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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. watch out for black ice early otherwise we'll see mainly sunny skies and a high around 45. new this morning: the henry county sheriff's office is
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the henry county sheriff's office is looking for a missing woman. bernice proctor's car was found on old liberty drive in martinsville around 4:20 yesterday afternoon. family members told police they had not heard from her, and didn't know where she was. bloodhounds and a virginia state police helicopter were looking for her--that search will continue today. if you have any information on ms. proctor's whereabouts please call police. a man has been charged after a police chase in amherst county. lawrence crank was arrested late tuesday night. police say he led them on a chase after trespassing at riveredge park in madison heights. he was arrested after stopping his car near a home on winridge drive, and trying to get away on foot. he's being held amherst adult detention facility. and his dog are out of their home after a fire in craig county, not far from the west virginia state line. volunteer assitant chief, the house on dick's creek road is a total loss. got there last night,
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had already caved. they think the fire started in the kitchen. the man was sent to the v-a in salem to be checked out. a roanoke county firefigther says training saved his life last week. nats "activate mayday on the fire ground, a firefighter fallen through the floor" while fighting a fire last week on green hill drive, firefighter and paramedic robert mauck fell through two floors and was hanging upside down. after following standard prodecures from his own training, mauck says he was able to set himself free. minutes later, a crew came to the rescue. roanoke county firefighter and paramedic robert mauck: "i just looked up to the sky and i just thank god for letting me make it. i'm a human being like i said, it's wonderful thing, i'm a blessed man." mauck only suffered some bruising. soon though, he'll no longer be fighting fires. in two-weeks he starts his new job as roanoke county deputy fire marshal. temps a bit colder right now but the big question is when will it heat back up. here's leo with the answer.
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we can you really notice that warmth building in today tomorrow not can be bad at all we really have to wait till saturday and sunday see some of the sixties building and thirty two freezing mark roanoke twenty nine 29 around smith mountlake 21 martinsville thirty one louisburg twenty seven bluefield thirty in with bill see notice most locations are at or below freezing with that melting we had yesterday some that re- froze on the roadways of just beware that is you heading out first thing this morning satellite radar composite not much going on maybe some clouds back in the mountains but that is about it we should see a good amount of sunshine today flood warnings though do continue along the dan river over toward south boston and the roanoke river roanoke river in randolph you finding some moderate flooding but you're actually dropping off now you cressida twenty four one feet ninety down to twenty three. eight feet and twenty four fees when you consider moderate flooding so now back down toward minor flooding and will continue to receive there and a zero
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boston latest observation twenty three feet flood stages nineteen feet continuing to 19 feet continue to see minor flooding projected to crest at about half or more in the that should start to receive a later this afternoon so some good news on the flooding from there temperature by the one shower thirty nine high today topping out at forty five degrees with a light breeze high-pressure and control a weather feature well toward west not can a plane to our forecast today or tomorrow would is can and up lots of sunshine so get out and enjoy even though temperatures still a little bit on the cooler side mopes lease sunny and pleasant temperatures back up into the thirties and forties martinsville danville in the upper forties head out tonight partly cloudy once again some that snow melt will refreeze out there is temperatures drop down into the twenties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner friday saturday gorgeous 60s over the we can fifties on monday with a couple astray showers better chances a rain tuesday into wednesday temperatures again be dropping a little bit on wednesday so does that rain change over to snow time will
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outages from this week's winter storm, the utility also called on contract crews from other states to repairs as quickly as wednesday morning, employees of service electric company were working on problems in the raleigh court neighborhood in roanoke. line crews from the chattanooga-based company also visited briefly during the winter storm earlier this month. craig howard/service electric company employee: we've got a lot of crews with us this time, and i think pretty much the rest of the crews are busy as well. we're kind of spread out. there's a lot of us here. on wednesday afternoon, we caught up with another crew from kentucky, working near mount chestnut road in roanoke county. they were replacing a pole and power line that snapped during the storm. parts of roanoke's were also without power because of the storm. down trees around the zoo and lead to
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conditions for staff. workers are thankful the storm happened while the zoo was closed for its winter schedule, but the animals need 24/7 care. going forward, the zoo wants to work with the city on a solid emergency plan. lucy cook/executive director " we called out city manager yesterday and they were on top of it as much as they could be given the load that they had to deal with but i think we really hope that we can come up with some kind of regular policy." the power has been completely restored but the zoo will not re-open until tomorrow. while kids enjoyed their snow days, staff and volunteers in grayson county took advantage of the empty schools. during snow days the schools renovate and touch up parts of the building like locker rooms, bathrooms, and hallways. they even have inmates from the regional jail come in to help. superintendent kelly wilmore says the work is well worth it when he considers how it will help the school. (kelly wilmore, grayson county schools superintendent) you need to make sure
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nice and it needs to look nice for the kids and we have great kids here so they deserve a very nice school. it doesn't take a whole lot to make a place look a whole lot better, paint and lights are a huge effort. students head back to school today, but the work will continue, just around the kids. for much more on the work, click on this story on wdbj7 dot-com. this week's rough weather has taken its toll on the food supply at some local shelters. one of them is the salvation army. the salvation army feeds over 100 people a day. many of them are women and children from the domestic violence shelter, turning point. the organization needs pasta, canned goods, snacks and other items for their food pantry. social services director jamie starkey says the biggest need comes when children aren't in the classroom. "we depend on the school to provide for children when they are in school so when the children are out of school for s snow day that causes an increased need for food supply here" we have information on how to donate to the salvation army
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a crash on i-81 is causing a backup right now in wythe county. we'll hae those details in your first i-hometown traffic report is next. a new medical center in danville is really getting topped off with some help from the community. and, these buildings have a new owner after an auction we're live this morning at the taubman museum with a look at a new george washington exhibit. that's coming up later on wdbj-7
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today with highs warmer weather for the weekend. a tractor-trailer accident is causing a two-mile backup on i-81 in wythe county. all northbound lanes and one southbound lane are blocked at exit 86. there's a detour set up, but you'll want to avoid the area.
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barricaded right now. several trees that had live power lines in them fell yesterday. mason mill road is closed between hollins road and 13-th street. 13-th street is also blocked at north avenue. there's no estimate for when crews will finish working there. bridge work could slow you down this morning on i-81 in botetourt county. the northbound right lane is closed between the two route 11 exits at mile marker 165. it should re-open in about 45 minutes. signing "their" name into history. it was a big step for centra in danville and the hospital leaders invited the community to take part. over the holiday season, anyone could sign their name on two beams that were available at sam's club. yesterday afternoon, construction crews put the last beam in place during a "topping off" ceremony for the new facility on park avenue this new facility in the city will combine all it's current offices into one. daurie bussell, medical office assistant, " because it's exciting, it's a part of history, it's something that we wanted for so
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construction is scheduled to be finished this september. a public auction in danville brought out several bidders for property in the river district. this is the old sheets roofing building on loyal street yesterday, three buildings and a storage yard went up for auction. businessman william gentry outbid two representatives from the city of danville's industrial development authority for the full bid of both properties together at 295- thousand dollars. he did not tell us what his plans are for this complex but says he is investing in danville's future. "we try to find customers that will add some substance to downtown and draw people down here and come to the stores. all the stores we have draw people to the river district." gentry already owns the golden leaf bistro, loft apartments and other successful properties in the river district. the auction bids will go back to bankruptcy court for a final approval. we have an update on the adam ward memorial scholarship. proceeds from the "salem strong" t- shirts have raised more than 5
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grant smythers, who is the driving force behind the shirts, presented the check to the salem educational foundation scholarship in adam's name. smythers is also one of adam's former teachers at salem high school. the total amount for the scholarship is near 80 thousand dollars. you can find information about how to donate to the scholarship on our website. we are also remembering the life of wdbj7's alison parker. the for alison foundation is setup in her honor in the performing and visual arts. you can find more information about that at for-alison- dot-org. some much-needed improvements are coming to the boys and girls club in danville. we'll tell you where the money for the projects is coming from. and, there's some good news for people who might be thinking about starting a new
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downtown bedford. regionwill looking out live through our mill mountain camera across the roanoke
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visibility chilly though watch up from the melting yesterday so that re-froze on the roadways overnight thirty two roanoke twenty eight lynchburg twenty eight danville as he head through the new river valley blacksburg reporting thirty two degrees bristol thirty 34 charlottesville 32 washington dc at thirty four finding relatively quiet conditions on the satellite radar maybe a few fairweather clouds here and there other than that we should see good amount sunshine today so far this season how much snow we've seen ronald up to twenty two inches lynchburg sixteen danville eleven lexington around seventeen hot springs twenty eight is you maker way over toward say pure lasky nineteen 19 inches copper don't floyd county twenty six inches covington twenty one inches appomattox had about eighteen inches so far could we see more next week time will tell today nothing like that worry about just lots of sunshine temperatures topping out low to mid forties as he had later this afternoon back down into the twenties tonight high-pressure and control as we head toward the we can get
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saturday and sunday both days looks i temperatures will be hovering right around sixty to sixty one today mopes lease sunny a pleasant afternoon again will continue would that snow melt as your highs top out in the mid forties plus and minus a few degrees as you head out tonight partly cloudy thin be on the chilly side lows drop back into the mid twenties and is you check i you first alert wtvj seven day planner fifty on the mid 40s plus and minus a few degrees is you had out tonight partly cloudy thin be on the chilly side lows drop back into the mid 20s and is you check i you first alert wtvj seven day planner 50 on friday 61 saturday and sunday monday maybe astray shower tuesday better chances some rain could and is and snow showers on wednesday of course time will tell there is temperatures, plummet back down into the 30s and low gym floor thanks for the danville lions club. that organization along with the danville community foundation announced a large capital improvement grant to repair the gym and the roof. the community foundation says working with donors to be able to help area youth makes it all worth while. debra dodson, the community foundation of the dan river region, executive director , "who are all trying to
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this community get stronger. and not just for this generation but for generations and generations." the danville community foundation provides 43 different scholarships opportunities students yearly . in 2016-2017, a new scholarship will be aviable for students going into the health field. for more information go to wdbj7 dot com money from richmond is flowing into bedford's downtown. the virginia main street program is giving the town a 20- thousand dollar grant. bedford main street will use the money to offer zero-interest loans to people who want to operate or expand a business downtown. matching amounts will come from the town and county, bringing the total amount of funding for the program to around 40-thousand. jim messier/bedford main street president: "ultimately what we're looking for is a downtown with 100 percent capacity, beautiful buildings, and thousands of people coming to shop." bedford isn't the only town getting money. virginia main street awarded grants totaling 150- thousand dollars
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(al-tuh) altavista is getting 10-thousand to renovate some of its buildings. daaytona international speedway has undergone a major rennovation. coming up in sports, we'll take a look at the changes. and, how community leaders in lexington hope this field
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kids stay active. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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watch out for black ice early otherwise we'll see mainly sunny skies
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45. we'll head to daytona to get a look at their major renovation project plus, in college basketball, roanoke and lynchburg college have a record-setting, high- scoring game, and tech visits miami. here's karen loftus with all your sports news. the history of the daytona international speedway is undeniable, but the track has taken a huge step into the future with a huge renovation project. here's travis wells with more on the first motorsports stadium. the track eliminated 40 thousand backstretch seats and replaced more than 101 thousand seats on the frontstretch with new wider, more comfortable ones with nearly perfect sight lines. getting into the facility is easier with more than 40 escalators at 5 different injectors, a fancy word for oversized gates. appropriately for nascar, each injector is sponsored and leads to a huge
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interactive breezeways. there is wifi throughout along with 14 hundred hd tv monitors that span the stands, which are nearly a mile long. joie chitwood/ daytona international speedway president: that marquee sign and that facade when you get off that exit at isb and you drive down and see the daytona international speedway now, i think it catches your breath and that's what we want to be. we want you to be inspired when you see us. we've done something no one else has ever done. we created a motorsports stadium and right now it's that impression that we give you when you first arrive that you're here at something special. now i think we live up to that brand of being the world center of racing. the track doesn't look all that different from a driver's perspective but the stars of the sport have given the finished product rave reviews. carl edwards/25 career wins: flying in on the cessna, and looking at the grandstands, it's just massive. it's really neat. i've heard a lot of people, fans and folks from central missouri where i'm from, they're coming down here just because they're excited about
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guy, a self proclaimed, grizzled veteran reporter who said he was pumped because it was so neat up there so really cool. clint bowyer/8 career wins: it's something special. it's above and beyond anything i could ever expect at a racetrack over the years. i've been to super bowl games and football games and there's nothing like that. it's over the top. jamie mcmurray/2010 daytona 500 champ: it's unlike anything i've ever been to, whether it's a football or baseball stadium. it's just the next level of just amazing. and it's so hard to explain how great it is right here without coming here and experiencing it and getting to see it all in person, it's just really hard to explain but anyone who comes here i think, will be blown away. in daytona beach, florida, travis wells, wdbj7. onto college basketball, where virginia tech hit the road to take-on 11th- ranked miami. kerry blackshear jr getting it done early for the hokies. off the pick- and- roll he gets the lay-in. then tech with the ball under
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hudson for the quick catch- and shoot 3. the hokies led 22-21 at the break, but it was a different story rodriguez led the hurricanes with 14 points as they pull away to win it 65-49. in division-3 basketball, roanoke college visiting lynchburg in each game of the regular season, and this one was the odac version of the nba as points totals. cam smith taking it to the hoop early. he led roanoke with 32 points, 10 rebounds. valley's daniel rowe knocks-down the corner 3 for the hornets. lynchburg's austen arnold though, was the star of this show, dropping 41 points. he gets back to back baskets as the hornets led by as many as 17 in the first half. joey miller helps the maroons get back in this one with 31 points and this one needs 2 overtimes to determine a winner. brace yourself for these numbers. it was tied at 131 through regulation, and lynchburg goes-on to win it 160 to 156. also wednesday night-- duke-unc, where the
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ranked tar heels 74 to 73. that's your thursday morning look at sports. leaders of an athletic organization say they need more space for their teams to practice and hope a new project solves that problem. the rockbridge area recreation organization is planning to extend their practice fields at the brewbaker field complex on this 2 acres of land. the project will cost around 180-thousand dollars. aside from grants, 50-thousand will come from the city of lexington and rockbridge county through their capital improvements plan. director john trudgeon says the lack of recreational space is a big problem in the area. "john trudgeon: i think this is just a small step in the right direction.""we're strapped and we've been strapped and this is going to be a significant addition to what we already have." if approved, trudgeon says construction could begin later this year. the debate rages on
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valley and the government, after apple refuses to comply with a court order to unlock the i-phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. when apple plans to file an appeal. the republican presidential candidates weighed in several issues during town hall events last night. who marco rubio picked up a key endorsement from, just ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. and a big honor from his home state, for one of the men who helped foil a terrorist attack on a
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and i'm kimberly mcbroom. the debate between silicon valley and the government rages on after apple refused to comply with a court order to unlock the i-phone belonging to one of the san bernardino killers. don champion reports, the battle could make it all the way to the supreme court. tech giant google is standing with its
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the government unfolds. in a series of tweets wednesday night the company's chief executive...question ed the validity of a court order...requiring apple to help unlock the i-phone of san bernardino shooter, syed farook... ...saying the move could set a troubling precedent. some i-phone users flocked to this san francisco apple store wednesday to voice their support. (sot cindy cohn/ electronic frontier foundation) we understand that they're standing up for us, and we appreciate them standing up for us. farook and his wife killed 14 people in the december shooting rampage. farook's work- issued i-phone 5c was found in the couple's getaway car. federal investigators want to break farook's passcode but first need apple to create software that would disable the phone's auto erase feature- which would protect any data about the attack. mandy pifer, whose fiance died in the attack, calls it common sense: (sot mandy pifer/ victim's fiance) i would be outraged if in the future it was used in other ways but this is an investigation into a terror attack
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federal authorities maintained the order and request were only for farook's phone. still - apple ceo tim cook says complying would have chilling consequences. the company plans to appeal as early as next week and is prepared to take its fight to the supreme court. don champion cbs news. republican presidential candidates are making thier final cases to voters ahead of south carolina's primary on saturday. a town hall was held on c-n-n last night. ben carson, ted cruz, and marco rubio all shared their ideas of what the country needs from its next president in office. dr. ben carson: "what we really need are people who know how to solve problems, not people who know how to talk." sen. ted cruz: "we are seeing an assault on religious liberties. what we need is a president who will unequivocally defend those values." sen. marco rubio: "i have 15 years of experience of turning conservative ideas into conservative action." just in time for saturday's primary,
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governor announced yesterday that she's publicly endorsing marco rubio for the nomination. each of the gop candidates are battling donald trump, who has a sizeable lead in south carolina polls. trump will participate in a second c-n-n town hall tonight, along with jeb bush and john kasich. hillary clinton's campaign has launched tv ads in virginia, ahead of the march 1st primary. right now, they're running in the richmond market. clinton is enjoying a lead in virginia polls against opponent bernie sanders. but in saturday's caucuses in nevada, it's a dead heat between the two democratic candidates. leo, a lot of people are talking about the weekend forecast, but there's also more winter weather heading our way. youyou really have to watch out for that by midweek of next week but until then lunacy nice quiet weather would lots of sunshine roanoke. right now 32 twenty five chicago new york city thirty degrees down
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in at thirty four our first alert weather bug site sending is live weather information from eagle rock elementary school temperature right now twenty nine degrees dew twenty three and the winds are calm we did see a peek wind us around 13 miles per hour on the satellite radar composite some snow showers new york pennsylvania maybe one little blip moving into western maryland but for the rest of us really not much going on a few fairweather clouds and that will be the trend today we still they'll have flood warnings in effect that's for the roanoke the dan river in south boston and also the roanoke river in randolph minor flooding rainout and negative receive over the next twenty 24 hours everything should get back to normal by later today or tomorrow morning hour by hour forecast fitness forecast maybe heading out for walker jog this morning you want to dress accordingly and you also one a watch upper some areas of black ice were the sidewalk may look wet it's frozen solid would these temperatures but temperatures will warm well above freezing as we head
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the mid forties here's you forecast model still shown some fairweather clouds this morning watch of a dissipate under that area of high-pressure a lot of dry air in place and today this afternoon tomorrow tomorrow afternoon all looking good would mainly sunny skies most of the activity stays up to our north you forecast broken down for you across the roanoke valley mid 40s roanoke lexington down to smith mountlake lynchburg appomattox work neil mid forties mostly sunny southern virginia mid forties mid to upper forties as he head toward charlotte courthouse and south boston newer valley southwest low forties partly to mostly sunny and highlands greenbrier valley, west virginia. same story just a little bit cooler in the thirties and low forties first alert wtvj seven day planner not as cool friday nearing fifty 50 saturday and sunday in the low 60s and that wet pattern returns next week. yeah wet weather yep temperatures dropping close degrees and we get some snow on wednesday right now looks i
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event but could and is and
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we (man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power.
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and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities comes from our people. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico
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ah, perfect. valet parking. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to ah! (car alarm sounds) it's ok! warmer weather for
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we're keeping you updated on a tractor-trailer accident that's causing major problems on i-81 in wythe county. there's a two-mile backup now near exit 86. all northbound lanes and one southbound lane are closed. there is a tractor- trailer detour and a separate one for regular traffic. we have more details on wdbj7- dot-com. a stretch of foster road in bedford county is closed now because of flooding. avoid the area from quarles road to nester road. route six-40 east is also blocked in botetourt county. you can't drive there from roanoke road to lee highway. bridge work is going on for another 20 minutes on i-81 in botetourt county. the northbound right lane is closed between the two route 11 exits at mile marker 165. roanoke's premier art museum is showing off some pieces of history for a very important man. the new exhibit entititled a portrait of
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the man, the soldier and the president opens tonight. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is live this morning at the taubman museum of art in downtown roanoe with a look at the new exhibit. good morning shayne. kimberly. this exhibit shows off so much history. with me this moorefield of the taubman museum. amy why should people be interested in this new exhibit? how influential was president george washington to how we live our live in virginia now? let's take a look at one of the items, tell me about this one, where did it come
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let's take a look at another item, where did this one come from and why is it
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kim coming up in the next half hour we'll take a look at where all these pieces come from, and see some more pieces of the exhibit. so about last night's game--virginia tech went to south beach to play 11 ranked miami. tech, like all men's college basketball teams, is trying to earn a march madness berth but it'll be a tall task with their 13-13 record. they'll need to win this game and the rest in their season to have a chance. the good thing about last night was tech started out hot specifically kerry blakershear willing the 2 point bucket. and then here with the pick and roll. the hokies were up 22-21 going into the second half. but then things turned bad last night after angel rodriguez got going. a steal here and the finish, a drive here acrobatic finish, and a three point here
5:45 am
splash finish. the problem for the hokies were the missed baskets. tech shot a season low 29-point-6 percent and when you miss shots on the reg, this can happen. miami rolls 65-49. tech will play florida state this saturday. a confrontation between a customer and a fast food worker in virginia had an odd ending. the charges the customer is facing after biting the worker. and driverless cars seem to be certain for the future. but researchers say there's at least one major hurdle in the
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road. 40temperature starting off in the twenties and low thirties watch out for black ice today's weather almanac average high this time beard 50 we a little bit below that again today but tomorrow we do warm up record high for this date seventy two record low four degrees average low is thirty degrees
5:48 am
inches of rain and liquid equivalent from the snow melt in the rain bucket thirty two roanoke twenty eight lynchburg 28 smith mountlake 21 martinsville thirty one galax bluefield coming in at twenty seven radar shows nice and quiet conditions other than a few fairweather clouds we are looking good a few snow showers is you had toward pennsylvania and new york city area up toward upstate new york as well starting off in the twenties by the one shower around 39 a light breeze today high temperatures topping out around forty five now high-pressure is and control we may get eventually a southerly push as is you had toward saturday and sunday that will start to warm us back up would've the highs saturday and sunday right around 61 you'll notice more clouds beginning to filtering to the region a precursor to though showers that move-in early next week that could transition maybe do some wintry weather by midweek today nothing like that worry about though will does have mostly sunny conditions pleasant temperatures topping
5:49 am
martinsville and the danville area upper 40s or so as he had out tonight will have partly cloudy chilly conditions lows dropping back in the low to mid twenties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner not as cool on friday right around 50 pretty close to where we should be for this time beard and saturday and sunday well above that low to mid sixties for highs and then monday and tuesday some rain showers move back into the area be you notice temperatures begin to tumble back down by wednesday could we see a mix possible lot see the track of that system right now though look sick the next several days are looking really attacked and bitten over a wrong order. the confrontation happened after the woman stormed into the lobby of this wendy's, after changing her order from two spicy chicken sandwiches. latanya nelson/manager: "she changed the order from that to (4) 99 cent chicken sandwiches, so i'm guessing she only
5:50 am
[she] came in cursing and said, 'i'll come across the counter.' i said 'ok.' she clamped down right above my i continued to punch her as she was biting me." that bite mark could still be seen on the woman. her attacker is now faced with four charges, including malicious wounding. major automakers are testing cars that can drive themselves but researchers say there is a long way to go before they can take over the road. one major hurdle is giving the cars the ability to make the right decision when faced with dilemmas. raj rajkumar/carnegie mellon university professor: "the biggest nightmare that people like me think about is that somebody deploys this technology prematurely and it causes an accident and the car hits a stroller." in the coming years, there will be more changes to make cars drive on their own, but researchers say that's still a good ten years away. 2 powerball tickets were all a florida couple needed to win
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more than 527- million dollars. david kaltschmidt and his wife maureen smith are celebrating after buying their winning ticket in melbourne beach. maureen is the one who bought the ticket, playing the same numbers she plays every time. maureen smith: "we didn't believe it. we just kept watching tv and going online, and we checked and re-checked." david kaltschmidt: "and then they announced to the public, 'melbourne beach', we said, 'uh-oh'." the jackpot was worth 527-million dollars, but the couple opted for the lump sum payment of more than 327- million. they didn't share many details on what they were going to do with all of the money, but they did say they would be making a few purchases in the coming days. bloodless surgeries are becoming a more common practice for doctors. what medical experts are saying about the benefits. if you think you're being healthier by
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want to think again. history. on this day in 18-61, jefferson davis becomes provisional president of the confederacy. in 18-85, mark twain publishes the adventures of huckleberry finn. the first academy awards were announced on this day in 19-29. pluto was discovered today in 19-30. and on this day in 2001, legendary nascar driver dale earnhardt was killed in a crash. watch out for black ice early otherwise we'll see mainly sunny skies and a high around 45. in hometown health, the medical community is realizing the
5:55 am
bloodless surgery. surgeries involving blood transfusions are known to carry serious risks. doctors who perform bloodless procedures use hormones and iron infusions to boost the patient's own red blood cells. dr. sherri ozawa: "there are all of these things we can do to make patients healthier, again to reduce the amount of blood they lost, to make surgery safer. and these patients actually did better." the surgery was originally developed to accommodate patients who don't believe in blood transfusions for religious reasons. medical experts say bloodless surgery should be considered for any type of surgery that has been traditionally associated with transfusions. a new study found that some flavored coffee drinks can contain more sugar than soda. the group action on sugar looked at 131 hot drinks, and found some can contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar. that's three times more sugar than in one can of soda, and more than three times the maximum adult daily intake recommended by the american heart association. starbucks says it has committed to reduce added sugar in its "indulgent
5:56 am
years. the government wants to make healthier options available to people who use food stamps. the rules would require stores to carry at least 168 items that the u.s. department of agriculture considers healthy. the new rules do not dictate what people buy or eat. food stamp recipients could still buy as much junk food as they wanted, but they would have more access to buy fruits, veggies, dairy, meats, and bread. here's what's trending on facebook this morning. the ngc 48- 89 hubble space telescope is getting a lot of talk on social media, after it captured images of a black hole 21 billion times the size of the sun. the good news is, it's been dormant for years. -------- our very own, stephen colbert is trending after his phone interview with donald trump. he was the first call- in guest to the late show since 1993. -------- and finally the price is right is trending after a woman won a 20-16 ashton martin worth $120,000. it was part of the show's dream car week. she played the
5:57 am
win. the henry county sheriff's office is asking for your help to find a missing woman. and in early years, it's national children's dental health month. we speak with a dental professional on how serious a problem tooth decay
5:58 am
5:59 am
area. leading police on a chase through amherst county. the crime that police say started the ordeal. a roanoke county firefighter is grateful for his training, that ended up saving his life during a fire last week. why he soon won't be fighting fires anymore. plus, shelters in our
6:00 am
donations, after taking a hit from the latest winter storm. the items they're most in need of right now. good morning, it's just after 6 o'clock on thursday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner and i'm leo hirsbrunner. watch out for black ice early otherwise we'll see mainly sunny skies and a high around 45.


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