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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a teenager was hit by a train while walking on the tracks. we'll have updates on the teen's condition and how norfolk southern says he didn't hear the train coming. and, they're on the move. how opponents weren't able to stop the historic slave homes at botetourt county's greenfield complex from being re-located. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on wednesday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner heavy rain and severe storms are possible across the region today. be weather aware this
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today's heavy rain has first responders preparing for possible flooding. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart spoke with crews on how they plan to keep you and your family safe. "they always make you nervous. there's not a single time you go out in a flooding event that you're completely comfortable with it. we're being put in situations that the average person is not normally put in." bobby haynes knows that first hand. he's one of 26 members of salem's swift water rescue team. "we've had people with some close call situations
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enough that those people have come back and taught us the lessons that they've learned and try to keep us safe." he says they have flood gauges throughout the area to keep track of the rising water... and train monthly on different swift water rescue techniques. "swift water is one of the more dangerous things we do as a fire department." "the scary thing on our business is that it doesn't take a lot of rain to separate the car from the road." salem fire chief john prillaman says it only takes a few inches to a foot of water for your car to get stuck. if you see deep water, he says the best thing you can do is... "turn around don't drown is a very good saying. you don't want to drive through any type of river or stream because it doesn't take a lot of water to float a car." they hope that advice floats through everyone's heads not just over these next few days, but always. "we're continently thinking about our families that are home and going through these flooding events as well without us being there. we're just worrying about our families and trying to get home safely to them and trying to take care of
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same time." khiree stewart, wdbj7 you can read more of these lifesaving tips on w-d-b-j-7 dot com. just click on this story. a salem man is facing several charges in the alleged sexual assault of a child. detectives talked to the mother, who said her daughter had been assaulted by the mother's live-in boyfriend. julio cesar deleon the second is in the roanoke county/salem jail without bond. police are investigating a homicide in northwest roanoke. a man was killed boulevard, shortly after 4:30 yesterday afternoon. investigators are talking to witnesses and gathering evidence. no arrests have been made, and a police spokesman says officers are not actively searching for any suspects. authorities have not identified the victim. new this morning: police in danville are investigating a murder. it happened just after 12:15 this morning in the 200 block of halifax street. a man was found dead with apparent gunshot wounds. the name of the victim has not been released. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to
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((cold toss to leo)) weretry to get i you still see people doing all the time i don't do it you know one arrested is like this at a foot of water will flow your car and then you're really in trouble when this next batch a rain moving in right now already finding some pockets a heavier downpours it will just south into north carolina see the lightning bolts air live lightning data coming in so we do have an increased chance of thunderstorms unfortunately some of those thunderstorms could be on the severe side very dynamic storm system center circulation right here the center cinema low-pressure the actual low stays to our west would getting that rotation ahead of that system kino wrapping the moisture getting that golf moisture atlantic moisture all-time them mixing together and we get that wind shear winds of different directions is you go up and height always the
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quick spin up tornado this afternoon as well that will be on the lower risk but still can't totally rule it out flash flooding concerns strong damaging wind us concerning even those isolated tornadoes concern marginal risk a severe weather back into the mountains a west virginia far southwest virginia slight risk a severe weather from the roanoke valley lynchburg martinsville danville and then as he head over toward halifax charlotte county patchy have an enhanced risk of severe weather you usually see that too often from the storm prediction center just means the potential for you is rather high see some of those stronger storms but we all have a chance what a be weather aware have your wtvj seven weather and traffic you have the notifications turned on center the warning is issued it gets immediately to your cell phone one to two inches a rain could cause the flooding concerns severe storms isolated tornadoes again as well temperatures through the area right now in the forties will stay there this morning but should warm up into the upper 50s as we head through the afternoon he can see we have the yellows oranges and reds that's we get
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then on the backside actually tomorrow could see some snow showers in the mountains of west virginia here's you forecast across erie what can you expect would a see temperatures climbing into the fifties rain likely strong storms possible showers likely tonight snow showers in the mountains and then finally z head toward later thursday get a be windy on thursday but will start to dry out and continue that drying trend the a train in roanoke. police say he was walking on the tracks when he was hit yesterday. norfolk southern says the teen was wearing ear buds, and didn't hear the train approaching on the tracks near brandon avenue. the conductor sounded the horn, and hit the brakes but could not stop in time. a roanoke police spokesman says he was conscious and alert when officers arrived, and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. the historic slave homes at the greenfield complex in botetourt county are on the move. the work began yesterday and the second home will move tomorrow, weather permitting. many who oppose the move addressed board members yesterday, and even
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thousand dollars to stall the work and take another look at the plan. shirley johnson lewis/plantation family descendant:"don't think for one second that we fell for that little archealogical testing that was done, my people are crying out to me to implore you to let them rest in peace." jack leffel/board of supervisors chairman: "this occured 20 years ago when the property was bought, that was the original plan, and it was very public, they had a referendum to do all of that back then." the land the homes sit on, and the remaining vacant land at the greenfield complex were leased to the county's economic development authority. there are no identified companies or tenants moving in yet. martinsville's mayor says he's trying to prevent an electric sale. mayor danny turner says the city made a bad deal about 8 years ago. the city is part of a partner ownership in an electric plant in illinois. turner says the city will get into serious debt, if one of the partners sells their share below market value. american municpal power, which provides electricity to 130 communities, disagrees.
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of danville, which is also involved -- they will not be effected. the issue is heading to the federal energy regulatory commission for consideration. we have more on wdbj7 dot com. we're still waiting to hear final details, but all signs point to an appearance by the gop frontrunner donald trump in southwest virginia next week. wdbj7 learned yesterday that bluegrass legend ralph stanley and his grandson nathan are endorsing trump for president. their publicist confirmed they are planning to attend a campaign event on monday in salem. trump was last in our area in january at liberty university in lynchburg salem city officials and trump campaign staffers though say no plans have been finalized. eight years ago, dr. stanley endorsed barack obama for president. in a facebook post last year, he said he made a mistake with that selection. his grandson, nathan, is supposed to perform at the trump event. ralph stanley will be there, health permitting, according
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presidential candidate bernie sanders held a campaign rally in norfolk, virginia yesterday. he spoke about what he called wall street's endless supply of money. he also talked about his opponents, saying that americans shouldn't let the donald trumps of the world divide them. sen. bernie sanders: "the only way we change america is when we understand that it is not acceptable that a handful of wealthy campaign contributors, it is not acceptable that corporate america or wall street or the corporate media control what goes on in our country." virginia is one of several states holding its primary next week on super tuesday. former president bill clinton is scheduled to campaign on behalf of his wife hillary in northern virginia and richmond later today. there are some flooded roads in the new river valley right now, and other areas could more of the same today.. your first i- hometown traffic report is next.
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looking into some bad driving habits people may not be aware of. and several local organizations here in southwest virginia are doing their part to help out with the water crisis in flint. good morning, i'm amanda kenney. we're ready for spring and summer. so we're taking a look at some activities for the family you can look forward to, coming up on wdbj7
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pockets of heavy today. a half dozen roads in the new river valley are flooded right now. there's also thick fog along i-77 in the fancy gap area. downed trees are also a problem. a viewer sent wdbj7 this photo of big branch road in tazewell county. you'll want to be careful as you head
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gas line installation could slow you down in southwest roanoke. flaggers will control traffic on rosewood avenue and creston avenue. that's happening from eight a-m to four p-m now through march 15-th. workers are replacing a pipe on route 662 in amherst county. that road is closed just east of route 151 for another week. a detour will help you get around. this is a live look at i-581 in roanoke from wdbj7's hotel camera. we're not seeing any accidents or major problems on the highways so far this morning. researchers at virginia tech say they have a much better understanding of what causes car crashes after a lengthy study. for the last several years, 35-hundred drivers across the country have had cameras and other equipment recording their driving habits. in that time, there were 15-hundred crashes that the researchers used to determine crash risk factors. many of the crashes were due to distractions like cell phones or looking
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but researchers found one factor that was even more dangerous for drivers. feng guo/associate professor: "emotional status of the driver, including crying, sadness, aggitated. those will increase crashes by almost ten times." for the full report on the study, visit wdbj7 dot com. the water crisis continues in flint, michigan while officials still look for a solution. now several organizations in our area are stepping up to help. it's called operation flint. the danville non- profit "god's pit crew" is sending volunteers to drop off bottled water to flint free of charge. the water collection started last month and it's expanding into other hometowns. so far, the roanoke county sheriff's office has collected 300 cases of water. churches, restaurants and others have jumped on board too. now, over a thousand of them are currently sitting in a warehouse in roanoke. "i take great pride in public service and really think it's our responsibility to serve the community so when they presented this opportunity to us we took the ball and ran with it" "we have a chapter
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it's just amazing how people are living at the moment. i mean they are getting one case of water a day and how can you survive on that?" operation flint continues through friday. if you would like to donate some bottles or become a volunteer we'll have that information available on our website a family is still recovering after a tree fell on their home during the last winter storm. this morning, we have an update on how they're doing. and botetourt county is recognizing the contributions of a 68 year veteran with the
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fire department. afternoonpockets a heavy rain moving right back into the area finding some lightning strikes down into north carolina. we still have that cool air wedge kino blocking the severe weather outside of the region every regenerate, thunderstorm tries to drive into the region the cooler temperatures pretty much killed those thunderstorms but over time the warm weather
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have the potential of seeing severe storms as we head through the afternoon now when i can have rain all the time we of this one little batch moving through right now will get a little bit of a wall another batch starts to drive through but these batches will contain heavy downpours and we get some of those stronger to severe thunderstorms we have to do would torrential rainfall most of our area has a slight risk a severe weather back into the mountains just a marginal risk is you had toward halifax i mean over toward halifax and charlotte county you're actually have an enhanced risk your the best chance of seeing those severe thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes also dealing with areas of fog thick fog up toward the highlands into the roanoke valley over toward lynchburg finding some areas of dense fog can barely see out of the mill mountain camera there temperatures in the thirties and forties right now same stories you had out toward say washington dc but look at bristol fifty four degrees that's that warmer air is that's can a try to drive-in here later on today we could see temperatures topping out upper fifties low sixties down toward the south side but on average would talk
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really get that southerly push that will start to scour out the cooler temperatures and then from the west we get a westerly to northwesterly winds that will bring temperatures back down lateron. we get that twisting of the air. that's we could see the spin up tornado something will have to monitor very closely rain likely today isolated storms temperatures warming up into the 50s low 60s down toward the south side again watch upper some severe storms this afternoon showers likely tonight maybe some snow showers in the mountains seven day planner the good news is once we get through today gusty winds tomorrow will see dryer and quieter weather friday saturday and sunday which will do on their home during the last winter storm. wdbj7 went back to the home after a viewer said they wanted to help. that person wanted to remain anonymous, but made sure wanda morgan received a one hundred dollar check. morgan says the family is doing well. since the storm, they got the ceiling
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down. wanda morgan, home owner, "it's just been an outpouring i couldn't believe, people, strangers you've never seen come up and ask you can they help you, can they chop wood. it's just, there are good people in the world." morgan says she continues to thank god for her family's safety. after the storm, the electric company came to help take part of the tree down because it started leaning towards the transformer. the family is planning on using the tree for fire wood next winter. a local first responder has taken dedication to a whole new level. botetourt county recognized 84-year- old sam sprinkel yesterday for 68 years of service with the fincastle volunteer fire department. he's served as treasurer since 1955. he's a charter member of the fincastle rescue squad and one of the first botetourt residents to earn an e-m-t certification. sam sprinkel/lifetime achievement recipient:"i'm humbled, i'm humbled at the support of the community and everybody to make a
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helps people." sprinkel's family and friends were there to celebrate his lifetime achievement with him. he thanks his first responder family as well, and plans to continue to work with the fire department in can. tech's men's basketball team try to pick up a win on the road at boston college.
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severe storms are possible across the region today. be weather aware this afternoon.
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basketball team is continuing to improve. zac glover has more in sports. good morning, i'm zac glover with your look at sports. things are trending upward for the virginia tech men's basketball team. a win over florida state put the hokies back over .500 for the season, and has the team with a shot at a postseason appearance. the hokies though, just 1-6 on the road in acc play, trying to change that trend last night at boston college. and this, a welcome sight for hokie nation. chris clarke already back in the line-up after spraining an ankle on saturday against florida state. he had five points in limited action. seth allen ended up with stitches in his face after saturday. here he is with the steal and the score, plus the foul. this all part of a 13-0 run late in the first, capped off by the run-out and the throw-down from justin bibbs. the hokies up double-digits the rest of the way. another steal and score from allen. he lead the way with 14, as tech makes it two wins in a row,
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basketball postseason rolling right along last night as well, with our local teams looking to keep their state championship hopes alive. but first things first, cave spring hosting rustburg in the 3a regionals. and the knights getting off to an extremely hot start from beyond the arc. paxton daniels just burying the three. then it's jake furrow following suit. he hits the corner three, as cave spring jumps out to the 9-nothing lead. but rustburg was going away that easily. mike jones showing off the handles. the step-back three. making it look easy. jones then, feeling it. takes the little hand-off. no hesitation on that shot. and why not? that drops in the bucket for another three. and things would remain tight from there. but brody hicks and the knights would find a way down the stretch, as cave spring advances past rustburg, 53- 49. northside hooking up with waynesboro. early on, kendrick tucker stops and pops the foul line jumper. he banks it in for 2 of his 19 points in the night. then on the break, it's tucker to shey webb who finishes things off.
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then later, check out the freshman devon russell who fires from distance. that's good for three as the vikings went on to win it 64 to 45. up in the 4a regionals, william byrd taking on heritage. the terriers in control, up double- digits in the second half, and continuing to add to their lead. damon childress on the attack. gets that one to go. then it's childress again on the drive. check this out. slashes through the defense, takes the bump, somehow gets it to drop in for the and-one. and the terriers would continue to stack it on. alex fitch spotting up from long range. three-ball, corner pocket, as byrd gets the win, 58-47. that's your look at sports, have a great day. something new is brewing at virginia tech. beer! the school has opened a new brewhouse with equipment purchased from germany, and is exactly what breweries use to make beer. the class helps students who plan to work in or own a brewery- but there's more to it. the same science behind fermentation
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science and technology studies. nick patrick, senior food science & technology student: "food processing and the brewery go hand in hand. you're using large machines, sanitation is of the utmost importance. it definitely plays into itself. just because you're making beer doesn't mean it can't be also used for food." amy nelson, senior food science & technology student: "we can take that not only to the new beverage industry that is forming but also to the newer food industry and the new food products that are coming out." for more on the brewhouse and it's future at virginia tech, check out this story on wdbj7 dot com. the presidential candidates are now turning their focus to super tuesday states, after last night's republican caucus in nevada. who's the projected winner this morning. the strong storm system that brought deadly tornadoes in the deep south is now heading our way. which areas have seen the most damage so far.
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is infecting more people in our country, but not only through mosquitos. how many new cases have spread
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contact. wednesday. i'm garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. nevada's republican caucus is now over, with another win going to donald trump. as danielle nottingham reports, there was no clear victory for second place between ted cruz and marco rubio. after picking up a third-consecutive victory in last night's nevada caucuses... donald trump continues his winning streak... with an eye on super tuesday states: (sot trump) we have great numbers coming out of texas, amazing numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia. it's going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months, to be
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the billionaire frontrunner garnered much of his support in the state -- from voters who are dissatisfied with the government. (sot voter) the current administration's attitude is just not where i think we need to be. politically correctness is destroying us. the win gives trump the majority of the delegates in the state...bringing him closer to clinching the gop nomination. (sot analyst) i think he is well positioned to sweep across the board. (stand up: danielle nottingham cbs news las vegas, nevada) as trump continues to gain momentum...the rest of the gop field is battling it out to become his alternative. entrance polls show a majority of caucus-goers who favored a candidate with more political experience backed marco rubio over ted cruz. the texas senator addressed supporters shortly after polls closed: (sot cruz) one week from today will be the most important night of this campaign. they'll face trump in their next debate tomorrow night in texas...before voters in 11 states pick their choice for commander in chief. danielle nottingham cbs news las vegas, nevada.
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across the south, slamming homes, moving cars, and uprooting trees from louisiana to florida. at least three people are dead and several are missing after storms and tornadoes slammed the gulf states. as many as 26 tornadoes were reported in the south. the storms gained power throughout the day tuesday. three waterspouts formed on a lake in new orleans because of the high winds. and a gym lost its roof in louisiana while about 35 people were in the building. the governor of that state worries that a lot of people could be missing. ((cold toss w/stinger)) exactlyyeah when i guess anything widespread like they did severe weather wise but we can't rule out an isolated tornado severe thunderstorms and strong damaging wind us especially this afternoon we one batch a rain moving through right now steady batch even some heavier downpours had a couple reports on the ridgeway area that thunderstorm move through a lot a lightning data down into
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then as he comes across into virginia we saw that cool air wedge in place a lot of that tends to we can that's a we have going force right now but as we head through the morning and afternoon that cooler air at the servers will eventually get scour out and that's why we have that increased chance a severe weather still finding tornado watch boxes severe thunderstorm watch boxes along the gulf coast states that will stay south of the region for now the vigorous low-pressure center will stay to our west but ahead of that system is worried all the activity is so here you go marginal risk for severe weather in the mountains from roanoke lynchburg danville martinsville back toward say carol county a slight risk a severe weather this afternoon and evening enhanced risk toward halifax and charlotte county again mainly during the afternoon once as cool weather at the surface get scour out right now were still locked in the thirties and low forties it will take time to scour that out but as we head through the afternoon some areas could see made upper 50s evenson lower 60s down toward outside ide there's one low that's exiting here's the next
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us all the rain and the potential you forecast today rain likely storms some of those storms could be on the strong side temperatures into the fifties and low sixties head out tonight turning more showery like increasing wind overnight gusty winds on thursday temperatures dropping into the thirties even some mountains snow showers friday saturday and sunday they'll finally we quiet down and dry out would temperatures in the forties but then will moderate right back up into the upper 50s by sunday we need a str necessarily through the cdc has cases of the virus being spread sexually. several involve pregnant women. in two cases, the only risk factor for those women was sexual contact with a had recently traveled to a zika-infested the virus could be microcephaly, a birth defect that gives babies abnormally (dr. jennifer mcquiston/deputy incident manager for cdc's zika response) the the virus spreads but with these new
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are investigating we are becoming more aware that sexual transmission may happen more often than we previously thought. the cdc says men who have traveled to zika-infected places should use condoms if their partner is pregnant. the water crisis in flint, michigan could have you questioning your own tap water -- but there are some things you can do to make sure its safe to drink. you can check if your supplier will test your water for free. or you can buy a testing kit and do it yourself. make sure to test the first water that comes out of your pipes after sitting overnight. then send those samples to a certified lab, which you can find addresses for on the e-p-a's website. president obama has announced his plans to close the detention center at guantanamo bay, cuba. 91 prisoners are left at guantanamo, and the president proposes to transfer a third to other countries and 56 into the u-s. it could cost as much as 475-million dollars to move them and renovate or build new facilities. but obama says it
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government 85- million a year in operating costs. "we can ensure our security, uphold our highest values around the world and save american taxpayers a lot of money in the process." congress isn't so happy with the idea -- senator mitch mcconnell says it would be illegal to transfer foreign terrorists into the u- s. the president's plan did not include details of exact cost or location of an alternate facility. the obama administration wants states to address the issue of minority students being singled out for special education in public schools. the education department says students of color are too often identified as having a disability, and face harsher discipline than white students. the department also says these children are not getting the right support services. leaders are proposing a new rule requiring states to come up with a standard approach in comparing racial and ethnic groups when disparities are significant - and give school officials more options in how they spend federal
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if you visit iowa, you could soon see young children using handguns. lawmakers in iowa's state house passed a bill yesterday that allows children of any age to use a handgun as long as a parent is supervising them. iowa's current state law prevents children 14 and under from handling guns. some critics are completely opposed to the new legislation. (kirstin running- marquardt/(d) iowa state house) "what this bill does, the bill before us, again, allows for 1-year-olds, 2-year- olds, 3-year-olds, 4- year-olds to operate handguns. we do not need a militia of toddlers. we do not have handguns that i am aware of that fit the hands of a 1- or a 2-year-old." supporters of the bill say it strengthens the constitutional right to bear arms. the proposal will now move to the iowa state senate, where it most likely will not pass. a puppy in south carolina is recovering after being shot 18 times with a b-b gun. 18 steel pellets are
5:38 am
6-week-old lab mix who was the victim of horrible crime. (dr. jay hreiz, ebenezer animal hospital) "i've never seen anybody deliberately and maliciously shoot at a dog... and not just any dog... one that's six weeks old. i mean this is about as defenseless as an animal can get." two teenagers, ages 14 and 17, are facing jail time and fines for hurting the puppy. the older one is charged with felony first degree cruelty to animals. and the other has been released to his parents pending trial. but brody is going to be alright -- so many people have called asking to adopt him that the animal hospital has had to close the list. the roads are wet and the rain continues to fall. but we're keeping you updated on travel conditions with your i-hometown traffic report. forget winter already, let's spring forward to summer. we're talking summer camps, after the break on wdbj7
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today. a half dozen roads in the new river valley are flooded right now. none of those are main roads but you'll want to give yourself extra time. there's also thick fog along i-77 in the fancy gap area. gas line installation could slow you down in southwest roanoke. flaggers will control traffic on rosewood avenue and creston avenue. that's happening from eight a-m to four p-m now through march 15-th. road work will impact traffic in amherst county. both directions of geddes mountain road are closed from roses mill road to patrick
5:42 am
it should re-open march 18-th. we're taking a live look at i-64 in covington from a virginia department of transportation camera. it's a little slick out there but we're not seeing any accidents so far this morning. once the rain clears out and sun comes up with warmer temps, there will be plenty of activities to keep your kids busy. wdbj7's amanda kenney is at the green ridge recreation center in roanoke county, where they have programs planned throughout the spring and summer. they certainly do. i'm with scott ramsburg this morning from roanoke county parks recreation and tourism. 1. scott, let's start with spring. what should parents be on the look out for? spring program guide out and in mail boxes next week 2. what about this summer?
5:43 am
released with over 175 weeks of camps for kids and splash valley season passes go on sale starting monday 3. so on rainy day like today, there's plenty to do at the green ridge recreation center. what's new here? we've added new equipment to the activity room at green ridge including a new kids climbing wall and interactive floor
5:44 am
outside is more your thing, you'll want to stick around for the next half hour. we'll tell you what else you can do this spring and summer in roanoke county. time for your mornin' sports catch up. obviously i'm a morning person so with these games that start at 9pm, they just don't work out for me. i'm already in bed like many of you are but luckily we've got the highlights to catch you up on what you hokie fans missed. virginia tech played boston college last night. tech on a five game losing streak, and buzz using the
5:45 am
good luck charm for this game. midway through the first chris clarke gets the shooter's touch--the dasani good luck showing itself early on this one. tech's defense showed up last night--seth allen has to earn these two points. and later in the first, tech with a double digit lead and another quick steal and transition. the hokies finished with 11 total steals. this was all but wrapped up in the first. tech went on to win 71-56. tech needed this one. with a 15-13 record they'll need to sweep their remaining games against wake forest, pitt and #12 miami and have a huge showing in the acc tournament. a tall task, but they got this one in the bag. today's education curriculum is difficult even for parents to handle. why some parents have decided to go
5:46 am
royal families tend to keep their family squabbles out of the public eye.. but the queen of england is admitting to some four- legged
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youchecking i you weather almanac for this date average high fifty two degrees average low thirty one so far this month for half inches a rain and melted snow adding to that over the last couple days couple days and him will deftly add to it again today and that's were we have the flooding potential that one thunderstorm now moving toward south boston in southern halifax county in around danville halifax county pittsylvania county might be hearing the rumbles of thunder right now but is ... to the north is driving into sustainable air cooler air so a lot of those thunderstorms will tend to fall part southwest sections spotty showers heavy so the activity eastern sections right now will all get breaks from time to time most of the severe weather us they'll to our south but as we head through the afternoon we could see some of that severe weather making its way into our region
5:49 am
risk a severe weather halifax charlotte county that she have an enhanced risk of seeing some of that severe weather but watch out. we all have that risk. the chance seeing an isolated spin up tornado as well most of that should be can find in eastern sections but still they'll be out there thunderstorms this afternoon by tonight things begin to quiet down woodson snow showers on the backside of this system you panacea pushing through eleven o'clock spotty showers and heavier downpour same story during the afternoon then you start to get these bands that's will have to watch upper some of those stronger storms an and look on the backside cold air rushes in back to the mountains a west virginia executive see periods and snow showers as the moisture continues but that cold air builds in today rain likely some storms some of those storms could be on the strong to severe side temperatures in the upper fifties to 50s low 60s a little cooler in the mountains showers likely tonight increasing wind lows in the 30s. some mountains snow showers evan day planner windy on thursday friday some gusty winds as well but we will see much dryer weather
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week and the upcoming recieved -- some are going back to school to be able to help their kids with their homework. the american journal of family therapy released a study that shows conflict regarding homework occurred at a rate up to 200- percent more in families where parents did not have at least a college degree. but in today's world, schools are teaching children a lot differently than their parents were taught. (marie testa/ superintendent, north bellmore school district) we're trying to reach out to parents to say the standard way that we learned is no longer that way. so we need to bring you in with us, bring you into the fold and help you so that you're successful at home in supporting your child school districts around the country are offering these types of classes for free. one in new york helps parents learn more about the common core curriculum and other topics their kids are being taught. we're getting a glance into the queen of england's life with a special edition of town and country magazine. the magazine releases information about the queens dogs -- more specifically, the fights
5:51 am
hired to try to end the fighting. (sot dr roger mugford) there were a number of fights. mp: between the dogs... rm:...between the let alone between the family 14:29:22 rm: (laughs) between the dogs. pet-psychologist roger mugford calmed the dogs down by sorting out their hierarchy. he discovered that they fought frequently during the time the family was dealing with discord between princess diana and prince charles. the dogs are a lot like the royal family -- the corgis are all descendants of a single top dog, much like the family are all descendants of queen victoria. your head and your gut could be more related than you think. that and more in today's hometown health. and a new type of workout video is making the rounds
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on this date in 19- 38, variety magazine announces judy garland will star in the legendary film, the wizard of oz. in 18-68, president andrew johnson is impeached. hockey star wayne gretzky scores his 77th goal in 19-82. the supreme court defends the right to satirize public figures on this date in 19-88. and in 19-91, the gulf war ground offensive begins. heavy rain and severe storms are possible across the region today. be weather aware this afternoon. it today's hometown health: there could be a link between your head and your stomach. chris martinez reports on that and why students should
5:55 am
class. migraine and tension-type headaches may share genetic links with irritable bowel syndrome or ibsaccording to a new study presented by the american academy of neurology. more than half of patients with migraines and over a quarter with tension headaches also had ibs. researchers say patients with ibs and headaches had at least one gene that differed from healthy people. (wipe vo) new research shows that children with asthma who are sent home after a hospital visit with their prescription medications make fewer visits back to the er. boston university created a program that makes sure asthma medications are delivered to hospital rooms after learning almost 40 percent of pediatric patients were not able to get their prescriptions filled in a timely manner. (wipe vo) and students who do physical activities while learning math and spelling score higher on tests compared to students sitting at desks. the study in pediatrics looked at nearly 500 second and third graders and found the score increases in the active group were equal to four months of learning. those are some of
5:56 am
stories. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. a popular video about working out is going viral. but this one has a twist, or rather, a cork. a woman decided to create a workout incorporating wine. the 15-second video shows april storey doing simple home workouts, while she drinks wine and uses bottles as weights. former star trek actor george takei reposted the video with the caption "quit wine- ing and work out." storey just wants people to know that fitness is something you can do every day, anywhere, with anything. what's going on in the facebook world this morning. a lot of people are talking about what kevin spacey said about the presidential race. among other things, spacey said "we get what we deserve." -------- the youth vote on the democratic side is a big topic this morning after a town hall meeting with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton said "she's not sure why sanders' campaign is leading the youth vote." and the international
5:57 am
seems to show astronaut scott kelly in a gorilla suit. gorillas in space, a hysterical image. police are investigatin a murder in roanoke. after the break, we'll tell you where it happened and if there are any suspects. and, is the city of lynchburg off the map when it comes to attracting new businesses? how the lack of a
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could play a role. heavy rain today could bring high water to our area. how salem's swift water rescue team is prepared to handle any emergency calls that might come in. despite some opposition, the historic slave homes at the greenfield complex in botetourt county are re- locating. who now controls the land where they
6:00 am
and, the internet can be a dangerous place for teenagers. in this week's mornin' newsmakers, how the prevention council is working to educate families about on-line risks. good morning, it's just after 6 o'clock on wednesday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. heavy rain and severe storms are possible across the region today. be weather aware this


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