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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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were forced to eat bark off of trees and their own feces. they were originally called to help five horses, but found two more couped up in a barn. cindy brooks, franklin county animal control supervisor "and this horse had been there for weeks, months, possibly a year that had not been let out of the stall. " chris sumner, vet "they were they were in pretty desperate need of nutrition. i mean, they were bad. " monday, a vet visited to check up on all seven to make sure they're okay. some were 200 pounds underweight. patricia muncy, roanoke valley horse rescue " it's heartbreaking to see that someone would do that to them. " nat pouring food now they're under patricia muncy's care at roanoke valley horse rescue. patricia muncy, roanoke valley horse rescue "they are getting all they want to eat whenver they want to eat and they are eating it. " it's a welcome new chapter for these horses -- that were used to much better. brooks says all of them had racing careers before being sold to their former owner. the stallion found locked up in the barn had 357 thousand dollars of winnings to his
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franklin county animal control supervisor "know that they're on the mend. they're getting what they need. they're getting the nutrition and they're going to be okay." the story may not have started well for these seven, but brooks is determined it'll end differently. cindy brooks, franklin county animal control supervisor "they're going to bounce back pretty quickly and then be adopted out into loving homes and the next person will give them a kiss on the nose. " no charges have been filed, but we're told the commonwealth's attorney is aware of the situation. the owner could face cruelty charges. that could lead to fines and up to seven years in prison. the horse rescue needs help providing for these horses. find out how you can donate on wdbj7 dot-com christian heilman, wdbj7. onepretty quiet weatherwise outside with clear skies and winds are starting to get a little bit lighter after david salt blustery conditions here wdbj rp gusted to thirty six miles an hour now starting to settle down just a little bit interesting clouds first thing
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community college and the blue skies all of that during the afternoon looks exactly a pretty chilly nights we get temperatures that are ranging anywhere from the thirties to forties when you look at a 30s to 40s when you look at a temperature map like nbc's exchanges. what would cause that while the skies are clear and as the wind diminishes certain valley locations will chill down much much quicker thirty seven lexington forty eight at the roadblocks for regional airport with winds coming in from the west but tends to keep the numbers up just a little bit all that said let's get into some sunshine for tuesday at seven super tuesday if you will with mostly sunny skies through the noontime hour getting closer to sixty and then maybe some rain showers by tamara and i will tell you why tha has paid off. county leaders say the outreach has been so great, they're no longer taking clothing or water donations. folks can pick up household supplies at evergreen baptist church between 8 a.m and 6 p.m. deliveries will be made if needed. and for those needing disaster relief supplies delivered, contact the
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administration office. over the weekend, 10 roofs were tarped and all roads have been cleared and are now open to traffic. mercy chefs and tysons served nearly 16-hundred meals yesterday, with more provided today. the albemarle county commonwealth's attorney says jesse matthew is expected to plead guilty to the killings of college students morgan harrington and hannah graham. that plea is set to happen wednesday. graham was a uva student who disappeared in september 2014. harrington was a virginia tech student who vanished in october 2009 after attending a concert at u-v-a. her mother gil says this outcome is the most compassionate for families because it has accountability, adding- "to go through two long trials for someone who already has three life sentences is not the best use of the commonwealth's resources." matthew is already serving life in prison for a fairfax county
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learned the naacp in roanoke is holding a preconference tomorrow over an officer-involved shooting that killed a black teenager. chapter president brenda hale says she is extremely concerned with the way the investigation is being handled. 18-year-old kionte spencer was shot and killed by police on friday in roanoke county. today, police showed a picture of spencer walking along route 419 near cave spring corners. they say he has a gun in his hand. the investigation has revealed it was a b-gun, but it looks similar to a 9 millimeter handgun. roanoke county's police chief says two attempts to tase spencer were ineffective. after that, spencer turned around with the gun in his hand. then officers fired, hitting spencer in the hip and collarbone area. the chief says the investigation indicates the officers responded within their training. spencer's brother says he didn't deserve to die. roanoke co police chief howard hall: "this was a deadly force encounter, despite the fact that we know now that this handgun was an air gun."
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brother: "no matter what he did, i still don't know what he did myself, you know, but no matter what nobody deserve to get killed like it's not worth it man." video of the incident was not released. spencer died friday night at the hospital. the officers involved are on administrative leave. protests and vigils in raleigh, north carolina tonight after an officer shot and killed a man wanted on felony drug charges today. the police chief says the officer was chasing the fleeing man on foot before shooting him. witnesses say he was shot multiple times. the victim's distraught mother was at the scene and said he wasn't armed. investigators though, say a gun was found near the man's body. ohio authorities say a 14-year-old boy is behind a shooting inside a high school cafeteria today. four students were hurt, but their injuries are not life- threatening. authorities say after the shooting, the teen ran outside of the school and got rid of his gun, but
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time later. the boy is charged with attempted murder, inducing terror, and making terrorist threats. police are looking for a motive and where he got the gun. the viewing and funeral for prince william county police officer ashley guindon will be held tomorow. she was killed while responding to a domestic shooting in prince william county saturday night, just one day after being sworn in. two other officers were also shot, but will survive. police say the gunman is an army staff sergeant at the pentagon who confessed to the shootings. he was in court today, charged with two counts of murder, for also killing his wife. virginia state police say two people died in this massive overnight fire at a marina destroyed or damaged about 50 boats. this is in urbanna- which is on virginia's coast, about 55 miles east of richmond. authorities are investigating this as a possible arson. the giles county lifesaving and rescue squad is missing tens of thousands of dollars and the captain says
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of their own. captain nathan frazier says they found the money was missing last month and turned over all evidence to state police. an investigation found a squad member took the money, and confessed to police. frazier says the person has offered to pay the money back and is no longer with the rescue squad. captain nathan frazier/ giles county lifesaving and rescue squad: "as soon as state police contacted this person, i immediately suspended them, and from that time, the person has resigned. we have been told we're going to get the money back so that's a plus for us." frazier says they'll be meeting with their commonwealth and squad attorneys soon to determine what happens next. election officials are hoping to avoid confusion during tomorrow's presidential primary- especially in the city of roanoke- where many people will be voting in new locations. virginia is one of eleven states casting ballots as part of super tuesday. this will be the first election since roanoke realigned its voting precincts, reducing the number
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sent out more than 60-thousand notices, and registrar andrew cochran is encouraging voters to double check the location where they are supposed to vote. andrew cochran/roanoke city voter registrar: of the 32 polling locations that we had before, 18 are no longer serving as polling locations, so if you voted in one of the 14 precincts that survives you go to the same place, but there are seven new precincts, and as i stated about 18 are no longer in service, so that equates to almost two thirds of the voters will be voting in a different place this time. anyone who doesn't know where they should vote can use the state board of elections website to locate their polling place. we've included a link with this story on wdbj7-dot-com. take a look at this. a photographer with time magaine says a secret service agent chokeslammed him to the ground at donald trump's rally at radford university. photographer chris morris tells cnn he stepped 18-inches outside the media pen when the agent
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he was detained before being released. more than five interruptions didn't stop donald trump from sharing his message today. members of the press who travel to every trump event say they've never seen so many interuptions. a large group yelling caused trump to stop speaking for several minutes as they were escorted out of the arena. before today's event trump granted wdbj7 a one-on- one interview, where he talked about his plan to increase manufacturing in the u-s. donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "we're going to have a simplified tax code and we're going to let people come back, but i'm going to make a concerted drive to bring people back. i'm also going to make a concerted drive that nobody else is leaving and, if they do leave, when they send their product back they are paying a tax on that product." you can see our entire interview with trump on wdbj7 dot-com. republican ben carson made a stop in virginia beach today. he's the third presidential candidate to take part in regent university's presidential candidate forum in
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cbs affiliate w-t- k-r reports carson delivered a short speech and followed up with an interview with pat robertson and an audience q and a. a cbs news poll shows democrat hillary clinton with a big lead in virginia over bernie sanders. she hosted a rally earlier today in hampton roads and george mason university in fairfax. clinton talked about higher education, student debate, and marriage equality against the lgbt community. a string of car break-ins in bedford county is under investigation. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart heard from a victim and talked to authorities on how to prevent crimes like this. last week, casey davis was shocked to find out someone had broken into her car. "i had like receipts and all my paystubs were thrown on the seat and the back seat." this was one of ten car break-ins that took place between february 18th and 22nd in the goodview, moneta, and huddleston areas. items like purses, guns, cash, and credit cards were
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"it makes me feel a lot more on edge coming out at night an making sure our doors to our house are locked." "authorities said there was one common denominator in most of the break- ins. they said most of the owners did not lock their doors." "alot of people are just trustworthy people that don't ever think they'll be victimized." major ricky gardner with the bedford county sheriff's office says these kinds of crimes can easily be prevented. "lock your vehicles, don't leave valuable items in your vehicles and if you see something, then say something. if you see a suspicious vehicle in your neighborhood then pick the phone up and call 9-1-1." luckily, davis says the only thing taken from her car was a pair of sunglasses, but other victims weren't as lucky. she hopes deputies eventually find the people responsible. "stop doing it. i don't understand why you have to break into people's cars and put fear into people. it doesn't seem fair." you are asked to call crimestoppers
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information on the break-ins. we posted their phone number with this story on w-d- b-j-7 dot com. in bedford county, khiree stewart, w-d-b-j-7. the cyberhack into the i-r-s is worse than first thought. the agency says scammers gained access to more than 700-thousand accounts. that's more than double an estimate made in august. in may, the i-r-s said the number was 104-thousand. the information stolen includes data that could be used to file a false tax return and collect a refund. the i-r-s is mailing notifications to affected taxpayers. apple scores a win in new york court as it continues to fight the fbi's court order in california. a federal judge has ruled investigators cannot force apple to unlock an iphone owned by a convicted drug dealer. the government had requested the company break the phone's security code without wiping out the data so it could access the contact info of other suspected dealers. the judge ruled that the government
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apple the obligation to assist the government's investigation against its will. the computer company is currently being pressured by federal investigators to break into 13 iphones across the country, including the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. a navy seal based in virginia beach was awarded the medal of honor today. u-s senior chief special warfare operator edward byers is the fifth navy seal to receive the award. in 2012, byers helped with the rescue of an american civilian being held hostage by the taliban insurgents in afghanistan. the pentagon says he used hand-to- hand combat with assailants and used his body to shield the hostage. we hear from the uva student who's been detained in north korea for the last month. who he is blaming for his troubles. "it's a sad day for the wade family, and it's a sad day for all of our employees." jward: "a longtime grocery store in radford is shutting its doors. why the owners of
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driver has been charged with dui, hit and run, and child endangerment after an accident this morning. cbs affiliate w-v- n-s reports the bus carried around a dozen children when the driver hit fences, mailboxes, and a car around 7:30 this morning. betsy hargrave has been released from the southwest virginia regional jail after posting a 12- thousand dollar
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tonight, we hear from a university of virginia student detained in north korea for the first time. otto warmbier confessed to a "hostile act" in a taped news conference released by north korea today. he is accused of trying to steal a banner or sign containing a political slogan from a hotel in jaunary. warmbier suggested he was lured into his criminal act by the u-s. otto warmbier/detained uva student: "i wish that the united states administration never manipulated people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. i've made the worst mistake of my life, but please act to save me." warmbier said he wanted the banner as a trophy to give to the mother of a friend. north korean leaders say the conference was held at his own request, but it's not clear if he was coerced to speak. wade's foods in radford is closing. its owner blames big box and chain grocery stories for
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wdbj7's justin ward tells us how the business isn't totally moving out of the new river valley. the signs in the dairy section say it all. greg wade/owner: "it's a sad day for the wade's family, it's a sad day for all of our employees." customers noticed it in the produce and meat isles too. patty mabry: "it's going to be a loss." the plans to close the radford wade's foods began more than a year ago. sadly it's now taking effect. greg wade: "it's a tough decision and there is nothing fun about it." third generation owner greg wade manages three locations and says his competition a few miles away and rising expenses are taking away his business. greg wade: "competitors across the bridge, one put gas in, the other put gas in and they're at war with each other and we just kind of got caught in the middle and decided it was time to exit the radford market." it's one of the few locally owned grocery stores around our area and this one had a following. greg wade: "we know we're known for our meats and our deli bakeries." now after 17 years it's leaving radford. wade tells me he doesn't know what will become of the
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he's working to transfer some of the 50 employees there while the virginia employment commission helps the rest find new work. greg wade: "i really appreciate the whole city of radford shopping with us. we really gave it our best shot." patty mabry: "it just seems like all the locally owned are being overtaken and it's going to be sad to see them go." justin ward/wdbj7 reporter: "the owner plans to close this location by the end of march. wade's in dublin and in christiansburg will remain open. in radford, justin ward, wdbj7." the rockbridge area ymca is set to become a branch of the ymca of the roanoke valley on july 1st. the boards of both organizations have approved the change. leaders say they are not planning changes in membership rates, staffing or the classes and programs that the rockbridge y currently offers. new tonight, blacksburg will be using bronze frogs to try to keep downtown streams clean. vice mayor leslie hager-smith says 16 statuettes will be set up. the idea is to remind people that the streams flowing
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hager-smith says anything that goes into these downtown streams flows into stroubles creek, which is one of the most impaired streams in virginia. it then flows into the new river. she says these freshwater streams are not being protected the way they should be. leslie hager- smith/blacksburg vice mayor: "the detritus of every college weekend, every football game, red solo cups, cigarette butts, all of that is entering our streams. we need to take better care of them." the frogs are expected to be installed starting in the spring. tonight, some roanoke students were awarded for their essays about a local civil rights attorney. 41 students took part in the oliver hill essay contest, where they wrote about what the activist's legacy meant to them. five five of them were recognized for their efforts at a banquet at roanoke college. leaders said their essays were uplifting. patice holland: "it's nice to see in the age that we're in, especially during the political season, some positively displayed in our students and our students are just
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just so excited about what they can do and what they are doing through the mentoring program." the contest is part of the oliver hill mentoring project. it was sponsored by the ted dalton inn of court and big brother and big sisters of southwest virginia. it was a warm monday. southside hit the 70s.. your super tuesday forecast also looks pretty good the complete first alert forecast after the break check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish, a big mac made with 100% beef, chicken mcnuggets made with white meat,
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youcold fronts are just flying by the region over the course of this week we had one today no doubt you felt strong wind at twenty to forty mount our wind was blowing across that fronts through now we look back see what can be coming up next winds diminishing to them very quiet evening, chile for some folks look to tuesday now we get something going on over here and it's could be our next rainmaker that comes in on tuesday night so tuesday turned out to be fairly mild day wednesday thursday friday and then started to get a lot colder because its cold air bottled up just to the north of us also of fast-moving clipper type system will dive down into that hermas is a chance to get a little wintry mix coming up thursday night
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for tonight however temperatures certainly did down in the lower thirties 30s i'm 31 of blacksburg iran thirty four galax and the hour by hour tomorrow were looking pretty quiet. notice right after lunch time though some clout strips naked little bit and then here comes the rain it's her next rainmaker do with for tuesday night and early wednesday morning could be a couple of fairly heavy storms there it's clearly a mild tuesday were thinking about sixty five were in the warm air sector down over the southeast sharply colder when she get up in the northern plains where they were dealing with winter all day today quite a bit of snow there morning sunshine for cheapest day when rain late in the day of the after the polls close though for those rain showers move our way and we are talking about maybe some light wet snow accumulation on thursday night and friday european european model does paignton area in the mountains of southwest virginia said that is a possibility but to get there his government to a nice tuesday rain early
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temperatures are down friday could be an impact day with a wintry mix i doubt he relations don't look back at the weekend looks nice forties and fifties and partly sunny skies and monda conference honors plus the lynchburg college men and women learn their postseason destintations and much more but first our extra point, the acc women's tourney gets underway later this week at the greensboro coliseum and the final preparations are being made to the building in advance of the 15 team event. the 11th seeded hokies will play boston college wednesday night at 620 while virginia opens the tournament as the 9 seed and will face
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afternoon at 2. syracuse 75 to 70. uva is at clemson tomorrow night and today guard malcolm brogdon was named the acc's player of
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robertson award which goes to the top player in the county. brogdon is one of three acc players on that list of finalists, the most from any conference. the fifth-year guard has emerged as possibly the acc's player of the year down the stretch this season. brogdon has scored 20-plus points in 10 of the cavalier's 16 conference games this season, and 15 games overall for the wahoos. that includes 28 points in last monday's loss at miami followed by 26 in saturday's win at home against north carolina. yesterday the men's and women's basketball teams from lynchburg college won odac tournament titles at the salem civic center. today, both teams found out their destinations for a run of march madness which begins later this weekend in the ncaa division three tournament. the lynchburg women are headed to maryville, tennessee where they'll hook up with birmingham- southern to open the four team regional on friday. the hornets men are on their way to ohio wesleyan, just north of columbus, where they'll open up with scranton on friday. both teams are in the dance and now it's time to make some noise. hilliary scott/ lynchburg college men's head coach: this league is one of the best division three
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we can get a chance to get out of this league and play as well as we did, we've got as good a chance as anybody in this county to advance and that's what we're gonna talk about. carolina naumann/odac women's tourney mvp: we're ready for anything. anything, anyone brings at us, we're gonna stop honestly. i have a lot of faith in our abilities and i'm excited. we did our job here and we believe in something further so we're gonna do that as well. the 46th bassmasters classic begins this weekend and salem's john crews will be right in the middle of it, competing with some of the world's best fishermen for the championship. crews will be one of only 55 anglers headed to the "grand lake o' the cherokees" in tulsa, oklahoma, in what will be his tenth time qualifying to compete in the classic. crews boasts a 2010 elite series championship, but has yet to win it all at the bassmasters, something he's hoping to change this year. john crews, competing in bassmaster classic: "ability can only take talent can only take the mental portion of whatever you're doing, takes you to the next level. i didn't realize that i could be i was the year before to win the classic, but i can tell you right now, that there's no more motivation that i
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