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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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meredith: one of those violent incidents took place at a popular nightclub along universal boulevard. jim: two of them died and orlando police say it was not a random axles top but so far, no one has been arrested. meredith: we' ve got new video from a witness. reporter: early sunday morning, people were ordered out of glitch ultra lounge. there was a total of 12 victims. 11 were shot. two of them died. orlando police are still reviewing surveillance video inside and still interviewing witnesses. detectives believe it was not a random shooting. they do have suspect in the case but are not saying much about it.
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reporter: three off-duty officers were working inside at the time but none of the officers discharged their weapons. desmond reynolds was shot in the head in october at this club as he was leaving in a car. he said when he was there, it was easy to bring guns in the club. >> the pat down -- it was just all right, you' re good inaccurate. >> they have an extensive security system inside and they are checking folks as they come in the club. reporter: extra duty police officers do not do pat down' s. that is up to private security. meredith: we are still working to learn whether private security conducted pat graham -- conducted at downs. orlando police has not said what they think sparked it. jim: two men gunned down in a
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officers were called just after 7:00 last night. we uncovered court documents saying the only victim id so far, antonio jones, was due to stand trial for trafficking cocaine. police say people who live nearby are not in danger but a double murder represent an escalation in clark -- escalation in crime. >> murder is definitely a step above. jim: police have not identified the second victim is a they have some good leads they are following. police are looking to identify who shot two people in a parking lot on friday night. deputies still don' t know why the men were shot. meredith: with these deadly shootings in around the tourist quarter, some may wonder if it affects tourism. some experts feel it doesn' t and
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orlando has a reputation to uphold that is safe and family oriented. >> they have an image they are presenting nationally and internationally. any time an instance like this happens, it effect your brand. meredith: florida made international news in 1993 when visitors from abroad were murdered in orlando. jim: a fisherman gets a surprise when he checks his crab pots this afternoon. he was checking his traps when he first spotted a hand and then the body of a fully clothed man. it is that of a 72-year-old homeless man likely in the water for less than 24 hours. >> we are starting an investigation to see if it is a suicide or if there is anything spacious right now.
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jim:the man had id, money and other personal effects in his pockets. an autopsy should determine the cause of death meredith: casey anthony is beginning a new life as a professional photographer and we tracked her down to her new home in palm beach county. she was found not guilty in 2011 after she was tried for first-degree murder in the death of her two-year-old daughter. since then, she has been in hiding until we uncovered her new career and where she lives now. reporter: we tracked down casey anthony to the home of this man -- before he handled security and private investigative work that helped win casey anthony' s read them, he worked on the legal team that won an acquittal for oj simpson at his murder trial. the daily mail and tmz have shown anthony in front of or going in and out of the house, including being photographed
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paperwork was uncovered showing she has started a company called case photography. it lists mckenna' s home as the active location and address. we tried to talk with anthony but no one answered the door. later, we tried to talk to mckenna. >> can i talk to you? can we talk to you for a minute? did you get my e-mail? reporter: we tried e-mail and calling. but she did not return messages. we have confirmed casey has been working as a researcher form a researcher for mckenna and in her free time, bloggers have been posting sightings of her at various bars, restaurants and ice cream shops in the palm beach area.
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of her that was wiped clean. if she earns a living as a photographer or sells her story, the mother -- the money will be hers to keep. jim: at the indian river lagoon today, people are whale watching . it is a rare experience involving a whale and her calf. no one can remember a whale being this deep into the lagoon. people spend hours scanning the horizon off the coast line and cannot believe today' s luck. >> they are very playful and very active and have a large amount of energy and are just kind of frolicking around. >> is so awesome to see something like this. reporter: wildlife officers spent the afternoon keeping boats away from the whale and calf. it' s hoped they can move out of
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meredith: a store located on 4th street -- three employees were there at the time. investigators are looking for four people. the clerk who was hit is expected to survive. so far, there' s no description of any of the shooters. this man is out on bond after a third teen-year-old boy accidentally shot himself. the child into 18-year-old replaying with the gun when it went off. the 13-year-old' s condition is not known at this time. jim: the florida fish and wildlife commission want to know why anacondas are being found. one of them almost ate a dog. another was found near the saint johns river. anacondas can reach 26 feet in
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the stakes appear to have been pets that it illegally got loose. >> we need to find out where these snakes are coming from. if we find out, we are going to investigate it and eradicate these snakes as quick as we can. jim: wildlife officers held -- hope the public can help identify the source of the snakes meredith:. police arrest two people they say racked up more than $2000 on one woman' s credit card and just a few minutes. tips led to the arrest of the two. insert certainly week at a convenience store when a grandmother lost her cards. the crooks were picking out tvs and game systems at a nearby walmart. the goods and credit cards have been returned. the pursuit of a man who drove away from a traffic stop.
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chopper. a deputy tried to pull a man over for speeding and he refused to stop. he tried to run but deputies took him down. he faces several charges including driving with a suspended life. jim: the orlando city council approved a plan to donate $75 million to the project that includes money for land him a classroom than a parking garage at the old arena site. ucf needs $20 million state funding to begin the project. meredith: there are 16 cases of the zika virus in florida. during a trip to orlando today, governor rick scott suggested none of the cases were attracted -- were contracted in state. he said getting ready for zika
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governor scott : look at the unbelievable amount of zika they have their anti-children who have the birth effect. we are going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. meredith: a public health emergency has been declared. governor scott says the case is -- the state is buying 4000 kits to test for the virus. jim: energy drinks are popular but they can be downright deadly. and rough is for a cruise ship that sailed into a storm. see the damage on a boat forced to turn around. >> we want guests to be wowed by what ever it is. jim: 2016 is the year of the theme park and each one in central florida running to open new attractions. we have a peek at what is coming. tony: and we continue to track another cold front which will reinforce this chilly air across
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we are talking wind chill' s coming up straight ahead. >> tonight from new hampshire, my interview with marco rubio. and if you take heart turn medication, there is an important new study about a potentially serious risks. and we hear from passengers whose cruise holiday turned into
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meredith: take a look at this video -- these are the conditioners passengers by royal caribbean cruise were dealing with. the storm hit just off the course of the caroline -- off the coast of the carolinas. passengers took these pictures of the damage. furniture was thrown and pottery was broken. chairs in the dining room were tossed all around. the national weather service says there were storm alert four
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senator bill nelson is calling for an investigation. jim: energy drinks are a popular choice for all kinds of people but one local law firm says they can be lethal. a lawsuit has been filed against monster energy drinks on behalf of five people who suffered serious adverse health effects. >> we represent a number of clients at this point that have chronically drank monster energy and as a result have had kidney failure or are on dialysis or have had kidney transplants. jim: the attorneys launched a website to seek more complaints and expanded their lawsuit to include other energy drink any factors. saying pre-existing conditions may be to blame. the competition among orlando theme parks continues to raise the bar every year and 2016 will
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meredith: we have a look at what brand new experiences are coming your way. reporter: from a king size eight to the highest grossing animated film ever there are lots of new experiences coming to orlando' s theme parks. >> 2016 is a great time to be a theme park and for sure. reporter: first is still island, the reign of king kong, opening at universal island of adventures this summer. guests will take an expedition right but details remain mysterious. >> they want to hold the surprises for sure. they want guests to be wowed by what is inside. reporter: at disney, one new my -- one new ride may inspire you to let it go.
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some fans questioned if it' s a good fit for the epcot showcase. >> all you have to do is walk around the park and see how many people are dressing as bill self. there' s no question it will do phenomenal for the park. reporter: if you are wondering what is the against attraction coming to central florida, it is seaworld' s new hyper coaster. it will be the tallest, fastest, and longus. >> on the heels of the seaworld controversy, this is what the dark needs to not so much be a focus on the orca shows. reporter: and there is a new nighttime adventure coming to disney' s animal kingdom. as the sun sets, guests will be able to experience a nighttime
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>> being able to see the animals with the orange hue they are going to make reporter: over the savannas. reporter:there are more theme parks coming including a new four d film base attraction and disney continues its transformation into disney springs. it seems this year is a banner year. jim: there are many new themepark attractions that to open in the next level years. among them is andorra, the world of avatar which will open walt disney world 2017. disney also plans a star wars land but it will be several years before that attraction is complete. meredith: lots of sunshine, but tonight we are going to get cold. tony: it' s basically going to
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we have a gorgeous evening on the way with a few clouds and a bit of breeze. the clouds will be thickening up ahead of this front and you can see a little moisture over the next couple of days. by 8:00, a little rain up toward ocala. the beach line by mid-night, pushing through cocoa beach high 1:30 in the morning. it' s not going to be a lot of rain, just enough to dampen the ground. 60 to 65 area wide and we will stay mild for a good chunk of the evening. after midnight, we will see temperatures begin to fall. the morning lows are going to be in the upper dirty' s and about
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s when it is going to hurt. 37 in daytona beach and even colder yet as we are waking up wednesday. just above freezing in orlando. 35 and some cold weather in the next 48 hours and another front is going to arrive tomorrow and we get that cold northwesterly flow. look at these highs -- only in the upper 50' s. afternoon highs up north will be running about 57, 58 degrees. let' s look at the setup after tuesday. a cold northwesterly flow and watching for a frost and a freeze just north of orlando.
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becomes more westerly and that means things will begin to warm up a little bit. but we have at least one night of a potential freeze. look at these forecast lows. 37 in orlando, so the cold weather is here and will be' s ticking around for a good chunk of this weekend. in the low to mid 60' s and near 70 by friday and saturday only to go back down behind another front on sunday. jim: will he retire? peyton manning won' t say yet but he has 2 million more reasons to smile. pat: his super bowl payday will be a bit more than his teammates. and they married of reasons why
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference
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(tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. pat: it is nice that magic fans have a lot to cheer about . it gave orlando just his third win in 18 games, great elixir
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tumbling out of control. as they get ready tonight, it' s important to know the magic lead this game by eight points with just three minutes to go. over time was looming and one would assume the hawks would try to bounce tonight. the magic will be back to play the spurs before the all-star break and here' s the latest ap poll -- miami a team briefly in the top 10 and now may be headed that way again. after wins against notre dame and georgia tech, villanova the first ever top ranking for the wildcats. that game may not have been wildly entertaining but it allowed us to see one of the all-time great tuneup for the final time and what an exit or paid manning who wins a second championship ring and probably
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the nfl said it has no problem with the reference but what would they do anyway? manning earned a $2 million contract bonus with the broncos super bowl win. speaking with matt lauer this morning on retirement and celebrating. next i will do it for a few more weeks and i think i will make a decision but i' m very much at peace with it, whatever the decision is, i have a real peace
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pat: meredith: some dicey moments for a soldier skydiving. jim: a member of the 18th airborne corps was found dangling from his parachute. the issue caught on the lines. the good news, he wasn' t hurt. >>' s parachute was hung up in there and with the lines going across, it was all wrapped up there. there' s no wires. jim: rescuers used a ladder truck to bring the soldier down. new tonight the latest on a
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