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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on you here right now, as you just mentioned. there are homes right behind me. the side of the houses have been taken out by whatever storm moved through this afternoon. we have power lines down. like i said, we have multiple homes that are damaged. there's at least one home that you can't see that's out of my view. it seems to be completely gone. looks like the house was flatten the by whatever storm moved throughout here. we have talked to law enforcement this afternoon and we tell us as far as they know, there were no severe injuries out here as a result of this storm there. isn't anybody out here that has been severely injured. we do have a woman over here off month to my left, an elderly woman who was inside her home when the storm happened. she has damages to her home. family members got out here.
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this home and they're getting her to safety tonight. you talked to law enforcement and you talked to some other people out in the area, for, and you told me that there was some damage out on route 630. i am going to go check that out as soon as i'm no longer live on television just to see if i can find out exactly what's going on. but jean, definitely the scene out here right now is just a lot of damage. a lot of homes out here on route 460. this is just one of the areas that is seeing a lot of damage. we understand that it goes all the way down to the promised land area in appomattox county as well. >> we're glad to hear that person is okay. when you look at that damage, that is certainly a very strong storm there, tim saunders. thank you very much. >> well, jean, i do want to say that the house behind me, we don't know for sure that that person or if anybody was in that house. the home that i was talking about that had an elderly woman in it is a brick home off to my left. it's out of view. i don't know if anybody was in that home that has the really severe damage. >> okay, tim. thank you you for that clarification.
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damage and continuing on to take a look at appomattox county. heavily hit area there. >> damaged homes and a farm in good view, virginia. it could have been from a possible tornado. wdbj 7 joins us now from mill iron road. >> chris, jean, it was absolute devastation out here today. i mean, roofs were missing off some homes. several trees were down. neighbors each tell me some of them, they only had time to run from it. they say the strong wind storm just came out of nowhere and they didn't have any warning. now, one of the places we went to today was the triple m farm on mill iron road. there was so much damage there, you could see trees. the farm. a lot of damage there. a lot of miss youing pieces. just absolutely devastation. and even the owner, she pulled up and she was literally in
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she was also worried about her animals. no animals were killed. neighbors said they had no warning of this storm. it just came out of nowhere and they have never seen anything like it before. many of them were living in good view for many years and they said they had never seen weather this bad, so it was just absolute devastation out here. >> yeah. here we're having this final week in february. this farm owner that you talked to, amaze that go all of her animals are okay. we did have some warning for these storms. with we are right on the money, sick among you and me. and highways damaged homes in a foreign-made good view of virginia it could avail from a possible tornado that he needed a seven zero saunders joins litigated a 70 saunders joins us now from milliron wrote yet here we have in his final week of february leslie morrissette homeowner farm owner that you talk to amazing about all of her animals are okay robin though we did have some morning for the storms you were right on the money beginning early this afternoon well we hated to see it come to pass the windows go lineup in that area and sometimes you just end up with severe thunderstorm warnings this was not the case starting about two thirty 230 this afternoon. it went immediately to tornado warnings happy to report to you tonight that the bulk of
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past the richmond metro area in the showers that are on the backside of the storm system not all that impressive zoom down and appomattox this was an area that we were very concerned within our live coverage this evening because we were looking at the winds rotating around anytime you have the bright red and bright green side by side and as bright as these were it really spoke high winds rotating right here and it turns out that for one of the tornadoes may have touched down meanwhile in waverley which is on the eastern side of the state very close to the doppler radar site for the national weather service in wakefield that turned into a tragedy it's really amazing that this didn't turn into a tragedy for tornado reports all lined up along. i 85 you can imagine with the kind of problems i could've created with people on the road and damaging winds speaking of damaging winds this is off of our weather but network you think the event the winds were blowing hard today topping sixty miles an hour in nelson county running fifty miles an hour and a lot of of the communities folks at something were to seek for the next day or two windt day or two. whipped is the next big problem. >> thank you very much.
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ago, the jury in the kevin quick case found all six defendants guilty. that is according to our sister station, whsv in harrisonburg. those six defendants were convicted on all charges in connection to the murder of quick. that trial was moved to roanoke after a mistrial was declared last year. chris was abducted and killed in 2014. he was a waynesboro police reserve captain. >> continuing coverage tonight about the first homicide reported in roanoke in year. police say marr to have a youious rashad cook was murdered yesterday afternoon. a police spokesperson says no one was arrested, but police aren't actively searching for suspects. investigators are talking to witnesses and gathering evidence. police in danville are investigating a murder just after 12:15 this morning in the 200 block of halifax street. a man was found dead with apparent gunshot wounds. the name of the victim has not been released. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call police.
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taxes now, but here in virginia some taxpayers will have to wait a little longer for that extra cash. wdbj 7 tells us more about a review of tax return letter some have gotten recently. >> simply states that your tax return has been selected for review and a refund can't be issued until a 1099 or w2 and the 2015 pay stub are faxed back to the state department it. taxation is something tax preparers are seeing more of. >> have you gotten one of these letters in the mail? returns. >> people who filed their taxes and sent them in it are being asked by the state department of taxation to resubmit information. >> they want to verify the actual wages that have been submitted on the w2, along with a copy of their 1099.
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not usually necessary to file state taxes. >> submit a copy of the last paycheck stub. >> a spokesperson from the state department of taxation says this is the second time the agency has sent these out, but it's an inconvenience for taxpayers. >> the letter also states that if you do not return this information to them that your refund could be reduced. >> reduced in not what taxpayers want to hear as they wait for the a chunk of money many depend on every year. so there are several times the statements have come back instead of settled. so i talked to them for the refunds. they've got to decide what to do with that money. >> i spoke with a representative from the department of taxation just moments ago and he tells me that those letters are sent out as an afternoon tie identity theft and tax measure. they're sent to certain taxpayers when an automated review identifies the need no
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if you get one, contact your tax preparer and head to and click on this story for more information. nadia sing, wdbj 7. >> changes coming for cost customers in the area as the company converts to an all digital platform. you'll need this box if your cable plugs into your tvt costs 2.99 a month to rent from cox. customers get one box for free the next year and medicaid customers will get more box for his free. cox is doing this to more efficiently use the limited amount of spectrum. >> take what essentially are analogue spectrum and it represents about 40% of our band we had and this transition that over to digital, which we can obviously do a lot less bandwidth. it allows us to offer more products and services. cox is one of the last major providers to make this all digital transition.
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notifications to switch in the end of march. >> well, like former virginia legislator madison marie has died at the age of 90. the shellsville democrat represented western virginia for almost 30 years. marie was known for his dedication to service, representation of world constituents, and a sense of humor. he was liked by colleagues on both side of the aisle and was also per sis ten, introducing a bill more than a dozen crimes in the past, but many say it's his lively stories they'll remember most. ninth district congressman mormon griffith remembers him as a feisty law maker and fierce advocate. like many of us here in western virginia, tommy holcomb wanted to do something after the deaths of alison parker and adam ward last august. so he wrote a song. and six months later, he's releasing forever on the air, a recording he hopes will honor their memory. wdbj 7's jody seal -- joe did he seal is here with more on that.
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they started in the 1960s. his latest song, forever on the air, includes the talents of many people, including former miss virginia, courtney garrett, roanoke legend james powell, and our own chris list. >> tommy holcomb said he was numb after hearing the news on the morning of august 26. number one, how could something like that even happen? and how you could it happen here? and how could it happen on my hometown station? it was like unreal. >> the next day, he began writing the song, forever on the air. and it really affected me. i don't know, i just wanted to do something. the song includes local singers, background vocals from james howell.
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instrumental track. >> courtney glare he is sings the lead, now a law student. she says she was honored to be a part of this project that honors alison and adam. >> they left an incredible legacy behind. it will hopefully be a remind that they are they are continuing to affect lives. and the impression that they've left behind. holcomb is distributing the song on cd. he set up a website for anyone interested in ordering a copy can find more this was. we'll include a link with this story on he says his reward has already
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close to alison and adam >> we are continuing our coverage in the storm damage from the south side. wdbj 7's danielle staub joins with us a look at conditions in danville. >> during the storm, a tree hit the back of this home. i'm going step out of the way here so you can see it. this tree fell in between these two homes and hit a gas meter and the side of this house. i'm told the people that were inside at the time, they're okay. there are no injuries. they were i believe to get out quickly. it's pretty scary, and i'm not surprised after seeing this,
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very, very fast wins. the rain was coming down very heavy. it was only for a quick moment, only ten minutes and then that ten minutes of storms came back again. around 500 people in danville are out of power. city officials say that this is another tree east of danville. outages are scattered across town. schools are on lockdown. around 4:00, those buses were sent out on that tornado watch. that warning was shut off. they were able to pick up those kids. there was no report of damages or injuries. emergency management officials say there are trees down, but danville did get the brunt of the storm. i watched this storm from the bureau. as i was saying t came in very quickly. it came in very fast. and honestly, it was a little scary. so i'm sure there are a lot of people out there tonight that are a little shaken up, but right now, there are people in danville without powerful crews
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take up trees and limbs and things that may have call he know, danielle staub, wdbj 7. >> thank you, danielle. it is official. the donald is heading to northwest virginia next week ahead of super tuesday. the republican presidential frontrunner, he'll speak at radford university monday. according to trump's campaign, the tickets are gone. doors open at 10:00 a.m. remarks begin at noon. we'll livestream monday on >> the strong storms of the day have moved on, but the other side of this powerful weather maker will be felt for days to come. indeed it will. folks need to get out and about to see what their damage is. that includes the national weather service. they'll be taking a tornado survey tomorrow morning, not only in' anmatics, but other areas hard hit. temperatures are all over the place.
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you can see the thatpitchers continue to come then this is the damage and appomattox the national weather service will check out this entire area tomorrow very likely they're going to find this was tornado damage meanwhile another parts of the region this was the view. first thing this morning it was cold it was drizzling it was rainy and then held off the more powerful storms in the roanoke area though we didn't have getting some thunderstorms and some really heavy downpours and we ended up with blue skies in the know some of you saw some amazing rainbow pictures will share those again divided 10 at 11 right now sixty one degrees winds of shifted out of the west were completely done with the cold air part of the system. for now when then restrict what snow showers comeback in on the backside in as short as twenty four hours wind gusts are running anywhere from twenty to thirty miles an hour right now it's an impressive winfield will likely last for about two days and may cause edition additional damage was a big storm system stretching from near st. louis all the way to
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up out of the south it was all torn out on the backside there is snow coming back around into kentucky and tennessee but this was what really had her attention all day long how powerful these cells were work the windsor were associated with an the damage that was associated with them and brett and i got to thinking gosh this seems a little bit for february has this ever happened before and he hit the record book to providences that is very rare for our area during the summer months much less during the winter and typically do you have some more bearable tornadoes will be gated that's what happened today we had this cold air it was a place that warm air began to work in at the same time one may begin to work in at the same time that this line of storms moving to the easel zoom in... appomattox came through this afternoon one after another this is the one that produced that tornado there or potential tornado sure looks like the storms are making blocking the national weather service in the morning and then there were several storms down across the southern and southeast edge of the county as well this just one of many reports of storm damaged today someone to go
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this soap out we've had about fifteen february tornadoes in the state of virginia for those of the local event since 1951. i did not have a way first nineteen fifty one does it have one tornado that struck appomattox county one in the afternoon so they had a tornado in february one of the few areas and edge and our last tornado heartbreak for our area was several years ago back in twenty eleven of course that someone we had that's the one we had the pulaski county tornadoes in very rare outbreak rock restrict what are the odds are this move forward in time evening showers we will still have some wrapping around with increasing with lows in the thirties tomorrow looks pretty good we got temperatures in the 40s and 50s and be okay break for us but we do anticipate pretty soon the errors colbert is in the snow showers or mimic him in the play were looking ahead to thursday morning at six a.m. and you see little pops of snow showers giving little bit closer to us to primarily be in the southwest and courses
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every drop they can get from the so weather system but all in all we are in for some changes weatherwise as we check out the a seven-day planner gusty winds and flurries that's key for the next couple of days after that we anticipate rather breezy conditions to continue and sunshine for sunday were looking forward to that monday tuesday wednesday will have highs in the uhe upper 50s. >> we're talking post-season basketball, division 3 level with the ovac tournament underway.
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roanoke >> good evening, everyone. i'm karen loftus with a look at sports. we begin with big news in the nascar world as stuart haas racing announces they're making the switch from chevrolet to ford cars this season. n hr has had chevy cars since its inception in 2002 and has won two print cup championships with the manufacturer. co-owner and driver tony stuart plans to retire at the end of the season living kevin what are vick, danika patrick to making the change. basketball team picks up a win on the road over boston college last night. uva is looking to bounce back from their road loss monday their sites to north carolina on saturday. it is.
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few guys out with injuries. >> we've been playing, obviously, anthony, isaiah, and mike, and then evan, those are kind of in the four and now without evan, i went to jarod. the size, you know, that's why all guys have to be ready. he's played for us. at times we've gone four premier players. i think all things are on the board, and you have to be ready based on, you know, what the game is printing and, you know, the matchups and all of those kind of things. >> in division 3 hoops, the tournament gets going at the salem civic center. women's quarter finals tomorrow and the men's on friday. roanoke college is the three seed and they're in a first round buy. first post-season game friday night against randolph, washington, and lee tuesday night. coach warner and his guys have had a great season to this point at 11 and 5 in conference play and hoping to keep things rolling this weekends. >> coach says dance with the one that bring you, and we're going
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season long. we'll do things we can get better at. we're remind guys of things they didn't do too well late in the season. we're going to try to put our best foot forward. we're excited about going into the tournament. we're reasonably healthy and our chemistry has been a real key for us so far and i think our chemistry is as good as it's been all year. in case you miss it had last night, josh henderson, who now plays at vanderbilt, made the most ridiculous shot last night in their game against florida. he chucks it about eighty feet. let's take another look at it. the roanoke native finished with five points and two rebounds. vandie wins it 87-74. isn't that crazy? >> the entire length of the court. >> went right in. >> i know. >> all right. love it. thanks, karen. the market ends today on a positive note.
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s and b up 9. >> damage from power of storms that ripped through our region this afternoon. tim saunders is live in'matics, one of the hardest hit areas. it is dark now, tim. it's harder to see that destruction behind you. >> jean, i'm out here on route 460. this is the westernmost point of the damage where i'm standing
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it goes, at least it appears to go for several miles. we haven't been able to travel very far down that way yet, because you can probably see a lot of traffic that is packed up here on route 460. a lot of people trying to get home, and i think a lot of other people trying to get out and see the damage. we have many homes in this area that have sustained severe damage as a result of the storms that came through here this afternoon. there is also damage further south of here down toward the promised land area and along route 630. we're going to check that it out and give you more information tonight at 11:00. tim saunders, wdbj 7. >> clearly, some families cannot stay in their homes tonight. where do they sleep? khiree is in the community center where a shelter is now open. >> i'm at the'matics community center. this is where people who are affected by today's storm are being told to come for the night. right now there aren't too many people out here. there are a few cars. we saw a few people outside. i'm sure they're expecting more
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on the way into town, we saw a lot of downed lines. we saw police out here directing traffic. so again, if you don't have power, if you've been affected by today's storm, you're told to come here to the appomattox community center on community lane. back to you-all. >> thank you, khiree. appomattox community shelter now open. a lot of homes with severe damage. >> you want to see the tornado? >> we want to see it. that's it. that storm. jz smith took the picture for us this should help the national weather service in the storm survey. underneath that kind of a cloud structure, that's what happened in appomattox today. some stuff is wiped clean off there. that's an impressive storm. >> i've been talking with jason. he lives in that evergreen community. he has for a while and he says please pray for every green. that's his request for us tonight. we leave you now. we'll& >> pelley: tornadoes bring death and destruction to the east after a string of deadly
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>> i saw something coming at my face, and i said, oh, my god, i'm going to die. >> pelley: also tonight, trump with the victory of the night and the quote of the week. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> pelley: a jury awards millions for a cancer death linked to talcum powder. and driving down racial barriers. >> for me as an african american from a diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that legacy. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this could be a dangerous night in the east. a tornado is blamed for at least three deaths in virginia today. twisters were also reported in north carolina and florida. tornado watches and warnings are up from south carolina to new jersey, including washington, d.c., and philadelphia. this is the same system that brought death to the south last


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