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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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continue. and i'm melissa gaona. tonight, the power is still out for nearly 15-thousand appalachian power customers across southwest virginia. here's a look at applachian power outages for customers right now. roanoke and franklin counties have some of the highest outage numbers. crews are working to bring back power
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roanoke, as about 45-hundred are in the dark across the city. it could be until friday before the lights come back on for some. dominion virginia power says hundreds of people in the alleghany highlands are expected to get power back by midnight. at last check in danville, 150 customers in the piney forest road area still did not have power. crews hope to have it restored by midnight. many people are wondering how to stay warm in the wake of all of these outages. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart is live on the wdbj7 weather deck with the do's and don'ts of heat melissa, roanoke is on the outage map, so officials want to safe and comfortable until those power comes back on. "the tv was on, and all of a sudden at 6:49, no more cable, no more tv, no more internet." "just came over here opened the shop and there was no power over here either." with cold tonight, it has many people thinking about how they're going to stay warm. "at least we have the flashlight and the candles.
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tiffany bradbury is roanoke city's fire specialist. she says the key to staying warm is layers. "cover up you extramedies, maybe socks, and gloves that's going to help you keep flashlights and things like that ready. a battery always good." bradburry says you should use battery instead of real ones... never put gasoline into a kerosine and never use a generator indoors. in carbon monoxide which of course is the silent killer. i gives you the and dizziness, cherry red lips, but if you're asleep, you're not symptoms and might on top of that, bradbury says you should never burn charcoal indoors or use your oven as a source of heat. luckily, marrero says her power came back on this afternoon, but for sansoa... "it's still out." "we do have two fireplaces so that will keep us warm. so hopefully we'll be alright." we have more heat safety tips on wdbj7 dot-com. just click on this story.
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d-b-j-7. 11first thing this morning and radford about eight thirty this is the view and boy did we need bad after so many cloudy days and so much else and then the warmer temperature started to melt the ice that sound like a tremendous rainstorm on top of that we also got quite a bit array almost an inch chef l and many of the regional airports right now looking at the temperature profile and would concede that were running in the low thirties from bluefield the width with the galax the martinsville this wall moisture has moved in the area in the form of some very very light snow it's a clipper system that spinning around here and action the coverage of snow is a diminished in the last hour hour and a half this is double-click it and to be a big deal probably encoding for some of you and galax and extending upwardly laski but it's bumping into drier air as it travels to the north and that's pretty much can it be the end of that weather system as it moves to the north of it
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clipper a system so that kind of fades away and were end up with a pretty good day tomorrow maybe a mix of sun and clouds will put it togeth of damage done to their property today. freezing rain took out a huge pine tree which crashed into the carport. a branch pierced the car windshield. smith say tim was sitting in the driver's seat less than a minute before the it was a close call for a henry county on their mobile wanda morgan says her grandson was sleeping on the couch where the tree fell just moments before it happened. she says her family heard what sounded like a frieght train and then a big boom. they do not have home insurance but her son and friends are helping to remove as much debris as they can. wanda morgan/homeowner: "someone could have been hurt really bad or killed in there. that tree should have fell all the way down. in the same area, trees brought down power lines and wind blew over an old gas station overhang.
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county get their power back. we're learning more about why prosecutors charged a northern virginia man with perjury in connection with a bedford county murder case. leslie engleking entered a "no contest" plea to perjury this morning. prosecutors say at two separate times, he knowingly gave false testimony when asked about the disappearance of katherine and sheila lyon, two girls who went missing from a maryland shopping mall in 19-75. they say he was trying to protect his sister, patricia charged with perjury in the case. to 10 years in prison if convicted at a hearing june 7th. a baby in california condition tonight after its mother gave birth in the bathroom of a subway restaurant - and then walked away 911 call: "it's okay, i know you're doing a good job. you're doing a good job, and the baby is crying so that's a good thing." surveillance video inside the sandwich shop showed the woman going in the bathroom yesterday morning, then leaving a short time
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a blood trail got the attention of workers, who found the baby partially submerged in the toilet. the mother was arrested around the corner from the subway. authorities say once she's out of the hospital, the 38- year-old homeless woman will be booked on suspicion of attempted murder and child abandonment. big changes for blacksburg's planned parenthood. a representative says it's now referring new and current patients to roanoke for medical services because it won't be provided at the center anymore. the blacksburg location is instead, focusing on community outreach and educational programs. read more about the decision on wdbj7 dot-com. new tonight, memorial hospital of martinsville and henry county wants to hear from the you on how to improve treatment. hospital leaders have started the patient family community advisory council. it's a group made up of people from all walks of life who have been treated at the hospital. the members are to be another set of eyes and ears for the hospital staff to find issues or concerns
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liz harris, marketing director, of martinsville and patients a voice and that i think it something that can that patient experience is so, so important." the group is working to create better everything from marketing for the their medications. the company interested in merging with says it will ask federal regulators for preliminary approval of the structure of its proposed takeover. canadian pacific ceo hunter harrison says the railroad is doing this because shareholders of both companies recommended it. canadian pacific has proposed installing harrison as norfolk southern ceo while the deal is reviewed. one reason why norfolk southern has rejected canadian pacific's offers, which have been upwards of 30-billion dollars, remained grossly inadequate. a new poll out from christopher newport university in newport news shows that if likely voters in virginia were to head to the polls this tuesday instead of
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presidential primary, donald trump and hillary clinton would win the commonwealth. the poll has clinton with a 52- to 40- percent lead over bernie sanders. and donald trump leads the g-o-p field with 28-percent, despite having the highest unfavorable rating of any candidate - at 64- percent. a new cnn-orc poll out today shows trump and clinton hold commanding leads in south carolina. that's the site of saturday's crucial first-in-the-south primary. republican presidential candidates are trying to reach as many undecided voters as possible. many voters went from event to event today because they are still undecided with who they'll vote for on saturday. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton spoke in harlem new york today, saying she's determined to end racial inequality in the u.s. her opponent, bernie sanders, spoke at a town hall in south carolina, where he was endorsed by the daughter of eric garner, a man who died two years ago when a new york city police officer put
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today president obama answered questions about his plans to nominate a replacement for supreme court justice antonin scalia after he died over the weekend.justice antonin scalia. (president obama) "i'm going to do my job until between now and january 20th of 2017 and i expect them to do their job as well." president obama says there is more than enough time for the senate to consider a nomination to the supreme court this year, and he intends to move ahead with his choice. senate republicans say they will block any nomination because they believe that should fall to the next president. justice scalia's bench and chair the supreme court are now draped in black to honor his years of service. his funeral is this she was a pillar in alleghany county and we learned today away. "granny" averill and she died last night in her sleep at the brian center in low moor. she ran averill's country store in low moor for decades your bill in her head turned 100. her 109th birthday
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today we talked to her son, wayne. she died on his birthday yesterday but wayne was able to see her a few hours before she died. his last words to her were " i love you". it seems a national trend of drug charge disparity has made its way into southwest virginia. tonight, what local police chiefs are saying about the thousands of pages of state police data i have gone through. and rockin' out for a reason. why this concert
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fans. california rock band eagles of death metal took the stage in paris tonight for the first time since the november 13th terror attacks there. many of those in attendance were survivors of the shootings and bombings, and the band honored the memories of the 89 people who didn't make it. tonight's concert was at a different venue than in november, and concert-goers went through three bag and body searches before getting inside. the state department says three americans who were abducted last month in baghdad are free tonight. they were kidnapped from a suspicious apartment. iraqi officals say they were freed by iraqi security forces and handed over to the u.s. embassy in good health. today started 10-
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year's sinking of the el faro. the cargo ship sank four and a half months ago after sailing into the path of a hurricane. 28 of the 33 crew members onboard were american. no one survived. the coast guard is holding the hearings to find the facts behind what exactly happened to the ship. the hearings come as federal officials said they will begin a new search in april for el faro's data recorder. across the nation, more african- americans are being arrested at a higher rate than their overall population. we wanted to know if that was also happening here in southwest and central virginia. wdbj7 recieved thousands of pages of data from virginia state police through a freedom of information act request. we found many virginia law enforcement agencies arrest african-americans at a pace that is not in step with local demographics. so what is causing this disparity? the police might not have control of that answer at all. when a citizen of danville asked city council to address the racial disparity of drug charges,
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broadfoot took it seriously. philip broadfoot, danville police chief: and that's why we acted when we did. we had a citizen who came to council and said this is a problem. in 2014, he had a light duty officer spend weeks going over the paperwork for each drug charge for the year before. he wanted to know: were his officers targeting african-americans more than whites? philip broadfoot, danville police chief: we could find no institutional bias in the danville police department for that disparity. we could not find any reason for the disparity but the location where the officer was and what the assignment was. in danville, about half the city is white and half is african-american. but blacks make up nearly three quarters of all marijuana arrests. wdbj7 compiled numbers for pot posession arrests for every law enforcement agency in the viewing area from 2012 to 2014 most had higher numbers of african-americans arrested when compared to overall demographics. the largest gaps
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largest cities: danville, roanoke and lynchburg. it's no reason when the population is so different in lynchburg. lynchburg naacp president gerald cheatham is not suprised at the data and wonders if some kind of bias is at play. gerald cheatham, president lynchburg naacp: clearly you have got to look at some human behavior as to why that happens. that can't be all objective like something stupid like standing on the street puffing on a joint. those areas where we recieve the highest number of calls for service are the places where we have the highest populations of color. the minority community is so hopeful new police chief raul diaz will address concerns in lynchburg, he is on the cover of colors virginia magazine. he says arrest rates in general impact the poor and more minorities live in poor areas. bottom line is all the studies i've ever seen show people living in poverty commit more
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people who are not. that's of little reassurance to cheatham because marijuana offenses can severely limit one's potential to rise out of poverty. you affect this person to the point where no you can't get public housing if you need it, you can't get financial aid if you need it to go to school. both chiefs diaz and broadfoot are empathetic to the consequences and agree more can be done to help first time offenders. an addiction treatment-focused drug court may be coming to lynchburg and chief broadfoot wants reforms to the state's first time offender program. they say parity for all races is the goal, but getting there isn't just a task for police. philip broadfoot, danville police chief: i think there is a desire to have more parity not only for drug charges but for all charges. a spokesperson for roanoke police says use patterns could be a factor too. the department says white people tend to consume marijuana indoors
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americans consume it outdoors. chief diaz in lynchburg also says a different approach may be slowly helping perceived injustice. a few years ago, a street crimes unit was reassigned and changes were made to increase the threshold for an officer to ask for consent to search a person or their car. a new piece of crime fighting software is helping police gather information about potential criminal suspects online. it's called beware, and the idea is to give police a heads up about who they may encounter when they respond to a call. the software assigns a threat level of red, yellow or green for people at a given address. it's unclear how the score is calculated, even to police. attorneys are also concerned about the program's ability to screen public social media posts. jessica price/ aclu attorney: "people want to be free to post on their social media without fear of government profiling or harrassment just because they did something like post criticism of the
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california are among the first in the country to use the software, and opted out of the threat system and social media screening after public backlash. but the police chief says the program is necessary because it police and citizens the first alert weather team is keeping an eye on a a light winter mix is expected overnight. the complete
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after the break areawe're just south of hillsville and legs per annum bobby lyons grabbed his fiction said it is rude but was mowed down against a half of an inch is fallen and that's about we expected the coding to about an inch and in the most extreme cases maybe two inches from this clipper right here as it rotates
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colder air in far southwest virginia the precipitation smelled like rain showers to the east of that including raleigh heading into the richmond metro area but you'll notice that is not making very much of an northward push reload the drier air here is the thing and it's also just a touch colder in southwest virginia, supporting that snow but as we look at smith county and with counting out your months to come to taper off just a little bit tech carroll county shown us snowing up for the entropy as well so did his little blast get it out of your computer models are basically putting a coating on the ground stretching from bristol to just west of roanoke and be really surprised if they become a coating makes it in the metro area temperatures are still up a little bit and it would have sprinted melting today like selah but more that came from tomorrow for tonight though little rain or snow shower action as possible from up the next two or three hours and you can see the low temperatures running anywhere
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two thirty three degrees and martinsville the temperatures novices than a story for the last few days out west really amazingly warm feeling shoot for ninety two tomorrow but the jetstream which is been buckled so far to the south allowing the arctic air to move know this is been a story for the last few days out west really amazingly warm phoenix shoot for 92 tomorrow but the jetstream which is been buckled so far to the south allowing the arctic air to move down is finally going to start back up a little bit that gets us in the seasonal temperatures in the fifties and about forty eight hours and then after that little bit above that as well you're looking at the hour by hour forecast model for wednesday and basically the snow showers continue to hang tough in the mountains of west virginia but everybody else is looking pretty good at self fly around the region agency will he got from a forty six degree high in fincastle to forty nine 49 in lynchburg under partly sunny skies for martinsville the danville at six fifty two is good to number with a little bit more the way of cloud cover and a lingering flooring maybe i wednesday in the nrb a better chance of that can happen in the highlands to store data temperature profile that's a little bit on the chilly side
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emphasize here that thursdays can be just gorgeous and the winter no starting to come up out of the south and because of that can finally see her temperatures make up up up and very comfortable bump up at that shows up under seventy planners we go from forty seven to fifty one by friday with 47 to 51 by friday with a lot of sunshine saturday and 60 is doing again on sunday only slight chance shower to help flint, michigan get through its water crisis. the local fraternal order of police donated this pallet of bottled water to be sent to folks there. the ultimate goal is to fill a semi full of water for flint by february 26th. anyone interested in donating can drop off cases at the roanoke county sheriff's office until friday. students from tanzania, africa are now getting an education here in virginia to become successful leaders back home. the city of hope organization helped move 23 students so far to the mountain mission school in grundy. today, the students traveled to the new river valley to meet with others who support their education. the kids all say this
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dream come true. esther simion/10-years old: that i can come to america to study in a school, a christian school, with the mountain so happy." ty hopkins, here is investing in them, and they take that investment back to their communities and be a positive influence there." graduate high school and many will go on to a college here in the united states. "all about the former treasury secretary larry summers thinks the u.s. should do away with the 100-dollar bill. he cites a recent harvard business school study that finds getting rid of the bill would make life tougher for tax cheats and other criminals. the report adds that eliminiting larger denomination bills would have little negative effect for legitimate commerce. tesla and radio flyer are teaming up on an electric model s for kids. pre-orders are now open and the cars will ship in may.
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between the ages of three to eight. they include "spacious interior" front of the car. it can also reach a top speed of six miles per hour. it was media day down in daytona, as we continue to get ready for the great american race. it's always a frenzy down there with nascar's drivers all over the place, but
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out. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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defending daytona 500 champ joey logano drew a crowd today at media day leading up to sunday's race. travis wells had a front row seat for all the festivities at the world center of racing. travis: joey logano's season last year began with a win here in the daytona 500, but it ended in disappointment as he came up short in his bid for a championship. as he tries to go back to back in the 500 here this week, logano was in the spotlight on media day. joey logano/ defending daytona 500 champ: maybe i'm just one of those guys that likes to look forward and doesn't take the time to look back but it's really cool that we won the that's a great
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ment. but it's last year and now. we've got to look forward. you want to have your name on that thing twice. you don't want to have it once and that's it. you want to keep adding to that. logano is proud to call himself a champ, but his boss, roger penske has refused to allow him to become complacent. joey: he has the ability to motivate people without saying a word. just because of his presence that happens when he walks into a room. you know he wants to win because you've seen him win his whole life. while the 25 year old won the 500 in just his 7th start, a win in the great american race can be elusive. several drivers will try to validate their resume on sunday. danica patrick/making fifth daytona 500 start: the older i get, the more i recognize how important history is and events that have been around for a long time. when i think of the word daytona 500, i feel like you use the word legendary because legends come out of this race. the ones that have won
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forever. so it's the history that makes things special. otherwise it's just another thing. daytona international speedway president, joie chitwood answered his share of questions tuesday morning as well, announcing that sunday's race is a complete sellout. one hundred one thousand, five hundred permanent seat tickets, although passes still remain for the infield. joie chitwood/ daytona international speedway president: it's been close to ten years since we could announce a sellout for the daytona 500 and so at 9am this morning we pushed out the release that we have sold out of stadium seating. the goal for our team as part of this rennovation was to sellout the daytona 500 and we're trending well. travis: sunday's daytona 500 will be the first big event since the daytona rising rennovation project was completed, a 400 million dollar endeavor that was two and a half years in the making. at the daytona international speedway, travis wells, wdbj7. on the basketball court, virginia has now won 8 or their last nine games. malcolm brogdon is a big part of uva's success as the hoos' leading scorer, but he also has been
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defense, keeping the acc's top scorer, nc state's cat barber, in check last night. tony bennett, virginia head coach: "when malcolm's right, he just has a way about him defensively, when he's efficient offensively, letting the game come, but then being aggressive, he's just a heck of a player." malcolm brogdon, virginia guard. "definitely get excited about playing a very good offensive player, because it's a test for yourself. anybody that takes pride in their defense, wants to test themselves every night against the best competition. i wanted to test myself, and really try to step up to the challenge." that's your look at
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sculptures have made their way to an exhibit inside a botanical garden in california. a fox, rabbit, hummingbird, and rose make up a total of 27 sculptures, all made out of lego bricks. the springtime exhibit opens to the public on friday. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thanks for watching your hometown news leader,
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