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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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they are saying that she planned that murder. the authorities were called in your earlier today when they got a call from a coworker and a family member who felt that something was going wrong, they said there was a problem in the family, and when he did not show up to work, they were worried about his well-being. when law enforcement got here, they had challenges coming inside. they faced an immediate challenge. >> we found a deceased male inside the residence. dave: they she she dropped the gun on demand and was taken to the police department where' s she' s cooperating. no one is saying who these people are, only that the caller indicated they were mother and son. >> was able to express to us a severe concern for this male' s well being, and ultimately we have him deceased inside the residence of apparent gunshot wounds. dave: the caller said there was a family history, but police say they have not been here for any alls or past issues. >> i just like him very much. he was very talented. he was very creative. he was just a very nice person.
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victim around the oak harbour neighborhood from time to time, she was saddened to hear what happened. >> he was a wonderful young man. he liked plants, he liked animals, he liked flowers and when i walked the dog, we would sit and talk. dave: others in the neighborhood said they knew little about the family, but offered their condolences. >> it' s a tragedy and i immediately prayed for that family. dave: police call it an isolated incident. no arrests have been made. police will search the home once they have a signed search warrant. of course, updated information a couple moments ago, she has been charged with the meditative murder. she did planned the murder of her own son. they are biologically mother and son and she is being taken to the seminole county jail this hour. her son was shot multiple times in the shower, and they are saying she planned his death.
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accused of running down an orange county sheriff' s with his car faced a judge today. dozens of orange county sheriff' s deputies packed the courthouse, letting deputy marcy pearce know they are with her every step of the way. wesh 2' s michelle meredith is live at the juvenile courthouse and michelle what was it like there? reporter: it was very emotional. the courtroom was jammed with sheriff' s deputies. orange county sheriff' s deputy marcy pearce was in tears as she left the courtroom. >> marcy, why did the sight of him bring you to tears? >> because he tried to kill me. michelle: and that' s what jancarlos ortiz is accused of, trying to kill the deputy as she attempted to arrest the 15-year-old on burglary charges friday morning. the formal charge he' s facing? attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. >> please raise your right hand. >> you look better already. >> it' s a tough day. michelle: the beloved deputy
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arrived at the courthouse, showed off her improving but still bruised face. >> i got stiches out a little bit ago. michelle: also in court this afternoon, the 15-year-old' s mother, the mother who helped ortiz turn himself in. it all started early friday morning when deputy pearce came to the 15-year-old' s house to arrest him on burglar charges. -- burglary charges. ortiz is accused of running down the deputy with his car when she stepped in front of it. investigators say at one point, she was holding on to the hood for her life. >> they are also attempting to get some security video. michelle: one entire side of the courtroom was filled with orange county sheriff' s deputies, there to show their support. in the end, the judge ordered jancarlos ortiz to remain in the juvenile jail. >> he will stay here at the juvenile facilities until the state decides whether or not to charge him as an adult. michelle: in the meantime, marcy pearce continues to heal from
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emotionally. state prosecutors have 30 days to decide if they want to charge ortiz as an adult. summer: thank you. glad to see she is doing ok. we are seeing some rain and the clouds are moving in. meredith: eric is joining us on the outdoor weather center. tony: we are tracking showers out there right now. it is a comfortable temperature because of all the clouds, 73 degrees and went out of the southeast. a little warmer along the space coast, 77 in melbourne. 78, daytona beach. let' s change gears and talk about the clouds and showers we see on the satellite. here' s the first alert doppler radar and it is mainly moving to the coastal communities. port orange about to get some rainfall.
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watching the showers all the way till port st. john. rain about to knock on your door said. bigger perspective showing, lots of clouds and lots of storms out west. that is what makes our severe weather threat tomorrow, tornado watches posted for louisiana. for the remainder of the evening, showers and then drying out. your full forecast ahead. summer: troopers are try to track down the driver of a semi truck to hit a woman a cap going. she suffered critical injuries when she was hit just before noon. troopers say the woman was waiting to cross the road at a time when she was struck. they think they are looking for a semi truck with a white trailer. anyone with information is asked
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meredith: 19-year-old amber wright appeared handcuffs in court today. she was convicted last month the first-degree murder and the killing of her boyfriend, 15-year-old says jackson in 2011. she had previously been sentenced to life, but it was thrown out in the case retried because she was not properly read her miranda rights. his body was beaten and burned. in court, the judge called her actions evil. >> it is really hard to deal with the notion that such an evil could exist without an explanation. meredith: she is available -- eligible to have her sentence reduced after 25 years. for others are serving life. summer: in 2009, his wife died of a gunshot wound in their isleworth home. two years later, bob ward was convicted of her murder. meredith: now, that conviction has been vacated. as wesh two' s amanda ober
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trial. amanda: this circuit judge ruling, just issued monday, says after serving over four years in prison for the murder of his wife, isleworth millionaire bob ward may soon be free on bond while he awaits a whole new trial. circuit court judge jennifer harris found ward' s original defense attorneys failed him by not objecting when prosecutors presented evidence collected after ward had invoked his right to remain silent. wesh two news legal expert, richard hornsby, followed the ward trial and says the prosecution tried to convince the jury that ward' s engagment in idle chatter with detectives indicated he was not grieving the death of his wife. >> state was asking the jury to infer that his doing those things indicates he had a guilty mind or a guilty conscience, and the judge basically said that was all was improper because you can' t comment on what someone does or how thy act after they' ve requested an attorney and said they want to remain silent. amanda: the attorney handling ward'
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news, now that the court has vacated bob' s conviction he is presumed innocent and should be released. >> our next step is to seek a bond. hornsby believes it' s possible there may not be another trial >> many times the state will work out some type of resolution where they can still get their pound of flesh, show they didn' t give up without having to go back through the whole arduous trial. amanda: ward' s attorney claims ward' s two daughter' s and even -- daughters and even his deceased wife' s family still stand by ward and his innocence. meredith: the state attorney' s office is appealing the ruling that grants ward a new trial. it' s unclear how that may affect ward' s chances at being granted bond. summer: the local man who had been sentenced to 60 years in prison in winter park will spend half of that time in jail. just before he was to have a new trial, he pleaded no contest for
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the original conviction was overturned last year, and they are working to figure out why the other kidnapping charge was dropped. meredith: there has been no sign of baby willa. -- baby will allow. authorities have searched the land and air, including a nearby pond that have been drained over the weekend. she is on child the correct, susan richardson, and p lease -- police suspect she knows what she is, but she is not telling. summer: a death row prisoner who stabbed and beat a melbourne couple to death failed to get his death penalty overturned today. wesh 2' s dan billow reports that' s despite lawyers trying to use a recent supreme court decision to throw out the sentence. dan: kyoko johnson was killed on her 66th birthday, beaten and stabbed to death along with her husband, rufus, after refusing to give $5,000 to a former neighbor kid. that neighbor was anthony welch 22 at the time, 37 now, and still trying to escape his death sentence. >> if we'
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s just to give the state a chance to kill one of its citizens. that is fundamentally wrong. it' s unjust, immoral. dan: welch is eligible for a new sentence because of a procedural error in the original case. defense attorneys told judge charles crawford today, a supreme court ruling that says our state' s death penalty is not applied properly makes it unconstitutional. that means, they say, that welch' s sentence must be changed from death to life. the judge didn' t buy it. >> the death penalty has not been ruled unconstitutional. dan: instead, he ruled, the legislature merely needs to change the way in which juries recommend death or life to a deciding judge. so welch will come back for a new sentencing afterward. and prosecutors plan to let no one forget that welch singled out the victims, because they had been kind to him in the past, then stole their tv and went out on a date after the slaughter. >> the death penalty is the appropriate sentence and that'
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re continuing to seek it. dan: he deserved it? >> he absolutely deserved it. dan: welch could be back in this courtroom as early as april for what could be another death sentence, once the legislature revises the law. summer: prosecutors say he is the victims telephone to call the girlfriend to arrange where they would go. meredith: today, president obama laid out his plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay. >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. meredith: there aren' t a lot of specifics about the plan being sent to congress. the president said there are less than 100 detainees still at the prison. the remaining inmates would be shipped to other countries and
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illegal. red light cameras and photo ruled illegal. summer: the judge' s decision has a lot of people wondering, do they have to pay that ticket? meredith: it is caucus night in nevada. the last-minute push to get gop voters to get out and support their candidates.
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passwords, how mastercard meredith: chopper two is over a brush fire in volusia county. this started as a controlled burn in the new smyrna beach, but it jumped the line and got away from fire control. summer: crews are on the scene right now and told us the fire is now contained. that original burn was supposed to be 130 acres, no word on how far it is expected. when we have more details we will get them to you on air and online. florida' s red light camera law
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meredith: while lawmakers debate a bill that would force the cameras to come down, a local judge has ruled orlando' s red light program is illegal. tonight, wesh 2' s greg fox explains what that means if you got a violation notice in the mail. greg: in light of last week' s court ruling in orange county that went against the city of orlando in a red light camera case, you may be wondering if you have received a notice of violation like this in the mail, what should you do? it' s a tough call. do you pay the $158 civil fine for running a red light, or take your chances in court? lose there, and it' s a real ticket with three points and fines. >> most people would rather pay these tickets and make them go away, rather than take a chance on getting a moving violation , getting points on their licenses and spiking their insurance, having all those consequences. greg: attorney steve kramer used to advise his clients not to fight red light camera tickets, but a circuit court judge has ruled that orlando was illegally delegating police powers by hiring its camera company ats to pre-screen videos of potential violations, before sending them to the city'
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officer. kramer calls that a game changer. he believes you can fight and win. >> it' s all an individual decision. it' s what level of risk are you willing to tolerate? right now you' ve got a circuit court that has ruled. that' s the law of the land, and right now with the law as it stands, you have a very good chance of going ahead and overturning that ticket. gerg: kramer says the court ruling in the ninth circuit should have the legal staff in orange and osceola counties and seven cities that have cameras, overhauling their programs to follow the new ruling. cameras remain in operation in orlando while the city and its legal staff decide to appeal the circuit court ruling. meredith: legal experts say they doubt anyone who is paid a red light camera citation will receive a refund, but some believe a class-action lawsuit may be in the works. summer: a new study suggests
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riskier than others. a study of more than 3500 drivers showed that applying makeup, surprisingly, had little impact on accidents. but driving while angry, sad or emotional, created almost 10 times the risk of a crash. speeding was the most dangerous driving behavior increasing the risk of an accident by 13 times. meredith: if you carry a mastercard, you can soon forget having to remember your password to approve online purchases. the company is launching new technology so you can use selfies to approve those sales. mastercard says selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than typed passwords. if you want to use your pic to pay, you download the mastercard identity check app. it has you take a selfie each time you buy something online. your face or fingerprint will be scanned to prove it' s you spending the money and not a scammer. summer: a boil water alert has been issued for an ocala neighborhood, after a water main break in the area. the main ruptured yesterday along southeast 17th street. you can see a hole left behind
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water. service was restored around 2:30 this morning, but anyone who lost their water completely during the repairs is being asked to boil their water until it is tested and deemed safe. meredith: eric is here now, and you mentioned this yesterday, that we would have storms moving in the area. eric: right now, a couple showers and no thunder and lightning, but tomorrow, thunder and lightning returning. i found one of those downpours. this is our skycam in cocoa. we are looking off the port of the kennedy space station. 73 degrees. hour. we have seen wind at 25 miles course of the day. cooler temperatures. 77, melbourne sitting off to the north. we are able to control this
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t optimized to track the showers. all not heavy in nature, but it will continue for the next couple of hours. port orange and new smyrna beach, watching this batch of rainfall move in. it will move into ponce inlet , 4:22. off to the south, here is a pocket of heavier rain. this is the one our skycam was showing you moments ago. it' ll pass through and 25 minutes or so, and you will be able to quiet down from there. moistening atmosphere, all of this i head of a storm system. you see the counterclockwise spin near texas. it is really cranking up the severe weather machine it near louisiana, mississippi and alabama in the florida panhandle. three tornado watches posted right now, and we have seen videos of tornadoes earlier today in that region. with this moistening atmosphere, we will not drop these
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rain ending at 7:00, we will find 70 degrees at 11:00 and continue to drop from there, although not that much. tonight, 65 in ocala. clermont, 69. 68, orlando. 67, deltona. 65, palm coast. 70, across the space coast. tomorrow, gusty wind and the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms, 70' s west of town, lower 80' s in the interior. here is a look at the futurecast model. 7:00 in the morning, we are watching an offshore, a couple showers moving in. amy will be tracking this. 10:00, it moves into sumter, lake, marion counties. this continues through lunchtime tomorrow, and then it starts pushing off the shoreline at 5:00, edging off to brevard county.
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for severe weather, it is the entire eastern seaboard that it does include central florida, under a slight risk for severe weather, and when we talk about a slight risk, that basically means we will see scattered, strong thunderstorms and could even get a tornado out of this so be a to watch it carefully. tomorrow, once that is done, it is gorgeous. there' s a, saturday, cooler temperatures and a whole lot of sunshine. we will have much more on the severe weather threat, breaking it down when i see you in a few minutes. meredith: let' s take a look at traffic issues in orange county. this is i-4 eastbound at exit 80. you are seeing a disabled did it -- vehicle and folks are driving around it. summer: it looks like the road rangers got on the scene in our trying to help with that traffic. we see one person standing in the median, but we do not know if that is the driver or if anyone was injured. if you are about to head onto
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disabled vehicle right at orange blossom trail and exit 80. we will keep you posted. know you can deposit checks
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meredith: an awful scene in phoenix this morning, when four people were shot and killed in a local home by one of their relatives. summer: police later shot and killed that man who even fired at them. authorities say he is the brother or son of the victims. he reportedly shot four family members, and then fired at first responders as they arrived. the home was also on fire when officers arrived. no officers were hurt in the incident. meredith: a florida teen is now charged with murdering his 10-year-old sister. the state attorney' s office is trying to charge him as an adult. deputies now say the 15-year-old keeps changing his story about how his sister was shot. the girl' s body was found in a field behind their home on sunday. deputies called the teen a hardcore kid who lied and cursed. summer: a teenager fought for four days, but was unable to survive a terrifying helicopter crash in hawaii. the pilot crashed in pearl harbor near the uss arizona memorial last thursday. this is video of that tragedy. the teenager was visiting from canada with three other family members. two people are still recovering
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crash. we will have an update on the breaking news of a fire in volusia county. meredith: bill gates weighs in on the fight between apple and the fbi. what he says the technology company should do. february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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enjoy all of our classic footlongs for just $6 each. >> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. meredith: we continue following breaking news in volusia county where a controlled burn is under control. summer: this is happening in new smyrna beach. claire metz is close to the action. what are you hearing from firefighters? claire: this is the subdivision in new smyrna beach. you can see from the ground, the smoke and flames within that area that was a 100 plus acre controlled burn that jumped the fire line and became uncontrolled earlier today. chopper 2 was over this scene as well. this is a rural community.
4:31 pm
frequently, forced it will come back and do controlled burns as the brush grows, just to ensure that something like a brush fire does not you brought. for whatever reason, the control burned jump the line. there was some concern about several homes in the area, and so they did fire protection there, but it did not get closer then several hundred yards from those homes, so good news. a lot of folks here concerned, although we have rain coming. they were worried this thing could really blow up, because we have some wind and that is what likely sent this controlled burn out of control. they have contained it as of right now, although they are checking on that and they will get back to us in a few minutes. this is off for 15, south and west of new smyrna and the east side of deltona, although you
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summer: deputies still aren' t releasing how a 13-year-old girl died, after she was found dead inside her merritt island home. meredith: family and friends are the father and girl. the father has been identified as 42-year-old sittichai boonkeian. one of last text messages coworkers got from him was asking a friend to cover his shift at thai fuji in rockledge. he was a chef at the restaurant. but he called out last monday and wednesday, and friday he was a no-show. >> he didn' t even show up. no texts, no calls. not like him at all. >> sometimes he works too much, but he doesn' t have time for the kid. summer: while investigators believe the father committed suicide, many don' t understand why. the deaths are considered suspicious. meredith: the man accused of throwing his starter off attempt area bridge is still incompetent to stand trial. today' s ruling is the third time since january 2015 that a judge has declared john jonchuck mentally incapable.
4:33 pm
shortly after police say he dropped five-year-old phoebe jonchuck from the sunshine skyway bridge, 60 feet to her death. he is currently being treated at a state mental hospital. summer: taking a look at the first alert forecast, clouds, and and rain. meredith: eric is joining us. a little breezy out? tony: it is but it feels very nice. this temperatures have begun to come down as well. 73 in orlando and it feels a lot nicer now than it did earlier. daytona, 78. 81, palm coast. the cooler areas are where we have seen rain pushing through. i want to take you and closer to portions in volusia, new smyrna beach, ponce inlet and port orange, watching some of the showers. heavier downpours crossing over the cape canaveral seashore and right over the kennedy space
4:34 pm
communities around titusville, watching the rain end. we are watching heavier downpour in barefoot bay. there is the skype moving -- storm moving away from marion county. tapering off after 8:00. the breeze feels so nice. we will talk about what this is bringing in for tomorrow, severe thunderstorms possible. summer: a two-year-old orange county girl is rushed to the hospital, after a dog bit her on her face and head. the orange county sheriff' s department says it happened at a home on nana avenue in the sky lake area around 8:30 this morning. it' s unknown what kind of dog bit the little girl who was taken to arnold palmer hospital as a trauma alert. the sheriff' s office says the dog ran off and animal control officers were called to look for it. meredith: one man is hurt, and three more are on the run, after a home invasion in orange county. police were called to the pine view apartments in pine hills around midnight. wesh 2'
4:35 pm
s sister. alex: a young woman identifying herself as the victim' s sister says her mom is stressed out after witnessing the whole thing. >> she just said she heard, give it up and next thing you know, she heard gunshots. alex: the young woman says the three home invaders didn' t take anything, just burst in and shot her brother, rodrick brown, while her mom and youngest brother were inside. she was in tears describing how she arrived to see her brother injured on the ground as he called for an ambulance. >> my brother was just sitting on the ground and he kept saying he ok, just get an ambulance, you know? that' s all he could say, and we didn' t want him to panic too much. alex: the victim' s sister says her brother may have known his attackers. police say the three guys took off running after shooting brown three times. police do not believe the crime was random. the officer who filed the report says police smelled marijuana
4:36 pm
and a digital scale on the living room table. it' s unclear if the attack was drug-related. the victim' s sister says it' s scary that a bullet could have hit her mom and little brother. she said, it leaves your mind to wonder whether the situation could have been worse. >> when someone come in your house and you have your mom in there, your brother in there and a bullet stuck in the wall and did not go through, almost hit my mom, it just leaves your mind to wonder. alex: in pine hills, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. meredith: tonight at 5:00, we' ll hear why police don' t think this incident was a random act. summer: police say speeding may be to blame in a deadly crash in apopka. 20-year-old brian potter junior was killed last night on orange blossom trail. witnesses told police he was speeding, before the car veered off the road and into a tree. you can see the mess the wreck left behind. potter was rushed to the hospital, but did not survive. meredith: deputies want you to take a good look at two robbers who hit up a busy poinciana publix.
4:37 pm
parkway store on sunday. you can see the duo handing a cashier a note demanding money. they got away with some cash. if you know who these guys are, call crimeline. summer: in commitment 2016 news, the republican candidates have taken over nevada. in a matter of hours, caucus-goers have their say. candidates were spread out across the state trying to get the undecided voters on their side. donald trump is expected to place first, but second place is up for grabs. the polls close at midnight our time. and with former governor jeb bush out of the race, more people are throwing their support behind florida senator marco rubio. he' s coming off a second place showing in south carolina. today, while rallying for votes, he told a crowd in nevada that he can unite the party. >> but i am a conservative that can unite this party. we can' t win if we' re divided. if we' re still fighting with each other and half the voters in the republican party say, well, we nominated someone i don' t like. i'
4:38 pm
-- going to vote, we are going to lose this election. we cannot nominate someone who cannot win because they cannot unite us. summer: to win the nomination, a candidate needs 1,236 delegates. with bush out, rubio will likely pick up more of florida' s 99 delegates. meredith: protesters are gathering outside apple stores in more than 30 cities, opposing the f.b.i' s request to unlock an encrypted i-phone used by one of the san bernadino shooters. but as wesh 2' s brett connolly reports, the fbi is also getting support from one of the biggest tech names in the world. brett: up until now, the biggest tech giants in industry have -- the industry have supported apple. the c.e.o' s behind google, facebook, and twitter are rallying behind them. but bill gates says apple should do what the fbi is asking. >> apple has access to the information. they are just refusing to provide the access and the
4:39 pm
provide the access or not. brett: the founder of microsoft is breaking ranks with silicon valley. he says tech companies should be forced to cooperate with law enforcement in terror investigations. he disagrees with the claim of apple ceo tim cook that forcing apple to help the fbi to open the san bernandino gunman' s i-phone will set a dangerous precedent. >> you shouldn' t call the access some special thing. it is no different than anyone to tell the phone company to get information, same with bank records. there is no difference between information. the government is asking for a specific set of information. brett: a lawyer for apple says the government has never demanded this much. a new poll shows most americans are siding with the fbi at 51% while 38% support apple. meredith: this story is getting a lot of social media attention.
4:40 pm
facebook page, no, we have a right to privacy, and if apple helps here, this will pave the way for more of our privacy to be invaded. we as americans should stand up for our rights. while donna wrote, in this instance, yes, it' s a matter of national security. join the conversation on the wesh 2 news facebook page. summer: a group of state lawmakers wants congress to declare the u.s. at war with global islamic terrorists. the senate military and veterans affairs committee has unanimously backed the proposal, that urges congress and president barack obama to authorize the use of military force against al-qaeda, isis and all other global islamic terrorist organizations that similarly engage in acts of terrorism. >> it needs to be what it is. it is a war, and they need to use all resources that are available to them in order to protect themselves and us back home. summer: the proposal is what is known as a memorial, which has
4:41 pm
evers says by including all global islamic terrorist groups in the request, the memorial is intended to be as broad or as narrow as it needs to be. meredith: it' s been almost five years since the casey anthony trial captivated the country. wesh 2 is taking a look back at the case with the major players. last night, you heard how prosecutors' lives have changed. tonight, we' re sitting down with the defense, including the now nationally-recognized attorney, jose baez. who he' s crediting for casey' s acquittal and what he says to those who believe the jury got it wrong, tonight at 6:00 and 11:00 on wesh 2. it may be starting to feel like springtime, but flu season is kicking into action. summer: is there sti ll time
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summer: flu season has arrived in florida. the cdc says there' s moderate activity. if you get it, we have some expert advice to get you feeling better soon. meredith: wesh 2' s jason guy breaks down the threat and how to battle it. jason: flu cases are on the rise in florida. check out the c.d.c' s weekly update warning you about conditions across the nation. the yellow color on this map shows floridians are now dealing with moderate flu activity. the florida department of health reports some cases in local counties, including orange and seminole. this is the time when flu activity usually peaks in florida, according to the health department. so what should you do if you get it? laying in bed is the best advice. >> menthol and eucalyptus that open your sinuses, doesn'
4:46 pm
anything absolutely to shorten the course, but it does alleviate some of the symptoms. jason: treating those symptoms is about all you can do. which is why it' s important to get an anti-viral within the first 48 hours. >> it will shorten the course of the flu. if you take it too late and you' re already swarming with flu viruses, you' re not going to have much benefit. jason: and for prevention, there' s the flu shot. it might not be a guarantee to avoid all of this, but it' s weakening the virus in your body to make this easier to endure. >> it takes about two weeks to become effective. plus, it helps protect weakened immune systems around you, like kids under two-years-old and adults over 65-years-old. jason: if you start to recover from the flu, but suddenly start feeling lousy again, check back with your doctor to make sure you haven' t picked up some sort of secondary infection. jason guy, wesh 2 news. meredith: symptoms for the flu include fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion, runny nose, and headaches. summer: the total number of zika
4:47 pm
-- 29 with a new case just confirmed and seminole county. here' s the breakdown of cases in central florida. there have been two confirmed in orange county, one in osceola, and one in brevard. all of the cases in the state are travel related. meredith: ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest cancers because it often diagnosed late. now doctors are recommending a new test for earlier diagnoses. researchers found a formula combining a blood test and ultrasound scans could reduce ovarian cancer deaths by 20%. doctors say it' s not as specific as it needs to be yet. summer: health officials say people exposed to certain types of lumber liquidators flooring have a higher risk of cancer than previously thought. the centers for disease control and prevention say the risk is three times higher than previous calculations. they say the formaldehyde used in some flooring could cause six to 30 cancer cases per 100,000 people. lumber liquidators has stopped selling floors made in china. meredith: we are following
4:48 pm
fire crews are responding to a fire behind a home at land fair avenue and that is in the deltona area. we do not know the cause of the fire but have seen fire crews arriving on the same, and we believe it burned through part of a fence as well. we see fire crews trying to get the flames under control to make sure it does not spread to other homes. we will continue to follow this and bring you more latebreaking updates. summer: we have eric standing by. we are talking about another controlled earned, and some of the wind gusts were making it difficult for fire crews to control it. eric: wind is certainly a concern. looking ahead to tomorrow, we are talking about 30 mile an hour wind. we' ll be watching that closely. lightning is in the forecast tomorrow, so hopefully we do not get anything new sparking up.
4:49 pm
there is downtown orlando, and really and truly it is a beautiful set up across central florida. 69, sanford. 73, orlando. watching the showers exit volusia county. port orange near new smyrna beach, a heavier batch of rain over the kennedy space center, that also exiting off shore. watching this batch of heavier downpours lifting up toward the north at about 4:53. all of this is associated with this bigger storm system. we are talking about three tornado watches, one of which is a particularly dangerous situation. what this means in addition to just a major weather outbreak, is as this moves towards central florida, we have to watch the energy, the good news, it stays to the north.
4:50 pm
weather. if you showers tonight at nothing severe. by 9:00, the rain coming to an end completely. it is 70 by 11:00 this evening. temperatures around town, much milder. 65, ocala. with this warm setup, that is i get of the atmosphere is rich with moisture. by the time the front get here' s, -- front gets here, it will clear out. it will be the time to the middle part of the day tomorrow to we see the highest chance and coverage of severe thunderstorms. here are the numbers. this is what we have been different computer models we have the weather center. it :00 to 11:00 in the morning, western orange county, you will weather. the i-4 quarter and surrounding
4:51 pm
moving into brevard county, 1:00 in the afternoon. we will break down the severe weather threat and wind is going to be the biggest concern. we could see some hail and damaging rainfall in the form of quick flooding, but i do not think it will be much of an issue. we could even see an isolated tornado but it will be the wind that is the biggest damage potential. we are put under a slight risk for severe weather, which on the scale, it just means there is the potential for scattered to severe thunderstorms and even one or two tornadoes. the good news, once we' re done with wednesday, we are clearing things out and cooling things down for the end of the week and into the weekend.
4:52 pm
but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay
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summer: it appears the astronauts on the international space station may have a bit too much time on their hands. meredith: they' re going bananas. this is video astronaut mark kelly posted on twitter yesterday. someone in a gorilla suit comes bursting out of a bag and terrorizes a crew member. no explanation is given, just a tweet from kelly stating, i thought you said you had things under control up there. and speaking of, kelly returns to earth in one week, bringing
4:55 pm
summer: that is why so many people want to the astronauts now. meredith: final preparations are underway for tomorrow' s spacex rocket launch from cape canaveral. the window for launch opens at 6:46 wednesday night. the rocket will carry a boeing communications satellite into orbit over asia. the window will remain open until 8:30. mothers no doubt know that with a toddler running around, it can be tough to work in exercise that doesn' t include chasing a child. summer: one california mother decided to create a unique workout that has a lot of people talking. she calls it " the wine workout." take a look. it' s a 15 second workout, and was actually just intended to be funny. she' s posting the videos on her facebook page. that is good motivation right there. she says there are some negative comments, but for the most part, people are sending back their own videos or pictures. meredith: if it was my kid, that red wine the be all over the floor. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour.
4:56 pm
dead and investigators say his mother pulled the trigger. next at 5:00, what investigators are saying about their armed confrontation with the woman and why they were called to the home in the first place. and a man who has spent four years in prison in what became known as the "isleworth mansion murder case" may soon go free. what' s next for bob ward and why the threat of jail will still hang over him, next on wesh two news at 5:00. [captioning performed pe taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna.
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>> developing right now frank klopas seminole county man is then down and not only did his mother pulled the trigger, she planned it out. good evening, i' m jim payne. >> and i' m angela taylor. angela: dave mcdaniel is live on the scene with the latest information. reporter: this all-star did as a well-being check. the police got here and for said they cannot get in. they had to work their way in and they described it as a planned murder, a case of domestic violence.
5:00 pm
police this morning , the caller had spoken dreadfully to the mother. the mother said some things to her which is part of the investigation that led her to believe that something was not right. lake is in danger or is not ok. 50 known -- 59-year-old virgina arteaga is accused of shooting her son and planning it. the sun was shot multiple times in the shower. she would not let the police in. >> virgina arteaga confronted one of the officers with a hand that. she was ordered to drop that firearm. police say they have no history with his family. >> he was a wonderful young man.


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