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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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graduate "it's just scary and sad because i think we all think of chatham as this sleepy little town like mayberry and when i was at hargrave people didn't even lock their doors." a graduate of hargrave, holly vicks says she thought twice when sending her kids to school. vicks "you just hope that it's an empty threat. you can't live your life afraid to go out of your house. that doesn't seem like an easy solution either." hargrave school president don broome says a threatening message purported to be from isis was sent directly to the school tuesday. brigadier general don broome/hargrave military academy president - we haven't received any type of threat like this before. but i think all you have to do is look across the nation today and you see this type of threat has popped up before. more than half the cadets given the opportunity to go home for the weekend did, others are at sporting events at other locations. brigadier general don broome/hargrave military academy president we restricted some of their movement to make sure that we keep them in a safe and secure environment. they are right now within the confines of the school itself, and let's just leave it at that please. sheriff taylor says
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threat is different, that there are no set of instructions. but they are learning quickly how to defuse and track social media threats. sheriff "we take all the threats seriously. first of all we look to see if it's met the threshold of a criminal violation. of which we have the authority to act." sheriff taylor says threats over social media are becoming all too common. sot sheriff sheriff "i think law enforcement is doing a much better job at keeping that level, at a level playing field." he is thanking the community for their continued support as officers have increased security around the school and the surrounding area. sheriff "they do know it was some type of threat and then to see the cooperation between all of these agencies." chatham hall, located across the way did change their class schedule today because of this threat. officers have picked
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them leaving anytime soon. danielle staub wdbj7 is set to discuss whether to take more than 21-thousand dollars from circuit court clerk erica williams' salary. this after she would not answer questions from the board of supervisors. the board's agenda was released today and shows a resolution to be discussed monday night to eliminate the supplemental salary the county gives williams. this follows questions over her attendence and employee turnover in her office including the four clerks whose contracts were not renewed. she responded with a letter that board chair chris tuck says he, personally, was not happy with. (chris tuck, district b supervisor) i was dissapointed that she did not provide sufficiant answers, in my mind, to be able to address some of my concerns as representing the folks in district b. especially when we're talking about a
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supplement, almost $22,000, that is a part of her salary. tuck says eliminating that salary will only affect williams, not others in her office. new at six - a vinton man is in jail tonight charged with several crimes including abuse and neglect of an 11- month-old child. last thursday, vinton police responded to a home on fairmont drive for a child that was injured by a fall. police say the child was taken to the hospital and had mulitple fractures and internal injuries. the investigation led to the arrest of preston chewning. there's no word about his relationship to the child. a pitbull attack in bedford county injured two children and killed another dog. deputies responded to the call on boonsboro place wednesday afternoon. the children told deputies they noticed their dog playing with two pitbulls. as they walked up, the two pitbulls turned and bit them. their dog was also attacked and later
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taken to the hospital where they were treated and released. the owner of the pitbulls, john with owning meanwhile, the two pitbulls are being quarantined at the bedford county animal shelter. sundaythe little sunshine worker with the clouds today temperatures slowly work their way up as well, comfortable friday for everybody and come up for saturday is a pretty promising as well check it out alpinist on main street not fifty degrees miller swings are out of the southwest as well and it's been pekingese hies twenty miles an hour so that setting the stage for a warmer saturday is a windows change direction around the region were fifty and with all 50 notice windsor out of the southwest as well and it's been pekingese hies 20 miles an hour so that setting the stage for a warmer saturday is a windows change direction around the region were 50 and with all 16 bristol, 63 in charleston all of that is headed our way as we lined up for pretty good day on saturday which like maybe some rain by sunday even still temperatures are to be on the mild side and we have a threat from a wintry precipitati
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company in the race for roanoke mayor. lea won the democratic nomination in last week's firehouse primary. and now a number of other candidates are thinking about running as independents or republicans. wdbj7's joe dashiell is in the studio tonight with the latest on that. melissa, the race will be coming into focus in the next two weeks. and tonight we can tell you some familiar names are seriously considering joining the field. remember mark lucas? the roanoke valley businessman ran a strong campaign as a republican four years ago, but lost to democrat david bowers. a close associate confirms that lucas is weighing an independent bid for mayor, or city council. community activist martin jeffrey says he has been encouraged to run for mayor as an independent. some of his supporters are now gathering signatures, and he promises an announcement in the next ten days. we've also heard rumors of a possible republican candidate for mayor, but haven't been able to confirm his interest. the city republican committee set a filing deadline of 7 o'clock last night.
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republican officials haven't revealed if anyone else is throwing their hat into the ring. roanoke republicans are holding a mass meeting next thursday, in part to nominate candidates for mayor and city council. independents face a march first deadline. and the general election is coming up on tuesday may 3rd. joe dashiell wdbj7 with the virginia presidential primary just days away, area election officials have been working to make sure everyone knows where and when to vote. earlier this year, some roanoke changed, causing voters some places and precinct election officials say the vendor used to distribute voter registration cards mixed up some precincts. some people received incorrect voting places or but we're told everything has been corrected. of roanoke director some confusion, votes at crystal school and we also
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spring precinct that votes at crystal spring baptist church so those got reversed and a similar situation with highland. the vendor has sent out all new notices to each of those impacted voters." if you have questions or issues with your voting place or voting status, contact the registrar. carilion wellness is using technology to promote healthier lifestyles and show people exactly what shape they're in. wdbj7 anchor nadia singh has more about the melissa it's basically a total body scan that's done in less than 60 seconds. it breaks down exactly what your weight number means, the amount of water in your body, your fat to muscle ratio and much more. patrick dunham carilion wellness clinical training manager "it's a short amount of time it's the same type of technology that the hand held devices we've used in the past" introducing the inbody, a tool changing how wellness professionals look at health and fitness. patrick dunham carilion wellness clinical training manager "body
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segmental analysis, skeletal muscle analysis, body fat total muscle analysis. " the inbody measures all that plus visceral fat, the fat around your organs by scanning you from the inside out. and knowing that helps you, your doctor and trainer start an exercise and total health plan. the purpose is trying to say maybe you need to build up your lean body mass it's always easy to say you need to lose fat but what type of fat and what's the best way of doing that?" which could help physicians get a better idea of their overall health. dr. priscilla tu "so if we know about visceral fat, we know about this is where you're kind of holding the fat then that's helpful in saying ok well you really need to work on your diet and we can talk about your cholesterol numbers and putting all that information together." the scan takes just seconds plus it's friendly and soothing complete with " a lot of people to have a pretty good
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come in here a general idea about if they think they're overweight or underweight or need to gain some muscle." the inbody can also be used to monitor injury recovery. " so if someone is in physical therapy or going through one of our clinincal exercise programs we could continue to monitor them and their progress." just by taking a step up. i'm told inbody is great for athletes to learn their muscle to fat ration and where they need to strenghthen. scans are 10 dollars and 5 for the follow up. head to wdbj7- dot-com and click on this story for more information. nadia singh, wdbj7. next on wdbj7. roanoke city's police, fire, and sheriff's departments come together for a special graduation. tonight we check in one last time with the gto cadets. 14:12:36 when he was two and half years old 38 we had an old piano he was up on his tippy toes playing the
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the piano 44 now her son- ross copperman-- is up for acm songwriter
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seven men and women graduated from the growth through opportunity program in roanoke city today. it's been a four month long journey for each graduate. wdbj7's amanda kenney has been following them since the beginning. there's no doubt these cadets have grown and have been given opportunities they may not have had if it wasn't for the program. but the past four months have all led up to this moment today at graduation. it was a packed house. full of police officers, firefighter, and deputies. a rare moment for these first responders to be together, for a happy occasion. but it was all for roanoke city's gto cadets. ricky, ben, kathryn, kayla, brian, micheal, and alex are graduating from the program. i'm gonna miss everybody, i was trying to hold back my tears. they've become a family. alex's mother: he doesn't want it to end, he wants it
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next year he'll be back to do it all over again. travis: it's not over, it's just a new beginning alex: i'm gonna miss this man, i'm gonna miss him families of these cadets are in awe of just how far they have come. nick ratliff: not only did this program build his confidence, it built mine in him. i've never been more proud of him than this afternoon. it was an absolute incredible experience, i would never trade it for the world dawn matney: we've seen her grow, we've seen opportunities for her, and she's grown spiritually, emotionally, and physically. today's ceremony was unique. explained that these first responders got just as much out of the program as the cadet did. the fire and sheriff's departments joined the program this year. sheriff allen: it's awesome program first to be able to give back in this way and also helps to enrich our staff to learn that disabilities but they and program has
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confidence to know they will make it. it's an amazing experience really because to watch them thrive over the course of four short months and just to watch them look at you in the eye and watch them come in and shake your hand and speak with ya and shave a smile on your face hey that's a life changer, that's a game changer. three of of the seven cadets already have jobs lined up. officer akins is still looking for more busineses willing to work with the program to help the others find jobs. the third class of program will be in still some spots available. he's had multiple top hits on billboards country luke bryan's "lose my mind" and keith cougar,john deere,
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now roanoke county native ross copperman is nominated for the american country music's songwriter of the year. his mother leslie korsh lives in the roanoke valley. she says ross texted her last night to let her know he'd been nominated. korsh says ross started playing the piano when he was just a toddler and music has always been his passion. leslie korsh/ross copperman's mom: he saids one time that he he eats, sleeps music adn that somethins always going on in his head korsh says she hears ross's songs at least five or six times a day on the radio but she's still not used to it. his songwriting also include billy currington's "don't it" and " brett eldridge's lose my mind. coming up next, robin has your weekend forecast. but first, it's time to meet our kidcasters, abby and maisy. take it away girls. oh yeah, oh yeah. the space station is coming up tonight at 6:53 from the north. it's going
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40s. i want to say high to troutville creek childcare. (singing) oh yeah,
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fora pretty chilly start to the day with temperatures in the twenties and thick frost in some areas than we did a little bit better in the afternoon highs in the fifties in roanoke and in danville lynchburg topped out at forty eight blacksburg topped out at forty seven degrees a matter of clear skies at times clouds drifting through his wealth and high level and stills of
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very brisk pace as you can see the snow is pretty much done except the little piles around this of the places as well and high-level instills of the things along in a very, very brisk pace as you can see the snow is pretty much done except the little piles around the summer the places were was plowed up a little bit higher. 46. at the moment and bernards landing north shore of smith mountain lake shows wins out of the south at about four miles an hour and a peak wind gusts of twenty miles an hour the shakeout tonight's readings we think will be in the mid thirties maybe upper thirties in some cases that suggest a tiny bit warmer than it was this morning by about five six seventy degrees but still on the poolside as a forecast model ghost are saturday we do see some breaks in the clouds from time to time by the afternoon though it is looking kind of overcast but still the westerly winds are transporting in warmer air probably be close to the sixty degree mark in most communities sixty one in roanoke sixty two in lynchburg sixty four danville back for the new river valley where the clouds maybe just a little bit thicker in the higher elevations are temperatures and running in the upper 50s finally that breakdown of that
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and you can see all the way up to new york for dealing with more comfortable temperatures little moderation and some that he outclassed as well as the winds go from west to east we tend to get into this quieter weather patterns and then on sunday we see something new in the forecast models the rain coming a little bit earlier maybe by the early afternoon most folks will be getting wet but again since it's coming in from the west our chances of it being fairly milder still very much in place so right around sixty even the cloud cover and all the sense of showers after that as we think what will happen is we'll go from the sixties and fifties the shower ten stronger on sunday little stray on monday then we get to choose day rain is likely to continue to stick around and as a storm system develops an impact day for wednesday for 60s and 50s. the shower chance stronger on sunday little stray on monday then we get to choose day. rain is likely to continue to stick around and as a storm system develops an impact day for wednesday what could be a wintry mix morning lows in the thirties and highs in the forties after wednesday's event and moves up pretty quickly we should be looking at mainly sunny skies partly sunny skies for thursday and friday high temperatures in the lower
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tournament at the salem civic center plus, dale earnhardt, junior takes aim at a third daytona 500 title following last night's win in the can am duel. signs, signs, everywhere those signs and soon it will be easier for some people to egt those signs. i'm khiree stewart in lexington and tonight at 11, hear about a new program that will help
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customers. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard...
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the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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dale earnhardt, junior served notice last night in the can am duel at daytona that he and his 88 chevrolet will be a force in sunday's daytona 500. the two time 500 champ says there's no secret formula to his restrictor plate prowess. dale earnhardt, junior/starts third in daytona 500: it's sort of like you walk through this maze all day long, making choices on right or left, straight. and when it comes down to ten to go, you kind of take stock in what you did and see alright, am i in position to win? if you are you made some good choices that day. you don't really think about it or make a plan. it's basically just instinct throughout the day. the high school state wrestling championships got underway today at the salem civic center, with a couple of our local teams
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going. and when it comes to streaks, it's hard to find a more impressive one than christiansburg's 14 consecutive state titles. the blue demons, once again, are in good position to bring home yet another 3a state championship, with ten talented wrestlers competing from the program. in 2a, rural retreat is also trying to defend its title once again, looking for the three-peat. and both of these teams are relying on their past experiences in hopes of lifting another championship trophy. sonny close, christiansburg head coach: "yeah, people ask me about pressure a lot. you definitely feel it, i mean, it's just a certain amount of intensity, but i've just been saying, 'pressure is a privilege.' we try to focus on doing the right thing, and avoiding short cuts. just faith, and simplicity, and hard work is really what gets it done. the more you over-think it, the harder it gets." rick boyd, rural retreat head coach: "experience is everything. even our new guys, the freshman that're up here, they've wrestled in bigger tournaments. that's the thing we have to keep pointing out to them. you know, it's not a step up, we've been there and done it before, so we just have to perform now. our community's really been behind
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hundred people here tomorrow night, so it makes it interesting, makes it a lot of fun. the kids really enjoy it." in nfl news, university of virginia product heath miller is retiring after 11 seasons in the nfl. the veteran tight end spent his entire career with the pittsburgh steelers, where he won 2 super bowls and was a 2-time pro- bowl selection. originially from swords creek, virginia, heath was a first round draft pick in 2005 out of uva, and went-on to set franchise records with the steelers at the tight end position with 592 receptions, 45 receiving touchdowns and more than 65- hundred receiving yards. the 33-year- old is one of just 4 steelers to catch at least 500 passes. the market ends the week with a mix of gains and losses. the dow fell 21 points. nasdaq added 17.
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for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more
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>> pelley: pax romana. >> i think he's a terrific person. >> pelley: trump makes peace with the pope on the eve of a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. also tonight, law enforcement's battle for access to the cell phones of criminal suspects. remembering author harper lee, and her american classic. >> it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when a young boy summoned the police, they responded in force. >> i didn't know it was going to be this big, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tomorrow could be a
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the white house. democrat hillary clinton, who scweekd by in iowa, only to be buried in a new hampshire landslide, faces even odds against bernie sanders in nevada. ted cruz is closing on republican donald trump, is looking to south carolina for a second win. the rest of the g.o.p. candidates are struggling to keep their campaigns alive. we're going to start with the democrats tonight. here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: with time running out in nevada, clinton courted union workers in las vegas-- >> i did not just wake up one day and say, "oh, my goodness, workers are being mistreated!" >> reporter: while sanders stumped in rural nevada. >> let us go forward together. >> reporter: the state will be the first test of their appeal to minority voters. nevada is more than a quarter latino. clinton has tried to blunt


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