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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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the storm hit their congregation. well nadia, the storm ripped off parts of the roof, smashing windows. today, church members were out trying to clean up as best they could. it doesn't take long to see that the congregation at evergreen united methodist is close knit. gus paulette "it's not just people that we just see on sunday morning. it's people we interconnect with in our lives every day. " gus paulette grew up sitting in this sanctuary now under repair after wednesday's deadly storms. gus paulette "these things, you see on tv. these things that you see happens in the midwest and down south." the damage is difficult to imagine, but for paulette's neighbors, it's a reality. gus paulette "you know where someone's house was at. margaret grishaw's house is gone. the store that richard hamilton and his brother built. gone." the physical destruction is apparent but that's not what's taking the largest toll on the group. gus paulette "this is part of life that we don't understand sometimes. why things happen like this. " ricky harris, keith's nephew "you never know
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you're going to see one of your loved ones here on this earth. " ricky harris' uncle, keith harris, died in the storm. harris was one of the 40 or so who attend church here. gus paulette "keith was one of the first ones here every sunday. he sat right over there. " ricky harris, keith's nephew" it was just a humbling feeling that a storm that only last 30 seconds to a minute could do so much damage." the congregation and volunteers cleaned up the grounds and secured the roof before the next rain. sunday's service will be held in the basement; a small piece of normalcy for a community still in shock. gus paulette "this is when we have to put our faith into practice. this is when we've got to move forward and say okay, everything we read and study on sundays, we put into place. " harris' nephew wants to thank the search crews who helped find his uncle. church members say they want to get the building fixed quickly so they can help others in the community. christian heilman, wdbj7. nonprofit mercy chefs is making sure no one goes without food in appomattox.
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been working around the clock preparing meals. wdbj7's noell saunders joins us now to tell us about their efforts. nadia, the mercy chefs team has been making homemade hot meals from a mobile kitchen for two days. staff tells me it's at least 15 hundred dollars a day in food supplies. mercy chef feeds hundreds of people in appomattox. volunteers arrived at evergreen baptist church at 3 in morning to start meal prepping for the day. (nats) head chef and founder gary leblanc started the company 10 ten years ago in portsmouth, virginia. since then, mercy chefs has served over a million people nationwide. "it's an incredible thing to go out in the field and share a meal with folks. something amazing happens over a shared meal" breakfast, lunch and dinner is served. leblanc says public service has always been his passion. "it was a call from the lord to go feed people. i
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satisfaction coming out and doing this" a team of student volunteers from neighboring buckingham county offered their service too. culinary instructor sandi hawk says when she heard the news she took action. "it was never even a second thought to me about doing it. i knew immediately we had to come" while many are trying to get their lives back in order, a hot meal will be the least of their problems. "we were so glad that we could come out and help with this effort and help everybody in the community. i cannot imagine what these people are going through" mercy chefs has responded to more than 50 disasters. volunteers even packed meals and them to those who couldn't make it to "we come into every disaster whether its a thousand people or thousand people. with that same heart we go and find victims and bring comfort to them the best we can and help them get back to normal as quickly as mercy chefs will be
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tommorow and possibly for the rest of next week. noell saunders wdbj7. a follow up tonight on an officer-involved shooting in roanoke county. investigators say the suspect in the incident at the walgreens near route 419 and brambleton avenue is dead. officers responded to a call about a man waving a gun. the suspect was shot, and later died at the hospital. the officers have been placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues. toand it was a quiet day weather wise good news for folks still cleaning up after all the severe weather we had last week cloudy skies this morning in a chilly temperatures lead to beautiful sunshine for the afternoon helping to warm temperatures up into the middle and upper forties right near-normal for this time of year factor satellite radar picture just shows bright beautiful sunshine for areas
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and along the coast that will change those would have him through the middle of the week temperatures are so comfortable and this evening forty six degrees in roanoke fifty in danville and forty two degrees in blacksburg we dropped into the authorities overnight it is going to be a cold start your sunday book check out your warm-up in fact he writes very quickly into the lower middle sixties tomorrow afternoon such as the season for golf forecast teetimes at nine a.m. the temperature forty four 44 bye-bye 4 pm will reach exceed the real more details coming up and your sev in south carolina. hillary clinton comes into the contest with a lead, and is hoping to win big. senator bernie sanders is instead focusing on super tuesday. craig boswell has the latest. voters headed to the polls in south carolina's democratic primary. (natz voting) hillary clinton has a huge lead over bernie sanders in the polls here. clinton wants to establish herself as the favorite among black voters. (sot mos ) when you look at all the candidates there is no one more qualified than hillary. but some voters see
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relatable. (sot: jasmine brown/sanders supporter ) he seems like such a nice person. whenever he is on tv i see through the screen, he seems so nice. clinton criss-crossed the state all week trying to protect her lead. (gfx 1 in) she, her husband and daughter did a combined nine campaign events just yesterday. (gfx 1 out) bridge: both candidates are now looking ahead to super tuesday when more than 800 delegates are up for grabs. today clinton courted voters in alabama. (clinton sot ) i know there are a lot of people in this state who want to continue the progress we have made. while bernie sanders struggled to gain traction in the palmetto statehe's shifted his focus to texas. he spent the day campaigning in austin. (sanders sot ) if you come out to vote and bring your co-workers, we will win texas. 222 delegates are at stake in the lone star state---the largest prize for democrats next week. craig boswell, cbs
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d.c. the number of information was stolen from the i-r-s times higher than previously thought. agency said data of around 100- thousand people. now, the agency says the number is closer to 720- thousand. beginning next week it will warn affected taxpayers and offer free credit protection. the i-r-s has also disabled the online document tool used to steal personal info. danville police are investigating a robbery that happened last night. a woman was attacked by a man in the 100 block of wesley drive. he stole her cell phone after she dropped it and then ran off. the victim told police the suspect got into a white car and drove away. the woman was not hurt. the execution of a virginia man has been put on hold. ricky gray was convicted of killing a family of four back in 2006. his execution was scheduled for march 16-th. yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled to hold it off. it gives the supreme court more time to
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not to intervene. a kentucky fried chicken restaurant in richmond is under fire after a worker says she was let go because she's transgender. she says within an hour of being hired, a manager called her back with questions. georgia carter/ transgender woman:"he was like my supervisor and i have a problem because on your license it says male but you're...i said i'm transgender." the k-f-c manager says there was only an interview, and he never offered the woman a job. the woman says she was told if she changed her gender to female on her license, she may be reconsidered for the position. k-f-c's corporate office has not commented. two people were after a crash on interstate 81 in the vehicle ran off the road into a median and hit some trees. passenger were for treatment. lane near mile- marker 194 was blocked for a few hours as police investigated. that lane is back open. authorities are also
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second crash in rockbridge that was fatal. it happened on route 60. we'll continue to bring you more details as they come in. car maker mercedes benz is replacing its robots with humans on the assembly lines. the german company says the robots can't handle the complexity of the custom options it offers. mercedes benz makes more than 400 thousand vehicles a year. we are your hometown news leader, wdbj7. if you're looking for a boat, you might want to head to the berglund center! details about this weekend's boat show. and, fans of all
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year's mysticon! the show gives people a unique opportunity to see what dealers on smith mountain lake have to offer. the event includes equipment exhibits, and more. organizers say the for people to get to know more about smith mountain lake and hopefully visit. phil rybacki/show coordinator: "the economy is
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wanting good wholesome family recreation, and smith mountain lake certainly provides it. and we provide the toys to make it even more enjoyable." this is the show's 42-nd year. if you missed out today, you can catch it tomorrow from 10- to-5. fans of sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture came together for mysticon. it's happening at the holiday inn tanglewood all weekend and includes vendors, workshops, panels and more. this year also features a special guest speaker, george r-r martin. he's well known for his "game of thrones" series. organizers say with so much to do, it's no surprise the event has sold out for the fourth year in a row. carla brindle/convention chairperson: "well one we've seen it grow steadily. first year probably had 400 people here. the second year 900. and then the third year is when we started selling out. so it has grown." the fun continues tomorrow from 9-to- 4. today is international polar bear day! it's a day to celebrate and protect one of the world's
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threatened land predators. a group called "polar bears international" came up with the idea back in 20-11. the bears are found in arctic regions like alaska, canada, and russia. biologists estimate about 26-thousand of the animals live in the wild. the last weekend in februrary wraps up warm and sunny. meteorologist lindsey anderson says temperatures could be 15 degrees warmer than today's! here is a look at the highs, lows and precipitation at the are back with the
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break upcheck them out in the distance darrell caught in rotating column of air over the water just like a dust devil i'm just naming this a
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so warm below it and if there's cooler air aloft and any rotation what you can't really neat site three zero;-) so much for sending a picture rent and learn so right now it is forty seven degrees along with a westerly wind the winds will begin to shift tomorrow out of the southall west that'll usher in some very warm temperatures and the weekends it's forty one degrees in blacksburg forty degrees in lewisburg forty four martha right now still the warm fifty degrees in
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drop quickly overnightweekend and 41 in blacksburg 40 in lewisburg 44 martha right now still warm 50 in danville. temperatures will drop quickly overnight high-pressure system and control. once everyone east of the rockies, the clear skies tonight will lower temperatures to drop into the upper 20s and low 30s not causally woke up to this morning but certainly chilly 29 user load blacksburg 32 in martinsville and 30 in coming tenant but chuckle your hour by hour. this is what's so exciting by 9 am it can be 44 57 i knew 64 at 3 pm. it's going to be up home license afternoon with abundant sunshine southwesterly winds 59 as are high for blacksburg and bluefield and galax 60 in lewisburg 65 and whispered 58 and hot springs would be a you have plans to the heiko bock of greenway or maybe even fifteen degrees above normal starting tomorrow and continuing into the work week in fact monday were looking at partly sunny skies and high and the low sixties and by tuesday that's where we could see her next chance for rain and thunderstorms but that doesn't arrive until tuesday night now we are tracking our next cold front that will ride only sunday morning but watch what happens it approaches the mountains maybe brings a few amounts of rain showers to the area but quickly falls apart as interest dryer air soapby monday afternoon new one p.m.
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fast-moving system the next boundary no move-in will be tuesday night into wednesday bringing more rain today ariadne that's all mapped out here and your seven day planner where would you have her next chance for some rain and thunderstorms arriving late tuesday i stay in the low sixties much colder air arrives that i'm a cold front- the upper forties and a murky denial on potential to see a wintry mix early friday morning right now does not look disruptive but of course continued up to you as we have closer to this event overall sixties don't last long as we dropped the low with highs in the upper 40s and murky denial on potential to see a wintry mix early friday morning. right now it does not look disruptive. but, of course, continue to update you as we have closer to this event. overall 60s don't last long
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end of next i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them-
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country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. at sports. uva just tipped-off with north carolina-- we'll have all your action from that tonight at 11, but for now let's start with some big south
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gardner-webb in their final game of the regular season, ahead of this week's big south tournament. the bulldogs leading in the second half, until ryan kemrite sinks the shot from beyond the arc. he finished with 12 points, as liberty takes the 68-67 lead. then adding to that lead, it's john dawson from long range. three of his 16. liberty with 17 made-threes in the game which proved to be the difference in a tight one. freshman caleb homesley pulled his weight for sure in this one, getting the shot to go and the foul. he led the way with 22 points as liberty wins it 86-81. in the southern conference, vmi hosting the citadel in a return of former keydets' head coach duggar baucom to lexington. the keydets doing everything they can to spoil his trip back to cameron hall. julian eleby knocking down the three. he had 21 on the day. phillip anglade with good production too on senior day, throwing- down two of his 12. vmi building the lead throughout the first half. austin vereen left open in the corner, and he connects from long range.
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performance on thursday night. he puts-in 26, along with 11 rebounds, as vmi takes down the citadel, 111-95. onto some women's basketball and the odac tournament semifinals. we've got a little dance party there as washington and lee took-on top-seeded lynchburg in the first game. the hornets led by 1 at the half and out of the locker room, lynchburg scored the first ten points of the second half. sammi goldsmith gets two here as she takes the handoff and puts- in the short runner in the paint. but the generals tried to hang in. paige corvino who baseline jumper. lynchburg was too tough though. caroline naumann with two of her 16 points, as the hornets advance to the championship game 71 to 57. next-up, emory and henry and guilford matching-up in the second semifinal game. the quakers got off to the quick start in this one. they swing it to the corner for amy steller and she buries the three-ball to open the scoring. later, heaven walters gets free for the backdoor layup to extend the guilford lead in the
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emory then turns to making moves down the up and under, but guilford's the one game for the fourth time in five years. they pull away for the 78-69 win. the college wrestling season is beginning the ncaa d3 tournament's east place this weekend at washington and lee. 18 teams competing on four mats in the first of the 2-day event, with the top 3 teams advancing to the national finals. both washington & lee and ferrum are in the mix to be one of those top three teams, and they also have the advantage of not having to travel far to compete. nathan shearer, washington & lee head coach: "it's nice for the guys to be able to rest and relax and recover, all while not having to do any traveling. so that's always a bonus. we have four guys that are seeded really high. there's a lot of tough competition, but they are all going to be right there. you know, in the moment, you have to execute when the opportunity comes, but i think we're sitting in a good spot." nate yetzer, ferrum head coach: "i'm hoping to win the regional title as a team, and get ten guys in the finals. but you know, i'm
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might not be in play for us, but the goal is to get to the ncaa tournament. the top three get to the ncaa tournament. i think we have six, seven, or eight guys capable of doing that. it's just a matter of them going out and believing in our training, and doing what they've done all year." it's the second week of the 2016 nascar season, where all 3 this weekend. drivers hitting the track first saturday afternoon. kyle busch on the pole for this one and he makes this race look easy. busch takes the lead 72 laps in, passing brad keselowski, and he stays out front from there-on out. kyle larson tries to make a move in lap 98 to pass busch, but no dice. kyle busch is your winner, leading for 119 laps, and picking-up his first xfinity series victory at atlanta. larson finishes second, erik jones in third. the truck series drivers hitting the track at atlanta motor speedway shortly after that xfinity series race. with 19 to go, we've got a pretty bad wreck when christopher bell gets into the back of his teammate daniel
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suarez then takes- out leader matt crafton, who was the pole sitter for this one and led for 76 laps. his day is over as they red flag the race. ahead to the final lap, where it's john hunter nemechek taking the checkered flag. cameron hayley finished
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peters in third.l, unless you have allergies. may see it differently. is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes d congestion.
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e breathe in allergens our bodies react by ducing six key inflammatory substances that use our symptoms. stllergy pills only control one substance. onase controls six. d six is greater than one. te allergy relief or incomplete. t your eyes decide. ase. 6>1 changes everything. four shelter dogs dogs" for the brazil open tournament on thursday. their job was to retrieve balls that went out of bounds and give them back to the players. as you can imagine, they didn't like giving the ball back to the players as much as they liked chasing after it. today, they'll take part in the awards ceremony. for the latest
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turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thanks for watching your hometown news leader. have a great night we hope to see you back here for wdbj 7 at 11. (man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power.
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and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities comes from our people. >> axelrod: this is a campaign 2016 update. i'm jim axelrod. breaking news from south carolina.
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clinton has defeated bernie sanders in today's democratic primary. it is a big win for clinton in the first-in-the-south contest for the party's nomination. our projection is based on exit polls and interviews conducted throughout the day in south carolina. exit polls suggest african american voters and women were major forces behind clinton's victory. let's bring in nancy cordes, who is in columbia, south carolina. good evening, nancy. >> reporter: hi, jim. and the clinton campaign says that her victory here is a sign that she can dominate in the south, and that she can dominate with minority voters, which is going to be key three days from now in the super tuesday contest. as you can see, her supporters here who have been at this all night have just learned the good news and they are very fired up. according to our exit polls, as of right now, about six in 10 voters here in south carolina today were african american, and


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