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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> tim: kimberly, they just released the name of the person who died during last night's storm. his name was edward keith harris. he was 78 years old and the sheriff says that he was found near his home in evergreen around 10:00 last night. the governor is touring that care this afternoon. a spokesperson for appomattox county is asking everyone who does not live in evergreen and the other impacted areas to stay out, because there are a lot of downed power lines and debris that could put people in danger. since power is still out in many parts of the county, the spokesperson is also asking people and reminding them not to eat perishable foods that might have been in their refrigerators or freezers for the last day or so, because that food could now be bad. he want we want to extend deepest condolences and we will work together to the up you coming weeks to support one another, keep each other safe, and overcome the challenges that this natural event has brought
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the county is maintaining shelters for people this afternoon at the appomattox community center and also at the pamplin fire department. as for electricity, a lot of people in appomattox county are still without power and the central georgia cooperative says they and dominion virginia pow refer having a lot of trouble getting power restored because at homes still have a lot of major appliance on his and lights, and when they do get service restored, that power is getting shut down or it's getting shut down again, so they're asking people to turn off things that are inside their homes so that when the power does come back on, it won't overload the circuits. just have a light on so that you know that your power is back on. but unplug or turn off everything else. live in appomattox county, tim saunders, wdbj 7. >> the virginia national guard is on active duty. the guard is expected to have more than 50 soldiers on duty today. a guarded spokesperson says the initial plan is to provide
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manned, and patrick counties. we continue our storm with damage that's been left behind. wdbj 7's amanda kenney joins us live from appomattox county. good afternoon, amanda. >> good afternoon, kimberly. this morning we were in the neighborhood of evergreen, that's where homes, among 20 that were destroyed. there were more than 100 other homes that have been damaged. families made their way back to their homes today to see what was left. some people were lucky enough to only suffer minor damages. others left everything and what they say was a really quick storm. >> hit the side of the house and you could hear the roofing going off and that was right then. >> now, the murphy family says they weren't home at the time
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three cats are still missing and right now they're finding whatever they can salvage, but thank you seems like people have already come together to help these families in this time of need. and kimberly, again, just as kim said, there are two shelters open for victims of the storm? several homes and structures were damaged in the ararat area of patrick county. these are new pictures this morning near ararat highway. no one was hurt crews are still working to restore power to that area. a power outage is caused by yesterday's storm, still impacting many people in the area. the central virginia electric cooperative says it's made significant progress with repairing its transmission line. more than 1100cdec customers have had their power restored as of this morning. another 11 customers in the i didn't have suffered severe property damage. many of those homes will not receive electric service until repairs can be made. governor sympathy mccall is
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hardless by the storms. his first stop is in appomattox >> dozens of homes destroyed and many damaged. we with will do a full assessment today, travel around the commonwealth. this is the first stop here in appomattox, and as we can see the, it is devastation here. it's about 12 to 15 miles long with this tornado. very wide. by the grace of god, this did not happen in the middle of the night, and i think if that had been the case, there would have been many more fatalities. i want to thank all of the local elected officials who responded so quickly, kept all the children in school, kept the school buses there, which was very smart so they're able to limit injuries. we're going to do a fall assessments today here in appomattox and get a damage assessment. we're 30 days, then, to apply to the federal government for relief from the federal government. after we have a full statewide assessment, we will be appealing to the if federal government for some emergency management funds to help the funds here in appomattox.
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situation as we flew out. entire homes just littal rally gone. foundations the only thing left on the ground there. it's a very sad situation, but as i say, we wanted to come here with my secretary of public safety and deputy secretary to get a firsthand look. appomattox, whatever they need from the state we're here. outside. we've got our emergency management personnellal, as well as our trucks outside. and i also want to thank the virginia state police and local law enforcement, everybody who has come together under this very difficult situation. but as i say, four deaths in the county while dozens and dozens of virginians. we are still doing the damage assessment. as i say, luckily this did not happen in the middle of the night or there would have been many more fatalities. i'll take a question or two.
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chance to see it from the air. >> hearing from governor mcauliff speaking in appomattox county, wanting to see promising whatever state help people are needing in the area right now. devastating situation. we'll turn now to leo alert forecast. things are finally calm. that's the good news. alert forecastwill not see the severity of the weather we did yesterday mentions a lot of those people talking a how fast became this vigorous storm line was moving fifty sixty miles an hour through the region some areas even faster than that you get these quickly cruising across of that devastation but that has shifted to the east well off the eastern seaboard now even off the new england coast with a had some strong storms early this morning but now we have to deal with the backside of move up toward the north northeast are main thing rainout strong gusty winds as we head through the afternoon
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that 30 to 40 mylan our range throughout the rest of the day that will continue tonight into tomorrow and you have to be aware this is and it's can happen this afternoon and then die out tonight it's can a continue until friday late friday saturday that's when you really can a start see the winds subside in you'll really notice that difference because of that the national weather service has wind advisories up from the highlands right along interstate eighty one 81 westward including the roanoke valley newer valley toward taz well smith in gracing county again until seven a.m. tomorrow these the areas a could see the wind us in that thirty to forty mylan our range also dealing would snow even some white accumulating snow back into the mountains a west virginia some of the border counties with virginia temperatures in the forties east a the mountains you'll have to worry about anything sticking but over toward the mountains we could see some of that sticking as we head through the next say twenty wider quieter forecast for the we can coming up and amanda's thanks, leo. with the line of damage
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stretches all the way across our state, as well as over the east coast. the town of waverly, virginia, was hit especially hard. at least three people were killed there, including a 2-year-old boy. neighbor vincent bottle was home when the storm came through. >> the wind was coming, spinning, lifted the roof, you know? i don't know, but i survived. >> and this is an aerial view of the damage the storm left behind in oxford, north carolina. high winds ripped apart several homes and farms. in baltimore, this looks more inning on the road there. and in new york, the coast guard airlifted a crew from a fishing bolt after the vessel had run an brown ground. new at noon, a woman will serve ten years in prison for killing a man and concealing his body in montgomery county. she pleaded guilt they morning to killing james austin and con ceiling his body inside a house in elliston back in january of last year.
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argued he had been a fugitive living and he had died of natural causes. he was declared incompetent to stand trial. medical experts had that decision reversed earlier this month and the trial presewedded. mitt romney chose not to run in the 2016 presidential election, but he still has impact. he tells us the bombshell remark romney made yesterday. >> mitt romney is calling on donald trump to release his tax returns. frankly, i think we have good reason to believing that there's a bomb shell in donald trump's taxes. every time he's asked about his taxes, he dodges and delays and says, well, we're working on it. >> trump took to twitter this morning, calling romney one of the dumbest and worst candidates in republican history, and he said he'll release the returns when he's ready. >> my returns are extremely complex and i'll make a determination at the right time. i'm in no rush to do it. nobody has been bringing it up except mitt romney. >> but romney is not the only
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presidential candidate's forum hosted by the kelly file on fox news. i do think that mitt has a point, that the voters are entitled to know before they vote, because you better believe the democrats f there's anything in there, the democrats are going to go to town this. >> these cruise and marco rubio have the most to gain, both saying they're the best alternative to trump, who they say is not a true conservative. >> the front runner has alluded to the fact that he thinks parted parts of obama care are pretty good. >> new polls show cruz leading in his home state of texas by 15 points, while trump leads rubio in his home state of florida by 16. cbs news, the white house 6789. >> an upcoming charity run will help out students and teachers in roanoke county. and apple's battle with the federal government could be
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>> the case isn't about a phone, but the the future. >> what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world, including the u.s.? >> it's something apple plans to argue, in part, the american people through congress should decide on the issue before a house committee wednesday.
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maintained the government isn't over stepping its boundary. >> it's a longstanding principle that if an independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime, then that judge can authorize the government to conduct a limited search for that evidence. >> apple has until tomorrow to appeal the judge's ruling. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> much is coming and that means it's almost time to lace up your sneakers for the third annual backpack run at green hill park. a 5k for runners and walkers alike to raise scholarship money for graduating teachers. you can donate backpacks of school supplies, which goes a language way toward putting path. >> it also helps students to take steps beyond k-12 education. if we can help provide some additional scholarships to our graduating seniors, maybe it's just to help with books and also a couple other calls, those
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>> what is happening saturday, march 19th at 7:00 a.m., head to for a link to register as an individual runner or as a team. >> let's turn now to what's hot on republican presidential candidate donald trump will soon speak in radford. that it event is at noon on monday at radford university. a roanoke firefighter charged with one count of forceable sodomy on a minor. he was also on the substitute teacher list for botetourt county public schools. as we men, yesterday's storm was devastated to go our community. we have much more coverage and photos of the destruction online. just some unbelievable pictures there that continue. >> tornados, straight line winds. national weather service out there right now toward appomattox and over toward ararat and hazard county. straight line winds. tornado. and they'll be sending how strong the tornado was as soon as they finish that and we'll get it out to you.
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about severe weather, but strong gusty winds and clouds hanging stuff across the area. radford high school, cloudy winds as we continue. we had chilly conditions, but we have warmed up over the last several hours. we'll continue to warm a little bit more and then i'll tell when
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coming trend, andjust incredible images sent
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today of the severe weather that we had come through this appomattox county damage sent in by jason city can see that wedge looking tornado there national weather service out that way of course looking at all this is appomattox damages well from our own a meditation sent this earlier issues there live this morning credible damage from this system and him we also have trees down all over the place as he head over toward chatham in pittsylvania county those trees look like the rolling in the same direction that might been straight line wind damage with that wine storms that drove through the good thing is things have quieting down now how rare tornadoes in the month of february there pretty rare for us no matter what beluga that only fifteen tornadoes in the entire commonwealth since nineteen fifty one only for local february first nineteen fifty one actually at one tornado did strike out over toward appomattox just to the southwest of evergreens a very close there and then of course the last time we ask you had a tornado outbreak was way back in twenty eleven about five
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about that we have to do would strong gusty winds would've these wind us twenty thirty forty mylan our wind us across the area we continue with the wind advisories until seven o'clock tomorrow morning along interstate eighty one westward keep that in mind these the areas a could see wind us in that 30 4050 mylan our range temperatures in the thirties and forties but feeling more like the twenties and thirties would that wind also flood warnings continue along the dan river and south boston and the roanoke river over in randolph for minor flooding over the next forty eight hours that will begin to recede. we should see improvements there just a be aware you can see with the snow showers in the mountains a west virginia far southwest virginia maybe a little more sunshine as you travel to the south these but a lot areas locked in mostly cloudy conditions and back in the virginia where we are seeing the snow showers don't be surprised see a little bit of a way of accumulating snow does these again a persist throughout the day into tonight especially the western facing slopes in west virginia far southwest virginia we
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is an inch or two because of that national weather service continues with winter weather drive-through is for greenbrier county taz will smith and gracing county through 7 am friday morning as well over the next twelve hours clouds and a hang top temperatures warm into the mid forties and then cool back down into the upper twenties low thirties is outlying areas will drop in the low to mid twenties is finally that low quieter conditions late friday and in on the weekend tonight gusty winds continue still lunacy some mountain flurries temperatures dropping down into the twenties and then tomorrow though snow showers come to an and you'll start to notice the winds subside later tomorrow afternoon and him by saturday should just have breezy conditions and here's you forecastfor your friday low 40s across the roanoke valley ending up mostly sunny as you maker way toward lynchburg ctr., virginia low to mid 40s down toward southern virginia mid to upper forties would mostly sunny conditions wednesday in the morning breezy later on in the afternoon newer valley southwest still holding on
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thirties for highs on your friday highlands greenbrier valley a west virginia juergen continue to see some snow showers twenties low to mid thirties a little warmer coming to new castle area seven day planner again a weather alert day today because of the strong gusty winds over the weekend that begins to quiet down and then look at sunday monday tuesday were back up to right around 60 winds of dry weather and perately in need of that. >> thanks, leo. >> well, in a wdbj 7 special
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costly problems caused scientists 10 coyote made i understand presence known southwest virginia. it's exceeded its cultural caring capacity and for many people it's coming at a cost. in our special report, we take a look at this week in history and how its presence is being felt throughout southwest virginia. >> known as one of the most
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biologists say the eastern chi oat say a permanent fixture in southwest virginia. jim bowman, a individual national buy al gist, says there were reports of coyotes as early as the 1950s, but it wasn't until 20 years later that the coyote became a common sight. >> in the past two or three decades, the coyote population has expanded statewide. the state designates the eastern coyote as a nuisance species, meaning they can be taken by hunters year-round. it's estimated 25,000 are taken per year by hunters in virginia. populations are said to be increasing in the eastern counties, but here in the west, the coyote population has stabilized. that stabilization is overflowing. >> well, i don't know that i would describe it per se as a problem. they're here. we're not going to eliminate them. they're part of the ecology.
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pulaski. he didn't always raise sheep. at first it was a hobby so he daughter. >> sheep are easier to handle than cattle. you have to spend more time with animals per acre, which gives me money per acre. downside. king says for the last decade, challenging. >> the year before last, we lost 14 that were in the field dead, plus some of the smaller ones they carried to the den. that's a dramatic reduction in income for the people trying to make a living off the land. >> king says the coyotes have become more aggressive. >> that's an alpha male, and the alpha male, if he did you want if he likes sheep, then he becomes a killer. >> so king has had to adapt and change his operation. >> what we're doing is we're
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age and putting them in small pens and putting them on feed to try to keep them away from the coyotes. protection. june i and best of your guards. territory and aggressive in nature, june i andburg, along with specially bred dogs, will help protect the sheep. but the biggest health has been the usda's cooperative coyote control. for 2015, it's helped decrease the number of sheep killed by coyotes by more than 25%. >> we can't eliminate them. we have to learn to live with them. >> that can be a hard lesson when living with the eastern coyote. it means constantly protecting your livelihood. in southwest virginia, i'm garrett turner, wdbj 7. >> and another component to the coyote population is how people who live in more urban areas are dealing with the population growth. story. just go to our website, >> it isn't your usual map.
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images from space. the toyota down 119 points. check out these images showing the entire milky wave galaxy. the data shows light at submillimeter wavelengths between infrared and radio waves to create an image of the full area of the galactic plain. it is the sharpest map of the milky wave made to date. interesting images there. and we do want to let you know that appomattox county leaders are going to be holding another news conference this afternoon at 3:00 with another update on the devastating situation there. we'll, offing, have more live updates for you here on wdbj 7 at 5:00 and 6:00. >> incredible testify station there. mother nature shows what she can do and even with straight line winds. for us, we don't have to worry about severe weather in the future. just gusty winds today.
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of your friday, then they start to subside late in the day. just breezy on saturday. and look as you head toward sunday, monday, and tuesday. we'll be back up to right around 60 degrees with much more sunshine building back in, but again, hold on today. still could see trees down this afternoon. the ground very saturated and soft. trees could get toppled, taking down power lines. spotty power outages are possible. >> definitely be weather aware. thank you for watching. have a great afternoon. stay safe.
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5:00. >> victoria: dad, you held a gun on luca santori. oh, my goodness. >> victor: sweetheart, i had to make a point. and i did. okay? sometimes that's the only way. and adam had to make sure that
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>> victoria: do you have any idea how this makes me look? i had defended you to nick and sharon and everyone. i insisted that you had a reason for dealing with noah the way you did. >> victor: my sweet girl, i appreciate your loyalty, but i don't need defending. >> victoria: why? because you'd do it all over again exactly the same way -- is that what you're saying? >> victor: i do not deal in hypotheticals. i only deal in realities. >> victoria: you make threats. you inflict terror. >> victor: listen, that luca -- that pompous ass -- needed to understand what's going on. the same thing happened to natalie. she needed to know what's at stake. [ summer and natalie gasping ] >> summer: luca? >> nick: noah's gonna be okay. >> sharon: [ sighs ] he has to be.


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