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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-12:05am EST

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he was at roanoke college this evening speaking to thousands. that's where we find wdbj7's christian heilman. nadia/chris, tonight's rally was full of marco rubio supporters -- and plenty of others who were just curious about what the florida senator has to say. these are the kind of days everyone wants to be back in college. it's also one patrick stone probably won't forget. patrick stone, rubio 00594014 it's a great opportunity. it's not something that happens that often where a presidential candidate comes to you, you know? 00594621 this is the first time a major presidential candidate ever visited the college. cullen truett doesn't agree with rubio, but wants to hear what he thinks. cullen truett, coming to hear rubio 00495423 "it's about doing your civic duty to be an informed citizen. everybody bases their support on what they get on heresay, but they don't actually have the evidence of what that candidate said to back it up." nats cheering rubio didn't waste any time before attacking frontrunner donald trump. marco rubio
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stake here is the future of the conservative moveemnt. we cant turn over the conservative movement to a con artist." the latest cbs news poll puts rubio 13 points behind trump in virginia. in the last hours before super tuesday, rubio wants his message of change to change voters minds. marco rubio "the american dream is in a lot of trouble and it will continue be in a lot of touble if we lose this election." it appears it may have worked for some in the crowd. deborah goodwian "i was looking for a conservative with strong values. i found him. i enjoyed it." voters will have the chance to hear from trump tomorrow at radford university. we'll be there as well and stream it live on we're live in salem tonight, christian heilman wdbj7. as people were lining up to get inside the bast center, a few dozen protesters were on the other side of the street. they were out protesting rubio's policies on the environment and women's rights.
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upset with corporate interests funding his campaign. shannon barter, protester "so we want to make sure people are able to be educated on both sides of the issue. he's going to go and speak for a long time and we want people to know what the other side of the story is." marco rubio isn't the only candidate focusing in on the south ahead of super tuesday. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton spent the day campaigning in arkansas and tennessee. she's hoping to keep up her momentum with minority voters who fueled her big win in south carolina. vermont senator bernie sanders has struggled to connect with non-white voters. he spent the day campaigning in oklahoma, where the demographics play to his favor. forecastit with a gorgeous and the weekends are daytime high soaring into the middle and upper sixties in fact the high and blacksburg sixty five degrees sixty eight degrees and roanoke and sixty eight degrees and danville watching call for a slowly approached the area had a bit we're still very warm effect will be mild
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gradually move in the could see the light rain showers- from cleveland all way back to tennessee a few mountain range charts possible morning. otherwise i expect clearing skies for the afternoon for many, many they drive fifty one degrees renowned lynchburg fifty three and danville meanwhile and blacksburg it is forty one degrees and forty seven degrees and galax hour by hour we will notice the quick rise in our temperatures tomorrow afternoon sixties on the board once again low sixties will do it with increasing sunshine slight breeze from the southwest i want to know when those her first day back on the job. brian webb takes us there. nats (vigil bagpipes) bagpipes, candles and prayers were part of a memorial for officer ashley guindon killed on her first day on patrol with the prince william county police department in virginia. sot chief steve hudson "we will move on in honor
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to do anything less." nats of scanner 00;00;46;16 "one officer down. i don't know where the suspect is." guindon and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute saturday night, about 30 miles outside of washington dc. police arrested 32 year old ronald hamilton, an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his wife then opened fire on police. sot sharon zimplemann/ neighbor it was very scary. i heard the shots, like 4 to 5 shots back to back. yellow tape roped off the crime scene sunday. residents paid their respects at the hospital where the officers are recovering. betsy to have this happen over something stupid is so sad. guindon, a 6 year marine corp reservist was sworn in friday. this picture was posted to the department's twitter page welcoming her and another officer with the words, "be safe". brian webb for cbs
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. protestors take to the streets after a salt lake city, utah teen is shot by police. officers were responding to a call about a fight outside of a homeless shelter. police say the teen refused to drop his weapon. at the time he was carrying a broomstick. salem mohammed/friend: "they went up to him, pulled their guns out and told them to stop, to drop it one time and as he was turning around they shot him, i' seen them shoot his chest and his stomach." authorities say the teen is in critical condition in the hospital, and the officer involved has been put on administrative leave. all salt lake city officers wear body cameras. police say they will release the video of the shooting as soon as possible. gary emry/hesston city administrator: "this community understands tragedy. it understands devastation. many of you have been through it during the tornado of 1990 and this recovery will be similar in many respects." community leaders in hesston, kansas held a town meeting today to address a
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shooting that killed 3 and hurt 14 others. town officials discussed how the community will be moving forward after the attack. the mayor and several other leaders took questions from residents as well. he says many are relying on their faith to get through. newly released emails from the officer of michigan governor rick synder are giving a better look at how long the officials knew about the toxicity of water in flint. the messages show top aides asking for the water source in the town to be switched away from the flint river a year before the crisis came to light. the emails were released as officials there face more and more pressure to be transparent about the issue. a lynchburg teen who was injured in a high-profile accident last fall has died after being hospitalized for months. ivy adkins died yesterday afternoon. her family reported the news on a social media page that was set up after her accident. adkins and her cousin, natalie matthews, were badly injured in october when the car they were riding in crashed in the lake vista
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forest. investigators say they were riding with christian riddle, who was driving a stolen car. he's facing criminal charges related to the accident. a grand jury is scheduled to take up his case on tuesday. a virginia teen has been charged with threatening her school through social media, using emojis of a gun, bomb and knife. emoji symbols are used on mobile devices and sometimes take the place of words. the washington post reports the middle school student posted the message on instagram back in the post also included the words "kill" and "meet me in the library tuesday." according to a search warrant, the girl acknowledged she put up the post under another student's name. she's charged with threatening the school and computer harassment. today marks 25 years since the persian gulf war ended. the operation desert storm pushed saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait. the iraqi leader occupied that nation in the summer of 19-90. an american-led coalition sent more than 600-thousand troops to the region. 383 americans died
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the washington post says some veterans are unhappy the defense department didn't hold a ceremony this year to mark the day. a navy seal who helped rescue a u-s hostage in afghanistan is set to receive the nation's top military honor tomorrow. in december 20-12, edward byers, junior helped save a doctor who was held captive by the taliban. president obama will present him with the congressional medal of honor for his heroism. the doctor who was rescued says byers gave him a second chance at life. byers will be the 11- th living service member to receive the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. you're watching your hometown news leader, wdbj-7. coming up, a nonprofit in our area gives adults with disabilities the chance to learn valuable life skills. and local coin collectors come
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their prized pieces. teaches life skills to adults with these disabilities. from preparing meals and learning how to use every day appliances to enjoying each others' company, katie's place strives to make life normal. christy paderick/katie's place "we are a non-profit day support program." that allows young adults like eva, shannon and tyler the opportunity to learn and grow. lisa crowder/parent "it gives them a place. it gives them a place in the community, it helps them to integrate out into
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they have a life, just like you and i do." lisa crowder and her shannon love coming to katie's place. lisa crowder/parent "i'm very happy that he's here. i'm happy that there's an opportunity like this in the community for everyone." katie's place leaders say they're striving to help those with developmental disabilities lead fulfilling lives. christy paderick/katie's place "each individual is just like you and i" christy paderick/katie's place "you don't see the disability, you see the person so that's why we're here to provide services for them." and teaching them things many take for granted. christy paderick/katie's place " life skills, social skills, relationship skills, activities of daily living." which gives moms like lisa peace of mind. lisa crowder/parent "we're getting older as parents and we realize we may not always be here so it's comforting to know that they have a place where they can come." right now, northern roanoke baptist
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"there's limited programs for people with disabilities so that's why katie's place is here." and bringing smiles and laughter to everyone it touches. katie's place is looking to expand, add more staff and accept more people for day service. the facility will be moving to a house- like setting in downtown roanoke sometime in march. members of lynn haven baptist church in vinton are celebrating a major renovation. the church held a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony today for an upgrade they have been planning for five years. take a look at what the educational wing used to look like. now, the church has revamped it to include a new kitchen, games, and a place for youth to worship. leaders say they hope the renovation has an impact on church members but also the vinton community. jason roth/ student minister:"for this space what we hope is that, it's not just a space for the church to have their activities but rather it's a place that becomes a hub
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the lives that come through here will be impacted in such a way, that we will be growing the future leaders of this community." the church is planning to renovate a children's wing and add a new welcome center as well. coin collectors got the chance to add to their collection during the salem and roanoke valley coin show this morning. more than 20 dealers from across the country set up shop to show off what they had to offer. those who took part spent the day buying and trading coins, paper money, medals, tokens and more. some of the items even dated back to ancient times. vendors say these shows really help bring the community together. bill griller/vendor: "most of the people that collect are average everyday working people. they're in it for the fun of it. they're in it for the education they can give themselves, and also the children that are coming along." the coin show has been a tradition in our area for around 30 years, and there are 4 events annually. according to coin- zip-dot-com the next
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the 22-nd. it didn't feel quite like may today but spring fever is certainly in the air. how long does the 60s last? meteorologist lindsey anderson has more. complete details of your first alert forecast right after this break i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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breaktwenty sixteen is a leap year tomorrow the weekday now how'd that happen and why will it takes the earth three hundred fifty five and a quarter days to warburg orbit beside it i noticed a gimmick count that additional part of the day we'd add an additional day to february every four years because it takes the earth a little longer to rotate around the sign even though we only had three or sixty five days in the calendar year now it can be very comfortable to end february temperatures right now or in themiddle 40s from blacksburg down with the low 50s for self 551 renowned lynchburg miles 54 and roanoke and we will stay comfortable through the overnight because were had a cold front that neither winds are coming from the south very strong. bringing in that the award from the south but we
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tomorrow morning especially cross the mountains before they do fall apart these two swiss systems are squeezing a little bit closer together soar higher elevations may also see some gusty winds, early tomorrow morning overnight temperatures will drop and the low forties from blacksburg to marion martinsville in and danville will hold the low forties meanwhile middle forties 40s will do it towards oak valley here it is in your forecast model rural see a few of those light rain showers across the mouth of the high winds and into the mountain empire but it falls apart very quickly as it moves across the blue raises interest wire air so many of us will think right tomorrow ecstasy increasing sunshine through the afternoon and another stream really warm day to and february the beginning of march looks unsettled hour by hour with we warm up quickly with daytime highs reaching the upper fifties hearts it also looks sixties clout to stay in place of the morning and the increasing center shine is likely through the rest of the
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fifty eight and blacksburg fifty five lewisburg sixty five and martinsville and sixty four degrees and lynchburg be very similar to what we had today said they were given out our next system the wolf to the east wednesday and even as your first day it'll will clear out come wednesday ruling warning much cooler air well russian identity you got here and your seven day planner works we do hold of the low sixties monday and tuesday rain will arrive early wednesday morning as additional to the front clears quickly werewolf the most according partly sunny skies by earth day daytime highs right here more or less fifty degrees miller keep an eye on another system that could bring world will charge demand-based prices. that means the resorts will charge three different prices for park tickets depending on the time of year. the calendar will be divided into value, regular and peak season.
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monday through thursday when school is in, will drop to 95 dollars. on peak days and summer weekends the price will shoot up to over a 100 dollars a day. disney says the "surge pricing" will hopefully help spread out visitation to the parks. gymnastics is all about grace, power, and balance but one gymnast is adding some hip hop to her routine. a video of her floor routine ended up on social media and went viral. she even received attention from some celebrities, like reese witherspoon and chris brown, commenting on her routine. the ucla head coach says her team is transforming the image of the sport.
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basketball teams take-home odac tournament titles today, then in the acc, virginia tech goes into wake forest and picks-up a big win as the regular season
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up after the break. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. loftus with your look at sports. virginia tech's men's basketball team has continued to make
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as the hokies have a chance to win three consecutive acc games for the first time since the 2010-2011 season. tech also looking for what would be their second straight road victory in conference play, taking on wake forest. right out of the gate, justin bibbs catches fire. he knocks-down a slew of three- pointers, racking- up 11 points in the first eight minutes of the game. he ends- up with a game-high 22. seth allen also had it going in the first half, with three of his 14 here. bibbs and allen combining for 20 of the hokies first 25 points, and even buzz is loving it. zach leday starts to come- on later in the first. he throws it down, on his way to 17 and 8 on the night. but the hokies only up one at the break. in the 2nd, the freshman, chris clarke, working hard. puts back his own miss. he had 6 and 6 off the bench. and just as big as bibbs was to the first half, justin robinson was to the 2nd. he drives, getting the hoop and the harm. robinson with the late three to stretch the hokies' lead back out. tech wins it,
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glover with more from winston-salem. zac glover: "before this week, virginia tech was only 1-6 on the road in acc play, but after collecting two road victories in the past six days, head coach, buzz williams, says it's just another area the hokies have improved." buzz williams: "as the month has played itself out, i think that we're playing better. i think that they are playing more for one another more. i think they better identify the recipe from which that we have to play, and i think that all of those things are good signs." justin robinson: "the last couple of games, we've been clicking well together. we're kind of getting back to ourselves, and i think we played really tough tonight, on offense and defense, and i'm proud of my team for that. so i think we just have to learn to keep going from this." zac glover: "with the win, the hokies move to 8-8 in conference play, quadrupling the number of acc victories they had from a year ago. and more importantly, they've also ensured themselves a first round bye in the upcoming acc tournament. in winston-salem,
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glover, wdbj7." onto some division 3 basketball, and the odac tournament championship games this afternoon. the randolph wildcats overcame plenty of injuries to reach this point against the top seed and regular season champs from lynchburg college. early on, hidden valley product daniel rowe spots up and nails the 3 pointer as part of a 9-oh lynchburg run to open the game. checking-in with randolph, corey brown gets to the rack and gets the shot to go. lynhchburg though, took a 6 point lead into the locker room. ahead to the closing minutes. the wildcats' jason eddie hits the 3 to put randolph up by five with just over a minute to go. lynchburg's zack burnett then goes to the line with 4 seconds left. he ties the game at 56 to force overtime. in the extra period, the hornets go inside to alex graves for two of his 9 points, but the issue was far from settled. randolph down two with a chance to tie it or win it. but the final shot is no good. lynchburg wins 62-
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title and first since 1979. hillary scott was an odac champ as a player at roanoke, and now has won as a coach. hilliary scott, lynchburg men's basketball head coach, "i always hear that coaches say hey, when you win you always sit back and watch your guys celebrate and that's kind of what i did man. that's what we get joy out of. like you said, i've gotten a championship before. i know how that feels so we try to work as a coaching staff to get these guys that feeling. it's nice to really see them celebrate and enjoy their hard work." in the women's championship, it was also lynchburg college in action, up against guilford. the hornets trailing by 7 early, but they kick it up a notch. sammi goldsmith pushes it up to chaney forbush underneath for 2 of her 14 points. on the other end, essence abraham from long range for the quakers. then check out lynchburg off the inbounds. they get it to caroline naumann who spins and scores. she led the way with 15, and was named the tournament's mvp. the hornets take control in the third
11:37 pm
good look from three. lynchburg wins it 62-55, claiming the school's first ever odac tournament title and automatic ncaa tournament bid. abby pyzik, lynchburg college women's basketball head coach, "we wanted to make history and do something special. as an alum, it's even more special to do that so i think that's why the emotion is behind it even more. bottom line is that the women i coach had sacrificed and committed so much to doing this. it's extremely hard to do it the first time and any coach will tell you that." caroline naumann, odac tournament mvp, "honestly, we were here last year at this exact moment and it was a very different feeling so we took that feeling and we fed it into everything that we did this year. honestly we knew what we had to do and we made every move to make that possible and we're here now and it's i can't describe how great this feels." the commonwealth clash hit the hardwood sunday afternoon, with the hokies hosting the cavaliers in women's basketball. virginia with hopes of avenging their loss earlier this year in charlottesville, on senior day for the hokies in blacksburg. taijah campbell one
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scores the first six points for tech, on the way to 14 on the day. things back and forth early-on. lauren moses connecting on the mid-range jumper for the hoos. back the other way, sydney cook lets it fly, and connects for three. the cavaliers start to assert themselves soon after. mikayla venson with 2 of her 16. the cavs lead by 8 heading into the 4th quarter, but the hokies would not be denied on senior day. tech wins it, 60-55. sticking with uva, let's get outside for some baseball, as the cavaliers hosted east carolina for a 3-game series this weekend. virginia trying to avoid the sweep against the pirates. bottom first, hoos up 1- nothing when daniel pinero takes that one to deep left. the catch can't be made, and matt thaiss slides-home safely, making it a 2-oh uva lead. ahead to the third, ernie clement. that's a fair ball down the third- baseline. adam haseley trots home on the rbi double from clement. uva goes-on to win it 4 to 2. finally, let's hit the track for race number-2 of the 2016 season for nascar sprint cup
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they're at the mile- and-a-half in atlanta sunday afternoon. kyle busch won the pole, but starts from the back of the field after failing post- qualifying inspection. let's go ahead to 3 laps to go. jimmie johnson appears headed to victory, until ryan newman blows a tire, bringing-out just the second caution of the day. that means we've got overtime, where jj holds onto the lead. there's a wreck behind them on the back-stretch but johnson had already reached the overtime line and he takes the checkered flag for his 5th victory at atlanta. jj holding the 3 out the window, as he now tied dale earnhardt with 76 career sprint cup wins. dale jr. finishes second, kyle busch in third, then kurt busch and carl
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turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather
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at wdbj7weather. thanks for watching your hometown news leader. have a great night. speetwo speethree and i really has something special. i have to say, i know ralph is watching today, and i got to tell you, ralph, for 16 years, it was a privilege and an honor
11:43 pm
speeone today's guest was the top slugger of the post world war ii era, winning a remarkable seven consecutive national titles as a member of the pittsburgh pirates. after his hall of fame playing career ended, he found his way into broadcasting with the new york mets. he's been the television blues, obviously, with the mets and that includes 16 years i have the privilege to share the booth with him. my guest is my good friend, and he is a national treasure, and you've heard that expression, he's like a brother to me. well, he's like a brother to me. speethree. speak up there going to keep me around until i get it right. speeone you've got it right so many years. what a marvelous life you flipped. >> i retired from baseball
11:44 pm
aledmys you are only 32 when you retired. chances are 50/50. that was not good. now it's almost 100%. and then i got out of baseball. i was going to the brokerage business. i got a call from san diego, and they said we are looking for a general manager. would you be interested? and i said, yes, i would. because my life has always been baseball. i really didn't know what i was going to do in the business. >> most baseball players return, they don't know what they're going to do. particularly in those days. >> i had to get a job. so i went down and interviewed for the job as a gm of the padres, and they took me on, and i was there five years. loved that too.
11:45 pm
only i was now on the other end, running the game rather than being in the game. and then i resigned, and hank greenberg was about to buy the franchise in california, and the conditions of the purchase or so difficult that he backed out of it. so i was out of a job. and in 1960 i went looking for a job. and i was offered three jobs. one was to broadcast the redskins in cincinnati. i was also offered a job to be a sportscaster on seven and 11 years, or whatever time it would come on, i also offered a job to work the white sox games. and that was on radio with bob ellison. speaker you took the white sox job. >> yes. "the tim mccarver show" you can went to the winter meetings,
11:46 pm
broadcast job while jean, the rafter, went to the winter meetings trying to sell the broadcasting rights and ended up buying the club. >> that's right. that was the whole thing. expansion. and of course, i met him all the time playing golf. in burbank. and he was a real baseball fan. and there so many great stories about him. "the tim mccarver show" before we start your mets career back in 1962 where you work for 16 years, let's rewind your life, if we could. two before the war. growing up in santa rita.
11:47 pm
>> new mexico. as a matter of fact. and my father died when i was four, and my mother was a nurse in world war i. in france. and she met my father in the hospital where she was working, and they got married and then i was born. >>tim: sounds like hemingway story. your mom during your father in the hospital. >> when he died, my mother moved to me, i was the only son, out to alhambra, california. i had neighbors that were involved with baseball. these selected chappie did i got tired of that, i said i want to hit. and they said, go ahead and hit. and i hit pretty well. >>tim: we got to take a break right here. i'll see you hit pretty well, over 360 home runs. he averaged over 36 home runs for a 10-year career. a remarkable career, mostly with
11:48 pm
we'll be right back with more from ralph right after this. >> >> announcer: "the tim mccarver show" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% visit us at or call 1-800-947-auto. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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>> hey, gabby, how are you doing? how was the playdate and sleepover? >> dad, it was great. >> awesome. okay, i'm on my way. hey, guys, what are you doing? >> we're going swimming! >> we're going biking, yeah! >> i'll see you in a little bit. i love you. >> hi, babe. how was school today? >> hi, dad. it was great. >> okay, honey. i'll be home soon. remember, you're never too far away from your kids to be a dad. reach out and take a second to check in, because sometimes the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. >> announcer: "the tim mccarver show" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. call geico at 1-800-947-auto
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>>tim: i'm back with good friend ralph kiner, the men who beat one suggested to break his home run record. you once met babe ruth, right? >> and met him when i was about 17. a great story. lou gehrig, and what have you. i think in one year he had 393 for the brooklyn dodgers, and he was a scout trying to sign me for the hollywood stars. and he introduced me to babe ruth. of course, he first of all to know anybody's name to start with. and they said, hi kid, and he called everybody a kid. but it was a great thrill for me because he was the epitome of baseball. and probably still is. there are not many of us around to remember. >>tim: the reason that being babe mentioned your name when he
11:51 pm
break his record is that you had over 50 home runs in two years. >>tim: 54 was 1949, and 51 51 in 1947. >>tim: and in 1949, that was, as he take a look at number four, popping one out of forex field. that's comiskey park? that was the 1950 all-star game, where williams broke a double. >> broke his elbow catching my line drive. one of the funniest things that happened in regard to that line drive, first time, line drive to left center, he broke his elbow on the scoreboard out there. and i'm listening to howard talking about jackie robinson. remember him? and he said, while, jackie robinson had a line drive to west center field and broke his elbow. and i'm sitting there, ono,
11:52 pm
that's mine. >>tim: was there you have the death threats, too? tell us. this is your's ago. >> a long time ago. i received a letter in the mail, and there was less bitter men in. i did a column that he helps me with called kiner minors. and somebody said they wanted to kill me. he said, what? and i said, if and only the certain amount of money, and he had all the details, and put the money underneath the seat, that he would kill me. and i didn't take it seriously. i said, it's another one of
11:53 pm
letters. [laughter] but, anyway, i got the letter. he said, let me see that. he picked it up and said, this is serious. so we called in the gym of the ball club at that time, and ricky took it seriously. turned it over to the fbi. and they have a guy that was my height and size and wore my close, and he took my place in the cab and went through the whole operation. and they left the money, actually the money wasn't there, but it looks like money, and they had a device on there, a homing device. and if anybody came and took that package, they would be able to follow the person that took the package. >>tim: very sophisticated for
11:54 pm
>> that was the fbi, and at that time it was run by hoover. and nothing happened. others also place right around the time of the fourth of july. so, in the stands, firecrackers are going, liberty jumped thinking some had a rifle. >>tim: did your teammates know? >> they knew about it. nobody sat next to me on the bench. they all got on the other side of the bench. until this day i was going to be shot was a doubleheader. so we played the double header, and nothing happened. and i'm running of the field, and i'm playing left field, and george, "catfish," who's quite a character, said i'm glad this day is over. i said thanks a lot for worrying
11:55 pm
i wasn't worried about you. he said, what's your number question and i said four. he said what's my number? and i said 44. he said, what if he had double vision? it or not it was a guy who had lost her some money, and he went to trial, and he got off and wasn't incarcerated or anything like that. and >>tim: were going to take a break right now. one of your favorite people. we'll be back with the ralph kiner read after. >> announcer: enjoy the quintessential manhattan experience at the kimberly's new upstairs lounge. 30 floors above, upstairs is a glamorous oasis overlooking the chrysler building featuring an eclectic array of gourmet small plate options and specialty cocktails.
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>> body language can tell you all sorts of things. like when somebody is having a stroke. learn the symptoms. time i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is?
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11:58 pm
you are making big money. >> i was making 90,000. i was a household player at that time. so he wanted a 25% cotton, the maximum cut you could take at that time with the union. powerful. so, naturally i held out. i said i don't want a cut. all sign for the same amount of money. theymakeup thing, you're going to have to take a cut,. >>tim: you lead the league in home runs. >> 37 home runs. pretty good year. but we had a terrible club. we had a rinky-dink's, they called them. the players are all high school kids. we lost a hundred and 12 games, which was a lot of games at that time.
11:59 pm
games and we finished last. so this one on for quite a while. finally, he came out to palm springs, i was living in palm springs at the time. and we had a meeting, and the hollywood stars were in a farm club of the pirates. and so we sat down and he went through all the stats, and said you did this and didn't do this, and you did this it didn't do this. and finally, i said, mr. ricky, i led the league for the seventh consecutive year in home runs. i said, i don't feel i should take a cut. and he said, son, i said, yes or or, he said where did we finish? i said, we finish last. he said, we can finish last without you. of course, the writing is on the love. i'm not going to get the raise, i'm not going to get the same money, i'm going to take a cut, which i did.
12:00 am
to the chicago cubs, and you ended your career with cleveland. >> the thing about that trade, i got a deal. i get an extra 5000 if i was going to get treated. the cubs had to pay me the money. and then giles, who was a present of the national league, that you can't do that. >>tim: you transcended sports in those days. i'm not trying to embarrass you, but you were a star. you are a start when this country was pleading for stars after world war ii. you lived in the palm springs area since, 1950 when you moved there? >> 1951. i was married to nancy chaffee.
12:01 am
you dated elizabeth taylor! >> you're not going to turn it down. >>tim: you talk about a good-looking couple. >> being said, which like to meet elizabeth taylor, and i said, yes. that didn't take long to say. >>tim: elizabeth was probably 18, 19 years old. >> just coming into her own. she was just starting to become a great start. >>tim: starting to recognize her talent on her own right. >> anyway, we went to a premiere of "12:00 high." >>tim: we have another shot of you with esther williams. esther williams was one of the big stars in hollywood. >> and also one of the nicest people i ever met. >>tim: that's ralph kiner and esther williams. you do them all. you dated janet leigh. we do have time for the jamie
12:02 am
we can do that. philadelphia, veterans stadium. >> i was there, working the park, and my wife was with me. diane. and we were in the pressroom. and she was sitting over >>tim: with her husband, and they were there to see a ball game, because christopher is a huge phillies fan. >> she was there, and diana said, can i go over and introduce myself. she said, why not you. so i walked over to her. i do know whether she know me or anything else. i said to her, i'm ralph kiner, i used to play baseball, and i told her, i broadcast the mets games with tim mccarver. and i said, i used to date your mother. instantaneously, she jumps up, throws her arms around me, and said daddy. i've been searching for you all my life, i finally found you.
12:03 am
now my wife is starting to count, i have three children, can that be possible? but she wasn't. >>tim: he's the man who did it all the stars and was certainly a star himself. ralph kiner. we'll be back to talk more and you'll hear more >> announcer: want to improve after this. your golf game? saddlebrook is the place. the 20-acre center encompasses every element of the game. two of the most celebrated coaches on the pga tour, steve bann and dale lynch, help you focus on your personal goals with your golf swing and game, or challenge the two arnold palmer signature championship golf courses. saddlebrook, one of florida's quintessential golf resorts. someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service,
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