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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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if that was my kid, i would go ballistic. bob: parents outside stonewall jackson middle school were angry to hear claims from two students walking to school near the intersection of 436 and la costa that a homeless man attacked them and tried to steal a student' s phone. in the altercation, one of the students suffered a bite wound trying defend himself from the man who was able to get away. >> i' m mortified and i think that' s horrible. what are they going to do now to make sure this is not happen again? bob: in response, the school district sent out this message to school parents. >> while law enforcement looks into his incident become reminded the children about stranger danger. >> after doing some more
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the aggressors against the transient man, not the other way around. since they' ve not been able to find the man, initially police said they were not arrested students. parents a direct in their anger now towards the students police say lied. >> punish them. bob: punish them? >> yeah. bob: in orlando, bob kealing. meredith: they will follow the student code of conduct and consider punishment with the two teenagers involved. breaking news -- deputies have in a late last week. robert pearson who was been missing for days was found on friday near orange -- orange blossom trail. it was last seen on january 22. jim: we are following rate news -- breaking news. it is west oak ridge road patrol car. the cruisers to the poll with
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sedan' is an mellow overrode what heavy front end damage. a deputy was responding when the car slammed into his. the deputy what to the hospital with minor injuries. the scene is clear and traffic is moving. new information tonight in the murder of a local woman. stephen duxbury has been indicted for first-degree murder to the death of sasha sent city. he is been charged with killing her in her apartment at the uptown place in downtown orlando. he was indicted on attempted sexual battery with a weapon and burglary charges. he is being held on no bond. meredith: the city overland oh has reached a multimillion dollar deal with ucf to find the downtown campus. they will commit $75 million for the campus. we are going to details of the planet have much more later. jim: brand new' s video
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man accused of shooting at a police officer. the sheriffs office footage of the arrest of shards smith. they tried to make contact with him after several drivers had called to say smith was walking south along the northbound lanes of 1792 with a gun. they said from time to time, he' d point it at people simply driving along. >> aiming it at like traffic, then he swung it at the new cars, like aiming, like he' s practicing on his aiming man. jim: when the officer showed up, smith is accused of shooting at him. the officer fired back. a bystander was hit in the arm, but is expected to survive. smith is charged with attempted murder. detectives in seminole county are still searching for the person responsible in the shooting death of a 15-year-old. tamar harris was riding in a car friday afternoon just east of
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>> this mother met with the assistant principal and she said she was attacked by more than one dozen students in the courtyard friday morning but after breakfast. on friday, the principal sent out this automated message which said parents -- i want you to know we have students that are not acting up for billy on cap is. police say several students got into a fight on friday. >> just rival teams that were on campus. based on that, the school has made an administrative move -- students have been impressed. >> it is heartbreaking because i don' t send my child -- smm for education. >> her son was jumped by other students who allegedly called themselves 5k. >> he got jumped by five case. it is some facebook, ig, snapchat. it is here and it doesn'
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collects other parents are aware of the alleged gang spared >> it is a gang called 5k. one k and 5k. . >> we have a site that is where this is vision started to come and the children were watching this and they were told they will be a youngster on the courtyard on monday. >> there is no evidence of gains on campus >> we don' t have that information -- would not have is game related. her son against the students are allegedly involved. and district office together side of the concerns. tonight at 6:00 -- a staff meeting. at 7:00, yeah.
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addressed tonight in the media room. jim: detectives in seminole county are still searching for the person responsible in the shooting death of a 15-year-old. tamar harris was riding in a car friday afternoon just east of altamonte springs when witnesses say a man in the street opened fire on the car. it crashed a short distance later and everyone in the car ran off. the teen was found next to the car and could not be saved. several people called 911. >> how many shots did you hear? what the flock with the flock >> about eight or nine. oh, jesus. ok, we got a car coming. we got a kid bleeding on the ground. meredith: the set that same day that kimberly relieved was abuse.
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he was a director of the day care center and now in the lake county jail. jim: two men face more than 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to the carjacking of a u.s. customs officer in orlando. the u.s. attorney says dante askins and gregory mcdonald, both 18, made their pleas today. the two were arrested last august after they and two other what the flock teens carjacked, bound and pistol whipped the federal officer at a hotel in the tourist district. the victim was held for more than two hours. the red cross is helping a volusia county family after a fire consumed their mobile home this morning. investigators say three people were in the home on dover lane near deland when they heard some kind of popping sound. they were able to get out safely, but a dog died in the blaze. the home was fully involved when firefighters arrived. the case has been turned over to the state fire marshal.
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turned store clerk is getting . >> he grabbed the the hell out of the guy. meredith: the video shows the clerk trying to fire the gun only then did he find out it was not a gun but a realistic looking airsoft gun. jim: the trial for a former orlando police officer charged with battery for using excessive force will begin march 1. in an incident that was caught delio is accused of kneeing robert liese in a holding cell in august of 2014. liese suffered a ruptured spleen in the incident. delio was later fired from the force after an internal investigation showed he meredith: a jury is hearing testimony on a million dollar
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a seminole county man named howard browning says his ex-girlfriend broke their agreement to split the earnings if he ever won the lottery. they did in 2007. now lynne anne poirier says she does not have to share the $1 million. each claim to have purchased the ticket. each have claim to purchase the ticket. browning says poirier split after the ticket hit ending their 16-year relationship. the trial is expected to last five days. meredith: a woman is accused of driving drunk and sending a beach yard. take a look at this video from early this morning. police say hillary brown was drunk when she hit a parked car and pushed it through a wall outside a home. the collision woke the family that lives inside. one was hurt. she made her first appearance at the brevard county jail this afternoon and is now out of jail. jim: daytona beach police say two officers went undercover and days with a group of homeless camped out downtown on beach street. they say they saw plenty of
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the camp was broken up last friday night after the beds that were set up at the salvation army went unused. officers says at least one-third of the group wasn' t homeless at all, but rather criminals preying on them. >> the camp goons wandered around and said the cops are coming don' t anybody talk. hide your beer, hide your drugs and don' t cooperate. jim: police say drug dealers and prostitutes moved in and got money from the homeless who often had cash from panhandling or disability checks. meredith: lawmakers in takes a youngster towards a pickup drive. jim: you will hear the call by a driver who was ordered police. meredith: marco rubio goes towards new hampshire with a strong showing in the iowa caucus. with a new poll is saying about the people. >> a warm day today and tomorrow. it warm fronts on thursday. you watching wesh 2 news at
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marco rubio was dining with voters in the primary and a day after the junior senator finished third in iowa. >> i can do that better than anyone that is running. greg: a new poll shows what was on the mind of hawkeye state voters and why they supported the various gop contenders. ted cruz can thank evangelical christians and conservatives for his victory. donald trump was tops among those concerned about immigration and among moderates. but surely giving rubio confidence are these two factors -- he got the most votes among people who were undecided when they woke up yesterday and almost half said rubio can win in november. the day new hampshire votes, florida absentee ballots go out for the march 15 primary. already the machines are being tested and there are big changes. technology has been upgraded since the last presidential election in 2012. >> technology has changed are
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supervisors in every county of florida -- machines that used to transmit through a telephone wire are not transmitting those results wirelessly. >> demo be 60 mostly republican names on the ballot and a lot of voters are undecided. >> i have not decided it. >> it would be a tough one to call in florida. greg: the big question -- will former governor jeb bush, who finished sixth in iowa, still be in the race by the time it rolls into florida? greg fox, wesh 2 news. jim: and now it shows jeb bush has spent $14 million in iowa. he has spent nearly $3000 per per vote. meredith: hillary clinton was the winner of i love but it was very close. the final tally was unannounced until a few hours ago. this they delegate difference was 2/10. she took her campaign to new hampshire was to formally announced her victory over bernie sanders who did some campaigning of his own. we are the place to turn for the
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we will cover it on air and online. jim: a boy some hot water after police say he took his parents pick up truck on a joyride wearing nothing but his underwear. he crashed into another car. several people saw the boy driving into edgewater, nearly hitting other drivers and going off the road. one man was so concerned he followed the boy for several miles. >> there is a red dodge pickup truck that isr being driven by a young kid. is all over the road --. jim: he slammedr into a woman' s car and repeatedly hit the school fence. luckily, no one was hurt. the boy' s mother said he has as burgers and took the truck without permission while she was out getting a prescription. meredith: the family of a from what player who died during
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an attempt to get nearly $200 million owed by the state. he was a freshman when he collapsed and died during a training session in 2001. under state law, the legislature wants to prove amount higher than $200,000. >> nothing can bring them back. not of money. it is closure rear looking for. we have to relive this every year. meredith: they were joined by mailing teammates. they have yet been heard by any legislative committee. jim: we have been warned about the morning fog but when it left, what a glorious day. >> we had some wind tonight so some pockets of fog. gorgeous sunset, outsider and now. that is honor hd cam. 80'
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below the horizon. . s go back to earlier this afternoon -- 83 in orlando. 84 in ocala. s. this time of year, the ocean waters are cool. the water temperature in the lower 60' s having a cooling of that on the afternoon high temperatures. the other impact will be this arriving court front. one more warm day tomorrow and label to the winds go from south southwest to northwesterly by the time we get to the thursday evening on to write it. if you like the one weather, take advantage of it. we have a couple of showers approaching cape canaveral and cocoa beach with as onshore flow. since i was falling apart to the attractions but notice the temperatures. it is cool on the houston side of the peninsula and warmer on
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slow cooling this evening. only down to 68 by 11:00. daytona beach, 69. melbourne, according -- fallen to about 71. overnight lows should be around 60 want tomorrow morning. palm coast 66. right around 60 degrees. pockets of fog and more of a reason i. overall wind profiles when i be conducive for the thick fog we have experienced. coastal showers setting up shop tomorrow morning. jamie will give you an update on those tomorrow morning. we do have a couple of seabury showers developing today. . / the bigger story as the unfolding story will be the arrival of this front thursday into thursday afternoon. will have heating.
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highs to go near 80 and enhance any showers and thunderstorms we get before moving offshore between about 7:00 and 8:00. rainfall amounts with the slow mover will be on the order of 12 as much as 2.5 inches of rain which is always a good thing this time of year before we get into the dry season, as we get into march and april. 79 palm coast. look at the highs into the interior. 80 to 85 degrees. on thursday, the front is overhead. by friday, well out to sea. ras w get into saturday, another area of low pressure forming. this will be a pain because if you have outdoor events on late saturday, into sunday, we stay wet and dramatically cooler. sunday, monday and tuesday -- just struggling to get the 60 degrees. meredith: thank you. one of nascar' s key names is in the hospital. jim: injured in a non-racing aston
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plus, they hogsmeade -- heisman trophy winner. derrick henry looking to increase his draft stock at the
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>> the nfl draft combine is on for away and there are crosses. the attention will be on derrick henry. this talented young man can prove again this year that winning a heisman trophy does not guarantee an early run traffic. -- early round draft pick. they are working with performance trainer tom s haw. stock in the title game when. some say he is a late third round and others so experts have them in the third or fourth round. here is henry. >> everything that you need to get better. hoping to get better every day. training for the nfl, the, on. e combine.
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be retiring at the end of this nascar season. attention and next week media day. word today that three-time champion injured his that on sunday. -- back on sunday. he injured it on a non-racing accident which will pr= provide b specifics. his spokesman says no but bait -- update will be until thursday. we want to invite you to join us for 11:00 for the improbable lost and found story appropriate for the super bowl week. maturity prep coach, the former quarterback for the pittsburgh steelers, says the credible tale of how he ended super bowl ring were reunited 2.5 years after he lost it and the good samaritan
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