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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> right now at 11, s evere weather is moving through pensacola. we' ll already received word of a tornado that has caused damage. >> it is the same system that has sponsored tornadoes in mississippi and louisiana. two of those deaths have happened here. and now take a look at just behind me. it is expected to hit central florida. good evening, i meredith mcdonough >> and i' m jim payne. tony: tallahassee is under tornado watch. there is a close-up shot of pensacola. look at that intense line of
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coming through pensacola, we have been witnessing 185 mile an hour winds. but pressure is cranking on up. this will shift through the north and east. it will pull in a lot of moisture. we will go through the morning. it will go back towards the carolinas. we are under a slight risk or severe storms. right now, we are not seeing that moisture. i like that trend, not seeing that. this is what will be crossing the peninsula by the afternoon. 9:00, we are heating up. by lunchtime, the new trend tonight is looking weaker. i don' t buy that just yet but by the afternoon, the storms are pushing offshore.
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and you have to check out this wind forecasts. it is amazing. jim: a mother is accused of killing her adult son in the shower and tonight we have new developments in that case. we are getting a first look at virgina arteaga who police say shot and killed her 29-year-old son. a family member called police to say she was worried about him. reporter: to say that this family is in disbelief is simply an understatement. police just clear the scene here just 10 minutes ago including the medical examiner who left with the body of the victim from this home. the family of the suspect has just as many questions as we do. as family members gathered in this oak harbor community,
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warm and -- for it. -- war and. they are accusing virgina arteaga of murder. >> when they were with each other, they were sweet to each other. reporter: as a family drove away from the home, we asked them what could have been gone wrong. any problems? >> not that we know of. that mother said some things to her that was part of the investigation that led us to believe that blake howard was in danger. reporter: a coworker called 911 after directly speaking to ortega. ortega had a gun in her hand but dropped it after police forced
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what they discovered inside was unbearable. >> what a tragedy! i can' t believe that was him. reporter: and back here at the home of the scene today, you will see there is take on the lock. police say they have never responded to any problems here before. family members told me that they have no what happened. meanwhile, arteaga is being held at the orange county jail. meredith: chopper 2 was over the scene where a brush fire got uncomfortably close to a home and deltona. matt lupoli spoke with a family who lived there. reporter: just a few yards from their home and feet away from the dog' s house, and -- a deltona family looked on as firefighters battled flames.
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reporter: even before firefighter crews arrived, the wesh 2 news crew spotted the flames from above. the fire started somewhere on the other side of the fence igniting some trees and brush before flames caught fire on the wood panels. the neighbor tells us he saw the smoke. from there, the brothers who lived here make quick work of the blaze. they are glad they stopped it from spreading to their homes. >> it could' ve been so much worse. luckily they can get any farther than that. no one was hurt. it turned out ok. reporter: it is not clear what or who is responsible for
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heard, the family is thankful their offense was the only thing loss in it. meredith: another for fire -- fire is burning in deltona. it happened just west of i-5. this is a scheduled 135 acre burn which jumps the fire line. jim: not to commitment 2016 were republicans in nevada are caucusing right now. it is reported heavy and many precincts. several precinct captains will work past nine or 10 p.m. nevada time. trump appears to be the front runner. crews and rubio were organized early on but have done little to
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democrats in nevada already picked their presidential candidate. hillary clinton and stout sanders in the caucuses over the weekend. now both candidates are in south s primary. meredith: a proposed policy would protect l gpd students county. it would protect lesbian and gay and transgender people. people identifying as lgbt could have the freedom to choose what bathroom they wanted to use. >> i' m concerned that a transgender can go into the bathroom with her because he claims he is now a woman. the hearing went on for a few hours. jim: and orlando teenager accused of deliberately running over a deputy appeared in court
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i just a ordered jancarlos ortiz to remain in juvenile jail. he is accused of running down deputy marcy pearce when she tried to arrest him on burglary charges. the victim was in court today along with other fellow deputies. reporter: the many -- marion county teen amber wright was accused of killing seath jackson in two thousand 11. she previously been sentenced to life by the sentence was thrown out and the case retry because she was not properly read homer maranda rights -- her miranda rights. angela: the student reported to a resource officer that a 16-year-old was in charge of a weapon.
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orange county deputies say a double homicide from two years ago. jonathan rosado has been charged with the murders of 39-year-old juan caban-serrano and 36-year-old alexander arana. deputies say he shot the man along with a third man who survived. the shooting happened along bancroft boulevard back in august of 2014. meredith: an isleworth millionaire who spent the last four years in prison for murdering his wife has been granted a new trial. bob word -- ward was convicted of killing his wife diane. his original defense attorneys failed to object to the statements ward made after he already exercised his site -- right to remain silent. meredith: public school officials showed up to demand more money at eight board
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they held a silent protest over the lack of the pay increase. a union representative told us that they were unified in their cause. >> these are the faces of their employees. they deserve better. there was no decision made about the wage debate. jim: a case of the zika virus has been diagnosed in this county. there are now 29 cases including a handful locally. 2 patients were diagnosed in orange county, 1 in osceola, and 1 in brevard. public health emergency has been expanded to include seminole county. the newest case is travel related. final preparations are underway
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the rocket will carry a boeing communication satellite into orbit. the casey anthony murder trial happened nearly five years ago. meredith: we are sitting down with the defense. >> it was one of the rare situations where the system worked. who he is crediting for the acquittal. jim: and florida' s red light camera law is under attack as a local judge has ruled that the
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>> it has been almost five years since the casey anthony trial captivated the country. against casey: five years later florida was rocked when she was caylee in 2008. prosecutor' s lives have changed.
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2, bob kealing sits down with the prosecutor who was there from the very beginning pose a -- jose baez. five years after winning a stunning acquittal for casey anthony on charges of murdering her daughter, her attorney remains unapologetic to those who think he got it wrong. clicks this was seen as the grand miscarriage of justice. it was one of the rare situations where the system worked. he says the judge was the key piece. he gave us a fair jury. >> that was the most important piece to ensuring that casey got a fair trial. the jurors
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amend public pressure. >> this was not a death penalty case. san diego attorney flew anthony out on a private jet is now serving jail time. in january, mitigation consultant rosalie bolin who joined the defense team saw her husband put to death. and the jacksonville attorney brought in to spare anthony a death sentence has he been convicted continues to argue death cases. ocala lawyer dorothy k sam' s still specializes in medical cases. jenni mason who famously bulrush anthony through a cloud of
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court remains a fixture in local legal circles. time magazine called her acquittal the social media trial of the century making things like courtroom live tweeting the norm for big cases. >> life the media coverage is very important, you kind of forget about the presumption of innocence. >> i have lectured in about six different countries. he is taking cases nationally and internationally. >> it was only to have him right where i wanted them. jim: tomorrow, our coverage of the case against casey: five years later continues. we take a look at the colorful characters surrounding the case such as the bounty hunter and the man who found casey anthony'
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meredith: half of the court ruling shot down the red light camera. drivers are asking whether they should fight the ticket. the city gives too much power to a company that operates the system. and set of having police review videos, the company does it. well chances of your getting dirt ticket dismissed will be improved, you may still was in court. >> what level of risk are you willing to tolerate? right now, the laws that stand you have a very good chance of overturning the ticket. the city of orlando is still deciding whether to appeal the ruling. jim: new tonight, the city comes to recognize the influence of african-americans in the city of orlando. several organizations and individuals were honored.
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us right now. tony: it is still ongoing. we will show you a couple of photos and then pinpoint where hour-by-hour. roof. it is a testament to how s work. you can see the top half of this apartment complex just sheared off there. we hope there were no fatalities but when you take a look at the image like that, i would be very surprised if we take that one without any serious injuries. here is what is going on right now. there are a couple of showers and storms. we will watch the trends. speaking of overnight, we not
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by 9:30 it is racing towards lake county on the palm coast and very close to deltona beach. the bottom line is it is the quiet before the storm tomorrow. we are watching those goals storms as we get you through early tomorrow morning. the storms will be rolling off the gulf of mexico. futurecast is showing a weakening trend tomorrow. i am not in that camp. i' m not buying that. temperatures will be running 80-85 degrees. you get that from the energy coming from the gulf. there is 2:00 right over i-4. i think is it is going to be a little bit quicker.
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11-to write a long i-4. remember, wednesday is an early release day from school. we may be dealing with storms with the schools. we will continue to watch that. flight risk for orlando -- flight risk for orlando. the biggest concern is to win tomorrow. there could be some hail. the wind is the big concern. i want to show you this wind forecast. 7:30 in the morning. check out these wind gusts. you are driving along i-4 or the 408. 37, 26. right through mid-evening.
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we will have to watch that very carefully. i think we will have a better chance of pushing it back to thursday. 85 in melbourne. an updated seven-day forecast, once we get past wednesday. it is plenty of sunshine. meredith: orlando city soccer is getting ready for a season opener with elevated expectations. jim: meanwhile the magic is losing -- hoping for payback against the sixers. pat: that' s not -- stuck i' ll this a game that this man could not afford to lose.
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>> philadelphia 76ers are the worst team in the mba, so bad that inlet was brought on board as a special advisor. it is like a mechanic telling
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t fix your brakes so he make sure foreign latter. pat: magic opened to a game that they cannot afford to lose. the sixers beat orlando and payback was not met. and nine point magic lead. aaron gordon' s slamdunk contest apparently has not left yet. victor oladipo had 21 but the star was vucevic. they turned the ball over 22 times. scott was displeased with his defense and victory. golden state coming to town on thursday. critical sec game for the gators. two teams tied for fifth place with just two teams out. if you do not believe in bad
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close game late in the first half and then this happened. first vanity blocks which should have been a slam dunk and then drilled and no arc shot. a five-point vandalia. justin leon propagators -- propagators -- brought the gators. this one stings big for the gators. they lose by 13 -- first academy royals he and a seminal final tonight. parker davis hitting 11 of the 12 field-goal attempts.
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a loser in the to a semi final. city lights -- lads are just days away from the onset of a new season. final preseason to -- tuneup saturday. it opens against salt lake a week from sunday. >> before that we have been a little bit sloppy and it is something we have to snap out of because we are nearly there now.
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>> a local theme park opens its gates and does not charge admission for one day every year. tomorrow is a free day at the holy land experience. you can expect quite the crowd. it is only available until the park his capacity. doors open at 10:00 a.m. tony: let' s take a quick look at that radar right now guys.
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