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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking this is wesh 2 news at 11:00 in high definition. jim: right now at 11:00, a fight between a group of students takes a dangerous turn, after a teen is stabbed several times. good evening, i' m jim payne. meredtih: i' m meredith mcdonough. police ay that teen jumped into the middle of a wild brawl, to try and break things up. but now, he' s in the hospital fighting for his life. meredith: wesh 2' s summer knowles is in daytona beach with the details. summer a big brawl in this small : field in daytona beach monday evening. >> right now our victim is in critical condition with two stabs to the abdomen and 1 to the cheek. summer police say it all began : with a group of middle schoolers who got into a fight at the field on sheridan road in between jackson and fletcher, but that a 16-year-old, sophomore at atlantic high school jumped in and pulled out a knife. investigators say that' s when a 17-year-old then tried to break up the fight, but ended up getting stabbed in the process. daytona beach police chief mike chitwood believes the fight is a result of an ongoing dispute. >> its something that been going on here in the neighborhood for the last several weeks where the
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picking on the middle schoolers and today the 10th grader decided to pull out a knife and escalate what clearly is some type of bullying going on. summer: the 17-year-old was brought to halifax in critical condition. at last check, the teenager was undergoing surgery. as far as the 16-year-old suspect, we are told that you are she is simply custody and will soon be facing charges. in daytona beach, summer knowles. meredith: new tonight, police should into a house in the middle of the night, but the man says officer showed up to the wrong house. jim: surveillance video shows officers running to the home. we break down the video and what police have to say. >> it seems to becoming more aggressive out here. chris: home surveillance video from a neighbor shows what
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police say they responded to the house for a disturbance call around 1:00 on saturday morning. when they got there, police chief says that two officers encountered the homeowner with a gun and officers opened fire. bullets shattered windows and s wife and 12 no child slept inside. police have the wrong house. without a weapon at that time of day is crazy. >> and a statement sent to us, the homeowner' s lawyer says that after loud banging on the door, his client asked officers four times tweeted by themselves. responded. that is in the homeowner got his gun. shortly after the police started shooting. an attorney tells us that a police officer at the scene later told his clients that police admitted that they had the wrong house. the police declined to comment investigation.
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they need to be more aware of who they are serving and who they are protecting. >> two police officers are on administrative leave. it is still unclear why police allegedly showed up at the wrong house in the first place. homeowner has not been charged far as we know. fdl he is investigating. meredith: new tonight, a man gets pulled over with guns in his car. police pulled over omar suarez for having dark window tint and they say they also smelled marijuana coming from his car. an officer also noticed a gun inside a backpack on the floor. but that' s not all they found. they also found a bag of pills and marijuana along with more than a thousand dollars cash, the gun was also loaded, and police say torres had his one-year-old and 6-year-old kids sitting in the backseat. and neither of them were in a car seat. he faces several charges. also new tonight, a five car crash involving an orange county sheriff' s deputy. this happened along orange skyview drive near orange blossom trail. two people suffered minor injuries, but the deputy was ok. we'
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crash, but we do know the deputy had pulled over to help a driver before his cruiser was struck. jim: tonight, authorities are searching for answers after a deadly shooting at popular nightclub near orlando' s tourist district. 11 people were shot inside glitz ultra lounge on sunday. two of them died. police say the shooting was not a random act and they do have suspects. three off-duty orlando police officers in full uniform were working inside the club at the time of the shooting. none of them fired any shots. police also say that two men gunned down in a metrowest apartment complex were targeted. officers were called to the stonebridge reserve condos just after 7 last night. wesh two news uncovered court documents showing that the only victim id' d so far 32-year-old antonio jones was due to stand trial for importing and trafficking cocaine. police say people who live nearby are not in danger, but people we spoke with say a double murder represents a big they' re seeing lately.
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second victim. brevard county firefighters spent the evening battling a house fire in palm bay. you can see the flames on the home on ravenswood street. they tried to get the flames under control. so far, we are still working to learn the cause of the fire or if anybody was inside at the time. meredith: an action-packed chase. check out this video showing the pursuit of a man who drove away from a traffic stop. this is video from the seminole county sheriff' s chopper. it all started when a deputy tried to pull over 33-year-old state road 46 in sanford. but he refused to stop. his suv was eventually halted by stop sticks. leeks tried to run, but deputies took him down. he faces several charges including fleeing and eluding and driving with a suspended license. new tonight, several parents made sure their voice was heard expressing their displeasure , over proposed charter schools to avalon park. the parents say the area is not built to handle new schools, and all the traffic and congestion that come with it. they say the schools would
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cause overcrowding to an already overcrowded area and just cause too many problems. >> whereabouts at 3000 more students right back into the placer we had taken the students out for overcrowding. charters and this is our last week to do it. meredith: county commissioners were meet do decide the schools' futures on the 16th. jim: right now there are 16 cases of the zika virus in florida including one in osceola county. during a trip to orlando today governor rick scott stressed that none of the cases were contracted in our state, and none of the victims are pregnant women. he says dealing with zika is like getting ready for a hurricane. you have to prepare for the worst. >> you look at central and south america, look at the unbelievable amount of zika they have there, look at the children that have the birth defects, you want to be prepared. and that' s what we' re doing, we' re going to prepare for the worst, and let' s hope for the best. jim: a public health emergency has been declared in seven counties that have zika cases,
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governor scott says the state is buying 4000 kids to test for the virus. meredith: right now, a royal caribbean cruise is on it' s way back to new jersey after it ran into a storm with hurricane strength winds and waves that were 30 feet high. the storm hit just off the coast of the carolinas as the ship was headed to cape canaveral. now it' s headed back to new jersey. passengers took these pictures of the damage on the ship. now look at this chairs from the dinning room were tossed around. the national weather service says there were strom alerts four days before the cruise left. senator bill nelson is now calling for an investigation. ucf is a big step closer to building a downtown orlando campus. late this afternoon orlando city council approved a plan to donate 75 million dollars to the project. that includes money for land, classrooms and a parking garage at the old arena site in the planned creative village. ucf still needs 20 million in state funding from lawmakers to begin the project. jim: we are just hours away from
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democrat bernie sanders and republican donald trump leading the way. but today, the candidates aren' t pulling any punches, attacking their rivals as they send supporters to try and persuade any undecided voters. hillary clinton is accusing sanders of accepting nearly $200,000 in indirect donations from wall street. on the republican side, trump went after a rival who is far behind him in the polls. and that' s former florida governor jeb bush. >> we have to get rid of the bushes of the world. they are weak. they are ineffective. he' s an example of a real stiff. the last thing we need is another bush. >> donald trump, you are the loser. there are long list of things that he says that disparages people. i find it remarkable that as a candidate for president that he thinks that is evidence that he is a strong person. he is not. jim: the first votes of the first-in the-nation primary will be counted tuesday in three tiny communities where primary day lasts all of five minutes hart,
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all three have a combined 72 registered voters. m on the ground in new hampshire for the primaries that began on tuesday. 6:00 a.m. ll have all of your coverage jim: wesh two is the place for ll have live updates all day on the new hampshire primary. just check out and the wesh 2 mobile app. meredith: energy drinks are a popular beverage of choice for millions of people but tonight a local law firm says they can be lethal. attornies for morgan and morgan held a news conference today to announce they' ve filed lawsuits against monster energy drinks on behalf of five people who claim to have suffered serious, adverse health effects. the attorney' s have launched a website to seek more complaintants and may expand their lawsuits to include other energy drink manufacturers.
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health issues saying pre-existing conditions may be to blame. a local boy scout troop gets a big donation in the wake of a theft. tom coudriet who saw our story and wanted to help. today, he donated to the orange $1100 county boy scout members. wesh 2 was first to tell you about the group' s trailer being stolen from the parking lot of all all saints lutheran church back in january. it' s stored more than worth of $10,000 items. still ahead, a scare in the air for a parachutist rescued from power lines. jim: plus, five years after she is acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, wesh 2 learns casey anthony is back in the spotlight, and ready to launch her own business. meredith: and three men are accused of setting a bar bouncer on fire. we' ll tell you what caused the chaos, that was caught on camera. tony: right now we continue to watch fast-moving showers. behind us, in whole lot of wins and we are talking when chills for the next few mornings.
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nearly five years ago, a jury found casey anthony not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter. now we' ve learn that she is beginning a new life. jim: for years she has avoided being in front of the camera, but it seems she is not ready to get behind it as a professional photographer. wesh 2' s greg fox uncovered her new career, and where she' s living now. greg: wesh 2 news tracked down casey anthony to the west palm beach home of this man, private investigator patrick j. mckenna. before he handled security and private investigative work that helped win casey anthony' s freedom, he worked on the legal team that won an acquittal for o.j. simpson at his murder trial. during the past two weeks, the dailymail and tmz have shown anthony in front of or going in and out of the house, including one day in which she was photographed holding a yard sale. at other times, she has a camera in her hand. wesh 2 news has uncovered paperwork filed with the state that show' s anthony has started a company called case photography. it also lists mckenna' s home as
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s active location and mailing address. we tried to talk with anthony, but no one answered the door. later, we tried to talk with mckenna. hello, mr. mckenna? i' m greg fox from channel 2. can we talk to you for a minute? >> i don' t have any interest in it, thank you. greg: did you get my email, sir? we tried emailing and calling anthony. hello casey, this is greg fox at wesh 2 news. but she did not return messages. wesh 2 news has confirmed that casey has been working as a researcher for mckenna, and in her free time bloggers have been posting sightings of her at various s and ice cream shops in the palm an orlando, greg fox, wes two news. jim: you may remember that casey anthony went to bankruptcy. clean.
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her sticky. meredith: dicey moments for a soldier training for skydiving. he was found in going from his parachute. the shoe caught on the line. the good news is that he was not hurt. >> his parachute was hung up in there where the three lines are going across and it was all wrapped up there and he was hanging right where the bare, you know where its bare, there' s no wires. meredith: rescuers turned off power to the area and used a ladder truck to bring the soldier down. jim: the florida fish and wildlife commission wants to find out why huge anaconda snakes are being found on the loose in brevard county. a 9-to-10 footer found in a melbourne backyard last week almost ate the homeowner' s dog. another giant snake was recently found near the st. johns river. anacondas can reach 26-feet in length and weigh 200 pounds. state wildlife officers say the recently found snakes appeared to have been pets that illegally
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wildlife officers hope the public can help them find the source of the snakes, which can multiply rapidly and become a serious threat to wildlife and pets. at the indian river lagoon today, people were whale watching. it' s a rare experience involving critically endangered whales, a mother and calf. wildlife officers and whale experts were called to sebastian inlet around 9 in the morning. they spent the afternoon keeping boats away from the mother and calf. it' s hoped they move safely out into the open water at the next high tide. meredith: tony, we were expecting a cold front this evening? tony: and a little bit of rain. the big story tonight, you' ll hear the windows rattling. it will be cold and windy tomorrow morning. let' s go back outside. here' s what it looks like around i-4. not bad at all. a couple of showers move on through. less than inch of rain.
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just a big wind maker. as the front comes on through. we have seen the showers picking up here over the last few hours, north of our viewing area. they have moved into our center. some light showers up palm coast and new smyrna beach. it have your band of rain now just north and west of oak hill. down for geneva. miles per hour. over toward oak hill at 11:25 p.m. geneva, getting hit pretty good right now. oviedo toward union park middle a couple of quick sprinkles. another line of fast-moving showers will be approaching merritt island high school back toward cocoa beach high school within about the next half-hour. by 1:00, a sickly it is over. it is in and out of here. the winds will be gusty overnight tonight. temperatures fairly uniform. middle 50' s up north. middle to upper 50'
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looking at the forecast for the commuters, make sure you have your jackets ready to go because we' re talking about a whole lot of winds. windchill values will be running in the 35-40 degree range across a good chunk of central florida. the air temperature in ocala, 43. same for daytona, the villages and palm coast. look at futurecast, the windchill at 7:30 a.m., 35 in ocala. 38, leesburg. 39, stanford. 40, orlando. it is not just for one morning. have wednesday morning, as well. windchill around 29 or 30. 34-36 for sanford into orlando. it is looking to be the coldest of the lot. setup for tomorrow, as cold high-pressure off toward the west, another cold front will come in tomorrow night into wednesday morning. we will have the brisk winds continuing here.
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for february should be around 73. not the case to route. we will be struggling to get into the attractions. we will hold in the middle to upper 50' s up to the north. tuesday night, and wednesday morning, we have freeze watches already posted for marion county and the interior of flagler county. overnight lows are forecast to drop to about 32 in ocala, 34, palm coast. mid-30' s in town and even back toward the coast, and on wednesday, cold high-pressure in the gulf of mexico, thursday, lighter winds, we will have to watch out for a second frost or freeze. in and around central florida. by friday, it is more of a west winds. temperatures will begin to moderate. that is good news as you make your weekend plans. try and saturday will be seasonable, another cold front arrive saturday night. that will close by down to the lower 60' s just in time for sunday afternoon. meredith: --
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fire in port st. lucie is finally under arrest. investigators say ivan rodriguez had been on the run for the last 10 months after this incident at neely' s grog house. the bouncer reportedly kicked rodriguez out after he refused to pay his tab. rodriguez then came back a short time later, poured a cup of gasoline on the bouncer, and set him on fire. the bouncer suffered severe burns to his arms, face and chest. he is still recovering. meredith: new video tonight captures surfers catching some big waves off the coast of florida. a front that pushed through over the weekend has created windy conditions and big swells. surfers decided to take advantage of the weather and rode some unusually big waves in palm beach this morning. the water temperature was also a nice 73 degrees. the peyton manning victory tour makes a stop today at disney. jim: and the magic hoping to make it two in a row in two days over the same team patrick. pat: given how the magic have performed in the second half of back-to-backs this season, you' re thinking, good luck with that. but this is why they play the game. magic trying to ride the wave of
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make it two in a row. giving the hawks all they could handle tonight.
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pat: the hope is that the magic will learn when they lose which intelligent team by now. nothing beats winning. there was a win sunday over the same two teams tonight as the all-star break is here. the magic needed the win. the magic are two and seven in the second half of back to backs this season. and a fast, if not unexpected start for the hawks, who raced popcorn was buttered. it was a 28-8 atlanta lead with just less than 4 to go in the period. jason smith made some quick jumper and the magic got back into this one trimmed the lead to less than 10 in the second. atlanta by 13 at the break. magic to not go away. after trailing by 18 in the second, mario hezonja drilled orlando a one-point lead. this game ago to overtime. tied at 101. that is in the magic to control and never looked back. nick at three at halftime. he finished with 28. a big three-pointer here by evan fournier and the magic, second
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hawks with a big 117-110, overtime win. how about that? here' s the latest a.p. hoop poll out this afvternoon. miami number 12 this week after , wins last week against notre dame and georgia tech. villanova the new number one. first-ever top ranking for the wildcats. after giving budweiser a big shout-out last night, peyton manning may never have to buy another beer in his life, which would give this bud' s for you a whole new meaning. and while we await word on his almost-certain retirment, manning today continued to reap the harvest of yesterday' s super bowl victory. just hours after denver' s 24-10 win over carolina, the future hall of famer with his kids at disneyland in southern california. there to enjoy the park, and one would assume begin a life after , football where he would trade quarterback for dad as his new job description. by the way, manning receiving a $2 million contract bonus for winning the super bowl, just in case he ever gets strapped for
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>> having a chance to be a part of a super bowl team, almost 10 years ago, i river what a great feeling it was. to be able to celebrate with your teammates and your family members and friends, that had been with you for a long long time, the game, the celebration after, being your today, it all makes for a very stressful 24 hours. pat: a euros welcome awaited the broncos when they arrived back come in denver. the underdogs against the panthers. a defense can clearly dominated that game. von miller becoming on a short list of defensive players to win m.v.p.. he did not receive a car as many m.v.p. that before, nfl had no automotive super bowl sponsor this year, so he gets a silver ball from tiffany.
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meredith: finally, another only in florida story. history is made as miami jackson senior high school hires the state first ever female head football coach. here she is, and that she looks little familiar, there' s a reason. jim: she is also nearing
11:29 pm
s -- bernice on a reality tv show. she play for an all female team in miami. he also learned one of her assisting coaches will be with her camel -- luther campbell. never a dominance on that team from this moment forward. tony: looking at the forecast come debris to morning, windy and cold. 46 degrees out there. 3:00 in the afternoon as the kids are getting home, 59. cold weather stick around for a couple of days. we will have to watch potential for a freeze on wednesday morning and thursday morning just north of town. getting back to 70 briefly on saturday. only to fall back into the low 60' s by sunday. jim: a little spring in our step. that' s our report for tonight. you can get wesh 2 news whenever your want at wesh. com or the wesh 2 mobile app. meredith: thanks for watching. we hope you' ll join us again tomorrow night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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