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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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raleigh court many residents are service to be restored. joe, what's happening there this afternoon? kimberly, a contractor from chatanooga, tennessee has set up near the intersection of brandon avenue and grandin road. and it appears the linemen have plenty neighborhood. . employees of a tree service removed limbs from the path as the linemen from tennessee prepared to get busy with their repairs. like a lot of other appalachian customers in the region, people in this neighborhood lost power very early tuesday morning. and they were thrilled to see the trucks arrive. carol furlong/roanoke resident: oh i was so happy i went over and took their pictures and tlked to them for a while to try to get an estimated time for when it's coming back on. and what did they tell you? they wouldn't. he said you're not going to make a liar out of me. it's difficult to predict
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be restored here, because it's not just a one transformer job here. and as crews take care of the larger outages, a repair might restore 12 customers instead of 12-hundred. so there's plenty of work ahead before everyone has power again. live in roanoke joe dashiell wdbj7 thousands of people in our area are on day two of no power, and they want to know when it's coming back. appalachian power's teresa hall joins us now by phone, with some answers. good afternoon, teresa. kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: first, let's get the updated number of power outages, and which areas are still the most affected/ kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: it seems that the roanoke valley metro area has had the biggest chunk of outages since the beginning...why do you think that is? kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: as people are waiting for their power to come back on, are there any things that
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kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: if you do have an outage, do you just need to notify apco once, or
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checking in with the company? it's now been nearly 24 hours since the winter storm left town but just like the power companies, people are still cleaning up. power lines and trees caused a lot of the problems. damage to a house from those causes is generally covered in homeowner's policies. if you made it through this event with no damage, now
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ahead of future storms. (david via/insurance agent):"it's just taking the time to review it before the storm comes in because there are so many variables with insurance it's a matter of just making the time to review it, do i have the right coverage for my roof, do i have the right coverage for my home, do i have the right coverage for my auto." if you were unlucky enough to have a tree fall on your car, you're typically covered if you have full coverage, but not if you only have liability. it's best to check with your agent first to see what your policy covers. forecastdimly quiet weather definitely returning to the area some isolated spots last night can see by this picture had that clipper system will do that we talked trigger some snow showers in around the area this front from glaze broke sent in by bobby lyons great picture their by half-inch other areas had a couple rain showers
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about it. you can see it right here that's that clipper system and a kind a quickly race up to the north and east and that continue to move away from our region and now were just seeing increasing sunshine mainly partly sunny is maker way through the afternoon but you do notice as he had back toward the mountains a west virginia starting to get more the way of some clouds rolling through you could actually gets and snow showers as we head through the afternoon and evening. not a lot of moisture minute or two maybe heading out for the ski areas in pocahontas county might see through the air there keep that in mind east a the mountains nothing going on so as we head through the afternoon partly mostly sunny depending on your location highs in the low to mid forties as he head toward tonight partly mostly clear lows drop back down into the twenties and kimberly over the next several days will have a major warm up will to how warm we get in my first alert forecast. it will proceeds from "salem strong" t- shirts have raised more than 5 thousand dollars for the adam ward memorial scholarship. grant smythers, one of adam's former teachers at salem high school and the driving force behind
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presented a check to the salem educational foundation scholarship in adam's name. the total amount for the adam ward memorial scholarship is near 80 thousand dollars. you can find information about how to donate to scholarships in honor of adam as well as wdbj7's alison parker on our website, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire early this morning in bedford county. the 9-1-1 call came in around 4-15 this morning for the home on shepherds store road, about 15 minutes south of bedford. the fire chief says the fire started in the garage and then quickly spread to the attic. crews were still working on hot spots nearly four hours later and had to truck in water because there are no hydrants in the area. the red cross is assisting the family find somewhere else to stay. bedford's historic main street is getting some help from the state. governor mcauliffe says bedford is one of several historic virginia downtowns that will receive a portion of more than 100 thousand dollars in grants to help with revitalization. the money is
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meanwhile, building other virginia communites, including altavista, will divide up more dollars in grants to for unused buildings. grants will "provide a needed boost" to communities across the state. new at noon, apple's c-e-o says his company will fight a federal judge's ruling that apple has to help the fbi hack into the cellphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino shooters. as mark albert reports, there's a concern that that could open the door for hackers to break into other devices. . (pkg) federal investigators say syed farook and tafsheen malik carefully rampage which killed 14 people in san couple's whereabouts leading up to the attack and who they spoke with (sot: james comey/fbi 2016) killer's have not been able to open. it's been over two months now, we're still working on it"
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f-b-i hack into one of the shooters encrypted iphone. (standup: mark albert/cbs news/washington, d.c.) every iphone has an optional "auto erase" feature which erases the device if too many incorrect passwords are attempted. apple would have to figure out a way to disable that feature so investigators can attempt an unlimited number of passcodes in order to unlock the phone. (gfx) in an online letter to its ceo tim cook says "the us government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create. they have asked us to build a backdoor to the iphone." cook explained the problem with that in a 60 minutes interview with charlie rose last year. (sot: tim cook/apple ceo/courtesy: 60 minutes) "the reality is if you put a backdoor in, that backdoor is for everybody, the good guys and the bad guys. " apple has five days to file an appeal... which could end up going all the way to the supreme court. mark albert for cbs news, washington. an emotional return to the concert stage in paris for california rock band, eagles of death metal. the band performed last night, just over three months after the armed attack at their last show in the french capital. the show on
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hall turned into a deadly scene, when islamic extremist suicide bombers launched one of armed police guarded entrances to the show, while concert-goers went and body searches before entering. coverage of the pope's visit to pope francis will become the first pope to visit the us- mexican border. people on both sides have spent the past two months preparing for the holy father's historic visit . as adriana diaz reports, not everyone is happy he's there. pope francis will celebrate mass before hundreds of thousands in juarez later today, about fifty yards from the border with el paso texas. (bishop oscar cantu/las cruces, nm) the plan is after mass he will walk up to the fence to offer a personal prayer to migrants. on tuesday, the pope displayed a rare show of anger. he scolded an admirer after the person pulled his robe so hard that the pope nearly fell down on a child in a wheel chair. francis told the person twice, not to be selfish.
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addressed 45 thousand young people in morelia. (nat up es dificil sentir la riquesa cuando ( perdida de amigos, o de familiares en manos de narco trafico, drogas, criminales que .. terror) the pope said he knows its hard for youth to feel valued when they've lost so many loved ones to drug violence reminiscent of a rock concert, one person shouted "we love you pope francis" nat - "te amamos papa francisco!!" pope - gracias (bridge - adriana diaz / mexico city) but not everyone is happy that the pope is here, some call the visit a diversion. ad: how many ppl do you think are unhappy with the pope here, 10 percent, 20 percent? sot: giovanni gonzalez: no i think a little bit more, they think that the money should be in other areas the hashtag # i dont want the pope to come, has appeared on twitter. this person said the estimated 10 million dollars being spent should go to education, health, and employment. but millions of others disagree - and have embraced the pope at every turn. adriana diaz cbs news mexico city why people all over chicago are holding
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and many see it as the battle for second place. how republican presidential candidates are dealing with donald trump's strong lead going into the south
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republican focusing on south carolina today, just
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from south carolina that donald trump is staying far ahead in the polls. donald trump answered before 500 invited guests south carolina - and offered his 'get out and vote' message. (sot - trump) "did you ever hear these politicians say, "it doesn't matter who you're voting for, but you must go and vote." i don't feel that way. just go and vote if the latest shows trump ahead more one over marco rubio and ted cruz. in beaufort, rubio called for the party to unite behind one candidate. (sot - rubio) "if we're still fighting with each other in september, have a spirited primary, but it has to end at some point, bring us together." (standup bridge:) furthest behind donald trump in the poll is jeb bush. three town hall meetings today to try to win over south carolina republicans. the former florida governor told voters to ask themselves a question. (sot) "who has the leadership skills that have been bested so that you know that person has the steady hand to deal with the challenges going ted cruz, marco rubio and ben carson will face off in a town hall tonight, with jeb bush,
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doing the same tomorrow. craig boswell, cbs news, bluffton, south carolina. it's not a "sit- in," but a walk- in that's happening at nearly 200 schools across chicago. students, parents, and teachers are staging a series of "walk-in" demonstrations to protest budget cuts by chicago public school leaders. the chicago teachers union says the protests are part of a national demonstration to show support for public schools. supporters meet before school to rally before walking in together, and then breaking up so that students can go to class. at what's hot on wdbj7-dot-com. are being arrested on higher rate than their overall population. wdbj7's chris hurst sat down with police and lynchburg's n- double-a-c-p president to find out what's going on. the alleghany county community is taking to social media to express sadness since "granny" averill died. alpha averill just celebrated her one hundred and ninth birthday. and just for fun, you can head to
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photos of the westminster kennel
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forecastlooking out across the roanoke valley toward interstate five eighty one starting to see the grass arty come through as the snow melts away, temperatures warming up seeing a mix of sun and clouds locally arty 43 in roanoke 48 lynchburg forty nine around smith mountlake danville fifty degrees 50 46 martinsville 37 with bill thirty six louisburg back toward the mountains a west virginia parts the highlands can't loud a couple snow showers today very light you still could see a few flurries flying through the air the rest of us will does have those clouds streaming through from time to time more sunshine as he head down toward the south side don't forget still flood warnings along the dan river easy head toward paces south boston and
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in randolph the dan river in danville that has receded below flood stage were were finding some moderate flooding with the potential roanoke river in randolph latest observation twenty two 22.7 feet. flood stages at 21 feet should crescent twenty four to happy by thursday morning and then things improve their as he head over toward the dan the dan river south boston flood stage nineteen should creston still little bit higher and that to will start to receive by tomorrow morning dan river paces your latest observation nineteen four feet see your below flood stage but should creston about two tenths of a foot above flood stage so very minor flooding there and the dan river already fallen below flood stage or sixteen. eight feet flood stage is at seventeen feet you were at seventeen. three feet that was to crest earlier this 16.8 feet. flood stage is at 17 feet you were at 17.3 feet that was to crest earlier this morning your already receding so some good news there would in and up partly sunny skies today temperature mid upper forties even some lower fifties not out of the question toward the south side we are seeing a little moisture driving to the mountains of west virginia
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cloudy chilly temperatures dropping back down into the twenties by tomorrow morning and then as you head for your thursday couple clouds here and there but the dry air really pumps in we should end up mostly sunny thursday friday into saturday severe you go you forecast across the roanoke valley pure thursday mid forties or so down toward bedford lynchburg appomattox mid to upper forties mopes lease sunny upper 40s toward the south side through parts of the new river valley southwest will have temperatures pretty much in the low to mid forties with a good amount of sunshine with bill forty 45 highlands greenbrier valley, west virginia will have a few more fairweather clouds still fairly nice but chilly temperatures in the thirties and forties but by the weekend lunacy ten to twenty degrees temperatures above the thirty year average as a drips stream drives up to our north will be talk my temperatures in the sixties can see that with our seven day planner fifty on friday sixty one on saturday sunday coming in at sixty degrees and it is you maker way toward early next week we
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beginning to develop we do notice tuesday temperatures start totumble over toward 42. maybe wednesday timeframe another storm system could be heading in our direction is are rain is it snow still too early to tell be weather aware stay comfortable until it comes back on. experts say the best thing to do is wear layers of clothing. also, use battery powered candles instead of real ones. if you use real candles, you should keep it at least 12 inches away from anything that could burn. you never put gasoline into a kerosine heater and never use a generator indoors. that puts you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. experts also say to never burn charcoal indoors or use your oven as a source of heat. tiffany bradbury: "it's important because we never think fire is going to happen to us. we always think we're going to go along a normal day and nothing's going to happen so we want people to be armed with this knowledge so they can keep themselves and their families safe, because we don't want to come out to a house fire, especially in temperatures like this." we have more heat
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wdbj7 dot-com. there's been a lot of talk about "cars of the future" but what's it really like to ride in a driverless vehice? we'll take you inside
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every major themselves. but researchers say there is a long way to go before these vehicles take over the road. one major hurdle is giving the cars the ability to make the right decision when faced with common sense and even moral dilemmas. peter greenberg explains. :"looks like a regular car" to see where autonomous vehicles are heading - (nats) "autonomous driving" we went for a drive with professor raj rajkumar at carnegie mellon university, where the technolgy was created over 30 years ago. (peter) "so for all those people who say will are going to be driving in a driverless car tomorrow you say?" (raj rajkumar/carnegie mellon university professor) "just wait." (nats) "the magic all happens here." because - despite all this technology and decades of research the driverless car still has a way to go. (sot-raj rajkumar/carnegie mellon university professor) "the biggest nightmare that
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this technology prematurely and the car hits a stroller." gill pratt heads the toyota research institute, (toyota handout video) a billion dollar global initiative from the manufacturer to fast track the driverless car. (peter) "how do you program in human decision making (gill pratt/toyota research institute ceo) "what you're really talking in artificial intelligence is called planning." planning for a near infinite number of ethical scenarios like this. say your car is approaching a head-on collison. to avoid the oncoming vehicle, your car can only move right because crossing the yellow line on the left is against the law. but what if there's a person - or even a group of people - to your right? (nats) back on the road at carnegie mellon, our driverless car takes a detour... (nats) "wow. you just had to take over." and professor rajkumar takes the wheel. evidence - that autonomous vehicles still have miles to go. for cbs this morning, peter greenberg.
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world for these tiny critters in australia we'll tell you how they're being welcomed to their
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points. the gold coast has welcomed yet another pair of tiny tigers. two female white tiger cubs arrived at their newly- built kindergarten at the theme park, dreamworld. it's part of an exchange program with japan. the nameless, four- month old sisters will have to stay in quarantine for several weeks, before joining fellow cubs akasha, adira and kai. the cubs will be on display to the public starting friday. sunshine returns to the area and will continue throug the weekend as temperatures warm into the 60s by
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news leader, me. that's why she broke out of fairview the night of the fire. she wanted to warn me. and when i asked her what it was that she wanted to tell me, if it had something to do with why she killed dr. anderson -- >> paul: d-dylan, look, i appreciate you looking for some reasonable explanation for what happened.
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she doesn't even remember being in dr. anderson's office. >> dylan: okay. all right. but if patty had a reason to be worried or frightened -- >> paul: she's always frightened. listen, her mind, her brain, has been attacking her for years, torturing her, turning her in to this person who does these horrible things. >> dylan: [ sighs ] >> paul: i have been where you are, trying to make sense of it, and, trust me, it cannot be done. so save yourself the misery. [ door opens ] >> dylan: ah. look who it is. >> paul: hi, you guys. >> sharon: hi. >> faith: hi! >> paul: now go spend time with your family. that's all that matters anyway, in the long run. >> dylan: hey. >> sharon: ah. >> dylan: what's going on? >> sharon: goodness. >> dylan: ohh. >> sharon: ohh. >> dylan: what's happening here? >> faith: well... >> dylan: being a handful? >> faith: yeah. he spit up on mommy twice already. >> dylan: he did? well, little man -- look at him. little man, i got a closet full of shirts. bring it on.


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