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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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jason: it is 4:30 on sunrise. storms are in our forecast today. first alert meteorologist amy sweezey is tracking' s of your breaks down what you can expect. that same system as tossing roofs and splintering on threat the south. we have new video of the damage. overnight, nevada republicans chose to they want to be president. what donald trump' s overwhelming victory means going forward. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in
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jason: it is february current -- good wednesday morning, i' m 24th. jason guy. right now, things are common your forecast. thing -- there clouds over downtown. e 69 degrees in the spot. amy sweezey is tracking that severe weather. let' s get over -- get going with amy. amy: we are talking about tornado watch in effect until 10:00 a.m.. still a few hours with the central florida. that means we have time to prepare and make sure we have your plan. nature your downloaded a first alert weather rap. thunderstorms rolling to marion sumter county about 8:00 and 10:00 this morning. they continue to push the east. it is possible and likely that more counties will be added to this tornado watch as we had to the next several hours. what does it mean, it means there are no tornadoes happening
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it seems the possibility. between now at 10:00, a trader could develop in the approaching thunderstorm. you need to make sure you got your plan if you are going to be out in marion county or sumter county between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.. that is what it' s possible that we could have tornado warnings issues. if that is the case, you need to be able to be inside. stay tuned to wesh 2 and the line of storms is back out in the gulf and up in north florida. it is quickly making its approach which is why this watch has been posted. still a couple of hours to go before the leading edge moves in to marion in sumter county. the clouds are starting to spelling first. should be a fairly quiet morning commute and enter at the day, we will see that line of storms rolling. getting over to the i-4 corridor around lunchtime. and then exiting brevard county through the afternoon and evening. we will take a look at futurecast and talk more about
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right now, let' s get a traffic update and get over to ted noah. ted: right now on i-4 eastbound, elaine is taken out. -- a lane is taken out. also there is some 408 getting off of the death construction hitting off of the 408 eastbound onto 417, we will talk about that on a little bit. you need to use the dean road ramp. this is the 417 near narcoossee, another spot with a wrote -- with a lane blocked. severe weather moving away we' , getting a look at the aftermath from that system. pensacola last night. no one was hurt, but thousands are without electricity this morning. winds and driving rain sweeping through the panhandle. earlier in the day, at least three people were killed in louisiana and mississippi. there were at least seven tornadoes, including one that
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you can get severe weather alerts with the wesh 2 first alert weather app. it' s a free download for apple and android smart phones and tablets. commitment 2016, donald trump is celebrating a massive victory in nevada. he captured 44% of the vote among republicans. senators marco rubio and ted cruz again battled for second, but rubio came out on top. nbc' s steve handelsman is following these overnight developments for us. >> it is three wins in a row for donald trump after his cross the board victory in the nevada caucuses. >> we one evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated. 46% with the hispanics. 46%. number one with hispanics. >> raising trumps hopes that he can win next week in texas. ted cruz'
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by eight polling points. >> the only campaign that has campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> trump leads marco rubio in his home state of florida. rubio and ted cruz are fighting for runner-up in nevada. leaving trump again on top. i' m steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. jason: turning to news here at home daytona beach police are on , the scene of two shootings, a block apart. the first call came in just after 11:00 from sheridan road. the second, just three minutes later at the police athletic league center on george engram boulevard. one person was shot in each place. police have no information on either victim. covering seminole county, a mother accused of killing her own son, will answer to a judge this afternoon. altamonte springs police say virginia arteaga shot and killed her 29-year-old son while he was in the shower. his body was in found at the oak
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springs. wesh 2' s chris hush has an exclusive interview with a family member. >> as family members gathered belongings from this home in the altamonte springs, oak harbour community, investigators executed a search warrant, trying to find any answers. what could lead a mother to shoot her son to death in their shower? police are accusing 59-year-old virgina arteaga of killing her 29-year-old son, blake howard. she' s charged with murder. >> i' ve never seen them argue but i don' t live here so i don' t know. when they were with each other, they were very sweet to each other. >> as arteaga' s family drove away from the home, we asked them what could have gone wrong? they tell us mom and son lived together. and that howard was attending seminole state college. >> any problems? >> not that we know of. >> surprise. >> surprise.
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to her that are part of the investigation. that letter to is in danger. >> earlier tuesday, police told us a co-worker and family member called 911 after speaking directly to arteaga. when police arrived, they tell us arteaga had a gun in her hand but dropped it after police forced their way in. when neighbors like susie kusnetz, found out why they were here and what they discovered inside, it was a unbearable. >> what a tragedy. i cannot believe that that is him. i have nothing else to say. jason: this morning, we are asking what started the brush fire that endangers chopper 2 dangerously close to a home in deltona. chopper 2 and a neighbor both spotted the flames yesterday afternoon and called 911. the neighbor alerted the brothers inside to get out. firefighters rushed in and were able to put out the flames. while parts of the fence were burned, no one was hurt. >> it did touch in on our property, so it could' ve been so much worse if they weren' t as
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jason: firefighters tell wesh 2 that fire started in a small park on the other side of the fence. also in volusia county, firefighters contained a scheduled burn that got out of control. yesterday, chopper 2 was over the lake ashby code subdivision. it is just west of' s i-95 and south of state road the flames 44. jumped the fire lines when a tractor got stuck in a ditch. at one point, the fire even got within 200 yards of home. next on sunrise, baby powder is now linked to a woman' s death from cancer. the company paying out millions in the possible danger to you. we are catching up with
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amy: good morning and welcome back, it is 4:41 on wednesday. parts of central florida are under a tornado watch until 10:00 this morning. no rain in the area get. no thunderstorms, but there is a line that is approaching our gold coast and that is the reason that this watch has been posted. notice it goes into north florida and even parts of georgia. we are included in here, the
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county and also sumter for later this he morning as this moves and closer. it is still several hours away, although you can see the clouds are starting to build in and a light rain showers will start to roll in first. the heaviest rain and storms are still about three hours away. it won' t be until about 8:00 a.m. until we see this line. futurecast chose moving in at 8:00. you' re headed out today, be prepared for the storms rolling through and the potential for some strong wind gusts and the possibility of an isolated tornado or two. by late morning, this line gets closer to the i-4 corridor. it was to the metro area by noon and continues to push off the coast as we had to the afternoon. the line becomes more broken as we had farther south. we will still be dealing with showers and storms in brevard county through the evening commute. once we get past 5:00, we will start to dry out and get rid of
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as far as temperatures go, we are headed to the lower 80' s in between the showers and storms. the timing of the storms will determine when you hit those 80 degree temperatures. we will all be warmer than average with cooler air on the way tomorrow. time for traffic, here is ted. ted: we have construction blocking off the 417 southbound ramp heading onto the 408 eastbound. that ramp is totally closed. get off at colonial drive. expect a couple extra minutes to get to that area. i-4 eastbound into downtown orlando, left lane taken out before the. -- 408. before 17 southbound in the narcoossee area, left wing taken out as well. jason: all this week wesh 2 news , is looking at the case against casey anthony five years later. central florida was rocked when casey anthony was arrested , accused of killing her
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2008. in 2011, this morning, bob casey was found not guilty of murder. this morning, bob kealing sits down with the attorney who was with her from the beginning. >> i was kind of the person they never saw coming. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> five years after winning a stunning acquittal for casey anthony on charges of murdering her daughter jose baez remains , unapologetic to those who say they jury got it wrong. >> this case was seen as a grand miscarriage justice when in fact, it was one of the rare situations where the system worked. >> he says judge belvin perry was responsible early on for the key piece to their victory. >> he gave us a fair jury. and i was the most important
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>> baez credits jurors for not backing to immense public pressure and seeing reasonable doubt in these eight' s death penalty pursuits. >> this was clearly not a death penalty case. >> in recent months some minor members of anthony defense team have made big news. san diego attorney todd macaluso, who reportedly flew casey anthony out of orlando on a private jet after her release is now himself serving jail time for misuse of client trust funds. in mitigation consultant rosalie january, bolin, who joined the anthony during jury selection, saw her husband, convicted florida murderer oscar ray bolin, put to death. ann finnell, the jacksonville attorney brought in to try and spare anthony a death sentence had you been convicted continues to argue death cases. ocala lawyer dorothy clay sims, who cross examined medical experts, still specializes in medical cases.
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bull-rushed anthony through a crowd of journalists outside bankruptcy court in tampa, remains a fixture in local legal circles. time magazine called anthony' s 2011 murder acquittal the social . live tweeting the norm for big cases. >> while i think media coverage is very important to cases. you kind of forget about the presumption of innocence. >> for his part baez says the victory put his career on a fast track. >> i have lectured in i think six different countries. >> and at harvard. he' s taken cases nationally and internationally in state and federal court. >> d feel like you are the guys who took down the giant? >> ioa' s old i wanted them. jason: tonight, wesh 2 news takes a look at the colorful characters surrounding this case such as california bounty hunter leonard padilla and roy kronk
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s remains. 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. this morning, johnson and johnson plans to appeal a woman' s death to baby powder. her family claims she got ovarian cancer from using the talc-based powder for years. they sued johnson and johnson, and the jury agreed, awarding $72 million. hundreds of similar lawsuits. orange county' s public school workers are making a stink over wages, in silence. dozens of employees, like bus drivers and cafeteria workers, held a silent protest at last night' s school board meeting. a union representative told us they' re unified in their push for a pay increase. >> these are the faces they -- of their employees. these are our bus drivers, are cafeteria workers, our custodians, our maintenance, our food service and they deserve better.
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made about the wage debate at the meeting. we are inching closer to the high school basketball title game. pat clarke is an update on the local teams and the magic take looking for a chevy japan. and the magic take on the worst team in the nba. but you' ll see why that doesn' t
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jerry kill angela was brought on as a special advisor. it' s like a mechanic telling you you couldn' t picture break so he made the horn louder. nothing has really changed. magic big road win in what scott scott skiles called a win they couldn' t afford to lose. the magic or four games out of the playoff spot in the east. payback on the magic mind. seems that way for nik vucevic. a bucket and a nine point magic lead after the free throw for -- from aaron gordon. the magic were in business. evan fournier had 21 points. oladipo had death the star of the night was vucevic. 35 points. he turned of death scott displeased with his defense in victory. and may so with golden state
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critical sec game for the gators in gainesville. two teams tied for fifth place. two games out of first-place with four to play. if you didn' t believe in battlements before, perhaps you will. bennie had been florida by a point in nashua. close in the first half and then watch what happens. first bandy blocks what should' ve been a slam and then josh henderson drove the hard shot from the opposite end of the court and a five point then delete. justin leon brought the gators within four. with a big slam. the gators never tied or took the lead from -- from big three from the commodores who did not need lionel richie to be a big hit tonight. this one stings big for the gators as they lose five -- by 13. it will not be in all central
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parker davis hitting 11 of his 12 field-goal attempt to live in -- lead windemere prep to a spot in the title game. tough luck for ocp. that is a quick look at sports. i am pat clarke. jason: thank you, pat. storms in our forecast. two local counties are under 20 to watch already. first alert meteorologist amy sweezey is tracking all of that
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amy: good morning and welcome back, we are talking about florida. the biggest concern will be strong to severe wind gusts. 58 miles per hour or greater. if that happens, we will have severe thunderstorms warnings that will be posted. very low threat for hail. well. mainly to the north and west of
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day-to-day. this morning, things are very quiet. we have clouds building in. 7:00. it is warm, we have temperatures in the upper 60' s and a couple showers moving to our western counties by late morning -- late morning or the later half getting closer to bus up time about 7:00 or 8:00. t start rolling into our western area until after 8:00 this morning. we still have a couple of hours to go. temperatures 70' s, even warmer than yesterday and yesterday was warmer than average. as far as the timing goes, the storm circling at about 8:00 to our northwest area, married and sumter are under a tornado watch until 10:00 this morning. the storm watch continues closer to the metro through lunchtime and early afternoon and into the evening commute, getting over into brevard county. here' s the deal, the line is
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of us and it is making his way closer to central florida. in fact, marion county at sumter county are included in the tornado watch until 10:00 a.m.. still a couple of hours area the lighter rain will start moving in first, you can see the clouds starting to pour in and clouds will increase. we will get light rain. embedded in some of the showers is the possibility of thunderstorms. as the front moves through our area, we will clear things up behind this front and have much cooler and drier air come through. let thursday and friday, lots of sunshine. a whole lead cooler than where we are right now. here' s the timing of futurecast, a by about 7:00 or 8:00, the line moves into marion county. from there, the thunder storms approach the i-4 corridor by late morning and into the metro area and the i-4 corridor around lunchtime.
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through as we head into the afternoon hours into the evening commute, we will deal with the rain mainly to the south and the use of i-4 and then eggs in brevard county once we get into the evening hours and then from there, that cooler and drier air starts to fill the rent. the main energy stays well to our north. central florida is under the slight risk for those severe storms. that of course puts us in this yellow zone which means we could have one or two tornadoes, strong wind and those wins at 50 miles per hour or greater. once we get through today , sunshine and dry air, we will be in the 60' s as we head into thursday and friday and saturday. time for traffic, here is ted. ted: roadwork has closed a busy offramp getting onto the 408 eastbound from 417 southbound. if you travel along the stretch, get off at colonial drive and take colonial to dean.
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happening, i-4 eastbound construction blocking a lame. that is just before the 408. also keeping an eye that is -- i crash often reside in longwood. jason: we are looking ahead to the plus, a new legal battle for the palm beach county teen, accused of playing doctor. why a car dealership is now suing him. wesh 2 right now. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, we are tracking a severe storm system that has prompted a tornado watch in sumter and marion counties rid and cause damage in the panhandle. we will have live team coverage on the storm. jason: a community on edge as does the people are shot in daytona beach blocks apart. we are live as detectives are searching for answers. the latest for you straight
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want to get that team coverage of our severe weather right now. michelle: here' s a quick look outside a downtown orlando as we send things over to first alert meteorologist amy sweezey. amy: tornado watch has been posted now, it is in effect until 10:00 a.m.. a watch means watch out, it does not mean tornadoes are happening, but needs it is a very good possibility over the next couple of hours. storms have not moved into marion in sumter yet, but they are often north florida and they are this way. tomato watch means that a trader could develop inside the thunderstorms that are approaching. make sure you have a plan. the warning is issued once the radar starts to indicate some rotation inside the clouds and that there is a potential tornado and stay tuned here all morning long, we will be are to keep you posted. if you are out and about, once you get to work, and our first alert weather app good


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