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tv   News 7 at Noon  WDBJ  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a traffic alert to tell
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work scheduled for interchange project postponed because of the weather. vdot announced that lane closures would be put in place from tonight until to 6 tomorrow morning for the northbound lanes of interstate 58. exit 3c off i- 581 was also scheduled to be closed for three vdot says it will re-schedule the work. new at noon: david bowers will not run for congress. seeking the
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nomination for the 9th district congressional seat, which is currently held by republican morgan griffith. bowers says he decided not to run, because he couldn't overcome the thought of representing a district where he doesn't live. he announced in november that he would not run for re- election as mayor of roanoke. instead, he says he plans to re- open his law practice full-time. the murder trial for demetrius wade is scheduled to start today in roanoke. he is charged with two counts of murder, after a shooting on shenandoah avenue in january of last year. two men died in that shooting, and four others got hurt. another man, william cabbler, is also facing charges in that shooting. stay with wdbj7 for all the latest on this case. closing arguments are set to begin today in the kevin quick murder trial. the day will also likely include jury instructions, and the jury could begin deliberations. six alleged gang mebers of the 99 goons syndikate are on trial in the case. the jury will have to decide whether they are guilty on all or some of the 34 counts they face. the prosecution has
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entered 400 pieces of evidence. continuing coverage today of the michigan shooting spree. the uber driver accused of shooting eight people over the weekend, killing six of them, is expected to appear in court this afternoon. as kenneth craig tells us, at this point, it looks like the victims were random. investigators say 45 year old jason dalton picked his victims at random.. killing six people, and seriously injuring two others. police say the uber driver began his shooting spree at an apartment complex in kalamazoo michigan saturday killed a 17 year father at a car dealership and then gunned down four women at a cracker barrel. surveillance video led to dalton's arrest early sunday morning. (kc/cbs news/standup bridge) dalton is a former insurance adjuster and father of two. he is being arraigned here at the county courhouse monday as search for a motive. 18:38:38 "kalamazoo prosecutor intv mi there is no connection we are the three different sets of victims to each other to mr. dalton.
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before the rampage, and uber says he background check. investigators say he may have picked up passengers during his shooting spree. mark dunton and his friends say they got nervous when dalton pulled up in a black chevy hhr - matching the one police were looking for. (sot mark dunton/ uber passenger) my scott actually said something to him said hey this isn't the hhr, you're not the said no sunday night together for a prayer service as they tried to make sense of kenneth craig, cbs news, kalamazoo michigan. bill cosby's wife camille is giving her deposition in a defamation suit against him in massachusetts today. that's happening, despite efforts from the comedian's attorneys to stop it. eight women have sued bill cosby for defamation. they claim he portrayed them as liars, after they publicly accused him of sexually assaulting them. they're among 50 women who have leveled sexual misconduct allegations against cosby. he denies any wrongdoing.
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assault in pennsylvania. taken to the hospital after a vehicle collided with an louis this morning. police say at least one person was trapped in the vehicle after the crash rescue crews were able to free them. we don't know how badly the people exact cause of the crash is also unknown. the italian navy refugees and weekend off the the migrants were trying to make the journey from nnorth africa across the strait of sicily, when they were spotted by two navy vessels. the ships were on patrol in the strait, between sicily and the migrants were later transferred to a german ship, that was taking part in "operation sophia", the european operation to combat migrant traffickers in the mediterranean. the race for the republican presidential nomination moves from south carolina, where donald trump nevada where marco rubio and ted cruz are betting they can and as danielle nottingham reports, the democrats are making make the
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hillary clinton won the jackpot, to south carolina. (pkg) fresh off the south carolina primaries...the race for the republican presidential nomination heads to nevada and donald trump is hoping to keep his hot streak going. (sot: donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "i loooove to win, don't we love to win?" (gfx) this past weekend's results in south carolina make this virtually a three-man race between trump, marco rubio and ted cruz. ted cruz is making the claim that he's the only candidate who can challenge trump. (sot: sen. ted cruz/(r-tx) presidential candidate) "it is becoming clearer and clearer that we're the one campaign that can beat donald trump, indeed we're the only campaign that has beaten donald trump." some nevadans we spoke with like cruz's conservative message. cruz is trying to appeal to ideologically pure conservatives. (sot: joseph ramirez/ted cruz supporter) "ted cruz speaks to people like myself who are pro- life. who are not afraid of god in our system and who want to return to constitutional values." while rubio is trying to make a mainstream appeal to all republicans. (sot: sen. marco rubio/(r-fl) presidential candidate) "of the people left in this race, no one can unite this movement or
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can." rubio has drawn support from a new kid on the gop block - donnie he's voting republican for the first time. (sot: donnie rubio supporter) "i would much rather have a that i don't want to hear another democrat tell me every single thing i want to hear just to get my vote." john kasich is to super tuesday. virginia which votes a week from tomorrow. danielle nottingham, cbs news, las vegas. lawyers for the democratic party of virginia are in federal court today arguing that the state's voter id law is unconstitutional. the trial began this morning and is expected to last at least a week. democrats filed the lawsuit last year challenging the 2013 law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. they say the law illegally depresses minority voting. republicans who championed the law say it's a common- sense protection against election fraud. super tuesday is drawing nearer, and that means several
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want to participate. absentee in primaries, the deadline to request a mailed absentee ballot is tuesday at 5-pm. the deadline to vote absentee in person is february 27-th. one political party primary election primaries are held on the same day. voting officials say details are correct now. city of roanoke director of go to elections-dot- virginia-dot gov and in the upper lefthand corner is a red box that says citizen portal you can go in, information and it will voter registration information. " voter registration is 3 weeks from an election. if you haven't registered to vote yet you can't vote in this primary but you can register in time for the presidential election in november. new at noon: virginia's newest millionaire may be in carroll county. someone bought a winning 1 million dollar powerball ticket for saturday's drawing. the ticket was purchased at a store on fancy gap highway in cana. the winning numbers for saturday's drawing were 11-12-15-16- 54
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the winning ticket matched the first five numbers, and only missed the powerball number. whoever has the ticket has 180 days from the drawing date to claim the prize. february is pet dental awareness month. we had a furry friend on wdbj7 mornin today to help demonstrate how to brush your pet's teeth. lisa o'neill with angels of assisi suggests starting with a piece of gauze, and rubbing it. you can gradually work your way to pet toothpaste and a toothbrush. lisa: "it's really important to be in a do it, try to do it the same time each day, maybe right before time so they associate treat time angels of assisi offers low cost dental we have more information for you at we've got some tips on how you can following through with your new year's fitness resolutions. is bringing about a mountain biking.
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hometown segment.
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with your new year's if the answer is no, there are some convenient exercises you can do at home, or even at work. mike look is the fitness director with workout anytime in salem. he says you can get a good workout without any special
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only requires a few minutes of your time. mike look/workout anytime fitness director: basically all you do is get down and hold yourself in a plank position like this and you think, wow what does this doing? well it is a fantastic thing for your core, which is the most important thing you can do for your body. we've posted this segment, with a demonstration of several exercises including squats and burpees on our web site, wdbj 7-dot- com. there's no doubt biking is huge in southwest virginia, but there's a growing trend of a new type of bike coming from the northern states. for today's my hometown segment, wdbj7 anchor garret turner caught up with an expert during last week's snow storm. 05:29:18 here at the tinker creek greenway as you can see it's full of snow. so what happens when you want to get out and exercise. there's always running but that's a little bit harder to do with all this snow. your road bike's a little too thin but there's a different option--a fatter one. 05:29:36 there's a fat change in the way jeff
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biking. 05:33:40 the tires allow you to grip, they also allow you to float over less than ideal surfaces 05:33:44 the fat bike is a growing trend that's sweeping from the northern states to the south. 05:33:22 the big thing about the fat bike is the tires a bit different than what you would see with a normal mountain bike with a bigger tire you have more stability and traction which in turn gives you more confidence on your ride--it's a bike made for ungroomed powder. 05:35:25 it's kind of like going snowshoeing or cross country skiing but there's no tracks and you have to work a little harder. with the fat bike you can go to places others can't--it just takes a bit more effort. 05:36:48 some folks see the wisdom in it and folks think it's a little 05:36:53 cheng says its usually a second or third bike for people but with the amount of snow we've been getting and the fact it can get you away from bike? fun thing for me to be sometimes wouldn't
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challenging yourself to see more of your hometown. that was garrett turner reporting. price wise it's a bit more expensive. you can find fat bikes for about 15 hundred dollars, compared to a trail worthy mountain bike that's between 8 hundred to one thousand dollars. cheng says he expects prices to go down when the demand grows for the bike. now let's check out what's hot on wdbj7-dot-com. in the nascar world, denny hamlin raced to his first daytona 500 victory yesterday. special olympics athletes hit the basketball court at virginia tech this past weekend. wdbj7 spoke with some of the players about what the games mean to them. tonight on wdbj7, jean jadhon will tell the story of a roanoke woman who lost more than 100 pounds. erica austin went from being a couch potato to a fitness instructor. tonight at 6, she will answer your questions about
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forecastchecking i your daily weather almanac was starting off around fifty one is the average high this time of year would a see some spots just after midnight last night temperatures cooled a bit we as we get that cool air wedge now were pretty much locked in place in the mid forties average low this time beard 31 so far this year almost seven inches a rain that's course melting the snow and the rain we been seeing and much more will be adding to that over the next couple days is live a few storm systems heading in our direction 47 roanoke 46 lynchburg fifty and danville forty nine louisburg fifty one bluefield fifty two with bill and up toward hot springs coming in at thirty nine degrees had a couple showers this morning along those have push to our south and east with a frontal boundary sinking out of our region and now it's can a stall out and in this area of low-pressure will be riding along that front pretty much
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tonight and the first part of the afternoon can't loud astray shower to but a better chance of that steadier rain will be later tonight and the first part of tomorrow you can see as you head through the overnight hours we increase that chance for showers as temperatures cool back down in the low to mid forties even some thirties by tomorrow morning mid to upper thirties for the most part here's the front him talking about here's the next area of low-pressure that will be riding that front bringing those next round of showers into the region most of that will be on the light to moderate side through tuesday tonight cloudy rain developing temperatures as i mentioned in the thirties to near forty degrees beluga colder up in the mountains now the moisture arrives quick enough could start opposite quick shot of snow or sleet up in the mountains of west this for our area will be plain old rain again would talking maybe a few tense here and there some isolated higher amounts in that mediate half inch range even a little bit more as that exits an and here comes the main push this has the potential giving us wanted
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inches total by the time this is said and done is that will be racing up toward the north and the east as well by thursday we should start see increasing sunshine here's the rainfall totals again tomorrow a few tense here and there maybe as much is a half-inch in some spots then would've that push would talking an inch to two and a half inches by the time or said and done flooding potential on wednesday we have all the snow that melting over the weekend had some more rain ground saturated it's is can a flowing to those rivers and streams so you really have to watch out for those forecast across the area pure tuesday upper thirties to near forty for the roanoke valley rain showers likely lynchburg same story down toward southern virginia would be right around 40 with rain likely newer valley southwest upper thirties low forties rain likely up toward the highlands greenbrier valley west virginia again it the moisture gets in quicken up might be cold enough to start up as appeared of snow or sleet the you will transition to rain as well seven day planner weather impact days tuesday and wednesday because of the
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of the heavier rain on come into play across the region will have dryer conditions by thursday afternoon and that dry weather continues into the we can but you notice much cooler as well would your average. highs in the low to mid 40s pretty much
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concerned about flooding hotel roanoke. but one of them has a name that caught our attention: the association was hosting "cow college." photojournalist bruce young stopped by to see what it was prof. bob james, "we've colleges, and that started -- oh my, some time ago with one of our extension people." (nat: speaker: "so why is this important industry president of agriclear: "and and network, we all -- these and just, there's an empowerment stage." president, virginia state feed association: "we bring in speakers who are prominent in
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keep us up to date with what's going on." james: "the audience is largely going to be nutritionists who work with producers." speer: "it's not just a slab of meat. consumers are increasingly empowered; they want to have information." carter: "a lot of things are changing as far as feed regulations going forward." speer: "we understand that we have to continue to transform the food industry forward in a way that consumers demand." (nat: speaker: "that was a big deal.") james: "my name is bob james, and i'm the dairy extension project leader in the dairy science department at virginia tech." carter: "i'm f e carter, and i'm the president of the virginia state feed association." speer: "nevil speer, vice president for us operations, agriclear." james: "cows and the dairy industry is my passion." speer: "as we talk and making what we're talking james: "we can feed animals very precisely and accurately, and so we have a very good idea about animal nutrition." get out is based on put in, let me put it that way." (nat: moo) speer: "we are aware of different issues and having complications, so it's not only consumers then. it's also the other side. markets challenging." carter: "we all
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than when we came." (nat: moo) james: "i like to say that we know more about feeding dairy cattle than we know about feeding people." (nat: "what we've got today is a pork tenderloin.") carter: "it's still part of what we do in the industry, you know. and i didn't know what the menu was today! (laughs)" (nat: "this year we decided to support the pork industry.") carter: "it could have been chicken too. i'll tell you what: last year it was steak. so it's all good." this was the 70th year for the conference. the subjects ranged from federal regulations, to trucking, to talks on detailed aspects of feed production. this panda is giving new meaning to the expression "tumbling out of bed" on wall street at
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up 215 points. the energy efficiency doesn't pick favorites. it should apply to everyone. i'm zach bacon with appalachian power. i'm an energy efficiency coordinator here in virginia. to me, it's all about being able to help our customers learn energy efficiency. this partnership with appalachian power allows us to touch more families in this region that really need it. (woman) when we first moved in, the house wasn't very livable. it had holes in the ceilings. it was very cold. they saved our house. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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nasdaq was 58 points. here's one way to wake up. with a face full of fresh snow! the toronto zoo posted this adorable video of giant panda da mao last week. according to the zoo, he woke up to see the snow and got excited. you see panda emerge out of his cave and tumble down the snowy hill. he liked it so much, he climbed up half-
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>> adam: you sacrificed your own grandson to prove how ruthless you can be. congratulations. >> victor: do i need to remind you that that luca santori guy was able to blackmail you more
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by threatening you to expose noah's bad behavior? well, i eliminated that, all right? and that peacock and his family will follow. >> adam: well, i wouldn't get too cocky if i were you. luca's on to you and marco annicelli, so that threat is still alive. >> victor: not for long, okay? >> adam: okay. what's the plan? >> victor: i want you to step back. >> adam: you want me to step back, whether i want to or not. >> victor: i don't want you involved in what is about to come down. >> adam: mm. grind your own flesh and blood, that way you don't break a sweat. i-i am dying to know what you have in store for luca. [ door opens ] >> nikki: oh, victor. the most terrible thing has happened. noah has been arrested, and he's in the hospital. >> adam: no, he knows. um, victor's the one that put him there. >> nikki: what?! >> adam: yeah. >> victoria: i think it's time for you to own up to what you did to billy. >> sharon: he just got out of surgery.


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