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tv   News 7 at 5  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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caucus day in nevada for the republicans. can anyone slow down donald trump? good evening i'm jean jadhon. the region is completely soaked. today's rain combined with recent snowmelt is a recipe for flooding. first alert meteorologist brent watts has a look at the severe potential for wednesday. upin juniors a lot of the things the flood potential also the severe thunderstorm that's also in place and one thing that will help without if we keep these clouds around that's a good thing frost when you're in a severe weather set up with that main a be the case tomorrow here's our big storm it's a large low-pressure system spinning down along the gulf coast magenta boxes they are tornado watch boxes but if you look at closer is actually severe thunderstorm in tornadoes that
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once i headed down partsof louisiana and mississippi now the low-pressure system itself will travel from the tennessee valley up for the great lakes were to be on the eastern side of that a lot of moisture pulling in ahead of its of the were get have the potential for hours and hours of heavy rain that's why would got that floodlights it's in effect within what a sherry is just how much rain will look annette's widespread wanted to wages the vicinity some spots were get at least two inches of rain along the spine of the blue ridge in some of those downpours it if we get some thunderstorms in here that would also enhance the rainfall tonight the possibility i risk of flooding slight risk of some afternoon storms and gusty winds also possibility with a few though started storms it we can't rule outan isolated tornado with loud outs not i but it's not zero either and thursday we can a focus on river flooding in some power outage central some gusty winds and follow the assistance of is all why going on will go over all the stormy up in all the rain has some first responders concerned about flooding and people getting too close to rising water, w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart joins us from the salem fire department where swift water rescue teams are prepping for the worst.
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number 2. this is where salem's swift water rescue team is based. in only the past 6 months, they've done around 7 rescues. i'm joined here with chief john prillaman. chief, how are you all preparing for the heavy rains? "we have a team of 20 or so first responders are go through tons of training and they're ready to head out once a call comes in." what tips should people and drivers keep in mind? "if drivers see high water then they need to turn around and don't drown. people should stay away from rising water and evacuate if we ask them too. not doing so also puts us in danger as well." thanks chief. tonight on wdbj-7
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tips on what you can do to protect yourself and your family. live in salem, khiree stewart, w- d-b-j-7. a teenager was hit by a train this morning while he was walking on railroad tracks in roanoke. he was taken to the hospital, but amazingly he did not suffer serious injuries. norfolk southern says the teen was wearing ear buds, and didn't hear the train approaching on the tracks near brandon avenue. the conductor sounded the horn, and hit the brakes but could not stop in time and the train carrying 93 cars struck the teen. a roanoke police spokesman says he was conscious and alert when officers
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taken to the hospital as a precaution. despite heavy controversy botetourt county is moving the historic slave homes from the greenfield center. the slave cabin was moved off the property this morning, and the remaining kitchen building will be moved thursday. a handful of people voiced their displeasure with the county at this afternoon's board of supervisors meeting. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer will have protestors' last efforts, and what the county plans to do with the land coming up tonight on wdbj-7 at six. president obama has unveiled his proposal to close the detention center at guantanamo bay, cuba. the plan would fulfill a campaign promise the president made back in 2008. but the president is getting stiff opposition from some in congress. mark albert is at the white house with more. president obama announced his latest proposal to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay in cuba president obama "it's counterpro ductive to our fight against terrorists because they use it as propaganda in
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"moreover, keeping this faiclity open is contrary to our values." there are 91 detainees left at guantanamo. with a third cleared for transfers to other countries, 56 would be moved to the continental us... including accused 9-11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. the white house says it will cost as much as $475 million to move them and renovate or build a new facility - but it will save $85 million a year in operating costs. president obama "we can ensure our security, uphold our highest values around the world and save american taxpayers a lot of money in the process." mark albert/cbs news/the white house the administration has identified 13 locations in the us, including facilities in south carolina, kansas and colorado. but lawmakers from those states have opposed the moves... along with republican leaders. sen. john thune/(r) south dakota "what he is now proposing to do is in direct contradiction to the will of the american people." sen. mitch mcconnell/(r-ky) majority leader "it would be
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current law to transfer foreign terrorists from guantanamo into the united states." the white house is urging congress to act before obama leaves office. mark albert for cbs news, the white house. two people have been arrested on methamphetamine, child endangerment, and gun charges in christiansburg. larry browning and donna epperly gardner, are in jail tonight after a search warrant was executed at a home on alleghany street yesteday. investigators found several one pot meth labs and materials used to make methamphetamine. three guns were also found in the home. evidence suggests that a child lived in the home, but the child was not there when the search warrant was executed. browning and gardner are being held without bond. five people, including a 6-year-old girl, have now died in a shooting and house fire in arizona. police say the victims were a family of five, and the shooter was related to the victims. an official with the phoenix fire department says the shooter set the house on fire. police say the initial call came from the victims, who told them they were
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a student is in jail tonight after police say she attacked eight people with two large knives. it happened this morning at a high school in canada. police say six students and two staff members were taken to the hospital after the attack. their injuries were considered minor. a virginia legislative panel wants to include statistics on officer- involved shootings in the state's annual crime report. the senate courts of justice committee unanimously endorsed the bill yesterday, which was proposed by a democratic delegate in fairfax county. the delegate says she believes it's important for the public to know if there are officer- involved shootings and whether they were justified. the bill already won unanimous approval in the house and heads to the senate. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders held a campaign rally in norfolk, virginia today. he spoke about what he called wall street's endless supply of money. he also talked about his opponents, saying that americans shouldn't let the donald trumps of the world divide them. the only way we change america is when we
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not acceptable that a handful of wealthy campaign contributors, it is not acceptable that corporate america or wall street or the corporate media control what goes on in our country. virginia is one of several states holding its primary next week on super tuesday. former president bill clinton is scheduled to campaign on behalf of his wife hillary in northern virginia and richmond on tomorrow. and we've just confirmed donald trump will be at the salem civic center on monday. we'll have more on that tonight at 6. meanwhile, republicans in nevada head to caucuses tonight. trump is the heavy favorite in the polls, but nevada voters have been unpredictable in the past. danielle nottingham has the latest from las vegas. marco rubio was up early this morning..looking for a surprise win in tonight's nevada caucuses. sen. marco
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candidate (:09-:16) i am asking you to vote for me tonight because i will win and the democrats know i will win. they spend more money attacking me than any other republican. rubio grew up in las vegas and has plenty of support here. sot: melissa gardner/rubio supporter (:21-:25) he can bring people together and it what this country needs right now. but rubio and ted cruz trail donald trump in the polls by double digits. cruz is not fazed. sot: sen. ted cruz/presidential candidate (:32-:38) now is our time. it is the men and women of nevada who will decide. cruz is looking to get back on track after he fired his communication director for tweeting a false news story about rubio. it didn't take long for trump to attack. (sot: donald trump/presidential candidate) (:48-:53) this guy cruz lies more than any guy i know. 30 gop delegates are up for grabs in tonight's caucuses. danielle nottingham, cbs news, las vegas a local first responder has taken dedication to a whole new level. botetourt county recognized 84-year- old sam sprinkel
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fincastle volunteer fire department. he's served as treasurer since 1955. he's a charter member of the fincastle rescue squad and one of the first botetourt residents to earn an e-m-t certification. (sam sprinkel/lifetime achievement recipient):"i'm humbled, i'm humbled at the support of the community and everybody to make a fire department that helps people." sprinkel's family and friends were there to celebrate his lifetime achievement with him. he thanks his first responder family as well, and plans to continue to work with the fire department in a reduced capacity for as long as he can. a new study out of virginia tech is looking into some bad driving habits you might not know about. some not so-sweet news tonight for fans of some popular candy bars. why millions of
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better understanding of what causes car crashes after a lengthy study. for the last several years, 35-hundred drivers across the country have had cameras and other equipment recording their driving habits. in that time, there were 15-hundred crashes that the researchers used to determine crash risk factors. many of the crashes were due to distractions like cell phones or looking out the window. but researchers found one factor that was even more dangerous for drivers. (feng guo, associate professor) the driver, including crying, sadness, aggitated. those will increase crashes by almost ten times . for the full report on the study, visit wdbj7 dot com. in tonight's hometown health, a lab in texas is research to find a vaccine for the zika virus. nearly 100 confirmed cases of travel- related zika virus in the united states doctor robert tesh of the univeity of texas has known about zika since the 1960's.
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linked to a birth defect marked by abnormally small heads in babies due to stunted brain growth. right now, tesh and his researchers are working on a quick test to detect the virus in humans, and eventually develop a vaccine. sot rossi 19:34:11 "galveston zika tx hrem01.01") (ov) are we closer to a vaccine? (sr) yes, every single day that people like me and my colleagues are on the bench, we're one step closer to the vaccine. the national institutes of health says there could be a zika vaccine by the end of 2017. we've got a recall that chocolate lovers will want to know about tonight. the mars company has announced that it's recalling millions of mars, snickers, and milky way chocolate bars produced in the netherlands. food safety regulators say a piece of plastic had been found in the candy that could lead to choking. bars with "best before" dates between june and october 2016 should not be eaten. celebration and variety candy packs are also being recalled. tomorrow the virginia lottery is
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million dollar prize in carroll county. the winning couple bought the ticket on fancy gap highway in cana. the store is also receiving a ten thousand dollar bonus check for selling the ticket. the presentation is happening at the store tomorrow morning at 11. strong storms and flash flooding possible wednesday. first alert meteorologist brent watts breaks down the impacts. complete details of your first alert forecast
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aor to the camera today we do why did with the clouds the rain you the drizzle the fall you name it it's a actually helpless out in the long run for lotta locations and a michelle you
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air that is now settled in with you charleston it 58 bristol it's into were forty five in roanoke thirty seven and hot springs it's it's a waves it we get this time year will happen tomorrow's were expecting that to slowly begin to breakdown tonight will keep some clouds and showers rain begins to move back in overnight low temperatures running in the upper thirties all part of this large storm system down here spinning across parts of the southern states polling yeah all why very heavy rain and there's also some sheer with this of those instability that's where the tornado watch boxes are in much ineffective we what you can see just that onslaught of heavy rain a moves in along with that's coming it from the gulf of mexico all these red and magenta boxes those of severe thunderstorms and even tornadoes several lows have been reported these areas right here rent the others our wind damage reports in that is another potential part of the story came i commune up through the day tomorrow soaks were to monitor this a why going on with it but our main threat it's heavy rain. the
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looking at the timing ofyou begin down anyway you can see how showers are the carolina mouth right now the not too far away from us so flood watches her up for most of are viewing area and the simply means that were primed and were set ready to go but no flooding is occurring just yet but it may not take long tomorrow looking at instances were one-to-one and half inches of rain could be on the ground by nine o'clock that will bring this most of the rivers up to full speed and
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problem but it's can a take about how this makes one more factor in your first alert forecast little more dangerous tomorrow yes so the rain isa get a couple inches of rain possible creeks and streams tomorrow then maybe rivers on thursday to the other things were to wife's potential for some stronger storms with this system as it comes in so here's our way this is eight a.m. wednesday morning just about everybody i know school temperatures in the rain watch what happens of the day goes on especially to the south watch this wedge starts to shrink and him warm air begins to move van now i times these models are little overoptimistic a breakin this wedge down a little too soon but if this happened this me now the by early afternoon anywhere from lynchburg danville is extremely unstable and that means the potential for some strong thunderstorms we can relaxin damaging wind gusts and also the potential for an isolated tornado doesn't mean rita see these anything close to what they're seeing down across the south but those are some of the main
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strong gusty winds with any the storms and again while it is not likely that we see a tornado it is not zero either the greatest chance with the danville south boston the storm prediction center has put us in an enhanced it's like area of some of the severe weather and we still got some storms even along it east of the blue ridge from roanoke evena blacksburg lexington and even into coming it's all why going on with this forecast go on the road the virginia cavaliers need to regroup in a
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charlottesville this weekend. we'll hear from coach tony
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cavs in sports. acc with last night's 64-61 loss to miami, squandering a huge performance from guard malcolm brogdon in the loss. brogdon put on a show, scoring 28 points to match his season high but he was the only cavalier to score in double figures. miami shot 53 percent from the three point line in a bounce back performance after getting blown out at north carolina over the weekend, leaving the cavs with plenty of work to do in the last two weeks of the regular season starting with saturday's home date against carolina. tony bennett/virginia head coach: we fought hard in the second half, got on the offensive glass, played pretty spirited. i thought in the first half we were on the edge with our transition defense. we were on our heels and they
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credit them. they played on saturday and got beat pretty handily and they really fought hard in this game and battled in a good environment. roanoke product jj redick recorded 22 points to go with three rebounds, two assists, and one steal in 25 minutes of action last night during the clippers' 124-84 victory over the suns. the cave spring high school grad was only needed to play 25 minutes in monday's blowout. he now has 16 games with 20-plus points this season, and this was his 15th performance with at least four three- pointers. redick is enjoying a career year, leading the league in three point percentage, and he's been a key component of the clippers' ability to win games without blake griffin who has missed several weeks with a broken hand. a slump in oil prices causes stocks to tumble today. the dow fell 189. nasdaq lost 67.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our
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unless we all do. together.
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brewing their own beer. it's part of a new program for food and science specialties. wdbj7's eamon o'meara joins us live in our new river valley newsroom with a preview. eamon. that's right jean. virginia tech recently opened a new 250-thousand campus that is teaching students fermentation among other useful techniques. the class does everything themselves to brew beer from scratch, without any automation. there's been a lot of interest from students, and not
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to taste test the beer they brew. tonight at six i'll bring you reaction from the class already taking the program as well as one of the professors on the future of this growing program. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7.


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