to go, keeping radford out front. davis with 17 points, 9 assists in the game. cam jones led the way for radford with 21 points, hitting the shot in the paint here. radford went into the break up by 5, but speaking of 5... number 5 for winthrop-- keon johnson had himself a day for the eagles.he dropped 32 points including the game-winner in the final seconds. winthrop beats radford 86 to 84. roanoke college. a for the bast center finale for both basketball teams with the new cregger center almost action first, hosting bridgewater and up handily in the second half. john fitchett keeping it rolling as he knocks-down the corner 3. fitchett with 16 points in the game-- 6 for 10 from the floor. roanoke up 54-27. later
8:52 am
the basket. he finishes in the paint for 2 of his 13. back to the perimeter, where the maroons had 16 made threes. this one here from eli sumpter. he was 3 for 3 from beyond the arc. now let's get to carter wright. the hidden valley product shooting lights-out. he hits back- to- back threes. the first one puts the maroons up by an even 30. then the next, just busting-out the moves and draining the shot. he led all scorers with 19 points as roanoke cruises to the 104-67 win. their 8th game this season where they scored in triple digits. the ladies in action right after. washington and lee visiting roanoke on the maroons' senior day. kelsey smith and jf's anna carter both honored before the game. first quarter action, ellen wagner gets things going for the maroons. she finished with 8 points as roanoke takes the lead. back the other way, generals' sophomore ailyn kelly hits the shot to tie this one up. kelly had 12 points in the game. bridget holleran was the maroons' leading scorer with 16 points. she drives the lane and finishes off the glass. washington and lee though soon jumps out front with this 3-pointer from
8:53 am
to beat roanoke 73 to 63. that's your sunday morning look at
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birthdays for
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning. "sunday morning." as you may have heard, supreme court just sis antonin scalia died yesterday at the age of 79. martha teichner will have more on his life and on what his passing means for the court in
9:00 am
we'll also be taking time to observe this st. valentine's day. but only after a bit of northern exposure cold as it is in much of the country. can't be cold enough for the creatures lee cowan will take us to visit. >> they are majestic and adorable and terrifying, all rolled into one. polar bears are a rare sight for most of us, but not if you make the trip north to churchill, manitoba, as we did. >> is it safe to walk around churchill? >> i say it's safe to walk around churchill in the day. i wouldn't say so at night. >> polar bears wait for winter ahead on "sunday morning." >> strings of xs and os are valentines. the revival of a play may keep the tradition of love letters alive.


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