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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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hope you have a terrav jason: its 4:30 on sunrise. the teenage suspect accused of running over in orange county sheriff' s deputy it' s going to have his day in court. what we' ve learned about his decision to surrender. coworkers of the merritt island man found dead along with his daughter share his final words. and a big-name support for a local congressional candidate in the day ahead. wesh 2 news sunrise gets started. announcer: local, live, late breaking.
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jason: good tuesday morning, i' m jason guy. let' s take you outside and show you what the weather is like. you might find slick roads. there was some rain in the overnight hours. check out these few drops on the lens of the camera. 64 as the temperature. let' s get over to first alert meteorologist amy sweezey. will we have rain today? amy: we are just about done with the overnight rain. it will be kind of gray and humid early on. once we get into the afternoon, we will see some showers and even to thunderstorms redeveloped. it is going to be a lot of clouds today. it will seem like it is about to rain, but it may not necessarily rain area it will not be a washout for everyone.
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temperatures today are still going to be warm, even the we have a lot of clouds and rain. 80 degrees by noon and will top out in the lower 80' s even a degree warmer than yesterday in a few spots when we were in the lower 80' s yesterday. it is 63 in ocala, 65 sanford and daytona beach. morning. a little bit of light rain that we had in the overnight hours is almost gone, lifting to the county. we have a lot of clouds in the west of the area and a few few sprinkles here and there with lots of moisture hanging in the air. we will stay partly sunny to mostly cloudy with the showers and storms. temperatures today will be warm to the south -- one with those south wins. -- warm with those south winds. ted: construction happening eastbound around 436.
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of i-4 ultimate. also in the 408 westbound at i-4 . a left-wing taken out from overnight roadwork. not impacting the drive. the dean road toll plaza to i-4 is nine minutes. jason: ted, thank you. new from overnight, three criminals are on the run after shooting a man during an orlando home invasion. it happened at the pine view apartments on north pine hills road just before midnight. the victim says the men knocked on his door and told him to give it up right before shooting. detectives are kind to figure out a motive and whether anything was taken. the 15-year-old suspect accused of hitting and injuring an orange county sheriff' s deputy is about to face a judge in juvenile court. less than 24 hours ago jancarlos , ortiz called called deputies from his mother' s house to surrender. sergeant marcy pearce says he hopped into a car and rammed into her when she tried to arrest him on burglary charges friday. ortiz is charged with the
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a law enforcement officer. this morning, brevard county deputies are still figuring out how a 13-year-old girl died. her body was found along with her father' s inside their merritt island home. deputies say he committed suicide. wesh 2' s chris hush asked family members and coworkers if there were any signs of trouble. >> beatlemania to took over -- >> this is the last text message they received from him. he' d called up from work on monday and now he was calling out last-minute on wednesday. one minute before his death the restaurant he worked at open.
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>> the 42-year-old sister could barely speak to us outside the merritt island home where he was found dead on sunday, along with his 13-year-old daughter. investigators believe he committed suicide, but many don' t understand why. the medical examiner has not yet confirmed his daughters cause of death. >> i told him, you have to go out. make a friend. >> a sign outside tied fuji in rockledge says new management is on the way. his work hours were being cut, but not by much. >> i never heard him say he' s not making enough money. >> so far, investigators have not told us if there were any signs of trouble with anyone else. as of monday, there were still no search for a killer.
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>> inside the restaurant, customers are getting the news and their grieving over this. i just got an e-mail from the brevard county sheriff' s office after i asked them if the father is a suspect in his daughter' s death. we were told by the sheriff' s office that additional information is not yet available. in brevard county, chris hush. jason: we are working to find out by longwood police needed a last night, a swat team battered tank to execute a search warrant. last night, a swat team battered down the door at a home on orange avenue. police say the warrant was in connection with an armed robbery hours earlier. a neighbor, who didn' t want to be identified, tells wesh 2 the heavy police presence is unusual. >> well i' m a little bit scared considering it' s my neighborhood . i don' t really know what to think until he gets more details as to what is going on here. jason: longwood police are not saying what they no arrests were found inside that home. no arrests were made. witnesses may hold the clues to the cause of a deadly crash in apopka.
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weaving in and out of traffic, wesh 2' s matt lupoli shows us just how bad that wreck was. s name. it is brian potter junior. this happened in the southbound lanes of 441. a tow truck here has that mangled car on its bed. witnesses told in the car was speeding about 6:30, the driver lost control of the car and three into a tree. apopka police investigated for hours. they have a lot to look through because pieces of this vehicle are strewn all over the road. only the driver was inside the vehicle at the time of the crash. no one else was hurt. potter was taken to florida hospital but he died from his injuries. his family has been notified and we spoke to a family member off-camera to up set to speak with us.
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shocked, devastated over this as you would expect. reporting from apopka, matt lupoli. jason: the suspect facing dui manslaughter charges for a deadly, multi-car wreck, is about to go before an orange county judge. we brought you the crash on orange blossom trail as breaking news 24-hours ago. troopers say valentin oswaldo sis sis slammed his car into three others that were waiting at a red light. brett adams was killed. troopers say the man took off and when they caught up with him, he was sent over the wheel. sis sis does not have a driver' s license. wesh 2 will be there as a marion county teenager is sentenced for the second time for murder. amber wright was found guilty of murdering her ex-boyfriend, seath jackson, during a re-trial last month. she beat, shot and burned his body in a backyard fire pit in wright had to be re-tried after 2011. her miranda rights were violated. turning to commitment 2016, house minority leader nancy pelosi will hit the campaign
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candidate val deming' s. they' ll join forces today during a small business tour. demings is gunning for the republican dan webster' s seat. state senator geraldine thompson and former democratic party chair bob poe have also entered the race. it is hard to believe five years have passed since the case that captivated the country. next on sunrise, we' re taking a look back at the casey anthony case. how life has changed for those high-profile prosecutors. and another live look outside.
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amy: good morning and welcome back. it has been wet in the overnight hours. we had a few rain showers coming down that a good clip. most of us are just lights pringles and misting. we will see more rain developing. tomorrow will be the big rain and storms. today just some scattered rain. temperatures to warm today, we are headed to the lower 80' s and most odds. well well -- well below average. temperatures in the low to mid 60' s. a whole lot warmer than yesterday. 64 ocala and the villages. it is 65 in daytona beach and is 66 in melbourne. a little bit of leftover rain rolling to the north across
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most of us not seeing any good rain coming down. it is just a lot of moisture in the air and plenty of clouds and a lot of dampness on the pavement from the rain that rolled through in the overnight hours. once we start to heat up today, we will see the rain redevelop. mainly this morning it is mostly cloudy and what we get through lunchtime, we will see more showers develop. they will make their way up to the north with those breezy south winds. we will have a couple pockets of rain. isolated thunderstorm not out of the question. i think most of our thunderstorms will be tomorrow and we will mainly be dealing with some rain. temperatures still warm even though we will have some clouds and some showers. we will climb into the lower 80' s is afternoon. we will talk more about the rain and storms for tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes. let' s get a traffic update and get over to ted. ted: construction on the 408
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if your job in less than on the 408, you will lose that left lane. 95 northbound approaching state road 44, construction block me left lane going through that area. not a huge impact, traffic is moving nicely through volusia county. hovering over i-4 virtually. john young to colonial is only six minutes. jason: thank you, ted. it has been almost five years since casey anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter. all this week wesh 2 news is , looking back at the case. the trial got underway in may of 2011 and gripped the nation. then on july 5th, casey was found not guilty on all charges except lying to investigators. only on wesh 2, michelle meredith sits down with 2 of the prosecutors who made the case against casey. >> do you think central florida will ever see another trial like this again?
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>> five years later, we asked the prosecution team how the trial affected them professionally. >> the evidence in this case. >> it elevated the career of jeff ashton. he ran for state attorney and one. he wrote a book that landed on the new york times bestsellers list. >> trying to make sense of it. >> make sense of why the trial of casey anthony became a social phenomenon. the prosecution has -- >> casey is an easy person to hate. >> another was looks. >> i said because everyone involved in the case was photogenic. >> a young woman living with her middle-class parents in their middle-class neighborhood. >> a large part of it is at a dark part of the population watching television saw people who work within their neighbors. >> it was like it was made for
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>> the trial was featured gavel to gavel on tv and the internet, or denies nightly by infotainment shows and attorneys giving play-by-play. >> some of them were my friend and -- friends. >> what is the one thing the prosecution would have done differently? >> went by as possible came out, he revealed his forensics computer examiner had found on the anthony computer that somebody on the day that kaylee disappeared googled supplication. that one piece of evidence would certainly been wonderful to have had. >> the prosecution team credits casey anthony for giving a wonderful performance. >> casey plated very very well. she would sit in the courtroom and cry the right times. it put her seat very lows and she would look like a little girl. >> they did a very good job of
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as a vulnerable, small, scared young lady. >> when you listen to her statements, she clearly is not afraid of anything. >> apparently it paid off to the very end. michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. jason: wesh 2' s look at the case against casey, five years later, continues tonight at 6:00. you' ll hear from casey' s defense team, including jose baez. happening today, the woman charged with robbing in orlando cap he will face a judge from jail. devine lovett was locked up monday afternoon. police say she' s the woman in the surveillance picture on the right side of your screen. that driver was robbed of $70 and a cell phone last week. lovett is charged with armed robbery. the lake county teacher accused of having sex with a student is now off the job. marshall jungreis resigned on monday after he was arrested over the weekend. deputies say he first talked with a 17-year-old online then had sex with her in his classroom at east ridge high school in clermont.
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court, but only one team can claim victory. next in sports, the hurricanes take on virginia. and how you can get up close and personal with the race car that
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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we don't stick to one fabric. or one shape. so why use traditional aerosols that are one-dimensional? new air wick room mist with life scents is a multi-layered fragrance, just like scents in real life. our homes are rich, varied, and pleasantly surprising. and air wick room mist is, too. finally, a true-to-life fragrance, for your lively home. air wick. home is in the air. >> even a day later it was hard to digest a 500 mile race on a two and a half mile track with 40 cars traveling at breakneck
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denny hamlin will enjoy the spoils of this one for some time. his world wind media tour began yesterday morning. the annual champions breakfast where the 11 toyota was. like every winning player -- car was installed for the next 12 months there for fans to enjoy. a day later, he realized he actually won the race. >> i heard on the radio, people were all crazy excited. so i assume we one when that happened. if not i was going to be passed. >> you cannot pump fake somebody for daytona 500 victory. that would' ve been bad. >> indeed it would have been cruel. we are wandering into who. the madness that is march. conference tournament a few weeks away.
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hurricanes a colossal flop in north carolina over the weekend with a chance to get back up on the pony. miami hosting third-ranked virginia with -- they each are 10-4 in acc played -- play. last night, they looked shy -- the hurricanes looked sharp. miami hit a couple of free three-point game. ultimately they held on. now alone in second place in the acc at 11 and four with a 64-61 when and a real shootout last night in deland. ultimately, a game one by bethune-cookman. that is a quick look at sports. jason: six dogs found abandoned in a south florida dog dumping ground are now in the care of veterinarians in central florida.
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animal hospital. they were all rescued from an hundreds of abandoned dogs roam. some of these dogs have tumors and ear infections. poodle and put rescue hopes to
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amy: good morning and welcome back, take a look at lake eola where we have clouds and a little raindrop the lens. he will see some rain on an off morning commute. fairly light early on and as we head into the afternoon will see more rain and thunderstorms. our temperatures meanwhile have been a whole lot warmer this morning compared to yesterday and compared to average.
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63 ocala, 60 five daytona beach. 66 melbourne and one drop a lot through sunrise because we have a whole lot of cloud cover. you can see where we are. lots of 60' s. 64 and the villages and leesburg. 62 and kissimmee and 63 in winter haven. a couple of showers still left over from the overnight. very light and flagler and marion county lifting up to the north. otherwise most of the area is dealing with a lot of cloud cover and it is kind of hit and miss. as we get through sunrise, we will start to see if you breaks in the cloud cover and then we will see rain in a few thunderstorms even develop or redevelop if you will later today. the wind will come out of the south of draws in the moisture and the warm and. temperatures will climb to the lower sit -- 80' s with those scattered showers developing. you will see on futurecast, this is this morning. there'
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and then the rangers to develop as we get into the afternoon. notice how it is just scattered out. a couple thunderstorms possible in here although i think most today will be rain and then tomorrow we have a much better chance of those thunderstorms. through the evening commute, a couple pockets of rain that will be lifting off to the north. once we get past dark tonight, a lot of the rain will wind down and we will see rain redevelop tomorrow as the cold front approaches from the west. temperatures upper 70' s and lower 80' s. 82 in clermont. longwood in winter park and saint cloud at 82. ocoee and orlando at lower 80' s. that is a degree warmer than yesterday. so it will be another warm one with those breezy south winds. 82 will be are high in palm bay. if you are headed to the beach, it will be breezy. lots of clouds and even some showers in the afternoon. we saw that moderate risk for recurrent with those east swells coming in. tomorrow, here comes the rain and storms.
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wind gust in here at that front comes through late morning through early afternoon looks to be the timing. it will be 90 day tomorrow and once we get into wednesday night , most of the rain will be gone. cool and dry air filters and after the rain. time for traffic, here is ted. ted: looking at i-95 northbound north of state road 44, we have construction blocking a right lane. crews are still on scene. also on the 40 eight, traveling into downtown orlando in a second. i-4 eastbound at 436. we have westbound in the main shot, left lane blocked on the 408. once you get to obt, you will be moving ok. despite the construction blocking a left lane, big stretch of the 417 only seven minutes. jason: pressure over privacy, new at 5:00, a brand-new effort
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a terrorist iphone. plus, a baffling sight in maryland a bunch of bald eagles found dead. the theories behind what happened. now out live to alex villarreal. alex: a man shot of the pine hills apartment. jason: you can stay connected by downloading the -- announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, and overnight home invasion and' s with one man shot and three people on the run. we are live as detectives work to bring in the suspects. jason: a community searching for answers after a tank is used to execute a search warrant in seminole county. we will hear from residences solving all thing unfold. i' m jason guy. michelle: i michelle imperato.
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you will notice there is a difference in today and yesterday. some people have wet pavement and look at the lens, it looks foggy. amy sweezey is joining us now. how is it looking? amy: the big rain is pretty much going to be gone. we will have a few leftover sprinkles. some misting going on. a lot of low cloudiness as well. that will continue right through sunrise which happens around 7:00. from there, we will stay mostly cloudy and get if you breaks here and there. and then start to see the rain we fire up in a take away in the afternoon and evening. even if you thunderstorms possible this afternoon, although i expect more rain today and tomorrow is when we have the bigger storms. look at these temperatures. look at how hot it is. we are in the low to mid 60' s. the key to an orlando. 64 in melbourne. there is a light little shower still left off to the north in marion and flagler county.


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