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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason: we begin with breaking news this noon. a mother and daughter to rested in osceola county on charges. m jason guy. michelle: i michelle imperato. agency they found them in poinciana after they posted ads online. brett connolly joins us. brett: here is the mother and daughter now behind bars in what
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you are looking at tracy mowatt and leslie on the other side of the screen. they made plans to meet up with the -- when the undercover agents met with the pair, they were solicited for sex. agency they also found cocaine and drug paraphernalia and three in a back bedroom. the department children and families were called and those kids were removed from the home. relatives. back over to you. jason: a huge mess to clean up in south daytona after a driver slams his car to an apartment complex overnight. when it all happened, a father and daughter were inside a sleep. michelle: wesh 2' s claire metz joins us live from the scene on -- outside of palmetto avenue. >> it is a mess. the driver who fled on foot after the crash went right through the concrete wall
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directly into the kitchen wall of this unit. showing you night. this happened just after 11:30. the driver of a rental car, a black 2000 1670 in pollock, ran a stop sign. wall, shattered glass willie maddox and his daughter were sleeping upstairs but got a glimpse of the driver before he -- as he fled. down. as soon as we come down, we see the car and everything in here. we open the front door and we hear he was going to the parking lot like he was hurt. t call the police. didn' t touch him. he just kept running. >> that is right. the suspect took off. inside the house, willie showed us damage to the wall. the impact knocked the stove clear across the kitchen the
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the vehicle was a rental from enterprise rented by a woman. it was a man in the car that crashed and police found blood from the parent injury. the owner of the unit, he rents to mr. maddox. he says it is not the first time a vehicle is crashed into this wall and into this particular apartment. if you know my turning round, there is a guard rail that kind of ends before the apartment complex and. the owner says that if this were to be extended because of the way the road runs, inks it would at least prevent something like this, or at least stop the damage. jason: climb a way out of this freezing temperatures that greeted us this morning. michelle: the sunshine is helping us. amy sweezey stepped outside, she is taking a look at the latest temperatures. it feels good out there? amy: it really does. we have full sunshine and temperatures are climbing. it is about the wind, too.
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that is making a difference as well. look at these numbers. upper 50' s, lower 60' s. that is coming out very nicely from this morning when we were in the 20' s and 30' s. when you look at the wind, we have a bit of a breeze. it is nothing like yesterday when we are -- when we were dealing with 25 mile per hour winds and bigger gusts the last two days. as you plan the rest of the afternoon, lots of sunshine expected. the wind will stay on the light side and we will keep climbing a few more degrees. we will top out in the low to mid 60' s are most part. we have a 70' s returning tomorrow. coming up in a few minutes, we will talk more about our warmer night tonight compared to this morning, no advisories, no freeze warnings in effect. we have temperatures in the 70' s tomorrow and of course, the weekend and it is valentine' s day. we will talk about your forecast for saturday and sunday as well. jason: thank you, amy. windows temperatures drop, it is not just people you have to think about.
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michelle: the sanford zoo has a bigger collection of animals to protect. alex villarreal got a special look at the steps they take. >> we have over 400 animals here the central florida zoo and each one has a cold weather protocol. >> david tetzlaff, central florida zoo director, took us behind the gates this morning to show us how the zoo handles low temperatures like the ones we felt overnight. >> we like to be overly cautious with their animals. on a night like this, one we are close to freezing, low 30' s, we fully close the giraffe in. >> the giraffes have heat inside and thick beds of hay when they' re ready to sleep. the zoo' s cats, like the cheetahs and cougar we saw today, also get hay beds. too in the winter, so they can stay warm. but cold-sensitive tropical birds are brought inside. >> and then we have the herpitarium or reptile house, climate-controlled.
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like outside, the stakes are always comfortable around 80 degrees. also feeling the heat today, this toasty tortoise, who chose to be half under his lamp. so what' s it like to visit the zoo on a cold day? >> you don' t sweat. there are no bugs. it' s a great time to see the zoo. a lot of times, the animals are more active on the colder days. look for the animals in the sunny spot of their enclosure, that' s where they' re going to be because they want to warm up, stay in the sun just like we do. >> zoo director tetzlaff tells me even though some of these animals are used to mostly warm climates, where the temperature still get, the goal of these he was animal welfare. >> it' s our job to protect these animals as much as possible, so if you want to say we baby them, i' m guilty. >> in sanford, alex villareal, wesh 2 news. michelle: the american veterinary medical association says cats and dogs should be kept inside when it is cold. "with space heaters.
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we have new details right now about the two orange county women accused of beating up and elder -- an elderly man to steal his prescription. they were scheduled to make their first court appearance today. police say the victim was repeatedly slapped across the face of a cutting board and had 100 paying bills taken from them. the victim told police the women knew he had a prescription earlier. a judge set on for mullins and britney tele g. jason: we are learning more about the two marilyn deputies killed by mammoth florida ties. the gunman identified as david evans is wanted here in winter park for multiple traffic violations. he was also wanted elsewhere in florida for solving officer. the first marilyn debbie was killed while he was eating lunch
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the sheriff there are says evans then killed another deputy during a shootout before he was killed. police have not released a motive. happening today, people will come together to remember fall in county sheriff' s deputy scott pine. a candlelight vigil is happening tonight at 5:30 at westminster abbey boulevard and horse ferry road. he was shot and killed 2 years ago today after confronting car burglary suspects. the gunman, benjamin holtermann, later shot and killed himself. his girlfriend, erica pugh, is serving 15 years in prison. a bill inspired by the death of deputy pine has now taken a big step forward. the florida senate passed the proposal yesterday which will give families of those killed in the line of duty increased benefits. under this bill, they would receive 100% of benefits. the state house will now vote on the bill. deputy is out on bond charged with having sex with an inmate. investigators say deputy barre taylor committed sexual misconduct on two occasions at the jail. sheriff wayne ivey says taylor was fired wednesday, after he
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taylor was named corrections officer of the year in 2013. michelle: new at noon, more information about the arrest of a local man, charged after crashing his car into an orange county home. take a look at clarence mcclendon. police say yesterday, just after 2:00 an officer spotted his car , driving southbound on rio grande avenue. he was wanted in connection with a hit-and-run. officers tried to pull him over, but he took off. he lost control of his car and crashed into a home on at rio grande and 19th street. mcclendon was arrested, and wesh 2 spoke to the homeowner, who says his daughter and grandchild were inside when it all happened. >> that is the roomy and my daughter sleeps in. >> and you were just in there, just before? >> probably about five minutes before the car went through the wall. michelle: the family is staying at a hotel. jason: an elderly witnesses say man died after driving into a cold pond.
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the car alive, but died when he came to sit on the ground. fhp says the man drove off the road and hit a utility pole before landing into the pond. this happened by austin merritt road in groveland, not far from the florida turnpike last night. good samaritans ended up pulling him from the car. they say the 73-year-old was talking to them before he suddenly went unconscious and then died. next at noon, a woman is accused nursing home. michelle: the worker tells us why those accusations she says are not true. jason: you will hear from passengers happy to be back on stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. jason: only on wesh 2, we are hearing from a former health care worker who is accused of punching a patient with dementia. michelle: the nursing assistant lost her job when the allegation surfaced. martha alonzeau she says she was trying to protect a patient who was trying escape the facility. she tells us she was waving a towel not her fist. >> i was trying to trick him with the towel. to see if he could let go of the door and hold on to the towel. but he did not. he kept on holding the door. volusia county deputies say she punched 66-year-old randall ellis and senior eight times. a statement from consulate
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resident and patient safety is our top priority, so upon learning of the alleged incident, our staff immediately reported it to the appropriate state and local agencies. the victim in all of this is now being cared for at a veteran' s facility instead. his son says he has no interest in suing. jason: the cruise ship that was slandering a storm is back in port. anthem of the seas docked last night. jazmin walker reports passengers didn' t hold back from sharing how they really felt. >> free at last, free at last. >> one passenger channeled his inner martin luther king junior. many were too exhausted for words. >> what you want to talk about? >> camera spotted others cheering for their balconies. they set sail on saturday only to run it powerful winds and waves as high as 30 feet. the ship was tossed around,
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>> it was at a roller coaster you can' t get off of. >> it was 12 hours of pure torture. >> for passengers had minor injuries. not everyone is telling a horror story. >> it was scary, but the ship and -- the crew and captain were great. >> the anthem of the seas turned around and sent back to new jersey. the cruise line says the event , exceptional as it was, identify gaps in our planning system that we are addressing. though the system has performed well through many incidences of severe weather, what happened this week showed that we need to do better. >> senator bill nelson is asking the national transportation safety board to investigate the decision to sail into that storm. as for the anthem of the seas, it sail -- set sail again next week. jason: royal caribbean is offering those chat that passengers a full refund.
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will cost you a little more to get into universal orlando. the department bumped up ticket prices overnight. a one day single park passes up to $105. that is up three dollars from last year. for a one-day part to park ticket will cost you $155. that is in a dollar increase. a police officer in north dakota is not expect to survive after being shot during a standoff in fargo. jason: jason moszer was shot as he responded to a domestic violence call when the suspect fired multiple rounds. after keeping swat teams at bay for more than eleven hours, the suspect was found shot to death in the home several hours ago. fargo' s police chief says the officer' s family is in the hospital saying goodbye to him. the suspect' s wife and family were able to get out of the home unharmed. we' re getting word of a deadly prison riot in northern mexico. the governor of nuevo leon state says 52 inmates were killed and 12 were hurt in a brutal fight between rival factions at the topo chico prison. it'
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prisoners have escaped. that prisons not far from another prison that pope francis is scheduled to visit during his first trip to mexico which begins tomorrow. michelle: a much-needed endorsement for hillary clinton moments ago. the political action committee of the congressional black caucus formally announced its support for clinton in her race for president. gregory meeks said clinton has been a long-term partner who understands the racial divide. the political action committee is separate from the not all of whom have endorsed clinton. several have endorsed bernie sanders. jason: we' ve got an incredible view of a lightning show on earth, taken from the international space station. british astronaut tim peake shot this time lapse footage of dazzling storms as the iss made a pass over europe and africa on tuesday. michelle: let' s talk about our weather today.
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amy: it is so dry. there is no way we can even have a cloud, let alone any rain today. kind of like what we have been waiting for. we were really hot last week and now we are really call this week and now is the payoff. look at the beautiful view. lots of blue sky. our temperatures this morning were awfully cold. we have a freeze warning. we dropped to 28 in ocala. palm coast hit 30. we had all kinds of frost. people' s cars. it was a frosty and freezing morning. now, we are done with it for a while. it' ll will be much warmer tomorrow morning when you head out to we have recovered nicely, we are in the upper 50' s and lower 60' s and most spots. 61 in ocala. only a few hours -- six hours or so, five hours and that son did its thing and product temperatures up that far. there' s the beautiful blue sky
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the wind at seven miles per hour, so not nearly as gusty or blustery as it was. notice, look at the dew point. humidity is a 25%. that might be a lot for phoenix, that is not much for orlando at all. that is some dry air. and lower 30' s. definitely getting us over here on this dry and of our scale. when you compare it, we have the last week, when we had temperatures in the 80' s and it was more humid, around 60 for the dew points. in the summertime, the dew points get into the mid-70' s. dry the areas. day. here is what is going much. if is so dry that we don' t have any clouds. it is dry all the way up in the atmosphere.
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vapor, you see all of this orange color. translates to blue sky and low humidity. light. look at these numbers, we will are. we are not going to be at 73, but we will certainly be driven s. overnight tonight, look at these we dropped into the 40' that is cool. but it will not be windy and we are not going to freeze. s and s like it was this morning. 44 sanford, 45 orlando and melbourne and 44 in daytona beach. tomorrow, that is the day the 70' s return. we get more sunshine, we stay dry, but we will be even warmer. our wind shifts around and comes at the west. we will get more win -- warmer air. a cold front coming through that will not coolest down significantly. it will not bring us any rain either. it is just going to kick up a
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notice, it brings temperatures down a bit. sunday' where we are today. we have some more prayer on the way for early next week. jason: amy, thank you. a civilian helps british police catch a crook. michelle: he did it with his foot. the suspect was running away with a pretty strong lead from kingston police officers. a man just -- stick sticks out his life and trypsin. the personal helped stop the suspect casually walked away from the scene. a san diego woman was south africa' s manny montero says on separately new haircut, she tried to shoot her barber. manny montero says on wednesday morning, 29-year-old andrian blanche swain left happy with her new haircut and even gave him a big tip. an hour later, she came back to complain and montero says she had a different cut than the one he gave her and a bald spot. that' s when she tried to shoot him 3 times but the gun didn' t fire. montero and another barber threw
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there until police arrived. jason: in california, someone is once again placing thousands of thumb tacks in the grass and creek at a dog park. ve received they' re looking for whoever is responsible. dog owners say they' ve picked up as 5000 tax over the past -- tacks over the past few weeks at hercules park and turned them over to police as evidence. yesterday, we showed you the rescue of a dog from a building that collapsed in this week' s big earthquake in taiwan, --. michelle: today, that dog has been reunited with its family. the maltese, named le le or happy in english, was sent at first to a temporary shelter where it appeared shocked and stressed. but the sister and cousin of the dog' s owner, came to pick up lele. the owner is in the hospital with injuries he suffered in the collapse, but he saw lele' s rescue on tv.
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jason: we are in a neighborhood where a mother and daughter were arrested on prostitution and child neglect charges. michelle: they are accused of putting children in a back room while soliciting sex.
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jason: theme park enthusiasts, listen up. universal orlando is raising ticket prices. we will find out if any parts will follow suit. join us for first at four. a surprise from the sea joins guest inside a california restaurant. michelle: diners were stunned when a little sea lion wandered in and took a seat at a table. this picture of her sitting in the booth have gone viral. jason: so cute. >> she was very smart. she picked up the best table and house. she jumped right over here, sat down and then she went, where' s breakfast? michelle: it' s amazing, she speaks. she was malnourished and dehydrated. she was taken to seaworld san diego where she is being nursed back to health and seaworld says dwindling food supplies and high tides in the pacific have led to 40 sea lion rescues just this year. jason: looking for some good fish for lunch.
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taking a nap and discussions. jason: amy, we are getting some warmth after a cold start. amy: low-to-mid 60' s, that feels pretty good after being in the 50' s yesterday. freezing and frost this morning. it won' t be called tonight. lots of sunshine tomorrow as he returned to the 70' s. the weekend looks good. it is a front coming through, but it will not bring rain. it calls us a little bit on sunday. michelle: thank you so much and thank you for watching today. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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