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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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special. and don't forget we'll be doing shows live all this week from los angeles. hope to see you there. oops. my uber is here. thanks for dinner. >> "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon" is in l.a. all this week. and tomorrow, will ferrel drops by. >> local, live, latebreaking this is wesh 2 news at 11:00 in high definition. >> devastating shock. adrian: breaking news, neighbors are having a hard time believing that somebody would stab and 81 world orange county man to death. inside of his own home. within the last 15 minutes, deputies announced that two people of interest in the case have been found. good evening.
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the daughter, we got to amanda ober with new developments. amanda: i just learned from the orange county sheriff' s office that the daughter of the murder victim and her boyfriend, both persons of interest in this case were found at around 10:30 a.m. this morning and both of them were placed under what they call a baker act told. we don' t know the details yet of the circumstances under which they were located , but investigators were ancient to talk with them about the death of the 81-year-old man that they were living with. detectives with the sheriff' s office have named this couple, the 45-year-old daughter tessie , gresham and her boyfriend, 53-year-old david buchan, as person' s of interest in the fatal stabbing of gresham' s 81-year-old father. the body of julian gresham was found inside his taft mobile home saturday night. firefighters had been called to do a well being check and made the gruesome discovery around 9:45.
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-- amanda a neighbor who didn' t known gresham for over 30 years. she said he was on dialysis and gresham' s daughter and boyfriend were living with him to help with his care. >> before we went on vacation, he was out front, weeding his yard trimming back bushes, he was ill but he was great, he was a nice man. amanda detectives believe : gresham' s daughter and her boyfriend took off in gresham' s car which looks similar to the one in this photo. it' s a beige 2006 ford taurus with florida tag skm3u. deputies say gresham' s gun may also be in the car with the couple. investigators tell us that even though they have located a couple, they still have not recovered the vehicle. they are still interested in any information that would lead them to that car.
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and has done present time for burglaries and robberies in the live in the breaking news center, amanda ober, wished it is. adrian: new information tonight about the college student killed in a triple shooting at a party in daytona beach. the boy' s mother says that the sun leaves behind a four-month-old daughter. today, the man suspected opening fire, killing johnson and wanting to other bethune-cookman university went before a judge. wesh 2' s matt lupoli tells us how loved ones are coping. >> i just want justice for my son and for the other two kids. matt: donkevious johnson' s mother tells wesh by phone she' s devastated by the loss of a son she says anchored her family. >> he was the person that kept everybody together. matt before a shooting took his : life, don' kevious played one year of football at bcu in 2014 and continued to study psychology here. he was also the new dad of a 4-month old daughter. >> he was planning on proposing to his baby'
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matt the shooting took place : outside a country club off campus, police say it stemmed from an argument that got out of hand. two other bcu students were also seriously injured, trey williams and justine cunngingham, they' re both recovering. police say suspect lamont postell junior is responsible, he surrendered to police and was booked into the volusia county jail where he' s being held without bond on murder charges. don' kevious' mother tells us she can' t fathom how a fight between young people would end her son' s life. >> he just was the type of kid that you fell in love with, it was the smile that he had he just tried to keep people together and keep peace. matt the victims were all : students at but he suspect was not. bcu officials tell us their critical incident care team is already providing support and counseling for grieving students.
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wesh 2 news. adrian: a robber tries twice to hold up to stores and kissimmee. he asked the clerk for a pack of cigarettes and police say that he pulled a gun, the clerk however ran into an office and the suspect took off. police believe the same guy robbed the 7-eleven on south jyp a short time later, getting cash. tonight, one man is in jail, another in the hospital, after a shooting outside a 7-eleven in sanford. police tell us they arrested brandin pickens for the shooting early this morning near the store on north ronald reagan boulevard, not far from lake mary boulevard. officers say the two got into an argument but don' t know why. the other person is expected to survive. covering orange county, you may want to plan on a detour if your morning commute takes you along 17-92 between maitland and winter park. workers say they' re making progress on reopening the road by 6:00 a.m, however, earlier tonight, they told us they found more ' muck' under the roadbed, at the railroad overpass, and it' s slowed them down.
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at the news. >> us, as employees, obviously, we are not happy to see this, but more than anything, it is customers that have been affected by today. everybody that has been coming in today has been talking about how to so confusing and nobody is polite and nobody lets anyboy in here. adrian: the project has closed all southbound lanes where 17-92 intersects with park avenue. we' ll let you know whether the road is back open on wesh 2 news sunrise, beginning at 4:30. you can also sign up to to receive breaking news alerts using our wesh 2 mobile app. along that stretch. head out the door in the first alert meteorologist eric burris is live in our outdoor weather studio. eric: i think you want a jacket, those temperatures will be a little warmer. at this hour, still holding in the lower 60' s. that says a lot. these temperatures in orlando all. going to be able to get them
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elsewhere, we are cooler, just up the road in sanford, 54. 50, palm coast. 52, ocala. looking at satellite and radar, watching clouds moving in, that is indicative of a warming set up across town. look offshore, there are the showers we have been watching over the last hour. more activity there approaching the brevard county coastline. hour-by-hour for your morning drive, it is 55, 56 degrees. of course, as the sun comes up, so do the temperatures. at 9:00, that is only kick in the 20% chance of passing showers. that' s nothing compared to tuesday morning commute. i will track the next cold front what means for you when i see guys inside in a couple of minutes. adrian: students and staff will come together tomorrow night to remember a brevard county teacher killed in a murder-suicide. melbourne police say sandra cook was shot in her own bed two weeks ago by her estranged husband, who took his own life. cook was a popular math teacher at rockledge high school and a
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a public memorial will be tomorrow night at 6:00 at mclarty stadium. all athletic teams are asked to wear their jerseys to the event and sit together. tomorrow, we may find out what' s next for the teenager, accused of trying to run over an orlando police officer. last july, police say edward kelty ran over officer william anderson. anderson fired two shots in return, wounding kelty. he' s been cleared of any wrongdoing. tomorrow, a status hearing is scheduled in the case. officer anderson' s wife says her husband suffers from vision problems, a traumatic brain injury and ptsd. another teen, angel nieves, who' s accused of helping kelty in the crime, is also due in court tomorrow. tonight, a driver faces murder charges for the death of a 5-year-old during a police chase. jayden readon was on a sidewalk near his home yesterday in palm beach county when officers say a driver, trying to get away from police, crashed into the child. jayden'
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the police response. >> i looked and saw my five-year-old grandson laying in the sand with his ankles and legs broken, with a big gash in his head, non responsive, and i saw them chasing. i was like why are they doing a high speed chase in a residential neighborhood? 20-year-old lex eugene, was arrested. one day after supreme court justice antonin scalia' s death, a battle is brewing between the republican-led senate and the white house. flags are flying at half-staff across the country in honor of scalia. this is what it looked like at the white house today. jennifer johnson reports, a vacancy on the court, during an election year, hasn' t happened in decades. jennifer: hours after justice antonin scalia' s death. president obama made his intentions clear. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor. jennifer: but senate republicans including the two gunning for , the white house. say any nominee from a lame-duck
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>> the president can nominate anyone he wants but the senate is not going to act and that' s very clear. jennifer ted cruz is warning of : dire consequences should mr.obama add another justice to the court. >> we will see abortion on demand throughout this country partial birth abortion taxpayer , funding no parental notification. jennifer justice scalia' s : conservative views often influenced the balance of the court in many 5-4 decisions. >> we lost one of the greats. i' d like to have the person tailored to be just like justice scalia. jennifer democrats say senate : republicans need to act responsibly and vote on a nominee. >> barack obama is president of the united states until january 20th, 2017. [applause] that is a fact, my friends, whether the republicans like it or not. >> apparently they believe that the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring forth a nominee to replace justice scalia.
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: concerned the high court could be paralyzed with just 8 members. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. adrian: scalia' s death means next month' s supreme court arguments over contraceptives, religious liberty and president obama' s health care law appear more likely to favor the administration. today, we spoke with a professor with the famu college of law, who says while scalia' s opinions weren' t progressive, they served a purpose. >> one of the important simply -- important things about justice scalia was that we knew that on every progressive issue, he would have a dissenting position. it that dissenting opinion that makes our democracy better, if it is simply a dissenting position. adrian: without scalia' s vote, a case that conservatives might have won 5 to 4 could end in a 4 to 4 tie, leaving in place the conflicting decisions of lower courts. one man describes it as the worst headache of his life. >>
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i just knew that i was sick. adrian: a student talks about what it was like to be diagnosed with zika virus and why he is way that' s what one of the places that has been hit hard by the virus. last, a major big chill ripping through parts of the country. causing problems. car crash spend a week stranded in desert.
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adrian: a medical student in florida says you never heard of the zika virus until he was diagnosed with it. here in a state of florida, about 20 cases have popped up, many of them in south florida. while on a medical mission in his native of haiti last november, yet the worst headache ever. he thought he is coming down with something. he says that the next day he also had a rash. >> i thought to myself, it is some kind of virus, but i was not too worried. but then, when the rash spread to my entire upper body, then i said, that is not your typical viral illness. adrian: after four days and it took to the doctor where he was diagnosed with having zika
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he studies at fiu implies to visit haiti again to help educate in the fight against zika virus. an oregon man has an amazing story of survival after he was stranded in the desert. police say the 59-year-old man -- 69 romantic was driving his truck from arizona whenever dan arena, nevada. his son i know receptions and we had no way of getting help. he survives by drinking melted snow and rationing the little food that he had. highway patrol trooper found him a week later. he is now in the hospital. in good spirits. a lot of couples are cuddling up tonight, not just because it is valentine' s day, also because it is bitterly cold. we are in the low 60' s here, the washington, d.c., is in the low 20' s. reports of record low temperatures in the northeast, and a snowstorm is hitting the midwest. >> it was a snowy valentine' s day in indiana. weather was the cause of a huge
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indianapolis, at least 10 people were taken to the hospital with injuries. >> we know that is call came through here and visibility was almost zero. it just turned i see very quickly. we deal with this, but and 32 years, this is one of the worst crashes that i' ve ever seen. >> the call is valentine' s day on record in the northeast. frigid temperatures caused problems for firefighters in new jersey. >> one of the lines for us. that is typical when you have this kind of weather. >> in new york, the icy or almost scared off a tour is from london. >> we got off the plane yesterday and nearly went back into the airport. i' ve never known cold like that ever. >> temperatures can many people at home in philadelphia, but not everybody. some people in average chinese new year celebration. one woman said that it was not so bad. >> i' m not actually that cold. i lived in chicago for a while,
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>> good news, forecasters predict a warm up later in the week. adrian: fortunately here in central florida, we are not dealing with any of that. we just had a gorgeous day. this forecast that we have been talking about for the last hour or so, wow. eric: this is the greatest of, considering our friends up north with you with snow, freezing precipitation. the only precipitation we get is tuesday morning and it will be in and out. then we move on. at this hour, kind of an interesting set up. 50 degrees and palm coast. 61, orlando. middle 60' s for melbourne. a big adjustment temperatures for northern communities to our southern communities. all in all, running a few degrees warmer than this time yesterday. first alert satellite and radar, watching clouds rolling right on in. if you have close the, we are tracking showers.
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are trying to work on in, but yet. i think while we are sleeping on a bear islands and the space coast, there could be rainfall. watching this coming in around aucilla new smyrna beach, coastline. again, they are real light and bother us. temperatures hovering around ocala. daytona beach, you may come up a little bit for the overnight as a shower quickly moves in. orlando, you may come down a little bit. temperatures all over the place. here' s the take away, before all is said and done, upper 40' s too low and middle 50' s. eventually 60 degrees in melbourne. our afternoon, butyl. more cloud cover than today. more warmth. 79, orlando. 77, palm coast. 78, daytona beach. high-pressure giving us the easterly winds.
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watch what happens monday night into tuesday. the boundary passes on through. i had of that, showers, maybe a thunderstorm, and then drier air drives in and stays with us. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. it will really be a great stretch of weather. we have to get through the rain first. here' s 7:30 a.m., amy sweezey will be tracking this on sunrise. lunchtime, same thing. in the afternoon, more lifting and from south florida. 20% chance of rain. here is tuesday morning, 5:00 a.m., there is the rainfall. a couple of heavier downpours. offender sometimes really possible in the western areas. working into the i-4 quarter, 7:00 a.m. tuesday, and by 9:00, the clouds are beginning to defend. the rain has moved on. the is subject to change, but that is the best that we have as of right now. a couple of showers for your monday. most people are off work and enjoying president they. tuesday, heavy downpours through
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both days, i temperatures around 80 degrees. the rest of the setup, all the way through the weekend, perfect. adrian: looks great. the front row for next weekend' s daytona 500 is now set as a youngster shows the veterans how to claim the pole. pat has that story, next in sports. and a true city development story, as the lions inch closer to landing a player who could very well change the city
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pat: the front row of next sunday' s daytona 500 is now set, and it will feature the youngest pole siter in the history of this grand event. chase elliott, whose dad bill won this thing twice, will take the field to green a week from today in the 24 car vacated by the retired jeff gortdon. and he' s only 20-years-old. elliott had the second fastest time in round one of qualifying this afternoon at the speedway behind dale earnhardt jr., and then elliott turned the fastest lap in the final round of 12 drivers. better than 196 miles an hour. matt kenseth will sit on the outside of row one. all other starting spots to be determined in the twin qualifying races thursday night. the son of awesome bill from dawsonville enjoying an awesome
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>> this is a big day, but at the same time, this is a long week. this is a step in the right direction, but this is, that is one line versus 500 miles next monday. a very big difference. like i said, a long ways to go. we want to make sure we had the car next sunday. i think that is the main goal, to try to be smart on thursday and knows that if we can get through those tools, we' ll be able to start on the front row regardless. that is very important. pat: it has been talked about for some time, and now it is about to become reality. the city lions are about to add more talent and depth with the imminent trade for and signing of a.c. milan star antonio nocherino. the washington post reporting that dc united is set to trade the discovery rights for nocherino to orlando for allocation money. the 30-year-old midfielder expected to sign a multi-year contract with the lions the -- with the lions. the transfer may be finalized as early as monday. visa paperwork then to be completed before he arrives in orlando to prepare for a new season which begins in early
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in toronto tonight, kobe bryant making his 18 and final nba all-star game appearance, retiring from the league. sharing a pregame moment with hall of famer bill russell and kobe getting the most out of every shot in this game. a game that takes on more of a globetrotter atmosphere than anything else. kobe bryant finished with 10 points, 41 for paul george. one shy of time the all-stars going record. seven free throw attends in again, 139 three-point attempts. 85 ss. a big victory. miami was pretty good when i defeated florida state by 13 points back on january 9. hurricanes were ranked 12th then they' re ranked 12th. the seminoles wqerent ranked -- weren' t ranked ben, they are now. but they' re better than they were in that first meeting. in fact, fsu had a four game win streak snapped at syracuse thursday looking for a big upset at home this evening against these canes. looked like it might just happen. less than a minute to go and dwayne bacon drilled a 3 to make it a one point miami lead.
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to win this thing did not. malik bewasley missed a 30 footer that would have given fsu the win. sheldon mclellan scores 20 and the canes hole on, 66-65. the ageless phil mickelson taking a two shot lead into the final round of the pebble beach pro-am this afternoon trying to win the event for a fifth time. but vaughn taylor playing with a sponsor exemption hadnt won a tournament in more than 10 years fashions a 7-under 65 i his final round to post 17 under par. mickelson one shot back with a chance to force sudden death with birdie on the final hole. but missed and the augusta georgia resident wins and gets to play in the masters for the how about that? more good news for the solar overtime overhaul myra. that is five straight victories. for the good guys. year. ye february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each.
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. adrian: who needs chocolate or roses? dozens of couples celebrated their love this valentines day by saying i do. the orange county clerk of courts office held the ceremony for 42 couples at paradise cove in orlando. one couple explained why they


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