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tv   Today  NBC  February 19, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take," donald trump versus the pope. what the presidential candidate is saying and not saying that might surprise you. then, the ultimate geography fail, and it's hilarious. a mind bending performance by a meant list. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al
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geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's friday morning, february 19th, 2016. i'm willie along with natalie and dylan in for al this morning. he's on assignment, as is tamron, down in south carolina getting ready for tomorrow's primary. dylan has our morning jam. we all know what it is and love it. >> it's in honor of al. he got stuck in the airport in montreal. i get the call at 9:00 last night that al isn't going to make it back in time and that's why i'm here. in honor of al, "on the road again." >> he made it home. he instagramed a picture. >> montreal is a great town. >> nice place to hang out overnight. >> good restaurants. >> shall we talk a little politics? >> yes. >> the republican primary in south carolina, as i mentioned, is tomorrow. ahead of that, donald trump has taken this to an entirely new place, squaring off with the pope.
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bit that he made yesterday. on the flight home from mexico yesterday, the pope was asked about trump and he challenged his proposal to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants. he said, a person who thinks about building walls and not building bridge it is not a christian. that's the pope responding to trump's proposition for a wall. donald trump arguing the pope would be blessed to have donald trump as president. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows, is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> a top trump aide tweeted a picture showing the vatican city surrounded by walls. saying the pope benefits from
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why shouldn't america? donald trump said he was at a town hall last night on cnn and other appearances where he said, i don't want to get into this. this is the media, after he heard the comments, saying the media put this on the pope. i like him. walking away from a battle with the pope. >> i don't know that you want to take on the pope. >> if anybody would, he could. >> i feel there are bigger powers that come into play when you're on the pope's bad side. >> it's amazing when you think about this election, you think it can't escalate anymore or go to a different place -- >> nothing is too sacred. >> the pope. it's unbelievable. >> when i heard the comments yesterday, i was like, you've got to be kidding me. >> it's what we say every day. >> i know. >> we get some votes tomorrow in south carolina. it'll be a huge day in the campaign. we'll see if any of this affected donald trump. >> probably not. >> not at all. some incredible video, and kind of a sad story around this. this is a helicopter that crash landed.
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the helicopter had just taken off outside of pearl harbor in honolulu, near the u.s.s. arizona memorial. it sputtered out of control. it had gotten about 500 feet up into the air or so. the pilot and a family of four on board. all rushed to the hospital. a person is said to be in critical condition. unclear why the helicopter -- what happened on board that it the national transportation safety board is going to be on site today to start the investigation. you can imagine, the family going off to do sightseeing, see beautiful hawaii, and then this happens. so tragic. we hope and pray for the person who is in critical condition, that they come out of it. >> have you done those in hawaii? they'll hover above a waterfall. >> stunning. >> best way to take in the scenery. >> i've never done it but i hope to someday. >> we're thinking about that family today. >> also the pilot being credited
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off land, where there were people. nearby enough that witnesses and people could get to them and try to help them. >> rescue as quick as possible. on a lighter note, we saw this earlier today. adele and ellen have joined forces. they pulled off this amazing prank at a jamba juice. adele is wearing an ear piece and ellen is feeding her lines. it's hilarious. >> am i seeing wheat grass there? >> yeah, wheat grass. >> take out scissors from your purse. in your purse is scissors. i would like -- and start chopping some. >> can i chop some up? thank you. >> dump out the purse. where is my money? i need to pay for this, right? dump it out on the counter, all of this.
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>> let's see what i have here. >> you have knives and twizzlers. >> what else do i have? >> symone, you're supposed to carry those. >> how do i pay for this? >> cash or credit. >> do i pay or not? i'm a celebrity. do i have to pay? >> the accent makes it more funny. >> i'm surprised the people behind the counter -- i would have been like, don't pay. fst it's yours. take it. >> she was gnawing on the wheat grass and when they gave up the gig, she was like, this is awful. another funny clip during "wheel of fortune." sometimes the hardest part is solving the puzzle. they solved it no problem. it's what happens after. it was a pat sajak following up question.
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>> gondola ride through venice. >> yeah. [ applause ] let's check your geography knowledge. what country do you think we're sending you to? >> paris. france. >> do we still get it? >> you get the trip but also an atlas. >> that's hard though. granted, venice is probably not the hardest one. i mean, if you are put on the spot like that -- >> you're so caught up in the moment. al said when he was on "wheel of fortune," he was like the epic fail. he was with his mom, the pressure. >> say he was throwing curve balls. >> they got the trip. venice, france, is where he'll be visiting. >> or paris. >> we have something we want to
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. apparent think apparently, a scientist created coffee flour. it's made of coffee beans. you add it to your recipes, not to be used as a subty ty stitute for flour, of course. just a little bit. apparently, it gives you a little caffeine kick. >> does it taste like coffee? >> i don't think so. >> we'll find out. >> doesn't smell like coffee. >> i'll try it. >> i'm always the first to dig? >> go for it. >> thank you. >> my experience, caffeine makes things bitter tasting. we'll see. i'll do it without the sir up yrup. each serving of pancakes has 6 grams. >> don't try it with the syrup. >> not bad. i don't really taste the coffee, to be honest with you. >> i taste bitterness. >> there's a little -- when you breathe out, you can taste -- >> each serving has 145 milligrams of calf fee, caffeine, the
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>> you're not a coffee drinker so this could be a substitute if you needed a kick or boost in the morning. >> gives you a little pick me up. >> there are people who like to add a little something to give them the extra boost. it's not commercially available yet. we should point out. it's something still in development. let's see how we feel by the end of the show. >> i don't like maple syrup. i like the aunt jamima. >> my husband is like, it's not good for you. >> neither are the pancakes. >> they say don't use this like regular flour. just add a small amount to the regular flour in the recipe. don't substitute for regular flour. could be dangerous. >> that could be a lot, yeah. >> it is a little bitter. >> i'm into it. >> it's good. >> got a kick. i got a kick. >> do you want to do the weather or no?
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and ruined it. talk about. all weekend long, especially through the middle of the country with a ridge in the jet stream, high temperatures will be above average, by 15 to 35 degrees above average in some areas. yesterday. we'll see a smattering of records broken today. dallas should hit the 70s through the weekend. st. louis, 70s today and tomorrow. it'll spread east into tomorrow. we are going to see temperatures well above average from basically new england down into the southeast. shar let -- shar charlotte, 70s. we have this cold front that will trigger gusty winds, especially through the northern and midwest. we could see 65-mile-per-hour winds. wintry mix through the higher amy:
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we are headed into the low 70' s to date with a few scattered clouds this afternoon. we will climb into the weekend and stay dry. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. coming up, when actions speak louder than words. our pal helps us read the body candidates.
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every move the presidential candidates make has the potential to help or hurt their campaigns. even a shrug of the shoulders. >> we have the president of the body language institute. she's here to help you read the body language of four of the candidates. jeanine, good morning. >> good to see you. >> we dissect their words so much, but you're going to clue us into their body language. there are some tells there, as well, as to what kind of leader they'd be, right? >> absolutely. we actually will look at body language more often than words. i'm a keynote speaker for big corporations. i'll say, they'll all have to hold hands. the hula hoops are in the middle of their hands. go in a circle, the hula hoops have to make their way. i do this with my body. what do you think the executives do? they climb through the hula hoops. they're in the three inch high heels. it's because of the gesture. they'll pay attention more to
10:16 am
>> let's start with hillary clinton. play the sound. >> i've always been somebody who believed and raised in my family and faith, and i with my blessings, had an opportunity and obligation to help others. that's what i'll do as president. >> you might not have seen it. it's a shoulder shrug. watch this. it indicates uncertainty. >> family and my faith. >> watch here. one shrug already. two shrugs here. a third. there we go. the hat trick of shoulder shrugs. it's uncertainty. when you're saying a addy dee fi -- difinitive answer, it cancels out your certainty. we don't know what the catalyst is here for hillary, but it'll hurt her message. >> you think voters pick up on the cues subconsciously. >> they do.
10:17 am
jelly on my socks, please, your brain says, i don't understand that. >> sign of humility maybe? >> no, it's always uncertainty. in the united states of america, what do you want for lunch? i don't know. she's imploding here. >> let's look at donald trump. of course, again, we heard a lot of what he's had to say. you read the body language. >> people are buying it. you know it's happening. >> watch his hands. rewind it. >> uses the hands a lot. >> he does this move a bit. let's rewind and watch donald trump's hands. >> turned out to be a disaster. you know what's happening. >> i always think of the monkey cymbals. i'm not saying it to disrespect donald trump. this move here that he does constantly, remember you wind up the toy and the monkey is like ding, ding? he does the banging of his hands in the air. >> what does it tell you? >> it's connected with people who think outside of the box. creative thinking.
10:18 am
is from the real estate industry running for president. he'll be on the front lines talking to the people coming into our border. border patrol. he's going to think outside the box. creative thinking. if you want someone that has that strategy with creativity. >> we're not getting politics get into this. >> he's a chopper. >> let's go back to the democrats and look at bernie sanders. you say to keep an eye on his finger. >> when i talk about democratic socialism, i'm not looking at venezuela or cuba. i'm looking at denmark and sweden. you know what goes on in those countries? >> see the wagging of the finger? let's rewind the clip again. he wags his finger a lot. >> i'm looking at cuba, denmark and sweden. you know what goes on?
10:19 am
when we wave our finger, it's judgment wavering. police do thrks on is, on the ground! you may feel judged by him. but is he saying something he has judgment to? judgment could come. someone could be like, is he the right person for president? >> or reprimanding what he's talking about. >> we don't know what the catalyst is. >> or a big bang. >> have you come to a class at the body institute? >> i'd like to be a guest speaker. >> we've had you here enough. let's look at marco rubio. you want us to focus on his facial expression. >> i do. >> you have to clear it up. if you don't, people say, it must be true. he didn't refute it. we saw what he did to dr. carson in iowa, which was wrong. >> here it comes. >> trey gowdy came up with a statement, saying he was no longer endorsing me. >> watch his face. it's disgust.
10:20 am
and nose wrinkles. >> we saw what he did to dr. carson. >> he's disgusting. look at the brow. it's like he's dropping a non-verbal f bomb. we don't know what the catalyst is. we can assume, and most people will, why would someone spread a rumor that's not true that we can verify within minutes? we see this disgust. >> for the photoshoped photo. early. she were doing a shrug.
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and >> i have to give a great appreciation to the juvenile probation officer who was there with marcy. this morning -- with marcy pierce this morning. as she was injured, she was probably momentarily on conscience.
10:25 am
is responsible for reaching down and hitting the emergency button on her radio, and summoning additional assistance to help our deputy sheriff. i' m very appreciative of that juvenile probation officer for her assistance this morning as well. >> [indiscernible] >> she was not hurt. the probation officer was not hurt. >> [indiscernible] >> sergeant pierce has been with our agency for approximately 22 years. her husband works here in the agency as well. two of them -- the two of them are great employees. at this time, while she is in a lot of pain, she has a very jovial personality. still, she understands that she is in a serious situation today. >> [indiscernible] >> he is a sergeant with our agency as well.
10:26 am
>> we have no reason to believe that he is armed with a firearm, or anything like that, at this point. obviously, when you take the initiative to run down a law enforcement officer that is in uniform, you have the mindset that you can be dangerous to others. >> [indiscernible] >> yes. this was a bold action that this young man to today. -- took today. that is the sad part of this. 15 years old, already been in trouble with the law. again, today, taking the action that he took, we want to certainly hold him accountable for his action, even though he is a juvenile. >> [indiscernible] >> he had been -- let me see if
10:27 am
on october 22, 2015, he was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, arms burglary, and to grand theft charges, and trespassing. >> [indiscernible] >> we can' t estimate how fast, but what i can tell you is sergeant pierce said she could hear the engine revving, and he began to increase his speed. she knew at that point that she needed to get off the hood, and dismounted at that time. >> [indiscernible] >> yes, i have been able to speak with her this morning.
10:28 am
>> there are probably lots of reasons why he was out, but that is part of the system we have. again, we are working with the probation officer. they were there simply to pick him up on a juvenile custody order this morning. >> [indiscernible] >> he went forward. she was in front of the vehicle, and he deliberately, as she said, ran her down. >> [indiscernible] >> there is no video of what occurred to our knowledge at this time. >> was he already in his car? >> there is a bit of information i did not share. he was in the car. there was another female, believed to be a juvenile, in the car at the time.
10:29 am
-- pardon me? >> [indiscernible] >> she was in the car when they fled the scene. we again have not located the vehicle. i trust that they will help us locate that vehicle. it is a white honda hatchback type vehicle with rims on it. it started -- i' m told he was park ed off of the street on the grassy area in the yard of the home, but as he ran over her, they ended up on the street. he was traveling down the roadway when she had to jump off thehome car. >> [indiscernible] what can you do to make sure he
10:30 am
>> i' m very confident that the second time around -- our system is designed to work with these issues and work with the state attorney' s office on the charges and prosecute him as need be. that is something that the state attorney will have to decide at some point. we will be looking for him, obviously, and are imploring our citizens to assist the process. we want him to peacefully give up at this point. hopefully his parents, relatives, and others can assist us in the process and have him turn himself in, so that we don' t get into a confrontation trying to take him into custody. that is the ideal situation we are looking for at this time. >> [indiscernible] >> sometimes i' m disappointed in
10:31 am
keep violent offenders off the street, regardless of their age. this is one of those times. we will work through all of that. i' m not sure of all the details, why he was not in custody at this point. we will work through that. inc. you all very much. -- thank you all very much. >> you happen listening to the share from which county, talking about one of his deputies. marcy pierce being hurt after a suspect tried to run her over. now a 15-year-old is wanted. jan carlos ortiz, a 15-year-old, wanted right now. believed to be in a white honda hatchback with black rims . we will have much more for you at noon. stay with us here. you can also get instant updates with the mobile paper boxes. they were sold at michael's stores last year.
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products, posing a risk to people with allergies to mold. consumers should return them to michael's for a full refund. and for those of you who love chicken and waffles, mcdonald's is testing what could be the next big thing. sounds amazing. it's a chicken and pancake sandwich called the chicken mcgriddle. for the bun. just being tested now in ohio. it could be offered elsewhere if it takes off. i'm into that. let's get a check of the dil dylan, what about you? >> i was hoping for a sample. weather for the weekend. spotty thunderstorms back through the midwest, but up and 60s. through the midwest and the names, 40s, 50s and 60s. temperatures will be above average. on sunday, we'll see a better chance of showers and storms from the great lakes to texas.
10:33 am
and 50s behind the cold front. hanging above average amy: happy friday. we are headed into the low 70' s to date with a few scattered clouds this afternoon. we will climb into the weekend and stay dry. >> that's your latest forecast. >> my mind is already bent. >> we're ready. >> throw it in the air, whatever it is. >> i don't know what's happening. >> if you watched "america's got talent" last season, you recognize oz pearlman. he wowed the judges and the audience with his magic of the mind.
10:34 am
our heads with amazing tricks. oz, good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> we don't know what to expect. >> a notable game here on the lie. >> yes. >> we'll play it in a fun way because it's against a mentalist. always the best. >> always great. >> we have, courtesy of the "today" show, two truths. and a lie. >> big lie. >> i don't decide who lies. you decide. let's keep it as random as possible. willie, take the cards and mix them up. there's no way you know which is which, what is what, who is who. you can't see them, can you? >> no. >> hand one to dylan. hold it close to you. anyone any one you want. this is for you only. look down and see whether it says lie or truth. hold it close to your body. we'll do a throwback. there's no way we could have
10:35 am
let's go way back in time. puppy love. your first boyfriend. your first girlfriend. first crush. >> are we saying this on tv? >> we'll see. >> okay. >> now, here's the game, each of you thought of the person for yourself. did you think of the person? >> sure. >> sure. yeah. >> popular in middle school. i like it. >> whoever had a card that said truth is going to tell me the truth. tell me the real person's first name. >> i don't want to -- >> just the first name. >> if your card says lie, make up a fake name. whoever is going to tell me the lie, think of the fake name now so you don't stumble on air. i like how willie was nervous. he's nervous about telling the truth. >> no, no, going back -- yeah. >> truth or lie. >> going through the catalog. >> the catalog of girls? >> you just got yourself in trouble. >> sorry. >> wasn't me. >> you did it on your own. >> two of you will tell the truth and one tells a lie. let's do it. your first crush? >> okay.
10:36 am
what was the name of your first crush? >> laura. >> interesting. i like the way you said it, full eye contact. what was the name of your first love? >> tommy. >> she hesitated a hair. you never know. natalie, your first crush? >> rafi. >> good name, by the way. solid choice. that was definitely the truth. i don't think you would have made up quite a fake name. how did i do it? did you tell the truth? mm-hmm. willie, you were nervous. you told the truth, as well. you said tommy, which was a lie. you probably have not thought of the first crush in years, is that right? >> right. >> i see you and him and go back to when this was. think about when -- see how you did that? that was good. this has something to do with school.
10:37 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> when did you meet him? >> hint kindergarten. hold on. something about it is really funny that you remember about him. could i have found this on facebook orion online? >> no. >> it was the two of you and it was a funny story. one time, close your eyes for me, dylan. >> natalie, look. willie. what was so funny about you and the young man? >> we kind of got engaged and said we were going to get married. >> you were going to get married in kindergarten. look at me in the eye. it sounded -- people don't lie big. if she said tommy, it sounds like the real name, bobby, which was his name, wasn't it? >> it was. >> wait, did you talk before? >> i did not talk to him at all. >> had you met him before?
10:38 am
>> i stalked her for months. >> we have to bring bobby out. i'm kidding. >> i don't think bobby remembers me. this is way back. >> let's say something notable. >> amazing. >> willie is thinking about it. you're at work. you have the greatest job in the world. you like time off. >> yeah. >> you walked in earlier and mentioned, i'm working hard. something about a trip. a trip, a vacation. >> right. >> i want you to think of something notable from your past. right away, i can tell, you wouldn't have done the obvious. nothing in the last year or two, correct? >> right. >> looking back in time. how many years ago are we talking? >> three, i think. >> that would have been roughly 2013? >> '13, yeah. >> give or take. >> is that right? >> might have been '14. >> you're there with someone. i see you smiling. i don't think you did the obvious choice. somewhere in the u.s., is that
10:39 am
>> yeah. >> i feel like you didn't want to go over the top, bragging. i saw the segment with venice and paris. weird way. twist is and turn. envelope with your name on it. natalie knorr ralls morales. i wanted you to rip it open for willie. >> do i get a trip? >> you hold on to this, natalie. willie, three years ago, where did you go that was notable? >> the grand canyon. >> okay. ever? >> maybe. a long time ago. >> how many trips have you been in your whole life? >> hundreds. >> you're thinking of a female person, right, not your wife? >> no, because you said not my wife. >> good. >> he said, don't get me in trouble. >> just to be clear, it was his rule. >> rip it open. there's a note inside. >> okay. >> who was it, not your wife, what's her name? >> natalie morales. >> read that out loud.
10:40 am
to be three years ago. >> louder. >> natalie went on a trip to the grand canyon and had the best trip ever with willie. >> we did a show at the grand canyon. >> walking the grand canyon. >> >> how did you do that? >> not that good if i tell you. it's like -- >> thank you. you're incredible. >> oh, my gosh. >> unbelievable. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> that's incredible. >> where is bobby now, we want the know. coming up, it only took a few seconds for her life to change forever. and she will be performing for us next, ruth b. amazing! i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. twe talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . r xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce r the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. p xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke r in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. r
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helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all. office depot officemax. gear up for great. while watching "once upon a time" ruth b wrote a song about peter pan. >> she posted it on vine and within days had 84,000 views. >> what became her hit single "lost boy" which you will hear in a few moments. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you posted your song on vine -- well, six seconds and then included more of the song. then you exploded overnight and now you have a record deal. >> it's an incredible record. it's been awesome. >> what about the inspiration
10:45 am
what rocked you as you were watching that? >> i was watching can "once upon a time" and it was about peter pan and i started to play a random chord and lyrics and i built it off of that. >> and vine is literally six seconds long. >> yes. >> how do you get people's attention in six seconds? >> it's crazy. i think vine forces you to be very creative which i'm thankful for that. you have to be super original and really wow the audience. someone is going to stop and check you out or scroll right past you because it's only six seconds. >> you have a lot of viewers. don't go anywhere. ruth b will sing "lost boy" after this. my hair showed it. then everything changed. introducing new and improved garnier olia... the only haircolor powered by 60% oils, zero ammonia i love that, with olia... hair gets better every time i use it. now i don't see dryness or dullness. all i see is shiny, brilliant color.
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with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. p with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented by citi. >> as promised, here now is ruth b with the television debut of the hit song that started it all, "lost boy." there was a time when i was alone nowhere to go and no place to call home my only friend was the man in the moon and even sometimes he would go away, too then one night, as i closed my eyes, i saw a shadow flying high he came to me with the
10:50 am
told me he wanted to talk for a while he said, peter pan, that's what they call me i promise that you'll never be lonely and ever since that day i am a lost boy from neverland usually hanging out with peter pan and when we're bored we play in the woods always on the run from captain hook run, run, lost boy, they say to me away from all of reality neverland is home to lost boys like me and lost boys like me are free he sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe believe in him and believe in
10:51 am
together we will fly away in a cloud of green to your beautiful destiny as we soared above the town that never loved me i realized i finally had a family soon enough we reached neverland peacefully my feet hit the sand and ever since that day i am a lost boy from neverland usually hanging out with peter pan and when we're bored we play in the woods always on the run from captain hook run, run, lost boy, they say to me away from all of reality
10:52 am
and lost boys like me are free peter pan, tinker bell, wendy darling, even captain hook you are my perfect storybook neverland, i love you so you are now my home sweet home forever a lost boy at last and for always i will say i am a lost boy from neverland, usually hanging out with peter pan and when we're bored, we play in the woods always on the run from captain hook run, run, lost boy, they say to me away from all of reality neverland is home to lost boys
10:53 am
and lost boys like me are free neverland is home to lost boys like me and lost boys like me are free [ applause ] >> wow. stunning. >> get used to that beautiful voice. you're going to be hearing a lot more from ruth b. thank you so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> beautiful.
10:54 am
10:55 am
(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. vocal lessons here with sheinelle. >> i do all these things now. >> for your voice. >> because you lost your voice a while. >> whatever works. how are you on this fine friday? >> great. >> i'm so excited about this story on friday. we're going to introduce you to this up and coming designer. he's 27 years old from queens queens. he just wrapped up a show at new york fashion week. it was packed. everybody and anyone was in there.
10:56 am
people love him. designs. >> nice. >> i hope you got to keep them. >> we'll talk about it.
10:57 am
>> 4'11" a 15-year-old is wanted for the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. the orange county sheriff's office just released this photo of the deputy who was hit by a car. she's sargent marcie pearce... her injuries are not life-threatening... the wanted teen is jan carlos ortiz... he's accused of running down the deputy with a car... near 4-36 at colonial drive...
10:58 am
a white honda hatchback... if you
10:59 am
lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. congratulations. you made it to try day friday, february 19. >> that's one of my jams.


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