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tv   Mornin  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, it's just after 6 o'clock on thursday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. we do have a few school announcements for you this morning. appomattox county, concord elementary is closed in campbell county, and cornerstone christian academy are closed. patrick county, smyth county, and wythe county schools are opening 2 hours late. thankfully the
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gusty winds will continue today with mountain snow showers. a reported funnel cloud in appomattox has killed at least one person, and injured several others. 20 homes have been destroyed, and more than 100 are damaged. wdbj7's amanda kenney is at one of two shelters in appomatox where volunteers are waiting to help victims. kimberly, the appotmatox community shelter has cots, blankets, and pillows to keep victims comfortable. just like the rest of the town, the shelter does not have electrcity. there's no heat here, but the lights are staying on thanks to a generator. wednesday's storm caused severe damage throughout the county. homes are damaged, trees and power lines are down, and the electricity is out.
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right now. dominion is working to repair a damaged metering point that serves appomatox virginia governor terry mcaullife has also declared a state of emergency. that means public safety agencies can devote every storm response and recovery. the virginia national guard has already soldiers to help with debris clean up. they're being sent to essex, richmond, sussex and patrick counties but more counties will be added if need be. the national weather service in blacksburg is sending a team today to investigate the damage in appomatox and evergreen areas. about 50 miles south of richmond, in sussex county, a
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including a toddler. here's some video of the aftermath there, in the town of waverly. virginia state police say the victims were two men, 50 and 26 years old - and a two year old boy. the mobile home they were in was destroyed. they were found about 300-yards away from the home. one survivor in waverly was in this silver car when the storm came through. survivor: "it's like, with all the power lines going down, it was like a big ball of fire and all of the debris kicking up. all i could do was just pray and pray and pray and the wind actually picked the car up and dropped us down all i could do was hold on tight and tell my uncle that i love him and pray." here's a look at some of the severe weather pictures you've sent to us. you can share yours with us on facebook, twitter, or by emailing us at photo at wdbj7 dot-com.
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roanoke's first murder of the year. police say martavious ra'shad cook was murdered tuesday afternoon. a police spokesperson says police haven't arrested anyone, and
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suspects. investigators are talking to witnesses and gathering evidence. a montgomery county judge has certified amanda taylor's life sentence. a jury recommended that sentence following her murder trial in november. she killed charles taylor last year after stabbing him 29 times. in court yesterday morning, she asked the judge to reduce her sentence and said her father-in-law quote "didn't deserve to be here anymore." taylor is also accused of shooting her friend, sean ball. plans have been finalized. donald trump is heading to southwest virginia next week ahead of super tuesday. the republican presidential frontrunner will speak at radford university's dedmon center on monday. according to trump's campaign website, the tickets are gone. doors open at 10 am and remarks start at noon. we plan to livestream monday's rally on wdbj7-dot- com. another republican candidate for president is coming to the roanoke valley ahead of tuesday's "super tuesday" primaries. florida senator marco rubio's campaign released
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sunday night. it says doors open at 7:30 p.m. with the event scheduled from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. a roanoke area gop source told wdbj7 that the event will be at roanoke college in salem. stay with wdbj7 for the latest on this event. tommy holcomb wanted to do something in the days after our friends and colleagues allison parker and adam ward were killed. he wrote a song. now - six months later, he is releasing "forever on the air," to honor them. nats you're forever in our hearts and in our prayers, fly away now forever on the air. miss virginia 2014 courtney garrett sings lead vocals. jane powell and chris hurst provide background vocals, along with other roanoke singers. nashville musicians provided the instrumental track. tommy holcomb/songwriter: when i heard about it that morning, i was just sort of numb all
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like that even happen. and how could it happen here, and how could it happen on my hometown station. it was like unreal. and it really affected me.i don't know i just wanted to do something. holcomb is distributing the song on cd, and he's set up a website where anyone can order a copy can find more information. that link is on this story on wdbj7-dot com. he says his reward has already been fulfilled, because people close to alison and adam have told him they appreciate the song. it is pretty windy out there this morning, so make sure you keep both hands on the wheel. we'll take a look at all the latest traffic alerts in your i- hometown traffic report. and in this morning's early years, we'll tell you how the third anual backpack run in roanoke county will benefit graduating seniors.
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winds for all. a tractor-trailer accident is blocking one lane of route 58 east in pittsylvania county. watch out for that near route 62. most of the issues this morning are from yesterday's storm. dozens of roads are closed because of flooding, debris and downed trees. appomattox county was of course hit hard in yesterday's storm. river ridge road is blocked near morning star road because of toppled power lines. cedar bend road is also closed at cub creek road for the same problem. authorities are asking people to avoid driving today in that county. crews are working to remove debris after a rock slide in giles county. it happened yesterday on cascade drive about three miles north of route 460 in pembroke. one lane of cascade drive is now open.
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lace up your sneakers for the 3rd annual backpack run at green hill park in roanoke county. in this week's early years, we're talking to county schools spokersperson chuck lionberger about the event. good morning, chuck. kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: when is the backpack run happening, and who will it benefit? chuck lionberger/ roanoke county schools: proceeds from the event will be used to provide scholarships for graduating seniors and grants to teachers. kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: along with the run,
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happening, the backpack challenge. how will that work? chuck lionberger/ roanoke county schools: runners can buy a new backpack, fill it with school supplies and drop it off after the race.
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30 dollars for adults and 20 dollars for students. onsite day of race will cost 40 dollars for adults and 25 dollars for students. and again, here are the details. the backpack run 2016 is happening at green hill park on saturday, march 19th at 8 a-m. early registration is 30- dollars per adult and 20- dollars per student. it will cost more if you register the day of the event. if you want to be a part of the backpack run, we'll put up a link to roanoke county schools on wdbj7-dot-com, after the newscast. you may get a letter from the virginia department of taxation even if you've already filed your taxes. these review of tax return letters
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way to prevent tax fraud and identity certain taxpayers get them when an automated review finds it needs more information to confirm an identity. the letters request either a 10-99 or w-2 and a copy of a 20- 15 pay stub. tax preparers say it's not something her clients want to get. stella carpenter/tax preparer "they're expecting several years the state refunds have the federal so our clients are waiting for their refunds, they've already decided what they're going to do with that money." contact your tax preparer and comply with the request if you get a letter. you can find more information on wdbj7-dot-com. hargrave military academy is usually known for its boy's basketball program. but there's one performance recently that's really standing out. wdbj7's zac glover has the story in this week's edition
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weekly. daytemperature starting off mainly in the thirties across our area thirty nine roanoke the look you new york city fifty three degrees at the severe weather come through late last night early this morning that surge of warm air like we got yesterday some parts forty one alanna forty five as he head down toward new orleans over toward taz will though much colder 27 northwest wind around ten to fifteen miles an are will a peek wind us out near thirty miles an hour and a keep the gusty winds throughout the morning and today snow showers back into the mountains a west virginia southwest virginia a few light snow showers here and there these aviaries we ask you might get a little been the way of accumulating snow would talking maybe a coating to inch or two but still some snow on the roads to cause slick conditions toward pocahontas county we do have winter weather drive-through is up also western greenbrier county and then taz will smith and gracing county through seven a.m. friday morning if you heading out for walker jog this morning again you didn't want to dress accordingly watch upper the strong gusty
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gusty winds. the ground so saturated also go monitor some trees they could come down. that's were pricing some these power outages across erie now the main low continues to move away still getting the backlash of the backside of this system with the wind and the snow showers but over the next 2448 hrs. things will quiet down today though gusty winds isolated showers temperatures in the thirties and forties for the most part head out tonight will have mostly cloudy skies gusty winds temperatures dropping down into the twenties but feeling like the teens and your first alert wtvj seven day planner were near forty on friday forty seven saturday and him we really start to warm back up sunday monday and tuesday, temperatures back up into the low 60s as we deftly need will company transitions to an all-digital platform. you'll need this mini-box to convert the digital signal, if your cable plugs directly from the wall into your tv. it costs 2-99 a month to rent from cox. customers will get one box for free the first year, and
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will get more boxes free. cox is one of the last major providers digital transition. customers will start seeing notifications to switch at the end of march. with all of the talent that's come through hargrave military academy's post- graduate basketball program, there have been some pretty special individual performances throughout the years. but the show that hargrave's braxton beverly put on just a couple of weeks ago, won't be easily forgotten. zac glover explains, in this week's edition of hometown hoops weekly. zac glover: hargrave's braxton beverly says he's been working on his game basically since birth. braxton beverly, hargrave guard: "i've lived it, breathed it. everything since i was a little kid. i grew up with a basketball in my hands." zac glover: the kentucky-native came to hargrave in chatham, virginia, with hopes of refining his skills before going onto play at college. but what happened a couple of weeks ago against genesis academy, went beyond expectation.
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hargrave head don't see that very special day. you community walk to cancer. we had a pink out, the whole gym is covered in pink. we're raising money for the jimmy have that happen at breathtaking." zac glover: after scoring 24 points in the first half alone, braxton picked up right where he left off in the second. a.w. hamilton: "we second half, and i just told the guys, 'hey, look, braxton's got the hot hand, let's ride this thing out as long as we can." braxton beverly: "i hit like two or three threes off of a.w. hamilton: "i had two guys that must have set a hundred ball-screens that night." jeremy williams, hargrave guard: "he wasn't missing anything, so we didn't even want to shoot. we just wanted to feed him." a.w. hamilton: "they did not want me to take him out of the game." braxton beverly: "it just seems like every shot you shot just felt right on the money. that's what everyone i shot felt like." zac glover: braxton beverly scored 70 points in a single game. braxton beverly: "it was kind of hard to believe i did it after it happened. but you have to go back in the gym the next day, and get right back after it." zac glover: and it's that gym-rat attitude that braxton's teammate, jeremy williams, has also adopted since coming to hargrave, after graduating from glenvar high school just last year. jeremy williams: "it's definitely not an easy place to be, and it's not cut out for everybody, so you have to want to come here. you have
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whatever your reason was to come here, but i don't think i could've come to a better school, in terms of getting me better, and preparing me for that next level of life." zac glover: and while jeremy is still solidifying his plans for that next level, braxton beverly has committed to play his college ball at miami of ohio. but hargrave coach, a.w. hamilton, says braxton's career could go even farther. a.w. hamilton: "i won't be suprised some day if he's playing in the nba. i mean, he works that hard. he's going to keep getting better. he's going to have bigger moments than this 70." braxton beverly: "it'll definitely be one i'll remember for the rest of my life. keep practicing, keep getting better, and keep working hard, and you know, it might happen again." zac glover: in chatham, zac glover, wdbj7. a gas station in carroll county recently sold a winning million dollar powerball ticket. after the break, we'll introduce you to the winners. and, the american kennel club has
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dog! and it's not really a surprise which breed
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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lottery ticket has been claimed in carroll county. joe and amy shaw of westfield, north carolina came back to the exxon gas station in cana where they purchased the winning ticket to claim their winnings yesterday. they matched the five white balls from saturday's powerball drawing. joe says he still remembers sitting in bed with his wife when they realized the ticket amy bought was a big winner. (joe shaw, won $1 million) she took a bit of her biscuit and low and behold that bite of biscuit came out of her mouth and she said, 'joe, we have matched the five numbers,' and i was like, oh my god! joe says they don't have many plans for the money, but they want to make sure they help their church and family. the american kennel club says the labrador retriever is america's most popular breed. it's the 25th year in a row labs were
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the a-k-c uses stats from registration records to determine their list. breeders say labs are popular because they are intelligent and family friendly. rounding out the top five are german shepherds, golden retrievers, bulldogs, and beagles. severe weather has left four people dead in our state, including one person in appomattox county. wdbj7's amanda kenney will have a live update on damage and the governor's planned visit to the area today. four people are in the running for the democratic nomination to battle republican congressman morgan griffith in the why a christiansburg veteran says he's the man for the job. are in jail for and killing a six year the charges both
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thursday. i'm garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. we do have a few school announcements for you this morning. appomattox county, and cornerstone christian academy are closed. bland county, grayson county, and patrick county are on a two hour delay. smyth county, and wythe county schools are opening 2 hours late. concord elementary in campbell county is closed. so is the appomattox center of central virginia community college. four people are dead across our state, after wednesday's severe storms. homes have been destroyed and some people are without a home this morning. wdbj7's amadna kenney is at one of two shelters waiting to help victims. garrett, and kimberly here at the appomatox community center no victims are here, but volunteers expect to see victims when the sun comes up. the have cots, blankets, pillows, water, and food. there is another shelter at the
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department. the reported funnel cloud left an 8-10 mile path of destruction in its wake. 20 homes destroyed, and more than 100 homes damaged. one person in appomatox has died, and several others are injured. governor terry mcauliffe has declared a state of emergency. the virginia national guard has already sent more than 50 soldiers to essex, richmond, westmoreland, sussex and patrick counties to help with debris clean up. more will be sent to other areas to help if they're needed. we're also waiting on more details about the governor's visit. governor mcauliffe is schedule to visit appomatox and waverly, virginia today. kimberly and garrett, there is also a press conference cominig up at 7:00 in wayside evergreen regarding
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have been killed by the devastating storm system that swept from the gulf coast into the northeast. the same storm system brought twisters to southern louisiana and mississippi tuesday, where at least three people were killed. the storm brought heavy rains and strong winds to other places like new york, making a mess of travel. rain quickly built up on roads in washington, d.c., putting some vehicles underwater. bruce caylor: "when the water gets this high, it's scary because your cars are here and you don't know what's going to happen." powerful winds also caused thousands of power outages in the northeast. those windy conditions are expected to stick around today, before the system moves out to sea. ((cold toss
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twenty five mylan our 25 mylan our wind us in roanoke 32 in blacksburg at thirty three mylan our wind us in galax and bluefield i near forty mylan our wind gusts would 40 mylan our wind gusts would saturated ground the ground really soft trees could come down a little easier we have high winds like that you can see some of that continuing wind advisories do continue until seven a.m. tomorrow morning along interstate eighty one westward back into the mountains of the highlands west virginia southwest virginia also included in that wind advisory temperatures right now mainly in the thirties couple sporadic twenties couple sporadic low forties overall though the average is in the thirties but when yeah the wind feels a bit colder than that also we continue with the snow showers western facing slopes up toward the west virginia mountains as he head toward southwestern virginia a few snow showers here and there at trend continues today as well they could see maybe a coating to as much is an inch
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virginia today's temperatures mid forties or so plus or minus even to the ronald valley newer valley don't be spry see a snow shower rain shower during the day but most of it stays west a the mountains and toward southwestern virginia by friday this begins the shutdown the winds begin to diminish and we all start see some quieter weather heading in our direction for the weekend we can but you can see western parts of pocahontas county greenbrier county parts of say taz will smith gracing county could see a little been the way of accumulating snow you forecast gusty winds today an isolated rain or snow shower depending on your location temperatures in the thirties and forties to near fifty martinsville and danville tonight mostly cloudy gusty winds continue overnight lows in the twenties and 20s your first alert wtvj seven day planner winds quiet down on friday saturday and sunday will quiet an and looking next week temperatures hovering right around 60 and a look sick we will continue with that s new hampshire and south carolina and now he's got his first
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congressman. congressman chris collins of new york endorsed trump saying in a statement he wants to "shake up the washington status quo." he has won 81 delegates so far with marco rubio and ted cruz at 17 each. but super tuesday is the big prize, with 595 delegates at stake. marco rubio brushed off trump's early victories sen. marco rubio/republican presidential candidate: "i think it's important to take a deep breath here. first of all, the republican nomination is decided by delegates. it's over 1200 delegates you need to have. we're nowhere near that number." ted cruz is leading in his home state of texas in the latest polls, but donald trump is running a very close second and could end up winning as many delegates as cruz. the next gop debate is set for tonight in houston. we're still months away from knowing who will be the democratic nominee running against congressman morgan griffith in the ninth district. there are currently four people who are interested in the nomination. one of them is derek kitts of christiansburg - a decorated combat veteran who has a
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he most recently taught r-o-t-c classes at radford university. kitts says he wants to be more involved in communities and bring more industries to the area. derek kitts/military retiree: "it's important to represent americans. not just democrats, not just republicans, but people. the people have ideas. they have wants, needs, and desires. i do not feel that those wants, needs, and desires are being met." kitts says he will also push for rural areas of the district to have more internet and cell service. a democratic nominee will be chosen in may. two teenagers are in jail, after police say they shot and killed a 6-year-old in florida. police say king carter was playing with friends outside when the shooters, 17-year-old irwen pressley and 18- year-old leonard adams, got out of a car and opened fire. investigators say the two were shooting at each other, and carter was hit by a stray bullet. both are charged with 2nd degree murder and attempted 1st degree murder. scientists hired by the auto-industry say
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what caused takata air bags to inflate with too much force. the independent testing coalition says there were problems with design issues, moisture, humidity, heat and the use of a controversial propellant ammonium nitrate. takata air bags are blamed for at least ten deaths and 139 injuries. a first of its kind study could help doctors determine what's normal and abnormal when it comes to athletes' hearts. the study was done by researchers at columbia university medical center in collaboration with the nba. the researchers analyzed the echocardiograms of more than 500 nba players. they found while the heart increased proportionally with their size, the aortic root which connects to the body's main blood vessel was not proportional. dr. david engel, ny presbyterian/ columbia university medical center) aortic root diameter reached a plateau so no matter how big you get there was a limit. researchers say their findings can be applied to all sports that involve tall athletes including volleyball and track
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& johnson to pay 72-million dollars in damages in a lawsuit powder. the suit claims that ovarian cancer caused by the company's product. her family argued that johnson & johnson was aware of and neglected the powder presented. the company is appealing the ruling. johnson & johnson released a statement saying it stands by the safety of its talcum powder. dozens of roads are closed because of and a tractor trailer wreck is affecting traffic in pittsylvania county. we'll have everything you need to know in your i- hometown traffic report. and from nuisance to threat, state officials say the coyote population is swelling in southwest virginia. up next our special report examines the history, the impacts and how experts say
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continue today with mountain snow showers. a tractor-trailer accident is blocking one lane of route 58 east in pittsylvania county. watch out for that near route 62. most of the issues this morning are from yesterday's storm. dozens of roads are closed because of flooding, debris and downed trees. appomattox county was of course hit hard in that storm. river ridge road is blocked near because of toppled cedar bend road is also closed at cub same problem. asking people to avoid driving today in that county. we're also seeing minor icy patches on even the main roads in bland, tazewell counties. there are slick spots wythe county as well. the eastern coyote has made its southwest virginia. authorites say the
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capacity meaning they're becoming all too familiar with people. now we have to learn how to live with them but for some that can come at a cost. here's a look at the species' history and how its presence is being felt throughout southwest virginia in our special from nuisance to threat--the eastern coyote. known as one of the most adaptable mammals in the world, biologists say the eastern coyote is now a permanent fixture in southwest virginia. jim bowman, a regional biologist for the virginia department of game and inland fisheries, says there were reports of coyotes as early as the 1950s but it wasn't until 20 years later that the coyote became a common sight. 04:23:48 in the past two or three decades the coyote population has expanded statwide. the state designates the eastern coyote as a "nuisance species" meaning they can be taken by hunters year around --it's
6:43 am
per year in virginia and 3 thousand by trappers. populations are said to be increasing in the eastern counties but here in the west the coyote population has stabilized--but that stabilization is over flowing and now the state considers the coyote to be overpopulated. 04:24:04 i don't know if i would describe it persay as a problem but they're here. we're not going to eliminate them. they're a part of the ecology. 04:36:36 it's certainly a threat because in southwest virginia if we're going to maintain farms we're going to have to grow livestock and the coyotes definitely are a detriment to growing livestock. several people have left the industry. cecil king runs this farm in pulaski. he didn't always raise sheep. at first it was a hobby so he could spend time with his daughter. 04:29:39 sheep are easier to handle than cattle. you have to spend more time with them but i can run more sheep per acre which gives me a greater probability of more money per acre. 04:29:52 but there's a costly downside--king says for the last decade protecting the sheep has been 04:30:40 the year before last we lost 14 the field dead plus some of the smaller ones they carried to the den. 04:37:10 that's a dramatic reduction of income of people trying to make a living off the
6:44 am
king says coyotes have become more aggressive. 04:31:41 there's an alpha male and the alpha male if he doesn't like sheep he leaves you alone but if he likes sheep he becomes a killer. so king has had to adapt and change his operations. 04:30:50 what we're doing is weening them at a young age and putting them in small pens and putting them on feed to keep them away from the coyotes. the sheep also have some added protection....dooney and burke--the designated guard llamas. territorial and aggressive in nature, dooney and burke along with some specially bred dogs will help protect the sheep. < but the biggest help has been the usda's cooperative coyote damage control. for 2015, it's helped decrease the of number of sheep killed by coyotes by more than 25 percent. 04:32:38 we can't eliminate them, we have to learn to live with them. that can be a hard lesson when, for some, living with the eastern coyote means constantly protecting your
6:45 am
sheep farmers tell me that it's a huge added cost to prevent coyote predation. we've also received a ton of responses from people throughout our coverage area that are in more urban areas that say they see coyotes all the time. their cats or small dogs are treated as prey for some coyotes and unfortunately it's becoming a recurring problem. we do have a checklist from the state on our website to help protect your property and pets from coyotes. another big component of this story is from hunters, specifically deer hunters. they're concerned the coyote is starting to impact deer populations. the state is currently in the middle of researching the impacts of coyotes on virginia's deer population. you can find out more about that on our website
6:46 am
it's time to take a look at what's trending on facebook as you'd imagine, a lot of people are talking about appomatox county, after a man in the evergreen area died when a funnel cloud destroyed his home in yesterday's storm. -------- saturday night live actress kate mckinnon is trending after her appearance on the ellen degeneres show. if you haven't seen her impression of ellen, it's a must see.. -------- and the milky way is trending after released new detail high resolution
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2/25 (thursday) mason cash - 3 carl webb - pulaski - 80 makenzie lapradd - 5 matt huffman - new castle - 16 sam martin - hillsville sophie song - south boston - 39 mary belle harrison - buena vista - 69 kricket morrison - woolwine cathy towler - gretna chassidy dawn tincher - 17 brianna gilbert - franklin county - 15 thelma furrow - rocky mount - 94 tammy hicklin - 49 kaycee & kaylee duncan - narrows - 7 ashlyn denny - rocky mount - 9 liam fells - roanoke - 1 addyson haddock - rocky mount - 2 charlie benson - salem - 83 devontae jordan - bassett - 20 dakota hopkins - 12 john david linkous - blacksburg - 3 nathanial whitney - roanoke - 8 emory & violet pace - 60th
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more information regarding wednesday's storm continues to come in
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him orwill or now live through our mill mountain camera you can qaeda see it bouncing around with the strong gusty winds other than that relatively quiet 39 in roanoke forty in lynchburg danville station not reporting right now blacksburg coming in
6:51 am
had a little farther to the southwest bristol 35 charlottesville forty four washington dc also coming in at forty four we continue with the snow showers in the mountains a west virginia every now again some of the border counties with virginia will get some of that even the roanoke valley and new river valley can't be surprised see a few flurries here and there had out picture sent in from christiansburg with a few flurries on the windshield will continue with that trend throughout the day now by tonight tomorrow that begins the shutdown we also have to do would some flood warnings the dan river and south boston and the roanoke river in randolph seeing some minor flooding rainout that should continue to receive once we get through the next couple of days highs today getting up into the mid 40s is maker way through the afternoon mostly cloudy but we will get some sunny breaks from time to time and then twenties overnight as the low finally gets out here all the severe weather. thankfully well outside of our region were still dealing with the back edge of this system bringing us the wind and the snow showers today gusty winds
6:52 am
depending on your location thirties and forties mostly cloudy tonight lows in the twenties gusty winds continue they slacken late friday and saturday and sunday will quiet and you notice next week were back up to coming in overnight. wdbj7's amanda kenney is in appomattox, where two shelters are now open to help storm victims. kimberly, we are waiting for latest information from appomatox county. a press conference is scheduled in a just a few minutes, at 7am at evergreen wayside. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is expected to tour the damage here in appomatox and waverly, virginia. we know that four people have died across the state from the storm, and several others are injured. thousands are without power, but dominion is working to repair a damaged metering point that serves appomatox county. even the shelter here at the appomatox
6:53 am
only running on a generator. officials are also asking drivers to stay off the roads because of debris. the governor has declared a state of emergency, and soldiers with the virginia national guard have already been sent to a number of counties to help clean up debris. but again, here in appomatox county, there will be a press conference regarding wednesday's stom coming up at 7am. a total of 8 people were killed in the powerful storm system that affected the gulf coast before heading our way, and on to the northeast. the storm brought heavy rains and strong winds to other places like new york, making a mess of
6:54 am
on roads in putting some vehicles underwater. caused thousands of power outages. those windy conditions are expected to stick around today, before the system moves donald trump is heading to southwest virginia next week ahead of the republican presidential at radford university's dedmon center on monday. according to trump's campaign are gone. doors open at 10 am and remarks start at noon. we plan to livestream monday's rally on wdbj7-dot- com. another republican candidate for president is coming to the roanoke valley ahead of tuesday's "super tuesday" primaries. florida senator marco rubio's campaign released details of a rally scheduled for sunday night. it says doors open at 7:30 p.m. with the event scheduled from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. a roanoke area gop source told wdbj7 that the event will be at roanoke college in salem. stay with wdbj7 for the latest on this event. leo will have one
6:55 am
forecast, after the
6:56 am
6:57 am
winds for all.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." a dramatic rescue is unfolding after wild weather cap york city. powerful storms lead a trail of deadly destruction across the east. is there a bombshell hiding in donald trump's tax returns? mitt romney suggests the billionaire has something to hide. u.s. soccer legend hope solo is in studio 57 for her first interview since raising concerns about zika at the rio olympics. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. a lot of wind whipping. >> this is just, like, not even real. >> powerful storms stretch across the east coast. >> coast guard vessel cap sized during a rescue mission. they were tending on a fishing boat run that had run aground. >> this operation is still under way. >> winter weather hammered indiana and illinois. >> officials say this is some of seen. after trump's landslide


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