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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> roasted from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's booze day tuesday. it's february 23rd. cheap thrills. how do you pronounce her name?
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>> so in our kitchen slaving away is emmy winning and the always fun debra messing. and deborah's not just hanging around the kitchen doing nothing. she's live tweeting our chat. so what's your handle? >> @debramessing. it's very creative, isn't it? >> i like the picture you use on twitter. you're looking down or up -- >> thank you. >> but it's very creative. >> is it provocative? a little naughty? >> it's like that. that's what you've got going. >> we're going to be cooking up something in the kitchen, too. i see a naked chicken. >> what are we cooking? >> sage roasted chicken. there's five ingredients, though. so easy. >> the best roasted chicken of all time. >> that's what joel says. >> all right. >> elvis's newest artist of the month. this middle school -- his musical in middle school turned him into a youtube star.
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attention from ellen and lady gaga. all grown up now and he's got some new music. >> we have a headline from yesterday's show. you might have missed this. if you did, i want you to please fix your eyes on what happened. at the very, very end of our show, kathie lee dropped her robe. and it was quite a moment. >> it was my favorite thing. >> it was her favorite thing. so i think we have it. look what's happening. >> yes! >> oh, my god, you look good. >> you do look good. >> look at your bod! >> why don't you stand up? it looks good. >> nobody cares. >> people cared. >> who cares? >> people cared. [ applause ] >> you guys are not a cross section of america. you're all perverts and you know it. the biggest perverts of all.
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and this is what i took a picture of yesterday, everybody. feast your eyes upon this. something wonderful is happening how wonderful is spring spring, spring >> this is what hoda feels like in reverse. >> that is the wonderful liz callaway singing "spring," a song david friedman and i wrote. she's gloriously talented. >> are they drunk? >> enough said. >> not even a lip mark. maybe one from yesterday. gosh, it just makes your heart sing. just to see the first sign. >> so eva longoria did something really funny yesterday. i don't know if you guys know, but it's been 20 years since the spice girls first started out. so eva longoria did something with mashable. and she was performing their hit
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but she didn't do it as a singer. she did it as a teleen in novella soap opera singer. take a look. >> what i really, really want. tell me what you want. what you really, really want. i want a ha! i wanna ha! i wanna ha! i really, really, really wanna zigazig ha. >> those lyrics still hold up. tell me what you want, what you really, really want. >> another sweet picture from jennifer lopez. she posted this picture on instagram of her twins. they're already 8 years old, emmy and maximilian. >> she captioned it happy birthday to the lights of my life. i remember when i was at her concert in vegas and her kids were there and there was a very provocative portion of her show.
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and shoved the kid's face into her bosom, just so they weren't seeing what mom was doing. >> what was mom doing? >> just a little writhing. >> probably your favorite part of the whole show. >> it was really good. >> what's going on. where are the tweets? are we seeing them on the screen? >> it's supposed to be happening on the bottom of the screen. >> if they're not happening, we're going to post them. >> are they drunk? >> that's old. we already saw that. that was three minutes ago. that's why it's called tweet. we go one after the other. >> there's a ceo that has an employee test. we spoke about this with thomas farley yesterday. >> so the guy comes in, and the potential employee is sitting across from him and he does this every time. he brings him to breakfast. this is a guy who works at charles schwab. he specifically calls in advance and says please mess up their order.
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>> do something to their food. do something. and he's going to watch how they react. and that will help him decide if he's going to hire them. if they have good character. >> you and i talked about this. we should probably have the wine bot going on this thing. if you're sitting across from the ceo of a major company that you want to work for, you're going to try to impress that person with everything in you. and i think you're going to be on your best behavior, even if they bring you a slop of junk. >> you'd eat every bite of it. i wouldn't do it, but i would >> yeah. i don't think you would react the right way. but i think if they ruined my meal and i was on a job all around. mysteries of? >> i'd go in the kitchen and i'd find out who did it. >> oh. >> well, you are a detective. >> with my gun.
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>> they often seau can find out a lot about -- if you're going on a date, they say if you really pay attention to a guy on the date, when you're on the date, you'll learn a lot about him. how he treats the waitress. is he polite? how does he tip? >> all right, can we please get on to "the bachelor"? >> yes. >> time for "the bachelor"! >> debra, do you watch "the bachelor"? >> i don't. i used to. >> it was an emotional night last night. it really was. i have to say. the hometown dates -- so ben goes to the final four girls' homes. meets the families. talks to the parents and the siblings. so it can go either really good, or really, really bad. let's talk about jojo. we do like jojo. her brothers, though, are extremely protective of their sister and brought up some very good points. let's take a look at what they said. perspective. you've only been on two dates with the guy and you're my sister. and i love you. but how can you fall in love
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been on two dates with? >> i've been on many dates. >> you just said you've been on two single dates. >> but in the group dates, we have time alone with them. >> i see how emotionally invested you are. my read is he's not as emotionally invested in it as you are. >> you brainwashed these girls way too much, man. to see my sister like that after two dates, you're put in a position of you're desired by a lot of girls. them want you. you've been on the other side a little bit. so to see our sister get a little more emotional than i would like. the only thing i would ask is >> i felt like tonight i was i never told them anything tonight that was fake or false. >> he's not going to pick her. >> i love those brothers. >> go after the brothers. >> jojo is invested now in this. and they ruined her chances.
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>> so this is the date that went really well. lauren, i think she's a frontrunner in the competition. so let's take a look. >> do you think that, like, you and ben are compatible? truly? like your personalities? >> are you asking if i'm in love with ben? >> well, yes. >> i feel like ben is like my person. it's crazy. it's insane. i was, like, meant to meet ben. i mean, i'm definitely in love with ben. 100%. >> what makes her stand out to you? >> there's something about your sister that's -- like, i can't put words to. i don't know. i feel really lucky. >> uh-huh.
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sorry. >> can you just answer my question? don't cry. >> yeah. he's been crying a lot. >> he has? >> that was the first big cry where you saw a tear. but he gets choked up. it's going to be a rough road. >> we want a guy that cries when his dog of 15 years dies. >> can i tell you one thing? in "dateline," they tell you if a person looks down and left, they're not telling the truth. i was looking at that. i'm sorry. that's what "dateline" says. >> just quickly, amanda -- so her hometown date went really well. she's the only one with kids. it was really cute. ben met the little kids. but she was sent home in the end. it was bad. so he just met the kids for the first time, and then he sends
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>> good, children aren't invested. >> why meet the kids? she cried in the car. he cried. >> he cried again? >> he cried again. he's not going to make it in the next episode. we're down to three left. it's lauren, jojo, and kayla. here they are. >> i'm going with he's going to pick the middle one. >> lauren? >> the one he was crying about. >> debra, who do you think? >> the blonde. >> who do you think? >> pick one of the other two. >> all right, jojo. >> there you go. >> we wish them all the best. >> yes, we do. >> amanda, i'm going to continue to pray for you. all right. favorite day of the week. >> don't miss all the fun we have. >> plus, more fun to come with the mysterious debra messing. what does she do on weekends? >> i don't know. >> i want to ask her. >> i want to know this. the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season
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she's witty and creative. we're not just talking about her character on tv, we're talking about the emmy award winning actress debra messing. >> we have great snapchat going. i don't understand it. ted is going to help me figure it out. >> in the mysteries of laura, debra plays laura diamonds, a no nonsense attitude even when it comes to family. >> haven't called. >> i have been so busy with my job and my volunteer work. >> would you shut up. you want to know how i know you're lying, your lips are moving. now tell me what you're really into. >> mostly yoga, meditation, just trying to find balance in life. >> you do not want to mess with me today. i'm trying it help you. >> do not mess around. >> i do not mess around. i don't. i don't. yeah. that's debbie ryan. come on. >> what do you think she's really doing? >> she's bad. she's bad news.
11:16 am
>> she's bad news. >> can we talk about your live tweeting skills? >> okay. >> we put you in the kitchen with the tweeting. you tweeted justin bieber. >> i did. i was watching the grammys in my pajamas in bed. i'm just, like -- and then all of a sudden, justin bieber comes up, before even saying, and i just -- i don't know what possessed me, i just said, he's proud of his penis and all of a sudden it became, like, this internet viral crazy thing. >> angry at you? >> it is interesting. a lot of people said, you know, i got the tweet from the wind. but then there was -- i got a couple of girls who were, like, but he's great. and i'm, like, of course he's great. i'm just saying that the dad is a little weird. >> i've seen the nude pictures taken --
11:17 am
was big news and then his dad was, like, what -- >> was it big news or -- >> i don't know. >> i didn't see it. >> i don't know. >> you know what is funny, you can tweet -- forget it. i think we should talk about your series, don't you? >> yes. >> waiting to see if you're picked up for your third season. >> yes. >> wrapped up. >> come on, now. >> come on, nbc. that's right. we're -- tomorrow night the first half of our season finale and it is going to knock your socks off. it is so shocking. >> bad girl. >> that's part of it. there is a lot of surprises and a lot of things that are going to sort of shake things up. >> you don't mess around. >> no, we don't. >> we don't. >> that was me. >> i'm looking down to the left. >> was your son happy that the
11:18 am
you'll be home more? >> yes, he is. so is my dog henry who you met on the set. >> i bonded with henry. he comes to the set with her every day. >> i was very jealous actually. he immediately was, like -- >> i love you. >> he loved kath. he's been sort of a bad dog lately. >> you have to get caesar milan. >> can he fix him? >> he was fixed. >> you know what, it was incredible. it was incredible. literally my -- my dog was, like, what is going on? >> the mysteries of laura airs tomorrow night, 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. you down that. let's see it. >> here we go. >> tonight's dinner menu solved. i'm going to tweet that.
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. yeah. if you're always in a mad dash to get dinner on the table night after night, our team wants to help you out. >> we're going to show you a healthy meal that feeds a family of four using five ingredients from the senior resident chef, joel gamran. >> i die being back here. i love -- this is a five ingredient chicken. chicken is intimidating because it looks like an alien and scares people. but this is easy. first, kathie lee, i got butter. it is room temp. can you mix in garlic, lemon and sage. we're going to spice this butter with all this great ingredients. >> you say this is one of the best roasted chickens. >> i didn't say one of. i said the best. we have the chicken here. this is room temperature. i made some room under the skin. and a great trick is to take the
11:23 am
pastry bag and squeeze it. >> under the skin. >> it is going to marinate. >> how long do you leave that in there? >> right away. go to the next step. we have to truss it, we have to make the chicken all one shape or it will cook uneven. the great trick is to put the twine in the bowl so it doesn't go all over the place. i'll cut this. this freaks everybody out but it is so easy. >> hoda likes it -- >> i don't know if you're a leg or a breast person. i like to go leg first. i put the string under, string under, pull it together. >> like sneakers or something. >> yes. and then tie that and you have a beautiful -- >> want me to cut it? >> good enough. good enough. you put it on the potatoes and then something my jewish
11:24 am
>> do you know what that is? >> good stuff. cook that to get that supple velvety interior. >> cover it or just in like that? >> in like that, easy. >> very simple. >> the key to this, i'll wipe this off, i got a little bit of -- the key is to let it rest for 20 minutes so the juices don't go all over the place. >> okay. >> i like to take the legs off first. take off the twine. >> did you put a lemon in there? you didn't tet us ll us you put a lemon in there. >> i take this off. look at this. >> look how juicy that looked. >> the juices are running clear and i just put my thermometer between to see if it is done. 165 is perfect. should we try? i got a little pan juices too. got to pour this over the top. >> the juices, yeah, yeah. >> thank you.
11:25 am
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we're talking about how gravity is evil. it is time for elvis durant and his artist of the month. >> the hall of fame radio host introducing us to 18-year-old grayson chance. when grayson was 12 years old, he sang the cover of lady gaga's "paparazzi" at school. this was post on youtube and got more than 55 million views, even ellen degeneres saw it. she was a fan. grayson came on her show. and then the rest is history.
11:31 am
including his new single hit and run which must be great or elvis durant wouldn't be here. >> i only bring the best. does it make you feel weird when you see that video from when you were 12? >> yeah. i'm wondering why i chose those clothes, but besides that, i like that. >> did gaga reach out to you after this and give you advice? >> we were signed to the sign label after it all went down and happened. and ran into each other a couple of times. and the thing with her, she just always said, hey, focus on the music, you're going to be in the industry, going to get weird, it is going to get tough. >> she told you all that. >> focus on the music. still doing that today. >> great advice. >> the video came out 55 million views, he took back seat and then came back. his voice changed. you're taller, like 7'5" now. >> puberty. >> what does that do to the voice? is it a little weird? >> it is tough. people want to lie and say that's easy, i'll be the first one to say it is terrible. >> it is awkward.
11:32 am
>> you're going to love -- >> did that thank your life showing up on ellen? >> i was a normal school kid in oklahoma. elvis is from texas, he knows. when it happened, it changed my life entirely. >> did the kids go crazy at school. do they treat you differently now? >> it is almost like i respect their opinion more than anyone else. oklahoma. >> he understands how it works, social media. people's opinions do matter. you keep an eye an all of that. >> you were probably raised by >> i am. my mom and dad, back home, probably watching. >> and elvis, too, you have so many people to choose. what was it specifically about this kid that you said this guy others? >> his history, his story, being a kid, being famous with that then. and then taking a breather and coming back with a plan and a great voice. we're going to have him on our
11:33 am
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>> announcer: the city concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we just talked to elvis
11:38 am
and now it is time to hear the young man sing. >> the spotlight is on greyson chance who made a big splash on social media. >> performing his new song "hit and run," greyson chance. >> take it away, sweetie. don't tell me you love me when i don't keep those words locked in a bottle i am too young for that lifestyle i'm mr. casual our difference showed in our poisens i live for long nights on the weekends you knew the path when you walked in why can't you forget it and don't call me something i'm not i am my father's son yeah, i am a hit and run don't call ming? i'm not
11:39 am
yeah i am a hit and run now i'm all alone i ain't got no one to call home baby is this what i want so crazy hit and run now i'm all alone and i ain't got no one to call home baby so crazy i am a hit and run so glad you know where you're going life is so easily stomached i do not live if that fashion continuously find a new passion i do what i do in the nighttime it's in my bloodline you knew what i was when we did this why can't you forget it don't call me something
11:40 am
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11:41 am
>> go, greyson. >> way to go. >> we're trying to figure out who is the song about. whoever it is about, they're not in good favor with me. >> thank you so much. >> nice to meet you. >> your name might be called when we give it away. >> spanky tuesday. >> my friend jennifer morgan shares her inspirational story that could change your life. she's a doll. >> spanky. cut! this is way too much. about my decision to use poise. ve had four kids. ladies, who pees a little when they laugh? uh-uh, uh-huh. you see? switching to poise helps make life easier. roll that thing! get 3 in 1 protection
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have you ever had an experience where you felt like god was speaking to you but you didn't tell anyone because you thought you might be imagining things? >> what you may have experienced was a divine encounter. author jennifer morgan had them since she was a child.
11:47 am
in her new book "come to the garden." >> i volunteered to record the audio version. take a listen. >> as a young girl, i loved to listen to the nursery rhyme that contains the phrase, how does your garden grow? all my life, i've been fascinated by the simple beauty of the garden. a sacred place where life is planted, nurtured, harvested and resurrected. >> all the profits went to charity. we did that at my house a year ago. >> we did and it was so much fun. >> how do you explain to people -- because you kept it in a long time -- where these experiences come from? >> well, what i like to say is heaven is closer than you think. god is speaking to us every day. in such personal ways. not just universally but deeply personal ways. so i had my own encounters,
11:48 am
when i did a hospital ministry, i would talk to patients. when i would pray with them and listen to them without judgment, they began to share their stories with me about angelic encounters and beautiful stories about how god ministered to them and provided hope and healing. >> i thought it was interesting, as a young girl, you said your dad would go into hospital rooms. you went along and were an observer for a while. >> yeah. >> realized what it could be like. >> he would take me to visit with patients. i would see when -- he ministered to them. they would just -- this spark of hope would come out with his compassionate spirit. he would be in the moment with them. i saw that from the beginning. >> why are people afraid to talk about -- or say, i think this happened to me. >> there's judgment in our world
11:49 am
know what she's doing. but there's -- our world likes to say that it's the realm of imagination. in reality, heaven is pressing into us. speaking to us. trying to, you know -- god is trying to invite us into a deeply personal relationship. >> in writing the book, you've used a fictional character named margaret, who is an angelic being. she's been your guardian angel, wouldn't you say? >> mm-hmm. >> why did you pick margaret? >> actually, i was trying to write the book and i needed some inspiration. i had a dream. i heard three words, use an angel. >> use an angel? >> that's good. >> i thought, i can do that. i came up with margaret. she's funny, she loves to drink coffee. sometimes snorts when she laughs. >> that was fun to do, i've got to say. >> she brings the sacred space
11:50 am
she opens up me. because this story, even though i use a fictional character, it is based on my true life experiences. she takes me through this journey of life. >> wow. >> now you're doing a one-woman show. >> you know what? there were so many companies involved with this that were supporting this. fathom. >> right. all over the country. >> and audible is exclusively doing the audiobook. and howard books. everybody is behind this. >> this experience of writing a book and it's exploding. >> congratulations. what an incredible first -- >> it's amazing. >> yeah. >> and the show was incredible. it was filmed. it was my first -- >> that's what's good. >> everything is a first. >> we're excited for you. >> happy for you, sweetie. it's called "come to the garden." >> it'll bless your heart. it will. >> thank you so much. you won't be able to control your excitement when you see
11:51 am
go, donna. >> first, this is "today" on
11:52 am
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are you a snacker? we have a new treat to show you, hershey's kisses. >> carrot cake. >> what? >> yes. $3 a bag, only at walmart, through easter. we have to give it a try. >> they're orange. >> because of carrot cake. >> go in. she said go all the way in. >> mm. that's carrot cake. i like. mm. >> talking about snacks, according to a new study, three times in the day you're most likely to grab a snack. be careful. >> get ready. >> 11:01, coming up. 3:41. >> my worst one. >> and 9:31, i'm sound asleep. you can consume 766 extra calories.
11:55 am
>> i think we just did. >> how many are in one? >> i don't know, hoda. want the rest of mine? this is what you need to learn to do. take a half and throw it away. >> how can you throw away half of a hershey kiss? >> how could i not? before we get our spanky spanky on. we want to give it away to five lucky fans. >> they'll all receive this. a logi prize package worth $550. >> say good-bye to all the remotes. harmony elite, complete control of everything in your home with one simple remote. thank you, lord. >> when you're away, check your house from your smartphone with the logitech. >> logitech. let's find out who the winners are. you go in.
11:56 am
the first person is holly frank from hillsdale, michigan. >> number two, carrie patrowski from mississippi. >> carolyn johnson from heiden, kentucky. >> i got this one here, so excited. oh, my gosh. sharon stone won. sharon stone! >> love her! >> ashley, kentucky. >> kathie wilson from poper meroy, ohio. >> make sure you enter for next week's prize. >> we have a minute. >> for complete rules and regulations, go to and after you go there -- then you have to hit -- >> tomorrow, funny wayne brady. and the guy your daughters have their eye on, niko sorta ella. >> fashion emergencies.
11:57 am
>> something special for all of you. >> spanky tuesday. >> i keep falling down. >> leave me alone. leave me alone. leave me alone. >> it is getting longer and
11:58 am
>> no more! michelle: breaking news. jason: 18 convicted twice for killing her ex-boyfriend was convicted -- was sentenced. breaking news from washington, president obama announced his plans to close guantanamo bay. we will explain why it won' t be easy.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
weather that couldth announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason:0 breaking, the marion county teenager convicted for the second time for killing her ex-boyfriend has been sentenced. good afternoon, i' m jason guy. michelle: and i' m michelle imperato. wesh 2' s jazmin walker is in the breaking news center to tell us just how long amber wright will spend in prison. jazmin: amber wright was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.


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