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tv   Mornin  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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plenty of travel issues this morning. wdbj7's shayne dwyer will join us live from the market building in downtown roanoke with an update. walking is often better than driving when it comes to winter weather. how some people in bedford spent their snow day. and, tax season is here, and that scammers are out in the scam phone call that many wdbj7 viewers say they're getting. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on tuesday. i'm kimberly mcbroom i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner.
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freezing rain continues for some. watch for heavy rain and ice this morning. this winter storm continues to wreak havoc on our area and is making things tricky for commuters and people just even trying to walk their dog this morning. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live in downtown roanoke for us this morning. shayne how are the roads looking right now? good morning garrett. roanoke, the roads
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primaries are in decent shape too but the virginia department of transportation is reporting slick spots pretty much all across our region. there is some snow and ice on primary routes in bedford, floyd, henry patrick and pulaski counties. garrett ice continues to be the problem causer here this morning and may even be worse than the snow. shayne power outages now topping more than 20- thousand. where are the hardest hit areas? garrett that number
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we're no more than 21-thousand three hundred right now. right now some of the hardest hit areas are right in the roanoke valley where you see all that red. roanoke county, roanoke city, franklin county and henry county. garrett if people have no power this morning and use candles and other heat sources just remember to be very careful with those especially around kids. a 47-year-old from farmville is charged with reckless driving appomattox county that sent her and five passengers to hospital. three of those were children, ages two, state police say it happened just after noon yesterday on route 460. heading west when she lost control, ran off the road, and flipped her suv. investigators say speed was a factor. the woman was also charged with two child restraint violations. the two- and
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seat belt instead of being in individual child safety seats. part of interstate 81 was closed during yesterday's storm after this wreck in frederick county. it happened in the northbound lanes interchange. state police say the truck was was loaded with 33 cattle, which broke free of the trailer and were wandering around the interstate. 6 of the animals escaped the damaged trailer. police and fire crews helped to round them up. the driver is charged with reckless driving. we continue our winter weather coverage in bedford. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart found that most people there found out it was better to walk or just stay inside during the storm. the snow wasn't the only thing to come down in bedford. "it's pretty, pretty crazy. i've never seen anything like it. everyone in a while, you have a little incident, but nothing like this," employees a this gas station on east main street said were shocked when a truck came sliding down the hill and hit a pump this morning. officials at v-dot have been asking
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snow plows work to clear the roads. that's advice these two bedford residents paid attention to. they decided to walk. "been out since eight o'clock this morning taking care of what you've got to do. got to eat. " that's something workers at the double dragon chinese restaurant know all too well. "my car is stuck at the house but we still come here. it took more than an hour." employee cindy chen says they always try to stay open whether it rains or snows. she says business has been steady. it's been mostly take-out orders. "it's good because a lot of places are closed and a lot of people don't know where they can go eat." either way, everyone here can agree on one thing. "not as bad as the first." "this is great for bedford. we're in a decent spot in virginia where we don't get crazy weather like up towards new york, but we really don't get hot weather. i've always loved it. i as born and raised here." khiree stewart, wdbj7 workers tell us that
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that gas pump incident was seriously hurt. you can find more information about road and weather conditions across the region with the wdbj7 weather app. yesterday it was the snow and ice, today it's the heavy rain. leo, how much can we expect to see today, and when is it expected to clear up? youall by the time the rain is all said and done inch to an inch and a half that salve qaeda finding some minor flooding issues across erie also areas of dense fog especially toward carol county danville area up toward the highlands a slowdown there for those fog we also have slowdown for the areas of freezing rain. still finding some freezing rain across the roanoke valley so even though were all roads look just that watch out could be black ice other areas just think i so be aware southwest sections mainly rain an and a few snow showers is you had back toward taz well county roanoke lynchburg at the freezing mark martinsville below freezing. still finding some wintry weather there thirty four charleston forty one though as he head toward wytheville he
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is all said and done today about an inch to inch and half as that system exits the area hour by hour will be warming up into the maybe some upper 40s later this afternoon with a couple glimpses sunshine that begins to poll way and we have a little clipper system that's can a dive to our south might throw enough moisture cause a couple snow showers late tuesday night early wednesday morning but you notice by three a.m. tomorrow that is already i here we should see increasing sunshine on wednesday you forecast across the area what can you expect throughout the region today would talking about ice this morning then rain showers temperatures warming into the upper thirties low to mid forties a little warmer south side evening shower tonight barely cloudy maybe a snow shower here and there temperatures in the 20s seven day planner increasing sunshine wednesday thursday friday saturday as temperatures get back up to right around in blacksburg after a serious crash early monday morning totaled their car. linda northern, her two daughters, and four grandchildren only have bumps and
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chesterfield, virginia. they were coming from arkansas when northern says a tractor trailer slide on ice and ran them off the road into a guard rail. northern says they all walked from the hospital to a hotel nearby but were turned away after a misunderstanding. a good samaritan helped them find another motel not far away. linda northern/mother: "i'm just beat down, i just don't know what to do. i just didn't even want to stand up for myself or anything. i was just so beat. i haven't had any sleep. nothing to eat." that good samaritan and domino's donated dinner to the family yesterday. northern told us late last night they're reaching out to friends in richmond to come get them. ice is causing problems on the roads, including a struck tractor trailer roads, including a on franklin road in roanoke county. how it's affecting things you need to know in your i- hometown traffic report next. and, several
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recalls when it comes to the takata airbags. the latest on which
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the decision. (church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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dangerous road conditions as freezing rain continues for some. watch for heavy rain and ice this morning. a stuck tractor-trailer a stuck tractor-trailer is causing a one-mile backup now on southbound franklin road in roanoke county. that's happening near webb road.
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are making it difficult to remove the truck so this will likely be a problem for a while. we're looking live at i-64 in covington from a virginia department of transportation camera. watch out for isolated slick patches on the highways. crews are working to remove trees that have fallen on i-81 in roanoke county. delays near the i-581 interchange and the wildwood road exit. there's also a accident on i-81 near 11 exit at mile marker the northbound exit ramp is blocked there and is expected to take a long time to open. it's tax season and that means the irs scammers are out to get you. we had several channel 7 viewers call in and tell us about a popular scam that's hitting the roanoke area. the type of phone call people said they received all sounded similar. the scammer would say he was from the us treasury and that the person owed the irs thousands of dollars. if that person didn't pay them back then
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in fact, sometimes the scammer would say an officer was 45 minutes away from their house. the scammer gave two options. 1) they could go to court and get a defense lawyer that would cost $20,000 dollars or 2) they could go to wal mart or cvs and get a money gram for the full amount. gram for the full amount. virginia's better business bureau says to never give any credit card information over the phone. never trust callers who are threatening or hostile. an irs agent will never get the police or an immigration agent. if you have been targetted by a scam you can go to ftc- dot-gov and use the complaint assistant portal. the irs did put this statement out due to the recent scams sweeping the area. the irs will always send taxpayers a written notification of any tax due via the u.s. mail. the irs never asks for credit card, debit card or prepaid card information over the telephone" kroger is getting ready to offering narcan - a heroin overdose reversal drug, several
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expanding their recalls when it comes to defective takata airbags, and ford has announced it will launch 4 new suv's over the next four years. here's hena daniels with today's moneywatch. friday was a winning day on wall street. oil prices moved higher and bank stocks were on the rebound, helping the market chalk up its first gain of the week. the dow close up 313 points the nasdaq climbed 70 points the markets reopen today after the president's day holiday grocery chain kroger will start offering - narcan - a heroin overdose reversal drug - without a prescription across ohio and northern kentucky. ohio's first responders use the drug thousands of times a year to revive overdose victims. ohio overdose deaths jumped 18 percent in 2014. cvs recently said it will soon offer narcan without a prescription at its ohio pharmacies. several automakers are expanding their recalls when it comes to
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takata airbags. more than half a dozen adding more vehicles to the recall list including 6 foreign and 1 maker. for a updated list of makes and safe car dot ford has announced it new s-u-v's over the next four years citing the popularity of ford's vice president made the announcement at the chacgo auto show. ford also added there are no plans to eliminate any the nation's number 2 already best selling suv in the explorer that's your cbs moneywatch report. for more log onto cbs moneywatch dot com. in new york, im hena daniels when muslims are in the news, it's not always in the most positive light. just ahead, my special report on how education and understanding might help break through
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muslims tz vo2 outicy conditions across some locations this picture sent in by say saturday driveways just a sheet icing see gesturing area most of ice in on that some the heavier icing we had in the overnight hours some areas continue to see freezing rain right now but the coverage area is dwindling that's the good news is temperatures warm up and also finding pockets a heavy rainfall down toward the south side right now you can see that for franklin county down over toward pittsylvania county we see the deep reds still finding some areas of pink out there so those the areas that you getting the freezing rain here to digital broadcast center in roanoke city still finding temperatures at thirty one degrees so we to continue to see freezing rain thirty two at the airport thirty two lynchburg thirty eight going danville martinsville little bit colder than that 39 with bill and thirty two in the bluefield area the good news is though we will warm up this afternoon into the mid forties same story wednesday and
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would a be closing in on sixty degrees as this low-pressure center finally exits we do a little clipper system that's can a dive to our south could bring a couple a snow shower or rain shower later tonight that will come and go relatively quickly you forecast today rain likely we will be warming up temperatures upper thirties low to mid forties as you maker way out toward tonight like i mentioned with that clipper system evening shower maybe a snow shower in the mountains. lows in the mid to upper 20s a little bit warmer toward the south side seven day planner we warm up wednesday thursday friday into the mid and upper 40s. even closing in on 50 and him by saturday would a be hovering right around 60 to 61 you really muslims aren't always portrayed in a positive light. because of some violent events in our country and elsewhere, people sometimes look on followers of the religion with fear, or even anger. in my report, misunderstanding muslims, i found out that education could be the key to uniting all faiths in our community. roanoke is hundreds of miles away from
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nations. yet, it offers its own welcoming commitee for people from all nationalities and religious backgrounds, including muslims. local colors executive director beth lutjen says they've long been a part of our community. beth lutjen/local colors executive director: it's not that in the last few years, muslims have first come to america. muslims have been here for many, many, many years. they are a part of the american story." that story includes roanoke's masjid- an- nur mosque, whose founding members were u- s army veterans. that's a little known fact its assistant imam, arthur mcdonald brought to our attention when we sat down with him. mcdonald's married, with two sons in roanoke city public schools. virginia's been his home for over 20 years, and roanoke for the last four. arthur mcdonald/ roanoke resident: we love mill mountain. we love going to the zoo up there. my youngest son, he loves chuck e cheese, so we're always going to chuck e cheese. mcdonald says he loves living here. his experience has largely been a positive one, with
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year's vandalism at the mosque. a broken glass panel is a reminder of the hateful gesture he says that came as a shock to him. arthur mcdonald/ roanoke resident: we were kind of afraid, because we didn't know what would be next. mcdonald says islam requires prayer several times a day, yet some people have the wrong idea about it. arthur mcdonald/ roanoke resident:that islam hates americans and the west. i think that is the biggest misnomer. kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: we reached out to others in the muslim community. many said they just don't feel comfortable putting themselves in the spotlight, because of the negative attention muslims often get. one man told me he wants people to know that islam doesn't sanction violence, but is a religion of peace and mercy. the muslim population is also growing sector of our population. according to 20-10 numbers from the association of religion data archives, muslims make up about seven percent of the roanoke metro area. in a gesture of community and good will, the mosque made a 25- hundred- dollar donation to the roanoke rescue mission back in december.
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community relations, and earned a lot of positive feedback on the mosque's facebook page. there's still a long way to go. fear and misunderstanding remain the biggest obstacles. arthur mcdonald/ roanoke resident: you know, we're just regular people. we might dress a little different sometimes, but it's nothing for anyone to be fearful of. lutjen agrees, and reminds us not to judge the majority by just a small minority. beth lutjen/local colors: what we don't understand sometimes we fear. and fear is negative. there is just not a good side to fear. muslims tag mcdonald says the mosque is extending an invitation to the entire community to learn more about the islam faith. he says it will be hosting an open house in the next couple of months. there are also many websites with information about islam. we've included a few of them for you on our website, wdb7-dot-com. just click on this story. when you think of the president of the united states, you probably think of washington, dc and the white house. but there's a place
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anytime of the year. and take a look at this amazing diamond! we'll tell you what it's expected to be
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a man in virginia celebrates president's day all- year! he lives just outside of williamsburg and has the heads of 43 presidents hanging out in his backyard. so how did he get such a collection? he found them in the trash! these sculptures dotted the landscape of a williamsburg theme park 11-years ago. but the park went bust, and the land was auctioned off. the man owns a concrete recycling business and was hired to crush each sculpture into little pieces. howard hankins/sculptures' owner: "i didn't like that idea at all. they asked me if i could get rid of the stuff and i said 'sure i'll get rid of it!'" the statues were free, but moving them cost him about 50-grand. he's now looking for a new home for them. his vision is that they will get kids interested in america's history. check out this four hundred carat diamond recently discovered in africa. it's about the length of a credit card, and experts say it's virtually flawless. it could be worth about twenty million
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the discovery is the 27th largest diamond ever recorded music's best artists are waking up with plenty of gold, after last night's grammy awards. how the show also paid tribute to the legends we've lost this year. it's bush helping bush, as the south carolina republican primary quickly approaches. what former president george w- bush has to say about his brother, jeb. plus, the n- double-a-c-p is weighing in on the flint water crisis. the deadline its leader is giving michigan's governor
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the problem. garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. several performances rocked the stage last night at the 58th annual grammy awards. teri okita was there and shows us who walked away the
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winner. pop queen taylor swift opened the 58th annual grammy awards and ruled the show -- winning the top prize. swift's "1989" earned the singer her second career grammy for album of the year. she urged young women to not let naysayers get in their way. ((sot: taylor swift/ grammy winner)) "you just focus on the work, and you don't let those people sidetrack you." (4 sec) mark ronson and bruno mars' "uptown funk" won "record of the year". ((sot: stevie wonder)) "you can't read braille. nah, nah, nah, nah, nah." stevie wonder teased "song of the year" nominees before announcing ed sheeran's "thinking out loud" the winner. and "best new artist" meghan trainor couldn't hold back tears as she thanked her family. ((sot: meghan trainor/ grammy winner)) (sobbing) "and my mom and dad for always believing in me." ((stand-up: teri okita/ cbs news/ los angeles)) "this year's grammys stirred up a lot of emotions...with performances that paid tribute to some of music's biggest icons. others used the mic to make a statement." (nats -- lamar in chains) "i'm african american." kendrick lamar sent a powerful message about racism with his rap that won
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modern day slavery." the audience was brought to its feet by tributes that... honored earth, wind, & fire maurice white, eagle's co-founder glenn frey, and blues legend bb king. (nats) "the thrill is gone" (nats) "this is ground control to major tom" and lady gaga brought the late david bowie's work back to life. (nats) "we can be heroes just for one day." teri okita, cbs news, los angeles. the southeast was hit with severe weather yesterday, causing more than one-thousand flights to be delayed or canceled. at least 16 tornadoes were reported yesterday in the south. the twisters left chaos in its wake. a fire station in alabama was hit, and the roof of a school in mississippi was damaged. (bo brantley/ flomaton, al resident) "we got in the hall and covered up and our head just swelled up just the pressure and we heard all the rumble and then just like that it was all gone" meanwhile, the same massive storm system brought snow and ice everywhere from the carolinas to new york.
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ambulance to flip on the way to a call. warm temperatures are coming to the northeast, but it causes concern for possible flooding. this winter storm is delivering a one-two punch and right now we are still in the thick of the second round. lots of rain, freezing rain and ice are causing problems all across the area. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live in downtown roanoke for us this morning. shayne how are roads and sidewalks looking this morning? kimberly that answer is dependent on what and where the major interstates and primaries are in secondaries and are very icy. even if the road looks clear, it still there are already reports of accidents morning. if you're walking to your car very careful. use the penguin method, waddle and keep your center of gravity on top of your front leg. garrett ice is conituing to be the factor on the roads
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power crews. shayne appalachian power is reporting now more than 25- thousand power outages. what hometowns are affected? kimberly that number is now up over 28-thousand. all the red on this map is bad news. franklin county, roanoke county, roanoke city, and henry county. these numbers keep going up. kimberly if you are using candles this morning or other
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just make sure you're smart about it and don't leave those things unattended. the snow and ice has turned into heavy rain this morning. leo, when will things start to clear up? youyeah will continue to see some freezing rain across the roanoke valley points south and east lot of these facebook message e-mails coming a lot of people still hearing trees popping tree limbs coming down power lines coming down that's why were seeing that increased and power outages winter storm warnings continuing from say the newer valley through the roanoke valley north and east has been allowed to expire actually cancel far southwest virginia were temperatures are
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you still see heavy rain the increase in power outages winter storm warnings continue from say the newer valley through the roanoke valley north and east has been allowed to expire actually canceled far southwest virginia were temperatures are well above the freezing mark you still see heavy moving through the area as this line continues to move toward the northeast but we see the pink still getting some freezing rain in there from the martinsville air wrapping around to the ronald valley no is here to digital broadcast center still at thirty one degrees below freezing so that rain is freezing on contact that's why have a sheet ice all over the place in the tree limbs all that beginning to snap under the weight of the ice and then that was seeing a little the snow on the backside is some cold air tries the day back in as it races up toward the north and the northeast we of a flood warning now over toward bedford until 1215 we have flood advisories eastern franklin in henry and western pittsylvania county till twelve 1245 flood advisory for southwest virginia until eight 845 with the heavy rain all the snow we continue to see these proms so keep a close eye if you heading out about ponting the water on the roadways things like that temperatures at or above freezing many hometowns roanoke right at the freezing mark same story down toward martinsville over yet thirty degrees and you can see hour
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back into the mid forties as this system quickly exits and then another clipper system kind dives in late tonight with the rain shower or snow shower you forecast would talk about temperatures today back into the forties with rain showers continuing tonight a rain or snow shower lows in the twenties and thirties seven day planner will see temperatures warming up would much more sunshine for the rest of the week into the first part of the looking into whether former new york governor eliot spitzer attacked a woman in a hotel over the weekend. police were first called to the hotel after the woman tried to slit her wrists. at the hospital she referred to spitzer as her boyfriend, and said he choked her. sources close to the investigation say they were arguing because the woman was planning to return to her native russia, and things turned violent. spitzer's spokesperson says there is no truth to the claims. the accuser is now refusing to press charges. spitzer resigned as governor nearly eight-years ago after being caught using a high-end prostitution service. police are
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happening to people at the golden gate bridge in california over the weekend. someone with a blow-gun shot darts at visitors walking across the bridge. the blow darts are about four inches long, but there was no sign of poison in them. two peop were hurt when they got hit by the darts. (ofc. andrew barclay / california highway patrol): she had been struck in the knee cap in the knee cap. it had actually gone into the (indy rai / newark very what's going to sf. highway patrol is currently investigating the situation. they say the darts were shot from a car driving northbound on the bridge. they're currently working with the golden gate bridge authority to see if any surveillance footage can help lead to the offender. with the south carolina republican primary coming up quickly, jeb bush is really trying to push his campaign forward. former president george w. bush encouraged south carolina voters to support his younger brother jeb. (george w. bush / former president) we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors or inflames our anger and frustration. we need someone who can fix the problems that
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jeb bush. in the past, south carolina voters have helped the bush family rise to the top. george h w bush won the 19-88 and 92 south carolina primaries. and george w. bush won them in 2000 and 2004. south carolina governor nikki haley has not backed a candidate yet. citizens there will vote for candidates on saturday. new this morning, two weeks before virginia voters cast their ballots on super tuesday, there's a new poll out from the wason center for public policy at christopher newport university. it shows donald trump leading the republican presidential field in our state with 28 percent support. marco rubio is second with 22 percent, and ted cruz is third. at 19 percent. but trump's unfavorable rating is 64- percent, the highest of any candidate. on the democratic side, hillary clinton holds a sizeable lead over bernie sanders, with 52 percent support to his 40- percent. president obama
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place of the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is against the idea, saying that the vacancy should not be filled until new leadership is in place. but president obama says he expects the senate to fulfill its constitutional duty now instead of waiting for the next president to take over. "there will be plenty of time for me to do so, and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. these are responsibilities that i take seriously, as should everyone. they're bigger than any one party. they are about our democracy." the decision on who to nominate has had congress arguing since the day scalia died. no matter who ends up in the seat -- the choice will be a pivotal one for the supreme court. the n-double-a-c- p's leader is delivering an ultimatum over the water crisis in flint, michigan. cornell brooks, the association's president, gave a speech in the city yesterday. he gave michigan governor rick snyder 30 days to come up with a
6:40 am
water problems. if he doesn't, brooks says he will call on his organization to protest. (cornell brooks, naacp president): "we are here to stand at the side of this community at the point of a global civil rights crisis." brooks also wants the governor to say how much it will cost to diminish the dangerously high levels of lead. flint citizens are mostly black, with a poverty line above 40 percent. the n-double-a-c-p claims the government would do more to fix the water problems if flint were wealthier. "hunger games" actress jennifer lawrence is doing her part to help young heart patients. she donated 2- million dollars to help build a cardiac intensive care unit at a hospital in kentucky. the facility -- which will bear her name -- will benefit children who are recovering from heart surgeries and other cardiac conditions. lawrence visited the hospital on christmas and the children there really touched her. she's asked the community to match her donation. the roads are still a mess this morning with a lot of icy patches.
6:41 am
trailer is causing problems in roanoke county. more information about that, next in your i-hometown traffic report. and, uva takes on nc state in charlottesville. we'll take a look at some game
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break. dangerous road conditions as freezing rain continues for some. watch for heavy rain and ice this morning. franklin road is a mess right now in roanoke county. there's a one-mile southbound backup near webb road. crews are trying to remove a stuck tractor-trailer there but the ice is making it difficult. also route 220 north is completely closed nearaspen road because a
6:44 am
across the road flooding is also a problem in that area. we're looking live at i-81 in christiansburg from a vdot traffic camera. the highways are mostly clear with some isolated slick patches but many roads are extremely icy. crews are working to remove trees that have fallen on i-81 in roanoke county. expect northbound delays near the i-581 interchange and the wildwood road exit. the i-81 wreck we told you about earlier on wdbj7 mornin' is now cleared. workers were able to re-open the route 11 buchanan exit ramp much sooner than anticipated. for the virginia cavaliers, the team is following a loss from duke, some would say with an asterick. did he travel? how many steps can he take? did the rules of basketball change over night? eh, who knows? enough questions. uva focused on last night's duel against nc state. now this game was all about stopping this man cat barber, who leads the acc in scoring with a little
6:45 am
-the man commissioned with the defensive assignment was fifth year senior malcolm brogdon. brogdon did a pretty good job. following a couple 30 points game, barber only got 14 last night. and it was brogdon's defensive effort that fueled an offensive push....right here he stays in front of barber. barber bails out of the possession, uva gets a hand in their and it's off to the races. devon hall with the finger roll finish. -brogdon's offensive game working well for him....the pump fake and floater here. -nc state kept it close in the first half but then brogon got into a zone. here he is with a simple shake and shoot. -but he was in that defensive zone all game. this time senior anthony gill says i got you bro. brogdon finishes with 22, uva wins 73-53 and coach bennett is happy. tony bennett, virginia head coach: "that ball in the second half, how we moved it and shared it, and i don't know if nc state wore down or not, but we tried to just
6:46 am
toughness offensively, and then really fight defensively. there was much more fight defensively." malcolm brogdon, virginia guard: "we played a very good team tonight. it was really good that we were able to play at home, and rebound in the right way." london perrantes, virginia point guard: "i think we all took this game pretty personal, especially coming off of that loss. that was probably the best thing that could come out after the duke game, was be able to play again. we got that bad taste out of our mouths, and we're just ready to move on." time to take a look at what people are talking about on twitter. #grammys is a big talker with the recent awards announced last night. -------- #album of the year is trending as well. you can see all of the award recipients on our website wdbj7 dot com. -------- and #olympia is trending. the winter storm has created a lot of problems for much of the east coast. here's a look at
6:47 am
anniversary today. birthdays for 2/16 (tuesday) cy underwood - 15 z'neyasia newbill - bedford - 8 karmelo taylor - wytheville - 10 bryce higley - wirtz - 12 lexy fisher - west lake - 16 ken wood - roanoke lewis miller - middlebrook - 55 alex flint - raphine - 74 angel redd - collinsville - 18 dennis pritchett - martinsville jamariah edwards - roanoke - 7 erica white - christiansburg - 40 barry lavender - roanoke - 44 katie belle harrison - buena vista - 13 aliyah bond - 2 scotty webb - clifton forge - 32 brent butler - roanoke - 16 montgomery leigh self - roanoke - 10
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aaliyah miller- arnold - roanoke - 5 trevor lovelace - danville - 16 piper cox - roanoke - 4 brody stanley - radford - 4 tim anderson - salem angela mckinney - galax lula hollins - radford - 80 edith arrington - martinsville anthony & vickie kirby - goshen - 25th anniversary keith & crystal shover - staunton - 31st
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youstill finding rain across erie falling heavily times especially toward the south side up toward the north still getting reports of freezing rain across the roanoke valley were some areas still below the freezing mark way teetering at that thirty two agree mark down toward martinsville some freezing rain continues and even some snow showers pushing it to the new river valley some cold air wrapping in behind so don't be spry see that quick burst the snow behind some of those heavier downpours winter storm warnings continue ronald newer valley up to the north and east as been canceled far southwest virginia good news there temperatures are at or above freezing many hometowns now but down toward martinsville roanoke lynchburg be aware so having a. of freezing rain but we should all warm up into the forties
6:51 am
afternoon as this low-pressure center continues to exit takes the heavy rain rainout the heavy rain the ground is frozen so doesn't absorb any the rain it is washes off into the roadways all that snow covering all the drains a watch out for ponting the water out on the roadways today that's were having some flooding issues throughout the region you forecast rain likely some that rain falling heavily times still finding some pockets of freezing rain so you one a watch out for the skating rink out there across the roanoke valley for some temperatures in the forties fifties as he had out tonight maybe a rain or snow showers a clipper system passes to our south temperatures drop down into the twenties and low thirties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner good news is once we get through today will have increasing sunshine wednesday thursday and friday look gorgeous and look of those numbers we go from the f a 47-year-old from farmville is charged with reckless driving after an accident in appomattox county that sent her and five passengers to lynchburg general hospital. three of those were children, ages two, seven, and 13.
6:52 am
happened just after noon yesterday on route 460. the woman was heading west when she lost control, ran off the road, and flipped her suv. investigators say speed was a factor. the woman was also charged with two child restraint violations. the two- and seven-year-old were sharing a regular seat belt instead of being in individual child safety seats. a family is stranded in blacksburg after a serious crash early monday morning totaled their car. linda northern, her two daughters, and four grandchildren made it out of the accidents with only have bumps and bruises. they're also without a ride to chesterfield, virginia. they were coming from arkansas when northern says a tractor trailer slide on ice and ran them off the road into a guard rail. a good samaritan helped them find a motel not far away. they have reached out to friends in richmond to come get them. thousands of flights delayed, more than a dozen tornadoes and freezing rain--it's a small picture of what winter storm olympia brought to the southeast. alabama and mississippi experienced chaotic tornadoes and from
6:53 am
york snow and ice fell. the concern now turns to recovering from the freezing rain and then preparing for potential flooding when it warms up later in the week. in more lighter news, the grammys were last night. taylor swift opened the 58the annual grammy awards and she also won the top prize with "1989" winning album of the year. mark ronson and brunos mars "uptown funk" won "record of the year." best new artist went to meghan trainor. for a full wrap up visit our website at wdbj7 dot com. metrorologist leo hirsbrunner will have
6:54 am
[burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks." [turkey] gobble. [butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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dangerous road freezing rain watch for heavy rain and ice this
6:56 am
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good morning. it is tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of thanking, shoving, even luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in the classroom. kendrick lamar makes powerful statement and taylor swift makes history with the grammys. but we begin today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you have to be very careful. he's very unstable. >> the gop race gets ugly in south carolina. >> just going on about how i'm the most horrible person in the world because i keep repeating the things he says. >> how does it feel to have the band back together?


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