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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> wine day wednesday, february 3rd. guess who is doing the dishes. >> hardest working man in show business. >> guess who is doing the dishes. >> a protein smoothie. >> sparkling. sparkling.
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>> thank you, al. you're not the only one with a show, you know. [ laughter ] >> anyway, we, too, have a fun day because that guy over there is here with us again. >> colin quinn. >> something weird's going on with him, with somebody high up, because this guy is here, like, every week. >> he has a show called "top show," and he has a pair of handcuffs, and we're going to have our way with him. >> or he is going to have his way with us. one or the other. >> have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery and moving into a big mansion, we'll introduce you to a couple that did just that. we'll show you the house that they decided on and what they passed up. >> that's kind of fun. people are playing a lot since that last huge winner, remember? >> yeah. >> we'll show you how to add a touch of luxe to your house, and he has worked with some of the biggest music artists of our time, from mariah carey, michael jackson. you might remember him as a judge on "x factor," but is he a legendary music producer.
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>> so nice. >> so humble. >> he dresses, not like colin quinn, just perfection. [ laughter ] >> all right. would you care for some words of wisdom? >> i'm ready, hodie. >> colin, namaste. >> namaste. >> close your eyes. you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. [ laughter ] >> anand. my favorite, i was thinking of your friend. >> thank you. >> your friend, jill, how strong she was and we'll talk about her in just a second. >> we lost a good friend yesterday. >> now, kimmel last night, there was a tv doctor reunion last night on kimmel. >> george clooney, who has been making the rounds and has been so funny. you guys remember he started in "e.r." >> he has a new movie called
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>> and hugh laurie showed up, both of them showed up to save jimmy's life. let's take a look. >> oh, my god, i'm dying. >> he is -- i tell you what, he is crashing. his kidneys are shutting down. >> he's going into multi system organ failure. >> super ventricular tacchyr wr thmia. >> i don't even remember what that is. >> no, it's not working. >> you have to get him to rapper's delight. >> rapper's delight? >> you remember what they taught us on tv medical school. give him the rapper's delight. hip-hop you don't stop rock it up -- >> i'm alive. >> see, that would kill me, but it made him alive. >> rapper's delight. >> you were going along with it, you knew all the words. >> i can't -- hip, hip, hip ety hop don't stop arocking until the bang bang boogie and up jump the boogie with the rhythm of the boogety beat.
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you. anyway, i can't believe george clooney knows all the words. >> i can't believe you do! >> another reason to love george clooney clooney. >> we thought people versus o.j. simpson was starting tonight. >> it's on hulu, though, so you can watch it. everybody who has seen it, and i know some people who have seen the whole thing, said it is incredible. the acting is a 10. amanda, who is one of our tv critics, loved it. we have one of the scenes from last night's episode. it showed marcia clark listening to o.j. his first interview with police. take a look. >> what about your left hand there? how did you get that injury? >> i don't know. first time i was in chicago. then i got back to the house, and i was running around, and i broke a glass. yeah. then one of your guys just called. actually, i cut it before. maybe i opened it.
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>> well, i can't tell. did he cut his hand in los angeles or in chicago? how did he injure himself? why did the cops tolerate it? >> because they're not used to grilling a star. he's the juice. he rushed more than 2,000 yards in one season. >> i have no idea what that means, but, you know what, it shouldn't matter. he got away with beating her. he is not going to get away with killing her. >> not so fast. that, of course, was sarah paulson, best known for "american horror story." playing maria clark. i really like her. >> that was cuba gooding jr. playing o.j. >> the episode ended with o.j. getting into his bronco and driving away to avoid getting arrested. we all remember that. >> oh, my gosh. yeah, this is really bringing a lot of people back. >> a lot of us don't want to go back. some of us were involved -- not in it, but, you know, friends with some of the people. >> you guys were. >> anyway, you probably remember where you were. okay. and when the verdict came down. something to look forward to. do you know anybody who is a fast talker, hoda? >> i talk fast sometimes.
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i think they're talking about -- da, da, da, da, da. i -- you know, those types. >> a new study. this is where the fast talkers live, are you ready? massachusetts, number three. minnesota, number two. and the fastest talking state in the united states of america -- >> we don't need a drumroll. >> yes, we do. >> oregon. >> why? >> colin doesn't agree. why? >> minnesota and oregon? come on. >> what do you mean come on? >> new york has to be number one. >> new york has to be number one. >> i tend to agree. how do you measure something like that anyway? the slowest talkers -- this is not surprising -- south carolina, louisiana, and mississippi. >> well, there's a rhythm of those southern cities that's so much better sometimes, isn't it? >> i guess. guess who was on e.t. last
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>> cassidy gifford was on. it was nfl media day. so here's a little bit of her >> well, it was my very first super bowl media day. let me count down the crazy. there was a guy in a dress. >> you know, we're from germany and we say we only get interviews here from football if we look like you. >> there were puppets and i can't really understand why there were puppets, nor did they speak english. what does this have to do with the super bowl? [ speaking foreign language ] >> i don't think she knew what she was getting into when she said "yes" to this. >> where is peyton manning? i would love to interview him. >> a leprechaun tried to have fun with her. >> proposed to her. >> she had a great time. lovely comments. today is not only wine day wednesday, but it's hump day hunk day. >> we have a super bowl commercial for hyundai that was just released and if it's right in this lane, it's called ryanville.
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mighty good man yes, he is what a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man say it again now what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man >> in my face! >> so aggressive! >> a car that doesn't get distracted. auto emergency braking with pedestrian detection. on the all new hyundai eulantra. >> oh, yeah. >> what is it that he does? >> he does that little -- that little -- >> that look. anything. with me. >> with you? >> that little -- >> the ad works. >> that was cute. >> next week we'll do a special valentine's day ambush couples makeover, and if you and your significant other are and hit the connect button. we would love to have you come on down and be made over, baby.
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>> you'll have to fill out a form and send us a photo. we also need you -- everyone has a story. stories, please, you guys. if you have an inspirational story or an unbelievable story like the one we had last week where a young man found his biological mom and then his biological dad and then the biological parents got married decades after they gave him up for adoption. if you got something like that lying around, please go to the same website. i'm not going to say it again. >> i just want to give a quick tribute to a friend of the show. there's a beautiful girl named jill brazinski-connolly. i met them, i went to the cayman islands to do a breast cancer talk. i remember, i met her and her beautiful husband bart in the lobby and we were chatting and talking and i liked her so much. and i thought, she's so sweet and full of life and she's another breast cancer survivor. she was young, in her 30s. when i was giving the speech, i remember, i locked eyes with her.
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and why is she not up here? i said can i say something? i just met this really cool girl. she's a bright light. she has such life in her. she came up and spoke. i knew nothing about her. she came up to the podium, and this was years ago, and she said the doctors told me i have three months to live, and she said but i want to tell you something. i have the best husband in the world. stand up, bart. everyone applauded. she said i'm working hard to help other people, and she said i'm the luckiest woman in the room. i looked at her, and she was. like, you know when you feel like -- she was. >> she just exuded joy. she was a beautiful person. >> she was beautiful. i learned yesterday that she passed away yesterday morning, and she left behind so many friends and people who loved her. we had her on the show a couple of times. this is what she said back then. >> i stay positive because to me like it's the word life. i have life today. >> if you had the medical problems that jill has, who wouldn't be shaking their fist at god saying why me? but not her.
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and you cherish it, and don't worry about the stuff that you can't have. focus on what you do have. >> she just lives, and you go, oh, i'll have what she's having. >> go, girl. >> her mom wrote on her facebook page that her daughter spent the past six and a half years battling her illness with grace, determination, humor, and generosity. she says our jelly bean will be greatly missed by family and friends as she's touched countless lives. everyone has been in awe of her beauty both inside and out, and as her mother, she was my best friend, my confidant, love of my life. her light will continue to shine. >> our love and prayers to her family. okay. >> he is one of new york's finest. we're talking about colin quinn. colin's here. >> what a segue. >> find out why he holds the key to our happiness. >> kleenex, please, jerry. thank you so much. >> he holds the key to our happiness? >> yeah, he does.
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>> he's known for his brutal brand of humor, colin quinn. >> you might know colin quinn best from his time behind the anchor desk hosting "weekend update" on "snl."
2:22 am
picture? >> and more recently for playing amy excuse me esh's -- amy schumer schumer's dad in last summer's blockbuster "train wreck." >> now he has season two of his funny web series cop show which gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of a fictional police drama. >> okay. what is wrong? the scene needs something. >> no, i don't think it does. >> what am i missing? >> you need an obstacle. how about a cold? >> a cold? >> get sick. >> it won't be distracting at all. >> this is a task force. we're going to find him. really -- but do you have a cold? >> cut, cut. don't improv off of what he is doing. >> looks like fun. hello, colin. why are you back? >> hi, ladies. >> season two is coming up. >> yeah. >> it's pretty awesome. >> yeah.
2:23 am
can you do whatever the heck you want? >> yeah. >> no one tells you what to do? >> no one tells you what to do. >> really? >> not a million opinions. >> whose opinions do you care about? >> mine. you guys. >> we're big. yeah. we're tight. yeah. >> you get celebs to come on the web. that's a big deal. you get jerry seinfeld. >> they don't have to go very far. >> steve buscemi. how do you get these guys to join you? >> each one separately, but it's one of those things, where you ask people, and they say "no." you have to ask them for a fake date. and then you have to ask them for a fake date twice. and then you're locked into the third one. if they say yes for the first one, then you're screwed. >> oh. do you really understand it? >> no. >> i don't either. >> i'm saying i trick them so then the third time they feel bad. >> how would you get us to be on your show? >> i would tell you, hey, we're shooting next month. >> oh, we can't. we can't. >> then a month from now -- a month from now i tell you we're shooting again.
2:24 am
>> i'm going to be out of town. >> the third time, i go, i hate to keep asking you, but we'll shoot in the studio right after your show and it takes 20 minutes, which it takes three hours, but you say 20 minutes, and then -- >> people do it? >> sure, they do. they love me. >> you got jerry seinfeld to do it. >> me and jerry are tight. >> basically you call your friends. let's be honest. >> call in favors. >> all right. what else are you working on? >> it's not enough? i'm here to promote that. >> i just did my little new york story. i closed that. i have a couple of irons in the fire. >> that means nothing. you got nothing. >> i got plenty. i got nothing tangible, no. >> so you have handcuffs to your hand for a reason. >> most people do, hoda. >> you are. all right. >> we're going to do something. >> we're going to after commercial. we're going take a break. >> we're doing two segments with him. >> yes, because he has handcuffs, he can stay. we're going to play a game of
2:25 am
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no wait time. this is great. it's very soft. (laughs) all the care antiperspirant
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oh. >> we're back with the star of "cops show" colin quinn. he is going to get us handcuffed. >> the only way he is going to give us the key is if kathie and i can act out -- >> wait. is this the right? >> it won't shut. >> no, you got to do that one. it's better. >> you have to do -- >> exactly. >> i need it -- >> funny thing. >> here we go. >> you're going to be sorry. >> here's what's going to
2:28 am
colin has got in that hat there are five cop shows. okay? we are going to guess them, and we're going to act it out together. we're going to play charades with you, okay? >> i'm not using a mega phone. >> you do whatever you want. >> okay. okay. ready? watch. okay. okay. >> pull, pull, pull. >> okay. >> you can't talk. >> okay. >> how do you say rhymes with? >> how do you say rhymes with? >> go to the next one! >> you cannot talk. >> dragnet. >> that was horrible. >> okay. we got it. okay. wait. no. >> this is not working. >> hawaii five-0. >> i'm sorry. you have too much stuff there. i'm sorry. >> okay. go. >> oh. >> nypd blue.
2:29 am
>> warm. >> the iron badge. the badge on the chest. the breast -- the badge. the shield. the shield. >> yes. >> this is so exciting. >> i like when hoda keeps talking. >> you're not allowed. >> no. >> whatever. >> oh, please. >> how is this ever going to happen? >> nypd blue. dagger. the stab. gun. knife. knife. blade. blade 2. >> oh, lord. >> never. never. >> first word. suicide. kill. kill. shoot. kill. oh! >> f, mary -- f, marry, kill. go to the next one. >> there are no more. >> yes, there is. >> stop talking. >> okay. oh, this is -- >> oh. >> the arch.
2:30 am
nypd blue. >> three words. >> is it three or two? >> blue bloods. >> i think that might be one word. >> blue blood. >> that word is -- >> you're wrong. >> train wreck. hill street blues. >> this was the worst idea ever. >> why didn't we just do law and order? >> we need the microphone, you were wrong! >> the problem was -- >> what was the problem? >> i don't think there was a problem. it sounded like a good idea when i heard it. i'll be honest. oh, sounds good. >> at the time. >> we love you, colin. you come to play, baby. >> season two of cop show is on right now. >> these are hard. >> i know. getting ready for a big football weekend with a game of who knew, but, first, local news. key, please. here's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you.
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is this sunday, we thought it would be fun to test your knowledge of the big game. hoda is across the street at the shop at 30 rock ready to hand out $100 to anybody who gets the questions right, and for those that don't, you're going to get one of her great signed books. okay? here with me is nbc sports anchor dave briggs. hey, dave. good to see you. >> great to see you. great to be here. >> hoda, you got the first question? >> i'm ready. what's your name? >> cindy. >> where are you from? >> connecticut. let's do this, cindy. by the way, i don't know if you can see, we're in our new digs. it's a whole new world. crazy over here. all right. excluding super bowls, what sporting event has had the most television viewers in the united states? is it the olympic women's figure skating, nba final, or nascar sprint club cup series? >> the nascar sprint club series. [ buzzer ] >> wait, wait, wait. yeah.
2:34 am
>> we love nascar on nbc, but, no, it is figure skating. takes it is -- takes the silver medal here. 1994. hard to believe it was four hours tape delayed. top five most watched programs in sports history. that was because of the nancy kerrigan, tonya harding schedule. seven weeks after the attack she came back, won the silver medal. awesome moment. >> you know, i pass dorothy hamill childhood home every day. i loved -- i know. >> what's your name? >> duane walker. >> where you from? >> smyrna, delaware. >> of course, you are. all right. here we go. this team has won the most super bowl championships in its franchise history. is it the new england patriots, the san francisco 49ers, or pittsburgh steelers? >> pittsburgh steelers. [ bell ] >> yes, yes! got you $100. yay! >> you knew that one. >> no. i would have said the patriots. i didn't know that.
2:35 am
2001, but the steelers have won six of the eight they've played in. they won four in a six-year span in the 1970s. pretty amazing. the two teams in this super bowl, panthers have not won a super bowl. the broncos have won two. >> yeah. i'm happy for the panthers and their fans. it's so great to go. >> they're very excited. they're only 20 years old, so it's still a franchise that's new pp >> yeah. >> it's new. yes. >> okay. all right, hode. >> what is your name? >> mikaela. >> where are you from? >> columbia. >> in 2015 this brand super bowl on the usa today ad meter viewer poll. doritos, budweiser, or fiat? was it fiat? was it? oh, wait. >> yeah! >> everybody wants her book. >> it was not fiat. the king of beers is the king of super bowl ads. budweiser won for the third
2:36 am
13 of the last 15 years with the lost dog ad. >> that was my favorite ever. they're not doing animals again. >> it's a tear jerker. they had the lost puppy who found his way home. >> and the horse was so happy. >> yes. >> the clids clydesdale came to his defense. because the wolves surrounded him, and they walked him back to his handsome owner. tear jerker. >> it was a perfect commercial. >> it was a great ad. >> let's go back to a great woman. >> we see a couple of them. look what's in the window, kath. look at this place. it's filled with us. all right. what's your name? >> kimberly. >> where are you from? >> spokane, washington. >> spokane. here we go. the vince lombardi trophy is awarded to the winning team at the super bowl and it's made by what jewelry company? kay jewellers, jared, or tiffany? >> tiffany. [ ding ] >> okay. >> all right, hoda. thank you, everybody. tiffany, yeah. >> tiffany has made every super
2:37 am
when it was called the world football championship trophy, renamed the lombardi trophy in 1970 after, of course, the late great packers vince lombardi. it is seven points, 22 and a half inches of sterling silver. >> i've seen them. yeah. >> it's a beauty. have you held it up? >> maybe. yeah. hey, dave, great to see you. mega music producer l.a. reid is here. plus, you don't have to be a lottery winner to live like one. we'll show you some million dollar ideas to create your dream home right after this. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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>> even if you don't, you probably dreamed about what you would do with the money, even if you ever won. >> if your dream includes a big beautiful home, we'll show you how to create a luxurious space on a small budget with my lottery dream home host david bromstad. >> what a fun show for you to host. >> so fun. get to be a part of someone's really unique lives. they win millions and millions of dollars. and it's like, what am i doing? >> many of them come from very humble beginnings, right? >> all of them. all of them. >> this is your first couple, and they got to see three different homes, right? you are going to describe them to us, and we're going to try to figure out which one they chose. >> correct. >> are we going to look at what they came from first. >> whatever you want. >> this is what they came from. it was very humble beginnings. probably 1,200 square feet. it was a little cramped. they raised five children there. >> wow. good for them. >> insane.
2:42 am
and they won $180 million. >> here's the first home that they checked out. it's called the bow crest ranch. tell us about this one. >> beautiful. it was set on a hilltop. it was absolutely gorgeous. had a complete arabian ranch. it had, like, mass amounts of acreage. it was stunning. i mean, from top to bottom. it had everything that they needed and wanted. it was gorgeous. >> how are their kids, by the way? are they grown? >> they're grown. i'll tell you a story about one thing. >> the house of serenity is the second home. >> beautiful. it was completely maintained. it was closer to l.a., so it was a little more expensive, but it was absolutely gorgeous. it had wings. it literally had, like, wings. >> what do you mean? >> you walk in and it was like -- the east wing and west wing and south wing. >> okay. >> i wish we could actually see it, but that's okay. thank you. >> and lastly, there's something called the eagle's crest.
2:43 am
>> this was on top of a mountain, and this literally came with a snow plow. >> is that a movie theater? >> has a movie theater. >> what? >> had a workout room. it literally was like a lodge. literally a lodge. >> i bet i know which one they picked. >> which one would you choose? >> if i were them? oh, which one would i choose? >> which do you think they chose? >> i think they chose serenity, the second one. >> second one. okay. >> i would have chosen the first one or the third one. what do you think they would have chosen? >> i don't know the people, hoda. >> the views are hard to beat from the third one. >> but you're all by yourself, alone. >> the first two houses were about 2.5 to $3.5 million. the second house was $5 million. >> which one did they choose in. >> eagle's crest. >> the last one. >> the last one. $5 million. it was amazing. literally -- >> they'll be happy there. >> 15,000 square feet. >> how can we do that for our own miserable little lives? >> all right.
2:44 am
but -- >> hoda does. >> i do, you're right. >> a great way to add an expensive look to any room is -- i love it. >> seconds. go. >> you take molding and you paint the dry wall in between and it looks like you have something very expensive. very beautiful. >> what did you do for these rooms? we took two faux furs and sewed it together. take it to your local dry cleaner. it creates this delicious -- >> oh. >> faux fur deliciousness. >> what did do you with this rug down here? >> these are actually two rugs put together. if you can't buy one rug, why not two, three, or four and carpet tape, duct tape. >> wow, david. >> have you some nice artwork in the back. >> printed from the internet. easy. you can see, it's all digital. >> you can find out more about all that stuff on my lottery
2:45 am
>> your lover will be putty in your hands with valentine's day gifts. and his talent, the man behind the music, l.a. reed, he shares
2:46 am
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he is the man behind some of the biggest names in music and some of the most popular songs ever recorded. >> we are talking, of course, about l.a. reid. >> we love him. >> he has worked with the who's who of talent. michael jackson, whitney houston, justin bieber. just to name a few. >> from drummer to producer to the head of several major labels, he's having quite the career, and he writes all about my story of making music, finding magic, and searching for who is next." book. >> that was great, by the way. >> hoda and i both found this book to be fantastic. everything you promise on that cover.
2:49 am
>> oh, thank you so much. >> it's fascinating, even for people who aren't in the music business. >> i think when you listen to the names that we were talking about, jennifer lopez, rihanna, michael jackson, jayzee, mariah carey, they all have a thread that runs through them. a similar thread. that thread -- >> what is it? tell me. >> it's l.a. reid. >> oh, come on. i wish. >> it is you. there's something about it. when you hear a song, do you say, that's a hit, that's a hit, that's a hit, right when you hear it? >> i can pretty much tell. it's interesting. i think of myself as a consumer. i think of myself as -- you are going to think i'm really crazy. you'll find? a 16-year-old kid. >> that's like me. >> that's what my daughter says about hoda. she has the musical taste of a 17-year-old girl. >> yes, that's what i have too. >> i was going to say that, if you cut me open, i'm a 16-year-old girl. that's what i like.
2:50 am
among them whitney houston. you talk about your relationship with her, it was great on so many levels. you also talk about what you say was one misstep, and that was having her sit down with diane sawyer during that crack is whack. >> diane sawyer is incredible, and i think she did an incredible job. she was elegant. she was sensitive. i didn't know that whitney had some issues. i just didn't know. >> were you not spending enough time with her? you weren't hearing the stories? >> you know, i have great relationships, but sometimes i'm a little distant because i don't want to go too far into people's personal lives. >> it wasn't your place. you're an artist. you're trying to rehabilitate her image. >> when that was coming out of her mouth, were you there during the interview? >> i was watching it on camera on the monitor. >> what did you think? >> my mouth dropped. i couldn't believe it. oh, my god. she did not say that. then i felt that i failed her because i really thought it was my place to protect her, right, and to protect all artists, and not just expose them, you know?
2:51 am
>> right. >> i don't want anybody to think that it's expired. >> or exploit your own artist. >> that's not my thing. >> michael jackson was one of yours, and you describe going to neverland, and there were a couple of interesting stories. one was i didn't realize that michael jackson and prince had a rivalry. would you describe when you went in there -- >> in the 1980s michael jackson and prince were pop -- arguably the biggest artists in the world at a particular time. right? "thriller" or "purple rain." i mean, they were big. >> it was hard to beat them. >> yeah. so i didn't realize that there was any rivalry, and i'm not sure that it was a rivalry as much as it was michael having a fun moment. >> so the moment was -- >> and the moment was, you know, there's a famous video on youtube of james brown show, and michael was on stage with james brown, and he knew prince was in the audience, and he invited
2:52 am
wasn't -- and i love prince. he is absolutely my favorite artist in the world, right, but it wasn't his greatest day. michael got some chuckles out of it. >> he was giggling about it. you heard all about that bass, meghan trainor and that was one. you knew. >> you know who else we love? our doug morris. >> don't we love doug morris. shout-out to doug. >> if you're interested at all in music or just in human nature, this is a great book to read. l.a., thank you so much. >> i love you guys. thank you. >> next time i come, i want wine. >> yes, indeed. >> don't say it. he wants my stuff. >> i want your stuff. i want your secret sauce. >> we might be able to see if jerry can get you a bottle. >> thank you. we love you. i would say the title, but it's too long. >> valentine's gifts with a lot of heart. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:53 am
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don't mind hearing it again. >> i need some decent music. >> want to hear what we're listening to? >> yes, what is it? oh, wow. that's such a good song. oh, there it is. so cute. >> that's kathie lee. >> please download it. "love never fails." >> we're showing off our first valentine's gift. super affordable. splitter. you can listen to tunes or watch your ipad with your sweetie. joel. >> oh, my gosh, you're right. >> available from then if you want to give a really fun personalized gift, these are engraved with these in my heart. you can give them to your
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>> do men still -- >> my husband still does. he's classic. he's old school. >> frank did it all the time. >> these are really cute. these are from personal if you don't have a boyfriend, you can buy one for $9. you can build one out of clay. you can fully customize him. you want a blonde guy, glasses. >> then you can put a tie on him. >> he can bring you flowers or chocolate. >> that's pathetic. i'll take it. >> only $9 from this is a fun gift for your daughter or best friend. these are iphone cases from skinny-dip london and you can customize them with plushy stickers. i did this one to say xo. or you can do your initials. >> very cute. >> i think pajamas always a fun valentine's day gift. you give it to your girlfriend. these are kiss print pajama from victoria it comes with a shirt and boxer set. sexy, but not too racy. this is also personalization
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