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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what can we expect overnight? >> so far you've heard about freezing rain and that is such a dicey combination. you can't see very well down this really slippery slope. very light amounts of precipitation moving through the area right now. but it is all that sleet and freezing rain combo. fortunately, it's not too heavy, which is good news there. if it were a little we are, that might be an issue. spotting through the region right now. as we look at the wider view, it is a case where we have more moisture inbound as well n tennessee and alabama and georgia right now. through the neighborhoods tonight, and because of that, the national weather service is a little concerned about flooding with as much as 10 to 12 inches of snow on the ground. that's another inch of rain. here comes another inch. we've got a lot to talk about in your first alert forecast. >> a break in the winter weather this afternoon did allow the snowplows to catch up and road conditions improve this afternoon. in the roanoke valley, tonight icy conditions throb i know has
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making driving difficult. let's check in now with wdbj 7's joe duh seal in roanoke. joe? all right. joe dashiell, we are having some issues with you, but we'll check back with him in a little bit. the road is still slick where he was at the intersection of orange avenue and williamson road. now we are going to head out to wdbj 7's amanda kenney in the allegheny highlands. amanda, what are the road conditions like there? >> high. i will tell you i've seen a lot of clouds coming through here. consistently, two at a time. and that didn't stop one driver. didn't help him actually. check out this camaro that he was in. he made it at least here to covington all the way from ohio. now, justin is driving his
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her in camp leguine. and he didn't check the forecast, unfortunately. he says he, driving all this way, has not been easy so far. >> i know how you grab the steering wheel? the sleet is getting light. so yeah, those big old trucks, they don't slow down. geez. they're going sideways and stuff. i said, time for me to take a break. >> the snow has stopped here, but the icy -- there's this icy snow that left a layer of ice and it still is pretty dangerous out there for now. >> already. so take it easy if you are out on the roads and that guy needs to get the wdbj 7 weather app so he can check the forecast before going on a trip. drivers who do have to head out on the roads in the new river valley are bracing for their next challenge.
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but before it starts to fall, it may be tough for drivers to see. wdbj 7's dustin moore is live in blacksburg to show us what's happening now. >> hey, jean. that freezing rain just started falling moments before we just you came out live. fog is making visibility extremely tough as well. you can see behind me some lights in the distance. they're kind of fuzzy. you can't really see them. it's becoming a challenge. i've seen trains come by extremely slow today. fog and freezing rain is falling. earlier today, along with packed snow, is making sidewalks and roads extremely slick. but check out this video. it's beautiful to look at if you can stay home and watch it fall. this is video colin ward from blacksburg shared with us looking over main street in blacksburg. you can see impacts the cars have made on the snow-covered roads and back on the ground. this is what's left behind after snowplows push the snow on the roads.
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for the most part, cars are taking their time on the main roads, like route 460 you just saw there. law enforcement is busy responding to cars since the snow started falling last night. a driver from arkansas to chesterfield, virginia, wrecked overnight and he's now stranded in blacksburg. so tonight at 11:00, we'll hear their story and how they're finally able to get some help. live in blacksburg, justin moore, wdbj 7. >> we continue our snow coverage with a look at things around bedford county. wdbj 7's tie re-stuart -- khiree stewart joins us from the bedford area. khiree, how is it looking where you're at right now? >> i'm in downtown bedford, and right now it's not coming down. earlier we had lots of snow that came town and rain. ago. we didn't have rain down here. right now it seems like everybody is in cleanup mode. we saw lots of crews going around like streets and parking lots in the area.
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and we passed snowplows on the way. the roads in this area were clear and in good shape. we were actually pretty impressed. there wasn't a lot of traffic, but people had been doing the good job of staying off the roads so the plowers can do their job. now, some people might think of shoveling now, shoveling driveways and sidewalks. according to the national safety council, thousands of deaths occur from people who do snow shoveling. so they ask to you keep in mind, they suggest pushing snow instead of lifting it. they say that you should not shovel if you're eating or drinking. and you should lift with your legs and not your back. so those are pretty good tips and an opportunity to cover the conditions happening right now or happening here in bedford county throughout the night. and tonight you can talk to local business owners who decided to stay open. live in bedford, chi roux stuart, wdbj 7. >> thank you, khiree. and of course for the latest weather coverage throughout the night, stay with your hometown news leader online.
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list of school close and goes delays any time. and remember, there's also a link to our next newscast, which is at 10:00 p.m. on my 19. we will livestream it every week night on the website, of course, you can watch that from your cell phone, ipad, computer, just in case. >> sounds like a plan. very convenient. >> after the break, a live update from danville where leaders are concerned about the possibility for power outages overnight. plus we take a break from the winter weather coverage to meet a muslim family that calls roanoke home.
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their faith and family in a >> sit side crew on his stand by as the freezing rain moves in. danielle staub joins us from danville with the latest. melissa, it's raining right now the hardest we've seen all day. this is what we were talking about, rain coming down and freezing temperatures. that's what officials are worrying about, creating power outages. the possibility of power outages tonight. now, during the day here in danville, the area got under 2 inches of snow. many decided to get out of the house. some sledding with family. others decided to get some errands done. it be or not, money ran into said they were sick of the snow yet this winter. we just love to get out when it snows. we can't stand to be at home. >> we can make a snowman. we can play. >> we love snow.
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your electric provider so they can get to you as soon as possible. officials are asking with you run into large outages tonight, please be patient. right now, while you still have power, hopefully we'll have it. we'll still keep those precautionary measures, blankets, candles, and be careful when you have those candles with the alter neat heat sources. live in danville, danielle staub, wdbj 7. one person is recovering tonight from smoke inhalation after a fire destroyed their home near rinert. the montgomery county sheriff's office tells us it started in the chimney and spread in the house. it happened near 10:30 near the intersection of chill death and grayson county road. the red cross is helping the family tonight. >> muslims are not always portrayed in a positive light because of some violent events in our country and elsewhere. speech sometimes look on followers of the religion with fear or even anger envelop her
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limbs, wdbj 7's anchor reporter kimberly ma sume found out education could be the key to uniting all faith in our community. >> roanoke is hundreds of miles away from the united nations, yet it offers its own welcoming committee for people from all nationalities and religious background, including muslims. local colors executive director beth lujen says they've long been a part of our community. >> it's not that in the last few years muslims have first come to america. muslims have been here for many, many, many years. they are part of the american story. >> that story includes roanoke's mosque whose founding members were u.s. army veterans. that's a little known fact. its assistant brought to our attention. mcdonald is married with two sons in roanoke public schools. virginia has been his home for the last twenty years and roanoke the last four. >> my youngest son, he loves
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to chuck e. cheese. >> mcdonald says he loves living here. his experience has largely been a positive one, with the exception of last year's vandalism at the mosque. a broken glass panel a reminder of the hateful gesture he said came as a shock to him. >> we were kind of afraid, because we didn't know, you know, what would be next. >> mcdonald says islam requires prayers several times a day, yet some people have the wrong idea about it. >> that it's not against americans in the west. i think that that is the biggest misnomer. >> we reached out to others in the muslim community, but many didn't feel comfortable putting themselves in the spotlight because of all the you negative attention muslims often receive. one man did tell me he wants people to understand islam is not a religion that sanctions violence, but one of mercy and peace. muslims are also a growing sector of our population, according to the 2010 numbers from the association of religion data archives. muslims make up about 7% of the
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and in a gesture of community and goodwill, the mosque made a 2,500-dollar donation to the residue mission back in december. he said that went a long way in community relation and his earned a lot of positive feedback on the mosque facebook page. there is still a long way to go. fear and misunderstanding remain the biggest object tackles. obstacles. >> we might dress a little different sometimes, but it's nothing for anyone to be fearful of. >> litjen agrees that and reminds us not to judge the majority by the actions of a small minority. >> what we don't understand sometimes we fear, and fear is just not a good side to see. >> in roanoke, kimberly mcbroom, wdbj 7. >> mcdonald says the mosque is extending an invitation to the entire community to learn more about the islam faith. he says it will be hosting an open house in the next couple of months. also there are many websites with information about islam.
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you on our website, just click on this story. >> the snow and sleet in the face of this winter storm is winding down. heavy rain overnight could trigger flooding in some areas. our first alert weather team has you covered with information you need all night. >> and nothing works better than a picture. seeing danielle get soaked in danville was worth it, because now you see what is headed into the region, and some of these numbers are going to start to get warmer as a consequence. copious amounts of moisture,
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we'll tell >> big snowflakes coming by mid-morning. that was followed by a little bit of a lull. cloudy skies and a little bit of ice after that. a powder that will continue to watch this evening before more rain movers in. and we hope it's just rain, because when you see these temperatures come up a little bit, 26 right now downtown. relative humidity at 99%. in fact, temperatures right now across the region are telling an interesting story. and by the way, on i81 northbound, exit 114 just south of christiansburg, two tractor trailers have overturned, snarling the traffic in that area, northbound at exit 114. temperature there, 24 degrees. temperature in danville, 30. that's where we want to see. bristol at 38. the surge of moisture coming up
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bring 134 warmer -- some warmer temperatures in it, or else we could be in trouble with this rain coming through. sending. very, very cold rain with a little bit of sleet mixed in that she was coping with. and then we're all going to be coping with heavier rains coming up out of the south. big purple box is a tornado watch box. you see the atmosphere swirling right there as the rain moves up? that's not a concern for us, but boy, the south is really loaded up with moisture, and it is coming right up our way. and it's also going take warmer temperatures to the south, slide it up as well. that will be great. in fact, coming up over the next three or four or five days, i think you'll like where these temperatures are headed. this is a forecast model for tomorrow morning. boy, that was heavy rain coming through. but you know, we're not quite done just yet with the flirtation with a little bit of showers. maybe a clipper setting down here to the south. by tuesday night, maybe a few snow flurries in the new river valley. overnight we're in the twenties and we're hopefully going to
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up just a little bit. get out of this troublesome zone that we're in now. and then tomorrow we're safe as can be. mid forties, upper forties and lower 50s. rain is likely through much of the morning and maybe the early afternoon before we start to see some clearing. and then by wednesday, we should be looking pretty good. showers moving out of the area, and we've got this blast of sunshine in the middle. going to take that temperature high is going to be in the forties. let's check out the next seven days. as we do, we have the impact day for tomorrow's heavy rain and the potential for flooding there. that's a concern. then a nice little easygoing forecast for a couple of days. and then you can see it's a little warmer by friday. saturday, we call that a perfect day. and sunday and monday we'll get back to some sort of normal say si -- normal si. >> we've got a lot of questions from you checking out our facebook and twitter feeds tonight trying to get all of your questions in. we can't get to all of them right now, but we are going to answer those through the evening.
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on wdbj 7, maybe you can hop onto facebook, too. have it on your hand, on your mobile device. we'll do a live chat tonight at 8:30, taking all of your questions, and have an update in the forecast as well. a lot of things going on. we'll try answer all of your questions on social media, too. right now let's head down to florida where it is much, much warmer. travis? >> yes, it is, presented. 60s. a little breezy, but otherwise, a-okay.
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for >> i'm travis live on the beach in daytona, about six miles away from the world center of racing. for the past 24 hours, a pair of rookies had been the toast of speed week. chase elliot, who won the daytona 500 pole yesterday, and ryan blaine i, whose solid qualifying efforts assured the wood brothers in the iconic number 21 of a starting spot in the great american race. i know we had an opportunity with a great race team to have a chance next week, and i have a lot to learn before then. i've never done any drafting in these cars o this track, so that's going to be new.
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important. just kind of take those and try to learn, but at the same time be smart, noting that we are going to be starting on the front row. so we want to make sure we have this car next week, but i still need to get in the position where i need to learn and try to hopefully speed up at that learning curve and try to give yourselves a chance. while elliot has always to bask in winning the pole for the 500, ryan blainey can puff his chest out just a bit. after chatter about the wood brothers not receiving one of 36 nascar charters, the sports oldest team prepared a lightning hot stock car. >> race car drivers, they want to go racing. else. they just want to go to the racetrack and be competitive, and i think that's what we owe ourselves. we're just nice to them. i know it's not only me to get behind the wheel, but everybody working on the race car and working together as a team, kind of get them back in the swing of
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it's really neat all around. >> now, elliot blainey and the rest of the cub series drivers will be back on the track tomorrow to go through media day festivities and two more practice sessions wednesday ahead of thursday's qualifying races. zac? >> thanks, travis. 70 degrees out there on the beach. you stay warm out there. well, thanks, travel he is. it doesn't quite feel like baseball season around here, just days away from the virginia baseball team. while it will be tough to top the run the cavaliers made last season, barely qualifying for the acc tournament to winning the 2015 national championship, some pictures from last year, uva, they're ready to get back on the diamond w that, the calves, including freshman pitcher danielle lynch, to help them potentially get back to omaha who what would be the fifth time in eight years. >> he's a very talented and special pitcher. a couple freshmen we've got on this team.
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up throughout the beginning of the preseason, and you know, we've really seen what he's made of. that being said, he hasn't been thrown into the fire just yet, but he's got a certain confidence and swagger about him that, you know, it's food to see. he just went out you there and just pitched well. just calm, cool, collected. i mean, some first years get in there and they get a little nervous and struggle a little bit and that's to be expected. but to see someone go out there and have the poise and pitch a little bit and have success kind of showed you that he's ready to do that. >> with all the snow, you don't really think baseball season, but i can tell you, winning the national championship, those guys are getting ready to get out there again. >> i'm sure. it's going to be warping up to 60 by the end of the week. >> i think so. >> that's it for our report today.
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president's day holiday. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> >> pelley: the supreme court after scalia. with a senate battle brewing over his successor, will the court be gridlocked? also tonight, trump and cruz keep firing at each other. jeb bush looks to "w" to put him in the win column. first the freeze, then the storms and plenty of accidents. and the odd couple. opposites on the bench, best buddies in life. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff. we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. >> this is the "cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight the stars and stripes fly at half-staff at the supreme court. a quiet memorial to justice antonin scalia in sharp contrast to the coming political battle over his successor. scalia died apparently in his


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