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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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weather that couldth announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. jason:0 breaking, the marion county teenager convicted for the second time for killing her ex-boyfriend has been sentenced. good afternoon, i' m jason guy. michelle: and i' m michelle imperato. wesh 2' s jazmin walker is in the breaking news center to tell us just how long amber wright will spend in prison. jazmin: amber wright was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.
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wright was found guilty last month of killing seath jackson. jackson was beaten, shot, and his body was burned in a backyard fire pit in 2011. wright was already convicted. but she was granted a sentence -- second trial because she wasn' t properly read her miranda rights. during today' s sentencing, amber took the stand, reading a letter she wrote the judge. we will have that for you later today beginning on wesh 2 first at 4. michelle: just into the newsroom, we have learned the millionaire who was convicted of murder, bob ward is getting a new trial. courts indicate -- documents indicate he won his arguments ineffective. he was found guilty of killing his wife just nine. is not the t' s -- deceased
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the state has already appealed the second trial. right now, a man is wounded, and three others are on the run after a home invasion in orange county. jason: it happened just before midnight at the pine view apartments in pine hills. wesh 2' s alex villarreal talked -- spoke to the victim' s sister and reports police believe her brother was targeted. >> police say the 22-year-old victim told them these three guys knocked on his door here at pine view apartments. when he answered it, he said they demanded he quote give it up, then one of them opened fire, shooting him in the stomach. a young woman identifying herself as the victim' s sister says her mom is stressed out after witnessing the whole thing. >> she just said she heard give it up and next thing you know she heard gunshots. alex: the young woman says the three home invaders didn' t take anything, just burst in and shot her brother, rodrick brown, while her mom and youngest brother were inside.
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she arrived to see her brother injured on the ground as he called for an ambulance. >> my brother was just sitting on the ground and he kept saying he ok, just get an ambulance, you know. that' s all he could say, and we didn' t want him to panic too much. alex: the victim' s sister says her brother may have known his attackers. police say the three guys took off running after shooting brown three times. police do not believe the crime was random. the officer who filed the report says police smelled marijuana inside the home and saw baggies and a digital scale on the living room table. it' s unclear if the attack was drug-related. s scary that a bullet could have hit her mom and little brother. she said it leaves your mind to wonder whether the situation could have been worse. >> when someone come in your house and you have your mom in there, your brother in there and a bullet stuck in the wall and did not go through, almost hit my mom, it just leaves your mind
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alex: in pine hills, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. jason: police say brown underwent surgery overnight and is in stable condition. detectives were planning to follow up with him to try to find out more about the suspects. michelle: let' s turn to your weather because we are talking about some rain and some storms on the way. jason: tracking it all is first alert meteorologist eric burris. we sent him outside. how is it feeling? eric: upper 70' s, lower 80' s and the forecast today. we have that very comfortable breeze out there. 79 degrees orlando right now. mostly cloudy skies. take a look at the satellite. if you look south of town, some clouds around polk county. those are showers that will move in. we are watching showers already in this hour around town. i will have a full radar update in a few moments. look all the way up to texas and louisiana. that is what is happening today,
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new orleans, mobile, all the way back to tallahassee under a moderate risk of severe weather and guess what, that storm system will be moving into central florida tomorrow. thankfully, it will be weaker by the time it gets here. but still some nasty storms in the forecast. out ahead of it with warm temperatures, we are expecting showers and a few thunderstorms possible. orlando hits 82 degrees today. melbourne, 50% chance of rain. same thing in daytona beach. i will track that out there and we will use futurecast to look ahead to tomorrow when i see you inside. michelle: a short time from now the teen accused of slamming , into an orange county deputy goes before a judge. 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz surrendered to deputies yesterday. this comes days after the debbie was injured. s michelle meredith is live at the juvenile jail in orlando with a preview. michelle: this afternoon, the 15-year-old will stand before a judge in juvenile court. jancarlos ortiz surrendered to
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attempted murder on a long fourth officer. he is accused of running down in orange county shares deputy with his car who came to his house early friday morning to arrest him on burglary charges. the debbie, marcy pierce was -- the deputy was hanging onto his car at one point. she will recover from her injuries. the orange county sheriff' s office says after the felony squad put the heat on him all weekend, ortiz had nowhere to go. he went to his mother' s house and arrange to turn himself in monday afternoon. he apparently had nothing to say to investigators when asked furniture -- and asked for an attorney. jason: thank you, michelle. from brevard county, we are still waiting for word on the cause of death of a 13-year-old girl. her body was found along with her father, who deputies say committed suicide. the father has been identified as 42-year-old sittichai boonkeian . this is the last text message
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his friend to cover his shift at thai fuji in rockledge. after calling out last monday and wednesday, he was a no-show friday. t even show up. no text, no calls. not like him at all. >> sometimes he works too much. but he doesn' t have time for the kid. jason: while investigators believe the father committed suicide, many don' t understand why. coworkers say he was not hurting for cash. we have breaking news this new and, president obama says the detention center at guantanamo bay needs to be shut down. just a few minutes ago, he made his case that the prison is actually counter productive in the fight against terrorism. tracie potts reports on the plan and the stiff opposition it will face from congress. >> good afternoon, president obama' s announcement he wants to move 35 terror suspects who are eligible to other country and
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and then move the rest, dozens of dangerous terrorist suspects to prisons and military bases right here in the united states. 13 so far undisclosed facilities. the president argued that we are actually less safe housing and get mo because they' re using that as a recruiting tool. allies are possibly asking about the 91 prisoners left there. it is creating -- is draining money from our military. >> we can capture terrorists, protect the american people and when done right, we can try them and put them in our maximum-security prisons and it works just fine. we are already holding a bunch of dangerous terrorists in the united states. >> the top republican in the senate says the president' s plan is going nowhere.
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he should know that the bipartisan will of congress has are even expressed against that proposal. >> closing guantanamo and trying the suspects in federal court is what the president is trying to fill a campaign promise in an election year. that could be tough, if not impossible. the house armed services committee has announced they will hold a hearing. on capitol hill, tracy potts. back to you. jason: commitment 2016, the republicans prepare for the nevada caucus today. a new national survey is out take me look at where the candidates stand. michelle: the new nbc news/ surveymonkey online poll shows donald trump is holding on to his front runner status. of those surveyed 36% say they , support trump followed by ted cruz with 19% and marco rubio not far behind with 16%. now this poll was conducted before former florida governor jeb bush suspended his campaign only 4% of people said they supported bush but it still might affect the numbers today since he is no longer in the race. as far as the democrats go.
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support hillary clinton compared to bernie sanders 40%. the democrats head to south carolina for their primary on saturday. in nevada last night, trump was interrupted by a protestor who was then removed from the crowd of 10,000 people. out, trump told the crowd he like to hit him. >> here is a guy, throwing screaming at everything else when we are talking. and you are walking out, the guards are very gentle with him, he is walking out like a guy five, smiling and laughing. i would like to punch him in the face. michelle: in his speech, trump once again called ted cruz a liar and said there was something wrong with him. you can look for the early results from today' s nevada caucuses tonight on wesh 2 news at 10:00 and 11:00. jason: neighbors in longwood want to know why the swat team forced their way into a home, using a tank. this is video of the aftermath,
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far from 1792 and 434 at a home on orange avenue area that is were longwood police and the seminole county sheriff' s office served a warrant in connection with armed robbery. here is some of the debris left behind. a door was not dan. a neighbor who do not want to go chaotic scene. >> i mean, i have never seen a tank outside somebody' s house. i am a little bit scared considering it is my neighborhood, i just only know what you think. i have always had a weird feeling, but nothing this crazy. i never expected this. jason: investigators have not said what,if anything was seized from this house while executing the search warrant. michelle: it' s been almost five years since the casey anthony trial captivated the country. wesh 2 is taking a look back at the case with the major players. last night, you heard how prosecutors' lives have changed. tonight, we' re sitting down with the defense, including the now nationally-recognized attorney, jose baez. who he' s crediting for casey' s acquittal and what he says to
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it wrong, tonight at 6:00 and 11:00 on wesh 2. jason: five people are dead in in a home. michelle: the latebreaking details on who the police say is responsible. jason: a 10-year-old girl rescued after falling into a
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jason: late breaking this noon, a fifth person has died after an early morning shooting inside a home in phoenix. michelle: officials say the gunman was killed after he opened fire on relatives. he reportedly shot four family members, and then fired at first responders as they arrived. the home was also on fire when officers arrived, they believe the shooter started the blaze on purpose. >> i have never heard, in three decades of police officers putting on, with the assistance of the fire department, putting on safety gear and breathing apparatus to get up to a house with a charge hose or a line so that we could try to extract victims from the home who were calling from inside. michelle: no officers were hurt in the incident. so far officials have not released a motive for the shooting. jason: two women are still clinging to life after being shot in that deadly rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. a 14-year-old girl is one of
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two survivors on the shooting -- of the shooting over the weekend. 45-year-old jason dalton is now facing a several charges, including six counts of murder. prosecutors say dalton' s shooting spree lasted over a six hour period, while he was still giving uber rides to unsuspecting passengers. eight people were shot in three separate locations. >> she is alive and she is fighting for her life. abigail is strong. she was a vibrant, beautiful young lady and did not deserve this. jason: uber says he dalton had no prior criminal record, and passed a background check. authority still don' t know his motive for the shootings. the co-founder of microsoft is now siding with the fbi in its dispute with apple. bill gates says apple should unlock the i-phone used by the san bernadino shooter. gates says he views this as an isolated case, and that the government is not trying to find a way to unlock all phones. both google and facebook have backed apple' s decision to defy a judge' s order to unlock that phone. today, an attorney will file paperwork on behalf of the family members of victims, compelling apple to unlock the phone. michelle: a 16-year-old has died
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crashed in hawaii last week. the teen was one of 5 people onboard when the chopper crashed into the water. he was visiting pearl harbor near the uss arizona memorial with three other family members. two people are still recovering in the hospital. it' s still not clear what caused the crash. a jury could be seated today, in erin andrews' lawsuit over leaked nude pictures. the sportscaster is suing a hotel owner and manager, and a man who admitted to making nude videos of her in 2008. michael barrett pleaded guilty to the crime in 2009. andrews claims someone affiliated with the hotel told barrett where she was staying, and allowed him to stay in the room right next to hers. the trial is expected to last for several weeks. a 10-year-old girl is home safe after falling 10 feet into a snow-covered hole. jason: the girl was snow-shoeing with her parents in california when a snow bridge gave way, dropping her into freezing water. both of her parents quickly jumped after her, once they
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and deeper down. her father made a call to 911, but was not sure rescuers would arrive in time. >> agonizing. your daughter is screaming, don' t let me go. wife yelling, don' t let her go honey. the choice was to let her go and live with that. if something that happened, or hold on and more than likely all three of us end up in the hole. jason: another group of snow-shoers just happened to walk up on the scene at the same time. they were able to help pull the girl out safely. you see her here, happy and healthy after this ordeal. michelle: they are very lucky. eric: i' ve got chills. jason: no chill sitting central florida. eric: no it is warm. not summer, but still very nice. we go to our skycam.
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look at the temperatures, 79 degrees. nice and gusty wind. it feels nice, but those gust kind of that harbinger of change if you will. that means we' ve got storms right around the corner. at this hour, first alert doppler radar showing some rain, especially out over -- i' ll towards gainesville , rain falls back over to palatka and saint augustine. downpour now overthrew crescent lake. palm coast and marineland. northern flagler county county, a couple of showers in volusia. down here in osceola and polk is where we are starting to see those heavier guys move into orange and lake in short quote -- short order. figures perspective showing the storm system out here across texas providing nasty storms to louisiana. this moisture as expected is already impacting us, giving us the showers. the severe threat, new tornado watch posted for portions of louisiana. the moisture here' to get showers and storms.
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into our area tomorrow and does provide the potential for some nastier stuff. another couple degrees today, not that much warmer. 82 were so in orlando. we will call this afternoon a 40% chance of showers at sunset, are rain chances will go down. take a look at the model data. 2:00 this afternoon, scattered showers. i am not expecting much energy this afternoon. 5:00 p.m., your drive could include some rain. 7:00 and 8:00, another pockets of rainfall. that will gradually push to 10:00 and 11:00, the rain comes to an end. look how much milder these temperatures are. 65 in ocala, 67 in orlando. as we look at -- at the setup for your day tomorrow, this will severe weather. 6:00 a.m., we will be watching showers across our western area. that is that line that is providing severe weather to louisiana, mississippi and
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panhandle, 9:00 tomorrow if knocking on our doorstep in our western area. baby and i will be tracking these tomorrow morning. as his works and through the metro area, the i-4 corridor sees this rainfall and embedded here will be pockets of stronger thunderstorms, could even get a' s quick spin up potentially. parts of central florida from i-4 north under that slight risk for severe weather which defined means isolated areas of wind damage. one or two tornadoes are possible. we will watch this closely for you tonight and into tomorrow morning. once the storms are done with though, it looks so much better. the end of the week into the weekend, cooler temperatures and brighter sun. jason: two florida cities have made the list of happiest and healthiest nate -- in the nation. michelle: the list placed naples, florida at the top of the list. sarasota came in at number three and the report measures how
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health, social ties, financial security and sense of purpose. jason: the houston asher' s are reporting for the final spring training in osceola county. the full team reported to kissimmee. next season, the team is moving to west palm beach. the washington nationals report to viera tomorrow, for their final year in brevard county. they will share a new facility with the astros. the atlanta braves also train in our area. the team reports to disney tomorrow. an interesting call for help for crews off the coast of jacksonville. two off-duty deputies helped save a leatherback sea turtle that was stuck in a crab trap line. the two were a couple of miles off shore when they saw the 9 foot turtle with the rope looped around its neck. one of the deputies untangled the trap, helping to save the life of that sea turtle. final preparations are now underway for another launch from the space coast. michelle: a space x rocket is set to blast off tomorrow. the window for launch opens at 6:46 tomorrow night. the rocket will carry a boeing
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orbit over asia, the window will remain open until 8:30. and check out this new photo from nasa, showing three of the moons orbiting saturn. each of the moons has some pretty indirect -- interesting characteristics. the first one is as wide as the state of arizona, the second can look like a bull' s-eye if you' d from a certain angle and the third has a completely airless atmosphere. nasa says they have discovered 62 moons in orbit around the
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jason: in just about an hour, 18 accused of slamming into a deputy will be in court. michelle: he surrendered to deputies yesterday. we will be in the courtroom as he makes his first appearance before the judge in this case. we will let you know what we learn at 4:00. jason: doctors are diagnosing more flu cases in our state. we are looking at some of those old wives tales and a comes to battling the flu today at 4:00. michelle: caught on camera, a strange college hockey custom that didn' t go as planned. jason: typically, university of new hampshire students throw a fish onto the rink to celebrate the team' s first goal. the students fish was so big, it turned into a fail. he can' t clear it.
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he goes for a number of times. eric: that poor kid. jason: finally it goes over the glass. eric: wow. how many more attempts until the fish starts coming apart? can you imagine being that poor kid? jason: i lost my appetite now. michelle: we are good. eric: geez louise, we are good with the weather. 40% chance of rain, stompers -- stronger storms expected. and the week and the weekend.
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