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and i'm melissa gaona. less than a week after a social media threat was made against northside high school, a was held for parents discuss ways to move forward. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart was at the meeting and has reaction from those who were there. khiree... it was a packed house at the school auditorium. that many parents we spoke with had on their mind was why they weren't notified about the threat sooner. parents of kids at northside high school made their voices heard to school leaders on monday night. this comes almost a week after a social media post was made threatening violence at the school. there was an increased police presence but classes were not canceled because police could not verify the threats. some parents didn't find out
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through social media. "why weren't we updated sooner. why did they wait until the next day?" parent cliff jennings says like many, he thinks more should have been done. "thank goodness it wasn't a threat, but had it been and something happen the next day and they didn't a alert parents, it could've been a bad situation." school leaders admitted that more should've been done to alert parents. "we should have sent you a message." "social media can be good, but in these situations, it's really causing this the school." school board mccracken says the students' safety is the board's top priority, "i want them to be able to feel their kids are safe. they're secure, they can get refocused and this is a great need to have confidence in the our kids back on track off of social media and focus on upcoming testing. " either way, parents said they want re- assurance that the most is being done to protect their children if another "confidence that if it happens again, we're going to be involved sooner." they will look into
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notify parents if a made in the future. khiree stewart, w- d-b-j-7. montgomery county has voted to stop paying its circuit court clerk following controversy after erica williams did not rehire four clerks and another quit. this following a long discussion at their meeting tonight. wdbj7's eamon o'meara was in the boardroom and has board made the just after nine p-m monday, the montgomery county board of supervisors voted to stop giving erica williams a supplement to her salary of more than 20-thousand dollars. that's 4 i's and 3 nays. the vote was down the party line, 4 republicans to 3 democrats. (darrell sheppard, district e) i hate that this is a split issue. it's not my intent at all because i can assure you that there's a lot of democrats in district e that feel the same way. (chris tuck, district b) if you fire half your staff and then we have to get folks in, i'm not going to be voting for you to have a supplement, and any other constitutional
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amount but if we're going to pay them extra, we expect exrra. (stand up) but the issue took so long because some believed erica williams may have been within her rights to not rehire those employees. (annette perkins, district a) we have no right because we really don't know what really transpired. (mary biggs, district f) i think it sets a precedent that can possibly be challenged in court and i would suggest if our board wants to pursue a discussion of supplements, we do so at budget time. williams will still get 120-thousand dollars from the state, but here in montgomery county, the issue appears to be closed. (annette perkins, district a) this is probably the most unusual situation i have ever encountered in my 18 years on this board. in christiansburg eamon o'meara
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out and about in the newer valley and in the higher virginia some light rain is falling it's a chilly rain to getting a couple reports in some pockets of some snow showers in floyd county as well snatch him up on the radar but it's very low moisture and radar beams not picking it up what it is picking up plenty of rain from raleigh to bristol from greensboro up into far southwest virginia at this hour this put this in motion you'll see that everything is generally drifting to the north east we've got pockets of drizzle the don't show up on the radar here for example it's raining here wrong up very very lightly and that the foggy condition likely through the overnight then noticing a couple of swing buys of locally heavier rain and we seems pretty decent moisture moving in the southwest as well i project there was a bogus site in hillsville and subventions and gauge right now that's up about two one hundreds and just the last hour temperature dew point locked in that one hundred
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lexington is a forty to us about liggett 44 blacksburg and forty one galax forty two were locked in temperatures are imaging much this evening we'll will change as the amount of rain we see in the first work for especially by funding! county supervisors voted tonight to give the school system 44-million dollars for construction of a middle school and high school gymnasium. wdbj7's tim saunders is live in our lynchburg bedford newsroom. tim, this isn't the first time a vote like this has come up. commit 38-million dollars for the same project. school leaders and some parents say tonight's decision provides a more "realistic" amount of funding. they didn't quite pack the house, but supporters of a new middle school in bedford came out in large numbers monday night. they urged the board of supervisors to commit what they believe is a necessary amount of money for construction. thomas messier/student: "this building will be
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reason it's important to build it right and build it right the first time." to do things the "right way," school leaders say they need no less than 44 million dollars. that amount would build both a new middle school and a competition gym for liberty high school. supervisors voted last june to commit 38-million for the project, and some county residents urged the board monday to stick with that amount. josiah tillett/forest resident: "i don't believe that resolution last year was passed haphazardly or carelessly. i don't think it was a guess." the board voted 5 to 2 in favor of the 44- million dollar commitment. two supervisors, tommy scott and john sharp, voted against the resolution. scott said he worries the school system hasn't nailed down a final cost and will keep asking for more money. supporters emphasized that a lot of planning has already gone into the new middle school, which will be built off centerville road. they say the 44- million dollar amount includes space for student collaboration but not a lot of frills, which some opponents have implied. sarah mayhew/parent:
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prisons. they are no longer one rooms school houses and they're not starbucks, nor were the plans proposed ever intended to be." with this funding commitment, school leaders say they can now move ahead with architectural planning and design. their goal is to have the middle school open by the fall of 2018. live in the lynchburg bedford newsroom, tim saunders, wdbj7. leaders in danville decided against privatizing the water plant in the city. this afternoon the danville utilities commission looked at proposals from two different companies. water department leaders say going private has its benefits and they wanted to make sure costs are kept as low as possible. the wastewater treatment plant was made private in 1998. today, the commission decided against the sale. new tonight, the supreme court of virginia has denied an appeal for the man convicted of killing alexis murphy. the high court will not hear from randy taylor's counsel on why he wants a new trial. the appeal was filed
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taylor is serving two life sentences for murphy's murder in 2013. he has continued to say he's innocent. a huge crowd in kalamazoo, michigan for a vigil to remember the victims of saturday's they lit candles and sang songs to try and make sense of saturday's violence. the man authorities say confessed to the shootings was denied bail today. he's charged with six counts of murder. police arrested him after eight people were shot at three locations in a seven-hour period. two of the eight victims survived. prosecutors say it seems that all were randomly targeted, and that the shooter picked up uber passengers between police are still looking for a motive. some of the victims families from the 2012 sandy hook elementary school shooting are suing the maker of the rifle used in the attack. it's protected by a federal law and the case should be thrown out- since the shooter's mother,
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first victim, was the one who bought the a-r 15. the families say the law should not protect the gun company used in the killing, which they say is a dangerous battlefield weapon marketed as manhood. joshua koskoff/plaintiffs' attorney: "this is telling people they're not a man unless they have one of these weapons. by doing that they are not misleading anybody, but they are making that knowledge, that likelihood of result more likely." peter berry/defense attorney: "we did not sell the firearm to adam lanza. the firearm was not used to injure people by the person who purchased the firearm, namely, nancy lanza." the families say it's about accountability and are seeking unspecified monetary damages. virginia's general assembly gave final approval to gun compromise legislation today. it would allow more concealed-weapon permit holders to legally carry in the state. it also prohibits people subject to certain protective orders from having guns and requires state police at gun
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governor terry mcauliffe is expected to sign the legislation into law later this week. new developments today in the battle between apple and the fbi over security and privacy. apple wants congress to step in, as it drafts its appeal against developing technology to decrypt the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the c-e-o wants congress to create a commission to review civil liberties in the digital age. some of the survivors from november's attack will now reportedly file a legal briefing appealing to apple to unlock the phone. and the fbi director testify before lawmakers. charlottesville was one of three virginia stops for republican presidential candidate john kasich he also spoke in richmond and fairfax. it was in fairfax that of female support in his previous campaigns. happy with the way he said it, as he referred to his senate race in 1978. republican presidential
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didn't have anybody for me. we just got an army of people who, and many women who left their kitchens to out and go door to door and to put yard signs up for me, all the way back when you know, things were different." a woman in the crowd told kasich she would support him, but stressed that she wouldn't be "coming out of the kitchen" to do so. ted cruz has fired his communications director after he distributed a video falsely depicting gop rival marco rubio dismissing the bible. frontrunner donald trump in the latest nevada polls, ahead of tuesday's republican caucuses there. presidential candidates are trying to hold momentum ahead of south carolina's primary this coming saturday. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders hard to win support. sanders will be holding a rally tomorrow in norfolk. lawmakers will grant a reprieve to spending plans from
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the mental health facility open. governor mcauliffe included money in his budget to begin planning for the hospital's closure. but both the house appropriations committee and the senate finance committee stripped that funding from their proposals. roanoke county supervisor martha hooker says she is pleased the hospital will remain open, at least for now. martha hooker/(r) catawba supervisor: it's a growing need. and we need to have community-based services in place. and i know that that's a growing effort, but we also need to have those beds in place for acute psychiatric care, and also for the specialized geriatric care. the house and senate will approve their budget proposals later this week. then it will fall to budget negotiators to resolve the differences, before lawmakers approve a final two-year budget in mid-march. arguments continue tomorrow in the lawsuit filed by the democratic party of virginia over virginia's voter i-d law. democrats say the law requiring voters to show photo i-ds at the polls is unconstitutional and illegally suppresses
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law common sense protection against election fraud. the trial is expected to last at least a week. right now, a traffic alert in pulaski county. the right northbound lane on interstate 81 at mile marker 89 is closed right now. crews are doing an emergency repair to a pothole on the bridge over route 100. the right lane will be closed until about 6 a.m. tomorrow. botetourt county leaders lay out their timeline to get two historic slave houses moved to a new location. and- christian tease: a sight to degeneration and now has it back, thanks to a new
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about it coming up."
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the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. charged after a gun was found on school property. this happened at the russell county career and tech center on february 2nd. the 22-caliber pistol belonged to a school
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the students found the gun in his car, which was brought in to be worked on. authorities say they handled the gun and pointed it at another student. in neighboring west virginia, senate lawmakers approved a bill to let those 21 and older carry concealed guns without permits or training. right now, it's legal in west virginia to openly carry a gun without a permit. people 18 to 20 would need a permit and training with live firing. this new legislation requires at least one more house vote. west virginia's governor vetoed a smiliar bill last year over safety concerns from law enforcement. the process of moving two former slaves homes on the greenfield plantation in botetourt county is set to begin tomorrow. one home is set to be moved tomorrow morning between 9 a.m. and noon. the second will be moved this thursday, weather permitting. the relocation will cause a change in traffic patterns in the area, and some restrictions. you can read more on wdbj7 dot-com. the stock price of virginia- headquartered
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took a nose dive today. this, after the centers for disease control and prevention said it underestimated the health risks of its flooring. 60 minutes reported last year that lumber liquidators sold flooring made in china that exceeded u.s. health and safety limits for formaldehyde. the c-d-c says people exposed to the flooring are three times more likely to get cancer than the agency previously thought. three-weeks ago, the company was sentenced to pay millions in fines and restitution for illegally trafficking lumber into the u.s. the consumer product safety commission says those popular hoverboards are responsible for more than 50 reported fires in 24 states since december. the agency is now telling manufacturers to raise safety standards immediately. hoverboard maker swagway says none of their products meet the new, updated safety standards, but is working to come up with the technology to do just that. a woman declared
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her sight again. wdbj7's christian heilman met the woman who has a brand-new surgery to thank for her new gift. alright let's take a look . inside this exam room, patricia maggard is learning she's in the clear. the telescope is in good position . after three years of not being able to see anything clearly. patricia maggard " i didn't act like i was having difficulty because nobody wants to hear your problems anyway usually. " people she met didn't know she couldn't read a book, watch television or look them in the eye. patricia maggard "you just play like you can see them. it's how i handled it. " she had dry macular degeneration and cateracts. patricia maggard "i really felt that there was going to be something out there that would fix this vision problem. and there was. " with stuart tim's help at vistar eye center, her sight is back. j. stuart tims, vistar eye center "i believe there have been about three total paitents in the state of virginia so far." chrisitan heilman the procedure took out patricia's cloudy cateract and instead replaced it
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part of her eye to see what macular degeneration took away. patricia maggard "i looked through it and i could read the eye chart and they had my husband stand out there and i could see his face and i thought bingo. i found a cure. " j. stuart tims, vistar eye center "but it is a new device that's just coming to the forefront right now. the doctor says her permanently. she's seeing clearly, whether she'd like to or not. patricia maggard "and the thing is i mirror and not see my face for all those years either. and boy did i age. [laugh] " in roanoke, christian heilman, wdbj7. the doctor says anyone who has severe vision loss from macular degeneration and hasn't had cateract surgery may be a candidate. he says about a dozen patients per year could benefit from this new procedure. the first alert doppler radar views will be very colorful over the next two days.
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with meteorologist robin reed. the complete
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after the break norwaythis is an active weather map associate over the east coast when you take two powerful systems from side-by-side with start with this big area of high pressure appeared to the north that is
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the ocean developing low pressure riding along a stationary boundary combine the two together cold air wedge which is set up shop over northern virginia the southern virginia and that means and the temperatures are going to change very much between tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night but is plenty of moisture sliding our way so we set up a forecast for the overnight with rain redeveloping and coming up out of the south it's already been the case in far southwest virginia coming up to martinsville and indolent temperatures holding steady and dropping a degree or two but this is big temperature changing forecasts and then we'll watch for severe weather well to the south of us tomorrow unfortunately this looks promising for traumatic activity in places like mississippi, alabama, georgia and florida were out of it for tomorrow because of this cool air that's in place it's very stable air but we will be getting wet and there is a little wintry mix forecast for the highlands tomorrow as well
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and east that's the first way the second wave is just taking shape but to the south on tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening to have rain clowns and temperatures in the 30s and 40s the cold grey tuesday coming up with a lot of moisture then here comes wednesday this is a different story this is a warm air mass it's going to overwhelm everything and bring heavy rains up and the potential for some thunderstorms but god starts the lineup a little bit during the afternoon and evening and also behind that to line up a little bit during the afternoon and evening and also behind some very, very gusty winds and the homeowners that were really saturated and it's going to rain from much of the day on wednesday so not much of a break there and the rainfall amounts are pretty impressive approaching two inches in just one day that's going to run in the streams and creeks it's going to be a problem because there's no place for to really go and those rivers and a stranger image up pretty quickly* seventy planner has to impact days tomorrow periods of
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on in the flooding concerns for wednesday follow that up with gusty winds on the backside so hopefully we won't have too much of the main stem rivers getting out of the banks but it is possible a chilly day on friday welcoming back the sunshine and i've only thirty nine degrees right now saturday, sunday, gentle warming putting 16 of his rare porsches on the auction block. he says he's selling the cars so other can enjoy them like he has. they're worth about 32 million dollars! some folks in wisconsin came up with a way to get rid of winter cabin fever. they got together yesterday for a snowmobile softball tournament. as you can guess, there are specific rules to this sport. fielders keep their snowmobiles turned off, and the batter's snowmobile can't fire up until the ball is hit. coming-up in sports,
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basketball regional playoffs, plus in college basketball, the odac tournament gets underway, and then in the acc, third-ranked uva taking their talents to miami, where they come-down to the wire with the 12th- ranked hurricanes. more on the
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up after the break. i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. cash money the biggest discount and understand... the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. savin' you five hundred i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah.
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at sports. uva's men's basketball team is back in the top-5 in the rankings, monday night to take-on a tough miami team. the third-ranked cavaliers up against the 12th-ranked hurricanes. both teams at 10 and 4 in 1st half, miami up 5. virginia's malcolm brogdon hits the corner 3, but miami quickly inbounds, mcclellan pushes it up the court and 3 that goes to end the half. miami up 30-25 at the break. ahead to the second, when davon reed and rattles-in the 3. he led the points. behind with just over 2 minutes to play. more of his 28 are with-in 3. same deficit now with 4 seconds left. london perrantes,
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taking the last shot if it's gotta be deep. he lets it fly but it's no good. miami hangs- on to win it 64- 61. in women's d3 basketball, we're already in the post- season with roanoke college hosting virginia wesleyan in the first round of the odac tournament. the maroons coming out of the gate strong. kelsey smith connects on the long 2. roanoke continuing to shoot it well throughout the first quarter. bridget holleran hitting a jumper of her own. holleran then making things happen on the fast break. she gets it ahead of the defense, takes the bump, and still gets the bucket. the maroons building a lead in a hurry. the nice ball movement to an open cary beahm. the maroons up ten at that point. but virginia wesleyan comes back to beat roanoke, 68-65. we're well into the post-season at the high school level, where regional playoffs get rolling this week across the state. mickey hardy hoping to draw-up a winner for william fleming. the colonels hosting kettle run. fleming up 6 in the 2nd quarter, and looking to build on that lead. the three-pointer is off, but james hagins is
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and the putback. the lead is up to eight, with the colonels scoring with relative ease in the paint. tyrell adams whips it into christian watson for the wide-open lay-up. and of course, we know adams a huge part of this offense. and with a shot like this... why not? splashing- down the three from the wing. fleming leads it by 11 at the break, and goes onto win it, 53- 34 3a west girls regional quarterfinals. lord botetourt hosting turner ashby monday night. the knights waste no time getting rolling, as kaleigh roadcap knocks- down the 3-ball just 10 seconds into the game. they open-up an 8- oh lead before lb gets on the board. katie klimczak getting the cavs' first field goal of the game. then check-out the moves from jenna alam. crossing-up her defender and finishing underneath. botetourt goes-on a 7-oh run to close the gap. back on the other end, ashby's kierstin roadcap driving to the hoop. she gets the contact and the shot to go for the 3- point play. but botetourt finds their grove shortly after. alam coming- up with the steal and pushing it up-court, where brooklyn shelton finishes with
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botetourt goes-on to
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