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tv   Mornin  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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mornin' newsmakers, a live power outage update from appalachian power spokesperson teresa hall. good morning, it's just after 6 o'clock on wednesday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. skies turn partly sunny today with a high around 47. we'll see 60s by the weekend.
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police officer who's facing child pornography charges will get a chance to leave jail before his case goes to trial. a judge agreed to release brian mcalexander on a 20-thousand dollar bond. mcalexander was month when a grand jury indicted him on six felony counts of possessing child pornography. a hearing in his case is scheduled for friday. big changes for blacksburg's planned parenthood. a representative says it's now referring new and current patients to roanoke for medical services because it won't be provided at the center anymore. the blacksburg location is instead, focusing on community outreach and educational programs. read more about the decision on
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prosecutors charged a northern virginia man with perjury in connection with a bedford county murdercase. contest" plea to perjury yesterday. prosecutors say at two separate times, he knowingly gave false testimony when asked about the disappearance of lyon, two girls who maryland shopping mall in 19-75. trying to protect his welch, who is also charged with perjury in the case. engleking faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted at a hearing june 7th. ((cold toss to leo)) re youit is lunacy sunshine warming temperatures a we can continue with the snow melt but still we are finding some flooding concerns in around the region so just keep an eye out for that average high this time beard upper forties to near fifty
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average low around 30 record high seventy two nowhere near that record low nowhere near that you do so good news there rain so far this month three. six inches six. six inches per year that gives is two inches of rainfall surplus at this point time we have thirty six roanoke thirty four around smith mountlake thirty three danville a chilly twenty six hot springs twenty eight bluefield 31 with bill and 32 in galax there's a little remnant moisture from that clipper system that quickly exited to the north and the east now as it see those clouds breaking up leading to partly sunny conditions and a few snow showers in the mountains but don't forget flood warnings do continue along the dan river in danville's paces south boston and also the roanoke river as he head over toward randolph most of it on the minor side maybe a little moderate flooding along the roanoke river in randolph all that should improve over the next 24 to forty eight hours heading out on your bike be careful still finding some slick spots temperatures in the thirties we will be
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40s. even some upper 40s low 50s down toward the south side later today one front exits clipper system exits week little disturbance will bring a few snow showers to the mountains here you go ronald fincastle lexington smith mountlake boones mill rocky mount mid upper forties partly sunny lynchburg loving stint appomattox upper forties to near fifty gretna danville south boston upper forties to low fifties and he can see as you travel through the new er valley southwest radford with bill marion all in the upper thirties to low forties up toward the highlands greenbrier valley west virginia can't loud a snow shower temperatures in the thirties and low forties seven day planner thursday friday look nice cooler 40s and to near 50 saturday and sunday right around sixty to sixty one degrees overnight lows upper 30s to nea away unharmed after a tree fell on their mobile home. wanda morgan's grandson was sleeping on the couch and then all of a sudden a tree fell on the house.
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like a frieght train and then a big boom. they do not have her son and friends are helping to remove as much wanda morgan/homeowner: "someone could have been hurt really that tree should have fell all the way down. in the same area, power lines and wind station overhang. officials say it could people in henry county get their power back. officials want to make sure you're until the power comes back on. experts say the best thing to do is wear layers of clothing. also, use battery powered candles instead of real ones. if you use real candles, you should keep it at least 12 inches away from anything that could burn. you never put gasoline into a kerosine heater and never use a generator indoors. that puts you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. experts also say to never burn charcoal indoors or use your oven as a source of heat. tiffany bradbury: it's important because we never think fire is going to happen to
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along a normal day and nothing's going to happen so we want people to be armed with this knowledge so they can keep themselves and their families safe, because we don't want to come out to a house fire, especially in temperatures like this. we have more heat safety tips on wdbj7 dot-com. just because the roads look clear doesn't mean there might not be some icy spots. we'll have all your latest traffic alerts, next in your i- hometown traffic report. hopefully your car survived this most recent winter storm, but if not you may be able to file a claim. we're live with an agent to see what's covered and what's not covered. that's coming up
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sunny skies today. an accident is causing problems on route 24 in bedford
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one eastbound lane is closed near harveys creek road. there's also a stalled vehicle on mountain pass road in botetourt county. that road is completely blocked in both directions near laymantown road. the ice is still an issue today for some areas. a fallen tree is blocking route two-20 north in botetourt county near old fincastle road. also in that county, lee highway is closed at bryant road because of a downed tree. we're seeing some flooding in pittsylvania and bedford counties as well. a half dozen secondary roads are closed there. this is a live look at i-64 in covington from a virginia department of transportation camera. some slick spots on the highways, but they are looking good for the most part. as we thaw out from the winter storm, some people are dealing with the damage it left behind.. many trees fell on cars in parking lots, driveways and on the street. but are you covered by insurance if that happens? wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live this morning in roanoke
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good morning shayne. good morning kimberly. talk about a good way to ruin the beauty of having a day off to relax or play in the snow with family. many people saw damage from this storm to their cars. david via with us this morning is an insurance agent. david w saw some pictures of tree limbs that ended up on top of cars, and there's the chance of garage or carport collapse as well, what's covered for that? diving in the snow can be tough, if i crash my car just by myself no other vehicles involved because of the snow am i covered? what about if someone else crashes into me because of the snow? what about if a plow hits my car, who is
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covered for that? diving in the snow can be tough, if i crash my car just by myself no other vehicles involved because of the snow am i covered? what about if someone else crashes into me because of the snow? what about if a plow hits my car, who is responsible? kimberly coming up in the next half hour we'll take a lot at who is responsible if you slip and fall on ice or
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lot or on a side walk. if you get caught with marijuana in virginia, you can face some serious charges. but it seems that one group of people are being arrested at a higher rate than any other. coming up after the break, we'll take a look at who's being targeted and what
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say about it. nd cloudswill looking out live through relay and stadium toward the virginia tech campus in blacksburg quiet conditions this morning maybe had a couple snow showers rain showers moved through late last night with the clipper system right now thirty two degrees west wing to eight miles an hour so feels like it's twenty five so is you heading out about you want to dress accordingly. but we should be warming up a bit as we head through the day remnant moisture from the clipper system quickly exiting
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mix of sun and clouds today do notice a few snow showers to our northwest that will try to drive through as we make our way through the afternoon mainly in the mountains of west virginia so far this month of this year we've had or this winter we got twenty two inches of snow last winter we had twenty one. two inches an average winter for the roanoke valley 18 a half inches so far january we had 13 a half inches this month we have a half inches is that it time will tell you forecast numbers today mid upper 40s mid 40s thursday friday back up to near fifty degrees and you notice with the forecast model other than the snow showers in ski country we are looking nice and quiet everyone sees that dryer air moving in thursday and friday you forecast across the area partly sunny with a mountain snow shower temperatures up into the thirties and forties maybe a couple low fifties toward martinsville and danville tonight partly cloudy chilly lows dropping back into the twenties for everyone and
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day planner mid 40s, thursday nearing 50 on friday both days mostly sunny. same story saturday but saturday will be closing in on sixty one degrees and a couple stray customers in virginia without power this morning. in this week's newsmakers, we're talking with that company's spokesperson teresa hall. she joins us by phone this morning. kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7 :tere sa, at the height of the outages there were about 50- thousand customers without power.... how do you feel about the progress crews have made so far? kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: any time frame for when
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everyone? kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: how does the company deternine which areas to work on restoring power first? kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: what is the most challenging thing about this particular storm? kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: if you have an outage,
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to report it? teresa, thank you so
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this morning. across the nation, more african- americans are being arrested at a higher rate than their overall population. if that was also southwest and central virginia. chris hurst found out, and explains how departments hope to change the numbers. council to address of drug charges, police chief philip broadfoot took it philip broadfoot, danville police chief: and that's why we acted when we did. we had a citizen who came to council and said this is a problem. in 2014, he had a light duty officer spend weeks going over the paperwork for each drug charge for the year before. he wanted to know: were his officers targeting african-americans more than whites? philip broadfoot, danville police chief: we could find no institutional bias in the danville police department for that disparity. we could not find any reason for the disparity but the location where the officer was and what the assignment was. in danville, about
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and half is african-american. but blacks make up nearly three quarters of all marijuana arrests. wdbj7 compiled numbers for pot posession arrests for every law enforcement agency in the viewing area from 2012 to 2014 most had higher numbers of african-americans arrested when compared to overall demographics. the largest gaps were in our three largest cities: danville, roanoke and lynchburg. it's no reason when the population is so different in lynchburg. lynchburg naacp president gerald cheatham is not suprised at the data and wonders if some kind of bias is at play. gerald cheatham, president lynchburg naacp: clearly you have got to look at some human behavior as to why that happens. that can't be all objective like something stupid like standing on the street puffing on a joint. those areas where we recieve the highest number of calls for service are the places where we have the highest
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community is so hopeful new police chief raul diaz will address concerns in lynchburg, he is on the cover of colors virginia magazine. he says arrest rates in general impact minorities live in poor areas. studies i've ever seen poverty commit more people who are not. that's of little reassurance to cheatham because marijuana offenses can severely limit one's potential to rise out of poverty. you affect this person to the point where no you can't get public housing if you need it, you can't get financial aid if you need it to go to school. both chiefs diaz and broadfoot are empathetic to the consequences and agree more can be done to help first time offenders. an addiction treatment-focused drug court may be coming to
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chief broadfoot wants reforms to the state's first time offender program. they say parity for all races is the goal, but getting there isn't just a task for police. philip broadfoot, danville police chief: i think there is a desire to have more parity not only for drug charges but for all charges. chris hurst, wdbj7 a spokesperson for roanoke police says use patterns could be a factor too. the department says white people tend to consume marijuana indoors while more african- americans consume it outdoors. chief diaz in lynchburg also says a different approach may be slowly helping perceived injustice. a few years ago, a street crimes unit was reassigned and changes were made to increase the threshold for an officer to ask for consent to search a person or their car. if you're looking for the latest and greatest toys, the toy fair in new york city is the place to be. just ahead, why it's not just the high tech toys that are getting the most attention. and, there's a new top dog in this year's westminster dog show.
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toy makers are showing off their latest creations at the 113th annual toy fair in new york. the toys are continuing to get more high-tech.
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toy allows kids to use their mind to control a game. sot- two shot) (kc) what they're thinking happens over here? (hf) well what happens these sensors that are on my ears and behind my forehead will pick up my beta brain waves as i'm thinking about moving the holograms within the force trainer low-tech toys are also making a comeback. this year, family board games are a big hit, whether it's brand new games, or a new take on the old classics. industry experts say this could be because now more than ever, people need a break from the tv set and the computer. the westminster kennel club has a new best in show. a three-year-old german shorthaired pointer named c-j is this year's big winner. the competition started with almost three-thousand dogs from 199 different breads. only seven of those made it to the final round. seven new breeds were also added to this year's competition. now c-j will head out on a whirlwind
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donald trump is fending off a direct attack from president obama, just days before south carolina's republican primary. plus, who the latest polls show is leading in both the republican and democratic races. a judge says apple needs to help the fbi unlock a cell phone belonging to one of the san bernardino attackers. we'll tell you whether the technology giant plans to cooperate. and potential criminals should beware of a new piece of crime fighting software. why some attorneys
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social media posts. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. as the south carolina primary inches closer, a new c-n-n/o-r-c poll shows that donald trump is ahead in
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as don champion reports, on the democratic side, hilary clinton has a significant lead over bernie sanders. donald trump took aim at president obama in south carolina tuesday night.... moments after the commander-in-chief said this: (sot obama) "i continue to believe that mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people." (sot trump) "you're lucky i didn't run last time when romney ran because you would've been a one-term president." trump still commands a double-digit lead in south carolina. yesterday he and marco rubio bashed rival ted cruz for being dishonest: (sot trump) "i've never seen a human being lie so much. he lies about everything." (sot rubio) he didn't tell the truth about ben carson in iowa. he's not telling the truth about my position on marriage." the texas senator fired back: (sot cruz) they don't respond on substance they just scream liar liar liar. on the democratic side - hillary clinton is trying to maintain a lead in south carolina. tuesday, she and bernie sanders courted minority voters. (sot clinton) it's not enough for your economic plan to be break up
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generations of under investment and neglect. (sot sanders) we need to provide substantial help to hbcus that have done a great job. democrats hold their primary in south carolina a week from this saturday. don champion cbs news. president barrack obama says he'll choose but republicans say they'll block his choice. the controversy over who will replace former supreme court justice antonin scalia has boiled over just days after his death. he died saturday during a hunting trip. president obama plans to nominate a replacement. but republicans insist the next president should be the one to do it. (chris "it could play into this as obstructionists. this isn't the first time this government shutdown, debt ceiling." republicans technically are but it could be bad pope francis continues his journey
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mexican border. today he will hold mass in juarez, which is only about fifty yards away from the border with texas. it's costing mexico an estimated 10- million dollars to host the pope, and some people are complaining. a new twitter hashtag "i don't want the pope to come" has surfaced, and one person said the money should instead be spent on education, health, and employment. ((cold toss w/stinger)) g oneyes sixties by the weekend but of course the snow melt all the rain we had yesterday still finding some minor flooding in some spots will get that a moment 36 roanoke twenty six lexington thirty three blacksburg thirty one galax thirty three louisburg and lynchburg rainout reporting a temperature of thirty degrees agency on the radar not much going on some a few showers exiting the screen
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system moves through last evening overnight could trigger a few snow showers in rain showers but all that has now come to an and we should all end up partly sunny the exception mountains a west virginia you do have the possibility of seeing a few snow showers driving in your direction but because of all that heavy snow and heavy rain we had yesterday we do have flooding along the dan river danville paces south boston also along the roanoke river in randolph will finding minor to moderate flooding there so just keep those areas mind other areas watch out for ponting the water upper ponding the water on the roadways all that melting yesterday snow still covers a lot of those drains a my finding that forty two by lunchtime this afternoon coming in around forty seven degrees deftly warming up there goes one frontal boundary relatively quiet today but a little system will bring a couple snow showers to the mountains of west virginia even there those week hit or miss but if you're heading out on the slopes might see a snow shower later on today ronald made upper forties with a mix of sun and clouds had over toward bedford appomattox
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forties to near fifty i am southern areas charlotte courthouse south boston danville gretna area 50. through the non-southern areas charlotte courthouse south boston danville gretna upper 40s low 50s with partly sunny skies newer valley southwest upper thirties low to mid forties a mix of sun and clouds and up toward the highlands greenbrier valley west virginia monterey marling ten louisburg maybe a snow shower today hot springs coming to new castle in the thirties and low forties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner mid forties on thursday fifty on friday and check out the weekend saturday and sunday right around sixty sixty one degrees and then later next week we start to cool back down just a bit but overall not all that bad their relationship. u-s airlines can now apply for as many as 100-flights a day to the caribbean destination. starting yesterday, airlines now have 15-days to submit requests to the transporation department. new flights could start as early as this fall. the government has also allowed an american company
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it will be the first u-s factory to be built and operated in that country in more than 50 years. the investigation into the el faro sinking is now under way in florida. there will be 10 days of coast guard hearings, which will be streamed online. the cargo ship sank in october on the way to puerto rico when it sailed into the path of a hurricane. all 33 crew members were killed. the coast guard captain aims to find out what really happened in the incident. last week the national transportation safety board said it will begin a new search for el faro's data recorder in april. a judge has ordered apple to help the fbi unlock a cell phone. it belongs to syed farook, one of the people responsible for the san bernardino terrorist attack. he and his wife are accused of opening fire at a holiday party last december, killing 14 people. the two were later killed in a shoot-out with police. the fbi has said experts have tried to unlock the phone for two months without success. apple plans to fight the ruling. for the first time ever, a case against
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trial in arizona. abdul kareen is accused of providing material support to isis. officials also connected his to a terrorist plot in texas last year. opening statements in the case are expected to start today. the company interested in merging with norfolk southern says it will ask federal regulators for preliminary approval of the structure of its proposed takeover. canadian pacific ceo hunter harrison says the railroad is doing this because shareholders of both companies recommended it. canadian pacific has proposed installing harrison as norfolk southern ceo while the deal is reviewed. one reason why norfolk southern has rejected canadian pacific's offers, which have been upwards of 30-billion dollars, remained grossly inadequate. a new piece of crime fighting software is helping police gather information about potential criminal suspects online. it's called beware, and the idea is to give police a heads up about who they may encounter when they respond to a call. the software assigns a threat level of red, yellow or green for people at a given address.
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even to police. attorneys are also concerned about the program's ability to screen public social media posts. jessica price/ aclu attorney: "people want to be free to post on their social media without fear of government profiling or harrassment just because they did something like post criticism of the police." police in frenso, california are among the first in the country to use the software, and opted out of the threat system and social media screening after public backlash. but the police chief says the program is necessary because it helps keep both police and citizens safe. former treasury secretary larry summers says america should get rid of the one- hundred dollar bill. he says eliminating the bill would make things more difficult for criminals and people who cheat taxes. he also refers to a study that says taking away higher value bills wouldn't affect legitimate business. the study also calls for the removal of u-k's 50 pound note, the one-thousand swiss franc note, and the 500 euro note beyonce's super
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continues to stir up controversy. the show appeared to be a tribute to malcom x, the black panthers, and symbols of black power. one group, proud of blues, planned a protest against the performance for yesterday. the group leaders asked people who were insulted by her performance to come and wear blue in support of the police. the protest didn't happen, but several beyonce supporters were there. if you suffer from allergies or asthma, there may be a new solution to your problems. what's known as salt therapy is growing in popularity across the country. salt rooms, like this one in little rock, arkansas, are filled from floor to ceiling with all-natural salt. clear salt covers the walls, rock salt is used on the floors and pharmaceutical- grade sodium chloride is pumped into the air using a salt-generator. the rooms are considered a natural alternative for people suffering from a variety of respiratory, as well as skin conditions. one man with breathing problems says 45 minutes in the salt room at least once a day has drastically changed his life. it's quiet, it's relaxing, and it's healthy (laughs)
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always best to consult your doctor before trying new forms of therapy. the food and drug administration is recommending u.s. blood banks refuse donations from people who have travelled to countries where the zika virus is active in the last four weeks the agency also recommends turning away donors who may have had sexual contact with someone who has traveled to a zika- affected country in the last three months. the recommendations follow similar measures by the red cross, which has asked travelers to wait at least 28 days before donating. researchers in seattle may have made a new breakthrough in cancer treatments. they announced a new kind of treatment this week based on immuno- therapy. that helps immune systems fight off cancer cells in a way that's similar to fighting a virus. in the new treatment, doctors take white blood cells from cancer patients, genetically modify them, then put them back in the patient to multiply. one study showed that the therapy eliminated all symptoms in 94 percent of
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acute lymphoblastic leukemia. you'll want to look out for some icy spots on the roads. and there's an accident in bedford county we'll let you know about in your latest i-hometown traffic report, next. the winter storm has moved out of town but the damage it left behind is still being cleaned up. coming up next on wdbj-7 mornin, find out what resources are available to help you clean up and see if you qualify for
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the damage. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time...
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it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? 47. we'll see 60s by the weekend. we're keeping an eye on an accident on route 24 in
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one eastbound lane is closed near harveys creek road. mountain pass road in botetourt county is also blocked in both directions near laymantown road because of a stuck vehicle. the ice is still an issue today for some areas. a fallen tree is blocking route two-20 north in botetourt county near old fincastle road. also in that county, lee highway is closed at bryant road because of a downed tree. flooding has a half dozen secondary roads closed now in pittsylvania and bedford counties. we're looking live at i-581 in roanoke from wdbj7's mill mountain camera. the highways are but you may run into now that this winter storm has moved out of our area many people are thankful they made it through without any damage. but there are plenty of others who weren't so lucky, and are now dealing with quite the headache. un-lucky ones, do you know what insurance covers? wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live in roanoke with an insurance agent this morning
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your policy. shayne, has this agent been busy? good morning garrett, this agent has been semi busy, but there are others who are much much busier. david via with me this morning an agent here in the roanoke valley. david, when it comes to insurance you obviously pay for things that haven't happened yet. with this storm over what should people be thinking about when signing their next policy? if you sustained damage and you realized your policy didn't cover it, so you decide to up your policy after it already happened. is that a thing you can do? what happens if you don't have the right coverage? if you slip and fall on your own sidewalk or someone else's sidewalk is there any
6:44 am
this? the old debate my neighbor's tree fell on my house, whose insurance has to pay for it? garrett an kimberly all things to keep in mind, and just remember to be careful even though the storm has already moved out so you don't have to file any new claims if you don't otherwise have to.
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what's trending on facebook this morning. south dakota is a big talker this morning. the state became the first to pass an anti-transgender student restroom bill. -------- great falls, montana is trending as well. according to police, a neighbor made a 911 call saying she heard someone screaming about having a gun. once the police arrived, they found a whole family safe just watching television with the windows open. police later found out the family was watching "the walking dead" --the popular amc drama series about zombies among other things. and finally republican presidential candidate jeb bush is trending too. on social media, he shared a photo of a
6:46 am
birthdays for 2/17 (wednesday) kaliyah green - dublin - 6 madison weise - bastian - 13 elijah & isaac blanton - nathalie - 1 dyllan taylor - galax - 22 amy jo-lee spencer - oak level nancy nelson - hardy - 78 mallory peroulas - roanoke - 8 stephanie wyatt - martinsville - 15 amelia aldridge - 11 chris conner - roanoke karson st. john - riner - 4 eddie morris - check - 51 robert wayne carter - blacksburg christopher switzer - salem - 1 eden webb - 1 janice taylor brent hines - collinsville nancy jo quinn - max meadows - 6 andrew hiner - thaxton - 11 scott entsminger - roanoke - 29 rosa randolph - 69 faye bollings - rocky mount hunter levi - radford - 4 john & valerie swanson - martinsville - 26th anniversary greg & ellen
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life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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isare temperature starting off in the twenties and thirties across the area thirty six roanoke up toward new york city thirty seven
6:49 am
six chicago would in new orleans coming in at fifty four degrees head over toward covington clifton middle school thirty four degrees dew. twenty six feels like it's thirty four because we have a very light breeze in around the region we do have a clipper system comes through late yesterday overnight brought couple snow showers in rain showers all that has now moved on we will end up partly to mostly sunny depending on your location but if you look really close see little bit away right there couple snow showers that will be drifting into the mountains of west virginia as he had later this afternoon will be surprised by that were flood warning we have a river flood warning along the dan river south boston paces danville mopes that on the minor side but is you had over toward south boston crescent about five to five and a half feet above flood stage roanoke riverhopefully the next 48 hours everything should get back to normal hour by hour fitness forecast heading out
6:50 am
much going on sunrise 707 sunset at 601 with highs in the forties forecast model keeps those snow showers going up toward ski country the rest of us not much going on tonight even the snow showers fall part and everyone should see gorgeous conditions thursday and friday you forecast across the area partly sunny with those mountains snow showers temperatures in the thirties and forties a little bit warmer down toward the south side tonight partly cloudy lows drop back down into the twenties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner were back to fifty on friday look at saturday customers without power in virginia this morning. the warmer weather helped frozen power lines thaw. but the ice made trees and branches fall, causing most of the outages. appalachian power crews have been out trying to fix all the problems they know about. a spokesperson with the company says repairs will continue today, and asks that people be as patient as possible. temperatures are supposed to get a little warmer today, but officials want to make sure you're safe and comfortable
6:51 am
comes back on. experts say the best thing to do is wear layers of clothing. also, use battery powered candles instead of real ones. if you use real candles, you should keep it at least 12 inches away from anything that could burn. you never put gasoline into a kerosine heater and never use a generator indoors. we have more heat safety tips on wdbj7 dot-com. new this morning we are waiting on information about a house fire in bedford this morning. these are pictures a viewer on facebook sent us. according to that viewer, people were inside, but were able to get out ok. stay with wdbj7 and wdbj7-dot-com for more information we're learning why prosecutors charged a northern virginia man with perjury in connection with a bedford county murder case. leslie engleking entered a "no contest" plea to perjury yesterday. prosecutors say he knowingly gave false testimony when asked about the disappearance of katherine and sheila lyon, two girls who went missing from a maryland shopping mall in 19-75. they say he was trying to protect his
6:52 am
welch, who is also charged with perjury in the case. engleking faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. a new poll shows that donald trump and hillary clinton are leading in their respective races, as the south carolina primaries get closer. the cnn/orc poll shows that trump still has a double digit lead in the state. yesterday he and marco rubio went after ted cruz for being dishonest in his campaign. on the dempcratic side, clinton is just trying to hold onto her lead over bernie sanders. the republican primary is this weekend, and the democrats will go to the polls the
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rain & snow showers last night will lead to partly sunny skies today.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 17th, 2016.
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a judge orders apple to help the fbi unlock the phone of a san bernardino killer. ceo tim cook fired back overnight saying he will resist. president obama predict donald trump will not be the next president. the billionaire takes it as a compliment. and can we trust driverless cars to make moral and life saving decisions? peter greenberg goes for a ride to find out. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. >> president obama takes a swing at donald trump. >> for him to say that is a great compliment. you're lucky i didn't run last time when romney ran because you would have been a one-term president. >> he doesn't stop talking. it's not what he says but the fact he says it louder and louder and louder! rah rah rah! >> apple will find a land dog mark court order to help the fbi hack into a iphone left by one of the san bernardino shooters.
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