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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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weekend ahead. this is wdbj-7. i'm kimberly mcbroom. today, god's pit crew's tractor trailers full of supplies are heading out all over the state to help storm victims in appomattox. early this morning a team in danville left for tappahannock. crew members say the damage is worse there - than in appomattox. around 10 this morning a tractor trailer full of water, gatorade and blessing buckets left for appomattox and should be there soon. volunteers say after responding to natural disasters all over the nation, it's still the same hurt but you just never think it will happen in your backyard. james hodge, volunteer. "you know when you are helping people get pictures of their family out of the debris, it's just a wonderful feeling. " teams will be in tappahannock for three to four days. in appomattox, they will be staying overnight in a local church and will be back monday. crew members say appomattox is like home to them and they hope be back to spend time rebuilding homes. students from liberty university are among the volunteers providing
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wdbj7's tim saunders is live in evergreen, where the l-u students are helping with clean up efforts. kimberly, these students are part of a group called "l-u send." the organization just formed earlier this year. it's a way for students to volunteer and help with disasters and humanitarian crisis around the world. this disaster was an opportunity for them to do mission work right in their backyard. students are clearing debris and helping any way they can here in the community of evergreen, one of the hardest hit parts of appomattox county. benjamin sisco/student: "just fixing up some of the houses and trying to clear away the damage after the tornado that came through on wednesday. we're just trying to lend a helping hand and be the hands and feet of christ wherever we can be."
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just got back from greece, where they were providing aid to middle eastern refugees. another group will head to flint, michigan this weekend to help people effected by the water crisis in that community. live in appomattox county, tim
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aheadyeah lunacy more that over the next several days helping everybody out the severe weather has long gone since wednesday we still do would some gusty winds in around the area just beware that you still have that issue not as windy as previous days we at the wind us in that 40 to 50 mylan our range right now mainly in the team to twenty mylan our range a little thirty two mylan our wind 32 mylan our wind us over toward galax 26 roanoke seventeen in lexington now be the trend through the afternoon will start see that subside over the next twenty four 2448 hrs. but you still notice as he head toward tonight still have wind us in that twenty mylan our range for some but overnight some areas getting really light with the wind that's will really need as we head through the upcoming weekend and he can still find some snow showers as well mostly confined toward the mountains a west virginia finding a few to the south and east and overall as we make our way through the day things will be improving their and will start see some quieter conditions so still you fine windy conditions increasing sunshine today a slow process a quiet
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kimberly would a be talk about temperatures approaching the low a man has been arrested in danville after a stabbing last night. it happened on halifax road just after 11 during a fight. one person was taken to the hospital with a stab wound to the neck. that person was taken to the hospital. kenneth huggins was arrested and is in the danville city jail. a man has been arrested after a shooting in pulaski. it happened just before 11 last night on 6th street. police found a man that had been shot when they arrived to the scene. he was taken to the hospital and later flown to roanoke memorial for treatment. chadwick metz has been arrested in connection to the shooting. he's being held in the new river valley regional jail without bond. the suspect in an overnight shooting of a south carolina sheriff's deputy has died from what appears to be a self- inflicted gunshot wound. police say a swat team found the suspect dead inside a home in north charleston, after a standoff today. they say the man was holed up inside the home, and was hurt and bleeding, when officers first got there. three other people were able to get out of the home. officials say the female deputy was
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suspicious vehicle behind a closed grocery store. continuing coverage of that deadly workplace shooting in hesston, kansas federal and local authorities are investigating the shooting that left three people dead and 14 others injured. police killed the suspect during the attack. and today, as manuel bojorquez reports, new details are coming out about a possible motive. police in kansas say shooting suspect cedric ford was served with a protection from abuse order in the factory where he worked 90 minutes before he opened fire. sot: sheriff t. walton/harvey county (11-:19) he didn't display anything that was outrageous. he just displayed, he was a little upset that he was getting this order. (graphic) ford, who had a criminal record, left work after getting the order, and first opened fire from his car, hitting someone in a vehicle. he then shot another driver and stole their car before heading back to the excel plant. ford shot one person in the parking lot and another 14 inside the building before an officer gunned him down. the unidentified officer is being called a hero. sot: sheriff t.
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county he had to stop that threat. you've got 200-300 people in there. luckily 200-300 people came out. relatives rushed to the factory after hearing about the shooting. one couple was reunited as cameras were rolling. (nats, oh my god) police say ford was armed with an assault rifle and an automatic handgun. investigators are trying to figure out how a suspect with a criminal record was able to get those weapons. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, hesston, kansas a new roanoke college poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump leading the pack. the poll shows republicans favor trump, who has 38 percent of voters, to ted cruz who has 15 percent of the vote and marco rubio who has 13 percent. democrat hillary clinton has a strong lead over opponent bernie sanders in virginia. she has the support of 50 percent of virginia voters and sanders has 33
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you can find a full breakdown of the poll on our website, wdbj7. the republican presidential candidates are racing toward super tuesday, and the attacks are heating up. the top three contenders were involved in lots of name-calling at the final debate before super tuesday. as weijia jiang reports, donald trump took the brunt of the attacks. senators marco rubio and ted cruz launched verbal attacks against gop presidential frontrunner donald trump during a debate on cnn last night. (sot - rubio: here's a guy who he inherited 200 million dollars -) if he hadn't inherited $200 million, you know where donald trump would be right now? (sot trump: no no no no no) (sot- rubio selling watches in manhattan) trump's opponents are scrambling for support ahead of super tuesday. cruz sold himself as the best candidate to beat hillary clintonbut trump fired back. (sot - cruz/trump exchange) (trump) first of all, he's talking about the polls, i am beating him awfully badly in the polls.. every single one of them... (cruz) but you're not beating hillaryyou're not beating hillary! (trump) well then, hey, if i can't beat her, you're really gonna get killed, aren't you? (cheers) rubio picked up where he left off at
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this morning. (sot marco rubio ) and i'm asking everyone watching if you're a republican and you don't want your party taken over by a con artist like donald trump unite behind us. trump hammered rubio on twitter calling him a lightweight, choker and mr. meltdown-all in one tweet. bridge: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is claiming new momentum on the eve of the south carolina primary... which she's expected to easily win. (nats of clinton dancing on stage charlie wilson.) clinton danced on stage with charlie wilson during a campaign stop last night, before stumping in georgia and the palmetto state today... targeting minority voters. (clinton nats: let's make sure we get out and vote on saturday) bernie sanders meets with supporters in minnesota and heads back to south carolina. weijia jiang, cbs news, white house. a republican senator speaks out over what he sees as a pay raise for lawmakers. and why bill cosby is dropping a defamation suit against one of his accusers. you're watching your hometown news
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donations and volunteers are pouring in to help victims impacted by the tornado in appomattox county. that's' where we find wdbj7's amanda kenney this afternoon. kimberly, victims here are getting an overwhelming amount of support. i'm at the operational center, it's the old thomasville building here in appomattox where they're asking volunteers to come and make sure they're signed up. as far as donations, i'm told local leaders are working on finding a central location to put
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for now, we've seen people coming into the appomattox community center all morning with bags of clothes, random items, and of course lots of food. one woman we spoke with said she grabbed whatever she could to try and help. the says you can also bring donations to liberty baptist church. lynchburg fire stations are also collecting items. you can drop them off to any fire station and they'll bring to victims here in appomattox. if you want to donate money, you can make a check to the red cross and specify "appomattox disaster" don't forget, there is a help line available. that number is on the bottom of your screen. again, volunteers are asked to come here at the old thomasville building before heading out to try and help. live in appomattox, amanda kenney, wdbj7. for now, bill cosby
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defamation lawsuit against one of his accusers. his lawyers say he can't fully participate in court proceedings against beverly johnson, because of the criminal case against him in pennsylvania. they say they'll re- file the defamation suit against johnson at a later date the virginia senate has passed a budget proposal that includes 175 thousand dollars more over the next two years to cover a bigger per diem for senators. both the house and senate passed their respective versions of their 100 billion dollar biennial budgets yesterday. the senate's version includes increasing the daily reimbursements for senators for attending official meetings when the general assembly is not in session from 200 dollars to 300 dollars. supporters said the increase was reasonable because it would help offset the cost of being a citizen legislator. freshman gop senator david suetterlein says lawmakers should not be voting for a pay raise for themselves. the lone candidate seeking the republican nomination for roanoke's next mayor withdrew his bid. the announcement came just about two hours before kevin settles would've become the nominee at a republican
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released a short statement -- saying he has "withdrawn from seeking the republican nomination for mayor." at the meeting thursday evening, the committee didn't put forth any candidates for city council either. mel williams, temporary chairman, roanoke city mass meeting "i can say that historically speaking, it's a very difficult race for republicans to run and that can make it difficult to recruit candidates to run in those spots and unfortunately it appears the republican committee hasn't been able to get any candidates for those. " it appears that sherman lea will be the only candidate on the ballot to be roanoke's next mayor. the election will be held on may 3. the u- s navy is once again teaching its sailors how to navigate by the stars. it's called "celestial navigation." the navy stopped teaching sailors how to find their way using the stars more than a decade ago, when gps became available. now with the threat of cyberattacks, they're bringing it back. a sextant, which is used in celestial naviation, can't be tampered with electronically, unlike gps. katie lazzeri/naval academy junior: "you never know what's going to happen. you want to be prepared for the worst case scenario." the navy is bringing back celestial navigation training
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units on college campuses. now let's see what's hot on wdbj7-dot- com. the man charged with one count of forcible sodomy against a minor has resigned his position as a roanoke city firefighter. the eastern coyote has become a threat in our area. wdbj7 mornin's garrett turner took a look at what's being done about the problem. a woman in evergreen says an alert from the wdbj7 weather app may have saved her life during the storm. she had just put her baby down for a nap when it went off, and she was able to get to safety. ust incredible stories out that way the good news is were starting see some of that quieter weather building still finding some gusty when but nor nears windy as yesterday clouds over
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from radford high school but you will see a slow increasing sunshine arty starting see a little bit of that sunshine across the roanoke valley get a few more hours but that dry air will begin to punch in a be talk about you we can weather impact for us alert lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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forecastquiet conditions moving into the roanoke valley looking out toward interstate five eighty one hershberger road there was seeing a mix of clouds and some sunshine will continue see those clouds
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yesterday would talk about how the national weather service survey team to go now to check out all the storm damage the tells how strong the storms work here couple be appomattox county tornado was considered and e at three would top winds possibly hitting one hundred and sixty five miles an hour high wind was the tornado four football fields wind in a travel for about thirteen miles the one over in patrick county in around the ararat area to move as far only one eight miles but it was about half mile wide at its widest wet and that was in ef here one would top winds possibly hitting one hundred five miles per hour frost still finding gusty winds but the good news is are winds will continue to subside over the next twenty four 24 hours today gusty conditions this afternoon like i mentioned earlier but not that forty to fifty mylan our wind us we would getting yesterday more like the team to twenty twenty to thirty mylan our wind us at best temperatures right now pretty much still stuck in the twenties and thirties we should hit the low forties and some locations woodson snow
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is that low continues to pull away high-pressure building in from the west eventually these will shut down but in the mountains southwestern sections still don't proceed be surprised be get a little bit more the way of some accumulating snow here and there and even a couple flurries to the ronald valley and new river valleys as we head through the next several hours but late today into this evening should see that clearing out will have the. clouds overnight and then tomorrow more sunshine builds and as that system exits high-pressure builds in for the weekend tonight will call partly cloudy cold lows in the teens and twenties but 20s. again not as windy as previous night and then look at us a start off woodson clouds across the roanoke valley into the mountains early and then that all dissipate as high-pressure parks on top of us leading to a very nice weekend, temperatures check it out the year i saturday a little bit warmer across the roanoke valley mid upper 40s lynchburg appomattox down to work neil were in the mid to upper forties southern virginia gretna danville south boston upper forties to near fifty would mainly sunny skies as you travel through the new
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off with a good amount of sunshine blacksburg radford with bill head up toward say the highlands greenbrier valley west virginia monterey around thirty six you notice coming to new castle little bit warmer in the mid forties and you'll actually have clouds little bit longer than the rest of us but you to will break out woodson sunshine is you had through the day and checking with you first alert wtvj seven day planner rather breezy saturday not windy just breezy across erie like imagine temperatures a little bit warmer than today we get into the upper forties or so but look at sunday on a mix of sun and clouds sixty three degrees warm up monday and tuesday we stay in the low sixties and a frontal boundary comes through on wednesday that could trigger some showers even a couple rumbles of thunder behind that front. we begin to cool back down into the forties but try to enjoy the quieter conditions mountain looking its best. last week's storm knocked down several trees in trailways and streets. clean up staff says blocked roads could be dangerous for hikers, bikers and drivers.
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other outdoor facilities every thursday. matt allenbaugh instructor "maintaining the we have is really important for its' citizens, tourist and people who may be interested in moving to roanoke" the next project will be cleaning carvins cove on march10th. why choose swimming when you can do both? we'll hit the pool for a popular exercise trend. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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so one fitness studio decided to combine the two. kenneth craig explains. diane morris is a fitness fanatic. (diane morris) i bike, i run, i walk, i do everything. and now the marathon runner is hitting the pool but not to swim. (nats) this is aqua cycling. (diane morris) you feel like you're peddling under water, you do. because of the resistance, then you're using your upper body too. the resistance of the water with your upper body, you get a really good workoout.
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specifically designed for the water. the underwater workout has already made a splash in europe. (kenneth and ester gauthier, aqua studio ny, owner) kc: you saw something new york didn't already have and i'm sure that got your attention? her: yeah, absoultely. ester gauthier saw that popularity and opened the first studio in the u-s. it's now slowly creeping into the american exercise market. fitness trainers like edouard hall who are used to spinning on land, are now jumping into the pool. (sot ed hall, trainer) "it's a great workout. it's fun for people who are serious about fitness. or just curious. there's such a large demographic of people it can appeal to." (nats) and the hydrostatic pressure pressing back move through it makes it more challenging" for 67 year old diane cross- training with aqua cycling has helped shed inches and tone her body even more. (sot-diane morris) "kc: and when you leave here, how do you feel? her: wonderful, just wonderful" kenneth craig, cbs news, new york.
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and how much money that academy awards red carpet costs jill wagner has those stories and more in today's moneywatch. evenflo is recalling 56 thousand child safety seats because kids can loosen the internal harness. if that happens--- it increases the risk of injury in a car crash. the recall includes transitions three- in-one combination booster seats from december 2014 through january 2016. no injuries have the u-s economy didn't slow down quite as much as initially thought. says the g-d-p grew by 1 percent in the fourth better than the point 7 percent first estimated. not be enough to boost business at weight watchers. the company said subscribers fell by nearly 5 percent in the last quarter. weight watchers has struggled
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bit and free weight loss apps. oprah bought a ten percent stake in weight watchers in october. hollywoods biggest stars are getting ready to walk the red carpet -- at sunday's academy awards. but it costs a pretty penny to get them looking gorgeous in primping--- about 35 hundred dollars a person, according to wallet hub. the actual red carpet costs 30 thousand dollars. and the gold plated oscar itself costs about 680 dollars. and that's your cbs moneywatch report. for more follow me on twitter at jill wagner cbs. at the nyse, i'm jill wagner. on wall street at noon, the dow was down 13 points. the nasdaq was up 7 points. today national pistachio day! the little green nut has been cultivated in the middle east since biblical times, but only came to the u.s. in the late 19th century. pistachio trees don't need much rain -- and grow best in a hot environment. it takes between seven-to-ten years for a pistachio tree to mature and bear fruit. pistachio nuts are a source of protein and fiber, along with
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and manganese. increasing sunshine today with a gusty northwest wind. highs only climb into the lower 40s. we warm up into the 60s
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>> jack: i missed you at home last night. >> phyllis: yeah, it was weird for me, too. being here alone. i needed the time. >> jack: you gonna need much more time? >> phyllis: you hurt me. >> jack: i know that. and you know i'm sorry. i was just hoping that... >> phyllis: that i'm over it by now? >> jack: that maybe we could talk about it. >> phyllis: go ahead. talk. >> jack: i apologize. i apologize for breaking your confidence, for telling neil your story. >> phyllis: and nikki. >> jack: and inadvertently nikki, yes. >> phyllis: what right did you have to tell anyone anything


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