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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking this is wesh 2 news at 11:00 in high definition. adrian: gunfire around inside of an orlando nightclub and leaves two people dead and nearly a dozen others injured. >> police tried to keep it contains, but there were too many people out here. adrian: a tourist district club packed with 300 people becomes a scene of a deadly rampage. first, breaking news in a local neighborhood, swarmed by orlando police four hours. good evening, i' m adrian
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in the last few minutes, investigators confirm that two tonight. this is unfolding on robert trent jones drive in metrowest. matt lupoli is live on the scene. activity just picked up there? matt: we just learned moments ago that this is a double homicide investigation. orlando police tell us that their officers found two men debt here inside of the stonebridge reserve tonight. moments ago, a crowd gathered outside, distraught over the news. so many people upset. this all started a few hours ago. somebody call to report hearing shots fired here at around 7:15 p.m. orlando police say that their officers found two men dead here at stonebridge reserve condo complex on robert trent jones
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a large portion of the parking lot here was blocked off by crime tape where police launched a death investigation. we were here when a crime scene investigation unit arrived and the lot for evidence. at this hour, we do not know what led to the shooting. they are looking for a suspect. on air, online. in orlando, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. adrian: orlando police are still reviewing surveillance video where people were shot. amanda ober is live, police are looking for several shooters? amanda: police told us late today that at least three gunmen were involved in the shooting,
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description of those suspects, or a possible motive. glitz ultra lounge remains close tonight. this morning, there were 300 people packed inside of that building. the scene following the shooting inside the glitz nightclub early sunday was described as chaotic. pedicab driver lamont hurley heard the gunfire erupt. >> cars and people was flying everywhere. people was jumping the curb, people was trying to keep it contained, but they couldn' t. there was too many people out here. amanda: orlando police say around 1:00 a.m., gunshots rang out inside the crowded club with at least three different people firing guns. in the chaos, 12 people were injured, 11 of them suffered gunshot wounds and of those 11, two died, one at the scene and one at the hospital. police are not yet saying what lead to the gun violence or how
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seemed to have plenty of security in place. >> they had three extra duty opd officers here working, have own security, have extensive security system inside. they were checking folks as they entered club, they really do have a very active security presence in the club. amanda: orlando police say the 3 extra duty officers who were at the club did not discharge their guns. they also say there were security cameras inside and investigators are looking at the video as part of what they are calling an extensive and complicated investigation. of the 10 surviving victims one is in critical condition, the rest all suffered non-life threatening injuries. live in orlando, amanda ober, wesh 2, the news hour at 10:00. adrian: we' ve reported trouble at glitz twice in the past year.
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shot in the parking lot. and last june, a man was hurt gunfire erected outside of the we' ve reached out to the owners t heard ll have continuing coverage and inside the wesh 2 mobile app. there, you can also see raw video from today' s news conference with orlando police. investigators are looking into whether the shooting that injured a 13-year-old boy was an accident. orange county deputies were called out to spotswood drive in the conway acres subdivision near north cimmaron around 1:00 this afternoon. deputies say that he was visiting relatives when he was shot. we talked to a neighbor who told us that he was playing with other children when the gun went off. >> he had his two cousins and a brother. i guess somehow it went off. the next thing you know, all of this is happening.
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details that been confirmed. the 13-year-old was taken to arnold palmer hospital for children of a critical injury. we turn to the weather. a live look outside her studios. a clear night out, but surely a chilly one. meteorologist eric burris is updating our forecast and joins us from the outdoor weather studio. how does it feel out there? eric: it feels so nice. temperatures are surly cooler than last night. i' m able to see my breath. 47, orlando. the windchill puts us at about 43 degrees. elsewhere, things are cooling down. ocala, 37. 47, leesburg. 44, daytona beach. mainly clear skies are seen on the satellite imagery as the storm system moves out earlier on. with the clear skies we will continue that temperature fall. 43 by 3:00 a.m.. wallace said and done, we' ll see ourselves sitting at 37-38
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in just minutes, we will break down the forecast county by county and neighborhood by neighborhood. we' ll talk about how long this nice winter weather pattern sticks around. i will see you inside in a couple of minutes. adrian: new tonight an rv goes up in flames in brevard county. these pictures just into wesh 2 shows the inferno that erupted inside the vehicle. it happened on promise lane in west melbourne this afternoon. crews were able to quickly put out the fire. no word on a cause or if there were any injuries. meanwhile a head-on crash killed , three kids. at least two adults have critical injuries. polk county sheriff' s deputies say a lincoln sedan and jeep collided last night on cypress parkway, just outside poinciana. a six-year-old in the lincoln, anthony rubio of winter haven, was killed. two children in the jeep, six-year-old leila persaud and eight-year-old maylee persaud, both of poinciana died. deputies aren' t sure what caused
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wet at the time. covering volusia county, working to get details about a crash that injured a young girl. it happened on brook circle north this afternoon. she was linda halifax medical center. no word on her condition. business owners spent the day cleaning up from a crash that took out part of their building in orlando. a pickup truck slammed into the corner of weld rite company, that' s an auto parts store, overnight on cypress street at orange blossom trail. before hitting the building, the truck also hit a street sign. we have calls into orlando police about the condition of the driver. we have not heard back yet. tonight, police are trying to track down possible witnesses after a child was attacked in the restroom of a macy' s. police in clearwater say a six-year-old girl was in a stall in the women' s restroom when a man opened the door and grabbed her. investigators released pictures of two women they say were in the store at the time and seen talking with the male suspect. right now, police want to see if they can provide a better description of the suspect.
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the girl screamed. >> he barges into the stalin puts his hand over her mouth and pushes her to the floor. she starts screaming. it started him. and prompted him to flee the restroom. he left the scene. she came running out to her father. adrian: the girl' s father says she is doing ok, but is traumatized. wesh 2 will provide you with team coverage of this next test in the race for the white house. sally kidd is with the candidates on the campaign trail. sally: the political pitches were overshadowed by super bowl fever. some of the candidates use the big game to make a play for votes. marco rubio taking a break from the campaign trail to joy super bowl party. >> have a good time watching it. then let' s get to work on tuesday.
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sally: carly fiorina also gone the game. >> we will fight all the way to cleveland. sally: making her own campaign stop. >> if you do not vote for me, do not vote. sally: donald trump dominating. the real battle for second place. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. sally: ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, jeb bush, virtually tied in the latest university poll. it shows barely half of likely republican voters have made up their mind. >> i will not know until tuesday. >> you have not figured it out. you are testing in challenging us. sally: bernie sanders is attracting big crowds and holding onto his sizable lead. >> the eyes of the country , and a lot of the world, will be on new hampshire. sally: hillary clinton picked up a bucket of chicken at a popular manchester restaurant after returning from a quick visit to
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>> and i can persuade voters to give me another look, i will do better. sally: hillary clinton has a big event for tomorrow with bill clinton and chelsea clinton. bernie sanders has multiple offense to run night including a concert. adrian: wesh 2 will provide you with team coverage of this next test in the race for the white house. i will also be in new hampshire for the primaries tuesday. look for complete commitment 2016 coverage here, on and the wesh 2 mobile app. republican candidate ben carson will take a break from campaigning in the granite state for a stop in central florida. he will be at the country club of ocala around noon tomorrow. it' s for some fundraising. we just checked carson' s website. tickets are still available. they start at $250. tomorrow, orlando leaders could vote on a $75 million plan for ucf to open up a campus downtown. mayor buddy dyer says part of the donation would include 15 acres of land by deeding over the building on livingston
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digital media. it would also include $2 million in parking garage space for -- if approved, ucf still needs 20 million dollars in state funding from lawmakers before it can begin building. in the middle of destruction comes a miracle. next, a rare discovery made in taiwan more than 30 hours after a massive earthquake. and they reported missile launch by north korea prompts emergency action by world leaders. we are hearing about the possible response from other countries. we continue to work breaking news in orlando neighborhood, police confirming to us that two men have been shot to death.
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monitoring, neto adrian: we are taking you back to the scene of breaking news, live in orlando. please tell us that two men were found dead on robert trent jones drive in metrowest. please told us that they had a pair gunshot wounds. right now, officers are not saying whether they are looking for a suspect. we were there a few minutes ago as people became distraught, a fairly after being told the news. mala pulleys in that neighborhood and still working
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a 6 month old has been found alive under this rubble from a collapsed apartment building in taiwan. the baby girl had been trapped for more than 30 hours in the debris and was rushed to the hospital. at least 32 people have died in the earthquake. more than 170 people have been rescued, but there are still as many as believed to be missing 100 in the rubble of the collapsed high-rise. the building' s lower floors pancaked on top of each other before the whole structure toppled. an emergency meeting was held today by the united nations security council. they are calling for action after north korea' s reported missile launch, which is claimed to be just a satellite according to the 15-nation council, the launch used illegal nuclear technology prohibited by multiple security council resolutions. >> we' re looking forward to expeditiously consulting with our colleagues in the coming days and we will be looking to
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around a swift and aggressive response to the dprk' s repeated violations that constitute this very direct threat to global peace and security. adrian: samantha powers says this launch is a step in creating nuclear missiles. tomorrow, a local law firm plans to announce law suit being filed against energy drink companies. morgan and morgan sent a press release, announcing that the tomorrow. the firm will file one-hundred -- neither the defendants, nor reasons for the suits, have been released. today, the kids who took part in basketball game that went viral, got even more attention, this time on the court at amway. the children from gainesville were honored during this afternoon' s magic game with the atlanta hawks. officer bobby white got a noise complaint, but instead, decided to shoot some hoops. the video went viral and the
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kids with some vip tickets. new video captures a large group of sharks swimming off the coast of florida. helicopter video shows the predators a safe distance off shore in palm beach. normally the sharks migrate to florida in early january, but this year they are a little late. students at florida atlantic university are tracking the sharks winter migration patterns. their professor says they are migrating farther north each year, meaning it takes longer for their trip back to the sunshine state. >> so, this indicates there northern migration is actually expanding. they' re moving farther and farther north, and it may be in reponse to global climate change. the water is getting warmer. adrian: experts say you should generally not be concerned about seeing sharks. they tend to scatter once you enter the water. but, beware. eric: you don' t want to be around sharks, because in murky water, they do not know the difference between you and things that they eat. outside right now, it is very
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there is a look at downtown orlando. 47, the current temperature under clear skies. went out of the west at about eight miles per hour. it feels like 43. a windchill is working in town. it will be the coolest night that we have seen in several weeks time. 37, dunnellon. 47, to very. 46, winter park. 45, stanford. 39, west volusia. deland and pearson, back to the ocean, 45 port orange. 44, port st. john. comparing temperatures to this time yesterday, we are 1 -- we are running 5-15 degrees cooler right now. the storm system is moving away. -- we get a return look at the storm system. it has a very strong low-pressure.
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this around the equivalent to a category one hurricane. the problem is, there is a great ship and the storm system heading toward poor canaveral. it looks like it has been an awful ride for our friends and family on that ship. the good news, the storm system is moving away. the cruise ship is now back to sailing back to poor canaveral. in the wake of the storm system, it is cooler, drier air is settling on him. 5:00 a.m., 41 in the city. 7:00 a.m., you need a jacket. 39. 9:00, 50 degrees. it will be a little bit of a milder day, but it is going to be a chillier morning. 36, ocala. 38, mount dora. 40, kissimmee and saying cloud. there he nine, orlando. 38, new smyrna beach. 41, merritt island. 40, melbourne.
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the lunch break is looking great, 62. we will hit our high temperature of 66 in orlando with gusty winds, things to the low-pressure. on monday, we have our next frontal boundary. it brings is if you showers monday night into tuesday. look what happens tuesday into wednesday. front is moving in. we started this pattern where we get front after front. it will reinforce this wonderful air mass. a couple of showers monday night into tuesday. otherwise, dry, sunny, and it is chilly. adrian: super bowl 50 is in the books, and what a night it was out in northern california. pat has a complete wrap-up, next in sports. and a thriller at the amway on this super bowl sunday, as orlando'
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought
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do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. pat: storylines abounding as the panthers and broncos teed it up in the historic 50th super bowl tonight in california. league mvp cam newton trying to finish a magical season in carolina with a title peyton manning perhaps finishing a magical career on this night looking for an elusive second super bowl win. cats favored over the ponies, but you never know what might
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proven again tonight. after leading the broncos to a field goal, peyton got the ball ripped from newton. a 10-0 need -- lead. a 73 yard drive. by jonathan stewart. denver leads, 13-7 at the half. broncos defense was the story. ron miller, damon b.p.. fumble recovered by the broncos. leading 16-10. touchdown a few plays later. 24-10, and a peyton manning walks away from the game now, he does so as a two-time super bowl champion. the broncos in an upset win, 24-10. any kind of a win will work now for the magic, who are as thirsty as their fans for a nice streak of victories but it starts with one. magic hosting the hawks in a pre-super bowl matinee.
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tomorrow night in atlanta. magic looking for something good and getting it early, racing to a 14 point lead. and in the second period nice ball movement by the good guys and the victory oop slam the result. magic by 7 at the half. but a queasy feeling in the belly a the end of the third when a more than half-court shot by the hawks banked in. indeed, atlanta erased an 8 point magic lead late. this game was tied at 94 magic ball with 2.2 seconds to go and nic vucevic gives the magic the break they neeeded. a cold blooded game-winner. magic win, 96-94. and thirst, if only briefly, has been quenched. final round of the phoenix open this afternoon in scottsdale record crowds on hand this week , and they saw a great finish. 18th hole hideki matzuyama tied with rickie fowler for birdie. and matzuyama gets to minus-14. but fowler looking for his fifth worldwide win in the last 9
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two went to sudden death. on the 4th extra hole after fowler hit his teel ball in the water shigeki had this tap in for the win. shigeki marayama wins the waste management phoenix open, proving his game is not garbage at all. the city lines are winning their first division of a new season. cap in a week of training and florida state. what did you think of the super bowl? adrian: if you are a broncos fan. every thing else, not so much. eric: defense wins championships.
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