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tv   News 7 at 5  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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about 200 years. the county is moving them to a new location to make room for other plans with the land. despite the large public outcry the decision is set. today, they tried again to get the county's attention. this time through song. singing and prayer is what this group is hoping will sway the county to stop its plans to move two slave houses. both houses currently sit on the former greenfield plantation and are set to be moved next week. "why is botetourt trase ng destroy it to put up shell buildings" earlier this month a study was done to look for unmarked graves and nothing was found. shirley lewis says she has family buried there and is not convinced. "i don't care what the report says. nothing will convince me that there are not human remains somewhere up in here"
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more than 30 minutes while holding signs that read save greenfield and the soul of botetourt. some were very emotional. "even as we have gone through struggles we know that sometimes a song can cause you to reflect on god and know that what we have go through and though we have been through" "we are really disappointed that they haven't taken the time to get public imput on this.i think that's where a lot of dissentions come from in the county. it was a wrong thing to do but we just have to go forward from here" lewis says despite botetourt county's plans to move the houses, she will not give up. "i think they are depending on me to do what i can to preserve the heritage. yes i'm
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greenfield at election time in botetourt county" an exact date for the move has not been set. the group plans to have more meetings and protests. noell saunders wdbj7. drivers on interstate 81 north should be prepared for major delays. an overturned tractor-trailer has shut down northbond traffic. this is a live look at mile marker 192, near where that accident is. vdot has put a detour in place at exit 191 where 64 west and 81 meet. it will put drivers back onto the interstate at exit 195. 16 hours later and crews are still at a crash scene on interstate 81 where deisel fuel and paint spilled onto the highway. around one this morning two semi trucks crashed in wythe county, one of them jacknifed. one of the trucks was carrying paint cans and tubs, which spilled. the new river valley haz-mat team has been called out to help clean up the paint.
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lane of i-81 north is closed and officials advise drivers to avoid the area. a judge has ordered that search warrants in the nicole lovell case be sealed. investigators say the warrants may contain key details of the prosecution's evidence against the two suspects charged in connection to the blacksburg david eisenhauer and natalie keepers are charged in the case. montgomery county prosecutors say they will continue to evidence could warrant a capital murder charge. roanoke county police say there is no validity to a threat made against northside high school. a spokesperson says posts threatening violence were circulating on social media between yesterday and today. officials stepped up police presence at both the high school and middle school this morning. classes were not canceled because authorities couldn't verify the threats. the superintendent has granted exempted absences for northside high students who missed school today. the henry county public school
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changing its calendar to help make up for the recent snow days school leaders say they are trying their best to keep spring break. two planned half days in march have now become full days. students will also come to school for an extra half day in may. with the possibility of more wintery weather on the way, leaders say they will continue to try and fix the schedule to help everyone. monica hatchett, coordinator for family & community engagement "we have other days that we can pull if we need to do that. like a lot of school districts we do bank a little bit of time so we can use some of that but a lot of what we choose next will depend on how many more snow days we have." leaders say to finish up sol and academic requirments it's important to have as much instructional time as possible during the second semester lastyes a rday to back this goes than that of you never know what winter will hold for the rest of the winter of course we're still monitoring the potential for some wintry weather coming up next week
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little bit the temperatures event rack steady in the thirties and forties today get more melting done once again it's easier weather headlines for today would got a refreeze possible overnight is lows dip to the low twenties slow warming each afternoon we are expecting those highs in the fifties tomorrow sixties will soon close one of danville's parks for a 500 thousand dollar enhancment project. duke energy used the abreu- grogan park as a staging area during coal ash clean up. after that, the company offered to make some improvements for recreational use. there will be a new dock, restrooms, fishing platform and sidewalks. danville parks and recreation leaders say this will be a very useful upgrade for a
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danville parks and recreation director "you can go approx four miles up stream on a nice comfortable paddle. it's a great place to just come and fish and with these improvements. it's really going to make it that much more accessible to everybody." the park will be closed feburary 29th and open back up memorial day weekend. danville parks and rec needs your help with another parks and rec project in the works--- with city funds from the yearly budget, the department will be renovating the skate park they want your input at a public meeting next thursday at 5:30 in the city auditorium as president obama decides who to nominate for the supreme court, virginia senator mark warner is urging him to pick someone with a moderate record. warner made those comments during an event in lynchburg this morning. he said he hopes the president will nominate someone "with a record of consensus building" to avoid what he calls a partisan fight in the senate. warner told reporters that he's disapointed by some of his senate colleauges, who have vowed to block anyone the president might nominate to replace justice antonin scalia, who died suddenly last
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senator mark warner/(d) virginia: "i hope people will keep an open mind. let's at least look at who the president is going to nominate, before you make a judgment about that person's qualifications." warner held a town hall meeting at central virginia community college this morning, where he discussed issues ranging from student debt to new careers students should consider in today's workplace. the white house has announced plans for president obama to visit cuba next month. he will be the first president to visit the country in 90 years. the president will meet with advocacy groups there, as well as some top officials. a spokesperson says obama plans to talk about human rights issues and political freedoms with cuban president raul castro. the brief stop is scheduled for march 21-st through the 22-nd. also today, the president has signed legislation imposing new sanctions against north korea for refusing to stop its nuclear weapons program. lawmakers overwhelmingly and swiftly approved the bill earlier this month. the expanded
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north korea the money it needs to develop miniaturized nuclear warheads and the long-range missiles needed to deliver them. donald trump is in a war of words with the pope. pope francis sounded off on the republican presidential frontrunner while flying back to the vatican from his visit to mexico responding to a question about trump's pledge to build a wall on the u.s./mexican border, saying that a person who thinks only about building walls and not building bridges, is "not a christian". trump responded during a rally this afternoon. trump: "for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. a new cbs news poll shows trump with a two-to-one advantage over ted cruz, heading into the south carolina
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a new cnn poll shows hillary clinton with just a one point lead over bernie sanders ahead of the nevada caucuses. apple is getting support from google in its phone encryption battle with the fbi. the ceo of google says apple is right to defy a judge's order to help unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino, california killers. the u.s. magistrate judge ordered apple to disable the i0phone's auto erase feature, which wipes out all of its data, if the wrong passcode is entered 10 times. apple ceo tim cook says they don't have the technology and that developing it would create a "backdoor" to not only that i-phone, but millions of devices. the white house defended the department of justice's request. they're simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device." a top industry official says apple could theoretically write the software to comply with the ruling. some students in roanoke are putting on a show to send an
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you're watching your hometown news leader, wdbj7. last year rocky mount was left without a pediatrician. but today, a new pediatrician has opened her doors.
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hometown health, parents in franklin county won't have to drive to roanoke anymore when their child needs a doctor. wdbj7's amanda kenney tells us about a new carilion children's clinic that opened today. the is rocky mount's new pediatric practice. but it's not just any clinc, because it will fill a need the community has been missing for more than a year. dr. self: parents are really excited that they have an option in franklin county, i think families were really left without any local care and were driving a good distance to have to get care. ackerman: so the closest would really
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people have done or down to martinsville doctor rene vamenta retired back in 2014 but spent 20 years serving the town. when he left, rocky mount was without a pediatrician. when we started hearing complaints and concerns from parents in the community that their children would not have a place to get healthcare we started looking to what it would take. about a year later carilion children's is opening a clinic and introducing the area's new pediatrician, dr. kathryn self. dr. self: i'm excited to meet the families in the community, and get to know the families, watch children grow, and really become a part of the community. on dr. self's first day she's already had some patients. and expects to see about 3,000 children as the clinic grows. in rocky mount, amanda kenney, wdbj7. roanoke children's theater is bringing entertainment and awareness to the community. it's all part of the theater's r-c-t-4- teens program.
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unique approach to connecting with young people about current health issues through theater. in the past depression, eating disorders and bullying were addressed. this year's production is called "the ice cream man." it focuses on young people and the issues many face with heroin and drug abuse. pat wilhelms/artistic director "1 in 14 roanoke valley high school students has tried heroin at least once that in and of itself is enough to have us grab everyone by the shoulders and let them know that this is a problem." the ice cream man runs march 10th- 13th. you can find more information on our website, wdbj7- dot-com. nearly everyone should see their ground again by the weekend. meteorologist brent watts is forecasting 60s. complete details of your first alert planyes the grass will be greater for sure we would have this weekend temperatures in the sixties
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in fact it seventy four radar dallas seventy four in little
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that arrives in on a stick planwas one of the newest weather stations in the area and all not forty three hundred feet very giles county daycare was up there today's instructor at of virginia tech in the meteorology department was under got the pictures this is ryan i so most like feathers there coming from off the weather station what happens is you get the fault that forms up they are below freezing and he just sticks to inform some listings the featherlike piece of ice is can a sticks out we've seen these before been mountain a great place to see rom i still lotta country to the fault that forms above below freezing out there soaks a interesting to see said is been below freezing fifty mile-per-hour winds over the past couple days quite interesting weather their day thanks for sharing those photos with us much colder there exit twenty five degrees that's 4300 feet but forty
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we got forty five and lynchburg forty seven force in danville and got forty two and wytheville now what's happening we have a high-pressure system that's building in from the west notice how a lot of the clout covers clearing out also it's force in the jetstream up a little bit higher keep in all the really cold weather with that and keeping most of the storms riding ride along that jetstream now the overlay the temperatures on top of and you can see on it just drives write-down in their bringin some of the cool weather with it. the lookout heat that's been building thousand 74 albuquerque in the 70s although it the little rock will happen is this what inch a little bit closer to us over the next couple days so it nice rita refreeze temperatures dropping into the upper twenties and even some low thirties with partly cloudy skies will be a cold start of the day once again tomorrow that'll partly to mostly sunny at times a few more clouds in the afternoon it would've that near fifty and rona can lynchburg low fifties in danville just the start of are warming trend that will continue all the way through the weekend so you shall by hour forecast of the
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twenty seven degrees by noon it thirty eight in will top out in the mid-38 in will top out in the mid-40s again tomorrow afternoon with that light breeze soaks very quiet on the forecast model you can see some storms that are moving to the north of us there will be a front the comes through on friday in fact, it's can you warfront and a bring in some of the cloudiness with it now will usher in some warmer temperatures as we gillooly closer to the weekend so there's all the warmth watch what happens to these highs in the 60s force on saturday and sunday 70s all across the south and univac toward chicago in the new york that's were all the cool weather will be really continue a cool weather all the way through the warm weather all the way through the weekend with cooldown not coming it's of the flipside of that into monday about fifty four degrees and then as we had towards a tuesday and wednesday this is what were looking at the potential for some wintry weather right now the models of been really flip-flop on this summer saying it's can be warmer and other be all rain other santa may have some one relook annette the potential for some wintry weather right now the models of been really flip-flop on this summer saying it's can be warmer and
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may have some snow mixing in with that soaks right now just for that chance of some weather in there we will worry about the form the details on that link virginia keep watching have your at handy to will be updating those over the next couple days wytheville more information on that so this is kind of your heads up that that's what were watching for next week the sixties i know you are you yes
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you the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children...
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and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. everyone, i'm karen loftus with your look at sports. the race to make the daytona 500 field takes another step tonight with the running of the can- am duels at daytona internatiol speedway. after winning the
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saturday night, denny hamlin is one of the favorites tonight, along with his joe gibbs racing teammates. while being out front at the super speedway isn't always the best place to be, it has gotten a bit easier over time to lead the way. denny hamlin/sprint unlimited champ: i think it's getting easier to hold guys off simply because we're getting smarter and more knowledgeable. and i think there's more guys getting more knowledgeable with the draft and even i was actually surprised at how many lead changes there were back and forth even though it was just between a few drivers on saturday night. i had a tough time holding off the pack once they got a big run so i think our package is really, really good. it promotes good racing. we don't have any of that tandem drafting anymore so i think we've got a package here that can last for a long time. as the regular season winds-down in division 3 hoops, there was certainly no let-up in excitement in lynchburg last night, in the historic game between roanoke college and lynchburg college. the hornets beat the maroons 160 to 156
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an odac and ncaa division iii record with 316 combined points in the game. lynchburg's 160 points set a school and conference record for most points scored by one team, while roanoke's 156 set an ncaa record for most points scored by a losing team. there were 12 players who scored in double figures, with lynchburg's austen arnold leading the way with 41 points. the two teams shot a combined 58 percent from the floor, with roanoke and lynchburg both setting program records with made threes-- the maroons with 17, the hornets with 15. four roanoke players had career highs in the game, with cam smith and joey miller leading the way with 32 and 31. the maroons also set an odac record with 43 made free throws. it was a down day on wall street.
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nasdaq fell 47.
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kids. some that use tech -- and plenty that don't. we've got a list of steps you need to take to make sure your kids aren't getting into trouble online. everyone we talked to admits it takes work to keep up with technology -- but it's worth it. we'll give you the keys to being cell savvy coming up tonight at 6. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather.
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