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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the left lane just re-opened. we're keeping an eye on this traffic alert and we'll update you on-air and online when we get any new information. warmer weather was a welcome change, as the deep freeze of the last few days began to thaw. while we saw more pavement and better driving conditions today, many residents of central and western virginia were dealing with power outages. wdbj7's joe dashiell is covering that story in roanoke. he's live near williamson road. jean and chris, the power is back on for many people in this part of the city who lost their electricity early today, but thousands of others are still waiting tonight. the storm moved on, and it made way for blue skies, bright sun and a beautiful winter landscape. but even as the ice began to thaw, the power outages would linger. applachian power crews were on the job, assessing the damage and attacking the problems they found
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brought down many tree limbs, and power lines in neighborhoods throughout the region, including roanoke's raleigh court. aleta delaplane: actually at 3:45 we woke up to a transformer exploding. it was big green arc light in the back it was amazing. it was kind of cool. and then the power went out. and then it came back on. and then it went out again, so i think we've been without power since 6:45 this morning. when the electricity went out, so did aleta delaplane's heat. but she and a neighbor were making the best of their day without power, sitting by the gas fireplace. and when we left at midafternoon, they were waiting patiently for an appalachian power crew to arrive. live in roanoke joe dashiell wdbj7. when will power be back on. that's the question many of you want to know. joining us now is teresa hall appalachian power spokesperson. first of all how many customers are without power right
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most of the outages? teresa: more than 29 thousand are without electric service. the most severely affected areas include the city of roanoke, roanoke county, franklin county and henry conty. how does applachian power decide which areas to work on first? teresa hall: damage assessment specialists are patrolling lines to get an accurate assessment of the level of damage and the amount of resources required to make repairs. at the same time, line workers are repairing the most critical outages and known problems that affect large numbers of customers. was appalachian power ready for this
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outage? are crews coming here from other regions? teresa:line workers and damage assessment specialists from across appalachian power's tennessee, virginia and west virginia service areas are assisting with service restoration. appalachian power is seeking additional resources outside its service territory to speed restoration. jean: i know you can't say exacatly when power will be back for a specific area but when do you expect everyone to have power back? teresa: we expect to continue making good progress, and estimate the vast majority of customers affected by the storm will have service restored by late thursday night. restoration may extend into friday in a few isolated instances where damage is severe or access is difficult. jean: customers can actually get information specific
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on text alerts. to sign up, you can find a link at wdbj7 dot com and click on the power outage story and also a link to a current view of outages as well. right now, there's still around 16- hundred customers without power in henry county. and a family there saw first-hand the desctruction that weather can cause. a tree fell right on top of a home while the family was inside sleeping. wdbj7's danielle staub has their story. wanda morgan, home owner "it was just loud it just sounded like a freight train going by and then all of a sudden just bam, just a real loud." that loud noise was the sound of a tree hitting the top of wanda morgan's home in henry county. morgan, "shaky. been kind of shaky but i've kept going ya know because but when i stop i start shaking real bad." morgan says the tree fell on top of the room where her grandson was sleeping on the couch. morgan "when he heard me holler, and we heard that across the ceiling, the top of the house, he jumps up, heads to the bathroom, still asleep but thank god it didn't get the couch, but" morgan thinks the
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the tree from falling all the she and her husband do not have insurance but their son and some to remove as much of the tree as they can. anything hanging. so if we the top. kind of deal with it for a few weeks. get done what we can get done." right down the street from the morgans, trees fell across the road pulling power lines down with them. further down the road, an overhang at an old gas officials say the building and the empty for years. crews are working throughout henry county to help those without power, which may not be restored for a couple of days. through it all, morgan is keeping a positive attitude. morgan "i tell you what, sparing the lives of everybody in there that's why. it could be a lot worse. it really could, a lot of people aren't that lucky." in henry county,
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wdbj7. excellent story there and it is a good picture to show you about how much of the ice that fell across the area are built up across. drop the trees was nice however his judicial mentions a little little blue sky in there from time time and again are moves a little bit better after a full twenty four hours of just about every kind of winter weather you could imagine and i quite done yet we're looking at our first alert doppler radar and this in fact it is little clipper that sliding in the southwest virginia edits can be bringing some snow most notably the far southwest virginia not an empire for everything it is very very close to the state line is where we would anticipate some accumulations because it temperatures a little bit colder down there sucks a miniature tubes nomological in more detail later but again mid 30s now so wouldn't take much to get that to start sticking again after david's awesome healthy melting and it will continue that way right into the weekend we go from the forties to the fifties and sixties not 50s and 60s look the lyon sisters
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county as one of the men charged with obstructing the investigation has his day in court. wdbj7's tim saunders is live in our lynchburg bedford newsroom with the new information. jean prosecutors say leslie engleking gave false testimony to a grand jury, because he was trying to protect his family. engleking pleaded no contest to one count of perjury this morning. prosecutors say he knowingly gave false statements on two separate occasions when a grand jury asked him questions about richard welch. welch is a person of interest in the disappearance of katherine and sheila lyon, two sisters who disappeared from a maryland shopping mall in 19-75 and may have been killed in bedford county. welch is married to engleking's sister, patricia, who is also facing a perjury charge in connection with the lyon's case. tim, you said engleking entered a plea. what did the judge decide to do about his case?
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those matters were postponed until june 7th. if engleking is found guilty of perjury, he could be sentenced to 10 years in prison. tim, do we know any more about what engleking may have said during his false testimony? we don't, jean. the commonwealth's attorney was intentionally vague during today's hearing, because the lyon sisters' case is still unfolding. he did say that engleking has communicated with richard and patricia welch in person and over the phone, and that their conversations contained information about richard welch's level of involvement in the lyon sisters' disappearance. and what about engleking's sister, patricia? when will she be back in court? she's due back in court april 26th. more african- americans are being arrested and charged with marijuana whites.
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if that was also happening here in southwest and central virginia. wdbj7 recieved thousands of pages of data from virginia state police through a freedom of information act request. we found that the majority of virginia law enforcement agencies arrested african-americans at a far higher rate than the overall demographics of their respective populations. so what is causing this disparity? the head of the ncaap in lynchburg says there could be racial bias. gerald cheatham, president lynchburg naacp: clearly you have got to look at some human behavior as to why that happens. that can't be all objective like something stupid like standing on the street puffing on a joint. but police chiefs i talked to have a different explanation. tonight at 11, hear what they have to say and we'll also show you which areas arrest african-americans for pot possession at the highest rates. we've introduced times on wdbj7, report to you today that alpha averill passed away. she passed away
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low moor. people in alleghany county knew her as "granny" averill. she ran averill's country store in low and even calculated your bill in her head turned 100. celebrated her 109th 30th. today we talked to the nursing director at the brian center of averill was an honor. since we posted this story on facebook, the post has been shared 140 times. one viewer said. "lilyanne clark: what a lady, her chicken salad was so good....had lots of good food from her store...had to get there early......god blessed us all with her....she led by example. ...." pamela long lipes my favorite the ham salad have never found any to come anywhere near as good. june hamm: we would stop by her store when in the
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kinds of candy. next on wdbj7 - the latest on the efforts to get the lights back on in the alleghany highlands and bedford county. plus spreading the message. one school system is teaching us there's more than one way
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dominion virginia power crews are working on 14 projects in alleghany and botetourt county right now. 370 customers are affected in alleghany
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botetourt county. power is expected to be restored by midnight. 327 bath alleghany electric cooperative customers are also withouth power tonight. the situation was a lot better east of the blue ridge. bedford county saw isolated power outages overnight, but no major issues. in this neighborhood just outside the town of bedford there was more ice on the road this morning than on trees or utility lines. announcing a snow day was an opportunity for school leaders in bedford county to have a little fun. "we're not big on busses sliding. think we'll tell you now that you can keep on hiding." no, that's not garth brooks. it's a message from ryan edwards, the community outreach coordinator for bedford county public schools. he spent 9 hours creating a music video to let families know schools would be closed tuesday. the effort was a big hit. edwards' video was shared more than 12-hundred times on social media. ryan edwards/community outreach coordinator: "i think
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community in what we're doing and i think the secondary purpose is just have fun with it." edwards won't have to worry about topping himself tomorrow. as of right now the school system is only on a two-hour delay wednesday. a fast moving weather system is heading our way tonight. meteorologist robin reed tells us what to expect. here is a look at the highs, lows and precipitation at the regional airports. we are back with the complete first alert forecast after this
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thatonto clipper time once again you know what that means fast-changing weather sometimes when it's cold up a little snow we will but of rain mixed in as well and the focus area will be the north carolina mountains maybe the mountains of tennessee maybe sneaking into far southwest virginia for a little bit more than a coding overnight but it's gone in the morning here's a clipper on the move right now and as you can see it's got a fair amount of moisture swirling along here colder to the backside of kentucky that's all smell the visit comes up with a bouncier north carolina it is in fact
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precipitation here's why this area writing here in southwest virginia is the colder meaning of five or six degrees away from the metros so that does bring in a wintry mix might be some rain mixed in there as well but it doesn't last very long. this is not a big event and injured to certainly possible in some elevations through of the fire but that would be about it for most everybody else tonight is increasing cloud cover it a chance for rain or snow shower and nothing more and overnight lows will be in the 20s and lower 30s that's a bit of a problem because there are pockets where there was so much melting today and even debris was being moved around his moisture was melting off very very quickly so you want a watch first thing in the morning it looks like we'll be clearing out pretty quickly and in trying to warm up in the 40s very very rapidly notice the mountains here in west virginia still showing about a forty percent chance for some snow showers in those areas as he look at the temperature still got the little book the jetstream
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thirties and forties to do all the way down into northern georgia walkout while west, it just gets hotter and hotter and hotter maybe some records, phoenix issued for ninety two tomorrow as we look at the sky conditions for thursday action looks pretty good and if you watch the clouds are migrating back to the north that means warm air is tarting the settlement that means we can get use close to sixty is possible over the course of the weekend. this city on saturday mister corral the region right now to god for your wednesday forty six and liked and forty eight smith not like it looks a partly sunny skies over toward brook nealon along with southside fifty two might be the magic number for danville and south boston also looking in the new river valley for just a slight chance of snow shower in the morning in the afternoon it should be partly cloudy slightly better chance of snow showers in west virginia images logo colder there and there are still some lingering northwesterly flow mostly sunny thursday mostly sunny friday a little bit warmer going for fifty one let's do
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and sunday which for sixties the go to number is around forty ten elections and shelter monday tuesday in a positive attitude about this officially get the nascar season underway with the daytona 500. and today is always a busy one leading up to race day, as it was media day down in daytona. sports director, travis wells, will get us up to speed with all the day's happenings. "some people are preparing for a cold night as crews work to restore power to certain areas. i'm khiree stewart in roanoke and tongiht at 11, hear what you should and shouldn't
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warm at night." defending daytona 500 champ joey logano drew a crowd today at media day leading up to sunday's race. travis wells had a front row seat for all the festivities at the world center of racing. travis: joey logano's season last year began with a win here in the daytona 500, but it ended in disappointment as he came up short in his bid for a championship. as he tries to go back to back in the 500 here this week, logano was in the spotlight on media day. joey logano/ defending daytona 500 champ: maybe i'm just one of those guys that likes to look forward and doesn't take the time to look back but it's really cool that we won the
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ment. but it's last year and it's in the past now. we've got to look forward. you want to have your name on that thing twice. you don't want to have it once and that's it. you want to keep adding to that. logano is proud to call himself a daytona 500 champ, but his boss, roger penske has refused to allow him to become complacent. joey: he has the ability to motivate people without saying a word. just because of his presence that happens when he walks into a room. you know he wants to win because you've seen him win his whole life. while the 25 year old won the 500 in just his 7th start, a win in the great american race can be elusive. several drivers will try to validate their resume on sunday. danica patrick/making fifth daytona 500 start: the older i get, the more i recognize how important history is and events that have been around for a long time. when i think of the word daytona 500, i feel like you use the word legendary because legends come out of this
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this race will be remembered forever. so it's the history that makes things special. otherwise it's just another thing. daytona international speedway president, joie chitwood answered his share of questions tuesday morning as well, announcing that sunday's race is a complete sellout. one hundred one thousand, five hundred permanent seat tickets, although passes still remain for the infield. joie chitwood/ daytona international speedway president: it's been close to ten years since we could announce a sellout for the daytona 500 and so at 9am this morning we pushed out the release that we have sold out of stadium seating. the goal for our team as part of this rennovation was to sellout the daytona 500 and we're trending well. travis: sunday's daytona 500 will be the first big event since the daytona rising rennovation project was completed, a 400 million dollar endeavor that was two and a half years in the making. at the daytona international speedway, travis wells, wdbj7. on the basketball court, the virginia men got back on track with a win last night against nc state. malcolm brogdon lead the hoos in scoring once
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held the acc's top scorer, cat barber, to ten points under his average. tony bennett, virginia head coach: "when malcolm's right, he just has a way about him defensively, when he's efficient offensively, letting the game come, but then being aggressive, he's just a heck of a player." malcolm brogdon, virginia guard. "definitely get excited about playing a very good offensive player, because it's a test for yourself. anybody that takes pride in their defense, wants to test themselves every night against the best competition. i wanted to test myself, and really try to step up to the challenge." stocks rallied today as a result of a possible oil deal. the dow was up 223.
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turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7. >> pelley: an election prediction from president obama. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> pelley: also tonight, violent weather in the south,
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interstate. >> it was, basically, like the "twister" movie. >> pelley: extreme weather is being fueled by el nino, and tonight we'll look at the effects from the u.s. to africa, where millions are threatened with famine. >> people haven't been able to survive. >> pelley: and it's show time for america's top dogs. >> it doesn't get any better. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, the president weighed in on the political phenomenon that is donald trump. president obama was answering a question at a news conference today, and he did not mince words. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people, and i think they


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