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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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died. now men -- one man is charged with attempted murder. meredith: chris hush is live. chris: two arrests were made, but we learn from orlando police they may not be done making arrests. they could still be after a third person. we are outside the police headquarters where we are trying to get a glimpse a sibling of the two suspects today. a little more than an hour ago, luis cruz and rosario are facing six charges, including aggravated battery with a firearm and aggravated assault with a firearm. we also know 23-year-old jose lopez was rearrested for shooting into a structure and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. if you remember, he was originally arrested last week for carrying a concealed firearm and tampering with physical evidence, but bounded out.
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nightclub off universal boulevard, two people. 10 others were injured. two groups got into an altercation which led to the shooting. most of the surviving victims have recovered from their remains shut down. we are outside police suspects to come out and be transferred to the orange county we are going to be asking orlando police a little more about the investigation and have an update for you on wesh 2 news at 10:00 and 11:00. meredith: we are also following breaking news in osceola county. a lot down has been lifted at st. cloud high school. they were made aware of a possible threat on social media. students are being released. few details have been released, but for hours students were
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chopper 2 has gotten the view. they were held for three hours past dismissal time. we also have breaking news on a busy roadway. chopper 2 was over a bad crash on state road 50 at speed world in east orange county. three people were rushed to hospital. no word on the cause. traffic is moving slowly. stewart: we' re following late-breaking news tonight. word coming that harbor house has fired its long-serving and well-liked ceo carol wick. wick has been a fixture in central florida in the fight against domestic violence, and the news is stunning to many. wesh 2' s michelle meredith is live with reaction. michelle, what is the latest tonight? michelle: the news is coming to community leaders. anyone that worked with her on the many changes that she pushed for. the news release from harbor house is fairly shoot, says the board of directors approved a leadership change and they appreciate all she did for the organization and wish her well in the future endeavors. there is no hint as to what
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harbor house is a facility that gives 100 people women and children shoulder from domestic abuse. it is in the middle of a big fundraiser to expand the facility. >> i think the community deserves a better explanation than we just let her go. carol has been a part of this for seven years for raising domestic violence in his community, being extra nearly successful advocate on behalf of people who are victims of domestic violence, working on legislation in tallahassee soon to pass this week. all of this is done, so she will be difficult to replace. michelle: harbor house has started a nationwide search to get her replacement. meredith: right now, investigators are in a wooded area of volusia county where skeletal remains have been found. the bones were spotted by a
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daytona beach off us-92. wesh 2' s claire metz reports. claire: the surveyor was doing site work and found the partial skeleton about 300 yards or so into the woods off 92 between indian lake road and red john road. >> been there for some time. claire: a spokesman for the volusia county sheriff' s office says decomposition was significant, making it impossible to readily determine who the person was man, woman, however, more than likely an adult. there was no clothing associated with the remains. no revealing personal items close to the bones, but investigators continue to search. >> i believe 8 or so deputies are out there right now looking for any other remains that might be nearby or not nearby, they may be scattered to some degree. claire: though the area where the remains were found is heavily wooded and swampy, a number of social service agencies are located along the roads bordering it, including the volusia county jail. go. detectives will of course look but it' disappeared and it wasn' t reported. who the person was, how he or
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the medical examiner to determine. investigators will be working to determine whether the death was an accident or the result of foul play. they will be searching until dark and possibly return in the morning. claire metz, wesh 2 news. stewart: thank you. we are following some late breaking news from orange county. firefighters are cleaning up after an apartment fire. this happened on jamestown drive. the blaze broke out just before 3:00 near aloma and semoran boulevard. chopper 2 was on the scene just moments later. you can see smoke coming from the building. you can see a lot of firefighters working on it. right now there are no reports of any injuries, so far, no word what caused the fire. day three of the search for any sign of baby willow went below ground. workers with the city of orlando sent a robotic camera through hundreds of feet of piping underneath the willow bend apartments. that' s where police say the child' s mother, 30-year-old susan richardson, who is now in jail, gave birth earlier in the week. she has refused to give them a definitive answer on the infant' s whereabouts. for five hours today, workers monitored the camera'
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by remote video screen, residents are tying to remain hopeful. >> i really hope they could just find her alive, you know? she deserves a chance. she deserves to live. stewart: crews say today' s search turned up nothing of value. police plan another search for tomorrow. angela: meredith: tonight we now the names of the two men shot to death in winter park' s first double homicide in at least 20 years. 46-year-old frank freeman and 24-year-old jordan ingram were shot last night outside a house on the corner of west comstock and capen. one body was found in front of the house the other by a pickup , truck. witnesses tell us the men were father and stepson and that they were fighting. neighbors heard multiple gun shots, and are shocked by the violence. >> is like, worse than heartbreaking. we don' t shoot over here. i have been in winter park 55 years, and it is rare somebody get killed. meredith: neighbors tell us the family just moved into the house
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stewart: a violent night in ocala. two shootings left two men dead in a five hour time frame. 40-year-old mallory moton was shot several times in front of a home on nw 12th avenue a little after 8:00 in the evening. the father of 6 was rushed to the hospital where he died. police say it was some sort of argument that escalated into gunfire which was easily heard across the street. shirley pinkney: only thing i heard was shots, bam, bam, bam, bam, about 8 of em. stewart: she stayed inside her house for her own safety. then, just after 12:30 in the morning, 26-year-old jairah raines was shot in the stomach in the parking lot outside the platforms nightclub. the men are cousins, but the police have not made any other connection between the two shootings. no arrests have been made. meredith: right now orlando police are looking for a woman who robbed a cab driver at gun point. take a good look at this surveillance photo. police say the woman got into the cab on monday, and as she was driven out of town, she pulled the gun out and demanded the driver hand over everything he had. then she took off running. anyone with information is asked
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stewart: detectives have found a vehicle they believe killed a jogger in a frightful hit-and-run this week, and they' re talking to the owner. covered with both a plastic tarp and a layer of dust, the 1998 jeep cherokee is exactly what highway patrol investigators hoped and expected to find. early monday, 39-year-old jason rodeghier went out jogging before dawn along a remote, pitch black satellite boulevard west of cocoa. when he didn' t return, his girlfriend went out looking, and found him lying dead. among the only clues were some broken pieces from the headlight-area of a jeep grand cherokee. a tipster found the jeep. kim montes: we feel we have a great start by getting this vehicle and the person that came , forward, we cannot thank you enough for that anonymous tip. stewart: detectives are interviewing the owner of the jeep, which is unregistered and does not have license plates. cocoa fire crews put out flames and help resuscitate a pet cat. here are some pictures from the cocoa police department. no injuries were reported. two cats were rescued.
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both are said to be doing ok. meredith: plans to build a swanky hotel on land adjacent to the dr. phillips performing arts center have been placed on indefinite hold. as wesh 2' s amanda ober reports the city of orlando claims there' s no rush to develop the parcel. amanda: at one time, plans to build a boutique hotel on this parcel of land next to dr. phillips arts center were highly publicized, but last fall the developer withdrew his proposal , and now the city says the plans for this parcel remain unclear. there are empty parcels of land on each side of the dr. phillips center for the arts. on the southeast corner, the former site of the infamous round building, an office tower is planned. on the northeast corner, a boutique hotel was in the works, but that proposal was withdrawn last october when the only developer to pitch a project said he wanted to go back to the drawing board.
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proposal for the land with a broader focus, possibly a mixed use development but that has not happened. in a written statement today, a city spokeswoman said, "the city is taking a step back and evaluating what is the best there is no timeline set for this or any need to rush, the statement went on to say that the parcel is currently being used as a green space for outdoor events and that will be they plan it' s future. when and if the land is sold or leased, the city says the money will go towards the continued operation of the arts center. in orlando, amanda ober, wesh 2 news. meredith: phase two is set for groundbreaking sometime this year. it will feature a 7500 performance hall. stewart: could cause you hundreds of fines. meredith: people could soon be
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>> is tens of millions of dollars a year. this scheme they set up outside the court system. meredith: a new lawsuit that says dui suspects are paying twice for their alleged crime. stewart: orlando leads the way as the state celebrates the record year for tourism. tony: a great night for racing at daytona beach. the international speedway, it
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meredith: a local drunk driving case could deal a major pay day for more than 200,000 people arrested for dui across florida. stewart: a new lawsuit against the state is seeking all money plus damages to be repaid. meredith: wesh 2' s greg fox shows us how this started, and why some think the state is stepping on your civil rights. >> i' m sorry. greg: when this man was stopped on suspicion of drunk driving last november, police give him a suit field sobriety test which
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according to that winter park police department arrest affidavit, after it was given, an officer asked him if he wanted to go to a hospital because of medical conditions including diabetes, and he said no, take me to jail. in fact, he never argued that he wasn' t legally intoxicated. he accepted his punishment last friday and was sent to jail for two days. in the federal lawsuit, he claims he was punished twice, including the day he was arrested and his license was taken to him for a year. -- from him for a year. he is seeking a class action lawsuit. he claims the department of highway safety is playing judge, jury, and executioner by taking licenses before people are convicted and charging them $240 for license reinstatement. >> may be found guilty and find, that is part of the criminal justice process. but highway safety yields tens
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greg: he says it is also unconstitutional. when drivers found not guilty are still faced with the loss of their license. they have to go to administered of hearing officers, paid by the dhs and the. -- dhs mv. >> i think it should be the judge, not a hearing officer. greg: the legal team says they are not try to give drunk drivers a break, just fairness under the law. meredith: the legal team is seeking an injunction in the next 30 to 60 days to stop the state from suspending licenses after the ui arrest. a spokesman with the dshmv says they have no comments. stewart: a big beautification project underway in deltona. this building was an eyesore in the community when it was destroyed in 2012.
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>> we have a lot of kids walk by here and go into the house, so it is really a good thing to see it go. stewart: the city will also be re-landscaping city gateways and medians, parks and public facilities. they are also encouraging homeowners to do the same. the city has also set aside money to demolish three more homes. meredith: florida welcomed a record 105 million tourists in 2015 and orlando' s tourism leaders say they' ll soon announce some record-breaking stats of their own. visit orlando says in 2014, it saw 62 million tourist and coming up in april it expects to announce 2015 brought even more visitors to the region. to capitalize on the momentum, the agency has kicked off a campaign called "orlando, the never-ending story." it features emotion-based videos and photos that emphasize not only the opportunity to create memories in orlando but the fact orlando is constantly offering new experiences. >> so this year we decided to go to orlando area. reporter: have you decided we are the best?
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reporter: are you saying that because i am asking? >> no, everyone is so friendly, it is just nice, and so centrally located. meredith: you bet. visit orlando is tasked with marketing and branding orlando. stewart: we have about 100,000 people going to flood florida with the daytona 500. s go back outside. it is not often we get to show that. yes a timeout the sunset during a weather cast. and as the sun sets, very fortunate to have that view. we' ll also watching at daytona beach, the race underway. we have spectacular temperatures. temperatures have fallen to 60 degrees right now as we look at the latest conditions. wind out of the north at 60 miles an hour. overall good.
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overall a good condition. there are some clouds approaching the coastline, majority will fly to brevard county, the interior will be in good shape. notice the readings, 57 palm coast, 56 in kissimmee. the deeper inland to go tonight, that is when temperatures will begin to cool off well after sunset. temperatures on the coast will begin to kind of city on off, a seal of county fair underway -- osceola county fair underway. muscular in land, a lot back to the coast. you get -- much cooler in land, a lot more in the coast. a little cooler on the coast tomorrow, high temperatures in 60 to low 70' s. in land we will see temperatures
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at the disney golf tournament, tee time is 72. mid afternoon, a great day for a round of golf. in the evening, we have another race. 61 degrees. 9:30, onshore flow temperatures holding steady around 60. in the weekend, ribs and swells will be building all weekend long with afternoon highs, but as you jump in land it will be warmer. saturday and sunday we have races, the qqq 300, and sunday we have the daytona 500. look at the temperatures, low 70' s, sunset at 6:19, 7:00 temperature around 70 degrees. let'
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we are watching a cold front, maybe around of showers by tuesday. the big story is racing. let' s check in with pat clarke. pat: on behalf of everyone over at the speedway, thank you for the great weather. it is a great night for wasting as we -- racing. why one driver doesn' t actually have to do that well tonight. and the nba trade deadline has come and gone, but not without
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pat: hey everybody, a big night of racing at the speedway tonight, but we' ll begin with another magic trade today one whose single goal was to create more salary cap space this coming summer. channing frye on his way to the cleveland cavaliers as part of a three team trade. cavs big man anderson verijao will wind up with portland via orlando. the magic also get swingman jared cunningham and a second round pick from portland. cunningham almost certainly will be waived. orlando will trim nearly $8 million from their cap total in dealing frye. meantime, the two players dealt to orlando tuesday in the deal
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floor with their new magic teammates. brandon jennings and ersan ilyasova at the practice facility today. players that scotty skiles coached when he was with milwaukee. we' ll hear from brandon and erson tonight at 11:00. scotty right now. >> brandon is a good pick and an old player. anderson has been a good three-point shooter, good rebounder. a good hard playing guy. once you figure that out, you can keep trying to refine each skill. pat: ok, meanwhile over here it is all business for the buggies on the track in the can am qualifying races. two events, 60 laps each, 150 miles. always nice to win these things or finish well to better your spot in the grid, but drivers sunday 500 don' t want to wreck their 500 cars, so we' ll keep an eye on that. 36 cars now automatically in with the new charter system, effectively meaning that six
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tonight for two available spots in the 500. chase elliott won the pole last sunday. >> there is lot of things i feel like i need to learn before sunday rolls around, so trying to piece are there -- be smart there, fighting a fine line. we can' t let all of the front row get in our heads. me learning is more important than the starting position, getting that, trying to get some clearance. pat: and don' t forget that we are going to give you folks your own personal tour of the reviatalized daytona speed during a special coming up in about 35 minutes right here on wesh. comprehensive look at the work done to make this place the first-ever motorsports stadium. i hope you join us for that and
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meredith: central florida' s newest millionaires are out of the public eye again, one day after claiming their nearly $328 million powerball jackpot. stewart: probably a good idea. maureen smith and david kaltschmidt of melbourne beach collected the cash in tallahassee yesterday. today, there' s no word if the couple has returned to their home. yesterday, he said he' d be looking for a new car. maybe a few. she said she was looking forward to a massage. the only ticket to not be redeemed out of this record
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california. students and local high school or finally dismissed after the school was placed on lake down for several hours. meredith: new evidence in the murder of a cab driver whose body was never found. see what we have uncovered about the case and the suspects charged with murder. stewart: a person in the wrong place at the wrong time. meredith: we will see at developing news tonight. the pope versus trump. shock waves as pope francis weighs into the race for president. why he said donald trump is not a christian. donald firing back. it's getting ugly as rubio and cruz have accusations. sudn impact. a terrifying chopper crash caught on tape near pearl harbor. breaking news from


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