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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> first at 11:00, breaking news out of some alone county where swat team arrived at a home. i' m jim bayne. and i meredith mcdonough will. reporter: well guys it is all quiet tonight but that was not the case about three or four hours ago. tonight, we are told and armed robbery happened. you can see some of the damage done to the fence here. the door is gone. plywood is now in its place. she described what she saw a
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>> i just saw a bunch of lights and bands. there was a tank outside . i' ve never seen a tank outside someone' s house. >> i' m a little bit scared. i don' t know what to think. i never suspected any of this. tonight, investigators have not given us any information on what they had seized inside his home. they did see some property and it is related to the armed property -- robbery. no arrests have been made at this time. meredith: a father and daughter found dead inside of their merritt island home. police say he took his own life
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daughter died. we have the latest on this tragedy. >> this is the last text message coworkers got from 42-year-old sittichai boonkeian asking his coworker to cover for him. he called out of work on monday and was now calling out last night on wednesday. he was a chef at this type place for three years. >> on friday, he did not show up. no text, no calls. that is not like him. >> sometimes he works too much. the 42-year-old sister could barely speak to wesh 2 outside the merritt island home. investigators believe he committed suicide but many do
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>> you don' t have any friends. a sign outside says new management is on the way. his work hours were being cut but not by much. >> i never heard him say he was not making enough money. so far investigators have not told us if there was any signs of trouble with anyone else. there was still no search for a keller. >> if he had a problem, he always asked for help. reporter: customers are just getting this news and they are grieving about this. i just got an e-mail from the sheriff' s office asking -- we were told by the office that additional information is not
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jim: late breaking tonight, a car witnesses say was weaving in and out of traffic. you will understand why the man behind the wheel cannot stand a chance. reporter: apopka police have distal does the driver' s name. it is ryan potter junior. he was only 20 years old. a tow truck has the mangled car on its head. witnesses tell us the car was speeding. the driver lost control of the car and careened into a tree. apopka police investigated for hours. they have a lot to look through because pieces of this vehicle are strewn all over the road. only the driver was inside and only this vehicle was involved. no one else was hurt. he was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries.
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he tells us that the family is shocked and desk devastated. meredith: new tonight, we discussed this video. this happened yesterday at this store on cypress park. you can see a man handed over a note demanding cash. the man walks out. if you have any information, call the ocl it county sheriff' office. o.t.' s is accused of with his car.
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investigators without an attorney. jim: 31-year-old devine ann lovett was taken to the office today. she is charged with armed robbery. we first showed you last week. covering the courts, tamara a date for the marion county 18 accused of marrying her and -- her ex-boyfriend. amber w right is accused of burning her ex-boyfriend. this is the retrial for her. meredith: there was a shooting at a pair more convenient store. ropy st is accused ofephens shooting multiple people at a convenience store.
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>> he was walking around. i went to go get the bread and by the time i got back, i heard a pow. reporter: he is facing four counts of attempted murder and has prior convictions. jim: in orange county teenager is charged with burglary after the victim woke up to a man sexually assaulting her. she says she was awakened by the attacker shining a light in her face. he has the same brands and color of iphone the girl described. lebron is currently out on bond. a man accused of having sex with a student has resigned. marshall young rice was arrested over the weekend. he first talked with a
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with her in his meredith: classroom. a violent crash early this morning. it killed one man and send another to jail. it happened well three drivers were waiting for the light to turn green. witnesses say an actor did not slow down. 42-year-old brett adams was killed at the scene. when troopers found the crash, he was found slumped over the wheel. valentin oswaldo sis sis was the man. the search for a missing infant in orange county has just entered its second week. crews drained a retention pond and divers walked around the pond. police say the baby was born in a complex parking lot and then disappeared. susan richardson was arrested for child neglect.
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is now investigating local congressman alan grayson. he is running for marco rubio spot in the u.s. senate. he has been under scrutiny after being accused of soliciting business for his hedge fund. his office released a statement saying grace and is confident she investigation occurred the acted ethically. jim: the second case of the zika virus is is now diagnosed in orange county. it is the set -- 28 case in florida. orlando international airport is stepping up its fight against the spread of the virus. it is expanding its mosquito spraying program hoping to kill any insects that come through airport property. meredith: half dozen dogs found abandoned in a dumping ground have arrived in central florida.
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they were rescued from an area south of miami where hundreds of abandoned dogs now rome. some of these dogs have tumors and ear infections. >> it is a race for us to save them because people are learning about the dogs being dumped their -- there. it is a big issue. meredith: google and preach rescue hopes to rescue even more dogs. poodle still ahead, a look back at the case that captured a nation. the casey anthony trial happened five years ago. and a road becomes a runway. how a small plane attempted an emergency landing in a busy street in southern california. tony: we are looking at an active weather pattern by
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since casey anthony was accused of murdering her daughter. >> on july 5, 2011 she was acquitted of all charges except for lying to investigators. we sat down with the two prosecutors from that trial. >> do you think central florida will ever see another trial it is again? >> i certainly hope not. five years later, we asked the prosecution team how the trial affected them professionally. the evidence in this case it elevated the career of jeff ashton. he wrote a book that landed on the new york times bestsellers list. >> why did you become a social phenomenon? the prosecution has theories.
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>> casey is that easy person to hate. everyone involved in the case was also photogenic. a middle-class woman living in a middle-class neighborhood. a large part of that was the large population saw a woman that could have been her neighbor. it was like it was made for tv. it was featured down to gavel on tv as scrutinize nightly. what is the one thing though prosecution would been done differently? >> we have found on the anthony computer that someone on the day
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foolproof suffocation. that when these of evidence would have been wonderful to have had. reporter: the prosecution team also attributes casey anthony giving a wonderful performance. she would sit in the courtroom and cry and all the right times. she would look like a little girl. the defense presented her in a great way. she looked like double dribble, small, scared young lady. -- vulnerable. when you listen to her statements, she is not afraid of anything. it apparently paid off to the very end. jim: they look at the case against casey from five years ago.
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underway for the space x rocket launch. it opens wednesday night at: 46. it is carrying a communications satellite into orbit. for anyone using those drive-up atms, a woman pulled up and demanded cash. she tried to withdraw a hundred dollars and was able to buy herself enough time that another customer pulled up behind her. the thought -- the suspect took on anticandida. jim: a rough landing for a small plane that used a street as a runway. this happened at a little sciences -- los angeles street this afternoon. it didn' t miss both of the wings and luckily no one was on the ground was hurt.
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that beautiful picture of lake eola and it is looking, not there. tony: the main show is this disturbance that is coming through tuesday. we are going to talk about that here. we have a very active 48 hour window. we get this first storm system coming through. it is the second area of low pressure here that is racing quickly eastward. the sites will increase tomorrow over towards alabama and it is very late in the afternoon. you don' t see this too often . it is a moderate risk for severe weather.
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to see several tornado watches. it will be overhead on wednesday. we have a little bit of light rain ongoing. you want to watch your travels. we are now towards over altamonte springs. the back edge of it and another flight of rain going through the florida turnpike. things will wind down. we will do it all over again. you will be out the door at 8:00 a.m.. it should be rain free. 66 in ocala.
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the average flow should be at around 83. overnight low in ocala right around 60. palm coast 61. we begin to heat up and the sea breezes collide. numerous afternoon showers and maybe a rubble or two. we are not too concerned with severe weather tomorrow. it is right here with this mainline. this looks to be a little bit under done. there is a nice line of showers until about lunchtime on i-4. building towards brevard county by five or 6:00 in the evening. the severe storms prediction center have it under a slight risk or severe thunderstorms. that essentially means
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is typically one or two tornado watch will be issued. there is a risk for some hail and some of those thunderstorms. it will be in the lower 80' s with the exception of it being up towards palm coast. active tomorrow in the sense of good coverage but it will be a storm your day. -- storm your day. a sad update on a local boy cole st. clair. his survival rate was 1% when our crew tagalong to a surprise party . he passed away just hours after meeting his favorite superhero
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jim: tonight, more than 150 central florida students work challenge to see how much they knew about history. tonight' s winners will face more challengers. meredith: new rules florida marlins. if you like to get very close to the car that won the daytona 500 we will show you how. >> it is a tradition that never gets old. denny hamlin ' s win will not get when he comes in.
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see how close this finish was. the annual champions breakfast where the car will be installed for the next 12 months for fans to enjoy. it will be fun to realize how de won the race. nny i assumed we had one when that happened but other as it would' ve been angry. [laughter] you cannot pump fake someone for a daytona 500 victory. >> we are in nitty-gritty time in the madness that is march. there was a 12th-ranked hurricane. it was a great time to get back
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there were two teams with identical records each 10-4. the kings lost that game to the bills. davon reed had 21 points. miami had a couple of free throws late to make it a 31 game. no second place in the acc at 11-4 with a 64-61 when. when a game at the center. soon cookman eventually took over at 96-94. the miami marlins gathered for spring training with a new role implemented over the weekend with saying the facial hair must go. the skipper of the doctors never had such a rule but is putting his finger print on this
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immediately this role that seems a bit silly. it is a known fact that facial hair when worn improperly makes
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>> finally tonight this might be a real life kung fu panda. he is taking the internet by storm. because of this video of the panther taking a tumble in the snow. he started doing flips in the snow. who hasn' t done that? there is no school and you just had out and get to it. jim: there will be snow tomorrow but there may be a little bit of rain tomorrow.
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check back in with me and amy tomorrow morning. jim: and that' s our newscast for tonight. you can get news whenever you want. meredith: thanks for watching. know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track
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