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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the majority of the wins were at 35 to 45 miles per hour. as we get ready for friday night, the winds are picking up, 11:00 58. and just a couple of minutes, here is where we will be outlining. the last showers so to speak pushing through brevard county. a big cold glasses on the way. we will talk about the freeze watches and how this cold spell will linger. angela: thank you. the weather is wreaking havoc on the travel plans for millions of americans. jim: if you' re planning on flying today, especially in the eastern seaboard you' re likely , becoming familiar with the terms delayed and cancelled. roughly 3000 flights at more than 100 airports were held up because of the weather. some of those delays are going on right now at orlando international airport. that' s where wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel is tonight. he joins us live with how this snow-storm is impacting sunny florida.
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it might be sunny here, but when it' s not sunny where you' re going it becomes an issue that' s why charlotte, raleigh, baltimore, washington d.c are all areas with weather issues right now. 77 cancellations here at oia, all the red you see indicates that, 100 more flight delays of varying lengths. the trouble spots are raleigh, charlotte, baltimore, washington, dc, and other places like buffalo in new york as it starts to lift to the north. check with the airliner or the airport by phone or online. if you are canceled, don' t even bother going to the airport until you have a chance to rebook. we talked to experts about why that is such good advice. we talked with amanda said that his coworkers are following that advice. tom draper: start the re-booking process right away. don' t come to the airport and try to rebook here, because there is already folks here in line trying to do just that. michael stocks: a lot of people going to charlotte, new york, so they'
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dan: and had no problems keeping the hotel rooms? michael stocks: no, we had extra rooms already. dave: we are certainly seen people go through security lights going to the west and midwest are ok. flight going as far as atlanta, no impact. once you go charlotte and north, there is all kinds of other impacts. how long is this going to last? who knows. it depends on the intensity of the storm. and that i said a lot of his coworkers at the hotel are rebooking online rather than waiting in line. dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. jim: if you haven' t already, now is a great time to download the wesh 2 first alert weather app. you can check out live doppler radar anytime, and get up to the minute weather alerts. a titusville home and car was shot up, and now police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. it was a home on the 1200 block of south park avenue . officers say no one was injured, but there were several bullet
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no arrests have been made and no suspects named. if you know anything about this call the crime line at 1-800-423-tips. angela: a man is facing dui charges tonight. that driver crashed into up a trooper. neither driver was hurt. neither driver was injured. wesh 2' s bob kealing joins us live from the orange county jail, and bob, you just spoke to the suspect? bob: he didn' t have much to say as he was leaving the jail, dressed all in black what looked like a uniform he was still wearing, even at the time when they had the crash. did you hit that vehicle? anything you wants us to know? 29-year-old juan carlos torres said nothing after posting bond and getting out of jail this afternoon. troopers charged him with dui after he allegedly ran a red light at sand lake road near i-4
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the back of this suv driven by fhp trooper deborah hawkins. an fhp spokeswoman says hawkins specializes in dui enforcement , and has won numerous awards for her work, averaging more than 100 dui arrests every year. >> stop. bob: just last month, the fhp released this video of hawkins trying to stop a texas man, accused of driving five miles in the wrong direction on the 408 while intoxicated. >> why didn' t you stop while i came at you? >> i didn' t know. >> i had my lights on? bob: today' s crash is a reminder of the danger troopers face while trying to keep motorists safe and impaired people off the road. in 1997, hawkins was struck and critically injured by a distracted driver while directing traffic. for a time, doctors questioned if she would ever walk again. she was finally able to get back
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four years of recouperating. torres is free on one thousand dollars bond. though not injured in this incident, an fhp spokeswoman says hawkins is "aggrevated." according to report papers, torres declined to take a breathalyzer, which means his license will be suspended. coming up all new for you at 6:00, what a witness to the accident had to say about torres and his driving. live at the orange county jail, bob kealing, wesh 2 news. angela: thank you. we' re following some late breaking news from orange county. several cars in the tourist district have been burglarized. right now orange county sheriff' s deputies are investigating. this a break-in happened in a parking lot on the 12,000 block of hotel plaza boulevard, a few blocks away from walt disney world. so far there' s no word what was taken, but we know several cars were hit. jim: the former daytona beach pedi-cab driver who has been on trial all week, accused of
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has been found not guilty. it took a jury less than 30 minutes to clear george brainard of every charge he faced. wesh 2' s claire metz joins us live from the courthouse. and claire, this was a "he-said, she-said" situation, and the jury clearly believed him. claire: that seems to be the way it is. it came down to believability. both the alleged victim and the defendant testified this week. she said rape, he said the sex was consensual, and the jury believed it. george brainard: it' s been hell, it' s been terrible. i' ve lost three jobs because of it. claire: george brainard says being falsely accused of a violent sex crime has been his two-year nightmare. he has felt the scorn of strangers. george brainard: people bashing me left and right, people that don' t even know me, friends of friends bashing me over social media. claire: brainard testified he had sex with the alleged victim, who hopped on his pedicab following a speedway race in 2014, but he said it was only
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cruising around with him for 30 minutes, drinking and behaving provocatively. brainard said it was consensual sex, and according to his attorneys, the 29-year-old with high functioning autism was dumbfounded when she called it rape. >> it turned into something else that he never expected, so he felt violated to a certain degree. claire: prosecutors painted a different picture during trial , of a vulnerable woman under the influence who left her boyfriend at the race to go home because she felt sick. >> this was someone who was drunk, this is someone who was alone, this was someone who was confused, dissheveled. claire: prosecutors say brainard dragged the woman into some woods, raped her, but doctors found no injuries after the allegedly brutal assault, and the defense successfully argued the woman had a fight with her boyfriend, left the track in a rage, then had sex with brainard to get even. brainard' s father won' t easily forgive. >> i feel like she' s the girl that cried wolf. i don' t even want to say her name. i think she'
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to deal with it. i' m not happy about it. i' m not happy about her. claire: the alleged victim was in the courthouse earlier today as the jury deliberated. but she left before the verdict was read, and she was unavailable for comment. claire metz, wesh 2 news. jim: sheriff' s deputies in orange county are looking for witnesses to an overnight crash that injured a woman. deputies tell wesh 2 the woman had just gotten into an argument with a man at her home. the man tried to drive away, and the woman allegedly hung onto the car. she let go as he was turning onto forest city road near falkner road. that' s when she was hit by another car passing by. angela: a tragic update to bring you tonight. the security guard who was hurt when he was hit by a suspected drunk driver, has died. james sensenbaugh was on duty on the campus of florida college of integrated medicine in orlando. his golf cart was hit by an suv. police say the driver, luis lopez garduno, ran from the scene and hit.
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here in florida. jim: an osceola county family has been sentenced for their part in a con, involving fake walt disney world tickets. eileen hightower of kissimmee was sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison for stealing the identities of two dozen people, then using pirated credit cards to buy more than $360,000 worth of theme park tickets at resorts near the parks. her children, samuel velasquez junior and sabrina valaszquez, as well as her nice jennifer cancel were sentence to three yers. they' ll also have to pay more than $107,000 restitutiton. angela: the search for a maitland man who hasn' t been seen for a week, is heating up. 23-year-old john noss was last seen saturday near his home in the tuscarora trail area of maitland. noss has asperger' s syndrome. he left a note indicating he might be trying to go to philadelphia, where he used to live. friends and family members will gather tomorrow morning to hand out flyers in the area in hopes that someone will recognize him. jim: deputies are crediting a
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catch two suspected burglars. they say he came home and caught them in the act. jack hayes and amanda roberts are behind bars. sheriff' s deputies say the two were loading valuables from the homeowners garage into a u-haul. the man came home, and chased after them. hayes and roberts lost control of the u-haul on east treasure island road off state road 44. and hit a tree. they took off running but were later caught in some woods. we have new information about a 3-year-old who died in orange county last night, after falling into a murky swimming pool. it happened at a home on elderwood court in pine hills. sheriff' s deputies are still trying to piece together how it all happened, but here' s what we know. the child wandered out of sight, and was later found in the water. the pool had been drained, but rain water collected at the bottom. family members and paramedics tried to revive him but it was too late. >> he was very active. he' s very active. he fell in the pool. there' s a pool in the back. jim: that child was pronounced
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angela: a brevard county woman convicted for hitting a 12-year-old boy with her car and then leaving the scene, has been sentenced. michelle simkins will spend the next 10 years in prison. the young boy she hit was in court to see her sentenced. so was wesh 2' s dan billow. dan: 29-year-old michelle simkins spoke publicly for the first time. michelle simkins: i want to say i am sorry at everybody that was affected through all of this. dan: too little, too late. the apology came with the 13-year-old victim looking on in court. thomas gregory was run down by simkins in an suv in front of his cocoa beach home on new year' s eve a year ago. when he was hit, he wound up on the hood of the vehicle. but his ordeal was not over then. witnesses say simkins made it even worse. judge roberts: you sped up, you threw him off the vehicle, and then you ran over his leg. amy gregory: my husband and i endure the ongoing reminders of thomas' s mangled, scraped, and bloody body. dan: judge charles roberts decided on a ten-year prison sentence.
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now in the care of simkins' mother. >> it hurts me to know she' s gonna be gone, and that her daughter isn' t gonna have her around for awhile, but on the other hand, this is gonna be the best thing for her. thomas gregory: i' m not full strength yet, but i' m running faster and jumping higher and getting better. dan: thomas will always bear the scars, but today is a happy day for the family. his parents called the sentence fantastic. in viera, brevard county, dan billow, wesh 2 news. jim: coming up, police are hunting for a gunman on the loose near ucf. angela: wesh 2 is live near the school, where last night a man opened fire, shooting one person in the back. are police any closer to catching them? plus, a major mistake on a volusia county highway snarls traffic. a truck driver, with the truck bed up, crashes into a bridge. jim: and it was a murder that shocked central florida. a young woman is raped and killed in her downtown orlando apartment. the new details we' ve learned about the suspected killer, who
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s security angela: a dump truck driver
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night. check it out. the truck was going down the road with the truck bed in the up position. it hit a bridge, doing some serious damage to a road sign. this happened where i-4 and i-95 meet in volusia county. the north-bound lanes had to be shut down for some time. the good news is that road is now back open, and there is no word of any injuries. right now a gunman is on the -- three gunmen are on the loose. jim: greg fox is live there now. some of the kids may be wondering about their safety. greg: there' s no question that students who have lived here during the past year are pretty rattled. there have been several shootings here at the marquees, which is one of the off-campus apartments that are not patrolled by ucf police. now detectives are tracking down three gunmen. this is video from early friday morning at the marquee
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the shooting happened just before 11:30 thursday night. ucf police tell wesh 2 news a young man came running over to one of their vehicles, saying his friend had been shot in the back while in the apartment garage. the victim is identified as 19-year-old joshua howey of jacksonville who currently resides here at the marquee and appears to be a ucf student. he says he was shot by three attackers but did not get a good look at them. dominic james: my friend started texting me that someone got shot, and i ran outside and saw a crazy amount of cop cars. and it was, well, i have never seen so many cop cars in one place at one time. greg: dominic james is a ucf student who knows the marquee, formerly the sterling apartments, has had bouts of violence in the past year, including several shootings last spring. since then, the sheriff' s office has stepped up patrols, and worked with campus police to educate management in ways to improve student safety in off-campus housing. are you in any way concerned about your safety here? dominic james: i am not, but obviously there are 60,000 people here, so bad things are
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greg: the victim in thursday s shooting is expected to jim: say there is shooting. greg fox, wesh 2 news. jim: you can see the setting sun over his shoulder. earlier today, a little dicey. tony: we knew we would have it could' ve been worse. now the system is moving to the east, i want to think that wesh 2 viewers for giving us their information on facebook and social pages. trevor from apopka, good-looking shot of the ominous skies. today. the we get to the airport in melbourne, the last vestiges of the rain finally pulling out. mid-60' s, low-pressure is cranking up the white here, this the brighter the white, the
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this is the north side of atlanta, that will turn into snow. if you are traveling to the southeast and the next couple of days, it will be dicey to say the least with temperatures well below freezing. for us we may get to freezing or close to it in orlando by sunday morning. freeze watches already up for the northern locales. for friday night plans, let' s concentrate on that. you will be in good shape over toward sebastian, palm bay, the rain is ending. temperatures are falling slowly. the wind is picking up a message to three the villages, 64 lake mary. we are running in the 60' s and near the i-95 corridor 65 to 60 eight degrees. -- 68 degrees.
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10:00 the wind is picking up. palm coast 61 down to 60 -- 51. 42 in ocala at daybreak, 46 orlando. wind and clouds will make it feel awfully chilly. when we talk wind chills tomorrow morning, 28 at 9:00 a.m., 40 in orlando, 49 in melbourne. even lower as we get you into sunday morning. sunday services building in the 20' s. -- feeling in the 20' s. here is the set up. wind is a big story and a cold january day if you have any chilly left over, keep that up. we lose the wind on sunday, but still cold and a high areas of low-pressure for the runners. the park avenue track shack race at susan city two, temperatures in the 40'
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temperatures in the 40' s. in the celebration , 50' s. lower 50' s near marineland, and floridana beach around 56. here' s a peek at the updated seven-day forecast, a chilly weekend forecast monday and tuesday temperatures rebound. by wednesday and thursday we may have more showers and storms. jim: convicted killer' s victim speaking out. angela: this, after they see their son' s murderer, on periscope while behind bars. plus, 2600. that' s how many guns were confiscated from airports across the country. we will give you you a closer look. jim: and a man is dead after a jailhouse confrontation in denver. why the sheriff' s deputies involved, won' t be charged. you'
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5:00. jim: human remains have been found at the crash site of that f-16 fighter jet,that crashed yesterday in arizona. it went down during a combat training exercise, at the luke air force base. officials say the pilot was six months into a training program, which is a major training base for the air force and foreign military services. no one else was on board.
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bomb threat. the plane was heading from london to stockholm when the threat was called in. the plane was diverted to gothenburg, sweden where it landed without incident. police are now investigating the incident. angela: more american troops are now on the ground in iraq helping in the fight against isis. special american forces are there to aid iraqi joint forces in the liberation of west anbar. defense secretary ash carter announced the new deployment earlier this week. this is separate from a deployment from last year of troops to syria to help u.s. backed rebels fighting in a civil war. the tsa says, last year, it found more than 2600 weapons in carry-on luggage. 82% of those weapons were loaded. the confiscations were made at more than 230 airports across the country. airports in dallas, atlanta, houston, denver and phoenix saw year. it is illegal to pack firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition in carry-on bags. jim: three denver sheriff deputies will not be charged in
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the denver district attorney says there is no evidence the deputies acted improperly in connection with the death of michael marshall, even though the medical examiner says his death was the result of being restrained by the deputies during an acute psychotic episode. video caught the whole incident inside the denver jail. marshall' s family calls the death tragic and unjust. angela: a murder victim' s family is furious after spotting the man who killed their loved one living it up on social media. devin williamson is serving a life sentence after he was convicted of shooting and killing a man in front of his family on christmas day in 2011. but recently, he was somehow able to use a cell phone to go live on periscope, then post it on facebook. the victim' s family is calling on the state to put a stop to it. >> this ain' t comfortable for me to be seeing, to be sitting here watching him like he is having fun. it ain' t no fun when your family is dead. >> i can' t imagine what it would be like first of all to go
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and then have to, in effect, maybe relive some of it as they saw these videos. angela: i am not sure how he was able to do that. willamson has now been transferred to a higher security facility, while the state investigates the incident. i can see why she was angry. jim: she is right. angela: wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us now with a look what' s coming up in our next half hour. stewart: jim, angela, we are learning new information about the man suspected of killing an orlando woman in her apartment. deputies have released new documents detailing their investigation into stephen duxbury, including the results of a polygraph test. and a wild chase ends at the brevard county zoo. plus 10 ears after she
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details about jennifer kesse, announcer: you are watching wesh 2. stewart: it has been four months since sasha samsudean was found dead in her orlando apartment and tonight, we' re getting new information about the man accused of killing her. good evening, i' m stewart moore. angela: i' m angela taylor. prosecutors just released 134 pages of evidence on stephen duxbury. we now the results of a polygraph test duxbury took, in the days after samsudean' s body was found. wesh 2'
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through the document today. michelle: to all of central florida, the brutal murder of sasha samsudean in her own orlando apartment was shocking. even more shocking was the arrest of stephen duxbury, the security guard, very man in charge of her safety. chief mina: as a security guard, he used his access to prey on someone who was very vunerable. michelle: now comes the release of new documents that reveal duxbury' s troubled personal history and the results of a polygraph test. during the test, the polygraph operator asked duxbury if he had ever been in sasha' s apartment. he said, "no, never." but orlando police say his fingerprints were found in her bathroom. on multiple occasions, duxbury was asked, "did you cause the death of sasha? was she choked? did you remove any items from sasha' s apartment?" each time, duxbury said no, but the test showed he was not
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while in the air force, duxbury said he was involved in a stabbing attack in which he was stabbed multiple times. as a juvenile, he was charged with reckless assault, accused of hitting a girl in the back of the head with a shovel. duxbury said it was an accident. at one point, a detective starts talking, tells duxbury in relation to the murder of sasha, "you' re gonna have to tell the truth." that there are holes in his story, that they have surveillance video of duxbury in places he claimed not to be. and audio of him talking to sasha. the detective said it was odd that he never asked what happened to sasha, and he took it as a sign that duxbury new. in orange county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. angela: he is in jail with no bond and is due to have a court appearance in march. it has been a day of wild weather across the country. a major snowstorm is dumping snow on the ground from georgia, all the way up to boston. this footage was taken in nashville, where several inches fell in a matter of hours, making for some treacherous travel.
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doughnuts. angela: we have them. and a similar situation is playing out in dc,and it will only get worse as the night goes on. many government buildings closed early, as forecasters are calling for up to two feet of snow. >> we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications, nd all the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. angela: the weather is expected to impact philadelphia, new york city, and boston. some severe weather to central florida as well. angela: for a little over 30 minutes today, some of us were let' s head over the first alert chief meteorologist tony mainolfi for a first look at the forecast. tony: i happy to report the severe weather is long gone. if you have writing i plans, the only thing you have to prepare for is a little bit of wind and falling temperatures. there is the storm system cranking up, and it will be a big weather story over the next
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on the backside of the storm system that we are getting ready for colder weather. saturday night, sunday morning, we have a freeze watch that will be expanded. no freeze watch tonight, but we are beginning to cool off. it is currently 66 degrees, temperatures are to holding -- holding. look at the readings by 10:00. falling into the upper 50' s. we will talk about the wind chills not only tomorrow morning but also sunday and how long this cold weather will stick around. stewart: thank you. if you haven' t already, now is a great time to download the wesh 2 first alert weather app. you can check out live doppler radar anytime, and get up-to-the-minute weather alerts. two people are under arrest caught after crashing through the gates of the brevard county zoo. the two are suspected in a home invasion in rockledge. authorities spotted them not far from the home and the chase began. it ended when the suspects
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one was caught inside the zoo, the other not far away. deputies recovered several guns, and ammunition inside their car. it' s been nearly a decade since an orlando woman disappeared, and police, and her family haven' t given up hope of finding her. angela: police offered an investigation update today, and her parents made yet another plea for help from the public. jennifer kesse left her conroy road apartment in january 2006, and hasn' t been heard from since. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel takes a look at the new information investigators want you to know, drew kesse: it' s probably more jennifer' we' re realists. dave: a family which continues to show strength in the face of anguish. jennifer kesse was only 24 when she never showed up for work in january 2006. her parents believe somebody knows what happened that information that will lead them drew kesse: if you' ve done
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with us, please give us the opportunity to bring jennifer home where she belongs. dave: so many searches over the years, no results. an area in south florida was searched as recently as last month, based on a tip. detectives say even though a decade has gone by, they still get tips regularly either through crimeline or the family. they work on the case daily if not weekly. jennifer' s car was found a mile away. items from that car are being retested right now with the latest technology. trying to identify the person walking from that area. jennifer' s mom wonders if parents at the huntington green complex where the car was found, might talk with children who might have been too young to come forward then, but are young adults now. joyce kesse: what might an impressionable child, at that young age, have seen or heard through playing out in the street? dave: both parents say the answer' s out there, they just feel someone needs to come forward.
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s so past time, to have closure and that is the hope that we have. dave: in orlando, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. angela: for the next week, billboards around the orlando area will ask people to come forward with information about jennifer kesse. today some orange county residents had the chance to get back behind the wheel. this was a chance for people who may have gotten a red light camera ticket, or maybe a speeding ticket to get their these people we' re talking about either didn' t pay the ticket, or show up for court and ended up with a fine. more than 1000 people applied , but only about half qualified. >> we want to make sure that people are productive and that they' re able to be participants in society. >> i think it' s a wonderful thing for people that are like barbers, like myself, or contractors that can' t really get the money up to do what we have to do, but also making sure
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everything resolved. angela: a team of deputy clerks screened all the applications. stewart: sheriff' s deputies in marion county are looking for the man who swiped a three-wheeler. surveillance video shows the man walking into a tent at toomey tools on south highway 441 on sunday. you see him there. he then rides off on a a 1983 honda three-wheeler. if you think you know who this person is, call the marion county crime stoppers. right now police are releasing new photos of the man, suspected of trying to con the elderly. take a look. police say this guy is posing as a bank representative in the new smyrna beach area. he apparently tells his victims they have got a new debit card coming and need to turn in the old card. he asks them to put it in their mailbox. police say he then comes to the house, takes it, and withdraws cash. police are also looking for a woman. at least one card was used in orange county. angela: caught in the act, two brothers in sarasota have been arrested, after pointing a laser device at a sheriff helicopter. 22-year-old matthew bennington and his 25-year-old brother gary
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misuse of a laser device, which is a felony charge. around 11:30 wednesday night, two deputies noticed a green light hitting their chopper. it didn' t take long for deputies to track down the two using thermal imaging technology to . the pair admitted to the crime after learning it was all caught on camera. new reports out today, showing that florida has some of the lowest payment rates for early education providers. the early learning consortium report shows that florida' s school readiness program is the 6th lowest in the nation for infants and toddlers, and the seventh lowest for preschoolers. advocates want a better system, saying those years are critical for children and learning. they believe it would be cost-effective for the state to invest more in to early learning education. stewart: it' s is friday night and our thoughts are turning to the weekend. from monster trucks to professional wrestling, there' s no shortage of things for you to do. wesh 2' s jason guy looked into the big events headed your way this weekend. jason: there really is something for everyone this weekend. let'
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in volusia county. it is all about sea cows. the 31st annual manatee festival is going on at valentine park in orange city. there' s music, arts and crafts, and of course, manatee viewing. shuttles make it easy to get in blue springs state park to marvel at those marine mammals. it runs from 9:00 to 5:00 on saturday. >> the competition is fierce this year. jason: saturday at the citrus bowl, it' s the super bowl of monster truck events. becky mcdonough stopped by wesh 2 to talk about being the only woman behind-the-wheel this weekend at monster jam. becky mcdonough: i' m out there with 15 other competitors, all out there against each other. i' m the only female. so i' ve got to go out there and really show the ladies and represent. jason: see her driving el toro loco this weekend. grave digger, war wizard, and others, fling dirt and crushing lots of cars. the engines rev up on saturday night at 7:00. wwe superstars will battle it out in the royal rumble. the 30 superstar match is for the wwe world heavyweight championship.
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night at the amway center. and this weekend, funny money opens its month-long run at the icehouse in mount dora. you can get more information about that play and all the other local events with the orlando my way app. i' m jason guy, wesh 2 news. stewart: for a complete list of this weekend' s events, as well as other fun things to do in central florida no matter what day it is, download the wesh 2 orlando my way app. coming up, local utilities workers head north, to help out with this major storm this weekend. angela: plus, details on a classroom lesson on racism that some parents feel went way too far.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. wesh 2 news at 5:00 continues. stewart: there' s a bit of controversy in a lake county classroom this week. a first grade teacher at minneola elementary is catching heat, for a martin luther king jr. day lesson that some parents think went a bit too far. the students were split up by eye color, and then faced
5:37 pm
eight-year-old aniyah rodriquez says students with blue eyes got hugs, candy and toys while students with brown eyes got nothing. >> she only wanted the white people that had blue eyes to get hugs, and she said she didn' t want any of our cooties. everybody in the class was crying. stewart: the teacher told parents in a letter that the lesson taught the students about equality. up north, the snow started falling early, and is expected to continue throughout tomorrow. angela: it' s the first major storm of the year, and it' s shaping up to be one for the record books. thousands of flights up and down the east coast have been cancelled, and washington dc is all but shut down. wesh 2' s aixa diaz reports. aixa: the snow started at about 1:00 p.m., and it has been coming down consistently since. we are in for another 24 hours
5:38 pm
>> we are setting the clear message that most people have not experienced the storm like this. aixa: the mayor is urging residents to stay home. >> we are very concerned about health and safety of dce residents. aixa: vacancy upwards of two feet of snow, with snow winds causing whiteout conditions. >> 500 national guardsmen and women. aixa: virginia is ready with equipment and salt. >> we are having weather issues across the state from the mountains all the way to the coast. aixa: north carolina is seeing a mix of ice, snow, and freezing rain. in tennessee, treacherous road conditions. >> stay home. that will give the public works department the opportunity to get roads clear. aixa: new york waits for its turn. >> between 12 inches and 18
5:39 pm
aixa: the eastern seaboard is also a concern. the national weather service says by time this is done them a there could be more than a billion dollars in damage. angela: some local duke energy groups are heading north right now. they' re being sent to the carolinas, to help fix any power issues that may come up in the storm. 12 workers, along with bucket trucks, left lake buena vista this morning. they' ll head first to florence, south carolina, and then wherever they' re needed next. wesh 2 spoke to some of the workers before they left. they say the cold temperatures make it important to restore power as quickly as possible. >> bats why they are doing their best to get ahead of it instead of waiting to see what is out, because there is so many issues with the cold weather. and the risk of injury and death. they want to get ahead of it. angela: in all, 1400 crews from florida are standing by to respond to this storm. stewart: they are looking for a
5:40 pm
for us, it is clearing out. tony: you get the half inch of snow and ice on top. for us, no snow, but we may have freezing temperatures by the time we get to early sunday morning. let' s look at the numbers out there. wind gusts at 25 to 30 miles an hour. we' ll have to watch that as we go forward. the other big story if you have outdoor plans tonight, you will be in good shape as we look outside. we have a gorgeous sunset on the way over here lake eola. it is a bit windy, 66 degrees at the top of the hour we will probably drop to 64. low pressure really cranking up, massive winter storm system heading north and east. for us, we have a fresh snowpack
5:41 pm
the wind is coming across that, modifying as it comes across the northeastern gulf of mexico with the northwest winds. the air is cold, and the wind gusts will take up over the timeframe. they will be with us all night. ocala down to 53 by 10:00. new smyrna beach from 64 down to 57. overnight lows temperature in ocala, 42, 46 orlando, 46 titusville. when you factor in the wind, wind chills will be around 8:00, 37 in sanford, 28 ocala, 48 in melbourne. this is cold, but it will be morning. 24 in ocala, 28 sanford, orlando , the attractions in rio wide. windchill in the coldest weekend of the year.
5:42 pm
sunday. we have freeze watches up north. this will expand and likely include orlando. tonight and during the day tomorrow. the track shock, 46 breezy and brisk 7:30, 8:45, no change. the ceremony, hopefully we have hot cocoa for you. a lot of wind still around. we should be in the low 70' s, 71 on sunday. not the case right now. let' s look at monster jam. if you have plans for saturday night in the citrus bowl, dressed warmly. the windchill factor in the low 30' s by time we get that when underway. waking up, sunday morning 29 in ocala, 33 in town just above freezing. that will make it that coldest night of the winter season thus far. if you do not like it cold,
5:43 pm
monday through wednesday back in the 70' s. next shot for thunder showers and storms looks like thursday. angela: coming up, a new way to
5:44 pm
angela: take a look at this, a flock of swans decided to make a stop in southern romania on their way from nesting places in northern europe and siberia. the swans will settle in the more mild climate of danube delta for the winter. the majestic birds still endure danger on their travels south, such as the potential for the river to freeze around them. residents in rome were evacuated from their homes just moments before their building collapsed. the top three floors came crashing down into a pile of rubble, damaging several cars nearby. the commander of rome' s fire services said a possible tragedy was prevented thanks to the vigilance of a resident and the rapid response of the fire brigade. it' s unclear what caused the collapse. stewart: it looks as though uber and lyft will soon have some new competition. america' s largest automaker is jumping into the ride-sharing business. general motors announced yesterday that they plan to create an on-demand car-sharing service calling it maven. they will test the service in ann arbor, michigan. home to the university of michigan, and not far from their headquarters in detroit.
5:45 pm
probably heard about a new planet discovered by cal tech researchers. stewart: that is right. but there is new information on this mysterious object floating around our solar system. it was found just past neptune and is said to be 10 times larger than our planet earth. they have also come up with a super creative nickname, planet nine. you may remember in grade school being told that pluto was actually the ninth planet from the sun, until 2006 when it was demoted to dwarf planet. angela: we are still sad about that. wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. stewart: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up next half hour. jim: we are tracking big changes in the central florida forecast, and a major snowstorm in the eastern seaboard. a trooper who specializes in catching impaired drivers has a close encounter. why these can be so dangerous for troopers.
5:46 pm
announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. jim: first at 6:00, we are tracking severe weather sweeping through the country. right now, the nation'
5:47 pm
is under a blizzard warning as a potentially historic storm blasts the east coast. angela: this storm is causing cancellations and delays of thousands of flights, including at least 100 in in orlando. good evening, i' m angela taylor, in for meredith mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. this storm system is something we' ve been keeping a close eye on the past two days. chief meteorologist tony mainolfi and his weather team have been on the air for most of the day giving us updates. tony, are we out of the clear yet? tony: the severe weather is done and over with, but now we have the cold in the wake of this developing blizzard. the wind will be a big story, today and tomorrow. snowing in atlanta, georgia. knowing in the carolinas with ice. for us, the offshore activity. temperatures will continue to drop. 60 to 65 right now, and with a drop in temperatures each and
5:48 pm
look at the wind gusts, 20 to 35
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