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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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brett: or severe storms rip our state apart during many local families are still in the dark. cameras are rolling is there' s a show in a local neighborhood. >> if donald trump to start a registry of by faith, he can start with me. brett: the final debate before the iowa caucuses. we have a highlight area --. >> local, live coupling
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this is news sunrise and --. brett: i would think a live look outside. this was closer to downtown orlando. another chilly start. amy: after the storms rolled through, we have that cooler start pouring in. it continues to pour in this morning. it will be a slow climb today. we will have plenty of sunshine. we' re only going to be in the s for highs today. there is lots of sunshine and a cool breeze coming of the north. it' s 42 in palm coast. it' s 47 in orlando. with the wind anywhere from five to 15 house per hour.
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we have some wind chills. lower 40' area up through seminole county. as you plan your day, upper 50' s and low 60' s, that' s where most of this will be. it' s going to be cooler today than it was yesterday. s and lower 60' s of the coast. longer this last. right now, let' s see what' s happening out on the roads. ted: we are looking at i 4 first read --. once you had further east, things will be wrapping up. in downtown, the left lane is blocked just for the 408.
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we will talk about that a few minutes and --. brett: groups break into the wrong house. police tell us this happened on harwood street after midnight area two suspects got into the house saying you know what we' re here for. the homeowner did not. the thieves search the house and left empty-handed and no one was hurt. this morning, many florida neighborhoods continue cleaning up after a string of deadly and damaging tornadoes ripped across seven miles, killing two people in its path. wesh 2' s adrian whitsett looks at the damage. >> it seems no part of florida was spared. tornadoes make their mark on two towns. a home in manatee county got leveled to grandparents were killed and their grandchildren
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>> i saw it with my he was covered in blood. >> minutes later, key' s. s house. investigators rape her out. condos lost portions of roof. governor scott toured that area sunday. that needs to do we will do. tornado. it' top of the house. did what many others did. >> everybody didn' t help. they have been wonderful.
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some are still without. >> it still dangerous out there. there is a lot of debris and downed power lines. stay away from standing water. >> the governor says the state will do whatever we need to do to recover. >> your wealth. for disasters. you go to the city and county managers, they do a good job. brett: in brevard county, a shark shows just how fierce the storms became. the strong winds were enough to bring down this huge sign for the beach wave outlet in cocoa beach. the sign survived several hurricanes, but not yesterday' s thunderstorms. >> i can' t imagine the kind of wind that could have taken that down. brett: janet leitch says she noticed the roaring winds but t any other major damage. other areas saw tree limbs and
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the storm. we are waiting to find out if ouc restorative powers to thousands who lost it during the storms. a tree fell on a power line in the backyard of a home. worker spent all day yesterday trying to fix it. as many as 3000 lost power, most of those in pine hills. investigators hope the surveillance video will lead them to the robbers who held up a liquor store. one of the suspects pulled out a gun while going inside on a street saturday night. once inside, they jumped the counter and demanded money from the clerk. this is a close look at their pictures. if you recognize them, call the sheriff'
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orlando police are looking for clues in a double shooting. two people were hit on lanette street saturday night. one person took a bullet to the shoulder. the other was grazed in the head. both victims are expected to survive. orlando police tell us they have no information on a possible suspect. search continues for this man, missing for days. he is on the autism spectrum. he was last seen at home in maitland saturday. he was wearing a gold t-shirt with black basketball shorts and black new balance tennis shoes. despite martin luther king day, trash will be picked up in orange county. they will be out on regular cycles. we have been tracking trash troubles for weeks. the county changed the process at the beginning of the year and
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orange county says go to the website or call if you have russians. we have a link as to how you can contact them on our website the gloves are off between hillary clinton and bernie sanders after the final debate. the candidates sharpened their attacks while highlighting their differences. we have a wrapup from washington. >> hillary clinton pounded bernie sanders on gun control. >> belated to let guns on amtrak, national parks. >> you' ve received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> sanders criticized bill clinton' s asked.
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about an issue? >> clinton his medical plan. >> i not sure about the one you introduced tonight or the one nine times in the congress. we have the affordable care act. i am the only candidate dan here tonight who has said i will not raise taxes on the middle class. >> in terms of pulling, we are running ahead of secretary clinton in terms of taking on my good friend donald trump. >> martin o' malley barely qualified for the debate. >> if donald trump wants to start a registry in our country of people by faith, he can start with me. >> voters in iowa have their say in two weeks. brett:
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five americans held as visitors are waking up as free men today. they went to switzerland and then to germany last night. they' ve released as part of a prisoner exchange. >> we are united in welcoming home sons and brothers. >> a group of iranians are also walking free as part of the deal. brett: a rocket landing gone wrong. the dramatic video ahead on sunrise. plus, a bear invasion leaves a local neighborhood in awe and fear. it' s the story you' ll only see on wesh 2. and this is a live look outside. amy is back with central florida' s most accurate forecast
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amy:. we have colder pouring in. now we have cleared up the cloud cover as well. you' re going to be sunny today and much cooler than average. we will climb only to low 60' s. a few of us won' t make it out of the 50' s. wait until tomorrow, we will be even cooler. this is where we are right now. it'
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we are at orting to in the villages. it is 46 degrees in clam up area --. it' s lower 40' s in a couple of spots. it' s 48 in hunters creek. it' s 48 in celebration. we are not done dropping it. there are a couple of hours before sunrise. temperatures will had down even more. it' s 46 in st. john. temperatures will climb slowly. we will climb to the low 60' s for highs. we will talk about that cold air for tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes. let' s get a traffic update --.
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there are no delays so far. s only 15 minutes. coming up. brett: seen playing out all day in a neighborhood. made a subdivision. to guest. law -- fear. a mother bear and tell the senate camp in plain sight. they even put on a show. nap. they have been in a tree in the saturday night.
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>> residents did come out sunday when the female there was heard chastising the cubs. they wanted to nurse. residents looked on and on as a mother bear stood so her cubs could reach her belly. there' s a become a common sight. >> it' s deep to see them wandering around. >> neighbor say please been notified of the pairs. -- bears. parents and kids remain a little on edge. >> they can climb down the tree easily. >> you keep looking over there. >> my kids love to come out and play. they can' t really play when there are bears. >> this is not the first time
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another large bear was seen on the street on halloween. brett: a missionary from florida is among those killed in an attack in west africa. he was from broward county. he was waiting in a restaurant for other missionaries when gunmen stormed in. at least 28 died in the siege. he worked with his wife at an orphanage in africa. >> we don' t have to worry about them. it' s difficult for us left behind. brett: he leaves behind for children area new video of the spacex rocket landing yarn wrong.
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the support legs broke when the rocket was trying to land on a barge yesterday. they lost a satellite into space in california. a bizarre discovery by tsa at a local airport.
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brett: first founders helped their own after a fire station. fire station number three. the daytona fired union step in to help. they remove debris and chipped in on some yard work destroyed during the crash. because it is martin luther king jr. day, sunrail service will not be running. it will start again tomorrow with the regular schedule. today is your last chance to see the latest technology. it' s one of the largest gatherings in technology and gaming. it offers a wide range of act remedies, including flight
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the doors open at 10:00 this morning. it' s not clear if charges will be filed against the person who tried ringing a pentagon onto a plane. i want to show you a picture of what officials say is a 22 caliber pen gun. the latest star wars movie is not a top the box office. kevin hart and ice cube dominated with the new comedy. it wrought in $34 million. the revenant was number two. it made 29 $5 million. closing out the top three is star wars: the force awakens. it' s total earnings is
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million area --. i want to show you a live look out side.
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brett: we are tracking headlines. michelle: a massive search is underway for a missing toddler in tennessee. why volunteers are suspended from the search area the fire marshals offices -- is discovering this fire. apple radio is no longer free. by they will start charging you and when. more. amy: we are talking about a cold start in central florida.
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dropping since midnight area --. we dropping as we head through sunrise this morning. we have clear skies. nothing is really standing in our way of those temperatures robbing -- dropping. it' s 48 in melbourne. we can look at how that stacks up. we are not done dropping it. wait until tomorrow. we will be even colder tomorrow than we are this morning. it' s 39 in ocala. we are 43 in the villages. in kissimmee, 47. the wind makes it feel even colder than it actually is. that breezes coming out of the north and northwest. anywhere from 15 miles per hour. it feels a couple of degrees
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the windchill of something you may want layers four. a cold front to our south are in now that drier air is coming in. across the area today. he will stay sunny and cool and with the cool air filtering in, skies will be clear overnight and the temperatures will be even colder tomorrow morning. we will hit 59 in ocala. it will be 61 in clam out. in orlando and st. cloud. there is the flag at heart. it will be 60 and palm bay. we will have lots of sunshine, if you' re heading to the beach,
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much colder than it actually is. it will be risk -- risk -- brisk. he will stay dry and cool. by the end of the week, high-pressure will slide to the ease. that is going to help our temperatures climb. that will set things up for brain and storms. that will be our next cold front. we just keep our temperatures on the cool side. friday, he will be dealing with storms and another will down in --. we have construction in downtown. ted: once you get to colonial it' s clear. we will talk about other spot in just a second.
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eastbound, once you get past that area, it' s wrapped up. brett: the first alert weather app is available. you can make sure you' re all up-to-date. >> this is news sunrise in high definition. michelle: two cooks break into a home and threaten a local family. the major mistake they made. brett: sparks fly as the democrats go head-to-head. it' s great to have you with us. michelle: we had quite the weekend in terms of weather. this is downtown orlando.
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