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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is wesh 2 news. jason: a deputy is in the hospital after a teen slammed his car right into her. michelle: sergeant marcy pierce was hit well trying to arrest the 15-year-old after 7:30 a.m.
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she was rest of the hospital. chopper 2 was above the scene. deputies are swarming the area to search for that suspect. we have life team coverage on this story. meredith his life at the scene. meredith: a show you a house started. we have a picture of the teenager they are looking for. he is a 15-year-old. he is accused of literally running down a sheriff' s deputy, a woman who came to the house to arrest him. the deputy came to the house with a probation officer to the arrest him on a burglary charge. the 15-year-old is already out of juvenile detention on the charge of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.
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sheriff' s office, the deputy could see that he was in the car. the deputy stepped in front of it and he hit the gas and the deputy ended up on the hood of the car. the teen drove down the street. she fell off the car. the probation officer hit the emergency button on the radio to get help. the neighbors have very strong opinions of what happened. >> she should' ve shot the mess out of him. >> she would' ve been ok. >> i thought nascar had started early. there was a lot going on. i had no idea. meredith: ortiz is still on the run. at first they thought he was driving a hot hatchback. the description could change.
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michelle: continues. jason: we are continuing team coverage with greg fox area where you learning? she is getting better. she is talking. likely after she is treated here for a head injury and other she will be moved to and admitting room at least overnight. it could' ve been a much tragic. >> while she is in a lot of pain, she has a verio -- very jovial personality. she realizes she was in a serious situation. greg: they are shown
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she is lucky to be alive after being run over while trying to arrest a 15-year-old. >> this was a bold action this young man to today. that' s the sad part of this area -- this. 15 years old and already in trouble with the law. taking the actions that he took, we want to hold him accountable. >> pierce is married to another sergeant who is president of the local union. she has injuries that are not life-threatening. the teen was arrested in october for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. he is not satisfied with a juvenile justice system puts this child back on the street. >> been able to keep violent offenders off the street regardless of age, this is one of those times. we will work through all that.
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m not sure of the details why he was not in custody at this point where it we will work through that area -- that. greg: that was the sheriff and newscast. the sergeant is getting the treatment she needs. deputies have had a news conference and pointed out that the female probation officer the is with her at the time acted courageously by helping the deputy when she got a foot of that car, but also for reaching for her radio and hitting the emergency button. live in orlando. jason: thank you. right now, deputies are searching a retention hot for baby willow. that is where the baby is believed to have been born four days ago. we are live there.
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gail: not that we can tell right now. they have called out divers to help out with the investigation. since they have been walking by side-by-side, nine men strong, going through the water. it looks like they are picking up trash as well as vegetation. we can see that they' ve got a net in their hands. earlier they put something in that net. whatever the situation is, they are checking this retention pond right behind me. it lies between darnell drive. it' s within walking distance. the orange county dive team has been searching this pond. randy mathis says they are saddened that something like this has happened. >> we are in a crime area
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s not unusual, to be this close to your workplace is kind of eerie and everything. that' s my reaction. it' s sad how these days people just disregard life area -- life. gail: the mother is in jail. she had a full term baby girl sometime monday near the globe and apartment complex. the police found the placenta and after birth in the parking lot. we are out here looking at members of the dive team. they are checking to see what they can find here. they' ve got that net in their hands. we' re not sure what' s in there. they' ve been throwing out a lot of trash.
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information as it relates to baby willow or more evidence. we tried to find out what they have found. so far, they tell me nothing. jason: sheriff' s deputies continue their search for more remains after a partial skeleton was found in a wooded area west of daytona beach. they found more remains since the original discovery between indian lake. they resumed searching at 7:30 a.m. they do not know if the remains belonged to a man or woman. michelle: a man accused of murdering his wife and children are dropping his demand for a speedy trial. they were in court this morning. before the judge could hear the motion for a speedy trial, the attorneys withdrew it. prosecutors are asking for the
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penalty cannot be applied in florida after the supreme court ruled they have to come up with a new conviction process. it' s possible the trial date be sent later. jason: switching gears to the weather, it' s a beautiful friday area -- friday. michelle: amy is outside with a firsthand look. amy: it is cool if you' re in the shade. out of the sunshine, it' s absolutely gorgeous. we are already in the low 70' s. we do have a little bit of cloud cover that has been streaming in. the wind is picking up as well. it makes it feel on the breezy side. that' s going to be the case through the afternoon. you can see on a satellite picture we' ve got a lot of clouds coming in off the ocean
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the farther west you live, the more sunshine you have. temperatures will climb faster. these are the numbers as we head to the afternoon. we will continue to be in the s for high temperatures. it we will see a few clouds as well. we will talk about your weekend forecast when i come back inside. michelle: thanks so much. family members of two brothers who were gunned down in a metrowest apartment complex are making a passionate plea for help in finding who is responsible. there live at orlando police headquarters. the family made it clear how much they are hurting. >> one brother was only 16. they were shot and killed on super bowl sunday. the family is asking for help. antonio jones was shot and
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16-year-old brother tristan a. police are not saying how many people they are looking for. the brothers may have been targeted for some reason yet to be explained. a number of family members gathered at police headquarters. there was a plea to the public for help. >> we are fleeing for anyone , come forward with any information, whether it' s a little or a lot. no matter how minute it may us. community. we are pleading with you. we need your help. we need closure. we need answers senseless crimes. >> it' s not going to bring them back, but at least we will have peace of mind that somebody somewhere is locked up for the
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you have taken it precious jewels away from our family. >> anyone with information is asked to call the crime line. jason: thank you, dave. michelle: why world health officials say the summer olympics should not be affected by the zika virus. jason: we will talk to drivers who can' t wait for the green
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pour new quality guarantee: plove your pizza, or get anotherpone, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only. at michelle: harper lee has died. the novel to find the racial trouble in the deep south and was published in 1960. she won the pulitzer prize. the film adaptation opened in 1962. the novel was promoted as a sequel. harper lee was 89 years old. orders are passing by the body of antonin scalia up. this is a live picture of the supreme court building and watched. hundreds of people lined around the block to show their respect.
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s son provided prayers after the casket arrived this morning. good news from the who about zika and the olympics here in -- olympics. jason: it will be weighed down by the time the games begin in rio. the mosquito population will drop off. it will be the southern hemispheres winter by that time. the said women threatened with the virus could use contraception. mothers infected by c.k. have given birth to babies with abnormally small heads. michelle: presidential votes will be cast. there are new numbers in south carolina.
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state, but only by five points. the new polls show african-americans are helping hillary clinton hold a lead over bernie sanders. she would get a big boost when south carolina congressman endorses her today. democratic candidates are facing off in nevada and they are essentially tied. clinton and trump are still leading in the polls. our very own adrian will be in south carolina. you can look for his live reports today and get the latest updates on our mobile app. jason: this job dropping footage shows a helicopter crash in hawaii. it' s under investigation this afternoon. you can see the chopper hits the water.
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this is on approach to the uss arizona memorial in pearl harbor. a 16-year-old was critically injured. good samaritans jumped into the water to rescue them. >> it started sputtering about 500 feet and the pilot did an amazing job. >> investigators will be back out at the crash scene today. the pilot should be able to tell them exactly what went wrong. michelle: let' s take a look at the weather. it looks like we have a beautiful friday. amy: i feel like we haven' t had a lot of these. it' s been raining a little bit or it' s going to be cold. i love normal in february. this is where we are supposed to be. low 70' s are our averages. we have plenty of lose guy in
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-- blue sky and sunshine. all in all, it' s breezy. i was just outside and it' s kicking things up with the wind. it' s 70 degrees in ocala. kissimmee is at 72. melbourne has made it to 70. the wind is coming in off the ocean. there are clouds coming in as well. this is spilling all the way over into our inland area. this is going to be the case throughout the afternoon. instead it, the clouds will be sunshine. the wind is kicking up.
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we will go up another degree or two. we won' t climb a lot from where we are right now. for the most part, we will be in the low 70' s. that is close to where we are right now. the gates have just opened. it' s going to be a nice afternoon in kissimmee. temperatures will hold in the low 70' s throughout the afternoon. once we get to sunset tonight, we will drop off to the 60' s. at the speedway, it will be breezy. we' ve got a couple of clouds. by the time the rain starts, we will drop to the low 60' s. we will have some scattered clouds around. once we get into the day tomorrow, we will have plenty of sunshine for saturday. we will not be as illustrious
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on sunday, the wind will shift slightly and come out of the southeast. that means the temperature will climb a little bit more. that means a fantastic afternoon on sunday out of the speedway. there will be plenty of sunshine and warm breeze. we have a great weekend ahead and the next storm system moves in tuesday. that will bring in showers and storms. michelle: daytona is the place to be this weekend. we have three more big races to come. tonight, the trucks hit the track for the energy resources to 50. tomorrow is the 300 and then the big one, that' s sunday at :00. -- 1:00. kyle busch the wins in the
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that is the near the front of the 500 on sunday. he will go to the back because of a flag last night he is having a great weekend at daytona. >> it' s an awesome atmosphere here. we have beautiful weather. we' re able to race our way into the dual. we will be able to shake down the car for the 500. we want to make sure there are no leaks when we get ready for sunday. michelle: he will start 39th. jason: some good news for drivers going from maitland to winter park. michelle: the dot will not close the southbound lane again. last week, the lane was closed for three days. they finished what they needed
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see partial lane closures sweetened. while burgers is open in downtown orlando. jason: this is on church street. there were some celebrities on hand. the stores owners include actor mark wahlberg. we will get to see the new faces of the orlando magic as they take on the mavericks. the two new players from the detroit pistons will come off the bench. they have been out practicing with the team. he saw them for the first time yesterday. the magic traded channing frye it to the cleveland cavaliers. they will take to the court
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michelle: the searches is on for 18 who struck a deputy. jason: we have crews stretched across central florida. we will work to find out more about sergeant marcy pierce. michelle: a retention pond is walking distance of the apartments.
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any developments. and now for the cutest pictures you will see all day. jason: get ready. a baby tiger had to make a swim test and he passed. the they needed to make sure he could swim in his mom' s exhibit at miami zoo. they threw him in the deep end. there were people in the water just in case. he paddled himself the safety. get out there and enjoy this weather today. amy: we have some cloud cover here. it'
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