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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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first, a question is a six, a local man is dead and she pulled the trigger. i meredith macdonald. meredith: we look at how the discovery was made. reporter: a coworker and friend of lake howard called his mom when he did not show up for work. >> the caller had spoken directly to the mother. when please got to the apartment a little after 11:00 in the morning, someone was inside but no one would let them in. the police force their way in. virgina arteaga confronted one of the officers with a handgun in hand. she was ordered to drop that firearm and comply with
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39-year-old virgina arteaga was taken in for questioning and then arrested. she is accused of murdering her son and planning it. >> the shooting arose as a domestic violence situation. they are not sure when he was shot. the police have no history with his family. and never satyr was -- a neighbor was devastated to hear the news. >> he was a wonderful young man. reporter: another neighbor was equally in shock to hear and mother accused of murdering her son. >> it is a travesty and i pray for that family. jim: police have been waiting for a search warrant all day. once they get inside, they hope to clear up more of the unanswered questions. meredith: the 15-year-old accused of running down a sheriff'
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reporter: orange county sheriff' ce courtroom. that is what jancarlos ortiz accused of, trying to kill the deputy. she tried to arrest him on burglary charges iron a morning. the formal charge she is facing is attempt did murder on an law enforcement officer. >> i got the stitches out a little bit ago. reporter: also in court was the 15-year-old mother .
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morning when deputy peers came to the 15-year-old' s house to arrest him on burglary charges. investigators say at one point she was holding onto the hunt for her life. -- linda. one entire side of the courtroom was filled with orange county sheriff' s deputies. at the end, the judge ordered ortiz to be at the juvenile center until the decision is made whether to charge him as an adult. in the meantime, marcy pearce continues to heal from her ones. -- wounds of. jim: just a few showers mixed with some brilliant sunshine today. the threat of story weather is climbing with every passing hour.
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line tony: of dangers weather making its way central florida. tony:right now, jim, those alabama is under a state of emergency. that track is going to take it up to the carolinas but what will happen is we will take all that moisture out of the gulf of mexico and develop a line of showers. a window of opportunity for severe weather is going to be set up. if you have plans for tonight, there are a couple of showers popping up. a few showers going to be working towards brevard county. it is humid and unstable out here tonight. temperatures are in the 70' s right now but you can see right through 11:00 temperatures are holding steady. straight ahead and more on that severe weather. meredith: we are getting late word that the orange county sheriff' s office has arrested a man in connection to a double homicide. jonathan rosado has been charged with the murders of 39-year-old
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36-year-old alexander arana. deputies say risotto arrested the man -- it happened in august of 2014. a florida millionaire that spent the last four years in jail for murdering his wife has been granted a shot at a new trial. bob ward was accused of killing his wife diane in 2009. a circuit court judge threw out that conviction. they said he failed to object to after he already exercised his right to remain silent. >> the state was asking the jury if he would not be doing the things that he had a guilty minor conscience area the judge basically said that was all improper because you cannot comment on what someone does after they have requested an attorney and wanted to remain silent. meredith: they say the attorney' s office has already appealed the ruling.
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jim: i marion county teen is sentenced again. amber jancarlos ortiz -- wright is accused of murdering 15-year-old self jackson. her first trial was thrown out because she was not read her miranda rights properly. >> it is really hard to deal with the notion that such an evil could exist without a nation. >> wright is eligible to have her sentence reduced after 25 years. the shooter received the death penalty and is now the youngest inmate on death row. right now, troopers are trying to track down the driver of a
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teresa vasquez suffered severe injuries. troopers say the woman was waiting to cross the road when she was struck. troopers say they are looking for a' s and mike with a white trailer. if you know anything about it, call florida highways meredith: patrol. the case of the zika virus has now been diagnosed in seminole county florida county of health is making the announcement today. two patients were diagnosed in orange county and one and osceola and one and brevard. along with today' s announcement, the newest case is travel related. in orange county man is recovering from gunshot wounds from his apartment tomorrow night. rogers brown was shot three times in the stomach when someone burst into his pineview apartment at 11:30 last night and said to give it up. there was a strong odor of
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brown sister came out of the apartment to see her brother on the ground. >> my brother was sitting on the ground and said he was ok but to get an ambulance. meredith: orlando police do not believe this is a random act. they are looking for two suspects. jim: right now, three marion county deputies are off the job. one of them could be facing federal charges. matt grant reports how this news is affecting an office work by scandal. reporter: three marion county sheriff' s deputies have resigned. >> is there a problem with the department right now? >> it could be perceived that way. and wardell --
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bustamente is one of those deputies. he' s accused of lying about his excuse of excessive force. in a letter to share chris blair, any pending cases requiring him to testify will be thrown out. it is not sure how many cases could be impacted. >> this is a failure at all levels of the criminal justice system. reporter: this comes as another deputy tim ray accused of cocaine. another dvd who refuse to stop are also resigned. -- deputy. a body cam video showed other deputies killing -- beating up a suspect that was unarmed.
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knowledge of and to indicate we are going to move forward with more safe guards. jim: the sheriff' s office will now look at 90 body -- videos of month and chosen at random and sync those up with incident reports to make sure they match. meredith: right now brushfires in volusia county are almost contained. the scheduled burned got out of control. chopper two is over the scene. this was a scheduled one 36 acre burn. tractor got stuck in a ditch and at one point the fire got within a few feet of a home. jim: a local congressional candidate is getting some support from the former speaker of the house nancy pelosi.
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says val d emings' s experience as former police chief is great experience. >> she took the values debate right down the line. she came close to winning in a difficult district. she knows how to win. jim: leslie' s -- pelosi' s and endorsement was heavily criticized. washington establishment. anthony. >> i was fell and had him right when i wanted him. jim: we take a look at where the rest of the defense team is now. >> get out.
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meredith: new video tonight of a wild ride.
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x it is been almost five years since the casey anthony trial captivated the country. jim: central florida was rocked when casey anthony was arrested for killing her daughter kaylee in 2008. in 2011, with most of the nation watching, she was found not guilty of murder. meredith: tonight, bob kealing steps down with the attorney jose baez who was with her from the very beginning. >> i was the person they never saw coming. five years after winning a studying acquittal for casey anthony, on charges of murdering
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attorney jose baez is unapologetic to those who says they got it wrong. >> this was one of the rare situations the system worked. >> he give his surgery. -- gave us a fair jury. he credits jurors for not backing to mn' s public pressure. -- immense public pressure. this was clearly not have death penalty case. san diego attorney. -- todd
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anthony in a private plane after her release. the jacksonville attorney brought in to spare her death and attaching been convicted continues to argue death cases. and cheney mason, who famously bulrush anthony through a crowd of journalists outside banks are -- bankruptcy court in tampa, remains a picture and local legal circus -- circles. the case made the courtroom live
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for his part, jose baez says the victory put his career on a first -- fast track. and at harvard, he' s taken cases nationally and internationally in state and federal court. >> you feel if you were the guy took down the giant? >> i was mulligan had the right where i wanted them. meredith: tonight come -- tomorrow is coverage of the case against casey anthony. that' s tomorrow question is at 6:00. jim: a man who fell asleep is lucky to be ok but faces a host of criminal charges. police found ramdath jitta in his truck sound asleep. when they woke him up, he tried
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>> i didn' t do anything wrong. >> had a few drinks. he is charged with drunk driving and fleeing and eluding. tony: let me show you the set up here. we have is big storm system. state of alabama is under a state of emergency. you can see a big storm system cracking up. as it does so, you can pull in this gulf of mexico moisture. you can see these fast-moving cells rotating quickly towards the north and east. with this type of storm, we are going to pull in a lot of gulf of mexico moisture and heat up
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it is warm and humid out there. the trend here is for that lift up towards the north. we have a nice little down for their but with there will be some more evening showers. it is nice and warm with temperatures running in the low to mid 70' s. we have a breeze out of the south southeast. hour-by-hour right through 11:00. it is only following to about 11:00. it will fall into the lower 50' s but not tonight. the storm system brings in -- as to the upper 60' s. let' s take a look at our futurecast here and show you the timing on this. the storms are arriving around 9:00.
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storms crosses it will help to buffer up. even at 3:30 look at these individual cells. we' re going to watch that very quickly. 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. over towards the turnpike in osceola county. again recapping, we are under a slight risk for severe storms. when you are under a flight risk , you are talking about an isolated tornado. there is a chance for some hail. the biggest concern will be the wind. the tornado threat is low but it is something we have to watch. high temperatures on wednesday. as we wait on the showers and storms by mid afternoon. let' s take a look at the updated
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great weather coming up friday, saturday and sunday. jim: 12 days and counting now until a new mls season begins pat. pat: interview with the agent, the lads seem to be in a good place, given the pressure they put on himself. the coach fox progress when we come back. the lamented losing from the magic camp this season who have had more than any team in the league.
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>> scott skiles says his team cannot afford to lose. really the magic cannot afford to lose to anyone if they believe the playoffs are a list -- realistic goal. a 9.2 feet -- defeat.
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other night. no and other nba team has played these games or less. >> the biggest game was -- lead was by seven. they have to stay that way must the game. and in other games, if someone has a lead, it is clear to everyone that we have to win one of those games. you will begin to see a lot more purple around town soon because the city lads are 12 days from the onset of a new mls season. enclosed schedule -- permits is scheduled for tomorrow and then a final preseason tuneup saturday against brazilian died of sports bahia. regular season opener against
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>> with a little bit more like we' re going to be. before that we have been sloppy
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tonight on the late news, a man is murdered and her mom is accused of planning the trigger. the latest at 10:00 p.m. on wesh 2 news at 11. breaking news tonight. state of emergency as tornadoes explode across the south. millions under a severe threat. fears the town could be demolished in the dark. trump towers as nevada votes tonight and can he win three in a row? and can anyone stop him. murder mystery, chicago images of the


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