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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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15-year-old finally surrenders. i' m jim payne, >> and i meredith mcdonough. meredith: the sheriff' s office released this video of the marcy peers who is recov ering. plus, amanda ober joins us live. reporter: we know that tonight, 15-year-old ja ncarlos the manhunt for him ended this afternoon when the sheriff said the teenager reached out to deputies and call them from his his own mother' s phone. he wanted to turn himself in. ortiz is accused of running down sergeant marcy peers on saturday. peers and of female probation officer were trying to rearrest the team. the sheriff' s office released this video appears describing
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community for its support. a little before 1 p.m. they got the call from ortiz wanting to surrender. since then, he is not said much else other than to question his attorney. >> we have not been able to interview him. he invoked his right at that time and did not make a statement to us. we will keep piecing it all together as the investigation moves forward. reporter: ortiz faces multiple charges including assault of a law enforcement officer. it will be up to the state attorney as to whether he may be charged as an adult. as for the sergeant, she is at home recovering. she has a fractured and lots of cuts and bruises to her face and head. meredith: a father and
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another were found dead inside their home. authorities say the man that is a suicide but there is no word how his 13-year-old daughter died in. reporter: family members have come to the home looking for answers. >> i cannot say anything. reporter: it was an awful reality. some neighbors focused on the residents car which have not moved for a few days. that may be what led deputies to check inside. deputies say the 42-year-old father had committed suicide and the 13-year-old daughter was dead as well area >> we draw the -- watched her grow up. we are going to miss them because they were excellent
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reporter: it is up to the medical examiner to determine how the girl died. they will not say any more details. some neighbors say they cannot believe he would do anything to harm her. they were close and constantly together. she was the model of an ideal, caring dad. the father sister says she wanted to go back and they might have caused high stress. >> he did not have many friends. i told him he should go out and have her friend. reporter: she cannot imagine him harming his allotted daughter. meredith: tonight, authorities say they are not looking for suspects in the gun teenager' s death. jim: a teacher accused of having sex with a student has resigned. deputies say he first talked with a 17-year-old online and then had sex with her in his
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new video of the arrest of a suspect the local cabdriver. he was taken to the orange county jail this afternoon. investigators say this surveillance picture shows love it pointing the gun at the driver. the house ethics committee says it is investigating alan grayson. he is running for the senate seat. he used international -- he is accused of using international travel funds to solicit for hedge fund he controls. he released a statement saying that should an investigation occur, he would have acted ethically. meredith: in orange county teenager is charged with battery
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to the suspect assaulting her. christian lebron was arrested before it a wooded area . she woke to the attacker shining his iphone light in her face and assaulting her. they say lebron tonight ever going to the complex that had with him the same brand of my son she described. neighbors are shocked. >> that is the first time i hear that. this is a very nice place. >> bron is now out on bond. jim: for victims in saturday shooting at a pair more convenient store. one of them is still critical. roy stephens is accused of shooting customers and a clerk.
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by the time i got up close, all i heard was a pow. jim: stevens is facing four counts of attempted murder. meredith: one week ago today, a newborn dubbed baby willow has gone missing. they have searched everywhere and gail paschall-brown reports that divers are back in the pond . reporter: orange county sheriff' s divers were out here again searching this retention pond on monday in their quest to find a baby. they searched around upon, the middle of the pond at least three times. investigators reasons -- >> a
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susan british said -- susan richardson gave birth to a baby girl. she left the baby on her doorstep and does not remember which one. the reason they searched the pond is because a couple of dogs tracked it sent out there. a placenta was found in the will that parking lot outside the lot. richardson has mental health issues. when her boyfriend came home monday, there was blood everywhere. >> she is to be at the store begging for money. everyone knew she was mentally ill. it should not have gone this far. reporter: the divers wrapped up upon searched about 10 minutes before 2:00. it is now up to the public to help them out. in orange county, gail
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meredith: susan richardson is in jail. jim: a violent clash outside orange blossom trail. it happened as three drivers were waiting for the light to turn green. witnesses say and acura did not slow down and crashed into all three vehicles. brent adams was killed at the scene and drivers took off. >> officers got here and i let them know that he had been down at the americana. troopers say 33-year-old valentin oswaldo sis sis was slumped over the wheel and appeared drunk. they took a blood sample and arrested him for leaving the sign of a crash. troopers say he does not have a drivers license.
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raping a woman he -- the 38-year-old victim says she met pagan through a friend and went with him to drink on friday. she claims he forced himself on her. jim: the city of orlando is deciding whether to fight or appeal a ruling on its red light camera program. kelly hastings on her red light camera ticket and what --won. >> at that point the company has already prescreened and determine who made that violation. it is a breeding ground for corruption. counties are allowed to
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court. 50 mobile cities collected $21 million into get revenue last year. meredith: three robbers are on the run after shooting a man outside in orange county restaurant. the shooting was or 11:00 p.m.. that is directly south of downtown orlando. officials say the victim was in the parking lot when he was approached by two men robbed and shot him. his wounds are not life-threatening. the three men left in a dark colored yesterday. jim: new cases of the zika virus is now in orange county. there are now 28 confirmed cases in florida including four in central florida. all our travel related. orlando international airport is stepping up its battle against the gut. they are revamping their mosquito spraying program.
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a look at the case against c asey. >> a large majority of the population saw a girl that could have been her neighbor. meredith: jeff ashton and frank george open up about the trial and what they would do differently now to win the case. jim: several abandoned puppies arrived in central florida. there are dozens more you can help sillies -- save. >> and we take a look at
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you
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when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is stre-e-eam. >> it has been almost five years since casey anthony was acquitted of murder charges. hers is the name most people will never forget. all this week, wesh 2 news is looking back on the case that
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it all started in june 2008. casey was arrested just for the first time. she was indicted for murder charges in 2008. two-year-old kaylee' s remains were found in 2011. on july 5, it casey was found not guilty on all charges except for applying for investigators. we sit down with two of the prosecutors who made the case against casey anthony. >> do you think central florida will ever see a trial at this again? >> i certainly hope not. reporter: five years later, we ask the prosecution team how the trial affected them professionally. professionally, the trial
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he ran for state attorney and one. he wrote a book that landed on the new york times bestseller list. make sense of why the trial became a social phenomenon. one deals with emotion. >> casey is in easy person to hate. everyone involved in the case was photogenic. a one woman living with their middle-class parents in a middle-class neighborhood. large majority of the population who is watching television saw people who work or could' ve been their neighbors. it was like it was made for tv. reporter: the trial was featured alterra capital on tv and the internet. >> some of them were my friends. i didn' t even know it. what is the one thing the
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quest -- >> someone on the day that kaylee disappeared googled foolproof suffocation . that one piece of evidence would have been wonderful to have. the prosecution team also praises casey anthony for giving a wonderful performance. she would cry at all the right times. they could receive very low since she looked like a little world. they did very good job of presenting her the way she should have been presented. as a vulnerable, small, scared girl. when you since her statements, she is not afraid of anything. goldman -- a boldness that paid
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jim: wesh 2 is looking at the case against casey anthony, five years later. we sit down with his defense team including jose my. a half-dozen dogs found abandoned in a south florida job -- dumping ground. we were there as the dogs arrived. they were rescued just south of miami where hundreds now grown. some of these dogs have tumors and your infections. it is a race for us to save them because people are learning about the dogs being dumped there and they are now trying to catch the dog' s to do that. they' re catching them for me. it is a big issue. meredith: they hope to bring 100 of these dogs to central
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calm weather all across central florida. eric: we may see a tornado outbreak unfolding tomorrow. the question then becomes what is overhead. we will have an update for you tonight at 10:00. there are going to be some clouds tonight. there may be an isolated seabreeze shower. for the most part, anything that does happen is calm . some good news working in our favor across central florida. it' s going to be a nice and warm as well. currently 76 degrees. as you can see, we do have a pretty interesting evening underway. as we take a look at the latest satellite. it'
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it is the secondary low that is going to die quickly. it will really get energized. we have a southeasterly winds right now. we have a couple of showers here. the seabreeze has been working on in and making that pop up. that is one hour futurecast model, i do believe it is little bit overdone. it is the location properly set. there is going to be any rain, it will be up towards palm coast briefly. 70-75 back towards the interior. temperatures of cool, hour-by-hour in atlanta. falling to about 55.
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right around 16 in ocala. we running in the mid-60' s. let' s take a look at the futurecast. we get to to the mid afternoon. the breezes will pick up. the couple of showers maybe even one or two rumbles of thunder. the main show will arrive in the late morning hours on into the afternoon. lunchtime right now up and down i-4 and then by midafternoon a secondary search will pop up. because of that, we have a slight risk for severe weather. what that means for you and i is when we take a look at this scale, there will be a low risk for one or two tornadoes. the biggest concern is the big commerce damaging winds. let' s take a look at that updated seven-day forecast. gorgeous weather thursday and friday.
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through the next couple of days. you. race drivers are catching their breath after the daytona 500. race has ever seen. coming up next, the smile painted on the face of your new
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> moments after the checkered flag and it. the tweet was sent, i feel your pain martin treaux jr . this displays yesterday by a sprint. denny hamlin and martin treaux jr hand-in-hand. four inches separated the two.
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the door and knocked on the door and eventually, you guys just kicked the thing and. there are a lot more opportunities to win races. i feel it we did everything right today to put ourselves in position to win. sometimes the go your way and sometimes they don' t. jim: the winning daytona 500 card is installed. fans will be able to see this mostly untouched car that took denny hamlin to his first daytona 500 win. it was a great race. the finish of the 500 was a fitting punctuation mark to a week and a half that was mostly as blissful as this forgets. it was perfect weather this year. there were no hard feelings, no war of words. in short of this barrel
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s we are now getting our first look at disney' s new star wars themed land. meredith: guests will find themselves in the middle of a tense battle and be able to control the millennium backbone. no word on when it will open. new tonight, we talk about the man' s family. meredith: and a woman is scared when withdrawing from an atm. breaking news. tonight an uber driver is charged with murder, and prosecutors say he admitted he's the gunman who went on a vicious rampage killing people in between picking up frightened passengers. breaking news in the race for president. a major shake-up in the ted cruz campaign. a top aide fired. tonight is donald trump unstoppable? cosby's wife forced to testify as


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