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tv   WDBJ7 News  CBS  February 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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delta is proud to be the official airline partner of the grammy awards. delta, keep climbing. >> this is your hometown news leader, wdbj 7. >> we are wdbj 7. good evening and thanks for staying up late with us. i'm melissa goanan. >> this winter has been a slick one and deadly one for the eastern part of our commonwealth. three fatal crashes have been reported in cheter field and faukier county. >> struck by cars at crash sites in the metro richmond region. the firefighter and one trooper were not badly hurt, but a state trooper in chesterfield county
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across the commonwealth, state police have responded to almost 100 crashes tonight. a 47-year-old from farmville is charged with reckless driving after an accident today in appomattox county that september her and five passengers to lynchburg general hospital. three of those were children ages 2, 7, and 13. state police say it happened just after noon today on route 460. the woman was heading west when she lost control, ran off the road, then flipped her suv. investigators say speed was a factor. the woman was also charged with two child restraint violations. the 2 and 7 year olds were sharing a regular seat belt instead of being in individual child safety seats. the sleet and freezing rain is slowing down traffic along all roads, including interstate 81. that's where wdbj 7's christian heilman has been looking all evening. christian, how is it looking at where you are right now you? >> right now we've got this freezing rain that's been coming
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o'clock leaving all the roads icy. definitely nothing that you want to travel on. most people have listened to vdot's advice and stayed off the road, but not everyone we found. the only kind of drivers you'll find on i81 are determined. >> every state we've stopped in, we are like, okay, maybe it will stop. like no, it just seems to be getting worse. >> mandy duncan and her family along the way from new york to florida very slowly. >> you can see out of our lane. we had to take ice off the headlights. >> we're trying to beat t trying to beat it home. >> that seemed unlikely monday night. being stranded at a rest stop doesn't sound like any fun either unless you're one of these. >> you guys think it's warm here. by the time you get to virginia, it's warm. >> betty is understandably upset with our weather. she'd rather be in daytona. >> we were up at 4:30 this morning. we haven't been able to go like we were supposed to go. if you're stuck, the motor home
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and the tv beats a radio. tdot is encouraging folks to stay home. they're concerned about ice, flooding, and ponding on the roads overnight. >> a lot of the drainage structures are covered up right now with snow in the ditch line. >> it's a message betty is listening to, because she's determined to get to florida in one piece. >> you can end upside ways in the ditch. we may never get to daytona. >> they've got something to look forward to. tdot says they might have a chance to get to some of those secondary roads, but they definitely will not get to all of them overnight. live in roanoke county, christian heilman, wdbj 7. >> and this storm has lived up to all of its projections with snow and ice and yet to come, very, very heavy rain. we do a sampling of the snowfall total examples this one is very representative from a little bit of snow in danville to a lot in blacksburg. roanoke ended up with about 8. we actually have about 8 and a
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right now, and that is the ice that's been building up with sleet and the freezing rain that has been a factor this evening. still pockets of it fairly heavy in the metro area right now, and to the new river valley. that has been the pattern where it's been coming up through franklin county. more along the south side all day long, but as we watch the last hour it has thinned out a little bit. they need it, because they were looking at icy conditions all evening and along bedford and to alta voice it and eddington looking better this evening. lynchburg not as bad either. about a quarter of an inch or less we've seen coating the region. right now the temperatures are looking like they're in the twenties and thirties. we need to do something to get them up just a little bit so we can come out of this winter storm warning n a few minutes, chief meteorologist mark watts out on the weather deck, out on the ice. he's got a couple things to show you about later tonight and tomorrow. >> vdot wants to you stay off the roads tonight crewses say it
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major crashes throughout the valley. roads are slick. they could be getting even worse. emergency crews have stayed busy tonight responding. interstate 81 north has reopened in pulaski county. a tractor-trailer crash closed it earlier this evening. a woman wrecked and tote he would her car last night near exit 118. she's now stranded with her family. wdbj 7's justin ward has their story. >> staff at the day's inn in blacksburg were welcome togoland northern and her family, but staying here wasn't part of their plans. i have tried so much, i can not share the tears right now. >> northern has headed to chesterfield, virginia, to arkansas with her two daughters and four grandchildren and into the heart of this winter storm when it happened. >> i was going 45 miles per hour and this big truck came and it kind of fish tailed. so i ended up running head into a guardrail. >> their struggles didn't end there. her daughter was september to
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she and the rest of her family eventually got rides from law enforcement to lewisdale hospital, montgomery. >> the airbag explode and it burned my hand and my neck. the children were okay. >> some of them left with bruises and cuts and with what they thought was a reservation at the hotel across the street. so they walked through the snow, only to get turned away, because staff told her there were no clean rooms. that misunderstanding introduced them to a good samaritan, who told us about their story and who helped them find a place to get warm in another motel about a block away. >> i don't know what her last name is, but you are an age and my family, we love you. >> that was wdbj 7's justin ward reporting. a good samaritan donated pizza to the family tonight. a friend from richmond is taking them home tomorrow. law enforcement says if you wreck during a winter storm, put on your blinkers and be patient. we continue our winter
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county where we find wdbj 7's kyle re--- chi restuart. >> how is it going there? >> the snow is done. we've had on and off rain, for the most part the snow is done. and right now my concern is the freezing temperatures and the ice out here. i want to show you what the so looks like out here. some people learn the hard way if you don't have to go out, just walk or stay at home. >> the snow isn't the only thing to come down. >> it's pretty crazy. i don't see anything like this. like i said, every once in a while, you have nothing like this. >> employees at this gas station on east main street said they were shocked when a truck came sliding down the hill and hit a
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vdot has been asking drivers to stay off the roads while snowplows work to clear the scads. these two residents decided to walk. >> i decided at 8:00 this morning, taking care of what you've got to do. >> you've got to eat. >> that's something workers at the double dragon chinese restaurant know all too well. >> it takes more than an hour. >> employee cindy chen said they try to stay open, whether it rains or snows. she says business at the state has been mostly takeout orders. >> it's good. aa lot of place close and had some people don't know where they can go eat. >> either way, everyone is sure of one thing. >> that is a first. >> this is great for bedford. >> this type of -- in virginia? we're in a spot in virginia. we don't get crazy weather up toward new york and everything like.
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>> likely employees tell mow that nobody was seriously hurt in that gas pump accident. looking at the latest river conditions by downloading the wdbj 7 weather app. for now, live in bedford, khiree stewart, wdbj 7. >> george w. bush returned to the campaign trail for his brother jeb. he rallied voters in north charleston, south carolina, sharing what it takes to be president. he says he's sure his brother can do the job. >> it's a serious job that requires sound judgment and good ideas, and there's no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has the experience and character to be a great president. >> the former president point to the name-calling that's taken place in the 2016 presidential election. he also told the crowd, quote, we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and inflames our frustrations. >> the death of antonin scalia on saturday is leaving the
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with four conservative and four liberal justices. every gop presidential candidate has said the next president should appoint the replacement, but president obama pledged he would do it. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> today, demonstrators gathered on the snowy steps of the supreme court to urge senators to consider the president's nomination. a judge ruled scalia died of natural causes. a texas judge, a local one there, and that no autopsy is necessary. he had a history of heart trouble and other illnesses. a planned parenthood clinic colorado springs is now back open, nearly three months after three people were killed in a shooting there. nine others were hurt. planned parenthood officials say they have stepped up security measures since november's shooting. officials hope to completely reopen the clinic a few months. the self-confessed gunman is due back in court next week.
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new york governor elliot spieser. >> a detail for something that large is unbelievable. >> more on an unusual collection in virginia that's so big, it can be seen from space. call it 800,000 pounds. that's patriotism. >> tomorrow on wdbj 7 morning, winter storm will continue to exit the area with a major warming trend as we head toward the weekend. i'll have the details. >> we'll have all your school
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special report, misunderstanding >> joining the u.s. in condemning the bombing of a hospital run by doctors without borders in syria. the hospital was one of five medical facilities the united nations said was bombed today. two schools were also targeted. dozens of civilians were killed, including children. the attack cast a shadow on commitments made on a cease fire agreement that was set to go into effect this week. investigators are looking into whether former new york governor eliot spieser assaulted a woman in a hotel over the weekend. police were first called to the hotel after the woman tried to slit her wrists. she said spieser was her boyfriend and attempted to choke her. they were saggering because the woman was planning to return to her native russia when things got violent. his spokesperson says there's no
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he resigned as governor nearly eight years ago after being caught using a high end prostitution service. storms are causing problems for many parts of the south tonight. possible tornados in mississippi today. many cars a long with a school, were damaged because of falling trees. at least one home was destroyed, but no reports of any injuries crewses are working tonight and tomorrow to clean up the damage. >> today the national park service announced an $18 million donation to fix up the lincoln memorial. the money will help fix the memorial's roof, clean the marble, and accessibility. the parks department plans to create 15,000 feet of visitor's space for exhibits. the lincoln memorial draws more than 7 million visitors every year. george washington's 284th birthday celebration set for today in mount vernon were canceled because of the nasty weather. that's according to the alexandria times.
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and roof laying ceremony at washington's tomb had to be scrapped. >> what better day an president's day to celebrate a man who celebrates all year-round. a man outside williamsburg has the heads of 43 presidents hanging out in his backyard. how did he get such a collection? he found them in the trash. these cultures dotted the landscape of a williamsburg theme park, but the park went bust and the lambed was cause of actioned off. the man owns a concrete recycling business and was hired to crush each sculpture into approximate little pieces. >> they asked me if i could get rid of this stuff and i said, sure, i'm get rid of it. >> the statues were free, but moving them cost him about 50 grand. he's now looking for a new home for them. his vision is that they will get kids interested in america's history. maybe he'll make back that 50 grand when he sells them. >> that theme park went bust? that's a good one. >> a double dose of exciting news today.
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exciting day for stars wars fans. >> and you can get your hands on tickets for this year's 6-11 excursion. plus the kind of ice that's hot right now. if diamonds are a girl's best friend this, chunk just shot up to the bff list. you hear that, robin? i did. and the ice is outside right now, where we mind our chief
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when will >> welcome to the wdbj 7 weather deck where the rain is falling down. it is freezing. one thing i can tell you in the past half hour or so is we're starting to get some puddles on top of the glaze of ice that we had before. now that rain is picking up a little bit more. we've got reports to a quarter to as much as a half an inch of ice in some areas, especially it should the south side where we've had no freezing rain. showing you the model, trying to pinpoint some of the heaviest of ice ago cross the area. that's going to be the main concern until we get the actual surface temperatures here on the ground above freezing. they're thinking that's going to take a good portion of the rest of the night. we see about mid morning before that starts to get above freezing in most locations. so let's talk about the other part of this process, too. so we've got the rain that's falling down. we also have moisture in the snow today, so there's going to be a little more of a flood kernin side of the snow that fell today. we've got a half i know to have about an inch of water. and then did we get anywhere
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and a half of rain falling on top of that? so that puts our total rainfall or moisture that we're going to get about 2 to 3 inches in 36 hours. so that's why we're a little more concerned that we're going to have some flooding problems with that, especially ponding water in the morning for the morning commute. it's going to be really slushy and then we're going to have to keep an eye on creeks, streams, and the rivers as we go through the rest of wednesday and into thursday, because all of this will be melting as we warm up. let's head inside to meteorologist robin reid. robin, super slick out here. avoid driving, much less doing walking on the sidewalk. super slick. >> you don't have far to go. don't fall in that six feet you've got to get to that back door. as you saw, very, very wet. very slippery. now water set okay top of ice. there's no traction there whatsoever. what we are seeing is a little bit of improvement in the amount of moisture coming up. it's tried up a little bit here in south side virginia, a place that's been eating ice for most
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see the rain closer to far southwest. put those two together and starts to speak of a warming trend. primarily being caused by the dynamics of the system that's coming up our way. it was tornadic to the south earlier. now it is just driving rain up into the carolinas, which of course helps the temperatures out a little bit. this is where we think we're going to be tomorrow. look at the forties, the 50s, and 60s right in the mid atlantic in the small compact area. so a lot of melting. a lot of improvement in some ways, but in otherwise it's just hang on to all the things that are headed our way. there's the heavy rain first thing in the morning, and as we see it slide out, there's a afternoon. so we expect maybe we might even see some sunshine out of this. you can see some snow bands still here to the west, though. another clipper system is going to come through and there's a pretty good chance the newer valley is going to catch at tomorrow night, wednesday morning.
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are in the twenties and thirties and we expect them to go up first thing tomorrow. rain is likely, then some increase in sunshine with high temperatures in the forties and the 50s. 52 in danville. that will be just the ticket to kind of get them out of this wintery weather that they've been in, which was more ice than snow. just a couple inches there. partly cloudy by wednesday. starting the trend in mid forties for the highs. up to the 50s friday. possibly touch 60 by saturday with mainly sunny skies. >> you can now buy tickets for several 611 train excursions this spring that include the roanoke valley. the roanokeer will travel from grens bro, north carolina, to roanoke. will travel to radford on may 7 and 8 and the pelican will also travel from myrna to radford on way 7 and 8. tickets range from $100 to a thousand.
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>> check this out. four dozen people had to be rescued yesterday in new york after two trams broke down. folks had to rappel 40 feet down through a hash at the bottom of the tram. no one was hurt and officials say a mechanical issue caused the braking system to turn on and it will be at least another day before the problem is fixed. >> film minute for the next big stars wars movie episode eight got underway today. disney also announced new cast members you'll see in theaters, which will hit september 2017. joining her is veteran access lawyer you an concern, best-known for her original jurassic park movie. benito dell torso will star in the new film, which is yet to be named. check out this # hundred caret diamond found in after rick actual it's about the learning of a credit card and experts say it's virtually flawless. it could be worth about $20 million.
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diamond ever recorded. >> one thing or would you split it up into different pieces? >> i say split it up in different pieces. no. one thing. right there. >> chris, the size of a credit card? >> i don't care. show off that bling. >> sports. we're talking sports. heading down to daytona. i need a credit card to go down to daytona. sports director travis wells is down there. you can countdown to the 500. it's cold. virginia looking to rebound from
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>> sports from your hometown news leader, wdbj 7. >> good evening. i'm zac with a look at your reports. the virginia whip's basketball team suffered a tough loss over the weekend as duke put in a controversial game winner at the buzzer. tonight a chance for redemption to the nation's seven ranked team. you just saw justin anderson announce, and he likes to be with former teammate malcolm broadman. he goes into half tied at 31. anthony gill there with the gam and on the runout. isaiah to wilkins, cast off a
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he was up 11. broad youman keeps it rolling, goes nine of 13 from the four. game high you 22 points. solid shooting night. flashes down one of his five-threes on the night. he had 19 points as virginia cruises 73-53. >> that ball in the second half of how we moved and shared it, and i don't know if nc state at all wore down or not, but we tried to have a level of patience is and toughness and really fight defensively. there's much more fight defensively. >> we played very good tonight. we were able to play at home. >> especially coming off of that loss, that was probably the best thing that they can come up with after the duke game and be able to play again yesterday. we do the a bad taste out of our mouth and were ready to move on. >> a big win for sure.
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leading up to the weekend from the beach in daytona. >> here in daytona beach, florida, a pair of rookie drivers have been the toast of speed week thus far. chase elliot, who won the pole for the daytona 500 sunny and brian blaney, who solid qualifying efforts assured the wood drivers and the 21 machine of a starting spot on sunday's great american race. >> we have the opportunity of great race teams to have a chance next week, and i have a lot to learn before then. i've never done any trafficking in these cars. that's going to be new and like i said, just those days, the dual is on thursday is going to be important, and for me, just kind of take those and try to learn, but at the same time, be smart, note that go we are going to be starting on the front row. so we want to make sure that you have this car, but i still need to get in the positions where i need to learn and hopefully speed up that learning curve and try to give us a chance. >> elliot has only to mask in
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ryan bryany can puff his chest out just a bit, too. after all the chatter the past week about the wood brothers not receiving one of 36 nascar charters, the sport's oldest team prepared a lightning quick hot rod. >> this race car driver, this team, they don't care about anything else. they just want to go to the racetrack. i think that's what we are. so they're just nice to them. so i know it's not only me to get behind the wheel, but them working on the race car and working together as a team. it kind of gets them back in the swing of things, also. so it's really neat all around to be in a race car. >> the cup drivers will be back in the world center of racing on tuesday to take part in media day festivities, followed by two more practice sessions on wednesday, ahead of thursday for the qualifying races n daytona beach, florida, travis wells, wdbj 7. >> all right.
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that's a look at spo >> got a little ground troop from brent a second ago. he's soaking wet. he says it's pouring rain is and that rain is now set okay top of the ice. so it's slippery, but it does speak to the transition we're


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