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tv   News 7 Saturday Morning  CBS  February 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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members told us about their loved one, keith harris. get ready for a pleasant and quiet weekend in the first alert forecast. we reach the 60s by sunday! good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm khiree stewart. it's been a breezy and cool start to the day. meteorologist lindsey anderson is in the weather center with more on what we can expect for the
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roanoke county police are still piecing together what happened after confirming that a man was shot by an officer. at 7:15 last night, they received a call that a man wearing a bandanna and hoodie was waving a gun off of route 419. we spoke with a witness who made the call to police. he says he was driving when he saw the man. thomas gill, witness "i saw his gun in the right hand. so he was waving it at cars and he turned around and he was waving it at me so i turned around and took a left and i called 911." amy whittaker, roanoke county spokesperson "officers then arrived on scene and they confronted the suspect which is just up the road from walgreens parking
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officer involved shooting that took place. the suspect was transported to the hospital." we do not know the person's condition right now. that witness tells us he heard at least five shots but it's not clear who fired all of them. danville police are investigating a robbery that happened last night in the 100 block of wesley drive. a woman was attacked by a man who stole her cell phone after she dropped it and then ran off. the victim told police the suspect then got into a white car and drove away. the woman was not we're following up on the aftermath of wednesday's appomattox county. yesterday, i spoke with officials who were working to shelter and care for animals displaced from their owners. "they have no voice, they can't go out and find housing they can't feed themselves so we do have to take care of them and that's what the animal shelter is for." shawne dunham manages the appomattox county animal shelter. she says over the last two days they've taken in more than a dozen animals and handed out food to pet owners. dunham says support from the community has helped. "we've received horse feed, horse hay. bottled water, we have it stacked and lined in water. the overwhelmed us in a
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should call the shelter if you find a stray animal, and never leave it unattended or chained outside the the hallways. we received so much water. the community just overwhelmed us in a wonderful way." dunham says you should call the shelter if you find a stray animal, and never leave it unattended or chained outside the building. "there are bears in the area. there are coyote in the area and if that were to come upon a beagle then the beagle would stand no chance because they're tied to the door. so please do not leave your animals tied to the door of the shelter." owners have 5 days to claim a stray dog or cat that doesn't have a collar with identification. they have 10 days to claim one that does. dunham says pictures of missing animals the shelter is receiving are being posted on its facebook page. "i've never seen devastation from a tornado
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see the community pull together, is incredible and i can't stress it enough how much that's meant to us," you are asked to contact the shelter if you're pet is missing or if you need help finding a shelter for you animal. students from liberty university are among the hundreds of volunteers who are helping the appmattox tornado victims with recovery and clean-up. more than 125 students from the newly formed group "l-u send" have been sent to do everything from roof repairs to clearing debris. their goal is to help with any immediate needs they might find. students say this experience is having a big impact on their own lives. micah green/student: "i was honestly heartbroken to see houses that were absolutley demolished, down to the ground, and familiy belongings and treasures just out on the grass. laying there. what used to be in their house." benjamin sisco/student: "our goal out here is not to point at us or bring any glory to us. it's to point back at the mission and show the love of christ."
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hundred students are involved with the l-u send program and appomattox isn't the only place where they're serving right now. a group just got back from greece a few days ago. they were helping middle eastern refugees in that country. another team is headed to flint, michigan in a few days to help people who've been impacted by the water crisis. county leaders say all volunteer positions they needed have been filled. yesterday, volunteers set up donation tables and food trucks to feed both people and pets. companies brought in cleaning supplies, boxes and items to help people get rid of the debris and store recovered belongings. mike comerford lowe's store manager "i'm very proud to be here and this is what we do. we help our people where they live. you know our customers are important to us and this is in action what we do everyday" the organization gleaning for the world will set up for donations today in the lynchburg sam's club parking lot from 10 am to 6 pm. they will also have another team at the walmart on oakville road in appomatox. only volunteers from disaster relief
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areas. loved ones are telling us more about the man who died during wednesday's tornado. keith harris was one of 18 children. he grew up in evergreen and stayed there the rest of his life, farming a piece of land along twin tunnel lane. a wooden cross now marks the spot where harris' home stood. he was found about 400 yards away at the bottom of a hill. harris' family took wdbj7 there yesterday and said he died in a place he loved. harris leaves behind a wife, nancy, who was injured during the storm. she was on her way home when a tree fell on her car. relatives say she was not seriously injured. many of you want to know how you can help the tornado victims. go to our website and click on the helping appomattox link in the must see 7 section. there you'll find information on how to make a donation. many people are dealing with storm damage, whether it be from this week's tornado or last week's ice storm. now is when people claiming to be in the business of helping homeowners could
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you to pay in cash up front and don't have signed contracts outlining the work they plan to do. julie wheeler/better business bureau: "it's a time when folks that maybe don't have all the proper authorizations and licenses in place may knock on your door and offer to take care of the problems that you have. experts say rely on referrals from friends, neighbors and family. contact the better business bureau and your insurance company before going forward with work or payment. the tornado has county officials changing the polling place for voters in the chap precinct. because of the damage to central baptist church, the voting location has been temporarily moved to friendship baptist church on woodlawn trail. voters impacted by the tornado who need a photo id will be able to get a temporary one at the appomattox county registrar's office. there have been so many people affected by weather these past couple of days.. hopefully it will be nicer this weekend lindsey... insert web
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thankfully a quiet weekend is ahead will be the perfect opportunity to give your car washed because we won't see any rain until the middle of next week but we are noticing some cloud cover this morning a live picture across blacksburg and temperatures are cool thirty one degrees in blacksburg right now twenty eight bloomfield thirty three roanoke only seven in martinsville thirty three degrees is a phone lake and twenty seven and lexington the good news is we warm up quickly by the afternoon with the temperature ring out 33 roanoke two point right at twenty degrees along with a call when so there are still some plows being found across the mountains and due to the north and west of boston this disturbance will quickly move to the east printing increasing sunshine. we need a very pleasant afternoon temperatures so fly below normal with highs in the upper 40s but abundant sunshine expected after the lunchtime our high-pressure system stays in control for the weekend
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east and texas will bring very warm temperatures for the second half of the week and other winship from the south southwest that means middle sixties are ahead you were ten to fifteen degrees above normal before today was talking about upper forties for the roanoke valley and central virginia topping forty eight which burke forty nine and mcneill organizer high brightness fifty degrees and martinsville and forty nine degrees in south boston increasingorganizer-gretna 50 and martinsville and 49 in south boston increasing sunshine for the new river valley. it is those clouds dissipate 40 forrester high wrapper will top out at 38 monterey 37 moreland 10 and 44 in newcastle on the pleasant and quiet for anything you have plans outside for today. tonight we are cold. not cold we're waking up to this morning upper 20s. most tories will do it under clear skies in fact if you look to the eastern sky
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coming up with tells about that below sica check out the next seven days middle sixties on the board sunday and monday under partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies and wednesday thursday friday is our next from the system moves and hot to watch out for in this document i am on this over the next several days fifty one is your high on wednesday much colder air moves in the times front opens showers and storms; see some morning mix friday morning the company monitors and you will but closer a resort known as a place to go for the summer is staying open for winter weekends. find out what the mountain lake lodge is offering this year to bring people
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this weekend, a popular virginia resort is celebrating a successful first year of winter service. mountain lake lodge is known for summer activites, but this season they're staying open on weekends through
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wdbj7's eamon o'meara has details on the success and future of winter weekends. in its first winter open, mountain lake lodge brought in a lot of new activities. (matthew simpson, director of fun) right behind me here we have the human bowling. human bowling is basically like a giant human hampster ball that you just climb in and then you run down. we have archery tag which is basically a mix of archery, dodgeball, and paintball. and then also we've set up a snow zone. it also debuted a new outdoor area for food and drinks. (glenn leidich, director of food and beverage) they used 18 300- pound blocks of ice to build this huge ice bar which we manned and people were able to come up there and get adult beverages as well as hot chocolate and coffee. the staff says opening up for winter weekends has been a big hit. (glenn leidich, director of food and beverage) the amount of people on the property was neat. last year it was pretty much a ghost town because we were closed. with the success of the first year of winter weekends, the resort says they already have plans to continue this next year and possibly even grow it. (glenn leidich, director of food and beverage)
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obviously we are going to grow. we'll sit down in mid- march and discuss the plans for going forward next year and how to improve the guest experience. though nothing's set in stone, the resort has a few things on its wish list for next year. (matthew simpson, director of fun) i would love to expand what we're doing here with the human bowling to where it actually becomes a tubing hill or something like there where we can actually do tubing up here. this is one of the top destinations to come cross country skiing to we're looking to expand that a little bit maybe as well. details on next winter and other big weekends coming up can be found on wdbj7 dot com. in pembroke, eamon o'meara wdbj7. yoko ono, the widow of legendary singer john lennon, has been hospitalized. according to her publicist, she had been experiencing extreme flu-like symptoms. she was checked in at a new york city hospital yesterday. there were earlier reports that she may have suffered a stroke. her publicist denied those reports and says she'll likely go home today. ono turned 83- years-old this month. highway experts say people who run red lights cause hundreds of deaths
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injuries every year in the u-s. the blue ridge transportation safety board is teaming with local law enforcement to reverse that trend. all day yesterday, officers were out catching red light runners and raising awareness about this dangerous problem. officers were spread out in various locations showing their presence because these crashes can happen anywhere. rick clark/roanoke police department: "we want this across the valley. you could be injured or killed at a little single light stop light versus the bigger intersections so this is a valley wide thing." the insurance institute for highway safety reports that close to 40-percent of crashes involing red-light running result in injuries. salem is celebrating the 75th anniversary of carver school. yesterday, former students returned to explain the important role the school has played in the history of the roanoke valley. carver elementary has just over 400 students in kindergarten through 5th grade. but for more than a quarter-century during the period of segregation, roanoke county's african-american students attended the school from first through 12th grade. marylen harmon/carver school graduate: "so we
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everywhere, and we did connect to be a family. and i guess that's the common thread for all of us. we were friends and family." the city of salem and the salem school division have produced a documentary on the school. they will screen "the carver project" for the first time monday night at 6:30, at the carver elementary school gym. dryvery neat now get ready for a beautiful weekend had its quiet increasing sunshine expected this afternoon will be a perfect day to go outside maybe go for walk or run on the greenway and highs topping out in the upper forties the best thing about this graphic the sunset six one in the evenings or deities are certainly getting longer
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slightly chilly we've got a pair of cats that are brothers this morning on pet stories. when we return, we'll introduce you to catfish and trout. and coming up in sports, we have highlights from the odac men's
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tournament. have a full house when it comes to cats, so we are hoping that bringing in these two little brothers will help with at least their adoptions! meet catfish and trout! catfish and trout are one year old males with
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to die for. they are just very handsome dudes. they have great manners and are very friendly. the only way to tell them apart is catfish has a single bright white whisker on each side of his face, where trout's whiskers are all black. but they are identical when it comes to their love for being loved on and scratched. in fact, as soon as you pick up either of them, they start purring. both catfish and trout are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and combo tested. stop by the roanoke valley spca between noon and 6 pm to scoop up either, or both, of these adorable felines. more cats! we have
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comes to cats, so we are hoping that bringing in these two little brothers will help with at least their adoptions! meet catfish and trout! catfish and trout are one year old males with gorgeous long-haired black coats that are to die for. they are just very handsome dudes. they have great manners and are very friendly. the only way to tell them apart is catfish has a single bright white whisker on each side of his face, where trout's whiskers are all black. but they are head to wdbj7
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sunshine expected and i will help one temperatures up to the new home upper forties with sunshine from three p.m. to six p.m. overnight tonight temperatures to drop and to the lower middle twenties will 20s will be another beautiful champion made his way back home to bassett high school . devone claybrooks - a member of the tampa bay buccaneers super bowl 37 team - was given a warm welcome by students yesterday for the presentation of the golden football. in celebration of super bowl 50 this year, the high school of every nfl player who played in a super bowl was presented with a golden football for its
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devone claybrooks, bassett high graduate " it's nothing like 7 oclock on a friday night and the fresh smell of grass and the bands playing in the background. and i think that's one of the memories i will take with me forever, even though i've played in the superbowl, grey cups and a bunch of championships games and those type of things but that's one memory that always sticks with me." claybrooks spoke to the students about achieving your dreams no matter how much money you have or where you came from. with two of his high school coaches by his side, school leaders presented claybrooks with a plaque and his retired jersey. roanoke college suffered a tough opening loss in the odac men's basketball tournament while top seeded lynchburg tried to avoid the upset bug. here's travis wells with highlights. good saturday morning everybody. the roanoke college maroons have had a great regular season, entering last night's odac tourney quarterfinals as the three seed against number 6 randolph. page moir's team struggled shooting the ball early in this one. cam smith was working hard though. he gets the three ball to fall here but the maroons still trailed by 3. later in the first half, randolph goes inside to josh freund who
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little baby hook in the lane to help the wildcats maintain. then it's corey brown right to the rack for 2 of his 15 and randolph led by 7 at the break. joey miller tried to shoot roanoke back into it late but it wasn't enough as randolph won it 74 to 62 to advance to the semis. the lynchburg college hornets, the #1 seed on the men's side, took on hampden-sydney in the day's opener. and early in the second half, lynchburg pushing the lead to double- digits. austen arnold knocks down the three from the top of the key. hornets up 47-36. then in transition, it's lyndon white finishing off the fast-break. the hornets continued to buzz outside on the perimeter. the kick- out to zack burnett. he finds the bottom of the net, as the lead balloons to 16. burnett then, showing off the versatility. drives into traffic, but still gets it to go off the glass. the hornets are onto to the semifinals, beating hampden-sydney, 90-67. kyle busch dominated sprint cup qualifying today in atlanta, winning the pole for sunday's race but he'll start from the back of the pack after failing post
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kurt will start on the pole. have a great day everybody. i'm travis wells, wdbj7. we're learning more about what led up to the shooting in kansas on thursday. who may have helped the gunman carry out the attack. there are changes to virginia's gun laws. what governor terry mcauliffe hopes will make citizens safer. plus marco rubio is coming to roanoke tomorrow. what students have to say about his visit. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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hold you more yes really nice tomorrow in fact we get ten to fifteen degrees above normal for the second half of the week and today whistle slightly well below normal with hype and the upper forties but this morning were just noticing some cloudy skies and clouds will clear as we have on the afternoon there will be a slight breeze as well notice her wind coming from the west northwest oh be a breeze between ten to fifteen miles of the a breeze between 10 to 15 mi./h times four, lately relaxing overnight tonight and certainly by sunday so it eventually start as we are noticing temperatures and he lowered for reasons morning the slight breeze and increasing sunshine of your major major headlines for today with highs reaching near-normal this afternoon we do reach the middle 60s the virginia employment commission says the workforce center located at crossroads mall in roanoke is permanently closed, effective this week. their location was damaged from a fire back in june. plans for a new site for the roanoke workforce center are still being worked out. there are now more details in thursday night's workplace shooting in kansas. authorities say the woman you see here has been charged with knowingly supplying the gunman with the assault rifle and pistol used in the
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if convicted, the 38- year-old faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine up to 250- thousand dollars. police say the shooter was a convicted felon who stormed into the plant where he worked and shot 14-people. three were killed before the suspect was shot and killed by police. an hour and a half before the shooting, the gunman had been served with a protective order involving a former girlfriend. governor terry mcauliffe has signed legislation that was the result of a rare compromise on gun policy. mcauliffe called it a new era in virginia that will make residents safer. the legislation rolls back restrictions on concealed carry permits from other states, but it expands voluntary background checks at gun shows, and prohibits people with permanent protective orders from carrying firearms. wdbj7 political analyst harry wilson says the package of bills is significant, because the governor is setting the agenda for the next gun control debate. harry wilson/wdbj7 political analyst: "it's a classic political foot in the door. this is all i can get now, but i come back for more later. this is a tactic
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years." the gun control group everytown for gun safety has been very vocal in its opposition to the bills. yesterday, the group said the governor has tarnished his reputation by signing dangerous legislation that will put public safety at risk. law enforcement representatives, current and former judges, as well as lawyers from all over the area were in roanoke for a special ceremony. the honorable john fishwick, junior was welcomed back to the federal court yesterday afternoon. western district court chief judge, the honorable glen conrad, swore fishwick in as a united states district attorney. family and friends were also on-hand to share stories and congratulate fishwick. in his remarks, fishwick says prosecuting gun crimes, heroin crimes, and human trafficking are his top priorities. virginia's general assembly gave approval for an official state snake. it's the eastern garter snake. the legislation survived an unsuccessful amendment at naming the timber rattlesnake virginia's official snake. the washington post reports a boy from williamsburg
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eastern garter snake's behalf. lawmakers were persuaded when the 11-year-old pointed out the timber rattlesnake is neighboring west virginia's state snake. the price of a first- class stamp will soon go down in a little over a month. back in 2014, the us postal service was given permission to temporarily increase stamp prices. the price hike was contingent on a planned price drop that's scheduled to happen this year. the increased charge will end on april 10th. the cost of mailing a one-ounce letter will drop from 49- cents to 47-cents. commercial prices are also set to decrease. donald trump stopped his closest rivals in their tracks with a high-profile endorsement that surprised almost everyone. on the democratic side, the candidates are down the wire in south carolina. weijia jiang has more. "i endorse donald trump for president of the united states! ((narr-1)) former gop presidential candidate chris christie endorsed donald trump... saying he's the
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can defeat the democrats. ((sot gov. chris christe/r-new jersey)) "who is the best person to keep hillary clinton from every getting in the white house again, and it's donald trump. ((narr-2)) ted cruz was stunned when he found out about the endorsement during a campaign stop in nashville.. but later, he played it cool: ((pipe 3 sot cruz )) "well listen, i think the endorsement was, no doubt, troubling to the rubio campaign." (nat sot rubio) "what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist!" ((narr-3)) marco rubio has been attacking trump since thursday night's debate. but the billionaire businessman fired back. ((sot trump)) "once a choker, always a choker! it never, ever changes." ((standup bridge: weijia jiang/cbs news, white house)) the republicans have their sights set on super tuesday... but the democratic candidates have to get through the south carolina primary first. (nat clinton ) "hello, south carolina state!" ((narr-4)) hillary clinton is expected to easily win south carolina, but she's campaigning there until the very end. ((sot clinton )) "we are fighting to break down barriers wherever they may be." (nats cheering) ((narr-5)) rival bernie sanders also
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((sot bernie sanders/d- candidate for president)) "what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at national priorities." ((narr-5)) south carolina voters head to the polls saturdaywith their priorities. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. with the presidential primary on tap for tuesday, a poll from roanoke college shows donald trump and hillary clinton with substantial leads in virginia. trump is way ahead of his republican rivals, with 38 percent of those surveyed supporting his campaign. 15 percent said they were likely to vote for ted cruz. 13 percent threw their support behind marco rubio. harry wilson/institute for policy & opinion research: "i think the state of the race in virginia is that marco rubio and ted cruz are fighting it out for second place. it really looks like donald trump is going to carry virginia." on the democratic side, the roanoke college poll shows hillary clinton with 50 percent support. bernie sanders had 33 percent, and 17 percent were still undecided. in two days roanoke college will be the site to one of marco rubio's campaign stops.
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college students particularily excited for the presidential hopeful's visit. college republicans and students for rubio can't quite believe he'll will be right in their backyard at the bast center. they're optimistic about rubio's chances, even though their college's latest poll puts rubio at 13 percent -- far behind frontrunner donald trump's 38%. the news of rubio's visit spread quickly on the small campus. alex boone, chair, students for rubio, roanoke college, sophomore: "when we found out, i was sitting in class and i probably had about 20 text messages and my phone was going off all class long." the event starts tomorrow night at 8:30 at the bast center. donald trump is speaking at radford university on monday. nasa's leader predicts astronauts will land on mars around 2030. that's one of many projects charles bolden shared with students yesterday at virginia tech. wdbj7's justin ward was there as he encouraged students to follow their dreams. if you had walked by the classroom, you may have just thought it was a professor teaching his class. nats "great question. the question is what do i want from you." until you heard charles bolden's experiences. nats "when the main
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just start floating, you get this incredible feeling of fullness in your head." bolden, a retired marine corps major general, heads the entire nasa program and has been to space four times. he leads 18 thousand employees and uses a budget of 19 billion dollars to fund space exploration, science, aeronatics, and technology research. although he has many accolades and a high position, he stays humble - asking the students to call him charlie, and taking questions throughout his visit to virginia tech. virginia tech professor and poet nikki giovanni invited him to speak to the campus community in a classroom setting. charles bolden/nasa administrator: " i am a lifelong admirer of dr. nikki giovanni. i used to read her poetry." he told students his biggest challenge is leading the program. he was nominated by president obama and confirmed by the senate in 2009. nasa has about 800 international partnerships. bolden says he plans to grow those relationships. charles bolden: "an important part of my job is actually getting out going to other countries and working with my
8:38 am
in trying to find out what role can they play in this journey to mars." he encouraged students to speak up, be bold, and not get discouraged. he's also a man of faith, and not afraid to admit it, referencing his christian beliefs several times during his time with the students. charles bolden: "i think if i walk away from my faith and my willingness to talk about it then i'm keeping a piece of me away from people. people need to know who i am fully." bolden says no training prepared him for what he encountered in space - he cried the first he say the earth from space. he says the view of earth from space never gets old. in blacksburg, justin ward, wdbj7 speaking of space... meteorologist lindsey anderson towards the sky this what can we expect for the rest of the day? tomorrowand can be beautiful in fact we are noticing a few clouds overhead this morning proposal clear by the afternoon live picture
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center not had start yet temperatures are a little cool right at thirty five greece and rome and thirty three and rocky mountain twenty six degrees in danville meanwhile the mountain empire fully right at mount and 26 in danville. meanwhile, the roman empire sitting right at that through the remark with milk at forty one degrees in oak creek and thirty five degrees and cried sally lies in the clouds gradually clear is cene of this disturbance moves to the east the increasing sunshine through the afternoon but our next frontal system is not just about to enter the united states in fact it is it in the form of holes right and will sleep on through actually come monday and early tuesday so for this weekend we are dry high-pressure system in place in fact many east of the rockies are going to see some sunshine bya cold front and will sleep on through actually come monday and early tuesday, so for this weekend we are dry high-pressure system in place. in fact many east of the rockies are going to see some sunshine by sunday at 6 pm those limits is francais doubter strength and move to the east as the light rain showers expected because the air is so dry here in
8:40 am
in and for those rain showers big enough dream against the mountains and it will fall apart so that's why were just calling it a mostly sunny to partly cloudy day or seven day planner the majority of the moisture doesn't arrive until the middle of the unique data heist today no topping out and the upper forties by two p.m. lb forty six degrees five p.m. forty five degrees under mostly sunny skies and the sun sets tonight around six eleven and economy a nice daymaybe for going skiing in fact the homestead had nine trails (for greece is high. snowshoe high of 32 clouds probably linger across or higher obligations for most of the day but overall we are highlighting chance to see this increasing sunshine and breeze does continue how the west between 10 to 15 mi./h 42 as your high blocks per 50 martinsville fourier lynchburg and 40 and was burks tonight the cooler twenty nine below in blacksburg and thirty two in danville under clear skies
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trend from the second half the weekend and evening to the start of the week lower to middle sixties will do it sunday monday and tuesday and as i mentioned our next big weather maker arrives wednesday since right day when faces the form of a whole science conference in showers meaning isolated thunderstorms in the area wednesday much cooler air will filter and back behind that cold fronts of there's a chance we could see some snow or rain mix in the early morning hours there are some foods you should eat to keep your brain healthy. coming up in your hometown health, which ones promote brain power. been confirmed in women across the u-s. governor wants to do and schools in new have unsafe lead levels in the drinking water. why parents are upset officials didn't
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in today's hometown health: eating well is good for your mental health as well as your physical health. explains how certain foods can help boost the bad news... as we age our brains can become less sharp the good news.. we can improve our chances of maintaining a healthy brain by adding "smart" foods to our diet like.. blueberries... studies show that blueberries may be effective in improving or delaying short term memory loss. broccoli.. a great source of vitamin k, broccoli is known to enhance cognitive function and improve brainpower. fish.. a protein source linked to a great brain boost is fish -- rich in omega-3 fatty acids. for brain and heart health, try eating two servings of fish weekly. whole grains.... a diet high in whole grains can cut the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol. this can reduce your risk of
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buildup and enhance blood flow, offering a simple, tasty way to fire up brain cells. nuts.. nuts are good sources of vitamin e-- which has been linked in some studies to less cognitive decline as you age. and even chocolate.. dark chocolate contains natural stimulants like caffeine, which can enhance focus. for today's health minute, i'm mary moloney. the government says zika infections have been confirmed in nine pregnant women in the united states. all of them got the virus overseas. three babies have been born - one with a brain defect. the centers for disease control and prevention says its also investigating ten additional reports of pregnant travelers with the virus. yesterday, governor mcauliffe announced a statewide task force to address zika. the group will help with mosquito surveillance and control programs before the mosquito season starts in may. women without a functioning uterus may now have a chance to one day become pregnant. surgeons at the cleveland clinic performed the first uterus transplant in the united states on wednesday. the nine-hour operation is the first
8:46 am
success of the procedure. dr. rebecca flyckt/ob/gyn, reproductive endocrinology expert: "just like any solid, organ transplant, like kidney transplant, we would take from an organ donor and then prepare that uterus to replace inside the recipient which is our patient who has either a non- functioning or an absent uterus." the recipient of the uterus is in stable condition, but it's expected to take a year for her to completely heal. once she's ready, the uterus will will be implanted with the patient's pre-frozen eggs. any baby born will be delivered by c- section. once pregnancy is over, the patient will have a hysterectomy. at least four babies have been born to uterus transplant patients in sweden. yet another location has been found to have dangerously high levels of lead in the water. the drinking water at schools in ithaca, new york, have been shut off after january testing found it unsafe. however, similar tests were done last august -- and those results also showed unsafe levels of lead. parents are upset that officials didn't alert them sooner. rhonda weeks / parent : "you know, they're calling us and letting us know that things are
8:47 am
they're sending emails and setting up meetings and stuff, but it seems like it's a bit late." the school district also admitted that two of the elementary schools were found to have dangerous lead levels 11-years ago. they have not given a reason as to why they didn't say anything sooner. the county and state health departments are now involved in the situation. evenflo is recalling 56-thousand child safety seats because kids can loosen the internal harness. if that happens, it raises the risk of injury in a car crash. the recall includes transitions three-in- one combination booster seats from december 2014 through january 2016. no injuries have been reported. there are plenty of events in our area for people to look forward to this weekend. here's kianna price wade with your hometown happenings. this weekend there's plenty of excitement to get into. whether its heading outdoors for a hike or enjoying a good laugh in the theater, hometown happenings has got ya covered. join walkabout outfitter and merrell footwear for hike and brew on mill mountain at noon today then head down to soaring
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will receive a free pint on merrell. free food will be provided by walkabout outfitter. the stage play "boeing boeing" comes to virginia tech. it will be performed in the squires studio theatre today at 2pm and 7:30. tickets are $12, students are $10. i'll never be hungry again is a hilarious, musical spoof of margaret mitchell's classic tale of the south, gone with the wind. it takes place tonight at 8pm and 2 pm tomorrow at renaissance theater in lynchburg. tickets range from $15 to $18. today and tomorrow the jefferson choral society presents its winter concert, "a long and winding road - beetles 2.0 at timberlake united methodist church in lynchburg. visit lynchburgtickets.c om or jeffersonchoralsocie for tickets. show times are tonight at 7 and tomorrow at 4. to find out more about these events and other things happening this weekend or want to submit your own event go to wdbj7- dot-com and just click on events. i'm kianna price wade with your hometown happenings and i'll see you next saturday morning. youalthough it's cloudy and a little bit cool out there it's
8:49 am
throughout the weekend live picture from there with bill cammarata looking up from the cloudy skies, wafting towards the mountains twenty eight degrees were known lynchburg twenty six in danville and thirty three degrees in roanoke meanwhile in galax story one degrees into warm up though what the afternoon with a westerly components and when you get as warm as we typically do this time of your fourier news or high roller look what's back to the west ofus 60s on the boaols that are a step closer to a state championship
8:50 am
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them-
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country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. the high school regional basketball playoffs heated up friday night. here's travis wells with highlights from across the region. good morning once again everybody. the high school playoffs rolling right along. spotswood and hidden valley playing for the 3a west girls championship at magna vista high school. and spotswood came out firing away. addisen delucas knocking down the jumper. then it's chloe brooks stepping out a bit farther. she knocks down the three. the trailblazers out to the early seven point lead. hidden valley having to scratch and claw their way back into it. senia garay with the nice post-up and finish. sawyer freeland then pushing the pace up the court. she dishes it over to haley singleton for the lay-up. this one went go down to the wire, but the titans had just enough. drew
8:53 am
give-and-go, as hidden valley won a barn-burner, 60-59. earlier in the evening in ridgeway, the host-team, magna vista taking on brookville in the 3a west 3rd-place game. magna vista up 13 heading into the 4th, but back come the bees. alexis rosser connecting on the long two. hannah young then on the drive. goes between her legs and straight to the hoop. the finish, plus the foul. the bees back within five. but the warriors get it back together. check out the beautiful ball movement. taisha deshazo will put it home. then it's ocean adams breaking some ankles on the drive. her shot is blocked, but deshazo is there once again for the bucket. magna vista holds on for the win over brookville, 40- 31. the 3a boys were at cave spring again where northside and spotswood locked up for the title. shey webb got northside started as he pulls up and drains the deep three. but spotswood hung around. check out justin kier in transition. he gets all the way to the bucket for the deuce. northside had an answer though as brendon price gets to the basket for
8:54 am
to win 63-46. in the third place spring hooked up albemarle. it was tight knights work the rock to the corner where jake furrow buries the little breathing room. ball, mason reyer ahead to brody hicks for the throwdown. lead the way. but western made things interesting down the stretch.chris mcgarhen gets hot late. he drains back to back three pointers in the fourth quarter. but it wasn't enough. cave won it 64 to 56. have a great day everybody. i'm
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
wells, wdbj7. birthdays for
8:58 am
thanks to sylvie peterson for bringing catfish and trout on pet stories this morning. if you'd like to make either of them a part of your home, give the roanoke valley spca a call at
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